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WWF Nitro

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sorry bout my comments before...i wasnt in a good mood(bad day e.t.c.)

WWF Nitro
Greensboro Colisuem - Greensboro, North Carolina

Music blasted through the arena as the pyro’s exploded sending the crowd wild as a spotlight dropped to a single figure in the darkened ring.

Paul Heyman: ‘Good evening sports fans and welcome to the first show, the premier, the beginning of an era in wrestling. That’s right wrestling not sports entertainment, WRESTLING.’ Heyman paused for the applause from the crowd before he began to speak again. ‘I know what you’re all wondering…what’s going on I came here for Raw but instead I get a balding fat man in the ring. Guess what? There is no Raw anymore…I killed it. Years ago Vince Mcmahon ran my company out of business and ran its memory and its stars into the dust, but I didn’t curl up and die like I was supposed to, I worked hard and wormed my way into WWE becoming invaluable and slowly building up stock, not only did I do this but I slowly built up stock in other companies, TNA, MLW, ROH, CZW and every other fed that popped up since the fold of ECW…I was there. My money was working in the background but it wasn’t enough I needed the WWE so I approached another man…’

‘I’m back’ hits as Eric Bischoff walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring shaking Heyman’s hand.

Bischoff: ‘He approached me, Vince killed my company too and then had the nerve to offer me a job but I turned it to my advantage by buying stocks, shares, contracts. I was biding my time till I was approached by this man, the mad scientist of wrestling, Paul Heyman. We plotted and schemed and combined our stock giving us 50% of the WWE…joint ownership with McMahon…That’s not what we wanted we wanted Vince gone his dreams as dead as ours had been. We had a little hostile takeover but Vince isn’t has stupid as we give him credit for he took his shares, he took the wrestlers he could get and ran to create his new WWE by buying stocks in other companies but we were there.’

Heyman: ‘We threw Vince out on his ass then we took our shares in TNA, ROH, WWE etcetera etcetera etcetera. We amalgamated them and tonight you see the fruits of our labour the new and improved future of wrestling the new W…W…F.’

Bischoff: ‘That’s right Vince we got the rights to the name you never could and tonight is going to be the first of our gold rush tournament matches for the WWF title as well as other title matches…’

Jarrett: ‘Hey slow down there’ said Jarrett as he came on stage. ‘New Champions? You may be surprised to find it but this is the NWA world championship, Vince has John Cena so since you don’t have a WWE title this instantly becomes the big one and I become the champion of the world’

‘Animal’ hits as the suited up Batista stands on stage.

Batista: ‘They may not have Cena but they do have me the World Heavyweight champion, as far as I see that makes me the champion and makes you right out of luck.’

Heyman: ‘Gentlemen, Gentlemen I believe you are overlooking two things, me and my partner, we make the matches and the champions and effectively immediately you two are stripped of your titles and entered into the Gold rush tournament which begins in about two and a half minutes’.

---Commercial Break---

JR: ‘I have no idea what’s going on but apparently I’m working for Bischoff and Heyman now and all I can say about that is Dear God’

Tazz: ‘don’t worry JR everything will be fine I’m sure looking at our card we have some great talent and some rocket buster matches tonight.’

‘Sexy boy’ hits as Shawn Michaels struts his way down to the ring to await his opponent in the gold rush tournament.

‘Next big thing’ hits as Brock Lesnar becomes to walk down the ramp to the ring.
1st round match
Brock Lesnar V Shawn Michaels

The two men stare each other down for a second as Lesnar signals for a title around his waist. Shawn is the first out of the blocks as he hits Brock with a flying clothesline taking the big man down before he pops right back up, HBK goes for another but Brock catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Brock locks on a sleeper hold for a few seconds before lifting him up into a vertical suplex which drops him on his injured back. Brock grabs Shawn as he makes his way to his feet and drives him into a corner and follows up with shoulders to the gut and a elbow to his face in the corner. Brock whips HBK to the opposite corner and quickly follows after for a clothesline, Michaels side steps Lesnar who crashes into the corner as Michaels begins to open up on him with rights. Michaels battles Lesnar into the ropes, he bounces off the opposite ropes and comes back with a flying clothesline taking both him and Lesnar to the outside. Lesnar lands on his feet and gains the upper hand on the fallen Michaels by stamping on him harshly before grabbing him and sending him into the ring steps, ‘The title is min’ screams Lesnar as he picks up HBK and drops him onto the ring steps. Michaels is whipped into the barrier and gets some knees to the sternum before getting whipped into the apron, Lesnar climbs into the ring and pulls Michaels onto the apron by his hair, Michaels grabs Lesnars neck and pulls his throat across the top rope in a stunner like move. Lesnar bounces back into the ring as HBK climbs from the apron onto the top turnbuckle. HBK leaps and drives his elbow into the chest of Lesnar 1…2…Kick out. Lesnar quickly gets to his feet as Michaels bounces to the ropes, HBK comes back and gets turned inside out by the clothesline from Lesnar, HBK gets dragged to his feet and hoisted onto the shoulders of Lesnar who signals for the F-5. Lesnar twirls Shawn but the F-5 gets countered into DDT by Michaels who kips up onto his feet sending the crowd crazy. Michaels signals for the sweet chin music as he heads to the corner and starts to strike up the band for Lesnar, Lesnar starts to slowly get up to his feet as the beats get faster, HBK launches forward only to have his foot caught, Lesnar spins HBK before grabbing him in a bearhug, Lesnar shakes HBK violently as the ref comes in and raises Michaels hand. The hand drops one…twice…HBK stops it on the third try and begins to open up with punches until Lesnar puts him down. HBK lands a knee to the gut and whips Lesnar into the ropes, Michaels hits an armdrag which he turns into an armbar before Michaels changes into a headlock. Lesnar fights back and drops Michaels on his back before flopping his body on top, 1…2…Kick out. Lesnar is seething as he stands to his feet and drags HBK up before viciously hitting him with Knee to the chest and face one after the other before he throws him into the air with a double underhook suplex, 1…2…Kick out. Lesnar pulls HBK to his feet by his hair again but HBK fights back and throws punches at Lesnar, HBK sets Lesnar up for a Hurricanrana but Lesnar counters and powerbombs HBK into the mat without releasing him, Lesnar lifts him and hits him with another powerbomb. Lesnar still doesn’t release HBK as he lifts him and repositions HBK across his shoulders and hits the F-5. One…Two…Three.
Winner advancing to second round: Brock Lesnar

Kane walks backstage looking for someone

Kane: Undertaker…Undertaker, I know you’re here

Kane waits but there isn’t any reply or sign of The Undertaker

Kane You have returned to being a monster, just like me but still both of us have been left out of the tournament for the gold, we should teach everyone not to overlook us, just give me a sign and we will be entered into the tag tournament and we will show everyone what it truly takes to be destructive.

Kane waits for something and the lights suddenly go purple and the mist rolls in, Kane smiles and nods before walking away

Commercial Break

JR We’ve just been handed some news tonight will see a three way dance for the first place in the Cruiserweight title match at our first PPV Mind Games, the first match in the intercontinental title tournament will take place tonight and also in tonight’s main event there will be a tag team turmoil match to crown new tag team champions.

Taz that’s right we already know some of the team entered into the WGTT, AMW, the Dudley boys, the Hardys and apparently the Brothers of Destruction. Now that should be a rocket buster. We’ll we thought up next was the cruiser weight match but by the fact Randy Orton is in the ring I guess he’s up next.

Randy I’m back, Undertaker and Batista broke my shoulder but I’m back and I’m 100%. I’m 100% fit 100% healthy and 100% pi$$ed off, The Undertaker beat me sure but did he have to damage my shoulder, hell no, he put me out for three months and jeopardised my carrier but I wont let that stop me. The Undertaker also ended my streak as the Legend killer but Undertaker you’re in look I’ve set my sights else where for the moment. While I sat at home I watched TV and DVD a lot, I watched my old wrestling tapes, I made a list and checked it twice of legend to kill now this is when I came across the DVD ‘The Rise and Fall of ECW’ I watched it over and over again, I also watched Raw and Smackdown and all the time I heard E-C-Dub chanted by you freaks. (Crowd chants E-C-Dub) The I saw ECW’s one night stand and I decided the next legend to kill, this time it isn’t a person it’s a whole company E-C-W. Now I sat at home and decided the best way to do this that would solidify me as a legend and I decided the best way to do that would be to get those who personified ECW and take them down one by one in their own types of matches. The first on my list is Steven Richards…come on now Stevie don’t be shy I know you’re back there, I know Heyman has a crush on you and traded Vince for you…all Vince got was a doughnut but he thought it was more then worth it so come on get out here Stevie.

JR Oh come on that is uncalled for Steven Richards is a great wrestler as you can testify Taz.

Taz That’s right JR, Stevie is a great competitor and is as tough as they come…speaking of which here he comes.

Stevie came onto the stage at the top of the ramp carrying a chair and walks down to the ring staring at Orton. Stevie rolls into the ring and stares at Randy. Stevie rushes at Randy who dodges out of the way and catches him with a dropkick to the chair as he bounces back off the ropes. Randy drags Stevie up and delivers an RKO onto the chair, Stevie goes down as Randy rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring to pull out a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Randy grabs a microphone.

Randy I borrowed or should that be stole Barbie from Foley because I saw her as the perfect way to kill ECW, so Stevie say ECW is dead.

Randy stood over Steven Richards who was slowly sturring, Randy drops to his knee and pulls back Richard’s hair while shoving the mic into his face.

Steven Richards Never.

Randy drags the barbed bat across Stevie’s face before hitting him hard in the face with it, Randy kicks the bleeding Stevie out of the ring and grabs the mic again.

Orton whether he says it or not ECW is dead I have killed the legend and to prove it I will end Stevie’s carrier.

the crowd goes crazy as Tommy Dreamer slid into the ring behind Orton with a Singapore cane in hand.

Orton turns round only to get the Singapore cane across the head knocking him down, Randy quickly gets up and runs straight into a DDT from Tommy onto the chair that Stevie brought to the ring. Tommy grabs Barbie in one hand and the cane in the other and seemed to be sizing up his options, he decides to let the crowd decide as he holds up his cane and listens to the cheers and then Barbie which causes the crowd to go wild. Tommy drops the cane and hits Orton across the back with Barbie. Tommy grabs the mic as Orton flops around in pain.
Tommy : It’ll take more then a little punk like you to kill ECW, ECW is for life.

Tommy throws the mic on Randy and goes to leave the ring, he suddenly looks like he changed his mind and goes back for his cane which he hits Orton with before leaving.

in the owners office, Heyman is laughing whilst Bischoff shakes his head

Heyman Trying to Kill ECW what and idiot.

Bischoff why would he be an idiot I killed ECW before.

Heyman You didn’t kill anything, yeah you put us out of business but you didn’t kill anything to this day people still chant ECW but I’ve never heard a chant for WCW.

Bischoff that’s just losers chanting for other losers if that’s how you want your company to be remembered that’s fine by me.

Heyman Losers! we’ll see about that. Tommy Dreamer versus Randy Orton at the PPV in a Singapore Cane match.

Commercial Break


Jericho Hey Chrislooks like we’ve both been overlooked again

Benoit tell me about it I’m just about ready to march into the office and demand a place in either the world heavyweight or Intercontinental tournaments.

Jericho I tried that already but the brackets are set and contracts written but Heyman did say I could enter the Tag turmoil as long as I could find a partner which is why I’m here.

Benoit I don’t even have to think about it I’m in and I will show Chris Benoit is for real.

JR Welcome back and if you missed it just before the break the first match for Mind Games has been announced Randy Orton versus Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane match and boy would I hate to be Orton going against Dreamer in his signature match.

Taz seeing that the competitors are already in the ring now would be a good time to have the first cruiserweight match to decide the competitors who will fight for the cruiser weight title at Mind Games.

1st match in the Cruiserweight tournament
Michael Shane v Teddy Hart v Tajiri

The bell rings as the three circle each other ready to attack, tajiri rushes at Teddy Hart who catches him with a drop toe hold taking him to the mat, Shane stamps on Tajiri before him and Teddy lift him up into position for a vertical suplex, Tajiri lands hard and the two pick him up again fro the double team. Tajiri gets hoisted into a vertical suplex position again but Tajiri counters into a double DDT. Michael Shane is first to his feet and gets a stiff kick to his head for his trouble, Teddy is next and gets the same, Tajiri doesn’t get all of it and Teddy quickly gets to his knees. Tajiri sizes him up for another as Michael Shane gets him with a roll up, 1…2…Kick out. Tajiri starts to hit Shane with stiff kicks to the midsection until Hart grabs him and throws him over the top rope, teddy hits a clothesline on Shane who rolls to his feet and into another clothesline. Shane kips up and knocks Teddy to the floor with a spinning heel kick, Michael drags him to his feet and whips him to the ropes, Tajiri low bridges Teddy as he falls to the outside. Tajiri grabs Teddy and goes to throw him back into the ring when both are hit with a baseball slide sending both men to the floor, Michael stomps on Tajiri before he moves to Teddy to repeat the procedure. Shane grabs Teddy by the hair and pulls him up into a piledriver position but gets kicked in the back of the head from Tajiri and backdropped onto the concrete by Teddy. Tajiri rolls Teddy into the ring and opens up with kicks again, Teddy catches one of the kicks and swipes his other leg with a kick of his own, Teddy drops his knee into the leg of Tajiri and lifts him up for a suplex, Tajiri floats over and locks on a hammerlock, Hart counters into one of his own. Shane flies out of nowhere from the turnbuckle and dropkicks both to the floor. Teddy rolls around like he might have hurt his arm causing the ref to go check on him, Tajiri walks over to Shane who was hanging half way out of the ring and pulls him in. Shane swings and hits Tajiri with a chair straight to the head, Tajiri stumbles around a little as Shane tosses the chair away and turns back to Tajiri straight into the green mist just as Tajiri collapses. Shane yells and rubs his eyes as he steps backwards into a roll up from Teddy Hart who now seems fine, 1…2…3.
Winner Teddy Hart

Teddy gets his arm raised as he seems to shake off the pain in his other arm and seems ecstatic while Michael Shane can’t believe it and beats his fists on the ring.

Taz Where the hell did Shane get that chair?

JR if you watch the replay you can see while Teddy and Tajiri were busy in the ring Shane set the chair against the apron, when the ref had his back turned he used it but Teddy Hart still won and goes on to Mind Games to fight the winner of next weeks match and he seems overjoyed with that.

Edge hits the ring ready for his match in the Intercontinental tournament match and waits for his opponent.

Christian’s music hits and Edge waits for his brother to come to the ring for their match but he doesn’t.

JR Christian isn’t coming out and it’s not like him to miss a match.

Taz I don’t know if you can hear this JR but I’m getting something over my headset that says something has happened backstage.

Backstage Christian lies beaten and bloody surrounded by refs and wrestlers
Tomko Christian buddy you okay?

Bischoff what the hell is going on? Christian are you okay? Okay call an ambulance.

Back in the ring Edge stands smiling in the ring as the ref tells the announcer something who climbs into the ring with a mike

announcer This match has been deemed no contest and the ref has said that Edge advances in the Intercontinental title tournament.

JR This is a crying shame and oh god look at Edge he looks like he just won the title.

Taz Well he did win the match and that’s one step closer to the title even if he did win by no contest.

Edge made his way up the ramp as Tyson Tomko burst through the curtain and clotheslined him onto the floor.

JR I guess Tomko thinks Edge had something to do with this attack on Christian and he isn’t shy about showing it.

Tomko drags Edge up and drives him head first into the Nitro set before mounting his body and hitting him with several punches, referees and security start to enter the arena to stop Tomko as he continues to punch away on Edge. Tomko lifts Edge above his head and body press drops him onto the stage and starts to walk over to JR and Taz, he grabs JR’s headset and begins to speak into the mic.

Tomko Edge you may think you’ve won but you haven’t won anything yet, Bischoff has reversed the referees decision so next week it’s you and me one on one for the spot in the Intercontinental title match.

Commercial Break

‘Medal’ hits as Kurt Angle comes to the ring and waits for his opponent ‘Lie, Cheat and Steal’ plays as his opponent Eddie Guerrero drives out in his low rider and dances in his seat to the crowd delight before he slides into the ring.

1st round match
Kurt Angle V Eddie Guerrero

Eddie poses on the turnbuckle for the crowd and Angle takes the early advantage before the bell rings and jumps up to catch Guerrero with a superplex, Guerrero counters and elbows Angle off and to the mat before coming down with a frog splash 1…2…Kick out. Kurt slides away from Eddie and catches him with a double leg takedown as he comes towards him, Eddie rolls out and gets a clothesline on Kurt as he gets to his feet, Eddie knocks him down with another, Eddie goes for a third but Kurt ducks bounces into the ropes and catches Eddie with his own on the way back, Kurt drags Eddie to his feet and hits a snap suplex. Eddie reels from the pain before rolling to his feet, Kurt rushes him only to get back dropped over the ropes but he lands on the apron and drags Eddies neck across the rope, Kurt rolls back in the ring to Eddie who was holding his neck and locks on an STF. Eddie screams in pain as he slowly edges towards the rope he gets the rope but Kurt keeps the lock held on till the ref counted to four. Kurt taunts the crowd before he heads back to Eddie and gets kicked in the chest for his trouble, Eddie rolls to his feet and catches Kurt with a back body drop as he runs at him, Eddie showboats to the crowd again as Kurt gets him from behind with a German suplex and another and he goes for the third only to get stopped, Eddie reverses into his own German suplex and a roll up 1…2…kick out. Eddie stamps on Kurt a few times before he gets to his feet, the two stare at each other for a second before circling one another, both go for a lock up and wrestle back and forwards a little before Eddie takes the upper hand and wrestles Kurt to the corner, the lock up is broken by the ref and Eddie backs off a little, Kurt slaps Eddie in the face and Eddie slaps him back and they go straight back into the lock up this time with Kurt getting the upperhand as he takes Eddie down with a leg trip before rolling over into a sleeper on Guerrero. Eddie struggles as he makes it to his knees and fights back with some punches to the gut as he makes it to his feet, Guerrero gets a back suplex into a pin cover One…two…Kick out. Kurt gets to his feet as Eddie comes from behind him and grabs him with an ANGLE SLAM, Eddie dances to the crowd as he walks to the turnbuckle and starts to climb the turnbuckle going for his frog splash, Kurt rolls up and sprints up the turnbuckle and catches Guerrero with a top rope belly to belly suplex, the two bodies collide with the ref sending him crashing to the floor, Angle quickly flops onto Guerrero for the pin but there’s no pin. Kurt checks on the ref before climbing out of the ring to retrieve a chair, Angle rolls back into the ring and raises the chair which gets dropkicked into his skull. Eddie climbs onto the apron and hits the Hi-low on Kurt, Eddie raises Kurt to his feet and throws him to the ropes, Kurt reverses and whips Eddie to the ropes and follows up with a clothesline taking them both to the floor.

Commercial Break

When we come back the revived ref is trying to get both men back into the ring as they exchange chops on the outside. Eddie slams Kurt’s head into the apron and rolls into the ring before whipping him into the turnbuckle, Eddie follows him in but Kurt side steps, Eddie jumps up top like a cat and comes back instantly with a cross body which misses as Kurt ducks and Eddie takes out the ref again. Kurt sets the chair into a sitting position and sets Eddie into position for the Angle Slam, Eddie goes up and floats over and grabs Kurt planting him with a DDT to the mat, Guerrero checks on the ref which allows Kurt to roll ro his feet and get Guerrero with another German Suplex. Kurt begins to climb the turnbuckle as a new ref enters the ring and counts, Angle steadies himself on the top rope as Guerrero rolls to his feet, Angle is going for his moonsault when Guerrero copies his earlier move runs up the turnbuckle and gets him with a reverse Hurricanrana from the top onto the set up chair. Kurt bounces away holding his ribs as Guerrero hops back onto the turnbuckle and comes of with a frog splash, One…Two…Three.
Winner Eddie Guerrero

JR Eddie Guerrero looks happy with his victory.

Taz Well Kurt Angle doesn’t look that happy and how long do you think Eddie will be happy when he realises he takes on Brock Lesnar in two weeks?

JR He’s beat him before I think he can do it again by god.

Backstage in the managers office Jeff Jarrett is talking to Bischoff

Jarrett I still don’t believe I don’t get to keep my title or even have a one on one match with Batista to decide the champ. Eric this is exactly the sort of crap that used to happen in WCW and I blame you, you couldn’t you couldn’t run a wrestling organisation to save your own life except into the ground.

Bischoff You know what Jarrett this isn’t your show, you’re not in charge here but I will take your comments into advisement that’s why next week in the gold rush tournament its you versus Batista.

Jarrett doesn’t seem too happy about this as we cut back to the ring.

Tag Team Turmoil Match for the WWF World Tag Team Championship
‘Stand back there’s a Hurricane coming through’ hits as Hurricane and Rosey come out to the ring. Charlie Haas runs from the back and knocks Hurricane down from behind as he signals for someone to come out, Shelton Benmjamin comes out and doesn’t look too happy wit jumping the superheroes but quickly changes his mind and superkicks a charging Rosey. Rosey goes down as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin double team Hurricane with a suplex to the ramp, Haas marches Hurricane to the ring and rolls him in before he starts to climb the turnbuckle, Hurricane gets up and bounces into the ropes crotching Charlie Haas on the top, Hurricane climbs up top and gives the thumbs up to the crowd before hitting Haas with a snap suplex and going for the pin one…two…kick out. Haas rolls away from Hurricane and tags in Shelton while Hurricane yells to Rosey who is still out and looks like he banged his head hard as refs tend to him, Shelton stands and waits for Hurricane to get his partner but Haas tags himself back in and chastises Shelton as he hits Hurricane with a running elbow to the back of the head taking him to the floor. Haas drags Hurricane to the centre of the ring before locking on the Haas of pain, Hurricane screams in pain as Rosey comes round and groggily stumbles to the ring. Hurricane reaches the bottom rope and the ref makes Haas break the hold and begins to stomp on Hurricane, Rosey rolls into the ring and clotheslines Haas to the floor, Benjamin gets in the ring and gets a Samoan drop for his trouble, Rosey drags Hurricane to the corner and tags himself in. Rosey opens up on Haas in the corner he just threw him to, he catches a charging Benjamin with a back elbow before throwing him over the top rope and going back after Haas, Haas gets a thumb to the eye and catches Rosey with a boot to the groin, Hurricane enters and catches Haas with a flying forearm and then starts to climb the turnbuckle. Hurricane comes of the top with an elbow to the chest of Haas before he hits a plancha over the top rope onto Benjamin who was climbing back to the apron. Rosey grabs Haas and whips him to the ropes, Haas comes back and Rosey hits him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Rosey jumps around the ring before striking his superhero pose and begins to climb the turnbuckle he comes off with the Money shot, one…two…three.
Eliminated The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Shelton rolls in the ring to late and helps Charlie to his feet as the Dudley’s music hits, Charlie shoves Shelton and Shelton shoves him back as the Dudleys hit the ring and attack Hurricane on the outside, refs usher Shelton and Charlie who are still arguing to the back so the match can continue. Bubba slides into the ring and hits Rosey with the bionic elbow before hitting an elbow drop on the big man. Hurricane rushes Bubba but gets a flapjack, Hurricane bounces up quickly Bubba punches him three times, dances and hits him with a bionic elbow. Bubba screams at Rosey and stamps on his head before grabbing Hurricane and whipping him to the corner where D-von stands, D-von gets Hurricane with a sleeper. Bubba follows Hurricane to the corner and stomps away at Hurricane before tagging D-Von in and hitting Hurricane with a Snapmare as D-Von climbed up top and came off the top connecting and connected with the Wassup headbutt. Bubba rolls out of the ring as Rosey comes from behind and slams D-von into the corner, Rosey drags D-vons body to the corner and hits a slingshot into the top turnbuckle, Hurricane has reached the turnbuckle and wants a tag and Rosey obliges. Hurricane approaches D-von in the corner and gives the thumbs up to the crowd, Bubba sprints across the ring and takes out Rosey from the apron the ref goes to admonish Bubba about his attack as Little Spike Dudley slides into the ring grabs Hurricane and runs up the turnbuckle with the Dudley Dog. D-von drops across Hurricane as the ref counts, One…Two…Three.
Eliminated Hurricane and Rosey

Rosey helps Hurricane out of as the bells begin to toll as the Brothers of Destruction come out on stage and slowly walk down to the ring as the Dudleys minus Spike who the ref threw out stand in the ring waiting, Undertaker and Kane step onto the apron and the Dudleys try and rush them but the brothers hold of the Dudleys till they get in the ring where they start to open up with punches. The brothers of destruction whip the Dudleys into the ropes and hit them with Stereo big boots. The crowd go crazy as the two brothers stare at the other boys lying on the floor. Kane and Undertaker stalk the Dudley boys as they slowly stumbled to their feet, Undertaker and Kane grabbed the Dudleys by the throat and lift the two, they paused for a second for those who have flash photography. The two drew their thumbs across their neck in a cut throat gesture before raising the Dudleys and positioning them for the tombstone piledriver, the Dudleys get dropped and the Undertaker goes for the pin on Bubba, one…two…broken. Undertaker turns his head to look at Kane who repeated his attack and began to stomp on his brother, Kane whipped Taker to the rope and followed after knocking both him and Taker to the floor. The ref began his count 1, Kane stomped on Undertaker as he slowly got to his feet, Undertaker gets whipped into the steel steps 2, Kane grabs the guy holding the tag belts and clips Undertaker in the head with the belt before grabbing a chair and opening up on Takers arms with several shots, the ref counts to five as Kane’s attack continues. Kane whips Taker into the ring post then drags his face across the apron before throwing him into the other set of ring steps,7. Kane drags Undertaker to the ramp and hoists him up into position for the tombstone, Undertaker bounces onto the ramp as Kane laughs, 9. Kane begins to back up the ramp as the ref counts to ten and rings the bell, Undertaker sits bolt upright and stares at Kane who smiles back at him.
Eliminated The Undertaker and Kane

The Hardys streak past Undertaker and Kane to the ring and they climbed the opposite turnbuckles as both Dudleys remained layed out on the floor, Matt and Jeff posed for the crowd before Jeff hit the Swanton on D-von and Matt hit the Leg Drop on Bubba, both go for the cover, One…Two…Three.
Eliminated the Dudley boys

Screams fill the arena as ‘sexy boy’ hits and Shawn Michaels and Michael Shane strut out to the ramp.

Taz what’s going on JR these two aren’t entered.

JR Well these cousins both lost their matches earlier this evening and it looks like they have been allowed to enter the Turmoil.

HBK and Shane slide into the ring as the Hardys rush them, the two duck the attack and knock them into the ropes before following on with stereo-clotheslines, HBK and Shane go over the ropes with the Hardys but keep a tight grip and both skin the cat and dance to the crowd. The two bounce into the ropes on the opposite side and come back to where they hit a vault over the ropes onto the Hardys. The crowd go wild as HBK whips Matt into the ring and follows him in while Michael goes to the corner, HBK whips Matt to the ropes and grabs him with a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. Matt rolls around on the floor as HBK tags in Michael Shane, Shane stomps on Hardy before bouncing into the ropes and catching him with a headscissors, Hardy quickly rolls to his feet and is caught with a hurricanrana, Shane runs at Jeff but Jeff catches him with a punch dropping him o his knees, Matt drop kicks Shane in the back and drops into a sleeper hold, Shane fights back with elbows and gets to his feet but Matt hits the Flashback and takes him to the floor. Jeff tags himself in and whips Michael to the ropes and catches him coming back with a neck breaker, Shane is quickly to his feet and is caught with a snap suplex, Jeff drops both his legs across Michaels body and drags him to his feet, Shane gets whipped to the corner but reverses it and follows Jeff in, Jeff climbs the turnbuckle and hits a whisper in the wind before rolling over and tagging in Matt, Matt climbs into the ring just as Michael tags in his cousin, HBK clotheslines Matt down and then catches him with another as he gets back up. HBK lifts him to his feet and caught him with a side suplex, Shawn flops over one…Two…Broken up by Jeff Hardy. Michael Shane rushes into the ring and opens up on Jeff before clotheslining over the top rope and following him where he continued the attack. Matt gained the upper hand on HBK and caught him with the Side effect, One…T…Kickout. Michaels kips up and catches Hardy with a Sweet Chin Music but doesn’t get all of it, With the ref distracted Shane takes the opportunity to cheat and connects with a chair shot to Jeff. Matt slowly gets to his feet and turns into a superkick from Shane who just rolled in the ring, Michaels drops onto Hardy, One…Two…Three.
Eliminated Hardy Boys

The count down starts as ‘King of the world’ plays and Jericho and Benoit start to sprint down the ramp, Shane slides to the outside and catches Benoit with a stiff chair shot to the head. HBK knocks Jericho down with a right hand before wrestling the chair from Shane’s hands and admonishing him for cheating.

JR Michael Shane should be disqualified for cheating and I tell you Shawn Michaels does not seem pleased with the actions of his cousin.

Taz You’re wrong JR Benoit and Jericho were not in the ring so the match hadn’t officially started so whatever you can do to win the match is okay by me.

Commercial Break

When we come back from the break Benoit is landing his third German suplex on Michael Shane, Benoit bleeds from the head after the chair shot but it seems that it’s Shane who is in the worse shape. Benoit bridges afte the final suplex, one…tw…Kickout, Benoit grabs Shane with a snap suplex before locking on an armbar, Shane screams in pain as he reaches over and grabs the bottom rope, Benoit breaks the hold and tags in Jericho. Jericho drags Shane to the centre of the ring and jumps onto the ropes for the Lionsault, Shane gets his knees up and Jericho rolls on the floor holding his ribs as HBK gets tagged in, HBK explodes on Jericho and continuously knocks him down, Jericho is whipped to the ropes and comes back into a reverse atomic drop, Michaels jumps up and catches Jericho with a hurricanrana taking the Canadian to the mat, HBK follows up with some punches. Jericho rolls up and faces off against HBK and both bounce into the opposite ropes and fly towards each other, Jericho drops to the floor as HBK sails past into the ropes and comes back catching Jericho with the Crucifix pin, one…two…thr…Kickout. Jericho and HBK quickly get to their feet and Jericho slaps HBK before tagging in Benoit, Benoit clotheslines HBK down and stomps on the man before bringing him to his feet and slams his head into the turnbuckle before opening up with Knife edge chops, one, two, three, four. HBK counters and throws Benoit into the turnbuckle before opening up with his own chops, after a few Benoit headbutts HBK before coming out with a clothesline. Tag to Jericho, Jericho comes into the ring and goes straight for the Walls of Jericho, HBK fights back but Jericho finally gets it locked on in the centre of the ring, Shane rushes into the ring but Benoit saves his partner by dropping Shane into the cross face. Shane taps like mad whilst HBK fights for the ropes so Jericho breaks the hold, Benoit also breaks the cross face and goes back to his corner, Shane goes to the corner where he is quickly tagged in by HBK. Shane and Jericho go into a collar and elbow tie up and Jericho forces into the corner, Jericho gives a clean break but Shane gives a thumb to the eye before slamming Jericho face first into the turnbuckle, Shane rakes the eyes again as Benoit comes into the ring to help his partner. Michael Shane tags in HBK as Benoit checks on Jericho, Jericho thinking it is Shane elbows his partner in the face, Benoit turns into the Sweet Chin music, Jericho turns around as Michaels connects with the Sweet Chin Music again. Jericho and Benoit are out as Shane calls for the tag, HBK obliges and tags in his young cousin, Shane climbs the turnbuckle and comes off with the patented elbow drop onto Jericho, One…Two…Three.
Winners and new WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Michael Shane

The belts are handed the two who dance around for the crowd and celebrate before slowly walking up the ramp, Benoit gets to his feet as the crowd cheer for him and Jericho. Benoit smiles and helps Jericho to his feet where both enjoy the applause, a clothesline knocks Jericho down as Benoit seems to seethe with anger, he drags Jericho up by his hair and hits three German suplexes on Jericho. Benoit locks the cross face onto Jericho as Jericho taps wildly, the refs run to the ring to separate the two as the show fades out.
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First of all, if you want to make the show realistic you can not have it called WWF. The World Wildlife Fund won a lawsuit in 2002 forcing Vince McMahon to change the name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

A very unrealistic segment with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff. It was in character, but Paul Heyman had no money at the end of ECW. The fact was he was in a lot of debt in owed wages and other things. So how could he buy stock in the WWF, MLW, CZW, NWA TNA and other companies? Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman would never work together, it just is not logical considering it was Eric Bischoff who put ECW out of business whilst Vince McMahon supported and promoted it. Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman could also never get the name WWF, because the World Wildlife Fund has had the name since 1963 (when the organisation started) and so would always win a lawsuit.

I do not see why Jeff Jarrett would have the NWA World Title. The National Wrestling Alliance would have taken it back and stripped Jarrett. It's good to see though that you are having a tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. Hopefully the final match will be Batista/Jeff Jarrett, considering you've put a bit of build up to a feud in there.

Why would Jim Ross join Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman? Jim Ross does not like Paul Heyman anyway, and actually left WCW to join the WWE. That's a bit strange, but it's nothing major. Michael Cole or Jonathan Coachman would have been better choices.

Good to see Brock Lesnar go through in the tournament over Shawn Michaels. It's a good win over an established star and continues to make him look like 'the next big thing'. Again I was confused as to why Shawn Michaels was there considering he has been loyal to the WWE for so long.

Not sure about why the Undertaker would leave the WWE, considering he has been with the WWE since 1990. I'm not really sure about teaming Undertaker and Kane up either, but it seems that you have a very big main event scene, so that might happen to a lot of people. It was a good segment with Kane and the Undertaker though.

A good talk from Randy Orton. I think you went a bit over the top with saying that Vince McMahon traded Steven Richards for a donut, because Richards is a very good wrestler. I like the idea of Randy Orton taking out ECW one at a time, but I'm not sure what Paul Heyman would think about it. Hopefully you will also use Steven Richards on Nitro in the future. Great to see Tommy Dreamer back and in action. Hopefully you can build up this feud further on other shows, and they should have a great match.

It's good to see that you actually have Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff feuding over WCW and ECW. Nice to see that you have got Randy Orton and Tommy Dreamer on pay per view in a singapore cane match.

I do not see the point in having Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in the tag team division. Agai to me it seems that you have too many main eventers, because in my opinion there is no way that Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Undertaker or Kane are tag team wrestlers. But I suppose it's better to have them in the tag team division than not at all. Who does the WWE have left though?

It didn't really matter who won the three way Cruiserweight match. I think any of them would have a great match with any other cruiserweight, and hopefully Teddy Hart will not win the Cruiserweight Title.

It seemed to me like there wasn't much time between the Cruiserweight three way match and the beginning of the Intercontinental Title tournament. Also I would think about renaming this title, as Vince McMahon would surely own it.

Not to sure about who attacked Christian, but hopefully it can lead to a good feud. The obvious person would be Edge, who was going to have a match with Christian, but hopefully it was somebody else. A good decision in my opinion to have the match continue next week with Tyson Tomko taking Christian's place.

It's nice to see that you had Eddie Guerrero advance. It didn't really matter which advanced to me because they are both fantastic wrestlers who could have block buster matches with any wrestler.

Great to see that next week Jeff Jarrett and Batista will be in a tournament match.

Good to see that you had the World Tag Team Titles in the main event. I'm not too sure about having a tag team turmoil match though because it would probably be too long. As I said earlier I'm not sure about having Kane and Undertaker teaming together and the same with Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, the Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Shawn Michaels and Michael Shane. You do though have a great tag team division, and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

I think this show was a good one, certainly a lot better than your last one. I think that some of the matches could have been saved for a pay per view, but that's up to you.

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