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WWF: Get the 'F' In!

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Well lucky for me this BTB only got started, I hope to all other bookers who lost more of their show are not to down-hearted and continue booking. I have PM ChainGangRed and waiting a reply whether he’ll be continuing this BTB with me. The backstory is posted below and our first shows (probably recaps) and new shows will be posted soon.

Background Story:

After coming of Summerslam 2005, Vince McMahon decided to analyse the WWE as a product. Undertaking intensive market research it was identified that the negatives of the WWE outweighed the positives, this being down to poor domestic sales and the continued growth of NWA-TNA. Vince McMahon decided to take action. He complied a list of what needed to be done to make WWE once again a superior product.

Vince McMahon first line of duty was re-naming the WWE:
The reason for this was being that WWE fans as well as casual wrestling fans didn't enjoy WWE and did not recognize it's "Entertainment Era." After lengthily negotiations, WWE finally came to an agreement with the World Wide Fund, (WWF) to have the WWE product re-named to WWF. By doing this WWF introduced a slogan to attract fans, known as WWF, Get the "F" In.

Vince McMahon second line of duty was evaluation of WWF Programming:

In October WWF Raw moved to the USA Network and continued at its Live Monday Night Slot. WWF continued to have Smackdown air on UPN, but with it being moved to a Friday Night Slot. WWF negotiated with UPN and came to an agreement, that now newly dubbed, Friday Night Smackdown would not move to its timeslot till October 14th, thus to coincide with WWF Monday Night Raw moving to the USA Network in the same week on October 10th, this being so that WWF could complete its last PPV, No Mercy. Vince McMahon then looked at the weekend shows of the WWF. After negotiation with UPN and USA Network to keep Velocity and Heat on each respective network an agreement was finally reached to have these both aired Saturday and Sunday Night respectively in their current time-slot. Vince McMahon decided that Velocity of Smackdown and Heat of Raw where no longer to be re-cap shows of Raw and Smackdown, but to be 1 hour shows in which it allowed younger and developing superstars have a shot, also Velocity and Heat where to be used as shows to develop lower-card feuds. In a cost-cutting procedure Vince McMahon decided to have WWF Afterburn and WWF Bottom Line both dropped and cancelled, because they hardly drew any audience, Vince McMahon though decided to go ahead with WWF Experience, which was now the re-cap show for both Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. WWF Experience remained on mid-day weekend viewing available on USA Network.

Vince McMahon third line of duty was evaluation of House-Shows and TV Tapings:

Vince McMahon decided to continue having Heat and Velocity taped before either Raw and Smackdown and aired on the weekend. He also changed the day slot of Smackdown being taped from Tuesday to Thursday, to reduce the amount of "Internet Spoilers." Vince McMahon then viewed the House-Show schedule WWF had. Reviewing ticket sales it was identified that they where considerably low, Vince McMahon decided to only have one brand House-Show per week. Raw House-Show being on Tuesday or Thursday Nights and Smackdown House-Show being on Tuesday or Wednesday Nights. Vince McMahon though decided International tours would have a range between 2-3 shows as International Fans generated more income. For overseas tours Raw's House-Shows where Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday with Smackdown being Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday.

Vince McMahon fourth line of duty was evaluation of the Creative Team:

After what seemed like a wake up call, Vince McMahon realised that the Creative/Booking Team had no Wrestling Knowledge at all. Vince McMahon handed each of them the Pink Slip and removed Stephanie McMahon from Creative Control. Vince McMahon then re-structured the entire Creative Team, which was led by Paul Heyman and also consisted of Dusty Rhodes, Court Bauer, Jim Ross, Tommy Dreamer and Eric Bischoff. It was decided that the creative team work as a unit, rather than focusing on a particular brand. Vince McMahon also wanted his superstars to put across idea's that they believed would be good feuds. He also went by the Creative Team that he wanted the promo's now conducted by superstars to be somewhat "Shoot," thus allowing the superstars input on the promo's.

Vince McMahon fifth line of duty was the evaluations of the Pay-Per-View (PPV) Schedule:

Vince McMahon firstly decided to have preferably 12 PPV a year, equalling to one PPV a month. Though looking at the PPV's, it was identified that WWF fans where very keen on the return of King of The Ring. After much deliberation, Vince McMahon decided upon the return of King of The Ring in its previous June Slot. Though by doing this left Vince McMahon a slight problem of their being 5 Inter-Brand PPV, leaving one roster having a odd amount of own-brand PPV. Vince McMahon then decided upon adding a 13th PPV, 5 PPV being Inter-Brand, and 4 each for Raw and Smackdown. The PPV list was as followed:

January: Royal Rumble (Inter-Brand)
February: No Way Out (Smackdown)
March: Wrestlemania (Inter-Brand)
April: Backlash (Raw)
May: Judgement Day (Smackdown)
June: King of The Ring (Inter-Brand)
July: TBC (Inter-Brand)
July: Great American Bash (Raw)
August: Summerslam (Inter-Brand)
September: Unforgiven (Smackdown)
October: Halloween Havoc (Raw)
November: Survivor Series (Inter-Brand)
December: Vengeance (Smackdown)
January: New Years Revolution (Raw)

Vince McMahon sixth line of duty was the evaluations of the backroom and background staff of WWF:

Vince McMahon sat down with the Board of Directors of WWF to evaluate this. It was decided that the current Board of Directors was sufficient, though Vince McMahon decided to look at the Executive Officers of WWF. Numerous complaints from WWF Talent in regards to John "Ace" Laurinaitis, Vince McMahon removed him from WWF Talent Relations and assigned Shane McMahon to WWF Talent Relations as well as co-ordinating his media department alongside Stephanie McMahon. John Laurinaitis was placed as the Head of Road Agents of the WWF which co-ordinated backstage as well as House-Shows. The WWF Road Agents consisted of the following all of whom worked on both Raw and Smackdown:

Jerry Briscoe
Arn Anderson
Tim White
Tony Garea
Bruce Pritchard
Ricky Steamboat
Dave "Fit" Finlay
Michael Hayes
Dean Malenko
Steve Keirn
Ted DiBiase

A major turning point in the background area was Vince McMahon banning Triple H from having as much freedom and input as he previously done so. Vince McMahon wanted to reduce "Political Power" backstage and decided upon having Triple H focus more on wrestling rather than the background aspect.

Vince McMahon seventh line of duty was the evaluation of re-building the division with WWF:

Vince McMahon realised that the only division within WWF that was worth cheering about was the World Heavyweight Title and World Title Divison. So Vince McMahon went about bringing back prestige in all other divisions. Vince McMahon decided the best way to do this was to evaluate the roster which became his eighth line of duty. But it was stated that Vince McMahon had eyes for superstars he wanted each division built around, these where:

WWF Heavyweight Title and WWF Title: John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton
WWF Intercontinental Title and WWF United States Title: Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Conway and Rey Mysterio.
WWF Tag Team Titles and WWF World Tag Team Titles: TNT, MNM.
WWF Women's Title: Trish Stratus, Victoria
WWF Cruiserweight Title: Paul London, Hurricane Helms, Kid Kash

Vince McMahon eighth line of duty was the evalutation of the WWF Talent Roster:

After looking at the rosters it was decided that their imbalance between Star Power and Talent on both rosters. Vince McMahon first task was to make roster cut backs again and re-assignment of superstars to either Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) or Deep South Wrestling (DSW) for superstars he saw unready and made the jump to the main roster to quickly.

Superstars that WWF released where the following:
Candice Michelle
Gene Snitsky
Steve Romero

Superstars that where re-assigned to OVW and DSW where the following:
Ashley Massoro
Chris Masters.
Maria Kannelis.
Matt Striker

Certain amount of superstar decided rather being caught in the roster cull, they would retire. This actually worked out well for several because they now became trainers at OVW and DSW,

Superstars retired but remained with WWF where the following:
Hardcore Holly
Scotty 2 Hotty
Steven Richards
Val Venis

Thus with the release, re-assignments and retirements this did leave WWF with a reduced amount of talent. Vince McMahon then negotiated several contracts,

Superstars that where signed or called up to the main roster where the following:
Alexis Laree
Brian Kendrick
Brock Lesnar
Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley (Dudley Boyz)
Charlie Haas
C.M. Punk
Frankie Kazarian
James Gibson
Kid Kash
Matt Bentley
Mike Shane and Todd Shane (Shane Twin's)
Sean Waltman
Stevie Ray

It was decided though due to the size of the rosters, the brand split would continue, but a draft was to occur again, where this time there was no limit on superstars to be drafted and everybody on the roster is available to move shows. The draft would occur on a WWF.com feed at Stamford, the home of WWF.


With all objectives met Vince McMahon went about meeting smaller targets. This included return of matches and the move restriction ban being lifted. Though still wary about who done the moves Vince McMahon only allowed accomplished superstars who had been using a particular move for so long to use banned moves. The top rope move ban was also lifted as it was believed it restricted Cruiserweights, thus allowing Face Paced, High Flying Matches between these superstars so that it rivalled the action of the X-Divison for NWA TNA. Vince McMahon also wanted WWF.com to continue its "Shoot Style" way of documenting issues within WWF, this meant that the Ross Report continued, as well as the Locker Room Lowdown. It was also decided upon using the development territory in favour for each brand. Superstars at OVW, would be moved to the Raw Roster and Superstars at DSW would be moved to the Smackdown Roster.

By the time all the changes had come and gone, WWF Unforgiven and WWF No Mercy had come and gone, results that followed where:

John Cena retained the WWF Title over Kurt Angle with an FU.
Carlito retained the WWF Intercontinental Title over Ric Flair, with a school boy pin and clutch of the tights.
Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Masters in a match that during the build up became Loser Leaves WWE, this was made due to Chris Masters returning to OVW for training.
Matt Hardy defeated Edge in a bloody Steel Cage Match, thus ending their feud, as WWF had high aspirations for Edge. Edge was then given time off to "sell his injuries."
Big Show defeated Gene Snitsky in a very poor match. This being Gene Snitsky final match as he was released thereafter.
Kerwin White defeated Shelton Benjamin in an surprisingly good match, which WWF decided to run with as a feud. Kerwin White picked up by using his golf club to knock out Shelton Benjamin.
TNT defeated Hurricane and Rosey to become new World Tag Team Champions, this also run to demise of Rosey tenure within WWF, as they no longer had anything for him.
Ashley Massoro and a returning Trish Stratus defeated Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle in a decent enough encounter. After this match Ashley Massoro was sent to OVW for wrestling training as Candice Michelle was released.

No Mercy:
Eddie Guerrero defeated Batista by disqualification as Brock Lesnar returned attacking Eddie Guerrero costing him the chance to become WWF Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar also attacked Batista after the match. Brock and Eddie were then sent to RAW but due to it was disqualification Batista kept his title.
Undertaker defeated Randy Orton and "Cowboy" Bob Orton in a Handicap Match, with Undertaker hitting a devastating Tombstone Piledriver on "Cowboy" Bob Orton for the victory.
Chris Benoit retained his United States Championship in a very entertaining Six-Pack Challenge, involving Christian, Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Ken Kennedy and Orlando Jordan. But due to Benoit being drafted to SD the US Championship was left vacant.
MNM finally managed to defeat LOD to become new WWF Tag Team Champions. This match led to Road Warrior Animal finally retiring and Hiedenriech leaving the WWF. Johnny Nitro was injured due to a bounce Doomsday Device making MNM leave until Nitro revived and MNM would get a title shot when they returned.
Brian Kendrick became new WWF Cruiserweight Champion defeating Nunzio, due to outside interference from the Mexicools. But afterwards he was sent to RAW and left the WWF cruiserweight championship on Smackdown! to be vacant.
James Gibson defeated Paul London on his return in a very entertaining Cruiserweight Match.
In a filler match to gain control of Smackdown, Theodore R.Long defeated Palmer Cannon (Network Representative) to gain full control of Smackdown, this occurred when a returning Dudley Boyz 3D Palmer Cannon.

The Next PPV that WWF was coming too was none other than Survivor Series on Sunday 27th November. Their current dating was 10th October 2005. WWF decided that they now wanted to build up their PPV to the calibre of WWF Wrestlemania is built up. With 5 weeks to run till Survivor Series the build up of the new WWF began now, with WWF: Get The 'F' In.

Confirmed Rosters after the draft on WWF.com:

Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar
John Cena
Triple H
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Rob Van Dam
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Conway
Ken Kennedy
Tyson Tomko
Ric Flair
Johnny Parisi
Harlem Heat
William Regal and Paul Burchill
Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley
Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
Alexis Laree
Christy Hemme
Stacy Kiebler
Trish Stratus
Brian Kendrick
James Gibson
Sean Waltman
Simon Dean

Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Orlando Jordan
Kerwin White
Big Show
Matt Hardy
Charlie Haas
Dudley Boyz
Shane Twins
La Resistance
CM Punk
Hurricane Helms
Kid Kash
Paul London
Torrie Wilson

Tag Teams, Stables and Affiliates where as followed:

1) Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley: Dudley Boyz
2) Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley
Valet: Trinity
3) Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
4) Sylvan and Rene: La Resistance
5) Antonio and Romeo: Heart-Throbs
6) John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan
7) Stevie Ray and Booker T: Harlem Heat
Valet: Sharmell
8) Psicosis, Super Crazy and Juventud: Mexicools
9) William Regal and Paul Burchill
10) Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro: MNM
Valet: Melina
11) Todd Shane and Mike Shane: Shane Twin's
12) Nunzio and Vito: Full Blooded Italians (FBI)
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Welcome back everyone,

I am a Newbie again and some great things have been deleted like ENW's final days with the PPVS, EWF has been destroyed but I guess its time to rebuild Wresting-Edge forums. I will still be writing SD! with full matches and all.

So theblueman do you still have last week's RAW saved?

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Thanks already for the reviews, i will be sure to start reviewing everyone BTB again. I will write a quick recap of my 1st edition of Raw.

Monday Night Raw
October 10th.

Eric Bischoff cut a promo at the start, claiming he had a major announcement and then began claiming it was he himself who got Raw back on USA Network, and that Network Representatives didn't even know who Vince McMahon is. Vince McMahon interupted firstly asking Eric Bischoff announcement. This was revealed that Eric Bischoff challenged John Cena to a Classic 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match. Vince McMahon then announced he re-hired Chris Jericho who came down and beat on Eric Bischoff. Who in turn was saved by Tyson Tomko.

Match 1
Chris Jericho vs Tyson Tomko
Chris Jericho won after nearly being knocked out from the Big Boot. Chris Jericho won with the Walls of Jericho making Tyson Tomko tap out. (Who incidentally was revealed as Eric Bischoff, Personal Problem Solver.)

Backstage Segment John Cena accepted Eric Bischoff Challenge. Eric Bischoff then made a match being John Cena vs A Member of Team Bischoff in the Main Event.

Match 2
Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade vs Harlem Heat
In Non-Title action, a returning Harlem Heat won, after Cade and Murdoch got themselves Disqualified using the title belts to knock out Stevie Ray and Booker T.

Carlito Cabana had Rob Van Dam as a guest. RVD cut a promo challenging Carlito for the Intercontinental Title Match, which was refused. Carlito went to spit an apple at RVD, who countered and beatdown Carlito.

Match 3
Trish Stratus vs Victoria
In a match for the Women's Title, Trish Stratus retained with a Chick Kick to Victoria.

Eddie Guerrero cut a promo on Brock Lesnar (teasing a possible face turn,) in regards to Brock costing Eddie Guerrero the WWF Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven. Brock Lesnar responded on the titantron that Eddie Guerrero turned his life upside down after No Way Out 2004, and he was going to make Eddie Guerrero life a living hell.

Match 4
Ken Kennedy vs Chris Benoit
Ken Kennedy pulled of a shock beating Chris Benoit with the Green Bay Plunge. But like any typical heel, Kennedy cheated using brass knucks prior to knock out Chris Benoit.

Match 5
John Cena vs Triple H
John Cena won the match against a returning Triple via DQ, as Kurt Angle interfered. Kurt Angle and Triple H beat down Cena, until Chris Jericho made the save. Signing those 4 superstars to respective teams at Survivor Series.

That's about it for Raw, i might have missed a promo or two out, but that was the major stuff. I'm not sure on the situation in regards to Chain Gang Red, but i have the new Raw ready to post, i will post the preview later.

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I keep trying to give a full summary but the computer keeps messing up.

Well atleast color is back after all of this mess.

JBL promo-He won't get a shot for the Heavyweight Chsmpionship entel Survivor Series is over. Show and White join the Cabinet.

WWF Tag Team Championship
Dudleyz vs Show and White-A decent match with the Cabinet cheating to win the belts.

Hardcore star will come at Vengeance.

Cruiserweight Championship
Punk vs Kash-Maybe MOTN with a win for Punk afterwards Kash attacks.

Dudleyz get rematch next week.

Kash gets Street Fight rematch at SS if he doesn't attack Punk.

OJ gets a match tonight.

OJ vs Kane-OJ takes control in the beggining but Kane destorys him later ending up with a low blow by OJ to Kane getting DQ. OJ attacks Kane afterwards but Kane sits up as OJ leaves.

Kane comes after OJ backstage but OJ sneak attacks with a glass window and shatters it over The Big Red Machine's head.

US Championship
JBL vs Rey-May be MOTN with Rey picking up a victory afterwards JBL attacks Rey and OJ gets involved but Kane makes the save.

Long annouces that at Suvivor Series it will be Team JBL vs Team Rey.

SD! will be done by Friday Night so when ever your ready blueman post RAW.

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Monday Night Raw 10/10

Across The Nations Hits-Pyro's Go Off at Entrance

*Time To Play The Game Hits*-(Crowd Boo)

JR: Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to Monday Night Raw, and we have the Game Triple H making his way to ringside.

Triple H comes down to ringside with Kurt Angle, both in their wrestling gear with Vest promoting themselves. Both superstars enter the ring and take a microphone each.

Triple H: Last week on Raw i made my return as part of Team Bischoff for Survivor Series. (Crowd Chant, You Suck.) This week i'm out to tell you i have joined the Bischoff Administration.

Kurt Angle: Oh Its True, Its Damn True, because along with Triple H, because i too have joined Eric Bischoff Administration.

Triple H: Now you've heard of DX, NWO, The Four Horseman, even Evolution. Well let me be the first to tell you, Bischoff Administration is to be more powerful than any of these groups ever!

Kurt Angle: With me your Olympic Hero, and the Game leading the way, Bischoff Administration is here to take over Raw, and we have a certain man in sights. John Cena! (Crowd Cheer at his name.)

Triple H: John Cena has desecrated the WWF Title, with that Bling Bling Sideshow he calls a belt. Well where here to tell ya, John, your not holding that belt much longer!

Kurt Angle: And tonight John, in the Tag Team Match, once Triple H knocks you out with the pedigree, i'm going to break you freakin' ankle!

Triple H: But onto to Survivor Series, well as we said Bischoff Administration will continue to grow, and we have our latest recruitment who will indeed join Team Bischoff and is action right now. We give you, The Personal Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko!

*Tyson Tomko Hits*-Tyson Tomko comes out dressed in his ring attire to boo's. He enters the ring and shakes hands with Triple H and Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: And bring out his opponent, whoever he is.

The Crowd Wait Anxiously when................................

*Whooooo Hits*-Ric Flair comes down in his robe, with his ring attire on to a chorus of "Whoo's" from the crowd. While his music is playing he has a microphone in hand.

Ric Flair: Game, Triple H, How Could You? How Could You Sell your soul to Bischoff. You and I where best friends, and now you've aligned yourself with Bischoff.

Triple H: Shut the Hell Up Naitch. You wanna some truths. I used you, i used you like some cheap prostitute these fans all use.

Ric Flair enters the ring and removes his robe, looking visibly upset from Triple H remark.

Ric Flair: Well Game, Whooo, its time to take you to school.

Ric Flair then drops the microphone and slaps Triple H across the chest and then slaps Kurt Angle over the chest, before poking Tyson Tomko in the eye. Ric Flair then follows after Tyson Tomko when Triple H comes from behind and low blows Ric Flair. Ric Flair is then crouched over and Kurt Angle hits the Angle Slam. Triple H and Kurt Angle then hold Ric Flair up by the arms as Tyson Tomko bounces off the ropes and connects with a huge right boot, knocking Ric Flair out. Triple H then waves his hand to the backstage area and a referee comes out.

Match 1
Ric Flair vs Tyson Tomko
Singles Match

Match Summary:
As the referee comes out Tyson Tomko covers Ric Flair, 1......2......Tyson Tomko then raises Ric Flair shoulders over the mat. Tyson Tomko then begins to point at his foot, with Triple H and Kurt Angle clapping on the outside. Tyson Tomko then helps Ric Flair up and then bounces himself off the ropes and hits another Big Boot, laying Ric Flair out. Tyson Tomko makes the pin again, 1.....2.....3......

Here is your winner: Tyson Tomko.

Triple H then grabs a microphone and enters the ring with Kurt Angle.

Triple H: Well how’s it feel Naitch, because Tomko just Knocked You Out!

Triple H, Kurt Angle and Tyson Tomko begin laying in the boots on Ric Flair beating him down senseless even worse, when suddenly..........................................

*My Time Is Now Hits*-The Crowd go absolutely crazy as John Cena and Chris Jericho run out to make the save, with Triple H, Kurt Angle and Tyson Tomko all sliding out the ring wanting nothing to do with them. John Cena stands by the ropes facing the entrance screaming at Bischoff Administration, "Wait Till Tonight." As Chris Jericho checks on Ric Flair.

-Commercial Break-

JR: Welcome back folks, and lets just show you what happened moments ago.

Moments Ago Package showing Ric Flair being knocked out with John Cena and Chris Jericho making the save.

JR: What a heinous attack by Bischoff's Boys.

Coach: Who are you calling my Bosses, Boys, they handed out a punishment that was just.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn't call that attack just, Coach.

Coach: And now your siding with JR, King, well let me damn well tell you that Bischoff Administration is taking over Raw, and i'm lucky to apart of it. So make sure you have your priorities right.

JR: Well i have priorities check, you ass kissing weasel.

*I Spit In the Faces Hits*-Carlito comes out in his typical Shirt and Trousers set. With an apple and microphone in either hand.

Jerry Lawler: Will you two keep it down, the Coolest man on Raw has shown up.

Carlito: Carlito Cabana is back. (Crowd Boo) And all you ungrateful people should be privileged. (Crowd Boo) I mean tonight Carlito got for you the Coolest Guest in the WWF, i mean Carlito Guest is worthy of Introduction unlike last weeks guest, i mean his movement has just started, and dats, well dats Cool. So tonight Carlito gives to you, Raw General Manager, The One, The Only, Mr. Eric Bischoff.

*I'm Back Hits*-Eric Bischoff comes out dressed in his suit, as the crowd boo him heavily. Carlito meanwhile stands in the ring clapping. Eric Bischoff enters the ring and shakes Carlito hand.

Carlito: What an honour, it is for me to have the Biggest and Coolest Guest on the Cabana, Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff plays to this.

Carlito: Well thank you Carlito, and its an honour to be here. In fact its Cool.

Carlito: Now Dats, Cool, Have an Apple Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff takes an apple and takes a bite out of it.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you Carlito, Good Apple, but please call me Eric.

Carlito: Alright, Eric, Last Week on Raw you challenged, none other than WWF Chumpion, John Cena (Crowd Cheer at his name again.) To a classic Survivor Series match.

Eric Bischoff: Indeed i did.

Carlito: And so far you have put together an impressive team. Triple H, Kurt Angle and Tyson Tomko. You have two choices left, who are these mystery men.

Eric Bischoff: Very well noticed Carlito, well i sat down with my Administration, not forgetting you Coach.

Coach: Right Back At Ya Boss.

Eric Bischoff: Anyway i sat down with my administration and we discussed tactics. Well we have decided, lets Team Cena have an opportunity to catch up. I mean come on John Cena and Chris Jericho, they have two egos as big as some apples. If you know what i'm saying.

Carlito laughs with Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Anyhow though, we at the Bischoff Administration have earn marked our two potential targets. But names won't be released just yet, well maybe one later tonight. But in the coming weeks Team Bischoff will be revealed.

Carlito: And are you concerned with whom John Cena may get. But then again why should you be. (Carlito Laughs)

Eric Bischoff: I can tell you, whoever Cena gets on his team, will not beat my Administration. And John, I’ve decided to up the ante. Lets add a stipulation, if the surviving members of Team Bischoff win at Survivor Series, those superstars all get a title shot at your WWF Title. But if in some way Team Cena wins, the surviving members of Team Bischoff all get one weeks control of Raw they are the General Manager and also they get a WWF Title shot any time of their choosing in the future.

Carlito: Wow, Eric Bischoff Dats Cool.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, Carlito, and let me be the first to tell you, Cena! Come Survivor Series, your ass is mine!

Eric Bischoff then shakes Carlito hand and leaves the Cabana.

JR: Whoa, what an explosive Cabana right there, Eric Bischoff just set a huge stipulation to his classic Survivor Series Match.

Coach: Now that’s what the Administration all about, Clap to the Man. (Coach stands up waving and clapping to Eric Bischoff.)

Jerry Lawler: Well i have to admit, that is quite a stipulation, and if Team Bischoff vs Team Cena wasn't already exciting, its become mouth-watering.

Backstage Area-EMT room, Ric Flair is being checked on by EMT's with John Cena and Chris Jericho with him.

Ric Flair: Get of me (to the EMT) I'm fine Whoo. Cena, Jericho, Whoo, The Dirtiest Player in the Game has a proposal.

John Cena: What is it homey.

Ric Flair: Whoo, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, team with you young lions, whooo, Joining Team Cena vs Team Bischoff at Survivor Series, Whoo.

Chris Jericho: Ric, you took quite a beating earlier, are you sure your not concussed.

Ric Flair: The Nature Boy, Is Stylin' Proflin', and can go all night loonnng. Whooo.

John Cena: Well you want in, Your IN!

Ric Flair: Whoo! Come on Boys, Whooo! Whooo!

John Cena, Chris Jericho and Ric Flair: Whoooo! Whoooo!

Ric Flair: No, No, its from the Hips, Whoooo!

John Cena and Chris Jericho: Whoooo!

Ric Flair: This could take a while.

*One of A Kind Hits*-(Crowd Cheer)
Lilian Garcia: This next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Battle Creek, Mich, weighing in at 220lbs, Rob Van Dam.

*Johnny Parisi Hits*-(Crowd Give No Reaction)
Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Ga, weighing at 250lbs, Johnny Parisi.

Match 2
Rob Van Dam vs Johnny Parisi
Singles Match

Rob Van Dam and Johnny Parisi, circle the ring, when Rob Van Dam, stops and comes out with an "R.V.D." taunt. While doing this, Johnny Parisi runs at Rob Van Dam and takes him down with a clothesline, followed by stomping a mudhole in him.

Mid Match:
Rob Van Dam does get back into the match, with a few martial art kicks and a rolling thunder, gaining a near fall. But Johnny Parisi takes complete control of the match with a kick to Rob Van Dam rehabilitate knee. Johnny Parisi then focuses all his attacks on Rob Van Dam knee, dropping his elbow and locking in a standing leg lock.

Rob Van Dam got back into the match when Johnny Parisi went for a Brainbuster Suplex, which Rob Van Dam countered using his weight avoid being picked up, and then replying with a kick right into Johnny Parisi head. Rob Van Dam then hit a spinning leg drop gaining a near fall. Rob Van Dam then picked Johnny Parisi up and irish whipped him to the turnbuckle and followed up with a diving shoulder. Rob Van Dam then motioned Johnny Parisi forward and Rob Van Dam hit a spinning heel kick to the jaw of Johnny Parisi. Rob Van Dam taunted the "R.V.D." And proceeded to climb the top rope. Rob Van Dam seemed as if he was going to buckle at the top rope due to his knee, but then suddenly launched himself off and connected with the 5 Star Frog Splash. Rob Van Dam made the cover, 1......2.......3.......

Here is your winner: Rob Van Dam.

JR: An impressive return for Rob Van Dam right there, he doesn't seem to have missed a beat. What the hell..........

Carlito ran into the ring as Rob Van Dam is having his arm raised in victory, with a chop block to Rob Van Dam knee. Carlito then begins stomping on Rob Van Dam and then mounts upon him and proceeds to punch away at Rob Van Dam. Carlito then picks Rob Van Dam up who is hobbling and hits a DDT. Carlito then grabs an apple from the corner of the ring and takes a bite of it and spits it on Rob Van Dam.

JR: What a heinous attack by Carlito, he had no right, no right whatsoever to do that.

Coach: In the words of my man Carlito, Dats Cool!

Jerry Lawler: Gotta agree with Coach, dat was cool, RVD tried to take out Carlito last week on the Cabana, and The Intercontinental Champion got his revenge.

JR: So you think its fair for someone who just wrestled a match to be beatdown like that.

Coach: And it was fair RVD attacked Carlito last week.

JR: Oh Shut Up Coach!

-Commercial Break-

*Can You Dig It Sucka Hits*
Lilian Garcia: The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Sharmell and Stevie Ray, from Houston, Tx, weighing in at 250lbs, Booker T.

*Cade and Murdoch Hits*
Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, he is one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions, accompanied to the ring by Trevor Murdoch, from San Antonio, Tx, weighing in at 261lbs, Lance Cade.

Match 3
Booker T vs Lance Cade
Singles Match

Booker T and Lance Cade immediately lock up, and go through a process of chain wrestling, with neither superstar getting much advantage over the other. Both superstars exchange, waist locks to wrist locks, up until Booker T countered a wrist lock from Lance Cade into a shuffle side kick right into Lance Cade jaw sending him to the outside.

Mid Match:
Lance Cade took control of the match after Booker T was distracted by Trevor Murdoch allowing Lance Cade to come from behind and hit a back suplex. Lance Cade tried to wear Booker T down with attack focusing on his waist and rib area, to restrict air flow. Lance Cade hit several snap suplexes and wrapped in a leg waist lock in an attempt to make Booker T give up. Lance Cade gained several near falls including one notably from a Northern Light Suplex, which Booker T kicked out and the stroke of 3.

Booker T bought himself some time in the match, after countering a top rope cross body from Lance Cade with a dropkick. The referee proceeded with a 10 count, and at the count of 8 both superstars got to their feet and began exchanging blows, with Booker T getting the advantage with chops and punches across the chest of Lance Cade. Trevor Murdoch then got to the ring apron, but was pulled down by Stevie Ray and hit the canvas hard. Booker T then hit the Book End on Lance Cade and covered Lance Cade, 1.....2.....Lance Cade kicked out. Booker T then began getting pumped up by the crowd and motioned for Lance Cade to get up, and then kicked Lance Cade in the mid-section, Booker T then bounced himself off the ropes and connected with the scissor kick. Booker T made the cover, 1......2......3......​

Here is your winner: Booker T

JR: Booker T done it, Harlem Heat are now the No.1 Contenders!

Jerry Lawler: Well i gotta give Harlem Heat, and especially Booker T, they done their job and are now No.1 Contenders.

Coach: Well say what you want, yeah Booker T may have got Harlem Heat as the No.1 Contender, but i tell you this, Cade and Murdoch are no pushover!

Backstage Area-Eric Bischoff walks into a dressing room.

Eric Bischoff: Mr. Ken Kennedy.

Ken Kennedy turns around and faces Eric Bischoff and shakes his hand.

Ken Kennedy: Mr Bischoff, how are you?

Eric Bischoff: Good, Good, but Straight to the Point, Mr Ken Kennedy, i have a proposition for you. I would love for you to join Team Bischoff and the Bischoff Administration. You are the type of person we need representing Raw. You have the talent on the microphone, and as for ring skills, well.

Ken Kennedy: Mr Bischoff, you know what, that is a proposition, you cannot say no to. Mr. Bischoff, i accept.

Ken Kennedy and Eric Bischoff shake hands again.

Eric Bischoff: Ken Kennedy, let me tell you this, you have made a decision, you will not regret. Thank you.

Ken Kennedy: No Thank You.

Eric Bischoff leaves when Chris Benoit enters.

Chris Benoit: Ken, Ken?

Ken Kennedy: If it isn't the man i beat last week. And for future reference, its Mr. Kennnnnnnnnnnnedddyyyyyyy.

Chris Benoit: Well Mr. Kennedy, you cheating Son of Bitch, i want a re-match.

Ken Kennedy: A re-match.

Chris Benoit: Yeah remember last week, you used brass knucks to beat me.

Ken Kennedy: Well let me think, mmmm, No.

Chris Benoit: No. Well let me think, well did i hear correctly you've joined Bischoff Administration and your in Team Bischoff at Survivor Series.

Ken Kennedy: Yes, but what’s that to you.

Chris Benoit: Nothing, Ken.

Chris Benoit leaves.

Ken Kennedy: Its Mr. Kennnnnneddddyyyyyyy..................Kennnedddddddyyyyyyy

*Can You Feel the Heat Hits*-Crowd Give a Mixed Reaction
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for One Fall, Introducing First, From El Paso, Tx, weighing in at 220lbs, Eddie Guerrero.

*Just Look At Me Hits*-Crowd Boo
Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, from Quebec, weighing at 230lbs, Rob Conway

Match 4
Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Conway
Singles Match

Eddie Guerrero and Rob Conway immediately tie up, with neither superstar getting the advantage. They break the tie up. And prepare for another tie up, this time though Eddie Guerrero poked Rob Conway in the eye.

Mid Match:
Rob Conway and Eddie Guerrero have a back and forth match, with both superstars having their own moment of advantage. Rob Conway though took control of the match with a huge European Uppercut. Rob Conway then began wearing Eddie Guerrero down locking in an armbar submission. Eddie Guerrero refuses to give in as Rob Conway applies more pressure.

The turning point of the match came when Eddie Guerrero broke out of the armbar hit a back suplex. Eddie Guerrero and Rob Conway then got up and began to exchange blows. Eddie Guerrero then gets the advantage and hits a clothesline and as Rob Conway get up Eddie Guerrero hits another clothesline. Eddie Guerrero then picked up Rob Conway and hit a vertical suplex. Eddie Guerrero held on and spun his hips and hit two more vertical suplexes. Eddie Guerrero then began shaking his shoulders which got a good reaction from the crowd. Eddie Guerrero then began to proceed to climb the top turnbuckle, when suddenly, *Next Big Thing Hits.* Brock Lesnar music and video play as Eddie Guerrero jumps off the top turnbuckle and waited outside the ring ropes for Brock Lesnar. Eddie Guerrero waved for Brock Lesnar to come down, but nothing happened. Rob Conway then came from behind Eddie Guerrero and grabbed him and draped him over the top rope and hit the Ego Trip. Rob Conway covered Eddie Guerrero, 1......2......3.......

Here is your winner: Rob Conway

Rob Conway ran out of the ring and backstage, as Eddie Guerrero lay in the middle of the ring looking at the entrance, when Brock Lesnar music hit again.

JR: I can't believe it Eddie Guerrero was just cost a victory their by Brock Lesnar.

Jerry Lawler: Well Brock Lesnar didn't actually cost Eddie victory it was his entrance music.

Coach: And any professional shouldn't be put off by someone entrance music.

-Commercial Break-

Eddie Guerrero is storming around backstage shouting "Where is He!" When suddenly Eddie Guerrero walks past a door and Brock Lesnar comes running out the door and spears Eddie Guerrero into the wall. Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar then suddenly begin to brawl attacking each other with fists and boots. Referee's and Road-Agents then come running into the picture to separate the two, who are still clawing after each other.

Backstage Area-Triple H enters Sean Waltman dressing room. Triple H sits down next to Sean Waltman and puts his arm over him.

Triple H: Sean, Sean, Sean. We go way back don't we.

Sean Waltman: Yeah we do Hunter, Why?

Triple H: Well you know. We knew each from the Kliq. Quite a group you would say.

Sean Waltman: Yeah, your point being.

Triple H: My point being is this Sean. Bischoff Administration is going to be just as powerful and just as controlling backstage as the Kliq was and well you know, choose wisely, you could reap the rewards.

Sean Waltman: Are you offering me a position in Bischoff Administration?

Triple H: Well strictly between me and you, having you in the Administration could benefit a lot of people, especially you. I mean think about, everyone runs after you, and you are in complete control. We Control Raw.

Sean Waltman looks at Triple H with a very hard to read facial expression.

Triple H: Think about Sean, I’ll speak to you later.

Triple H pats Sean Waltman on the back and then leaves.

JR: What the hell, Sean Waltman has just been offered a spot in the Bischoff Administration. Did you know about this Coach?

Coach: Did i know about this, (laughs) Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb?

Jerry Lawler: Well what’s your reaction, Sean Waltman hasn't even said Yes or No.

Coach: He'll come around, they always do.

Smackdown Rebound
JBL announcing his new members of The Cabinet
Big Show and Kerwin White winning the Tag Team Titles vs Dudley Boyz
CM Punk beating Kid Kash to become Cruiserweight Champion-Kid Kash then attacks CM Punk
Teddy Long announcing Kid Kash vs CM Punk in a Street Fight at Survivor Series.
Randy Orton being introduced as No.1 Contender to Batista WWF Heavyweight Title
Orlando Jordan knocking Kane out
Rey Mysterio beating JBL to become WWF US Champion.
Team Mysterio vs Team JBL announced for Classic Survivor Series Match

*Time To Play The Game Hits*-(Crowd Boo)
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for One Fall, Introducing First, weighing in at a combined weight of 480lbs, Triple H and Kurt Angle

JR: Look at that, Triple H and Kurt Angle are being joined by Bischoff Administration. Look its Eric Bischoff, Tyson Tomko, Ken Kennedy, and hey Coach where you going.

Jerry Lawler: Looks as if Coach is joining the Administration at ringside.

Bischoff Administration all huddle up seemingly talking strategy.

*Break The Walls Down Hits*-(Crowd Cheer)
Lilian Garcia: And their opponents, Introducing First from Manhasset, New York, weighing at 231lbs, Chris Jericho.

*My Time Is Now Hits*-(Crowd Go Crazy)
Lilian Garcia: And his tag team partner, from West Newbury, Mass, weighing at 240lbs, he is the WWF Champion, John Cena

JR: And look at this, Ric Flair earlier in the evening taken out by Tyson Tomko is joining Team Cena at ringside.

Jerry Lawler: Well this might not be evening the odds, but every little help counts.

Match 5
Triple H and Kurt Angle vs John Cena and Chris Jericho
Tag Team Match

John Cena comes to ringside and waits outside the ring, with Chris Jericho while his music is still playing. He looks at Chris Jericho and nods, both superstars then slide into the ring and go straight into Bischoff Administration. John Cena takes down Triple H and Tyson Tomko as Chris Jericho takes down Kurt Angle and Ken Kennedy. Eric Bischoff and Coach both quickly get out of the ring as Chris Jericho throws Ken Kennedy over the top rope and John Cena clothesline Tyson Tomko over the top rope. Chris Jericho and John Cena then double clothesline Triple H and Kurt Angle over the top rope.

Mid Match:
Despite all the early advantage by John Cena and Chris Jericho, Triple H and Kurt Angle took control of the match, isolating Chris Jericho. Kurt Angle and Triple H worked as a well fuelled Tag Team, keeping Chris Jericho in their corner and making frequent tags focusing their attacks on Chris Jericho back area. Triple H and Kurt Angle also took advantage of Team Bischoff being on the outside, by frequently tossing Chris Jericho to Tyson Tomko and Ken Kennedy, who used the security barricade as a tag team partner to further injure Chris Jericho back.

The big turning point in the match came when Chris Jericho on two occasions came very close tagging in John Cena. On the third attempt though Kurt Angle had locked in the Ankle Lock as Chris Jericho stretched for the ropes. Though Chris Jericho then began to get up on one foot, while stretching for the rope and then turned around and hit an enziguri on Kurt Angle, buying him some time. The referee then proceeded with a 10 count, 1.......2......3.......4......5......6.......7......Kurt Angle tagged in Triple H,.........8........Chris Jericho finally tagged in John Cena, who came in like a house on fire, taking Triple H down with a clothesline and Kurt Angle down with an elbow smash, and then taking Triple H down with a clothesline. John Cena then mounted upon Triple H and began to hammer away at him, when Kurt Angle came from behind and took John Cena down. Kurt Angle then began hammering away at John Cena, Triple H then joined in and picked John Cena up and held him in place. Kurt Angle then backed up, in what looked like he was going for a clothesline, but Chris Jericho took a running Kurt Angle down with a double leg takedown to the outside. John Cena then countered Triple H and hit the Spinning Out Powerbomb, and then taunted "You Can't See Me" John Cena then bounced off the rope and hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. John Cena began pumping up for the FU, when Tyson Tomko got onto the ring apron, but John Cena knocked him down. Ken Kennedy then also got on the ring apron but was knocked down. John Cena then called for Eric Bischoff, as the referee tried to force them back. John Cena then turned around and was met by a low blow, undetected by referee who was focusing on Coach and Ric Flair who where brawling. Triple H then underhook John Cena arms and connected with the pedigree. Triple H then pinned John Cena, as Kurt Angle held onto Chris Jericho legs not allowing him back in the ring, 1.....2......3.....

Here are your winners: Triple H and Kurt Angle

Chris Jericho then kicked Kurt Angle away and went took Triple H, Chris Jericho then took down Kurt Angle with a clothesline. And then turned around and was hit with a Big Boot from Tyson Tomko. Ric Flair then entered the ring but was taken down by Ken Kennedy as Bischoff Administration layed a beatdown on Team Cena. Kurt Angle hit Ric Flair with the Angle Slam as Ken Kennedy hit the Green Bay Plunge on Chris Jericho. Coach and Eric Bischoff then picked John Cena up who was met with a huge boot from Tyson Tomko laying him out. But Bischoff Administration was not done yet. Coach grabbed a steel chair and wrapped it around John Cena ankle. Eric Bischoff then climbed the second turnbuckle and jumped onto the chair, John Cena screamed in pain as Bischoff Administration stood tall laughing. Kurt Angle then pulled of John Cena sneaker and socks and locked in the Ankle Lock, John Cena screamed in pain as Eric Bischoff got in John Cena face and slapped him. Triple H in the meantime hit a pedigree on Chris Jericho and Ric Flair.
JR: What a sickening attack, what the hell is Bischoff playing at.

Jerry Lawler: I know i do usually support the person your against JR, but this has gone to far. Eric Bischoff is now way behaving like a General Manager should.

JR: By Gawd, there is going to be Hell To Pay.

Raw goes of the air, with Team Bischoff all standing tall with their arms up in celebration, while Team Bischoff is laid out.

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Opening promo: Very good opening promo and the Bischoff adminstration faction looks very good with the two biggest heels in Kurt Angle and Triple H part of it.

Flair v Tomko: Can's say much about this but a short match. Good aftermath with Jericho and Cena coming out to make the save

CC: Good cabana and nice stipulation for the team Bischoff v Cena match

Flair/Cena/Jericho promo: Good promo with Flair joining team Cena. Liked the Wooooing at the end from all 3 men.

Carlito v Parisi: Good match and nice win for RVD. Good aftermath with Carlito attacking RVD.

Booker T v Cade: I'm not sure about Harlem Heat back but i suppose it helps the Tag division. However, good match and now Harlem Heat are No 1 contenders

Ken/Bischoff/Benoit promo: Good promo with Kennedy joining Team bischoff, interesting stuff there with Benoit. I see him joining Team Cena.

Conway v Eddie: Great match and suprised Conway got the win only thanks to Lesner's entrance theme. Good aftermath with Eddie looking for Lesner,only for Lesner to attack him and the two men brawl.

Sean/HHH promo: Good promo, i have a feeling that Sean won't join the administration.

Tag team match: Great match, liked all the interferance at the end and then Triple H pinning Cena after a lowblow and Pedigree. Good aftermath with the Bischoff administration attacking Flair/Jericho and Cena

Overall rating: 46/50 Very good show

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Good opening promo, and HHH and Angle will be dominate heels, and I guess we may see a mania match between them? Tomko as part of the group is expected, and Flair on team Cena is great.

Good opener, and Tomko winning was always likely, with the odds against Flair – run in afterwards from Cena and Y2J was going to happen

Very good Cabana, and the added stipulation will be good, and interesting now to see who will win the match

Good stuff with Flair teaching Cena and Jericho how to woo

RVD was always going to win, and then a good attack from Carlito, building the feud, and leading to a title match at SS I guess

Booker over Cade was always going to happen, and I guess this will be a decent tag feud, although I am not too keen on Harlem heat

Good promo from Kennedy, and him on team Bischoff is interesting. I guess Benoit will join team Cena to keep the feud going

Conway’s push continues, and so does the Eddie/Lesnar feud – good booking here

Sean Waltman in the Bischoff administration perhaps?

Great main event, and aftermath, which really builds up the SS match, and it should be a great match to read

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Nice promo to kick things off nice to see Bishoff getting a stable.

Tomko vs Flair-I like the attack which led to the loss of Ric Flair nice save afterwards.

Carlito Cabana-What the heck? If Cena wins or losses he has to face Team Bishoff either way. Boo Eric sucks.

Nice to see The Direst Player In The Game with Team Cena nice end of the promo with Flair trying to make say Woooooo!

RVD vs Johnny-Good match with a nice win for Rob Van Dam, The Whole F'n Show. Nice attack by Carlito as well.

Booker T vs Lance Cade-I nice surprise win for Booker T due to I though a cheat victory was coming for Cade. Nice match.

Backstage promos were nice and I like Ken Kennedy getting into Bishoff's team. I also like Benoit probably going into Cena's team.

Eddie vs Rob Conway-Nice match. I like Brock's music and video coming on and it cost Eddie the match. Ya go Conway you beat Eddie!

Nice fight backstage.

Sean gets offered to join I think he will.

Tag Match-Awesome main event even though it seems like its all going against Cena's team makeing it seem like his team's going to win can't wait for Survivor Series.

Awesome RAW.

Well I don't want to post the same day as you so expect SD up Saturday-Monday.

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Blueman I must say that I am dissapointed in the fact that Summer Bash was built up so much, and then disappeared, and I think I was actually the last person to leave a comment in that post (before the disaster of course). Anyway, this thread looks good, and I like the fact that you put a lot of effort into the back story, as that always helps. I dont know much about Chaingangred, however, if you trust in him, I am sure he is good.

Dont have time to review the new Raw, however, I will pick things up with the next show, as you can imagine, I have lots of my own work to do.

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Unfortunately this BTB is not going to able to continue. ChainGangRed will be away for a while. As for myself i'm starting University this week, and already i'm up into my eyes with it, as well as working. So for now i won't be booking. I will be on the forum but maybe not as much as i used to. I will try and review all the BTB i used to review, but for now i won't be booking until i'm settled at University. Thank you to everyone whoever was interested in EWF and WWF BTB.

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RAW Review-

Opening Promo- Great promo with Kurt Angle and Triple H. Glad to see Flair come out as Tomko's opponent.

Tomko/Flair- Makes sense that the match is so short since HHH and Angle attacked him.

Carlito Cabana- I liked this with Eric Bischoff. You portrayed Carlito very well when you made him kiss up to Eric Bischoff.

Flair/Cena/Y2J Promo- I liked this. Interesting on how Flair is on Team Cena.

Van Dam/Parisi- I don't think Van Dam would take that long to beat Parisi but it would probably be a good full match. Good win for RVD.

Booker/Cade- I thought Cade had it won but having Booker T win and giving Harlem Heat the number one contendership then it is a good idea.

Kennedy Promo- Yes! Kennedy is on Team Bischoff. Im guessing that Benoit is going to join team Cena? I really liked this promo.

Conway/Guerrero- WHAT?!?! Why the hell would you have Conway over Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero is better then that.

Waltman/HHH Promo- Pretty good promo. I wonder if Waltman will join The Administration. I think he will get pissed and go to Team Cena. (Just like John Cena when it was Team Angle vs Team Lesnar and Cena got pissed as Lesnar and went to Team Angle.)

Main Event- Awesome! I really enjoyed it. I wish Cena and Jericho won but they didn't. I liked the aftermath and how the Bischoff Administration is proving to be the dominant team.

Grade- 9.5/10. I really enjoyed this show.
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