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My Version Of The Invasion PPV

I got bored and decided to watch Ivasion, the I realised what a wasted oppotunity this angle was. So I decided to write my own version of the way things SHOULD have been. This is my first attempt at booking my own show(Please read the whole thing, I know it's long but it is good!)so be gentle!

After Shane steals WCW, Paul Heyman should brings back ECW as support. WWE's smaller shows (like HeAT, Superstars, and the likes) become shows uesed by WCW and ECW to promote talent due to the offer isued by Shane to Vince on an episode of Raw 1 month before the PPV. These shows would have their own stage designs and announcing teams to tell them apart.
Eventually WCW/ECW wrestlers start to leak into WWE shows interfereing in matches. This pisses Vince off and then WCW/ECW wrestlers challenge WWE wrestlers to matches at the next PPV entitled Invasion, which Vince announces as an extended PPV lasting four hours. All titles are deemed to be on the line to unify them and create one "Super Company". It is agreed by both parties that the winner would be determined by the company who won the most matches in total.

The PPV.
In short the Invasion PPV would be similar to the ral one but we would get matches we would like to see. The card would be as follows:

1st)(WCW/WWE cruiserweight title) Rey Mysterio Vs Jeff Hardy Ladder Match.
This would be your standard high paced ladder match with bith men hitting all the high risk moves in the book. It would finnish with Jeff going for a Swanton Bomb through a table with Rey moving at the last second to pick up the Unified Cruiserweight title.


2) (WCW/WWE Hardcore title) Tommy Dreamer Vs Rhyno (WWE)
Seeing as both men worked side by side in ECW they know each other well. Rhyno decided that WWE had the better chance of winning so stayed with them. Your classic Hardcore match with both men busting each other open. Finishes with an interference by RVD grabbing Rhyno's leg allowing Dreamer to blast him in the face with a singapore cane.


3) (WCW/WWE Tag Team title) APA Vs Palumbo and O'Haire
The APA would dominate this match with Palumbo and O'Haire getting very little offence over the more experenced grapplers. Would end with double finishers and double pins.


4)Raven VS Kanyon Vs Tazz
Raven like Rhyno didn't side with his former company and would be punished in this match. Kanyon and Tazz would double team Raven throughout the contest, until Raven ducks a clothesline by Kanyon and the match becomes a real triple threat match. Weapons come into play and Raven gets busted open cut comes back to execute an Even Flow DDT on Kanyon onto a chair. Tazz locks in the Tazzmission whil Raven is covering Kanyon for the win.


5)(WCW United States/WWE Intercontinental titles) RVD Vs Y2J
This match was to be billed by fans as the "Wrestling" match of the night, but not the most anticipated. Both men gain advantage in a great mat wrestling match, with both men incorporating their high flying and brawling skills to make this the all round bet match of the night. The match ends after RVD goes for a 5* Frog Splash while Y2J has a chair on his chest. Jericho moves and delivers a Lionsault while RVD has the chair on his chest picking up the three count.


6) Kane VS Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash made this personal by taunting Kane for his poor stint as the "Fake" Deisel, claiming that you can't out perform the original. The match starts out even until the other members of the nWo (Hogan,Nash) come out and start to interfere on Nash's behalf. Nash dominates the match from there on thanks to the nWo and Nick Patrick (the ref). Near the end of the match Earl Hebner shows up accompainied by the APA, and the Undertaker. APA clear Hogan and Hall away from the ringside, while 'Taker, knocks out Patrick, and Chokeslams Nash to allow Kane to cover him for the three count.


7) Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle(WCW/ECW)
Kurt Angle turned on the fans to join the "more prosperous" WCW/ECW alliance, causing Vince to book him against the WWE's Baddass the Undertaker. Undertaker was still in the ring after the last match. Angle's music plays, but he jumps the Undertaker from behind with a Chop-block (clothesline to back fo the knee). Angle works on the knee for most of the match until 'Taker canhit a huge clothesline to even things out. Both men work their way back up and trade punches, then Angle hist a low blow and then a string of suplexes to gain the advantage. Kurt toys with 'Taker for a while the hits a vicious loooking Angle Slam. As he goes for the pin the lights go out. When they come back on, Angle is down, with Undertaker pinning him. The ref counts three, and then Angle jumps right up! He gets a mic and tells everyone that he was with the WWE all along! A handful of WCW/ECW wrestlers hit the ring as Angle drags 'Taker out of the ring and over the barrier to escape.


Main Event
The Main event is billed as a 8-man Tag Team Elimination Match just like the Survivor Series match. Both teams have one unknown partner. WCW/ECW's team consist of Hogan, Steiner, Booker T, and ?????. The WWE have chosen Austin, Rock, HHH, and ?????. The three known members of team WCW/ECW come down to the ring accompanied by Shane McMahon. Shane gets on the mic and introduces the fourth member of the team........STING!!!! Sting's music plays, but he doesn't show up! His music plays again and this time he descends from the rafters to an ovation by the crowd. Then Vince shows up and introduces his team. Austin, Rock, and Hunter all come onto the stage. Vince waits as the crowd become anxious. Vince smiles as he introduces the fourth member......THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!! HBK' music hit as he comes out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. The four WWE guys share high fives and then sprint down to the ring, and the eight men begin to brawl.
One by one the men are thrown out until HHH, and Booker are left to start the match. They exchange puches and lock ups but t no avail, so they both tag out to Austin and Steiner. These two go at it for five minutes until Austin hits a Stunner on Steiner. He goes for the three but is stopped by Hogan. They carry on until he hits another Stunner. This time the Rock gets in to stop Hogan, and Austin gets the three to elininate Steiner.
Booker gets back in and Hits Austin by suprise with a clothesline. Booker works on austin for a few minutes then tags in Hogan. Hogan goes through his 20 year old routine, until Austin manages to tag out to HHH. Hunter goes into the old "clothesline all the opposite team routine" until Hogan is left by himself. Hunter sets Hogan up for the Pedigree, but Sting comes in and hits HHH with his bat. Hogan gets the three count on HHH as Sting goes back to his corner.
HBK gets his first taste of the action by means of missile dropkicking the weakend Hogan. Hogan flys al the way to his corner due to the impact, and Sting tags himself in. They stare each other down and then lock up. Sting takes advantage, until Shawn irish whips him and connects with a clothesline. Shawn continues his assault and then signals for the Sweet Chin Music. He jumps forward..but Sting ducks and Hits HBK with the Scorpion Death Drop. Austin quickly gets in and attacks Sting. While the ref gets Austin out HBK tags in the Rock. Rocky lays into the downed Sting, delivering a spinebuster and signaling for the People's Elbow. As he bounces of the first rope, Booker hits him with a clothesline, and Sting Samll Packages him to the dismay of the crowd.
Austin gets back in as Sting tags out to Booker T. Both men square off for the second time in the match, this time however Booker gets the upper hand this time after a mis-judged Shoulder toss. Booker kicks Austin in the gut and goes for the Scissor Kick, but misses and Austin retaliates with a Stunner to get the three count on Booker.
Sting quickly jumps into the ring to pounce on Austin while he's getting up.Sting works on Austin's neck, knowing it is his weak point by executing a number of neckbreakers in quick sucession. From the corner Hogan signals to the stage and Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ring with a chair. He hits Shawn in the back while the ref isn't looking, and escapes through the crowd. Austin is left down in the middle of the ring. Sting takes this oppotunity to lick in the Scorpion Deathlock. With Austin in the middle of the ring he has nowhere to go and is forced to tap out. HBK get's back on the apron just in time to see this happen.
HBK gets into the ring as the sole member of the WWE team left. The fate of the company rests on the Shoulders of HBK. Sting gets into the ring in what looks to be the final altercation of the night. Shawn puts up a good fight but gets beaten down by the quick tagging of the remaining two Alliance members. Cockily Sting drops the ref and Signals for Hogan to get a cahir. Sting holds Shawn as Hogan rears back and....WHAM!!! Hbk ducks and Hogan hits Sting square in the eyes. Shawn low blows Hogan and the ref recovers just in time to cunt the three on Sting.
Both Hogan and HBK slowly make their way back up to their feet and stare each other down. The crowd is going nuts! Tow legends in the business battling it out to determine the future of their company. Suprisingly Hogan extends his hand to Shawn. Cautiously HBK accepts it as both men circle the ring. After a few minutes of back and forth offence Hogan scores with another low blow. he qucickly executes a leg drop and goes for the cover, 1...2....kick out! Hogan is speechless! He gets up and hits another leg drop, 1....2.another kick out! Hogan is going insane! He slowly gets up and goes to the corner and starts to stomp the mat signaling for a Sewwt Chin Music! Slowly Shawn gets to his feet as Hogan approaches....WHAM!!! HBK explodes out of nowhere with his own Sweet Chin Music! With both men on the floor motionless the crowd is getting restless.
All of a sudden Goldberg's Music plays and the Crowd jumps out of their seats Goldbers appears on stage and goes through his entrance routine. While he is doing this both competitors are slowly getting up. Goldberg slides into the ring, stares at both men, runs forward, and Spears.......HOGAN! The crowd erupts, as Goldberg stares at HBK who stares right back. Goldberg leaves to a chant of "Goldberg....Goldberg....Goldberg" as Shawn gets the final three count of the match to give the WWE a 5-3 victory! Vince appears on stage and salutes the crowd as HBK leave Hogan down in the ring.

For the elimination match each man gone is a different colour. Plz rate and give criticisms

Canfod y frenin ... y brenin am brenhinoedd
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Oh well, the good old days lol
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