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WWF Champion: Vacant
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: D'Lo Brown
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku
WWF Woman's Champion: Jacqueline

WWF Judgment Day
October 18th, 1998
Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, Illinois

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline)
I have no idea why this is here, IDK What kind of gay shit Mero and Russo be doing but it needs to stop. Double J comes out and tries to get Mero to leave so he can take his place but ref Tim White refuses and so does Mero. This is one of those extended RAW matches, it serves no purpose and just wastes everyone time. Snow keeps talking to head, while Mero keeps motioning to head and acts like its some demonic monster in the corner. This also has the shitty 98 style of shitty punches, clotheslines and distractions. Mero hits the low blow and follows up with a DDT for two, the match finally ends after a boring 7 minutes when Al drops him with the Snowplow for the win. *

The DOA & Paul Ellering vs. LOD 2000 & Droz
This happens, I hope to god it's the end. They've been feuding since April or May? FUCK ME! It's 6 minutes, nothing they haven't done in the past, they work the 98 brawl style. No one comes out looking better, and everyone comes out looking worse. I miss DRUNK Hawk :( DOA isolate Droz and it's terrible, they cut the ring off with chokes and punches for a few minutes. Hawk gets the hot tag and cleans house. LOD hit the Doomsday Device, but Droz covers for the win. After the match; Hawk doesn't seem to happy about his spotlight being stolen. *

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Christian (w/Gangrel) vs. TAKA Michinoku (w/Mr Yamaguchi-san)
This is Christian's debut match, kinda weird that's they're doing a heel vs. heel match, but fuck it. TAKA plays the face role but keeps his new dickish personality, he busts out all his face dives and hits them all clean which includes the LOOK MA NO HANDS PLANCHA according to JR. Christian is a solid hand, he has all the basics down and uses the power advantage to wear TAKA down. TAKA takes a crazy bump when he misses the crossbody as Christian is up against the ropes, he flys over the top and takes a nasty sounding thud to the floor. Christian doesn't really work a body part, he uses slams to set up chokes but uses the chokes so set up missing the odd top rope move that always misses. TAKA makes a comeback and hits a beautiful Asai Moonsault to the floor, and makes his comeback, they have the dope finishing stretch with good counters and near falls until Christian counters the Michinoku Driver into an inside cradle and gets the win. FUCK YEAH! ***

In the crowd, Edge is watching on.

Val/Goldust video package airs.

Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Goldust
This gets 12 minutes and is fairly good. It's without question Goldust/Dustin's best showing of year for him. Goldust is super over tonight, they go back and forth in the early going both having no problem just slamming and punching away on one another. Goldust targets the arm and does a good job stomping, slamming and stretching it for a few minutes. Val then avoids a Goldust charge, and Goldust hits should first into the ring post and now Val targets the arm. Neither man really sells the arm before they just straight forearming the shit out of one another, before Val goes back to the arm work. He locks in a nice hammerlock/key lock but Goldust fights out and mounts a comeback. Terri gets on the apron and tries to distract Goldust but he doesn't fall for it. He ducks the Val clothesline and kicks Val in the dick and covers for the win. **3/4

Footage airs of Shamrocks attack on Triple H airs, Michael Cole says Hunter reinjured his knee and was taken to a local hospital. X-Pac then comes over, he says he doesn't know whats gotten into Ken Shamrock, but he's a real Jack-off. And he will deal with him tomorrow. As for D'Lo his ass and that European title are his.

D'Lo is residing from Milan, Italy

WWF European Championship: X-Pac (w/Chyna) vs. D'Lo Brown
THIS GETS 15 MINUTES :mark: FINALLY! D'Lo uses his weight advantage to push and keeps Pac grounded, but every time he panders or taunts around it backfires and allows Pac to get back into it. Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but D'Lo pulls a Double J and gets the boot up. Lawler laughing at that never gets old. D'Lo targets the neck and wears him down, Pac has these great false hope sequences where every time it seems like he's about to make a comeback, D'Lo cuts him off and goes back to the neck. Pac is right with Foley as the best bumper on the roster right now, he takes a number of them here. D'Lo continues to get frustrated at not being able to put this away, so he starts going more the high flying game which backfires and that gives Pac the opening to make his big comeback. He FAKES being exhausted which sets up a Chyna punch, but that only gets two. The ref gets bumped, and Mark Henry comes down. He grabs her from behind and distracts her allowing D'Lo to grab the European title and nail Pac in the head with it. Mark throws the ref in and he counts but PAC kicks out. D'Lo hits a running powerbomb for another two, and decides to go up top he tries to come off the top with a flying headbutt but Pac catches him in mid-air and hits the X-Factor for the win. AWESOME MATCH! I didn't even mind them reusing the finish of their first European title match when Pac won it originally. Good shit. ***1/4

Backstage: Michael Cole claims a rumour going around is that Paul Bearer was seen going into The Undertaker's dressing room.

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Headbangers
Outside that one attack on RAW, this doesn't have much of a build. Dogg stiffing the fuck out of Thrasher was fun, he straight punches him in the forehead and then kicks him directly in the dick :lmao But that over aggressiveness backfires and Dogg doesn't see the blind tag, which allows the Mosh to sneak in a dropkick and the Headbangers take over. CROWD IS SUPER HOT! AS THEY JUST CHANT SUCK IT! WHENEVER GUNN POINTS AT THEM! SHIT! GUNN OUTHERE THINKING THAT HE'S THE STAR OF DX. Anyway, Headbangers iso sucked that do the 101 heel stuff, that gets totally overshadowed by the crowd and Gunn. Speaking of Gunn he has an okay hot tag, but he gets cut off almost immediately. The Headbangers keep cheating during the Gunn iso and Dogg decides FUCK THIS and breaks a boombox on Mosh's head for revenge but the ref calls for a DQ. **

Backstage: Michael Cole confirms that Bearer is now in Kane's locker room behind closed doors and he saw this with his own eyes. Mankind comes over and does a Socko voice to mock Shamrock and says "He's in the zone" Mankind says Mr. Socko doesn't know anything about brutal, and Socko says he sure does because he's watched Ken Shamrock's interviews and they're real brutal. Mankind says Ken Shamrock's interviews may be the second most leading decision in teenage suicide but he has to give the devil his due. He knows his holds, but if he thinks he'll get him to submit, he's got another thing coming. He takes off Mr. Socko to reveal the old school Mandible Claw tape and says Mr. Socko's wearing black tonight. Open up and say ahhhh Shamrock, have a nice day.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
Shamrock targets the knee as soon as the bell rings, Mankind doesn't have many counters but Ken notices he doesn't have Mankind's ankle as weaken as he though after the chair shot on RAW, so he changes his game to work the arm. Did I mention how much I love this version of Ken? He's now using his wrestling and holds to just stretch body parts and cause as much pain as possible. Ken throws brutal strikes but he can't keep Mankind down for long periods of time, it's not a feeling out process more of both guys getting their shit in evenly. This ends up being both guys trying to lock submissions in on the other, it falls into Ken's game who has a counter for all of Mankind's stuff and just keeps raining down with brutal-looking punches and knee to the head. They end up fighting on the floor, where Mankind grabs a chair but the ref stops him, that allows Ken to kick the chair back into Mankind's face and follows up with a nasty unprotected chair shot to the head. TO WHICH THE REF ALLOWS! Shamrock goes back to work on the arm, he locks in a keylock BUT MANKIND BREAKS THE HOLD BY BITING KEN'S NOSE! Ken hits the belly to belly, but Mankind hits him below the belt and follows up with the double arm DDT, but he's too worn down to make the cover. It does lead to a brief comeback and they fight to the floor again, where Ken powerslams Mankind to the floor, but his ankle hits the steps during the bump. Shamrock rolls him back in and locks in the ankle lock. He reaches the ropes, but Shamrock puts the boots to the ankle again and puts it back in. MANKIND BEGINS HITTING HIMSELF TO TAKE HIS MIND OFF THE PAIN! HE THEN LOCKS ON THE MANDIBLE CLAW TO HIMSELF AND PASSES OUT! ***1/4

After the match; Shamrock gets pissed when he's announced as the winner via the Mandible Claw. He stomps at Mankind, which wakes him up. Shamrock hits the ref with the belly2belly, but Mankind pulls out Mr. Socko and gives it to Shamrock until he's choked out. Mankind limps away.

Backstage: Micahel Cole tries to interview Mr McMahon, but the Bossman says NO and to take all this crap away from him.

Mark Henry comes down to the ring and cuts a poem for Chyna

"I came out here last week asking you for a chance
everyone knows I love you long before the implants"

I don't care about the rest.

Mark Henry vs. The Rock
This gets 5 minutes, Rock comes out super aggressive and dominates early until Mark hits the back elbow to take over. Lots of basic power moves, clotheslines and choking. Rocky makes a comeback, he has his punches and kicks down to a tee now. He hits the scoop slam and follows up with the PEOPLE'S ELBOW AND DEBUTS THE PAD THROWING INTO THE CROWD! D'Lo runs from the back but gets knocked down off the apron. Mark comes back and clotheslines. He follows up with the BIG SPLASH AND COVERS HIM. D'LO GRABS THE ROCKS' FEET SO HE CAN'T KICK OUT. MARK WINS! **

Video Package on the Main Event airs.

Singles Match for the Vacant WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Kane vs. The Undertaker [Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin]
17 AND A HALF FUCKING MINUTES! SEVENTEEN AND A HALF FUCKING MINUTES! This is so bad, it's almost as bad as their inferno match, at least with that match they have the excuse of it being limited with the fire around ringside. Taker is doing this new thing where he doesn't sell a fucking thing and just sits up almost immediately after everything. Austin is Austin, so he steals the match by refusing to count for Taker, and fast counts for Kane. So Austin clearly wants Kane to win. The brother's brawl around punch, kick, clothesline city. It's so slow and boring. After about 5 minutes of that, Taker goes after the legs, he works it for a bit but its Kane so he sell it to start, but then just stops and the match keeps going. UGH! He makes a brief comeback but Taker chops the knee and spends another 7 minutes working the knee before he drops it and just starts fucking around doing absolutely nothing. Poor Austin, he has to be the ref in two of the worse matches in company history. Kane has another comeback with shitty cornet strikes. Kane accidentally whips Taker into Austin, but when Austin stumbles out Kane chokeslams him. They begin beating Austin down cause they want a NEW ref. Taker lets Kane do most of the work, and attacks him from behind. But Kane comes back with a Chokeslam. Paul Bearer comes down, holding a chair. He gets in AND SAYS LET ME HIT HIM WITH A CHAIR!...................KANE ALLOWS IT. BUT PAUL NAILS KANE WITH THE CHAIR. Kane doesn't feel the effects, so Taker grabs the chair and nails Kane with it. Taker covers, as Austin recovers but he refuses to count. Taker gets in his face, so Austin drops him with a stunner, and KO's him with a chair shot. Austin counts both men down and the bell rings :lmao *

Austin announces himself as the winner of the match, tells Vince to wheel his little ass out and keep his promise. Austin says he'll go find him then, and goes to the back. A camera follows him and Austin can't find Vince anywhere. Austin comes back out to the ring. and says he probably took a little ride in his Corvette because he didn't have the guts to come out here and fire Stone Cold. The tron is moved and Vince is sitting in the skybox behind it with Bossman. Vince says he wishes he could say that his services are no longer required but that's not what he's feeling. He said he didn't have the balls to fire him and Austin says he can't hear a word he's saying with 18,000 people calling him an ASSHOLE. He needs to put a little bass in his voice. Vince says to take their camera out because you're seeing the last of him. "STONE COLD, SCREW YOU, YOU'RE FIRED." Austin makes him say it again. Vince leaves, and Austin says he guesses he did have some balls and says to listen up as he rolls his ass in the back. He might not ever see him step foot in the WWF ring and he might just hunting season tomorrow, but he can bet his ass that he ain't seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He won't cry and give him any satisfaction, but one last time, he'd like to hear his damn music if they could hit that son of a bitch right now. Austin drinks some beers and listens to his music to end the show.

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This PPV does have one of my favorite PPV endings ever where Vince fired Austin.

I didn't really care that the Taker/Kane match sucked. At the time, it didn't even register with me that Paul Bearer had realigned with Taker until the next night on Raw.

However, I watched that show wondering "Is Austin going to count the 3, and if he doesn't, will Vince fire him?".

I was hooked and I must have watched that ending over and over again like 20 times right before Raw started the next night (which is an all time nutzoid crazy episode of Raw).

Listen to the crowd reaction, the commentary, and how Vince and Austin talk to each other in that closing bit and it really does highlight the differences between then and today. That segment was filled with raw passion, believable characters, and genuine reactions from the fans and commentators. (JR's disgusted "There he is, in his wheelchair" gets a laugh out of me every time, lol).

So yeah, great PPV ending, with a few other solid matches thrown in like the Euro Title, Goldust/Venis, Christian's WWF debut, and that Shamrock/Foley match which has one very memorable and creative finish.

By the way, I remember being super into the Goldust/Venis feud. Maybe that's weird to say, but its probably the most I ever got into Goldust as a "babyface" (it was the Attitude Era, so, ya know). Also Terri was smoking hot back then. Yowza!
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