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A die hard WWF mark vs a die hard WCW mark

This BTB is reliant on all of you! For you will choose who actually wins the Monday Night Wars by the end of this saga. The catch is I will be going head to head against a good friend of mine (I will write RAW/WWF PPV's and He will write Nitro/WCW PPV's)in order to see who can lead their company to Monday Night supremacy. It's team prymetyme vs Team Melo! It will feature 4 shows a week. Raw will go up on Monday Nights and Nitro will go up on Wednesday nights. Thunder and Smackdown will be match results only and will go up anytime after both Raw and Nitro.

How It Works:

Wednesday-Sunday after each show has been posted for the week, voting begins. Each member only get's one vote a week. Please simply post "RAW" or "Nitro" in this thread, that will be your vote. The Show with the most votes each week wins that individual week and gets 1 point. PPV's will be introduced in a few weeks and will be very similar to the show voting but will be worth multiple points, instead of just 1.

The Company with the most points by the end of this BTB, will be crowned the winner of the Monday Night wars, it's an extremely basic scoring system so it's easy to follow. Companies can also be rewarded points for winning the head to head voting multiple weeks in a row, 3 consecutive weeks won for a show = 1 extra point. (So if RAW wins 6 weeks in a row, Team Raw get's 6 points AND 2 bonus points for the consecutive winning streak)

*Remember only Wednesday - Sunday are voting days, but reviews are welcome at any time.

Monday Morning all the votes from the previous week will be personally counted by me and the company with the most votes for the week get's the 1 point.

The scoreboard will look something like this:

RAW Roster (Team prymetyme):

Steve Austin
The Rock
Dan Severn
Val Venis
Blue Meanie
Marc Mero
Al Snow
Taka Michinoku
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Steve Blackman
Shawn Stasiak
D-Lo Brown
Triple H
Billy Gunn
D-Lo Brown
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Bart Gunn
Ken Shamrock
Big Bossman
Kurt Angle
William Regal
Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett
Hardcore Holly
Crash Holly
Grandmaster Sexay
Scotty 2 Hotty
Paul Bearer
Nicole Bass
Terri Runnels
Ryan Shamrock
Fabulous Moolah
Mae Young
Vince McMahon
Shane McMahon
Gerald Brisco
Pat Patterson
Jim Ross
Jerry "The King" Lawler
Michael Cole


The Corporation: Vince McMahon, Shane Mcmahon, The Rock, Kane, Big Bossman, Test, Ken Shamrock

Ministry of Darkness: The Undertaker, The Acolytes, The Brood, Viscera, Mideon

DX: Triple H, New Age Outlaws, X-Pac, Chyna

The Acolytes: Farooq and Bradshaw

The Brood: Edge, Christian, Gangrel

The New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn, Road Dogg

The Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley

Owen & Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart

The Holly Cousins: Crash and Hardcore Holly

Kaientai: Taka Michinoku, Funaki

The Hardy Boyz: Jeff and Matt Hardy

The Headbangers: Thrasher and Mosh

2 Cool: Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster sexay, and Rikishi

Announcers: Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler
Back Stage Interviewer: Michael Cole
Network: USA/Sky Sports


WWF Champion: The Rock
Tag Team Champions: New Age Outlaws
Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis
European Champion: William Regal
Hardcore Champion: Hardcore Holly

Nitro Roster (Team Melo):

Diamond Dallas Page
Disco Inferno
Buff Bagwell
Ric Flair
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams
Stevie Richards
Stevie Ray
"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
Randy "Macho Man" Savage
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Dean Malenko
"The Total Package" Lex Luger
The Giant
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner
Bam Bam Bigelow
Curt Hennig
Billy Kidman
Scott Hall
Kevin Nash
Rey Misterio Jr.
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Juventud Guerrera,
La Parka
Jushin Liger
Gregory Helms
Shannon Moore
Johnny Grunge
Rocco Rock
Ultimo Dragon
Perry Saturn
Jamie Noble
Mike Awesome
David "Fit" Finlay
Bret "Hitman" Hart
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
Marty Jannetty
Rick Martell
Roddy Piper
"Mean" Gene Okerlund
Toney Schiavone
Mike Tenay
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Larry Zbyszko


The NWO: Hogan, Hall, Nash, Bagwell, Savage, Bischoff

Harlem Heat: Booker T and Stevie Ray

The Steiner Brothers: Scott and Rick Steiner

Raven's Flock: Raven, Kidman, Lodi, Kanyon, Stevie Richards

The Hart Foundation: Bret Hart, Jim Niedhart

Public Enemy: Johnny Grunge, Rocco Rock

3-Count: Helms, Moore

Announcers: Toney Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Larry Zbyszko
Back Stage Interviewer: Gene Okerlund
Network: TNT


WCW Champion: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
Tag Team Champions: The Hart foundation
United States Champion: Eddie Guerrero
Cruiderweight Champion: Rey Mysterio Jr
Television Champion: Raven


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April 2nd, Late 1990's
San Jose, California: San Jose Arena
Networks: USA/Sky Sports

*Show opens to a shot of the Corporation in Vince's office* (Rock, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Test, Big Bossman)

Vince McMahon: You see that boys?

*Points to the WWF Title Belt proudly draped across Rock's shoulder*

Vince: That's what all of you need, damn it! The Corporation needs respect now more then ever! Do you want those Degenerates or that jackass Steve Austin running RAW?

Ken Shamrock: Well boss when's the last time any of us besides "The Great One", even got a Title shot?

*Rock raises his eye brow to Shamrock*

The Rock: Listen up jabroni!

Big Bossman: *interrupting* Hold on! I should get that WWF Title shot before Shamrock, what has he ever..

Vince Mcmahon: *interrupting* WWF Title? Now slow down damn it! We're not gonna get anywhere with you guys fighting EACHOTHER! The WWF Title is off limits, The Rock is the Corporate Champion.. End of story. There's still plenty of belts to go around. I need you all to agree..

*Vince pans his glare across the members of the corporation as they slowly nod*

Vince McMahon: Ok then. With all this Title shot talk, I think RAW might be in the market for a new Commissioner Tonight!

*Vince abruptly get's up and struts out the door*

*** Commercial Break ***

X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown

*Bell Rings*

X-Pac and D-Lo meet in the center of the ring and tie up. D-Lo delivers multiple knees to the midsection causing x-pac do drop to the mat. D-Lo picks up X-Pac and irish whips him into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline on the rebound. X-Pac slides out of the ring to catches his breath. D-Lo taunts from in the ring. X-Pac rolls back in and lands a few right hands on D-Lo. D-Lo tries to irish whip X-pac into a corner turnbuckle but X-Pac reverses it and throws D-Lo into the corner. X-Pac lands a series of kicks which earns an "educated feet" remark from Jim Ross on commentary. D-Lo is now in a bad position, seated against a corner turnbuckle, as X-Pac sets up for a bronco buster! X-Pac backs up and does the signature DX crotch chop and begins to run and launches for the bronco buster! D-Lo moves out of the way at the last second! X-Pac bounces off the bottom turnbuckle crotch first and grimaces in pain.D-Lo quickly rolls him over and hooks the leg.



*X-Pac kicks out!*

D-Lo picks X-Pac up and begins throwing a series of jabs and right hands to the head, followed by a scoop slam. X-Pac rolls out of the ring, D-Lo goes after X-Pac outside of the ring and lands a hard kick to the gut. X-Pac falls to a knee and D-Lo irish whips him into the steel stairs outside the ring! D-Lo picks X-Pac back up to his feet and rolls him into the ring, he goes for the quick pin, hooks the leg!



*X-Pac kicks Out!*

A frustrated D-Lo, starts yelling at the referee "Count faster that was 3!". D-Lo get's to his feet and goes to the top rope and does his signature head shake taunt, he launches off the turnbuckle and attempts the Lo' Down (frog splash), X-Pac rolls out of the way and D-Lo's body smacks against the mat chest first. A disoriented D-Lo tries to quickly get back to his feet but X-Pac takes advantage and catches D-Lo with the X-factor.




Winner: X-Pac

*** Commercial Break ***

*Returns to a shot of Vince alone in the ring with a mic, a heavy spattering of "boo's" can be heard in the background*

Vince McMahon: For far too long Monday Night RAW has lacked proper guidance. I can't be here ALL the time to ensure that things are running smoothly.. So I think it's time to elect a Commissioner to help run RAW.

I have searched high and low looking for the best possible candidate. My list of elite candidates was extremely difficult and tedious to compile.. So I hope all of you ungrateful people can appreciate all the hard work I've done to find the best possible Commissioner for RAW.

So... after all of my hard work and dedication, I am finally ready to announce my selection for RAW Commissioner!

Don't worry, The person I have chosen is easily the most qualified

He is also the most fair and impartial of all the candidates

The person I have personally picked to be RAW's new Commissioner Is..


*"Here Comes The Money"*

*Crowed erupts with boo's*

*Shane joins his father in the ring*

Shane McMahon: First off I just want to thank my Dad Vince for this amazing opportunity

*Shane puts his hand on Vince's shoulder and faces him*

Shane McMahon: Dad you definetely made the right decision and I will run Monday Night RAW the RIGHT way!

*Vince arrogantly nods*

Shane McMahon: And for my first order of business as Commissioner, how about we give out a title shot?

*small positive pop from the crowd*

Shane McMahon: Right here tonight, Val Venis will defend his Intercontinental Title against.. Ken Shamrock!

*Crowd erupts in boo's yet again*

Jim Ross: Looks like we've got a new boss here on RAW, King! I don't exactly know about "fair and impartial", considering his first act as Commissioner was to give a Corporation member a Title shot!

Jerry Lawler: Lighten up JR! Shane will be a great Commissioner, he learned from the best! Why can't you just be happy for Shane and Ken Shamrock!?

Jim Ross: You got a screw loose King..

*JR points at his head*

Jim Ross: Don't go anywhere, I've just gotten word that the Intercontinental Title match is coming up NEXT!

*** Commercial Break ***

Intercontinental Title
Val Venis (c) vs Ken Shamrock

*Bell Rings*

Shamrock bull rushes Val Venis immediately and tries to get the early advantage. Ken tries to out physical Venis and starts off in some rest holds to get the action started. Shamrock puts Venis in a standing headlock and begins to grunt loudly as he attempts to submit him early on in the match. The crowd get's behind Venis as he backs up into the ropes and irish whips Shamrock, thus breaking the hold. On the rebound Venis knocks Shamrock down with a shoulder block. Venis bounces of the opposite ropes this time and connects with another shoulder block.

Shamrock rolls out of the ring, Val turns up the charisma and tries to get the crowd into the match. Shamrock get's up and slowly steps through the ropes and back into the ring. Ken patiently circles Venis and locks up with him. Shamrock quickly overpowers Venis and throws him to the mat. Val springs back up to his feet and ties up with Shamrock again. Shamrock once again tosses Venis to the mat. This time Val takes his time getting up and has a brief staredown with Shamrock in the process. Shamrock throws a big right hand! BUT.. Val blocks it! Shamrock reloads for another big right, blocked by Venis again! Val then lands a series of strikes on Shamrock, ending with a big dropkick that knocks Ken to the mat. Shamrock yet again rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. This time Venis follows him out of the ring and connects with a running elbow on Shamrock from behind. Shamrock recovers enough to tie up with Venis and goes for a vertical suplex, reversed by Venis! Now Val hoists up Shamrock and delivers a stunning vertical suplex. Venis picks up Shamrock and rolls him back into the ring. Shamrock still lies motionless on the mat. Venis climbs to the top turnbuckle and gives his signature "money shot" taunt.

*The stadium goes completely dark*

Jim Ross: Looks like we have a power outage of some sort!

*Kane's music hits*

Jim Ross: That's Kane's Music! But where's Kane!?

*few moments later the lights go back on, Kane is nowhere to be found*

Shamrock has Venis in the Ankle Lock in the center of the ring, Venis is tapping vigorously but Shamrock refuses the break the hold. The ref calls for the bell about 3 times before Shamrock finally stops. Shamrock hoists the IC Title with a deranged smile on his face, to a rain of boo's from the crowd. Venis is outside the ring holding his ankle, wincing in pain. WWF medical staff begins attending to him.

Winner: NEW WWF intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock

Jim Ross: I don't believe it! That just ain't right!

Jerry Lawler: What are you talking about? Kane never actually interferred JR!
Your trying to take this great moment away from Ken Shamrock
because your jealous your not as smart as Vince and The Corporation!

Jim Ross: Oh Brother!

*JR rolls his eyes at King*

Jim Ross: Don't go anywhere folks, we'll be right back with more Monday Night RAW!

*** Commercial Break ***

*Glass Shatters*
*Stone Cold's theme hits to a massive pop*

*Stone Cold makes his way to the ring, he looks pissed*

*A stagehand hands Austin a mic through the ropes*

Steve Austin: Shane McMahon! get your ass down to THIS ring RIGHT NOW!

*Austin waits*

*No music hits*

Steve Austin: Well since your such a damn coward, let me just say this.
What you did earlier tonight is a damn disgrace! I've beaten everyone that's been put in front of me week after damn week.. and your first order of business is to give some "Corporate" jackoff a title shot!?

*loud pop from the crowd*

*waits for crowd to quiet down again*

Steve Austin: While your giving out Title shots, why don't you cover the WWF Title. Because there's only one person in this company that deserves a WWF Title shot and that's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ... And that's the bottom line! .. Cause Stone Cold said so!

*Stone Cold's music hits*

*Stone Cold starts to step through the ropes to exit*

*Shane interrupts via Titantron*

Shane McMahon: Slow down there Steve! Let's talk business for a minute.

*Stone Cold steps back in the ring and stares at the Titantron*

Shane McMahon: So you want a WWF Title shot Steve?

*Stone Cold nods his head*

Shane McMahon: Well I'm afraid it's not that easy..

*Stone Cold begins to leave before Shane can finish*

Shane McMahon: Hold on Steve, I'll cut to the chase. Since I'm a fair guy and all.. And... I also wanna see you get your ass kicked in a match that I booked during my first night as Commissioner of Monday Night RAW, how about this..

*Stone Cold smirks and waits to hear what Shane says*

Shane Mcmahon: If you can beat Kane AND The Big Bossman in a No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere Handicap match tonight you can face "The Corporate Champion" The Rock at In Your house: Backlash for the WWF Title

*Shane begins to laugh*

Shane McMahon: As my dad would say, you would have "No chance in Hell!"
what do you say Steve?

*Stone Cold picks up the mic and stares at the Titantron*

Steve Austin: Oh Hell Yeah!!!

*Austin's music hits*

Jim Ross: I can't believe it! I don't even think Stone Cold can overcome odds like that!

Jerry Lawler: Tell me about it, Austin must have a death wish or something!

*** Commercial Break ***

*New Age Outlaws music hits*

*Road Dogg comes out with a mic*

Road Dogg: It's ME, it's ME, it's that D-O-Double G!!!

*New Age Outlaws enter ring*

Road Dogg: San Jose California.. Welcome to the DOGG HOUSE!

*Crowd barks back at Road Dogg*

Road Dogg: Where you know those New Age Outlaws always love
to kick that shiznit DOGGYYY STYLEEEE! It's about that time to see if we
can make some noise, UP IN THIS BIAAATTTCHHHHH!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls, children of all ages. D-Generation-X
proudly brings to you, the WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!

The Road Dogg: Jessie James!... The Bad Ass: Billy Gunn!


Billy Gunn: ..And if your not down with that.. WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!!!

*Crowd "SUCKKK ITTT!!!"*

Tag Team
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Hardy Boyz

*Bell Rings*

Matt Hardy and Billy Gunn start it off. They tie up and both break the hold and reset. Hardy lands a series of chops on Gunn, Matt goes for the irish whip, reversed by Gunn! Gunn goes for the clothesline off the rebound, Hardy ducks! Matt connects with a running neckbreaker off the rebound. Billy Gunn slowly get's back up to his feet and ties up with Matt Hardy again. Gunn uses his size to back Hardy against the ropes and launches Matt forward with an Irish whip. Off the rebound Gunn connects on a hip toss.

Billy Gunn get's Hardy back to his feet again and hoists him over his head with an impressive military press slam. Matt bounces off the mat violently and rolls over to his corner to make a tag to Jeff. Jeff hops over the top rope and tries to irish whip Billy Gunn into a corner turnbuckle, Gunn reverses it! Billy Gunn goes for a running clothesline on Jeff Hardy in the corner, Jeff moves out of the Way! Matt quickly get's into the ring and get's on all fours. Jeff get's a running start and uses Matt's back to launch into a kick on Billy Gunn, "Poetry in Motion!", exclaims JR on commentary. Jeff drags Gunn back up to his feet and tries an irish whip into a corner turnbuckle again, reversed by Gunn! As Jeff Hardy's back smacks against the turnbuckle, Gunn hits Jeff square in the chest with a running dropkick. Jeff flies through the ropes and onto the mat outside ring.

Gunn begins to crawl across the ring to make the tag to Road Dogg. Matt helps Jeff up to his feet and Jeff slides back into the ring. Just as Hardy is about to get back up to his feet, Gunn makes the hot tag to Road Dogg.
Road Dogg comes in with a head of steam and takes Jeff of his feet with a clothesline. Road Dogg then picks Hardy back up to his feet and lands his signature "Shake, Rattle, and Roll", punch combo. After three left jabs, the right hand knocks Hardy to the ground. Road Dogg then lands his signature Knee Drop. Road Dogg hooks the leg!



*Jeff Hardy kicks out!*

Road Dogg picks Hardy back up to his feet yet again and irish whips him into the corner next to Billy Gunn. Road Dogg makes the tag and they double team Jeff in the corner and try to set him up for a double flapjack with a double irish whip into the ropes. rebounding off the ropes, a gassed Jeff Hardy expels the last of his energy with a running clothesline that takes out both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn! Road Dogg rolls out of the ring, leaving Billy alone in the ring. Jeff begins vigorously crawling towards his brother Matt, who has his arm extended out into the ring. Finally, with an out stretched arm Jeff just barely makes the tag to Matt. Matt drags an exhausted Billy Gunn to his feet and hits the side effect!



*Gunn kicks out!*

Matt drags Gunn to his feet again and sets him up for the Twist of Fate. At the last second Gunn slips out of Hardy's grip!
Gunn bounces off the ropes behind Matt and hits the Fame Asser!




Winners: The New Age Outlaws

Jim Ross: Don't go anywhere! Stone Cold has the odds stacked against
him tonight thanks to new Commissioner Shane Mcmahon.. And that match IS NEXT!

*** Commercial Break ***

*Cuts to shot of Kane and Big Bossman in Mr. McMahon's Office*

*Vince has a huge grin on his face*

Vince: Opportunities such as this, don't show themselves very often.
I don't want you 2 to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, I want you to
DISMANTLE HIM! I want you to break his will! I want you 2 to hurt him so bad he will never wrestle in the WWF EVER AGAIN!


Big Bossman: Yes, Sir!


*Vince get's in Kane's face*

Kane: ... *visually fuming with anger*

Vince: You better do as I say or I'm gonna send you back to the looney bin you big red retard!

*Vince spits in Kane's face*

*Kane doesn't react and exits with Bossman for the match*

Jim Ross: That is disgusting.. treating another human being like that!
Mr. McMahon seems to have some sort of control over Kane! Kane just let it happen!

King: You heard what Mr. McMahon said JR. Kane doesn't wanna go back to the looney bin!

Main Event
Handicap, NO DQ/Falls Count Anywhere
Steve Austin vs Kane and Big Bossman

*Bell Rings*

Austin rolls out of the ring, Bossman and Kane look on as if Austin is going to head up the ramp and quit while he's ahead. A savvy Austin instead heads over to the announcing table area to grab a steel chair. While standing directly in front of the announce table, with the chair in one hand, Austin waves at Kane and Bossman to come get him. Bossman quickly gives instructions to Kane and they go out of the ring on opposite sides and try to corner Austin at the barricade. Kane rushes in on Austin, Stone Cold loads up the steel chair and swings on Kane, Kane resiliantly catches the chair right before it would have made contact with his skull! Bossman now rushes in from behind on Austin and strikes him in the back of the head with his night stick. Kane picks Austin up to his feet and holds his arms behind his back for Bossman. Bossman unloads with several stabbing shots to the gut with the night stick. As Stone Cold kiels over in pain, he unleashes his boot behind him swiftly nailing Kane in the groin. Kane now falls over in agony and releases Austin.

Austin runs right at Bossman, leaping on top of him with his signature Lou Thesz Press. Austin unloads right hand after right hand on the downed Big Bossman, until Kane recovers and pries the rabid Austin off of Bossman. Kane then picks Austin up and delivers a devastating sidewalk slam on the floor outside the ring. Kane lifts Austin off the ground with his Chokeslam grip, but Austin connects with a kick to the mid-section, before Kane can lift him up into the air for the Chokeslam. Bossman attacks Austin from behind again with the night stick, knocking him to his knees. Stone Cold stumbles back up to his feet, only to walk into the grip of Kane's Chokeslam again. This time Kane pulls Austin into the air with one hand, holding him there for what feels like an eternity. As Austin kicks and struggles to get free, Kane finally slams Austin down with immense force through the announce table!

*The crowd begins "Holy Shit" Chant*

Kane puts his foot over Austin's lifeless body, as Stone Cold lays over a heap
of broken wood and debris.



*Bossman pushes Kane off of Austin*

The cameras pick up Bossman saying "Remember what Mr. McMahon said!". Bossman then instructs Kane to go pick up Austin. Kane drags Stone Cold out of the pieces of broken wood and picks him up to his feet. You can hear Bossman yelling "Let's finish this". Kane irish whips a near motionless Austin into the steel ring steps. Austin's body hits with such force the stairs fly into the barricade. Austin tries to crawl to his feet, but Kane drags him up right, yet again. This time Kane military presses Austin and drops him stomach first on the barricade,flipping him over onto the audience side of the barricade. Bossman then yells "Let me finish him!".

Kane steps over the barricade and throws Austin back onto the mat outside the ring. Bossman picks up Stone Cold and rolls him back into the ring. Bossman then picks up the steel chair from earlier and slides into the ring. Kane get's into the ring now and drags Austin to his feet yet again, Bossman then instructs Kane to hold Austin's arms behind his back like he had done earlier. Bossman then begins yelling something in Austin's face but the camera's can't pick it up clearly. Bossman then loads up the steel chair behind his head and swings for Austin's head as hard as he can. Stone Cold suddenly ducks and lunges forward! A loud *SMACK* echoes across the stadium! Kane topples over like a tree!

Bossman loads up the chair behind his head again.. Austin kicks him in the gut! "A Stunner! A Stunner!" exclaims JR on commentary! Austin hooks the leg!




Winner: NEW #1 Contender "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

*The stadium erupts with cheers, one of the loudest pops ever on RAW!*

Jim Ross: This is insanity ladies and gentlemen! The noise in this arena right now is off the charts!

Jerry Lawler: NO! NO! This can't be happening!

Jim Ross: Well it is King! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will take on The Rock for the WWF Title in 3 weeks at In Your House: Backlash!

*Show fades out with Austin celebrating in the
ring drinking Beer*


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WWF Smackdown
April, 5 Late 1990's
Oakland, California: Oracle Arena
Network: UPN

Dark Match:

Singles/Non-Title: Droz def. Bart Gunn

Televised Matches:

Tag Team/Non-Title: The Dudley Boyz def. Kaientai (Funaki and

Singles/Non-Title: Test def. Goldust

Singles/Non-Title: Rikishi def. Albert

Tag Team/Non-Title: Edge and Christian
def. The Headbangers

Singles/Hardcore Title: Hardcore Holly (c) def. Al Snow

Main Event:

Singles/Non-Title: Kurt Angle
def. Mankind

20 Posts
Opening Segment:

Curious on the animosity between the Corporation members over The Rock being the Corporate Champion and not giving a shot to any of them. Could be an interesting way to end the Corporation later on. Also, good for Vince to making their goals completely obvious and keeping the pecking order in tact with The Rock being that number one guy, as every group needs that one person who better than Rocky. As for the General Manager, while I feel a leadership role is important as the WWF has always had a figure head besides McMahon, so it's a good thing, but I believe it should not be titled General Manager as that is a more current wrestling term and should be named the Commissioner.

Opening match:

Good opening match as those two can perform in the ring at high levels, but I would of loved to see X-Pac remain on the WCW roster, as he was better in WCW as a member of the original new world order. Just my opinion, but just a little trinket that I thought I would pass on.

General Manager Segment:

What is it about Shane O'Mac? He seems to be the choice of many, many fantasy bookers throughout the majority that I have read. At least for me I would rather see Shane in front of a camera in a power role than his father, brother in law, sister, or mother. Honestly he is the only McMahon that I have actually enjoyed watching on Television, so I love the choice. Still consider naming him Commissioner to follow with the time frame of the project.

Match #2:

The opening teased that another Corporate champion would be named soon, and I honestly felt Shamrock was that person. He has the look and character to portray a sick and twisted bastard so I can see him holding the title for a very long time, as I believe you plan on doing just that. Hopefully this happens, as I very much enjoy the work of Shamrock. Good decision and the match was good as well. Hope you can keep the prestige of the IC title and maybe use it to elevate a future star like it should be used for. My only question is Kane joining the Corporation, I guess we will have to wait and see for this reveal.

Tag Team Match:

While I very much enjoyed the tag team match between two great tags, but I feel in order to build the younger team of the Hardys I felt they should be pushed to victory here tonight. A match against the champions and a victory over them could have been a great build. I will however be watching to see how you handle the tag team scene.

Main Event, Segment between Austin and McMahon:

I love how you are using the powers in charge of Raw to stack the decks against Austin, as it very much fits the storylines of this time. The only concern I have for Austin is the way you create dialogue for him. He wouldn't do a lot of the things like you had him do, like call Shane O' out. He would go find him throughout the backstage area. Glad Austin won, as a Rocky and Austin match will always be an all-time favorite rivalry of mine.


I enjoyed the show very much and while there were a few things that I would change the show was decently done and I will definitely be following this BTB, as I mentioned earlier it is a very unique idea.

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Thanks for the review! I really need the constructive criticism early on in this BTB just to work out the small kinks that I don't pick up on at first. I couldn't agree more with your point that the term "General Manager", is more of a current day term and "Commissioner" would be the more appropriate job title for the time period. I'm gonna go ahead and make that change in the original RAW, giving you full credit for pointing that out though.

I'm gonna try and start reviewing other BTB's as soon as today. The best BTB'ers (in my opinion) show love back and support the community, so that's what I'm gonna do!

- There will be no voting this week. Hopefully the Inaugural RAW and NITRO's get readers familiar with our individual products and we have enough of a following to support the voting system as soon as next week! The advantage of participating in the vote is that it only requires you to read each show and you don't necessarily have to post a review for each show every week, in order to participate in this BTB. Thanks for the support



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First of I would like to say really great concept and I am lookig forward to following this thread. I was a hard WCW mark though so hopefully I can vote with non-biase lol. With my reviews, first up....

Raw Review

Liked the whole layout, the quotes for the promos really broke the whole passage up and made the whole show alot easier for me to read. I like.

Cracks possibly appearing in the coporation, jealousy creeping in about The Rock’s status within the group. The Rock rightfully the WWF champion out of the members of the coporation and it leaves me wondering wether Vince may have a fight on his hands not only with everyone outside the coporation but also within. What did seem weird to me though is that your WWF title holder was in the promo and got least words out of everybody, although when he did speak it was typical Rocky.

I always mark out for X-pac, he was genuinely one of my favourites good to see him picking up the win here although I was never in any doubt as I can see DX having alot more impact on this BTB than I ever could D-Lo. Match writing is not my strong point so I dont really have much room here but all in all a solid bout from too guys who certainly can wrestle.

The next segment with Vince again. I could of guessed Shane O Mac would of got the gig but tbh who else was there around this time who could do the job Shane could do? Also I like giving Shamrock a IC title shot, shows the McMahons savy by trying to keep there most dangerous weapon happy, good call. Thoroughly expecting Shamrock to be the new IC holder by the end of the night.

Good solid bout between Venis and Shamrock. Almost shocked me when I saw Venis connect with the finisher, but the Kane swerve worked wonders. It seems like you are going to step Shamrock up here and I could see a long IC title run for the man. Also like you portraying him as a deranged vicious fighting machine and personally would like to see this expanded on. Shamrock could be huge. As I said I expected Shamrock to be the new IC holder.

The glass shatters, something is all about to go down when we hear that sound. The Austin promo for me was meh. I liked the Shane Mac portion but Austin didnt seemy very erm... Austiny lol. Yeah he was angry etc but I dunno just didnt seem to do it for me. Also the promo length from Austin was really short I thought. Still you have your main-event and the odds are stacked against Austin, would be very suprised if Austin didnt find a way through this though.

Have to start any NAO tag match the way you did with that promo, would not expect it any other way. It may only be small but I marked for the “poetry in motion” says JR on commentary during the match. Good back and forth match and for me the best so far. NAO had to win though, they were a dynamic tag team and both wrestlers would struggle in a singles push. The Hardys didnt come out of this looking weak imo which is a great thing.

Standard gee up with Vince, Bossman and Kane but I am suprised how you ended it with Vince spitting in Kanes face, although it does make sense with Kane not doing anything showing that vince has a hold of him. I think that may of been a small hint at something to come in the future where Kane wont take it any longer, hope so.

The main event. Was fairly predictable tbh, I knew Austin was going to get a pasting, I knew Kane would dish out most of the damage with Bossman instructing. Kane is being used as he should be, a big destructive force. It was written well I thought but just far to predictable. Was typical Austin though, stunner out of nowhere for the victory and Raw ended how most Raws around that time area did, Stonecold having a beer.

All in all a good show but I know there is more to come, you planted some seeds in this first show so well done for that. The omission of things like the ministry from this show though make me know that things are going to get alot better.

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20: The Acolytes
- Farooq and Bradshaw, along with the rest of the Ministry didn't appear on WWF Television this week, causing them to drop a few spots from last week.

19: Test - After a sour ending to RAW for the Corporation, Test picks up a win over Goldust on Smackdown.

18: X-Pac - Notches a win over D-Lo Brown on RAW propelling him into the Top 20.

17: Val Venis
- The former IC Champ has a rough week on RAW, suffering an apparent ankle injury against Ken Shamrock during his Title match loss.

16: Big Bossman
- A huge let down for the Corporation as Bossman's lack of focus costs them a seemingly easy win against the out-manned Austin.

15: Rikishi - A win over Albert on Smackdown helps Rikishi crack the top 15.

14: Hardcore Holly - The Hardcore Champ retains his title in a brutal street fight against Al Snow on Smackdown.

13: William Regal - The European Champ remains quiet this week, staying out of action.

12: The Hardy Boyz - Their confidence has to be up after almost knocking off the Tag Team Champs on RAW. Unfortunately, The Dudleyz and Edge & Christian both pick up wins on Smackdown elevating them above the Hardyz for now.

11: The Dudley Boyz - Defeat Kaientai on Smackdown, helping them jump the Hardyz this week.

10: Edge and Christian: After a dominant win against The Headbangers on Smackdown, Edge & Christian break the top 10 for the first time. But will they be the #1 contenders by Backlash? Right now they hold the slight edge over the Hardyz and Dudleyz, but nothing is official.

9: Kane - Drops a few spots this week after his RAW Main Event debacle with Big Bossman. However, Kane shows he's still a force to be reckoned with in WWF by dismantling "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with a devastating Chokeslam through an announce table which seemingly should've ended the match to begin with.

8: The New Age Outlaws
- The Tag Champs pick up a hard earned win over the Hardy Boyz on RAW and prove why their the top dog in the WWF tag division right now.

7: Mankind - Mick Foley takes a loss against Kurt Angle on the Main Event of Smackdown. However, many would make the argument that the match wasn't won cleanly by Angle.

6: Triple H - The leader of DX stays quiet this week as the rest of his squad notches wins on RAW.

5: The Undertaker
- Taker and his Ministry don't appear on WWF Television this week.

4: Ken Shamrock
- A big week for Shamrock as he knocks off Val Venis to become the new IC Champion (In controversial fashion, that is). Shamrock is the silver lining for the Corporation this week after the now infamous "Austin debacle", during the Main Event of RAW.

3: Kurt Angle - The Olympic Gold Medalist picks up a big win over Mankind in Smackdown's Main Event last Thursday, elevating him into the top 3 for the first time.

2: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - After overcoming the odds on RAW, Austin becomes the #1 Contender for the WWF Title. Can Austin continue to build momentum before his showdown with "The Corporate Champion"?

1: The Rock - A surprisingly quiet week for the WWF Champion. Expect Rocky to appear in his normal capacity again with his match against Austin now inked for In Your House: Backlash

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