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WWF Champion: Vacant
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: X-Pac
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian
WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline
WWF Hardcore Champion: Mankind

WWF Survivor Series
November 15th, 1998
St. Louis, Missouri

Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Commish Slaughter, and The Big Bossman are still at ringside, with the help of Brisco VINCE STANDS UP OUT OF THE WHEELCHAIR! He says he has promised and guaranteed a new WWF Champion, that this will be a Survivor Series to never ever forget, and with that in mind it gives him great pleasure to introduce the participants in the very first match. First, an individual who is hopeful to take one small step for man, and one giant leap...for Mankind. Mankind comes out in his tuxedo, he hugs everyone but Bossman who stares him down :lmao FUCK YEAH! Vince busts out the "reading glasses" He says this legend made his WWF debut in 1990 and for six years, this charismatic superstar hosted a won-lost record that posted new standards in the WWF. Unfortunately, this natural athlete jumped ship to the DUBYA SEE DUBYA! And after suffering a shoulder injury, this cornerstone of the WWF has been sidelined for two years. He's fought back with resilience dreaming of this triumphant return.


Gill comes out, looking amazed at having his own video and pyro (pyro that scares him btw)

First Round Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: Mankind vs. Duane Gill
This is all of 30 seconds before Mankind hits the double-armed DDT for the win.

Backstage: Kevin Kelly is with Sable, he asks if what Jacque did to her threw her off her gameplan, Sable says NO! All she did was PISS HER OFF!

First Round Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichaels) vs. Al Snow (w/Head)
All first round matches get a 10-minute time limit, this is short thankfully, it's a basic 98 TV match, they go back and forth doing stuff, neither really sells and everything is rather predictable. Snow then starts blatantly ripping off Sabu, and Lynn highspots which is hilarious. Both men bump heads, as Debra grabs head. Ref Tim White takes it away and puts it in the corner. Debra continues to distract the ref as Snow picks up the guitar, while Jeff grabs head. Jeff ducks the guitar shot and hits Snow with head, who no-sells it, he grabs head back and hits Jeff in the head, with head for the win. *1/2

First Round Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: The Big Bossman vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
More of an angle match than anything, Bossman clearly isn't trying to win, he just punishes Austin. So he doesn't go for covers and chokes a bump. He controls the majority before Austin mounts a comeback. But before Austin can do any of his signature stuff Bossman hits Austin with the nightstick for the DQ.

After the match; Bossman keeps beating on Austin with the nightstick, he hits him about 8 or 9 times with it, as Vince and co laugh on in the back.

Backstage: Michael Cole asks if he's concerned about Stone Cold advancing. Vince asks if he calls that advancement. The night is young, and there's much more where that came from. Austin is in for it.

First Round Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: X-Pac vs. "REAL MAN" Steven Regal
It's a miracle, Pac doesn't have any scaring or bruising around the eye. It looks like nothing ever happen to the eye, this gets a shit ton of time and is super awesome, Pac has no problem just kicking him in the face, and god bless Regal he doesn't even get his hands up to block, he just allows it. Regal does manage to whether that early onslaught before he goes into the Regal style of throws, and stretching Pac's whole body. Regal hits a butterfly double arm suplex off the top for two, and Pac immediately grabs the neck. Regal now focuses on that, but it's only for a minute before they wind up fighting on the floor and get counted out :( **3/4

Vince demands Sarge come out and so we get OT, so Austin doesn't get a bye to the semi-finals. But by the time Sarge comes out to tell Finkle. Pac just walks out even when after the bell rings :lmao, Regal then chases after him. That whole thing comes off weird. Vince is PISSED!

First Round Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust
This is a blast for the 5 minutes it got, mainly because Motivated Goldust is here and heel Shamrock is a bully asshole. Ken doesn't take any unnecessary risks and stick to his game of punishing and beating on Goldust. Goldust makes a come he goes for shattered dreams, but the ref stops it saying he will DQ him. That allows Ken to break free and hit an awful 'rana off the top. He locks in the ankle lock and Goldust taps. **1/2

Backstage: Michael Cole reports that Stone Cold is refusing medical attention.

The Rock comes out for his match against Triple H, the same Triple H that hasn't been seen or heard from since getting attacked by Shamrock at the last PPV. DX's music hits, but Triple H doesn't come out. INSTEAD, PATTERSON AND BRISCO COME OUT DOING THE SUCK IT! Brisco says MR. MACMAN has asked him to announce that Triple H is not here tonight, therefore, he will not rassle. MR. MACMAN also told him that he sent tickets to Triple H weeks ago, but he chose not to show tonight. Therefore, Mr MACMAN told him he can fine Triple H very heavily once he returns. Patterson says there will be no forfeit and Mr McMahon found a last minute replacement, THE BIG BOSSMAN!

First Round Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: The Rock vs. The Big Bossman
Bossman comes charging in, but Rocky catches him with an inside cradle for three lol.

Quarter-Finals Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Kane
Quarter-Finals now have a 15-minute time limit, Thankfully this is only kept at 7 minutes, but it's still Kane and Taker so it's slow, boring and just garbages the whole time. Taker is still doing this fuck selling I'm just gonna sit up after everything because fuck you stuff. They pretty much do the exact same match from Judgement day, tons of brawling before Taker goes after the knee, Kane is Kane so he doesn't sell and Taker just forgets about it as they go into the finish, Bearer distracts Kane and Taker hits the Tombstone. Bearer holds the foot down from the floor and Taker covers for the win. *

Quarter-Finals Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: Mankind vs. Al Snow
This is fine for 4 minutes, Mankind gives Al a shit ton of offense on him, like 80& of the match is Al. The ref even allows Al to use a chair, Mankind then takes over after hitting the DDT onto the chair. WE THEN GET SPLIT SCREEN WITH BRISCO CONGRATULATING VINCE ON STEALING SOCKO AND PUTTING ON HEAD FOR MOTIVATION! Mankind eventually sees it and flips out, he takes it off Head and beats up poor head before locking in Socko and applying it to Snow for the win. *3/4

Quarter-Finals Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock
This has gotten so good now because of the role reversals, Rock comes out on first as he's the fresher of the two. They brawl in and out of the ring, and it's the rare time someone out brawls Ken, and just as I say that Ken sends him should first into the steel steps to take over. Ken has a solid iso period, again he doesn't try to do much just wear Rocky down. Bossman then makes his way down to ringside to watch on. Rock has a brief comeback, but Ken catches him with the ankle lock and the crowd start to loses it. THEY ALL BEGIN CHEERING THE ROCK ON AS HE CLAWS TO THE ROPES! Huge pop once he makes it there. The Rock makes his comeback and gets a two off the People's Elbow that looked like a three, Ken then fights out of the Rock Bottom and counters with the belly-to-belly. Bossman gets up on the apron, he tries to throw the nightstick to Shamrock, but the ROCK INTERCEPTS IT! AND NAILS Ken with it. Rock then covers for the win. **3/4

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Paul Bearer, Paul says the only rock his Undertaker likes is a nice piece of cold hard concrete that he carves the names of his victims on. Tonight, his phenom will walk out of this building as the WWF Champion.

WWF Woman's Championship: Sable vs. Jacqueline (w/Marc Mero)
Shane McMahon is the ref for this match. This isn't good like at all, it's basically a Sable squash. She doesn't sell her neck nor does it come into play at all. Jacque again tries to jump Sable from behind to start the match, but that backfires and Sable beats her down. Mero then interferes and pulls her out, so Sable kicks him in the dick and hits the Sable Bomb on the floor. Back in the ring, Jacque gets a few licks in but it doesn't matter because Sable hits her with the Sable Bomb for the win. Thank fuck this feud is over, hopefully, Mero fucks off after this.

Semi-Finals Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: Mankind vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Semi-Finals now have a 20 minutes time limit, this is still good, it's not as crazy as their earlier matches but a lot of the same. good brawling in and out of the ring, they brawl up the entrance way too. At one point, Vince and his stooges come down to ringside to watch on. The ref allows pretty much all of the brawling on the floor to happen. Mankind targets Austin's neck, Austin's mini-comebacks are still awesome, the crowd goes from 0-100 back to 0 so fast it's awesome, Mankind tries to bring a chair in but Austin kicks it back into his face, Mankind again tries to use the chair but gets backed dropped onto the chair. Austin THEN HITS THE STUNNER.......................................BUT VINCE LEAPS OUT OF THE CHAIR AND GRABS THE REF! HE DECKS HIM ON THE FLOOR TOO! Mankind then locks in the Mandible Claw, but Austin hits the Stunner. SHANE ROUNDS OUT AND COUNTS 1................2...................................MIDDLE FINGER! Shane runs off, and then behind Mankind's back Brisco hits Austin with one of the WORSE chair shots I've ever seen and Mankind falls on top as Shane counts to three. FUCKERY~! ***

Austin gets up and chases after them, Sarge is then seen getting in a limo and drives off. Austin assumes it's Vince and co, so he steals some poor guys car and chases after them.

Semi-Finals Match in the Deadly Games Tournament: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Rock
Sadly this match never really clicks, tbf I don't think they've ever had a match I really liked maybe something in 2000/2001 but that's one of those short TV matches. Terrible ass '98 Taker controls this with his methodical style, Rock shows shades of his aggressiveness and comedy Main Event style using water bottles and spitting the water in their faces. Taker obviously sells none of it and continues to slow the match down, Bossman comes out as Rock begins to make a comeback. But so does Kane he gets into the ring and Taker throws Rock at him, but Kane grabs Rock by the throat and drops him with the Chokeslam for a DQ. *3/4

Taker is PISSED and punches Earl Hebner for the call, EVEN THOUGH YOU TAKER THREW ROCKY AT KANE? Taker and Kane begin fighting and fight through the crowd to the back.

Backstage: Michael Cole interviews Mankind. He says Lady Luck is smiling on Mankind tonight, and he just has one more "hill" make that Rock, to climb, if you smell what the sock is cooking.

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Headbangers vs. D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry
This gets 10 minutes, I don't wanna say it sucked, because it didn't it's just I didn't care at all, it's pretty obvious that the Outlaws were retaining, but it's not only that they do the 1 person from each team in the ring, so it's the basic 3-way, but they do the 1 selling after something dump or simple to let the two guys fight it out. Why can't the guy that got punched just go tag out, why he gotta sell for 30 seconds before coming back. It's basically a clusterfuck of a punch fest, on top of that we keep getting the random Headbangers/Mark&D'Lo pairing that lasts about a minute each time before someone turns on the other. Gunn has a fantastic hot tag, Tim White then fucks up as D'Lo hits the sky high and waits 6 seconds before counting :lmao He then does the same when Mark hits Mosh with a big splash, TIM WHITE IS A RACIST! The match breaks down and Gunn hits a piledriver and Tim immediately runs over to count the three. **

In the parking lot, VINCE AND SHANE ARE STILL HERE! Vince tells Bossman to be on the lookout for Austin, he's still probably out there on root 70. Vince says they personally want to handle this next match ALONE! Shane says if he sees Austin give him the middle fingers for him. Bossman grabs his bags and leaves the building.

Deadly Games Tournament Finals Match for the Vacant WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Mankind vs. The Rock
No time limit for the Finals, and right off the bat.

JR ~ "We will stay with it until there is a winner"
King ~ "You're gonna get to see all this PPV"
JR ~ "That's not nice King, making reference to those less fortunate"
King ~ "It's not nice, but it's accurate"

Good feeling out match, it starts off slow with neither guy wanting to make the mistake early, but they still have some hate towards one another as they're just coming off that 3 way with Shamrock, but now this is for all the gold and not just a future shot at the gold. Mankind works the neck, with a sleeper as Vince and Shane cockily walk out. JR calls them big John Wayne and Little John Wayne, IDK why I popped for that, maybe it's because JR says it with total disgust and disdain in his voice. Mankind takes a lot of his brutal bumps on the floor, like a suplex and a backdrop over the barricades into the crowd, he takes another into ringside after a brief brawl. Rock has a brief flurry on offense, but Mankind takes over and starts introducing weapons he grabs a chair and hits Rock in the back with it. Mankind then picks up the chair, but Rock comes back and hits the steps with a chair. He then starts raining down chair shots to the steps which are placed over his face. Rocks not done, HE NAILS MANKIND WITH A SICK CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD before rolling him in. Mankind takes over again with a low blow, JR says he bets Earl Hebner has been instructed by Vince to allow Mankind to get away with everything. Love that they're now picked up the intensity of the match, with both men just using their bodies as weapons and both are taking some hellacious bumps. Mankind gets the better during the car wreck bumps, but Rock hits a desperation DDT to start his comeback, ROCK SIDESTEPS MANKIND TRYING THE ELBOW OFF THE TOP AND CRASHES THROUGH THE SPANISH TABLE! Rock now turns up the aggression, he hits the scoop slam and hits the People' Elbow for two. Mankind ducks the clothesline and hits the Double Arm DDT, he takes out Socko and applies it, but he fights and hits the Rock Bottom. Rock is too slow on the cover, which allows Mankind to kick out. ROCK THEN LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER.......................................................................................AND VINCE CALLS FOR THE BELL! HOLY SHIT! SWERVE! JR and King are confused. Shane and Vince get in.......................AND THEY HUG THE ROCK! ***

Vince grabs the mic, he says he knows people can't believe it, BUT SEEING IS BELIEVING. And you can believe this, that THE PEOPLE SCREWED THE PEOPLE. And they can also believe that each and every one of them are just as pathetic and gullible as Mankind. Mick gets up in the corner and Vince says he'll elaborate more tomorrow night, but on behalf of the McMahon family, they are proud of the fact that Stone Cold was total, utterly, and royally screwed right here in this very ring. And if there's one man with any more contempt for Stone Cold and the fans, it has to be the man who utterly loathes all of them, THE ROCK! Shane says he told the world that he's just like his dad after all and hugs Vince. Rock takes the mic and says just like last Sunday on Heat when he said he would rather be the People's ass than to kiss his, it's time for each and every piece of trailer park trash to kiss The Rock's ass if you smell what The Rock is cooking! Mankind picks up the mic and says Rock is great, but he asks "dad" what happened because he wasn't pinned or submitted. Vince says to get this, AND THE ROCK HITS HIM THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE WWF TITLE. Rock puts the boots to him and drops him with the Rock Bottom.

Shane says the McMahon family is proud to present the "CORPORATE CHAMPION" The Rock, they all celebrate. BUT STONE COLD COMES THE STAGE! Rock and Austin have their awesome, Rock/Austin sequence, they redo the '98 Rumble spot with Austin hitting the stunner and tossing Rock over the top. Austin then hits Mankind with a stunner for being gullible. Austin then goes to the floor and beats the shit out of THE NEW WWF CHAMPION! Some more before leaving and that's how it ends.

I love Stone Cold, I truly do. But that ending was totally unnecessary, why couldn't the PPV end with Vince along with his son stand tall laughing with their NEW CORPORATE CHAMPION?



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I remember renting this one on VHS in 2002 after I had just become a fan of wrestling, I remember being confused for a lot of it due to sheer amount of story which a young me wasn't familiar with at the time and cringing at that theme song (nu metal kid, don't judge me).

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This PPV is one of the ultimate examples of story mattering more than star ratings.

There is not one match on this whole show I'd call a "MOTYC" or is the traditional 4+ star match, but the storyline throughout the night was so well done that I really have no complaints.

Back then, I thought for sure that it would be Foley Vs. Rock in the finals, and Austin would help Rock win the title and overcome Vince ala Hogan/Savage/DiBiase at Mania IV.

But nope! They dun did swerve us all! And this was really the culmination of Vince trying to get a coprorate champion, which he really didn't have from the start of Austin/McMahon to this point. In the early months, he was obsessed with just getting the title off of Austin, but guys like Foley, Taker, and Kane weren't going to cut it for him long term either. Rock fit the mold of what Mr. McMahon wanted, and it worked beautifully.

And out of this, we got the first Rock/Austin Wrestlemania match and the awesome Rock/Foley feud, so I say it turned out quite well.

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One of best storytelling for me, no one know that The Rock got easy way to final because it was set up by Vince to make The Rock as Champion plus the extra scene to celebrate one year Montreal Screwjob

Actually Survivor Series 2015 can have this kinda concept after Seth Rollins relinquished WWE title before the event
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