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The Conquistadors vs Demolition Ax and Smash w/Crush
The Piper’s Pit
Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude
Interview with Hulk Hogan
Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Andre The Giant
Hulk Hogan and mystery partner vs Jerry “The King” Lawler and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/The Brainbusters and Tully Blanchard

The WWF Logo appears on the screen and fades out to show Mean Gene Okerlund as he introduces us to tonight’s show

Okerlund: Welcome to WWF Vintage! Tonight ladies and gentlemen we have an excellent line-up featuring such great men as the Immortal Hulk Hogan, The 500 pound machine Andre The Giant, and of course The infamous Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair! Along with a few appearances from NWA alumni, But that’s not all as we start off the show with a tag match highlighting 2 brilliant teams let’s go to the ringside now

The Camera fades again to ringside where we greeted by Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon

Monsoon: Welcome to WWF Vintage, I am your host Gorilla Monsoon and to my left “The Body” Jesse Ventura

Ventura:That’s right Geno and what a line up we have our first match is between the incredibly talented Ax and Smash of Demolition against some Mexicans not sure of there names

Monsoon: Will you stop! Here they are on the way to the ring now

The two muscular specimens known as Ax and Smash walk to the ring followed by who is believed to be Crush but not clear as all 3 are wearing their well known black, spiked masks and body suits, they walk to the ring and unmask themselves as the 3rd stands outside the ring
The bell rings and Ax starts off with a shoulder block to one the Conquistadors knocking him to the floor, he lifts him back up and irish whips him into the corner, makes a tag to Smash, then holds the Conquistador in the corner, Smash comes in and irish whips Ax straight into the Conquistor and then slams the groggy opponent, Smash goes for a pinfall
But Smash lets go of the pin!

Gorilla:Why on earth did he do that? He had this match won

Ventura:Because he can Geno, He’s already won so why not mess around with the victim for a while

Gorilla:Well that’s just sickening

Ventura:I could say the same about these goody two shoes wrestlers that don’t try things like this

Smash lifts the Conquistador and irish whips him into the corner where his partner is and allows him to make a tag to his partner, the second Conquistador runs and tries to attempt a suplex but cannot the lift the heavier Smash who reverses the move into a suplex of his own, who then lifts him and locks in a tight headlock followed by a tag to Ax, Smash goes to the top rope as Ax holds the Conquistador in the backbreaker position,Smash jumps and hits an elbow drop executing the Demolition Decapitation followed by a pin from Ax
The crowd boos in unison as Demolition raises their hands in victory
Ventura:Well the outcome was obvious from the start Geno, but what’s next for Demolition, perhaps a title shot against but what’s next for Demolition, perhaps a title opportunity against The Stieners?

Gorilla:I don’t know about that there are plently of great teams around instead of those guys

Ventura:Well your just biased, let’s go to Rowdy Roddy Piper now for the Piper’s Pit

The camera shows a badge of the Scotland surrounded by tartan and zooms out to the show “Rowdy” Roddy Piper sitting surrounded by his legendary Piper’s Pit set sitting with Jerry “The King” Lawler who does not get a welcoming reaction from the crowd

Piper:Ha ha! They love ya! Me the Hot Rod and The King, how ya doin buddy! I DON’T EVEN CARE! Tonight your facing off against the so-called immortal Hulk Hogan and someone else! with the legendary Ric Flair! Now I’ve heard the stories about what Hogan’s been saying! So what you gonna do about it?!

With an arrogant smile across his face Lawler begins to speak

Lawler: Ha! All Hogan’s been saying recently is Brutus pass me the spray tan and my vitamins! But you know what he’s gonna be saying his prayers when I punch him in the mouth so quick and so hard he’ll feel like he’s surrounded! HAHAHA! It doesn’t matter how he picks to be his partner, all the Hillbilly Jim’s, all the Barber, all the Hulkamaniacs know nothing when compared to a King like myself! Haha, now I could simply describe how I beat Hulk Hogan, but…I have something for you Hot-Rod! Haha!

Lawler reaches behind the couch with a huge smile and pulls out a painting of him, standing with his foot on the chest a knocked out and over exaggeratedly muscled and bright orange Hulk Hogan

Piper:HAHA! I love it! We gotta do this more often! AHAHAHAHA! You gonna tear the muscles right off him tonight! Good luck I’ll see ya at ringside! HAHA!

The camera goes to ringside and Bret “The Hitman” Hart and “Ravishing” Rick Rude are in the center of the ring waiting for their match to begin, but Rude takes the microphone from announcer Howard Finkel and walks to the middle of the ring

Rude:I’d like to just present a gift to all the people in this crowd, Bret, I know your mother is in the crowd tonight, and your father Stu Hart… right there in the front row [he points to them and the camera shows a close up] so I’m gonna give them a little present for all the Canadian woman here who have never seen the sexiest man in America and worldwide!

Monsoon:Ugh this can’t be good

Ventura:It’ll be better than good, Geno

Rick Rude’s music begins to play and he steps out the ring and begins to take off his robe in front of Helen Hart and dances in front of her while she and Stu Hart have looks of shock and disgust on their face, Stu gets up and punches Rude across the face as security rushes to separate them

Monsoon:What a blatant sign of disrespect, good for Stu standing up for his wife

Ventura:You gotta do it in this business Gorilla, but Stu has no right to attack him, he’s just doin Canada a favour

Bret rolls out the ring and drags Rude back in as the bell rings, they begin with a lock up and Rude gets a quick headlock in, followed by a takedown and a quick arm stretch which Hart reverses into roll up pin that is instantly kicked out of, both men get up and Bret irish whips Rude into the ropes and tries for a backdrop but Rude dropkicks Hart, and then does his infamous dance taunt, he hits a diving knee drop to the forehead of The Hitman and tries for a cover
Bret kicks out and instantly Rude tries for an arm drag which is blocked and turned into a short arm clothesline by Bret Hart, Hart lifts him again goes for another clothesline then lifts again and irish whips, catches Rude with a back body drop, Hart then attempts his patented Sharpshooter to the delight of the fans but Rude kicks Hart in the lower region and gets up slowly, he locks in a figure 4 leg lock tightly and Hart seems like he cannot handle the pain, he tries to reach for the ropes in vain, Hart is yelling in pain as his parents watch in horror, from out of nowhere Hart manages to roll the hold over therefore reversing it, Rude is caught by shock and is unable to escape but grabs the ropes, Hart lets go and gets up instantly, Hart and Rude lock up again and Hart dominates, he lifts Rude in the air for a suplex and hits the floor with a devastating impact, he tries for the pinfall
Rick Rude kicks out! Hart gets up shaking his head in disbelief and grabs Rude’s leg and hits it with a few stomps trying to weaken him, Rude kicks Bret back sending him into the ropes and Bret get’s his arm caught around the ropes, Rude uses this advantage and punches Bret across the face repeatedly then hits him to the outside apron with his arm still caught between the ropes, Rude grabs Hart by the neck, does his taunt and prepares to hit the Rude Awakening on the ropes!

Monsoon:Come on this is too much!

Ventura:Do it! This is innovation Geno! He’s showing that Canadian how we do it in the USA

Rude prepares to hit the Neckbreaker but Hart uses his other arm to punch Rude in the back of the head and give himself time to get untangled, Rick Rude retaliates by shoving Hart outside and onto the hard floor, the referee begins to count to 10
Hart goes over and talks to his father who is giving him advice on the match
Hart runs back into the ring and looking much more confident after the advice given to him, hits Rude with a dropkick sending him into the corner, Hart then runs and hits a hard forearm smash into the corner, he then drags Rude away with snapmare followed by a Chin Lock which Rude quickly crawls out of , he grabs Hart and lifts him onto his back and hits a brutal gutbuster, he then lifts Hart in an attempt for the Rude Awakening reverse neckbreaker, he taunts again but Hart spins over and hits a quick swinging neckbreaker!, Rude is lying on the floor unable to move and Hart locks in the world famous Sharpshooter! Rude taps out in an instant and Hart lets go to a deafening mob of cheering fans,Hart goes over into the crowd,shaking hands, giving hi-5’s and signing merchandise as a fan favourite would

Ventura:Yuck, I don’t know how you support these guys Geno

Monsoon:Well Ventura what you don’t know could fill a warehouse

Ventura: Awfully big words from a smaller man, let’s go backstage where Mean Gene Okerlund is waiting with that red and yellow joke Hulk Hogan

The camera shows Hulk Hogan with Gene Okerlund

Okerlund:Hulk Hogan, In all your years of wrestling you have never faced quite a challenge, two NWA legends in the forms of the Nature Boy and The King Jerry Lawler who do you have planned for your partner?

Hulk Hogan:Well ya know something Mean Gene many people are legends! Many people have respect, but for the King he showed me a lack of respect earlier this evening and I just got one thing to say brother!, you may a King but the people follow only higher power brother! Now as I take my vitamins you should say your prayers Lawler! Because with the power of the Lord and all of my Hulkamaniacs, Lawler is not gonna feel so royal after I leg drop him all the way to Memphis! And what about Ric Flai…

Flair:WOO! Did someone say my name?

Ventura:YES! Finally a little class around here

Flair: Hogan you just leave that Hulkamaniac shirt on and calm down a second, no don’t let them in the picture close up on me, Woo! Now Gene I gotta tell ya, you boys here at WWF got nothing on me, but this Hogan guy is the worst, absolutely terrible, look at him! Me and Lawler are way too good for this guy, I can’t wait till we get out of this stupid Canadian city, away from the World Wrestling Federation and back to good ol’ NWA, *the crowd boos* Woo! But incase things get ugly tonight I brought a few of my boys, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard along with myself we are the 4 Horsemen and we are here for some stylin and profilin, limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealin,Wheelin ‘n’ dealin like no other, because you Hogan and this entire WWF, you don’t have the style or the class to match the Nature Boy! WOOOOOO!

Hogan pushes Flair in a fit of anger and the two of them glare face to face and from out of nowhere Flair’s cronies the Brainbusters, Arn and Ole, attack Hogan while Mean Gene runs for cover and Flair smiles as the camera cuts off and goes to Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon at the announcer’s table

Ventura:He’s right, NWA is way better than our Ham ‘n’ Egger federation, we have Hogan for Pete’s sake
Monsoon:Oh put on a lid on it you turncoat

Ventura: If you can’t beat them, join them, and NWA is beating us by a longshot

Monsoon: your pathetic…Next ladies and gentlemen we have a Colossal match-up as the 500lb French behemoth Andre The Giant takes on Jake “The Snake” Roberts in a match-up that will surely make up the history books!
Ventura: Even if you don’t like the man you have to feel sorry for the Snake, facing such a monster like Andre
Andre The Giant walks out to the ring, his huge presence as he walks to the ring leaves the crowd silent, he waits in the ring for his victim Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Ventura:This just in that earlier today, Jake Roberts had a quick interview recorded telling us how he plans to face the Giant

As Jake “The Snake” walks to the ring carrying his usual bag with his snake Damien inside, a small box pops up on the screen with Jake’s interview

“Tonight….Damien will play his role, As huge and muscular as Andre is, he doesn’t have the intellect to escape my mind games…In this bag, what could it be? If he’s wondering about my pet and the bag he isn’t focusing on me, and I thrive on those who don’t focus…It allows me to take my shot and secure victory……"

The box closes as Jake enters the ring and places the bag at the corner,Andre looks at it then shakes his head and looks at Jake

Monsoon: Uh oh looks like Jake’s mind games are working before the match even begins

Ventura: The man is a genius

Monsoon:seems more insane

Ventura: There’s a very thin line between both sides Geno

Andre starts off with by grabbing Jake’s head and throwing him into the side, looks at the bag, then turns again to Jake who has gotten up and nails Andre with a knee to the stomach, he then works on the back area of Andre with a few punches and a lariat, then attempts an irish whip but cannot move the massive 500lb frame of The Giant, Andre reverses the hold and hits Jake with a quick powerslam, then places his foot on the Snake’s chest
Jake grabs the foot and stands up, Andre kicks him to the other side of the ring and Jake decides to slide out, Andre walks over to the ropes to mock Jake and doesn’t notice the bag, from out of the bag slithers a huge python that wraps itself around Andre’s leg, he looks down and stops in fear, he is frozen as Jake rolls back into the ring with a sinister smile across his face, he lifts up the Snake and wraps it around Andre’s neck and sits on the turnbuckle so Andre has no way of escaping, the ref orders Jake to stop, Jake’s smile stays as he climbs down with the snake still wrapped around Andre as he bends him down and hits a devastating DDT, Jake the goes for the pin with snake still around Andre so he can’t kick out

Monsoon:My god! What an upset!

Ventura: That was total genius!

Monsoon:that was a sick mind game and you know it! Andre couldn’t do anything to stop him

Ventura:Well either way Jake 1,Giant 0, but what will he have to say about this later?

Monsoon: Jake made a crucial mistake there as I doubt Andre will be happy about

Jake still has his sinister smirk across his face as he leaves with Damien wrapped around his neck as the crowd boos him and throws trash at him

The camera fades out to show Hulk Hogan backstage in the medical wing,he has a bandage over his eye and tape around his ankle

Doctor:Ok Hogan, Are you sure you can handle a tag match tonight?

Hogan: Even if I’m in a wheelchair I will do this all for my Hulkamaniacs every night, and anyway I can’t let Flair get away with this, He wants to play hard, I’ll play harder, and my partner tonight, he can deal with Lawler all he wants because I’m sure you all know what he’s done to the so-called King in the past

The camera fades and Howard Finkel is ready to announce tonight’s Main Event

Finkel:Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you from the National Wrestling Alliance, weighing in at 243 pounds…from Charlotte, North Carolina, The Nature Booooooy! Ric Flaaaaaaair!!!!

Ric Flair’s classic theme is heard as he comes out wearing a elaborate white and gold robe as he is followed by the rest of the Horsemen, he does his usual stylin walk taunt and casually climbs into the ring as the crowd boo and “Horsemen suck” chants are loudly echoing through the arena only bring a smile to the face of The Nature Boy

Finkel:And his partner, from Memphis Tennessee, weighing in at 245lbs, Jerry “The King” Lawler!

A royal orchestra is heard as The King walks out holding his famous crown and his robe draped along his shoulders, he smirks at the Canadian crowd and walks to the ring, shaking hands with Flair and the rest of the Horsemen then prepares to wait for Hogan and his mystery partner
Real American plays and the crowd erupts into cheers from the Hulkamaniacs as Hogan walks out to the stage, waving and posing for the crowd, he hands a boy in the audience his trademark bandana and shakes his hand then stands still, not wanting to be ganged up on by Lawler or The Horsemen
A southern sounding guitar track is heard and the crowd let a roar of approval and Jerry Lawler’s face drops instantly as Terry Funk walks out beside Hogan, Funk and Hogan walk down to ringside and cannot wait to get their hands on Flair and Lawler
The bell rings and Hogan starts off against Flair, Hogan gets an early disadvantage as Flair locks in a quick headlock and tags in Lawler, Flair keeps the headlock as Lawler kicks Hogan in the gut, Flair goes to apron and Lawler begins to work over Hogan with several punches in the turnbuckle then a double axe handle,Lawler drags Hogan away and hits a hip toss but Hogan stops him and clotheslines him to the floor and makes the tag to Terry Funk, Funk hits a running shoulder block to Lawler followed by a knee drop then a grounded Sleeperhold but Lawler slips out and turns it into a pinfall!
Funk reverses the pin into his own
Lawler gets out and both men stand up

Ventura:These two are huge rivals, neither can stand each other

A hip toss by Funk, A quick slam by Lawler, both men then go back and forth with punches until Funk manages to kick Lawler in the gut and hits a quick spinning neckbreaker, Flair shouts to Arn Anderson to get the crown then tries to climb into the ring, this distracts the referee who goes over to stop Flair and in the meantime Arn throws Lawler’s crown into the ring, Lawler grabs it and smacks Funk across the face with the crown then passes it back out to the Ole, which makes the fans more than a little angry. Lawler hits a knee drop and makes the tag to Flair, who lifts Funk and goes for a quick suplex but Funk slides down and retaliates with a suplex of his own, then hits a few stomps to the chest of Flair, he lifts Flair up and irish whips him and bends for a back body drop but Flair stops himself and kicks Funk right in the face,then follows up with a knife edge chop, he then whips Funk and executes an arm drag, followed by a quick few knees to the leg, then grabs both of Funk’s legs, falls back and send him flying into the corner, Hogan makes a tag to Funk and runs into the ring, He hits Flair with a forearm smash , followed by an irish whip and running shoulder block, he has Flair grounded and Flair appears to be begging for Hogan to show mercy, but in a split second Flair punches Hogan in the groin,sending him quickly to the floor, Lawler is seen laughing in the background, Flair hits a few knees to Hogan’s injured face, then makes the tag to Lawler, who goes to the top rope and hit’s his signature Fist Drop straight to the face of Hogan

Monsoon: That has gotta hurt! Are you seeing this Ventura??!!

Lawler goes for the pinfall
Hogan kicks out! And he looks angry, Lawler has a look of disbelief as Hogan just stands right up and points to Lawler, the whole crowd yells “YOU!”, Lawler tries to stop the Hulkster by punching him but Hogan just blocks them off, Hogan then irish whips Lawler, hits a big boot, runs back and hits a HUGE Leg Drop to Lawler, but instead of going for the pin he picks up Lawler, and allows Flair to give him the tag, Hogan looks at Flair and instantly thinks of revenge, Hogan grabs Flair and tosses him over the ropes into the ring, then tries for a leg drop but Flair is pulled out of the ring by Tully Blanchard, the ref counts to 10 as Hogan makes the tag to a Terry Funk who has an insane look in his eye as the crowd chants “Piledriver!” Flair makes the tag to Lawler, Lawler runs to Funk but is hit in the gut, Funk lifts Lawler and drops him straight on his head with his legendary Texas Piledriver!, the crowd is estatic but Funk isn’t finished yet as he tags in Hogan and hip tosses Flair into the ring, he lifts him and hits a 2nd Piledriver!, He rolls out the ring as Hogan runs and hits a Leg Drop on both Flair and Lawler and goes for the pin
Suddenly the rest of the Horsemen jump in the ring and attack Hogan, Funk tries to make the save but the numbers game seems to much

Monsoon:How will Funk and Hogan get out of this?

Ventura:Look! There’s the Ultimate Warrior!!

The Ultimate Warrior comes rushing to the ring and hits a double shoulder barge on the Brainbusters while Hogan is being beaten upon by Ric Flair and Lawler, Terry Funk has Tully Blanchard outside the ring and is assaulting him mercilessly until he rolls back in the ring and takes Lawler away from the corner, Warrior meanwhile is chasing off the Anderson brothers and Tully Blanchard backstage, Funk hits a piledriver yet again on Lawler leaving him passed out, Hogan finally has enough energy and lifts Flair above his head and slams him to the outside leaving the Warrior,Hogan and Funk victorious!

Monsoon:What a Main Event! But what will happen next week

Ventura: Hopefully Flair will get his revenge

The camera cuts off back to Gene Okerlund

Okerlund:So ladies and gentlemen we’ve had quite a night here at the World Wrestling Federation, but what will happen in our next edition? Look forward as we have Demolition taking on another team, An appearance by our Intercontinental Champion and much more! Goodnight![/CENTER]

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First of all i hope your btb lasts, would be nice to see a vintage WWF btb and you have a great roster.

-I wasn't too keen on the layout and maybe space it out and add some more colour but apart from that it was a good first show.

-AX and Smash dominated the opener, looks like they are heading for a push.

-I liked Piper's pit. Good buildup to the main event with Lawler talking trash and bringing out the painting ha!

-Bret Hart/ Rick Rude was a good match. Was back and forth and ould have gone either way.

-Wow I did not expect Jake the Snake to beat Andre the Giant what an upset. Very cunning move from Jake to use the snake to pick up the win. I am sure Andre will be back for revenge.

-I liked the main event, did not expect Funk to be the partner but it was a good main event with Hogan and Funk picking up the win. The Horsemen attack and the Ultimate Warrior leading to the brawl was a good way to end the show, sets up the next show well.

Looking forward to the next show.
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