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Welcome to the all-new World Wrestling Federation!

My name is Chip Butty and I am the new owner of the WWF ... yes, you heard me right - the WWF! The Panda charity has been sent packing, some of the past legends of the WWF have been restored to full health and the current stars have hung around for the relaunch of the World Wrestling Federation. With the first PPV on the horizon - Summerslam in three weeks - the new rosters on RAW and SMACKDOWN are preparing to begin their assaults on the WWF and World Heavyweight Titles.

Let's take a look at the rosters - as we know them - right now:





NXT will return in the aftermath of Summerslam with a set of new hopefuls competing to become the 'Next Breakout Star' in the WWF.

Stay tuned for more information!


The beautiful WWF divas will also be here on RAW and SMACKDOWN!



Live from Wembley Stadium, London, UK

Live from the Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

Live from the United Center, Chicago, Illinois

Live from the Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Live from the Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Live from the Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

Live from the Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida

Live from the Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas

Live from the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts

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I've seen you in another forum, and with another thread based on this.
I never read it though, so I hope to read this as soon as you put some shows on. A unique concept, and could be very entertaining if done well. Good luck.

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I've seen you in another forum, and with another thread based on this.
I never read it though, so I hope to read this as soon as you put some shows on. A unique concept, and could be very entertaining if done well. Good luck.
A forum with about three visitors a day - which is why I've decided to move it here. Hope you enjoy, man!


JIM ROSS: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the World Wrestling Federation, back in business tonight with a bang!

JERRY LAWLER: It’s a new era for the WWF tonight and we’re kicking it off live and exclusive with WWF RAW!

JIM ROSS: Well, King, it’s going to an historic night here. The WWF has new owners, new general managers and new faces from the glittering past. We don’t even know who half the superstars are going to be! All we know is that we’re getting some names from the past re-joining RAW ...

JERRY LAWLER: But we do know one thing JR. We know that RAW will still be the number one show now that we have you, good ol’ JR, back where you belong on Monday nights!

JIM ROSS: That’s very kind of you to say that, King, but that’s enough of you and I. Let’s get on with the show!

The RAW theme music fades away and the crowd quieten in expectation of what will happen ...

JIM ROSS: And here comes the new owner of the World Wrestling Federation ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new owner of the World Wrestling Federation – CHIP BUTTY!

Chip Butty heads down the ramp towards the WWF ring, waving and shaking hands with the crowd in the walkway. The reaction from the crowd is positive as he gets into the ring and takes a microphone ...

CHIP BUTTY: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw!

The crowd cheer in excitement ...

CHIP BUTTY: For those of you who don’t know me, I am Chip Butty and I have bought the World Wrestling Federation from Vince McMahon. I have re-named it as the World Wrestling Federation because I prefer it that way. And there is nothing that the ‘Panda Charity’ can do about it!

Chip Butty walks around the ring looking out to the crowds ...

CHIP BUTTY: This is the first time I’ve ever set foot in a wrestling ring. I enjoy watching wrestling but I’m not cut out to be in charge of a whole wrestling show. So I’ve appointed two general managers, one for WWF RAW and the other for WWF SMACKDOWN on Friday nights. I’ll be involved in both shows but I’ll let these men run the shows as they see fit. I’m guessing you’d like to meet the new RAW general manager then?

The crowd shout out their approval for Chip Butty’s suggestion ...

CHIP BUTTY: Well, I’m a man of the people. So here he is, the new General Manager of WWF RAW ... MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE!

Randy Savage comes out to a thunderous ovation from the RAW crowd, his bright coloured outfit swaying as he heads down to the ring ...

CHIP BUTTY: Welcome back to your home, Macho Man, welcome back to the World Wrestling Federation.

Randy Savage walks around the ring shaking hands with the people at ringside, collects a microphone and enters the ring ...

RANDY SAVAGE:Ohhhhh yyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

The crowd cheers as Randy Savage and Chip Butty shake hands in the middle of the ring ...

CHIP BUTTY: So, let’s get down to business Randy. I’m giving you two championships to use on RAW: the Intercontinental Title and the WWF Title. It’s up to you who or how you hand these over.

RANDY SAVAGE: Ohhh yeeaaahhh, dig it. Thanks, Chip, for giving me the chance to come back to the World Wrestling Federation as General Manager of Raw!

Crowd start chanting ‘Welcome back, welcome back’ to Savage.

RANDY SAVAGE: When I left the World Wrestling Federation all those years ago, I never thought I’d be back. Well, here I am as General Manager and here I am holding the WWF Title belt ... It’s changed a little bit, dig it.

CHIP BUTTY: It sure has, Macho, it sure has. You got a plan for it?

RANDY SAVAGE: The Macho Man is funky like a monkey, Chip, I’ve always got a plan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, oh yeah!

CHIP BUTTY: Well I might have a bit of an alteration to those plans, Randy. You see, you’ve not got your full WWF RAW roster sorted out yet. There are six more superstars who are waiting for me to tell them where they are going to be earning a living. Big names, Randy, big names ...

Crowd start chanting ‘Cena, Cena, Cena’ in expectation ...

CHIP BUTTY: No chance, folks! I have six secret superstars and over the coming weeks, Raw and Smackdown will host a series of matches on both Raw and Smackdown TV shows to ‘win’ these superstars. You might win three each, you might win them all ... you might win none of them. By the time we reach Summerslam ...

Crowd cheer at the mention of the next PPV ...

CHIP BUTTY: ... by the time we reach Summerslam, all six will know where they are heading and all six will debut at the pay-per-view. There is a Smackdown superstar here tonight – as selected by the Smackdown General Manager and myself – so it is up to you to decide who is facing him. And trust me, it’s worth winning the match!

Chip Butty leaves the ring and heads to the back as Randy Savage stands in the ring contemplating ...


RAW returns with a video clip repeating Chip Butty’s announcement about the Smackdown vs. Raw matches for the six big name superstars ...

JIM ROSS: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw with me, Jim Ross, and my broadcast colleague, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. It’s time for the first match of the all-new World Wrestling Federation.

JERRY LAWLER: And it sounds like it is going to be high stakes as well with a big name superstar heading to the winning brand ...

The following contest, set for one fall, will be the first match on WWF RAW and it is a Smackdown vs. Raw match where the winning superstar will win a superstar for his brand’s roster!

The crowd cheer in anticipation ...

Representing SMACKDOWN, weighing in at 285 pounds, from Pembroke, North Carolina, he is ... TATANKA!

The Native American Tataka enters the arena in his war paint and traditional head-dress, running down to the ring with his tomahawk held high.

JIM ROSS: A legend in the WWF, King, Tatanka was undefeated for over two years when he first debuted here. On his return tonight, will he be able to give a RAW superstar a run for his money and pick up the win?

JERRY LAWLER: I’m sure that Savage will pick the right man for the job. Tatanka is sure to be one of Smackdown’s finest but RAW is just superior in every way ...

JIM ROSS: Who will it be then?

Jerry Lawler: It’s Edge! A fantastic pick from Randy Savage!

Representing Monday Night Raw, weighing in at 241 pounds, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ ... EDGE!

Edge strides out cockily but with a look of annoyance on his face. He looks back towards the curtain before lifting his hands in the air as a signal for his fireworks to explode behind him. The crowd is mixed – the fans are waiting to see how Edge behaves before making a decision whether to cheer or boo him ...

JIM ROSS: What a start for WWF Raw we have here. Smackdown’s Native American Tatanka and Raw’s Edge with the prize at stake of a major WWF superstar.

JERRY LAWLER: I’m a little worried about Edge though, JR, he looked a little annoyed on his way to the ring. He’d better have his mind focused on the Tatanka ...

Tatanka vs. Edge

The two men come face to face in the centre of the ring and begin talking to each other. They tie up and Tatanka throws Edge down in the corner of the ring as if to show how much stronger than Edge he is. Edge composes himself and ties up again with Tatanka but again is thrown down to the mat by his opponent. Edge slowly gets to his feet and pushes Tatanka hard in the chest. The Native American isn’t taking no nonsense from Edge though and pushes him back harder and down onto the mat again.

Jim Ross: Edge is clearly getting frustrated here with himself. He has to use his cunning because if this turns into a battle of strength, then Edge cannot win.

The two men come together again and Edge offers his hand high for a test of strength. Tatanka accepts but with one hand in place, Edge hits a kick to the gut and sets to work on Tatanka. Edge begins to dominate the match with a series of kicks to the knees of Tatanka to bring him down to the mat. Continuing to work the knees of the Native American, Edge controls the match and slows it down with an inverted headlock as Tatanka strains to escape. Edge begins to allow Tatanka up before hitting him with a swinging neckbreaker before posing for the crowd, hands held high, a few boos now audible.

Edge returns to Tatanka but he rallies a little with a few backhand chops to Edge’s chest from his knees. The Native American manages to get to his feet before Edge bounces off the ropes and kicks Tatanka hard to the skull to send him back down. The confidence in Edge is now noticeably increasing as he uses kicks to the knee again to keep Tatanka down before going for the first cover of the match. 1 ... 2 ... and Tatanka kicks out. Edge gets to his feet and heads for the corner to climb to the top turnbuckle. As Tatanka staggers up, Edge prepares himself and launches for a diving crossbody ... and misses as Tatanka moves aside. Edge hits the mat with a thud and twists in pain as his opponent begins to recover.

JIM ROSS: Can Tatanka get back into this match now? We’ll see after this break ...


Raw returns with a video replay of action during the break. It shows Edge and Tatanka outside the ring where Edge shoved the Native American backwards into the steel ring post.

JERRY LAWLER: This is looking good for Raw now, JR. Edge is doing the business for us!

Edge is standing in the ring, arms aloft, as the referee counts Tatanka out. At the count of 8, Tatanka manages to slide under the bottom rope and stops the count but Edge is straight onto him in the corner. Beating him down in the corner of the ring, the ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ retreats and begins tugging at his hair like a madman ... preparing to strike ...

JERRY LAWLER: Here it comes, JR ... Finish him, Edge!

As Tatanka staggers to his feet, Edge’s feet begin to jog on the spot as he waits for the perfect moment ... Tatanka turns and Edge speeds across the ring looking for the spear ... but he misses and heads shoulder first into the turnbuckle with the crowd beginning to roar and cheer for Tatanka. He hits the ropes and gives Edge a shoulder block to send him down once, then a second to put him down again. With the momentum building for Tatanka, he hits a Tomahawk chop before hooking Edge up for a running DDT. Tatanka hooks the leg and goes for the pin ... 1 ... 2 ... Edge barely kicks out before the 3!

JIM ROSS: How close was that, King? Edge needs to get back into this but he is looking in trouble ...

JERRY LAWLER: Come on Edge, we can’t lose the first match on our own show!

Tatanka climbs the ropes as Edge begins to get to his feet before flying off the top rope to deliver another Tomahawk overhead chop to put Edge on his back again. Cover from Tatanka, 1 ... 2 ... Edge kicks out again. The Native American signals to the crowd with his trademark war-cry and lifts Edge back up to his knees and holds him in an head-lock. He lifts Edge up for a Renegade Drop and holds him on his shoulders, allowing Edge time to think about it ... Tatanka eventually falls back and completes the drop before turning to cover Edge again. 1 ... 2 ... Amazingly, Edge kicks out again. The crowd – mostly behind Tatanka despite his Smackdown status – groan as Edge kicks out. He looks frustrated but he uses the Fireman’s Carry to place Edge on the mat again and heads for the top turnbuckle yet again. With Edge struggling in the middle of the ring, Tatanka waits for him to stagger up to his feet before he leaps from the top rope for the diving crossbody ... but Edge moves at the last second and Tatanka hits the mat with a crash. Edge groggily gets to his feet across the ring before charging towards the equally groggy Tatanka and hitting him with a perfect spear. Edge hooks the leg for the pin ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! Edge wins!

Here is your winner ... EDGE!

Edge’s music hits and ‘Metalingus’ echoes around the arena as Edge slides out under the bottom rope and heads up the stage in pain. Tatanka staggers to his feet, holding his ribcage, and looks round in frustration at losing a match from a seemingly winning position. As Edge reaches the stage, Randy Savage comes out applauding his Raw superstar but Edge simply stares into Savage’s eyes with a look of anger on his face.

JERRY LAWLER: It was a great effort from Tatanka, JR, but Raw gets the first victory of the new WWF era with a great win from Edge.

JIM ROSS: And that means, King, that Monday Night Raw will be getting a new superstar and if the owner Chip Butty was to be believed earlier, it is going to be a major new star for Raw.

JERRY LAWLER: Sssshhh! Macho Man is going to say something!

RANDY SAVAGE: Ohhhh yeeeeaaahhh! A win for Raw! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce Raw’s new addition to the roster. He will be making his debut at Summerslam but here’s who he is ... Raw will be getting, thanks to Edge, this man ...

RANDY SAVAGE: ... It’s the Viper ... RANDY ORTON! Dig it!

Randy Orton slowly ambles out onto the stage and stands at the top of the stage looking into the eyes of the General Manager, Randy Savage. As an uneasy stare-down ensues, Orton suddenly launches to the left and hits the RKO to Tatanka as he staggers up the ramp after his defeat. As Orton poses with his arms held wide, Raw heads into another commercial break.


Replay of Randy Orton’s RKO to Tatanka is played as Raw returns from the break. The camera shows that Randy Savage is still stood on stage as the Native American is helped out of the arena.

Randy Savage: Ohhh yeeeaaaahhhh, what a start to Monday Night Raw! And now I want to get down to some real serious business ...

The crowd cheer and whistle as WWF Diva Stacy Keibler walks out onto the stage carrying two title belts: the Intercontinental Title and the coveted WWF Title.

Randy Savage: Now I have two title belts here and I want to hand them over to somebody at Summerslam in three weeks. Who will they go to? Well, I’m going to have a tournament involving eight superstars to decide, dig it. The winner of the final match in the tournament – which will be at Summerslam – will be the new WWF Champion.

Randy Savage holds the WWF Title in the air as the crowd cheer and clap their approval.

Randy Savage: The first two matches of the tournament will be held tonight here on Monday Night Raw! I’m going to be watching carefully though to see who deserves a shot at the Intercontinental Title. If someone can impress me in the tournament – or out of the tournament – they could fight for this title at Summerslam too. Ohhh yeeeeaaaahhhh!

Randy Savage turns and heads backstage with the two titles in his grasp as the crowd cheers loud.

Jim Ross: That’s big news, King, the WWF Title will be the prize for an eight-man tournament and the first two matches will be tonight!

Jerry Lawler: It reminds me of the old days and the King of the Ring, JR. Did you see my proudest moment at the first ever King of the Ring?

Jim Ross: Yes, I did, King. It was a heinous attack on a weakened Bret Hart if I remember wasn’t it?

Jerry Lawler: It sure was, JR, it sure was. Maybe I should go and offer to ‘crown’ the new champion for Randy Savage as well?

Jim Ross: You just stay sat down, King, we’ve got another match coming up after this ...

A vignette airs for another superstar who will be joining Raw in the future ...

Returning to the WWF soon: GOLDBERG


Raw returns with the camera on Lilian Garcia in the ring ready to announce the participants for the next match.

The following contest is a WWF Divas match set for one fall.

Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California ... VICTORIA!

Jim Ross: Here comes our first Raw diva, Victoria, for our first ever Divas match in the new WWF.

Jerry Lawler: It’s great to see Victoria back. I wonder if there’ll be a Womens Championship on Raw or not?

Jim Ross: There’s so much to sort out for Chip Butty and Randy Savage. I’ll bet that there will be soon enough.

And her opponent. From Boise, Idaho ... TORRIE WILSON!

Jim Ross: One thing is certain though, King, the Divas need to impress if they are going to win any WWF Womens Title. And these two could make a start tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Sssshhhh! I’m concentrating on Torrie Wilson ...

Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson

The two divas start off in the middle of the ring and Victoria immediately gets the upper hand over the weaker Torrie Wilson. In an aggressive start, Victoria forces Torrie back into the corner of the ring and uses some impressive kicks to reduce Torrie to a wreck before the referee pulls Victoria away. Victoria cartwheels across the ring to crush Torrie into the corner again before locking in the hammerlock to take Torrie down to the mat. Victoria smiles a twisted smile as the confidence oozes out of her and she dominates her opponent.

Jerry Lawler: Torrie Wilson hasn’t even got a shot in yet! Victoria is dominant so far ...

Jim Ross: That’s not a big shock, King, Victoria has been in action recently. It’s been a few years since we last saw the lovely Torrie Wilson in a wrestling ring.

Torrie Wilson responds to the clapping from the crowd and manages to force herself over towards the ropes which she wraps her foot around. The referee breaks the hold and Victoria looks annoyed. She pulls Torrie up by her hair but Torrie breaks out and starts firing shots at the face of Victoria with the crowd behind her. Torrie bounces off the ropes and uses the baseball slide to get in position to roll up Victoria from behind ... 1 ... 2 ... Victoria kicks out with authority. Torrie gets to her feet quickly and hits a snap suplex before heading for the top turnbuckle. Victoria gets to her feet as Torrie goes for the ‘Tilt-a-whirl’ headscissors takedown to put the dark haired Diva down on the mat again. Another pinfall attempt from Torrie, 1 ... 2 ... Victoria powers out. A look of frustration appears on the face of Torrie Wilson as she looks to set up the swinging neckbreaker to finish Victoria off. However, Victoria counters and hits Torrie with a superkick to put the blonde bombshell down on the mat. Victoria lifts her up and sets up for a Widows Peak that she hits emphatically. Victoria hooks the leg – 1 ... 2 ... 3! It’s a convincing win for Victoria!

Here is your winner ... VICTORIA!

Victoria has her hand lifted by the referee before she heads for the time-keeper table to collect a microphone.

Jerry Lawler: Poor Torrie Wilson!

Jim Ross: A convincing win for Victoria, a message to all the other Divas in the World Wrestling Federation. And now she has something to say ...

Victoria: I haven’t heard anything yet about a WWF Womens Title. Mr Butty, I suggest that you hand the title belt over to Mr Savage to give to me. I am the most dominant diva in the World Wrestling Federation. I am a two-time Womens Champion and I am the Diva most deserving of the title now – as I just proved to dear old Torrie Wilson.

Randy Savage appears on the titantron and the crowd cheers for the General Manager.

Randy Savage: Victoria ... Look, I haven’t heard anything from Chip Butty about a Womens Title. Maybe it’s going to be on Smackdown? If I do, you’ll be the first person I’ll tell so please leave the ring so the show can continue.

Victoria leaves the ring with an annoyed look on her face.

Randy Savage: Now then, World Wrestling Federation. I told you all earlier that there would be an eight man competition for the WWF Title. There will be two Quarter Final matches tonight and two more next week. Next week on Raw, it will be Carlito ...

The crowd boos at the mention of Carlito’s name.

Randy Savage: ... against the only Olympic gold medal winning WWF superstar, Kurt Angle.

Loud cheers greet the news that the American hero, Kurt Angle will be involved in the WWF Title tournament.

Randy Savage: And we will also see the ‘Rated R Superstar,’ Edge in action against ...

A few boos are heard for Edge after his match earlier as they anticipate his opponent.

Randy Savage: ... Jeff Hardy!

The crowd erupt at the news that Jeff Hardy will be in the tournament next week. A chant of ‘Hardy, Hardy, Hardy!’ starts up.

Randy Savage: Dig it, I knew you would like that! And tonight’s main event will feature these four men as well. It will be a tag team match between Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle against Carlito and Edge. Don’t go anywhere now – the first two Quarter Finals are coming before that match!

The RAW theme tune blasts out as the show heads into another commercial break.


Next week’s Quarter Finals are advertised as RAW returns ...

JIM ROSS: Welcome back to WWF RAW! Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy will team up tonight to face Carlito and Edge in preparation for their WWF Title Quarter Final matches next week.

JERRY LAWLER: It also explains why Edge was annoyed with Randy Savage earlier. It means he is going to be wrestling twice tonight!

JIM ROSS: It does, King. Before that match though, we’ve got the first two Quarter Finals tonight on Raw!

JERRY LAWLER: This is an amazing first night for WWF Raw! I wonder if Smackdown can even get close to matching it on Friday night?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest – set for one fall – is the first WWF Title Tournament Quarter Final match.

JIM ROSS: Let’s find out which two superstars are going to be in the first Quarter Final, King ...

JIM ROSS:What the ... ? Doink the Clown? In the WWF Title tournament?

Ladies and Gentlemen, first, weighing in at 243 pounds ... DOINK THE CLOWN!

And he doesn’t look like he is here to be nice to the kids, JR!

Doink the Clown heads out with two buckets in his hands, his expression changing from smiles and frolics to evil and sinister with his music. Setting a bucket down on the stage, Doink threatens to tip the other bucket over the children in the aisle ... In the end, he tips the bucket and silver confetti rains down over the children instead. Laughing, Doink continues towards the ring with the other bucket.

JIM ROSS: Unbelievable, King. Whatever will we see in the WWF next. This guy is three matches away from winning the WWF Title.

JERRY LAWLER: You’re right but winning three matches in the World Wrestling Federation is easier said than done. Especially when we know that he’d have to beat somebody like Kurt Angle or a Jeff Hardy at some stage!

JIM ROSS: Well, let’s just hope that his opponent tonight can eliminate him from the title picture right now ...

And his opponent, from Ghana, West Africa and weighing in at 221 pounds ... KOFI KINGSTON!

In his usual excited manner, Kofi bounds out onto the stage and slaps hands with his fans in the aisle as he makes his way towards the ring.

JIM ROSS: Great news, King. There is no way that the Evil Clown will be able to defeat an up and coming superstar like Kofi Kingston. Possibly the wrestler with the most potential to be a future star here in the WWF. And now he has a chance to win the top prize already ...

Doink the Clown vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston enters the ring and hoists himself onto the middle turnbuckle to strike his ‘Boom! Boom! Boom!’ pose for the crowd before turning to eye Doink. A look of annoyance spreads to the face of Doink and he throws his bucket of water straight at Kingston and soaks him from head to toe ...

JIM ROSS: Behaviour like that doesn’t belong in the WWF ring, King, let alone a WWF Title Tournament. What is Randy Savage thinking?

The referee rings the bell but a furious Kofi runs after Doink the Clown who leaps through the ropes to the outside. A chase ensues as Doink tries to escape from Kingston by running around the ring. Kofi catches Doink as he tries to head up the ramp and drags him back towards the ring before Irish whipping him into the steel ring steps.

The crowd ‘Oooh’ and cheer for Kofi who steps back into the ring and starts to dry himself with a towel from ringside. Doink writhes around on the floor at ringside whilst the referee begins to count him out. Kofi decides at 7 to go and fetch the immobile Doink back into the ring.

JERRY LAWLER: What’s he doing, JR? Why doesn’t he leave Doink out there and win the match via countout?

JIM ROSS: That’s not Kofi’s way, King, and you know it. Kingston wants to win the match properly and he wants to punish Doink for his ridiculous tricks.

JERRY LAWLER: Well, I hope he doesn’t regret it.

Kingston drags Doink back into the ring and begins to beat down on him again. Another Irish Whip sees Doink smash into the corner of the ring with pain and agony etched all over his painted face. A series of forearm smashes follow as the crowd roars its approval. With Doink dazed and groggy, Kofi stands beside him and hits him with a flying forearm. With Doink barely moving, he goes for a cover. 1 ... 2 ... but Kofi lifts Doink’s head and shoulders up from the canvas.

Kofi Kingston: I’m not finished yet!

The crowd cheer as Kofi performs a Russian Leg Sweep on the struggling clown who makes an attempt to deliver punches towards him but fails miserably. As Doink staggers up to his feet, Kingston heads to the top rope for a drop kick from the top ... Doink moves out of the way though and Kofi hits the referee instead who drops down and out of the ring.

JIM ROSS: Oh no, an awful accident. We need some help out here for the referee!

Kofi hits a ‘Boom!’ drop on Doink before heading out of the ring to check on the referee. Despite being dazed, the referee encourages Kofi to return to the ring and tells him that he is coming ... The Ghanaian stands over Doink and signals for ‘Trouble in Paradise.’ He stands back from Doink in preparation and then spins round to deliver a perfect kick to the head of the clown, his green wig almost falling off with the intensity of the kick. Kofi covers Doink with the 3-count secured ... but the referee is not back in the ring yet!

JIM ROSS: Come on referee, get back in there and award Kofi the win!

Kingston stands up and goes outside the ring to help the referee up and back into the ring. The referee rolls back inside and begins to shake his head a little to clear it. Kofi checks him one more time and turns around ... Wham! Doink the Clown smashes his metal bucket into the side of the head of Kofi Kingston knocking him cold out on the mat! Doink throws the bucket out of the ring whilst the crowd jeer and whistle before covering Kofi. The referee slowly realises and begins the count ... 1 ... ... 2 ... ...

JIM ROSS: Kick out Kofi, damnit ...

... 3! It’s a victory for Doink the Clown! Doink slides out of the ring and collapses into the aisle before a smirk grows on his face as he realises what he just managed to do.

Here is you winner, advancing to the WWF Title Tournament Semi Finals ... DOINK THE CLOWN!

Medics rush to the ring to attend to the referee and the unconscious Kofi Kingston who is still laid out in the middle of the ring. Doink the Clown disappears backstage laughing as he goes.

JIM ROSS: Good God Almighty, King. What a crock that was! Doink the Clown never even managed to hit one move or lay one punch on Kofi Kingston. All he did was throw water over him and hit him with a steel bucket and he’s in the WWF Title Semi Finals?

JERRY LAWLER: Hopefully, Kofi will be OK but he looks pretty bad there.

JIM ROSS: When he is back on his feet, I wouldn’t like to be in the Evil Clown’s shoes ...

JERRY LAWLER: I can think of a few people who wouldn’t mind being in his shoes, JR, most of the Raw locker room in fact. He is in the Semi Finals of the tournament and is two wins from the title!

JIM ROSS: Well he wouldn’t be a champion to me winning like that. Over to Todd Grisham backstage – he is talking to a superstar in the next Quarter FInal right now.

The camera changes to the Raw backstage area where Todd Grisham is waiting to conduct an interview.

TODD GRISHAM: Thanks, JR. I’m here with Captain Charisma himself ... Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome WWF Title Tournament Quarter Finalist ... CHRISTIAN!

The crowd cheers as they realise that Christian is going to be in the Quarter Finals – a well deserved shot at the gold for the popular superstar.

TODD GRISHAM: Christian, I believe that you have something you want to get off your chest tonight ...

CHRISTIAN: Well, yes I do, Todd. Since the WWF website was launched, many people have seen the presence of two superstars on the Raw website right next to each other. They’ve seen that this former great Tag Team are side by side on the Raw roster on WWF.com and they’ve all been jumping to the same thought. Unfortunately, I’m going to disappoint people. Just because Edge and Christian happen to be side by side on the WWF website does not mean that we will be getting back together to re-form our Tag Team. I’ve moved on from that, I’m a singles competitor. I am Captain Charisma and I am going to win the WWF Title for all the Peeps out there ...

TODD GRISHAM: You’re in the Quarter Final to come next. Are you confident of victory?

CHRISTIAN: Of course I am. This is my shot, my big chance to win the title that has evaded me all through my career. I have been the Intercontinental Title, I was the ECW champion, I was multiple time Tag Team champion and European champion. I went to other organisations and won titles. It’s time for the Peeps and myself to celebrate a world championship reign. I intend to be in the Final match at Summerslam and I intend to win that match.

TODD GRISHAM: Thanks for the time, Christian.


Raw returns with footage of Kofi Kingston being carried out of the arena on a stretcher after his attack from Doink the Clown. Replays of the bucket shot from Doink are played.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and is the second WWF Title Tournament Quarter Final.

Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds ... CHRISTIAN!

Christian heads out from backstage and shields his eyes as he surveys the Peeps in the crowd before heading for the ring with a confident look on his face.

JERRY LAWLER: Here comes Captain Charisma, JR, it’s great to have him back here on Raw!

JIM ROSS: Christian has been in the business for over a decade now and has never had a shot at the WWF Title. But he has one now albeit up against seven other men.

JERRY LAWLER: Six other men, JR. Remember that Doink just eliminated Mr Perfect from the tournament.

JIM ROSS: Don’t remind me of that, King. Here is his opponent ...

His opponent from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 234 pounds ... He is the Excellence of Execution ... BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART!

The crowd explodes as Bret Hart steps out from the backstage area dressed in pink and black with a leather jacket and pink shades covering his eyes. He walks determinedly towards the ring, high fiving fans on the way and enters the ring to acknowledge all four sides. He removes the jacket and heads back out of the ring to place his shades on a young child’s head.

JERRY LAWLER: This is the guy who I crowned at the first King of the Ring, JR. I regret it now ...

JIM ROSS: Do you?

JERRY LAWLER: No way! I hate Bret Hart, always have and I always will!

Christian vs. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart

JIM ROSS: King, I’ve just been informed that the winner of this match will be facing Doink the Clown in the Semi Finals. I don’t mind either man getting through as long as he makes that clown pay in the next round after his actions tonight.

Christian and Bret Hart slap hands at the start of the match as a show of respect for each other before tying up together to start the match. Both men are capable amateur mat wrestlers and the early stages are very even as the two stars feel each other out. Eventually, Christian decides he doesn’t need to get involved in this type of wrestling with Bret Hart and he hooks Bret into a DDT and leaves him down on the mat and goes for the first cover of the match. 1 ... Bret Hart kicks out easily. Christian hits several uppercuts to his opponent before firing him across the ring to the ropes. As Bret bounces back, Christian slides under his legs before hitting him with a reverse kick that puts the Hitman down on the mat. Another cover from Christian ... 1 ... 2 ... No, kick out from Bret. Keeping his composure, Christian places a headlock hold on Bret and takes him down to the canvas again. Bret counters the hold by rolling Christian back onto his shoulder for a pinfall. 1 ... 2 ... Christian is forced to release the hold as he kicks out.

JIM ROSS: Christian is in control so far. Can he pull off a shock here?

Raw heads into an advert for the upcoming PPV, WWF Summerslam and introduces the theme tune for the event.

‘Breakout’ by the Foo Fighters


Raw returns to the screen with Christian clapping his hands to get the crowd onside as he looks to put away Bret Hart

JIM ROSS: Christian is building momentum here as he hit the top rope dropkick during the break ...

Footage of Christian leaping from the top rope to dropkick Bret is shown.

As Bret gets to his feet, Christian springboards from the corner and attempts to deliver a kick to Bret’s face but he misses and crashes down to the mat on his back. Bret looks to take advantage and holds Christian’s legs as if setting for the sharpshooter but contents himself with a kick to the guts. With Bret back in the match and the crowd responding, he raises Christian to his feet and hits a snap suplex before covering Christian ... 1 ... 2 ... kick out from Captain Charisma! An inverted atomic drop from the Hitman is followed by a bulldog from the middle rope as Bret now gets into his familiar stride. Another cover follows from Bret, 1 ... 2 ... Christian escapes again, but Bret hits a Russian Legsweep to take Christian down for a third pinfall attempt. 1 ... 2 ... Not yet.

JERRY LAWLER: Come on Christian, don’t let him get into his stride.

JIM ROSS: We’ve seen this so many times from the Hitman, the WWF Hall of Famer.

Bret Hart lifts himself up onto the middle rope and delivers the point of his elbow to the gut of Christian before holding his arms aside to the crowd to pose for a moment. As Christian staggers to his feet, Bret hits the sleeper hold in the centre of the ring. Christian struggles in vain as Bret holds on tight but he manages to reach out to grab the rope, forcing Bret to break the hold. Christian reverses an Irish Whip from Bret Hart and sends the Hitman crashing chest-first into the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring and he staggers back. Christian signals the ‘Killswitch’ with his arms spread wide waiting for Bret to turn back round ... As Bret turns, Christian hooks him up and twists round before dropping down and crashing his opponent’s face into the mat with a loud crash. The Peeps in the crowd roar in approval as Christian makes the move to cover Bret again.

JERRY LAWLER: Killswitch! It’s got to be over! What a shock!

Christian covers the Hitman and hooks the leg for the pin. 1 ... 2 ... The crowd gasp as Bret kicks out at the last moment! Christian kneels on the mat and looks around in amazement, bewilderingly imploring the referee to signal a victory ...

JIM ROSS: Bret Hart survives the Killswitch! Oh my, Christian can’t believe it!

JERRY LAWLER: Me neither, hit him again Christian!

Christian looks determined as he stalks Bret Hart and looks set to hit the ‘Killswitch’ one more time. As Bret staggers to his feet, Christian hooks him up one more time, twists ... and crashes Bret’s face down into the mat a second time as the Peeps come un-glued in the crowd. As the referee prepares to count, the Peeps shout along with the count ... 1 ... 2 ... No! Unbelievably, Bret Hart kicks out a second time with the crowd now on its feet. Christian looks thoroughly frustrated and he rolls out of the ring and takes a steel chair from the timekeeper’s area. Back in the ring, the referee scalds Christian and orders him to get rid of the chair. Christian looks tormented and torn as he glances back and forth from Bret to the referee weighing up whether to swing. In the end, Christian does swing at the Hitman who ducks and rolls him up into a quick pin. 1 ... 2 ... Christian kicks out. As the referee kicks the chair out of the ring, Bret looks at Christian in disgust.

Bret Hart: What are you doing?

Christian holds his hands up in a form of apology and shakes his head a little before kicking out to Bret’s gut. With a few boos in evidence now after Christian’s attempted chair shot, Christian hits the DDT to give him some thinking time. As Bret lays on the mat in pain, Christian walks round in somewhat of a daze before heading for the top rope again ... waiting for Bret to get to his feet, Christian composes himself and goes for the dropkick ... but Bret catches his legs and Christian crashes down to the mat with Bret in position for the Sharpshooter! He steps through and crosses Christian’s legs before turning him over and pulling back to complete the move. With the crowd on their feet, Christian begins to show the pain on his face and squirms under the pressure, desperate to reach the bottom rope. With no progress from Christian, Bret increases the pressure again and finally, Christian has no option but to tap out!

Here is you winner, advancing to the WWF Title Tournament Semi Finals via submission ... BRET ‘HITMAN’ HART!

The Hitman’s music thunders out across the arena as the crowd cheer for the Semi Finalist. Bret offers his hand to the beaten Christian who is sat back up on the mat ... after a tense moment, Christian finally decides to ignore Bret and rolls out of the ring to boos as he heads back up the ramp. Bret shrugs and celebrates in the ring corners holding his hands high in victory.

JIM ROSS: A great effort from Christian but it’s Bret Hart who will head into the Semi Finals to face Doink the Clown for a place in the Summerslam match to determine the first WWF Champion.

JERRY LAWLER: Christian found out what I found out many moons ago. Once Bret hits that Sharpshooter, it’s almost impossible to escape it!

JIM ROSS: An excellent match though and Christian definitely looks a contender for big things here on WWF Raw!


Raw returns to the screens with the sounds of ‘Metalingus’ accompanying the presence of a weary looking Edge in the middle of the ring. He is holding a microphone and looks annoyed still.

Edge: This is ridiculous! An injustice! At the start of the night, Randy Savage told me that I’d be involved in a Tag Team match tonight with three other Quarter Finalists ... I was fine with that. Even if it does mean that I have to team up with Carlito. I’m the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ and it doesn’t matter who my partner is.

There is still a mixed reaction from the crowd. Despite him clearly setting up to be a heel, there are plenty of ‘Edgeheads’ in the crowd.

Edge: But then, Savage comes to find me in the locker room. Tells me that there is a Smackdown vs. Raw match against Tatanka and he needs me to be involved in it. He tells me that it’s important for Raw to obtain another superstar ... So I do what I do. I’m Edge, the ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ ... I destroy Tatanka and win Raw a new superstar. And what do we get?

The crowd starts to chant ‘RKO! RKO! RKO!’ at Edge in the ring.

Edge: Randy Orton ... Tell me it’s not true somebody! I’ve spent years defeating that no-good loser and now he’s back here with me on Raw? And now I have to compete in the Tag Team match as well? Whilst Savage has obviously realised that you all pay your money to watch me, it’s not fair on my body. I shouldn’t have to wrestle twice in one night. The new General Manager ... ... is a joke!

???: Ohhhhh yeeeaaaahhhhh!

The crowd cheer as Randy Savage appears on the stage again with a microphone.

RANDY SAVAGE: Edge ... I am the General Manager round here, dig it ... I make the decisions. You’d better get used to it reeeaaallll soon, brother!

Edge looks mutinous in the ring as he stares up the ramp at the General Manager.

RANDY SAVAGE: So, listen up. I’ve just had a call from the Smackdown General Manager about the next Smackdown vs. Raw match on Friday night. It’s going to be a rematch from tonight. It’ll be you ... against the Native American, Tatanka ...

The crowd cheer excitedly again at the announcement.

RANDY SAVAGE: ... And I already know who the superstar is that is up for grabs. This is one of theeeee top stars in the world of wrestling and I want him on Raw. You understand me?

EDGE: Do I understand you, Savage? Understand you? I’ve got you worked out already ... But let me tell you one thing. I am the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ and I look after one person only – me! I heard my former partner earlier tonight saying that he doesn’t need me. Well, I don’t need anybody! Yeah, Savage, I understand you ...

RANDY SAVAGE: ... Then you’ll know how important it is that you beat Tatanka again then. And now it’s time for the main event. Ohhhh yeeeeaaaahhhh!

The Macho Man’s music hits and he leaves the stage with a wave to the crowd.

JIM ROSS: Join us after the break for the Main Event Tag Team match involving Edge here. He teams up with Carlito to face Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. Don’t go anywhere!


Raw returns with Edge still in the ring awaiting the other members of the main event match.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is a tag team contest set for one fall. Already in the ring, the ‘Rated R Superstar’ ... EDGE!

... And his partner, weighing in at 231 pounds from The Caribbean ... CARLITO!

Carlito heads out to the ring carrying a shiny red apple which he throws up and down in a cocky manner. He gets into the ring and raises his eyebrows at Edge who stares back at him.

JERRY LAWLER: I love this guy, Carlito!

JIM ROSS: Well somebody has to love him, King. The WWF Universe doesn’t seem to agree with you though!

JERRY LAWLER: That’s not cool!

The crowd explode as the music hits and the purple lights start swirling all around the arena

And their opponents ... First, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 215 pounds ... JEFF HARDY!

Jeff Hardy enters the arena with his hands and legs dancing in his own unique style. As the fireworks explode, he slaps hands with his fans as he heads to the ring before sliding into the ring and saluting his fans with the ‘Hardy salute’ from the corners of the ring.

JIM ROSS: The crowd are electric for the return of one of the World Wrestling Federation’s favourite sons ... the charismatic enigma that is Jeff Hardy!

JERRY LAWLER: I can hardly hear myself think, JR!

The fans cheer for another returning legend of the WWF with a large number of them joining in with the music to chant ‘You Suck!’ in a weird show of respect ...

And his partner ... from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 240 pounds ... he is an Olympic gold medal winner ... KURT ANGLE!

The fireworks explode behind Kurt Angle as he holds his hands up high, his gold medals swinging around his neck as he heads towards the ring decked out in red, white and blue.

JERRY LAWLER: And here is another legend of the WWF, JR ...

JIM ROSS: Yes, King, this man is a 13-time World Champion, was named ‘Wrestler of the Decade’ earlier this year and won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He is a true wrestling legend, never mind just a WWF legend, and he represents his country with pride.

In the ring, Carlito will start off for his team whilst Angle and Jeff discuss their starting tactics and Jeff stays in the ring to start.

Edge and Carlito vs. Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle

Carlito and Jeff circle each other for a moment giving Jeff chance to lock eyes with his former rival, Edge, in the corner. Whilst Edge talks smack to Jeff to distract him, Carlito rushes Jeff and starts to pummel him in the corner of the ring. With Jeff Hardy forced down into the corner, Carlito walks away distracting the referee while Edge chokes Hardy in the corner to the boos of the crowd. Jeff staggers to his feet and Carlito hits a running knee lift that shakes Hardy before hitting the ropes and delivering a clothesline before tagging in Edge. Looking a little weary from his earlier efforts, Edge goes to work on Hardy with kicks to the mid-section before uttering a few words in Kurt Angle’s direction to entice him into the ring. As the referee is distracted by Angle, Edge uses a closed fist to pummel Hardy before the referee drags him away.

A ‘Hardy!’ chant begins in the crowd as Edge is pulled away.

Edge walks over to tag in his partner Carlito but then runs over the ring and smashes into Angle and knocks him down where he lands awkwardly on the ringsteps. Edge, laughing, heads back to the corner of the ring. Carlito Irish Whips Jeff into their corner and uses the ropes to springboard into a back elbow smash as Jeff staggers to his feet. Carlito goes for the first cover of the match. 1 ... 2 ... Jeff kicks out. As Kurt Angle slowly gets back up to the ring apron in his corner of the ring, Carlito tags in Edge and they double team Jeff in the corner as the referee hands out a 4-count before Carlito exits. Edge lifts Hardy to his feet but he is hit by a reverse mule-kick from Hardy that sends Edge to the mat. Jeff begins to crawl towards his corner where Angle is waiting for the tag but Edge tags Carlito first and the Caribbean ‘Bad Apple’ prevents it.

JIM ROSS: Jeff Hardy needs to find a way to tag in Kurt Angle here. Can he find a way?


Raw returns showing footage of Jeff Hardy rallying against Carlito and making the tag to Kurt Angle.

JIM ROSS: Here comes the Gold medal winning Angle! Business will pick up now!

Angle begins to use his amateur background to take down Carlito before beginning to suplex the Caribbean several times. A clothesline takes Carlito down again and Kurt goes for the pinfall. 1 ... 2 ... So close for Kurt Angle! With Carlito in trouble, Angle starts to prepare for the ‘Angle Slam’ waiting and watching as Carlito slowly gets to his feet ... He starts to move towards Carlito at the perfect moment but suddenly, Edge charges across the ring and smashes Kurt with a spear!

JERRY LAWLER: Wait a minute, Edge isn’t legal is he?

JIM ROSS: The referee missed it, he was checking on Jeff Hardy. And now both legal men – Angle and Carlito – are down.

The referee begins his count as Jeff starts to stir outside the ring in the corner. Just Edge is on his feet, willing Carlito to cover Angle which he very slowly does ... 1 ... 2 ... No! Kurt Angle kicks out and Edge screams in frustration in the corner. Carlito makes the tag and Edge steams back into the ring with stiff kicks to Angle that forces him into the corner. He lifts the Olympian up and hits his Impaler DDT leaving Angle sprawled out on the mat. Edge retreats to the corner and begins to pull at his hair like a madman. Waiting to strike ... Angle gets up and Edge charges but misses ... Angle lifts him up and delivers the ‘Angle Slam’ but doesn’t have the energy to make the cover. As Jeff begins to urge his partner to make the tag, the crowd begin clapping and cheering Angle. He reaches out and makes the tag to Jeff who immediately heads for the top rope. He gives the ‘Hardy salute’ and dives off the ropes to deliver a stunning Swanton Bomb to the lifeless Edge ... Before Hardy can cover Edge though, Carlito rushes in and forces Jeff back into the corner with a series of punches. However, Jeff counters and responds with a ‘Whisper in the Wind’ to knock Carlito down and out of the ring. Jeff finally makes the cover on Edge ... 1 ... 2 ... Oh, so close for Jeff Hardy!

JIM ROSS: So close for Hardy ... but wait a minute, look who’s here.

The camera shows that Christian is walking down the ramp towards the ring. He stops at the bottom of the ramp watching the action ...

Jeff Hardy notices the approaching Christian and stares out of the ring to check he is staying there. Content, Jeff climbs the ropes to deliver a leg drop to Edge ... but Edge rolls out of the way and Jeff makes a tough landing. However, Kurt Angle makes the blind tag to his partner and enters the ring fired up and pulling down the straps of his outfit to reveal his chest. The crowd roar as he turns Edge over and hooks in the ankle lock submission hold with a grapevine to gain extra leverage. With the referee down with Edge, Christian makes a move and picks up Jeff Hardy outside the ring. He rams him into the steel ring steps forcefully causing Kurt Angle to release Edge and walk over to confront Christian. As Christian argues with Kurt from outside, Edge sneaks up behind Angle and drags him down into a schoolboy pinfall. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Edge pins Kurt Angle!

Here are your winners ... EDGE and CARLITO!

Kurt Angle turns and looks furious as he heads out of the ring after Christian. Christian starts to run away before heading back into the ring where Edge hits Angle with a vicious clothesline. A knowing smile spreads across Edge and Christian’s faces and they embrace each other ...

JIM ROSS: Oh my goodness! Could it be?

JERRY LAWLER: I think it might, JR! Edge and Christian! This reeks of ... awesomeness!

JIM ROSS: This would be huge news for Raw! They are one of the best tag teams ever in the WWF!

JERRY LAWLER: The best tag team ever, JR!

Edge and Christian both rush out of the ring and each pick up a steel chair before heading back into the ring. Carlito hobbles away to the back after a shrug of his shoulders with no intention of stopping them. As Angle staggers to his feet, both Edge and Christian swing their chairs and smash him on the side of the head to send him to the mat.

JIM ROSS: Good God Almighty, King, they nearly took his head off! Somebody has to stop this!

Christian heads out of the ring and picks up Jeff Hardy and rolls him back into the ring. As Jeff staggers to his feet, Edge smashes him hard in the head with a steel chair again to lay him down next to Angle. Christian brings two more chairs into the ring and the crowd realise what is coming ...

JERRY LAWLER: Oh no, JR, you know what’s coming next, don’t you?

JIM ROSS: Edge and Christian? Four chairs? Two opponents? It can only mean one thing ...

Edge slides a steel chair underneath the head of Kurt Angle whilst Christian does the same to Jeff Hardy. Both men pick up the remaining chairs and stand over the two fallen stars raising their chairs high above their heads ...

JERRY LAWLER: Here it comes ... ‘Con-chair-to’ to Hardy and Angle!

... and smash the chairs down onto the skulls of Angle and Hardy as the crowd jeers loudly ... although there are a few cheers mixed in amongst them. The old ‘Edge and Christian’ music hits ...

... and Edge and Christian leave the ring together celebrating the demise of their foes.

JIM ROSS: It looks official! Edge and Christian are back together and looking unstoppable ...

JERRY LAWLER: Oh my! But what state are Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle going to be in next week on Monday Night Raw?

JIM ROSS: We’ll have to see but I think it’s going to benefit Edge ... and Carlito as well ... next week on Raw as they take part in their Quarter Final matches. Join us for that! Good night!
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