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On January 22, 2001, just a week before WWF's annual Royal Rumble extravaganza, Vince McMahon announced that he has purchased his competition, WCW.

I will be making a starting point, and booking in detail both Raw and Smackdown, starting after what was the Royal Rumble pay per view.

Quick Royal Rumble 2001 Results:

Edge and Christian def The Dudley Boyz to retain the WWF Tag Titles

Chris Jericho defeated Chris Benoit in a Ladder Match to win the Intercontinental Championship

Chyna Defeated Ivory to win the Womens Title

Triple H defeated Kurt Angle to win the WWF Championship

Bret Hart entered the Royal Rumble at Number 30 and won by last eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Champions
WWF Champion-Triple H
Intercontinental Champion-Chris Jericho
European Champion-The Big Show
Hardcore Champion-Hardcore Holly
WWF Tag Team Champions-Edge and Christian
WWF Womens Champion-Chyna

WCW Champions
World Heavyweight Champion-Booker T
United States-Booker T
Cruiserweight-Billy Kidman
Tag Team CHampions-Chuck Palumbo and Sean O' Haire


This may seem a little confusing the way I did the opening post, but don't worry, the first show will be up in the near future (The Raw following the Royal Rumble) and it will explain more in depth.​

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The Invasion is a great idea for a BtB, and it's a BtB that a lot of people on here want to see, ya know, due to the bad booking in the first one, but I don't think you started this off very well. I don't like the Invasion starting at the RR, mainly because WM should always be the place to end things, and if you are ending it at WM, that's only a 2 month storyline. And BRet Hart winning the RR didn't do it for me. I didn't like that either.

But ya know, they say never judge a book by its cover, and I won't. I'll be sure to read the first episode, then if I decide to read more, I will :) Good luck buddy.
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