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WWF The Turning Point

In September 1995 World Championship Wrestling produced Monday Nitro to complete WWF’s Monday Night Raw combine that with former WCW Star Lex Luger jumping from WWF to WCW and appearing on the first edition of Nitro without telling WWF Owner Vince McMahon. This would kick off the Monday Night Wars, Raw and Nitro went back and forth in the ratings war until in mid-1996 when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash jumped ship from the WWF and aligned with Hulk Hogan who turned heel for the first time since Hulkamania began running wild in the 80s forming the New World Order. WWF tried to fight back but Nitro easily overtook Raw, in November 1997 at WWF’s annual survivor series event the main event involved Shawn Michaels taking on Bret Hart for the WWF Championship, Shawn and Bret were not only enemies on screen but were legitimate enemies off screen both wrestlers refused to lose the match and with Bret’s contract ending in a few days Vince McMahon’s last resort was to screw Bret Hart out of his WWF title, during the match Shawn locked Bret in his signature sharpshooter submission hold and McMahon made referee Earl Hebner ring the bell and declare Shawn Michaels the winner before Bret even tapped out making Shawn the new WWF Championship in what would become known as the Montreal Screwjob.

Bret’s brother Owen who would go on to defeat Shawn Michaels for the WWF title a month later at DX In Your House thanks to Steve Austin and Ken Shamrock fighting off Michaels’ allies along with Owen the WWF would continue to push new stars such as Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman, The Rock, Triple H, Jeff Jarrett and The New Age Outlaws creating a new generation and giving the company a new attitude, it is now May 1999 and Raw is War is gradually closing in on Nitro in the ratings war and the WWF’s PPVs Buy rates have been higher than WCW’s PPVs in recent months and with WWF’s talented roster it seems the Monday Night War has come to a turning point but whenever or not the WWF will be able to use the turning point will be seen in the coming months will WCW regain their Iron grip on America’s wrestling Market or will the WWF beat WCW in the ratings war for the first time since 1996 and go on to become the winner of the War.

And the concludes the background for my new story/diary, the way I am doing this is that I booking Wrestling cards in a booking simulator called TEW 2013 and I will be writing out the matches and angles in full length in the style of a diary something many users of TEW 2013 as said above the diary will be starting in May of 1999 as that’s where I am in game, I have two shows Raw is War and Smackdown and each month has a Pay-Per-View.


WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: The Rock [1st Reign]

Won at Backlash by defeating Steve Austin Notes: The Match was Money in the Bank Cash in match.

Title Defences

Defeated Mankind in a Street Fight [Smackdown 06/05/99]

Past Title Reigns
Steve Austin [2nd Reign] WWF Wrestlemaina 15 – WWF Backlash 99 Title Defences: 3
Owen Hart [4th Reign] WWF Royal Rumble 99 – WWF Wrestlemaina 15 Title Defences: 5 Notes: Won Vacant title in Ladder Match against Jeff Jarrett
Owen Hart [3rd Reign] WWF Final Crisis 98 – Raw is War 28/12/1998 Title Defences: 0 Notes: Title was vacated due to the controversial ending of Owen’s steel Cage match with Jeff Jarrett at Final Crisis.
Jeff Jarrett [1st Reign] WWF Survivor Series 98 – WWF Final Crisis 98 Title Defences: 1
Owen Hart [2nd Reign] WWF Badlands 98 – WWF Survivor Series 98 Title Defences: 1
Dude Love [1st Reign] WWF Summerslam 98 – WWF Badlands 98 Title Defences: 1 Notes: The match was a Fatal Four way also involving the Undertaker and Jeff Jarrett
Steve Austin [1st Reign] WWF Wrestlemaina 14 – WWF Summerslam 98 Title Defences: 4
Shawn Michaels [4th Reign] WWF No Way Out Of Texas 98 – WWF Wrestlemaina 14 Title Defences: 1
Owen Hart [1st Reign] WWF DX in Your House 97 - WWF No Way Out Of Texas 98 Title Defences: 2
Shawn Michaels [3rd Reign] WWF Survivor Series 97 - WWF DX in Your House 97 Title Defences: 0

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Current Champion: Steve Blackman [1st Reign]

Won at Wrestlemaina 15 by defeating Ken Shamrock in an Octagon Match

Title Defences

Defeated Ken Shamrock [Backlash 99]
Defeated Chris Candido [Raw is War 13/04/99
Defeated Mideon [Raw Is War 6/04/99]

Past Title Reigns
Ken Shamrock [3rd Reign] WWF No Way out 99 – WWF Wrestlemaina 15 Title Defences: 2 Notes: Was a Fatal Four way Math also involving The Godfather and Val Veins.
X-Pac [1st Reign] Raw is War 15/02/99 – WWF No Way out 99 Title Defences: 0
Ken Shamrock [2nd Reign] WWF Final Crisis 98 – Raw is War 15/02/99 Title Defences: 3
Triple H [2nd Reign] WWF Badlands 98 – WWF Final Crisis 98 Title Defences: 2 Notes: Defeated Faarooq in the final of a tourmeant for the vacant title.
The Rock [3rd Reign] WWF over the Edge 98 – Raw is War 31/08/98 Title Defences: 4
Ken Shamrock [1st Reign] WWF Wrestlemaina 14 – WWF over the Edge 98

European Championship

Current Champion: Davey Boy Smith [2nd Reign]

Title Defences
Won at Wrestlemaina 15 by defeating William Regal
Title Defences
Defeated William Regal at Backlash 99

Past Title Reigns
William Regal [1st Reign] WWF Fully Loaded 98 – Wrestlemaina 15 Title Defences: 11
D’Lo Brown [2nd Reign] WWF over the Edge 98 – WWF Fully Loaded 98 Title Defences: 1
Triple H [3rd Reign] Raw is War 20/04/98 - WWF over the Edge 98 Title Defences: 2
D’Lo Brown [1st Reign] Raw is War 13/04/98 – 20/04/98 Title Defences: 0
Triple [2nd Reign] Wrestlemaina 14 – Raw is War 13/04/98 Title Defences: 0
Cactus Jack [1st Reign] No Way out of Texas 98 – Wrestlemaina 14 Title Defences: 1
Triple H ‘1st Reign] Raw is War 24/11/97 – No Way out of Texas 98 Title Defences: 3

WWF World Tag Team Championships

Current Champions: The Dudley Boyz [Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley] [1st Reign]

Won from the Twin Towers in a fatal four way hardcore tag team match also involving the new age outlaws and the legion of doom at Wrestlemaina 15

Title Defences

Defeated The Legion of Doom at Raw is War 5/04/99
Defeated The Twin towers at Backlash

Past title reigns
The Twin Towers [Big Bossman and Akeem] [1st Reign] WWF in the UK: Capital Carnage 98 – Wrestlemaina 15 Title Defences: 5
The New Age Outlaws [Billy Gunn and Road Dogg] [2nd Reign] WWF Summerslam 98 – WWF in the UK: Capital Carnage 98 Notes: Was a Four way Tag Mach also involving the Dudley Boyz and Holly Funk. Title Defences: 3
Southern Justice [Mark Cantabury and Dennis Knight] [3rd Reign] WWF King of the Ring 98 – WWF Summerslam 98 Notes: Was a Four way Tag Mach also involving the Dudley Boyz and Holly Funk. Title Defences: 1
The New Age Outlaws [Billy Gunn and Road Dogg] [1st Reign] WWF 24/11/97 – WWF King of the Ring 98 Title Defences: 6

Light Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Scotty 2 Hotty

Defeated Chris Candido on Smackdown 5/06/99

Title Defences: None

Past title reigns
Chris Candido [1st Reign] Raw is War 3/05/99 - Smackdown 5/06/99 Title Defences: 0
Grand Master Sexay [1st Reign] Raw is War 19/04/99 – Raw is War 3/05/99 Title Defences: 0
Scorpio [1st Reign] WWF Wrestlemaina 15 – Raw is War 19/04/99 Title Defences: 1
Devon Storm [1st Reign] WWF Final Crisis 98 – WWF Wrestlemaina 15 Notes: Was a six way ultimate x match also involving Essa Rios, Sabu, Spike Dudley and Kid Kash. Title Defences: 1
Edge [1st Reign] WWF Summerslam 98 – WWF Final Crisis 98 Notes: Was a six way Ladder Match also involving Yoshihiro Tajiri, Val Venis, Essa Rios and Brian Christopher. Title Defences: 5
Taka Michinoku [3rd Reign] WWF over the Edge 98 – WWF Summerslam 98 Title Defences: 1
Savio Vega [2nd Reign] Raw is War 4/05/98 – WWF over the Edge 98 Title Defences: 0
Taka Michinoku [2nd Reign] WWF Unforgiven – Raw is War 4/05/98 Title Defences: 0
Savio Vega [1st Reign] WWF Wrestlemaina 14 – WWF Unforgiven Title Defences: 1
Taka Michinoku [1st Reign] WWF DX in Your House – WWF Wrestlemaina 14 Notes: Won the Vacant title in a fatal four way Elimation also involving Brian Christopher, Flash Funk and Bob Holly. Title Defences: 4

Hardcore Championship

Current Champion: Vader [1st Reign]

Won In hardcore fatal four way also involving Al Snow and Mike Awesome at WWF Backlash.

Past title reigns

Bradshaw [1st Reign] Raw is War 19/05/99 – WWF Backlash 99 Title Defences: 0
“The Gladiator” Mike Awesome [1st Reign] Smackdown 18/04/99 – Raw is War 19/05/99 Title Defences: 0
Rob Van Dam [1st Reign] Raw is War 1/02/99 – Smackdown 18/04/99 Title Defences: 1
Savio Vega [2nd Reign] Raw is War 11/01/99 – Raw is War 1/02/99 Title Defences: 0
Sabu [1st Reign] Raw is War 4/01/99 – Raw is War 11/01/99 Title Defences: 0
Savio Vega [1st Reign] WWF Summerslam 98 – Raw is War 4/01/99 Notes: This was also a Hardcore fatal four way involving Men’s Teioh and Chaniz. Title Defences: 7
Bart Gunn [1st Reign] WWF King of the Ring 98 – WWF Summerslam 98 Title Defences: 4
Terry Funk [1st Reign] Shotgun Saturday Night 06/06/98 – WWF King of the Ring 98 Title Defences: 1
Steve Blackman [2nd Reign] WWF over the Edge 98 –Shotgun Saturday Night 06/06/98 Title Defences: 0
Jeff Jarrett [1st Reign] WWF Unforgiven 98 – WWF over the Edge 98 Title Defences: 0
Steve Blackman [1st Reign] WWF Royal Rumble 98 – WWF Unforgiven 98 Title Defences: 4

Television Championship

Current Champion: Chris Jericho

Won the vacant title in a 30 Battle Royale on Smackdown 22/04/99

Title Defences
Defeated Kid Kash on Raw is War 26/04/99
Defeated Lance Storm at WWF Backlash 99

Women’s Championship

Current Champion: Jacqueline Moore

Defeated Manami Toyota at Wrestlemaina 15

Title Defences: None

Past title reigns
Manami Toyota [1st Reign] Notes: Defeated Akria Hokuto for the vacant title at WWF Royal Rumble 99 Title Defences: 2

WWF King of the Ring

The King of the Ring tournament is held every June and the winner gets a WWF World Title shot at a Pay-Per-View of their choice.

1998 King of the Ring: Jeff Jarrett [Defeated Al Snow in the final, used his shot to get into the fatal four way match for the WWF title at Summerslam 98 which was won by Dude Love]

Money in the Bank

The Six Man Money in the Bank ladder match is held every year at Wrestlemaina the winner gets the Money in the Bank briefcase which contains a contract for a WWF title match that can be cashed anytime and anywhere.

1999 Money in the Bank Holder: The Rock [Cashed in on Steve Austin to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash 99]

Latest Pay-Per-View Results

Backlash 99
Fatal Four-way hardcore match for the hardcore title
Vader defeated Al Snow, Bradshaw and Mike Awesome [C]
Singles Match
The Big Show defeated X-Pac
Main Show
Singles Match
Kurt Angle defeated Sabu
Boiler Room Brawl
Mankind defeated Prince Albert
Singles Match for the European title
Davey Boy Smith [C] defeated William Regal
Four way Tag Match to determine the Number One contenders for the tag titles
The New Age outlaws defeated The Legion of Doom, Mero and Dustin and The Hardy Boyz
Casket Match
Kane defeated Waylon Mercy
Singles match for the WWF Television Championship
Chris Jericho [C] defeated Lance Storm
Singles Match
The Undertaker defeated Faarooq
Tag Team Match for the WWF World Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz [C] defeated The Twin Towers
Hardcore Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
Steve Blackman [C] defeated Ken Shamrock
Singles match for the Rock’s Money in the Bank briefcase
The Rock defeated Triple H
Two out of three falls match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship
Steve Austin [C] defeated Owen Hart
Money in the Bank Cash in match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship
The Rock defeated Steve Austin [C]

Active Roster [Red - Heel, No Color - Face]
“The Gladiator Mike Awesome”
Adam Jacobs
Ahmed Johnson
Akira Hokuto
Al Snow
Bam Bam Bigelow
Big Bossman
Billy Gunn
Bob Holly
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Jericho
Davey Boy Smith
Devon Storm
]D’Lo Brown
Duane Gillberg
Dustin Rhodes
D-Von Dudley
Ekmo Fatu
Essa Rios
Grand Master Sexay
Jacqueline Moore
Jamie Jarrett
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Lynn
Ken Shamrock
Kid Kash
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Manami Toyota
Marc Mero
Maiko Yoshida
Mat Hardy
Men’s Teioh
Norman Smiley
Prince Albert
Rikishi Fatu
]Road Dogg
Rob Van Dam
Savio Vega
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shane McMahon
Sho Funkai
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Steve Blackman
Stevie Richards
Stephanie McMahon
Taka Michinoku
Terri Powers
The Big Show
The Godfather
The Rock
The Undertaker
Tina Ferrari
Triple H
Val Venis
William Regal
Yoshihiro Tajiri

Luna Vachon [Managing Dustin Rhodes and Bam Bam Bigelow]
Marlena [Managing Taka Michinoku, Sho Funkai and Men’s Teioh]
Paul Bearer [Managing Mankind, Mideon and the Undertaker]
Ryan Shamrock [Managing Val Venis]
Sable [Managing Chainz]
Sunny Managing Chris Candido]
The Jackal [Managing Devon Storm, Gangrel, Christian, Prince Albert, Faarooq, Mosh and Thrasher]

Authority figures
Vince McMahon [Owner of the WWF] [Managing the Rock]
Shane McMahon [2nd Majority Shareholder of the WWF]
Shawn Michaels [Commissioner of Raw is War]
Stephanie McMahon [Commissioner of Smackdown]
Jim Cornette [Director of Operations [Managing Jeff Jarrett, Vader and Jamie Jarrett]

Tag Teams
The Dudley Boyz [Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley]
Faarooq and Albert
Hardy Boyz [Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy]
Headbangers [Mosh and Thrasher]
Holly Funk [Bob Holly and Scorpio]
Kaientai 2.0 [Sho Funkai and Men’s Teioh]
Mero and Dustin
New Age Outlaws [Billy Gunn and Road Dogg]
Sabu and Rob Van Dam
Samoan Gangsters [Ekmo Fatu and Kimo]
The Twin Towers [Akeem and Big Bossman]
Too Cool [Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty]


D-Generation X
Formed November 1997
Triple H [Leader]
Billy Gunn
Road Dogg
Summary: In late 1997 Shawn Michaels aligned with Triple H and Chyna to form D-Generation X a group that would also have a reluctant Ally in Vince McMahon who despite disagreeing with the group’s degenerate ways wanted the WWF title as far away from Owen Hart and Steve Austin as possible.
Due to Shawn Michaels retiring from in ring competition due to a back injury Triple H would take control of the group and bring X-Pac and the new age outlaws into the group, eventually the heel group would turn face to feud with the corporation Triple H feuding with the likes of the now Corporate Commissioner Michaels and later Ken Shamrock, X-Pac battling against Jeff Jarrett and Shamrock in early 98 and the Outlaws feuding with Southern Justice and The Twin Towers.

J.O.B Squad
Formed October 1998
Al Snow [Leader]
Bob Holly
Norman Smiley
Duane Gillberg
Summary: A group of wrestlers who many referred to as Jobbers something they took offense to so they went on strike and formed the J.O.B Squad a Union for Jobbers.

Kaientai Deluxe
Formed June 1998
Taka Michinoku
Sho Funkai
Dick Togo
Men’s Teioh
Summary: Taka Michinoku was enraged when Porn star Val Venis began hitting on his girlfriend and Valet Marlena when Venis splashed Marlena with a bucket of Water Taka turned on his friend Tajiri and formed Kaientai Deluxe bringing his allies from Japan Sho Funkai, Men’s Teioh and Dick Togo.

The Corporation
Formed February 1998
Vince McMahon [Leader]
The Rock [WWF Champion]
Jeff Jarrett
Jim Cornette
Vader [Hardcore Champion]
Shawn Michaels
Big Bossman
The Big Show
William Regal
Summary: In February of 1998 Vince McMahon needed a plan to take care of the thorns in his side such as Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman and thus the Corporation was formed despite many attempts by Vader, former member Dan Severn, Jeff Jarrett and The Big Show Steve Austin was still a thorn in Vince’s side until Backlash when The Rock became the corporation’s crown jewel by cashing in his Money in the bank contract and defeating Austin to become WWF Champion.

The Fatal Four
Dustin Rhodes [Co-Leader]
Marc Mero [Co-Leader]
Bam Bam Bigelow
Chris Candido
Sunny [Candido’s Valet]
Luna Vachon [Dustin Rhodes and Bam Bam’s Valet]

Summary: Mero and Dustin were disgruntled with their positions in the company so they aligned with Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido to form the Fatal Four.

The Ministry of Darkness
The Undertaker [Leader]
The Jackal
Paul Bearer
Devon Storm
Prince Albert
Summary: In October 98 The Jackal, Devon Storm, Gangrel, Christian and The Head bangers formed the Brood with the Jackal promising that the Lord of Darkness would unleash a new age of Darkness on the WWF the Lord was revealed to be the Undertaker and thus the Ministry of Darkness was formed. The Undertaker made Ominous threats towards Vince McMahon and claimed that he would hit McMahon close to home at Wrestlemaina 15 Vince McMahon had Dude Love face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match in an attempt to rid the WWF of Taker but Dude Love was defeated and brain washed into reverting to alter ego Mankind and joining the Ministry the group also originally had Waylon Mercy but at Backlash Mercy lost to the Undertaker’s younger brother Kane in a Casket Match which Kane lit on fire as a message to the Ministry however at the same event Mercy was replaced by Dude Love’s protege Prince Albert who lost to Mankind in a Boiler Room brawl and Faarooq who lost to the Undertaker both were kidnapped by the Ministry and Brainwashed and just before the Main Event of Steve Austin defending his WWF title against former Champion Owen Hart The Undertaker revealed what he meant by hitting Vince close to home he brutally beat Vince's son Shane and kidnapped Vince’s daughter Stephanie.

The Samoan Gangsters

Formed June 1998

Samu [Leader]
Ekmo Fatu
Rikishi Fatu

Summary: The Samoan Gangsters came to the WWF with the promise that they were going to make bad things happen to anyone that got in their path of being on top.

Upcoming Pay-Per-View Card

WWF Over the Edge 1999

Two out of Three Falls Match

Singles Match for the European Championship

Ken Shamrock vs Davey Boy Smith [C]

Hardcore match for the Hardcore Championship

Al Snow vs Vader [C]

Singles Match for the Television Championship

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Chris Jericho

Tag Team Match for the WWF World Tag Team Championships

The New Age Outlaws vs The Dudley Boyz [C]

Six Man Match for the WWF Championship

D'Lo Brown vs Triple H vs Owen Hart vs The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker

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I actually can't wait for your first show! I like the idea of bringing in old superstars and also ECW guys, I also think it's cool that MITB is in in 1999 and the fact that you have younger stars which should have gotten a push, getting a push.

And thank lord I'm not the only one who uses TEW lol, but anyways this looks like a really good BTB and I can't wait to read your first show!

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WWF Raw is War 10/05/1999 [DCU Centre Worcester, Massachusetts]

Raw is War opened up with the usual pyro and the crowd going mental ready for the show, commentators Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Steven Prazak running down the card including the massive main event of Stone Cold Steve Austin taking on The Undertaker in a Hell in a cell match the first time the Hell in a cell has appeared on Raw is War and they also announce that at Over the Edge Davey Boy smith will defend his European championship against Ken Shamrock.

The theme of WWF World Heavyweight Champion the Rock hit and the corporate champion walked down to the ring without the owner of the WWF Vince McMahon who was presumably waiting for the undertaker to return to him his daughter Stephanie.

Rock: D’Lo Brown, Oh D’Lo the Rock remembers there was a time where he called you his brother in arms you and him the young lions of the Nation of Domination but then something happened, the Corporation was formed and all of a sudden you were too good for us, you left and then you beat Mark Henry and Kama or the Godfather as he’s now called, and then you became a two time European Champion that’s good but you can’t call yourself a Intercontinental Champion or more importantly a WWF Champion.

Rock holds his wwf title up into the air and gets massive heat, Rock smirks and continues to speak

Rock: Now the Rock knows that going this scary six man match for the WWF title is has got you nervous, so the Rock’s going to give a shot to be able to hold the WWF title for at least a few days as tonight in front of millions and millions of the Corporation’s fans the Rock will put his WWF World Heavyweight championship on the line in our match, I’m giving you a chance at the big time even if it’s only for a few days but let’s face it tonight the rock’s gonna to take his size 13 boot, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your Candy Ass!”

Match 1. Kane vs Gangrel and Christian

Kane’s quest to get a shot at his brother has met its first opposition in the form of Christian and Gangrel, Kane easily dominated Christian but Gangrel was able to hold his own against Kane until he and Christian went for a double Impaler DDT only for Kane to reverse it with a back body drop and hit a side walk slam on Christian.

Gangrel tried to go up against Kane while Christian was done but Kane got the upper hand before choke slamming him to the outside and pining Christian after a Flying clothesline.

Backstage Steve Blackman is walking with the IC belt over his shoulder ready for his match against RikishI Fatu when he was stopped by Val Venis and Ryan Shamrock.

Val: Stevie my boy, I’ve been looking for you.

Steve: What do you want Val, I’ve got a match I need to get to.

Val: To make this short and simple I want a match that championship of yours at Over the Edge.

Steve: And why should I give you a shot.

Ryan: Because if you, I’ll make it all worthwhile.

Steve: Who says I want to sleep with a 2 dollar slut like you.

Val’s expression changed to angr and he grabbed Blackman
Val: Do not talk to my women like that, now give me that title shot.

Steve: Alright if you prove yourself by defeating an opponent of my choice on Smackdown, I’ll give you a match at Over the Edge.

Val: Deal I’ll see you at Over the Edge.

Match 2. Rikishi Fatu vs Steve Blackman

The match was a back and forth one, Rikishi using his brute power in an attempt to dominate Blackman while the current Intercontinental used his mixed arsenal of Kicks and Submission holds as well as many different martial art moves to gain the edge.

Rikishi went for a Samoan Drop but Steve Blackman managed to get out of it and stun him with a roundhouse kick and then in a massive show of strength, Steve managed to pick Rikishi up and hit him with a Brainbuster which caused the Hardcore WWF fans to chant better then Goldberg.

After that Steve Blackman waited for Rikishi to get up and when he did, Blackman hit him right in the face with a thrust kick and pinned him to win sending a message to Val Venis and another others that want his Intercontinental championship.

Backstage Owen Hart is being interviewed by Kevin Kelly.

Kevin: Owen, up next you will be facing one of your opponents this Sunday Triple H.

Owen: Kevin I don’t care about Triple H and anyone else I have to face before this Sunday, what I do care about is this Sunday when I get back my WWF Championship back in the Six Man Main Event.

After saying these words Owen left the interview area for his match against Triple H.

Match 3. Owen Hart vs Triple H

During the match Triple H acted more viscous then normal beating on Owen with Hard stiff strikes and adding some new moves to his move set including a running knee strike and also bringing back his signature Inverted Indian Death lock that he used before coming to the WWF.

Owen being the more experienced of the two was able to get the edge and nearly beat HHH with an inverted Piledriver after he hit a spinning heel kick.

HHH chopped Owen’s chest before hitting a spinebuster, he went to set up a pedigree only for Owen to reverse it with a hurricanrana however that was a bad choice as when Owen landed his knees hit the ground hard and as some of you may know Owen has had many knee injuries in his career which are keeping him from being one of if not the best high flyer in wrestling today.

With Owen’s knees hurt, Hunter was able to regain the upper hand until he tossed Owen to the ring corner, Owen despite his knees not being in the best of shape jumped up to the top turnbuckle and back flipped off it to hit a cross body into a pin, Owen ensured victory by putting his legs up on the ropes for leverage to defeat his younger opponent.

As Owen celebrated something inside Triple H snapped and he went to the outside to grab a steel chair and ran back in with it.

When Owen turned Hunter brought him down with chair shots to the knees before smashing the chair into his face nearly knocking him out cold.

Hunter planted the chair down and brought Owen up and hit a pedigree onto the steel chair before leaving the ring to a mixed reception from the fans.

Match 4. The Corporation [The Twin Towers, Jeff Jarret, Vader and William Regal] vs The New Age Outlaws, X-Pac and The Dudley Boyz]

The match was heated from the start with DX arguing with The Dudley Boyz on who should start the match eventually X-Pac decided to start the match going up against William Regal.

X-Pac kept the match fast and Regal tried but he couldn’t keep up with him, which allowed X-Pac to knock him with a swift kick to the head and hit a moonsault but Regal kicked out at two.

Eventually, Regal hit a European uppercut on X-Pac and managed to tag in Akeem who used his strength to throw X-Pac around the ring, Akeem tossed X-Pac into the corner and went for an Avalanche but X-Pac got his legs up and kicked Akeem in the face pushing him back.

X-Pac climbed up to the top rope and went for a double axe handle only for Akeem to catch him with a power bomb.

Akeem brought X-Pac up to his feet and signalled Bossman to get in the ring, Akeem Irish whipped X-Pac towards Bossman who caught him with a Bossman slam followed by Akeem hitting the Air Africa.

Akeem went for the pin but, D-Von climbed onto the top rope and jumped off to hit a diving head-butt before the three breaking up the pin and doing some damage to Akeem.

As Akeem began getting up, Billy Gunn ran in and hit the Fam-Ass-Er on Akeem before sliding to the outside.

X-Pac and Akeem began crawling towards their respective corners, Bubba Ray waiting for X-Pac and Jarret waiting for Akeem.

X-Pac made it over first and just before Bubba could tag in, Road Dogg slapped his hand away and tagged himself in getting a few boos from the crowd, Bubba glared at Dogg as Akeem tagged Jarrett in.

Road Dogg ran at Jarret and went for a clothesline but Jarrett ducked under it and hit an enzuigiri to back of Road Dogg’s head easily knocking him down
Jarret brought Road Dogg up to his feet and after taunting Dogg’s team mates hit a swinging neck breaker.

Jarrett called Dogg up and went for the stroke but Dogg reverse it into a hip toss, Dogg fought back with the shake, rattle and roll before hitting a Piledriver on the Chosen one as he was called during his WWF title feud against Owen Hart.

Dogg pulled Jarret up and was about to go for a Pump Handle Slam but Regal ran in and went for a Uppercut which Dogg reversed by grabbing Regal’s hand, kicking him in the gut and hitting the Pump Handle slam.

However the distraction was enough for Jarret to tag in Bossman who hit a shoulder tackle on Dogg knocking him down.

Bossman Irish whipped Road Dogg to the ropes which sent him back in Bossman’s direction, Bossman went to grab Dogg for a Bossman slam but Dogg slid under Bossman’s legs and jumped up.

Dogg spun Bossman around and delivered some Shake, Rattle and Roll followed up by a DDT and a Piledriver.

However Dogg’s momentum was ruined by Jarrett hitting a missile drop kick to the back of Dogg’s head much to the referee’s protests.

After Jarret got up following the drop kick, X-Pac ran into the ring and speared Jarret down the two rolled outside and began brawling, Akeem and Regal jumped down to help Jarrett only for D-Von to run around and clotheslined them both down.

Dogg made his way over to his corner and Billy Gunn was about to tag in when Bubba took the tag instead.

Dogg slid out of the ring to help fight the corporation, on the inside Bubba was about to run over to Bossman when Billy tagged himself in, the two began arguing before Bubba Ray tagged himself back in and went on the attack.

Bubba hit Bossman in the face with a few punches and hit a few slams on him as well as a Samoan drop followed by a Splash.

Just as Bubba was calling Bossman up to his feet, Billy Gunn went to tag himself in but Bubba moved out of the way and began arguing with Billy once again.

With Bubba distracted, Bossman tagged in Vader and just as Billy Gunn got into the ring and his argument with Bubba Ray looked like it was about to get physical, Vader hit a double clothesline on them both, Vader tossed Billy out of the ring and power bombed Bubba to pick up the victory.

On the outside D-Von began arguing with Road Dogg about Billy costing them the match.

In a dark room faintly lit with candles held by the Ministry the Undertaker is surrounded by his Warriors of Darkness with his hands around the throat of Stephanie McMahon.

Undertaker: Vince, I know we had a deal that if you gave me a title shot at Over the Edge, I would give back your daughter Stephanie, I am a man of my word but first there’s one more thing I want.

Undertaker: I want Steve Austin to throw away his pride and lay down for me in our Hell in a cell match, if he does that, I will give you back Stephanie, if he doesn’t well, you might never see your precious daughter again.

Undertaker: I want you to meet my Ministry in the car park before my match starts, if Austin lays down they will give you back Stephanie and to prove that I’m not planning anything I’ll let you bring your corporation with you.

Match 5. D’Lo Brown vs The Rock for the WWF Championship

The match started with D’Lo clotheslining Rock down to the match and slamming him around the ring not wanting Rock to get the upper hand.

After some brawling inside and out of the ring D’Lo hit his signature Leg Drop, D’Lo seated Rock in the ring corner and hit a Shining Impact for a two count.

Just as D’Lo was getting ready to continue his assault, Brown’s former rival William Regal ran down to the ring with brass knucks on his hands.

Regal got into the ring but before he could hit D’Lo, Brown caught him with a Sky High, however the ref was distracted with getting Regal to leave Ringside and Rock hit a low blow on his former team mate followed up by a Rock bottom to retain his WWF Championship.

Backstage Steve Austin was walking towards the gorilla position when he was stopped by Vince McMahon.

Vince: Austin, you hate me, I hate you, and I know you’re pissed with me, everybody else in the Corporation and especially the Rock for taking away your title but Austin please I need you to lay down for Taker so I can get my daughter back.

Austin: Vince, I know what’s at stake but I am not laying down for that sonuvabitch, so you’re going to have to find another way to get your daughter back.

Austin walked off leaving Vince in dismay over what will happen to Stephanie if Austin doesn't lay down for Taker.

Main Event Steve Austin vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell Match

Before the match started the titan Tron showed the car park where the corporation and ministry Taker and Austin stared each other down as Taker held up a microphone.

Taker: Austin I want you to think before you risk the health of a young girl, all you have to do is lay down and then Stephanie will be returned to her family.

Austin stared down at Taker taking glances at Stephanie on the titan Tron before sighing and laying down.

Taker smirked and went to pin Austin……… only Austin to get his leg up and low blow Taker while he was getting down.

As this was happening the Ministry who were about to give Stephanie back were in a state of surprise, seeing his chance, Vince ordered the corporation to charge the Ministry erupting in all out brawl.

During the chaos, Vince grabbed Stephanie from Mankind who was tackled down by Rock and made a dash to his car, Vince shoved Stephanie inside and drove off leaving the corporation and Ministry still brawling.

Back in the ring Austin was taking it to Taker however Taker fought back and grasped his hand around Austin’s throat and threw him out of the ring.

Taker walked over to the other side of the ring and ran back and dived out the ring taking Austin down/

Taker grabbed Austin and tossed him into the steel steps with Austin’s shoulder hitting the steps quite hard.

Taker went to pick Austin up but Austin fought back and slammed Taker’s face into the cell wall, the two kept brawling before making their way into the ring where Taker was able to hit a choke slam on Austin for a two count.

Austin once again fought back eventually, Austin climbed up to the top rope, he grabbed Taker and picked up into the air and hit a superplex to the outside both men hit the cell wall which fell down from the weight and it also hit Commentator Jerry Lawler who wasn't able to get up in time.

Austin and Taker laid still on the cell wall before getting up, Austin speared Taker off the cell wall and through the guard rail.

The two began fighting up the crowd and eventually Earl Hebener had to declare it a no contest, camera men followed Taker and Austin up who continued to brawl as Raw is War came to an end.

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So I read through the show and here are just some notes and random thoughts of mine.

I think the best match of the night would be tied between 5 Man Tag and the main event for the all out carnage.

I like your promos and I think their what you're best at so keep up the good work with them, matches could use a little more length and just a nitpick or opinion whichever you prefer to call it but, I think it would be nice for title matches or just in general to have the match winner and time at the bottom, just my opinion though.

I did enjoy the show though and thought that Hell In A Cell on Raw was cool.

Good job and I can't wait to read the next show and the adventures of Venis and his "2 Dollar Slut" lol, seriously though good luck on this and I can't wait :)

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Declan Dimi Review

Great Show - Great booking and I love the matches you included on the show!

Star Ratings -
Kane vs Gangrel and Christian 2/5
Rikishi vs Blackman 2/5
Owen vs HHH 2.5/5
Corporation vs Dudleys, Pac and NAO 3.5/5
D-Lo vs Rock 2/5
Taker vs Austin 3.5/5


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Thanks for the reviews guys, Smackdown will be up soon, I was going to make a prediction sheet but I thought I will save prediction sheets until King of the Ring.
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