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I have decided to start a be the booker thread on my favorite era in the history of wrestling and that was the early to mid 90s. WWF during this time period was my personal favorite so I have gathered up a roster of superstars that were present during this era and will begin storylines using the vintage style of the early 1990s. I will not be doing full matches because I am more concerned with New WWE (Raw and Smackdown) but this is more for fun. However full matches will be written for pay per views. For all of you fans out there that enjoyed WWF during this era I hope you enjoy the nastalga and I hope those who are not familiar with it get to take a look at how things were back in the old days. Here is a roster and some people during the era may be missing but the roster is big and I will be using certain guys as surprise come backs and such. Also if the thread goes long enough I may also bring in new guys as the years (not real time but thread time) go by. I hope you all enjoy and here are the rosters.














































































BULL NAKANO (freaky aint she?)





























Hulk Hogan




Monday Nights- Monday Night Raw
Saturday Nights- Saturday Night Main Event
Sunday Mornings- WWF Superstars

Pay Per Views
January (1st pay per view)- The Royal Rumble
March- Wrestlemania
June- King of The Ring
August- Summerslam
November- The Survivor Series
(In Your House Pay Per Views may gradually be brought into play, but not as of now)

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I started the first Raw now and will probably post it tomorrow, if not then tuesday because late sunday into monday I will need to post Raw for New WWE (Raw and Smackdown)

Good to see a few interested people.

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This is gonna be very interesting!
Good Luck Orton17

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Well I will work on New WWE (Raw and Smackdown) Raw first and post that tomorrow night and since I dont have school Tuesday and already started Raw for this thread I will post both of them Monday Night, New WWE first though. I hope you enjoy it, reminder probably will not be full matches besides the main event though. Regardless I think it will still be worth a look.


Only 4 weeks away from......

The Royal Rumble press conference took place earloer today and ended in a scuffle between the World Wrestling Federation Champion, Hulk Hogan, and The Macho King Randy Savage. The reason being that president Jack Tunney has announced that he and Mr. McMahon would choose Hogan's royal rumble competitor for the title. Savage went on to say he deserved the shot and after words exchanged between Hogan and Savage got heated the two needed to be broken up. Look for further developments on the situation this Monday on Raw.

Also on Raw Intercontinental Champion, Rowdy Roddy Piper will host another edition of Pipers Pit and his guest this week is non other than Heenan Family member Mr. Perfect. Perfect's counterpart Ric Flair will also be in action as he takes on "El Matador" Tito Santana!

The Tag Team action on Raw will also be hot as The Rockers take on High Energy and The Legion of Doom takes on The Natural Disasters in what will be two excellent tag team matches. Money Inc. should be scouting as one of these teams can be their next opponents for the tag team titles sometime down the road.

Also a Womens Title match will take place this Monday Night as Alundra Blaze defends against Bull Nakano. All of this and much more as Raw comes to us live from the Cow Palace.

Dont miss Mondy Night Raw live this Monday 9/8c only on


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I am now bored and have nothing to do, so expect Raw tonight.

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well I suck and am only half way through Raw, I will post it Tuesday because tomorrow night I need to do Raw for New WWE.

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I am going to try and get Raw for this thread up tonight, trying to finish my raw for New WWE now and once I do that then I will finish this. Been very busy as of late.

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" Welcome to a presentation of The World Wrestling Federation, what the world is watching."

Clips are shown at a press conference for the royal rumble. Clips include Jack Tunney and Vince McMahon announcing there will be a 30 man over the top rope battle royal and the winner will go to wrestlemania. They also announced that the champion (Hulk Hogan) will defend his title against an opponent to be named. Macho King (an enemy of Hogan) began to speak and say he deserves the title shot. Savage and Hogan got into an argument and began to fight untill broken up by Tunney and McMahon , with the help of other wrestlers. The clip ends with Hogan and Savage yelling at eachother to end the press conference.

The WWF Superstars & Slam and Jam blasts through the PA System as the crowd is on their feet ready for Mondy Night Raw.

Monsoon: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw from the Cow Palace. We have a great card set up here tonight as usual including a new edition of pipers pit. Can you guess who is on Piper's pit Heenan?

Heenan: Of course Monsoon it is Mr. Perfect and I swear if Piper so much as gives my guy the wrong look I will......

Monsoon: You will what?!?

Heenan: I dont know but somebody else will do something about it!

The ring has a podeum in the middle of the ring as Mean gene is next to it with a microphone.

Gene: Ladies and gentlemen the president of the world wrestling federation, Mr. Jack Tunney!

Jack Tunney walks down to the ring with his eye glasses in one hand and a small document in the other. He shakes Mean Gene's hand and then steps to the podeum. He puts on his glasses, opens up the paper, and begins to read.

Tunney: I am here to adress you fans with a very important announcement. As many of you already no or have just seen Mr. McMahon and I have decided that Hulk Hogan will defend his title at the Royal Rumble. However, his opponent has not been decided upon. The Macho King Randy Savage obviously believes he deserves the title shot against Hogan and tonight he gets the oppertunity to earn it. there will be a tag team match and it will contain both Hulk Hogan and Macho King with partners of their own choosing. If Macho King is able to somehow defeat Hulk Hogan in the match he will be automatically be slated to go one on one with Hogan for the title at Royal Rumble. If Macho King defeats Hogans partner or Macho king's partner gets the win then Macho King will not get his title shot at Royal Rumble but will be included in the Rumble Match it self. But if Macho King or his partner loses then Macho King will not get a title shot and will not be in the Royal Rumble match at all. Thankyou very much and enjoy the show.

Monsoon: A huge announcement brain!!

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. Just remember the champion is just a belt warmer for Ric Flair...

Monsoon: You are that arrogant aren't you!

Bobby: Who me?!?

Monsoon: Yes you! We have to take our first commercial break but some in ring action when we return.

Raw goes to a commercial as Monsoon and Heenan are heard arguing in the background.

Raw returns as The Rockers are shown warming up in the ring, the crowd then lets out a pop as High Energy sprints to the ring.

Monsoon: Two young and quick tag teams will go out it in this opening bout.

Bobby: Looks like the Rockers forgot to take their medication today, they are jumping all over the place.

Monsoon: The Rockers are pumped and so is High Energy, as the opening bell sounds.

The Rockers vs High Energy
about 10 min into the match......
Shawn Michaels gets tagged in by a beaten down Jannety. Owen is the legal man for High Energy and awaits Shawn Michaels. They tie up and Owen gets behind with a hammerlock. Michaels switches it around as Owen now feels the strain and pain. Owen bends over and takes out Shawn's leg. Owen runs into the ropes and Shawn drops to the ground. Owen comes back across and leap frog by Michaels. Michaels wiats for Owen and...hiptoss. Owen bounces back up and Michaels with a dropkick. Michaels lifts Owen up in a headlock and moves to his corner to make a tag to Jannety. Jannety comes in and knocks The Rocket Own Hart down with a clothesline. He lifts Owen up and whips him into the ropes. Owen ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick. He gets a cover 1...........2.........kickout. He makes a tag to Koko and Koko heads to the top rope. He dives off with a crossbody block but Jannety ducks under and Koko crashes to the canvas. Jannety hooks in a cradle.....1.........2........kickout. Owen Hart heads to the top rope behind Jannety. Jannety runs back into the ropes knocking Owen off. the ref goes and attends to Owen as he lands hard off of the apron and then to the outside. Jannety gets up and ducks a Koko B Ware clothesline. Michaels enters the ring and when Koko turns aorund he gets nailed by a double superkick from the rockers. Michaels rolls to the outside and Jannety gets the pin 1.................2..............3!!!!!

winners: The Rockers.

Monsoon: The Rockers pull off yet another impressive victory this time against a team that shares much of their style, high energy.

Bobby: Yeah, wait untill those Rockers meet a team such as the Natural Disasters or the tag champs themselves Money Inc. Those jumping idiots will finally get crushed.

A Slim Jim comercial airs with Randy Savage in it.

"Snap into a Slim Jim! Dig it!"

Another comercial then airs promoting wwf wrestling buddies. An old toy that featured stuffed wrestlers.


The show comes back as Mean Gene is standing by with the Hulkster.

Gene: Hulk Hogan you heard it and the world heard it. Tonight you and a partner of your choosing will take on Macho King Randy Savage and partner of his choosing. If Macho King defeats you himself he gets a title shot at Royal Rumble. Do you have any thoughts on who your partner will be?

Hulk: Well you know something Mean Gene, I did not take my vitamins and say my prayers just to have some punk like Randy Savage come in and take away my world wrestling federation championship. That is why I have chose a partner that I can be proud of and partner that will not let me or the Hulkamaniacs down. So Randy Savage, you and whoever you choose as a partner better get ready because brother me and my partner are going to run wild on you!

Gene: There you have it the Hulkster himself...

cameras cut to Macho King talking with Ted Dibiase.

Dibiase: Woa woa! You want me to be your partner?

Savage: No thats not the deal, here let me explain a little better....

Savage whispers in Dibiase's ear and looks shocked and surprised.

Ted: Let me get this straight, you want me to go up to him and pay him off to be your partner? What do I get in return for this?

Savage: Well, if I defeat Hogan tonight then I get a title shot at Royal Rumble and I wont need to be in the rumble match. So if you do this task you get my spot in the rumble match.

The Million Dollar Man thinks for a second and then shakes Savages hand.

Dibiase: We have a deal, I will no doubt make sure he will be your partner tonight because everyone has got a price for the million dollar man, hahaha.


Monsoon: Now what can this all be about?

Bobby: Well I hope the partner Savage wants is a member if the Heenan Family, because if he is then I am a little richer Monsoon.

Monsoon:You disgust me! ...In any event the next time the World Wrestling Federation will be live on pay per view will be in 4 weeks for the Royal Rumble!

Royal Rumble promo is shown



Monsoon: Virgil, a former servant of the Million Dollar Man, makes his way to the ring for the next match.


Bobby: I am sure Virgil wishes he was still with Dibiase now so he can buy a plane ticket and get the hell out of here.

Monsoon: This may very well get ugly..

Yokozuna vs Virgil
Virgil runs out of the ring and appears to be intimidated by Yokozuna. The ref begins the 10 count. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... Virgil runs back into the ring. Virgil runs at Yokozuna but Yoko catches the attack and tosses Virgil across the ring. Virgil gets back up and charges again. This time he hits Yokozuna with a clothesline but Yokozuna is not effected by it at all. Yokozuna grabs Virgil and chucks him through the ropes and to the outside. Yokozuna waits in the ring as the ref counts 1............2........3.......4.... Virgil rolls back into the ring and moves out of the way of body avalanche by Yokozuna. The big sumo goes right into the turnbuckle sternum first and Virgil runs into a the ropes and hits a dropkick that sends Yoko staggering. Virgil heads to the top and comes off with a crossbody but Yokozuna catches him. Yokozuna falls down in a powerslam and the crowd oooohs as Virgil is just crushed by the big man. Virgil goes limp and is out cold as Yokozuna grabs him and pulls him to the corner. Yoko climbs to the middle rope and BANZAI DROP!!!! Yokozuna crashes down onto the chest of Virgil and just sits their as the ref counts........1........2..........3!!!

Winner: Yokozuna.

Monsoon: That was just a squash match Bobby...

Bobby: Virgil literally did get squashed.

Yokozuna walks down the rampway with Mr. Fuji and is stopped by Lord Alfred Hayes.

Hayes: Excuse me I would just like to get one question in, I have heard from sources in the back that Yokozuna has indeed entered into the royal rumble match! Is this true?

Yokozuna speaks japanese as Hayes looks confused and Mr. Fuji just smiled.

Hayes: Well you heard the man, it seems as Yokozuna is in the royal rumble match.... but then again he also may not.... I dont know.

Bobby: Well I am glad we got that cleared up......

Cameras cut backstage where Mr. Perfect is talking to Ric Flair.

Perfect: Ric we may not have been able to understand what that oversized bafoon Yokozuna was saying before but I am sure we can understand what you have to say now.

Flair: 30 men! One goal! To be the best and to face the champion at wrestlemania! Tonight I will be the first to make this anouncement, in a few weeks at Roayl Rumble the nature boy will walk that isle and enter himself in the royal rumble match and he will do it in style WOOOOOO!!!!!

Perfect: You are the man naich! Now Ric I have to go join that fool Rowdy Pipers show Pipers Pit. I will make sure to make it the Perfect Pipers Pit!



Crowd erupts as Piper makes his way to the ring. The ring is decorated for Pipers Pit and Piper takes a seat.

Bobby: We culdn't understand Yokozuna before but I was definitly able to hear my guy Ric Flair enter the Rumble match officially and I will do all in my power to make sure he will win and he will!


Perfect enters the ring a little bothered by the presence of Piper and seems iritated.

Piper: (In an jovial manor) Ya know, it is a great honor to have such a guy like you Mr. perfect on the show you know? Let me tell you something Mr. Perfect! You are indeed Perfect, you manage to perfectly suck up to Ric Flair and.......

Perfect: Woa, woa. I did not come on this stupid show to get ridiculed and humiliated like you have done to many others!

Piper: Oh thats nice, I see! Stupid show right? Its not Perfect now Mr. Perfect is it? No not quite perfect to your standards! Well let me tell you something Mr. perfect, you may not be as perfect as I thought. No not quite, you lack something that i have. I am the Intercontinental champion buddy, she be mine!! Not yours, mine!

Perfect: Well then I think we need the perfect champion, and "Hot Rod" that does mean I am challenging you to an Intercontinental Title match at Royal Rumble..

Piper: You want it to be me and you mono y mono at Royal Rumble? You want the match and it takes two to tango so at Royal Rumble..lets dance! It is on Perfect and by the way no bodies perfect. No your momma wasnt perfect, your papa wasnt perfect, and you are not perfect.

Perfect: Well if anything needs some perfection it is this show...

Perfect goes to nail Piper with the microphone but Piper ducks and decks Perfect who rolls to the outside.

Piper: Bye bye!! Not today Perfect! Rumble you and I and I will beat you across the Hoosier Dome!!

Pipers music hits as Perfect walks backstage and the crowd is cheering.

Bobby: That was totally uncalled for Monsoon!!

Monsoon: Perfect attacked him!

Bobby: Wait untill Royal Rumble, it will be a great night. My two clients Flair and Perfect will be winners! Flair will win the rumble match and Perfect the I.C. Title..

Monsoon: A little over confident?

Bobby: Not at all!

Cameras then cut backstage to Ted Dibiase walking down the hall backstage and by a door. Dibiase knocks on a door and no one answers. He takes a deep breath and slowly opens the door. The room is dark and misty and Dibiase slowly creeps in as the cameras cut to a commercial.



Monsoon: Well now we will have some women action here for the womens title. Now the lovley Alundra Blaze makes her way to the ring.

Bobby: Lovley?!? Give her two more legs and we can call her a horse!

Monsoon: Would you?

Bobby: What? She may have a million dollar body but she has a 10 cent face...

Monsoon: Thats enough!


Bobby: Now Bull Nakano, thats a good looking lady.

Gorilla: You should see your oculist.

Brain: There's nothing wrong with my feet.

Gorilla: I'm talking about your eyes.

Brain: You're just jeaulous because she turned you down.

Womens Championship
Alundra Blaze (c) vs Bull Nakano
5 minutes into the match.....
Nakano has dominated for most of the match and whips Alundra into the ropes. Alundra comes back and Bull Nakano hits a vicsous clothesline followed by a cover 1..........2........kickout! Bull picks Alundra up and begins to pound on her back. She picks her up in a suplex but Alundra slips behind. Bull turns around and Alundra hits a hurricanrana. She holds the legs 1...............2........nearfall! Nakano just kicks out and gets to her feet. She swings and goes for a clothesline but Alundra ducks and gets a german suplex 1.......2.......3!!!

Monsoon: A great win for the champion, Brain!

Brain: I great win would be if she got a new face....

Monsoon: Thats enough from you, lets go backstage where Alfred Hayes is with The Rockers!!

Hayes: A great victory for you two here tonight on Raw and I would like to get your thoughts on what is next for the Rockers!?!?

Jannety: What is next for the Rockers? Hahaha, why dont you tell em Shawn?

Shawn: Money Inc. That is what is next for the Rockers! Thats right we have beaten tag team after tag team and deserve OUR title shot...

Jannety: So, Dibiase, I.R.S., if you guys are man enough you will accept our challenge for those titles!

Monsoon: What a challenge!

Bobby: There is a saying I have always had Monsoon, dont let your mouth make a check that your body can't cash. That is what The Rockers have just done, Money Inc. is out of their league...

Monsoon: Says who?

Bobby stumbles for words..

Monsoon: Well lets go to a commercial break sha'll we?



Monsoon: Some more fantastic tag team action that only the World Wrestling Federation can give you.

Bobby: Can you believe The Rockers? I can not believe them still! Dibiase can beat both of them with a headlock!

Monsoon: Highly unlikley to beat somebody with a headlock Brain...

Brain (non-chalantly): I've pinned a couple of guys with it.

Gorilla: You?

Brain: Sure, I could beat you a million different ways. I once had a guy give up during instructions.

Gorilla: Will you stop it?


Brain: Now these are two scary guys.....

Monsoon: Earthquake and Typhoon are definitly a frightening duo to go up against, for anyone that is.

Brain: Yeah, well Animal and Hawk may be too stupid to realize that...

The Natural Disasters vs The Legion of Doom
6 minutes into the match................
Earthquake has kept Hawk isolated most of the match and begins working on his arm. He picks him up and delivers a shoulder breaker. Earthquake tags in Typhoon and the two double team Hawk. Typhoon whips Hawk into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. He gets the pin 1.................2...............kickout! Animal almost came into the ring to make the save but Hawk just kicked out. Typhoon whips Hawk into the ropes again and runs him over with a shoulder block. Typhoon tags in Earthquake and Earthquake picks up Hawk. Earthquake gets Hawk in a bearhug and drains the energy out of him. The ref lifts Hawk's arm and drops it for a one count. He picks it up a second time and drops it for a two count. He picks it up for a third as the crowd gets behind Hawk. The ref drops it but Hawk holds it up and the crowd cheers. Hawk feeds off of the energy and begins to pound Earthquake. He gets out of the bearhug runs into the ropes and hits a diving clothesline that knocks the big man down. Hawk gets the tag and Animal runs in like a mad man. He right hands Earthquake back into the corner as Typhoon runs in. Typhoon walks right into a kick to the gut. Hawk and Animal set up Typhoon and do the impossible, they get the big man up for a double suplex! Animal runs and clotheslines Earthquake into the corner. Earthquake stumbles out dazed as Hawk goes to the top. Hawk dives off the ropes with a top rope lariat on Earthquake and Earthquake falls right back into a roll up by Animal........




Typhoon enters the ring and knocks down Hawk. He picks up Animal and body slams him down. He tosses Hawk to the outside and follows. Earthquake stands by the head of a layed out Animal and begins to stomp up and down on the mat signaling for his finishing move that would crush the Road Warrior. Earthquake runs off of the ropes and back, leaps and Animal moves out of the way and Earthquake gets nothing but mat. Animal cradles the legs and the ref counts...........




winners: The Legion of Doom

Animal and Hawk celebrate as Paul Ellering, their manager, comes into the ring with a microphone.

Ellering: Michaels, Jannetty!! You think you two deserve the shot at the tag team championship against Money Inc.? Well I have news for you, because there is another team that wants a shot and that team is non other than The Legion of Doom!!! So Rockers, if you want to stay in the hunt for those belts then you have to get through Animal and Hawk. As for you Dibiase and I.R.S, hold your titles tight and count your blessings because The Legion of Doom will be lurking and before you know it the titles will be around their waist!!!


Monsoon: The tag team title situation has just got a heck of a bit more interesting wouldn't you say Brain?

Bobby: No not really, because whoever the team may be Money Inc. will retain the titles anyway!

Monsoon: Lets take a look at more merchandise WWF has to offer and this one is for the kids. Thats right WWF action figures by LJN.

Monsoon: Also, a new breed of action figures has come your way from Hasbro!!!

Monsoon: WWF action figures by Hasbro get some now, ring sold seperatley!!

Bobby: And dont go away because you do not want to miss the nature boy in action....NEXT!

Monsoon: Had to add in that cheap plug for Flair didnt you...

Raw goes to a commercial as Monsoon and Heenan argue...



Bobby: WOOOO!!!! Here he is!!

Monsoon: Calm down there Heenan..

Bobby: Come on Gorilla give me a WOOOO!!!

Monsoon: No thankyou.

Bobby: Come on Monsoon, spit out that bannana and give me one!!


Monsoon: Listen to this crowd erupt for Tito!

Bobby: Those are cheers still lingering from Ric Flair's entrance Monsoon!

Monsoon: Will you stop it!

Bobby: The Nature Boy is going to have a field day with this guy..

Monsoon: And why is that?

Bobby: Because Tito Santana is like a cue-ball. The more you strike him, the more english you get out of him.

Monsoon: I will have you taken out of here....

Bobby: I would like to see you try!

Tito Santana vs Ric Flair w/ Mr. Perfect

9 min into the match............
Ric is now working on the leg of Tito after Tito landed on it off of the top rope earlier in the match. Flair whips Tito into the ropes and clotheslines him down. He grabs his leg and drops an elbow on the inside portion. Flair then drags Tito and places his leg on the bottom rope followed by a WOOO. Flair jumps up and pounces down onto Tito's leg. Ric jumps on the leg a few more times and finally stops. He drags Tito into the middle of the ring and goes for the figure four but Tito reverses into a small package....1..........2.....NOOO! Flair gets up and Tito hits a dropkick. Tito grabs the leg of Flair and signals for a figure four on Ric Flair. Tito turns around the leg but Flair boots him away and shoulder first into the corner. Flair runs up but Tito notices and dodges. Flair bounces off of the turnbuckle and right into a Flying Forearm! Tito hooks the leg...........




Flair just kicks out and Tito signals for the flying forearm again. Tito runs but Flair ducks and Tito goes flying through the ropes and to the outside. Ric Flair distracts the referee as Mr. Perfect comes around with a chair and nails Tito in the leg behind the refs back. Perfect rolls Tito in the ring and Flair applies the figure four. Tito has no choice but to tap in a matter of seconds.

Winner: Ric Flair

Bobby: What excellence in that match Monsoon, Ric Flair is the real deal and the next champion. He will win that Royal Rumble match!

Monsoon: Perfect just cost Tito the match with the chair!

Backstage: Mene Gene is with the Doctor of Style, Slick and The Warlord.

Gene: I am aware that you two have a special announcement to make?

Slick: Oh yes, special is not even the word. Next week on Raw there will be a momentus event...Tell em Warlord!

Warlord: I am the most powerful force in the World Wrestling Federation, and my Full Nelson can be broken by no one!! Thats why, next week on Raw I am holding an open contest for any of those maggots backstage who think they can break my Full Nelson!!!

Gene: Well you heard it, next week on Raw The Warlord will invite anyone who thinks they break his full nelson down to the ring.

Monsoon: Huge announcement by Slick and The Warlord..

Bobby: I can break the hold...

Monsoon: Then why dont you try?

Bobby: I am needed here!

Monsoon: Well that will be next week on Raw.

Bobby: Yes, next week in the Jim Louis Arena.

Gorilla: Joe Louis!

Bobby: Joe Louis, sorry.

Gorilla: Who's Jim Louis?

Bobby: Who's Joe Louis?

Monsoon: Nevermind, up next....


Monsoon: Woa what is this, it is Jerry "The King" Lawler?

Bobby: I have invited him down for guest commentary for the main event, do you mind?

Monsoon: Well when we come back it is main event time, we will find out who both Savage and Hogan chose as their tag team partners!


Monsoon: We are back joined by, Jerry Lawler. I just want to also point out a special guest in the crowd today. The Fabulous Moolah, former Womens Worlds Champion at ringside.

King: Hahah, she is still kicking?

Monsoon: Yes, she is Jerry!

King: She is old you know, in fact Moolah is the only person I know with an autographed copy of the bible.

Monsoon: Thats enough, her birthday just passed so we would like to welcome her to Raw and wish her a happy birthday..

King: I heard that everyone wanted to get the right amount of candles for the cake, but the fire marshall wouldn't let them.

Bobby: I love this guy...

Monsoon: I am sure you do!


Monsoon: Here comes the Hulkster!!!

Heenan: That's my second favorite song.

Monsoon: I'm almost afraid to ask. What's your favorite?

Heenan: All the rest are tied for 1st.

King: Hahaha, have to wonder who would team up with this guy. His ego is so big he makes up a tag team all on his own.

Hogan steps into the ring and poses doing his traditional flexes and poses as the crowd is going wild. He rips off his Hulkster shirt and grabs a microphone.

Hulk: Hulkamania I would now like to introduce my partner, the man that will not let me and you hulkamaniacs down.....BRET THE HITMAN HART!!!!!!!!!


The crowd goes nuts.

King: Anybody but this greeseball. Look at him with his slimey hair and those glasses to cover up his ugliness. As a matter of fact, as a baby, Bret Hart was so ugly that they had to put tinted windows on his incubator.

Monsoon: Well this crowd seems to disagree Lawler, listen to them go nuts for the Hitman and The Hulkster!

Bobby: You know Jerry, I asked Stu Hart earlier, I said 'Stu, you gotta be proud of your boys'. He said 'I have boys?'

King: Hahahaha

Monsoon: Boy oh boy, you two are having a ball aren't you?

Bobby: We are on a role Monsoon!


King: You know while Macho Man makes his way to the ring, I would like to tell you two that I am officially entering myself in the Royal Rumble match this year and next week on Raw we will get a very special episode of "The King's Court!"

Bobby: Thats great news isn't it Monsoon?

Monsoon: Yeah, yeah..

Savage grabs the microphone.

Savage: Courtesy of The Million Dollar Man, I got just the partner to take care of you two. So let me introduce you to........................

Lights go out.



Monsoon: Things just got ugly, for Hogan and Hart!!

Bobby: I think things got ugly for them when they were born Monsoon...

King: Now they get to have their lights knocked out by Savage and Undertaker!

Savage's team wins he gets a title shot
Macho Man and The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart
Savage starts in the ring with Hogan and paces back and forth a bit. Hogan goes for a tie up but Savage bails and exits the ring to buy time. The crowd boos as Savage taunts both them and The Hulkster. Savage climbs onto the apron and Hogan runs into the ropes and knocks him off. The ref begins to count 1............2..........3.............4...............5........Queen Sherri (Macho Kings manager) helps Macho up and Savage rolls back into the ring and right into the grasp of the immortal Hulk Hogan. Hogan picks Savage up and bashes his face into the top turnbuckle pad. Hogan begins hitting right hands to Savage but Savage sneaks in a thumb to the eye. Savage kicks Hogan in the gut and gets him in a headlock. he squeezes and uses his hands to rake the face of Hogan. Hogan backs off holding his face and then Savage runs and hits Hogan with a high knee smash. Hogan falls hanging over the middle rope. Savage runs into the ropes and leaps on Hogan pressing his throat against the rope. Hogan fall back and Savage gets the cover ..........1.................2...........kickout! Savage pulls Hogan up and whips him into the ropes but Hogan reverses the whip and sends Savage into the ropes. Savage comes back into a running shoulder block from Hulk Hogan. Hogan tags in Hart who heads to the middle rope. Hart sits on the top rope and leaps off with a forearm smash to Savage. Bret gets the cover 1..........2.....Savage kicks out! Bret pulls Savage up and hooks him into a verticle suplex. Savage blocks the suplex and gets one of his own. Savage rolls over on Hitman with a pin 1............2......nearfall. Savage gets up and points at the Undertaker. Savage makes the tag as Taker ominously enters the ring and gives Bret Hart a cold stare. Bret looks at around at the crowd and then points to Hogan as they erupt in approval. Bret tags in Hogan and Hogan enters the ring and goes face to face with The Undertaker. Hogan goes for a right hand but Undertaker doesn't budge. Hogan runs itno the ropes and clotheslines Taker but Taker just stumbles back and keeps his balence. Hogan runs into the ropes again but this time Taker delivers an uppercut that sends Hogan down to the mat. Hogan slowly gets back up and Undertaker goes to whip him into the ropes but Hogan uses his arm and grabs the upper rope to stop the momentum of the whip. Hogan kicks Undertaker in the gut and then whips him into the corner. Hogan follows up and runs clotheslining Undertaker in the corner. Undertaker just walks out of the corner slowly as the clothesline had no effect. Hogan then delivers a right hand, followed by two more to stop Taker's forward march at him. Hogan then gets behind Taker and hits a backsuplex. Both Hogan and Taker are down but The Undertaker sits up first. Undertaker gets up and waits for Hogan. Hogan turns around and Undertaker hits an athletic arial shoulder block to knock Hogan back down. Undertaker then crawls over to Hogan and wraps his deadly hands around the throat of Hogan. The ref counts 1.................2..........3...........4...........Taker breaks the grip. Undertaker then reapplies the hold and breaks it at another 4 count. Undertaker pulls Hogan up and then body slams him to the mat. Undertaker waits for Hogan to get up and then bashes his face into the turnbuckle pad but Hogan bounces up and just stares at Taker. Taker does it again and gets the same result. Undertaker does it third time and Hogan shakes his head. He begins to hammer Taker with hard right hands. He whips Taker into the ropes adn clotheslines him down. Undertaker sits up and Hogan suplexes the big man. The crowd is going crazy and Hogan makes a tag to Bret Hart. Bret Hart comes into the ring and hits a bulldog on The Undertaker. He gets the cover 1.........2......Undertaker tosses Bret off of the pin and sits up. Undertaker advances towards Bret and Bret hits a dropkick that sends Undertaker staggering back into his own corner. Macho Man makes the tag. Macho Man runs right into a Hart back drop that sends him to the outside. Bret turns around and gets clobbered by a boot from The Deadman. The ref tries to get Taker out of the ring but Taker turns and stares at the ref. The ref dives out of his way in fear. Hogan then comes up and nails Taker from behind. He clotheslines Taker over the top rope but Undertaker lands on his feet and drags Hogan to the outside. Bret pulls himself to his feet but doesn't realize Savage is on the top rope. Savage flies off of the top rope and hits his trademark axe handle smash. He gets the pin and the ref repositions to count.................




NO BRET KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Savage gets angry and begins to complain to the ref about the two count. He picks Bret up and sends him into the ropes. Bret comes back and Savage locks in a sleeper. Bret slowly fades and collapses to the mat. Savage now laying on the mat strengthens the hold and Bret tries to stay allive.

Monsoon: Stu Hart. Bret's father, is in attendance trying to cheer his son on as he battles that sleeper hold.

King: Well let him know his son is going to lose so he can pipe down..

Monsoon: How would you like for him to come down here and humiliate you in front of all these people on live TV?

Bobby: It would take him two hours to get down here, we would be off of the air by then....

Bret begins to feed off of the crowd and get back to his feet. Bret elbows Savage in the ribs and whips him into the ropes. Bret runs and knocks down Savage with a back elbow and as Savage begins to get up Bret runs into the ropes to do it again. This time Queen Sherri grabs Bret's ankle as he is running into the ropes. The crowd boos and Bret grabs a hold of Sherri. Savage comes up from behind and gets roll up..............






Bobby: How can Bret put his hands on a lovley woman like Sherri?

Monsoon: Lovley?!?!?

Bobby: I'll tell ya. If I didn't have 11 girlfriends, Sherri'd be number one.

Bret and Savage both get up as Savage runs at Bret. Bret hits a back breaker on Savage and gets the pin 1.............2........kickout! Bret waits for Savage to get up and goes for a right hand but Savage blocks it and goes for a roundhouse right. Bret ducks and hits an atomic drop to Savage. Savage jumps up and down a bit from the pain and turns right into Bret Hart who trips Savage up. Bret hooks in the Sharpshooter and begins to turn Savage. He does! Savage is screaming in pain and looks as if he is going to tap out but from out back comes DIBIASE!!!! Ted Dibiase runs onto the apron with the million dollar belt and Bret breaks the hold. Bret runs up and knocks Dibaise off of the apron. Bret turns and Savage goes for a clothesline but Bret ducks and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Bret dives across the ring and tags in the Hulkster as Savage tags in Taker. Hogan runs in like a wildman and begins to clobber Taker with hard blows. Taker backs up and Hogan runs into the ropes and clotheslines Taker knocking him down. The crowd is going wild as Hogan begins to do his patenent taunt holding his hand to his ear. In the mean time behind Hogan's back Savage tags back in and climbs the ropes. Hogan goes after Undertaker but Undertaker grabs Hogan and slams him to the mat. Savage is at the top and leaps off.....FLYING ELBOW SMASH!!!!! Savage gets the pin..............................





Savage flies off the pin as Hogan gets on his knees and begins Hulking up. The crowd is cheering and Hogan is ffeeding off of their energy. Savage goes for a right hand but it has no effect. He does it again and it triggers Hogan to stand up and stomp around the ring. Savage punches Hogan a third time and it stops Hogan who sticks up his finger and sways it back and forth telling Savage not today. Savage goes for another punch but Hogan blocks it and punches Savage right in the face. He delivers three more blows and whips Savage into the ropes. Savage comes back and BIG BOOT!!!! Undertaker comes up from behind Hogan and Hogan slams the big man with a scoop slam!!!! The crowd is going crazy and Hogan runs into the ropes and LEG DROP on Savage!!!! He gets the pin.......




Bret Hart has seen enough and goes to the outside and begins to argue with Sherri who is backing up. The ref gets between the two as Dibiase enters the ring. Behind the refs back Dibiase nails Hogan in the head with the Million Dollar Belt!! Hogan turns around and TOMBSTONE!!! By Undertaker. Dibiase rolls Savage over on Hogan, and the ref enters the ring....





Monsoon: NO!! This is a travesty!!!

Bobby: YES! YES!

King: I knew it, I knew it Monsoon! I knew it Heenan!

Bobby: I knew it too King, The Hitman and Hogan have lost and now Savage gets his title shot at Royal Rumble!!!!

Monsoon: It was all Sherri and Dibiase who were not even in the match!!!

Bobby: Monsoon, just like money, the money's the same, whether you earn it or scam it. Same thing with the win Monsoon cheating or not cheating a win is a win!!

Monsoon: Now look as this post match beating, it is not necassary. They stole the match now they dont have to rub it in...come on!!

Undertaker, Dibiase, Savage, and Sherri beat down Hart and Hogan when all of a sudden.......................



Bobby: The Ultimate who????

King: Oh no!!

Warrior clears Undertaker and Savage out of the ring as Dibiase and Sherri bail. Hogan gets back to his feet and him and Warrior help Hart up. Real American begins to play through the arena as the champion celebrates with his two allies.

Monsoon: Warrior has made the save, but Hogan defends the World heavywieght Championship against Macho King Randy Savage at the Royal Rumble. What a night it has been so dont forget to join us for another edition of Raw next week!!! Good night folks!

Show ends with Hogan, Warrior, and Hart posing for the crowd as Real American plays in the background.


Current Card

World Heavywieght Championship
Hulk Hogan (c) vs "Macho King" Randy Savage

30 Man Over The Top Rope Royal Rumble Match
Participants so far: Ric Flair, Ted Dibiase, Jerry Lawler.

Intercontinental Championship
Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) vs Mr. Perfect

Next raw will be up sometime next week, I hope I did well with this one in bringing back some old memories from the old days of WWF and I tried my best to capture the commentary of Heenan and Monsoon IMO the best commentating duo of all time. So I hope you enjoy the nastalgia of this thread. Let me know what you think and what I could add or change. Ratings please.

Chopped Liver
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This was priceless. I loved it right from the start. I chuckled all the way, with the classic commentary of Heenan and Monsoon.

Some nice feuds too, with some edge to them, which is nice.
Liked the way the Rumble is being slowly built up with a few entrants each week.

The feud between Savage and Hogan is already shaping up well, with Savage paying off DiBiase to give him Taker. Well put together.

Pipers Pit was good too, and the Kings court should be entertaining next week.

I hope you keep going with this, it was a great throwback to the good old days.


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That was great I liked the ending with Ultimate Warrior and the thing with Savvage's partner was cool keeoing us guessing on who it was. Ohh and the commentary was amazing.

I give it 100/10!
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