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I would like to start my own Fed. If any one wants to help just tell me and you can do Smackdown. There is no brandsplit and the rosters are the same as WWF
in 1998-1999.

WWF Heavyweight Champion- The Rock
WWF Intercontinental Champion- Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Titles- The New Age Outlaws
WWF Womens Champion- Luna


(No Chance Blares through the Arena)

Vince: Last night at Wrestlemania 15 we saw The Rock beat Stone cold Steve Austin for the WWF title. Tonight i think we will see a Harcore match for the WWF title and the oponents for the Rocks Title will be Kane and Mandkind. So tonight you will see and 3 way hardcore match for the WWF title.

(You smell what the rock is cooking)

Rock: I beat Stone cold last night in a classic 45 minute battle and now tonight you make me defend my title against the big red retard and that Idiot mandkind.

Vince: Yes do you have a problem with that

Rock: yeah i do i will not defend my title tonight

Vince: Ok Rock thats fine i will just strip you of the title

Rock: Fine i will take them on tonight then i will kick your ass If yaaaaaaaaaa smelllllllllll what.............

Vince: Vince is Cooking


Back from Commercial

Luna vs Sable

At the 6.19 mark

Luna goes for a bulldog but sable slings her off and goes for a sable bomb but luna does a hurricanrana and goes for the pin 1-2- kickout Luna grabs sables hair and tosses her across the ring Luna goes to pin her but Sable rolls her up 1-2-3 Sable is the new champ

(we go to the back and see Mandkind sitting in a dark room)

DX sees Foley and walks up to him

HHH: Hey mandkind what are you doing down there

(Mandkind is singing some song)

Xpac: Hey you werido answer him

(Mandkind says nothing)
X-pac: what did i tell you

( Still nothing from Mandkind)

(HHH and Xpac beat the hell out of Mandkind)

I had an emergency come up it will be about a week til i get back so if some one wants to take over go ahead.
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im back

(We come back to X-pac in the ring)

WWF interconintental title
Ken Shamrock vs X-Pac

12:32 min mark
Xpac goes for a spinning heel kick and connects to the side of Kens head. Pac goes for the Broncobuster but Ken moves and ouch for X-pac. ken pulls Pac out of the corner and Belly to belly suplex and hooks in the Ankle lock but The New age Outlaws come down and Road dog distracts the ref while Billy Gunn hits Ken with a Chair And puts X-Pac on top of him. The Ref turns around and Counts the 1-2-3.
Winner: New WWF intercontinental Champion X-pac

(We go to the back and see Big Show talking to Sable)

Show:How about after thhe show you come back to my motel and you ride the Big show

Sable: (Giggles)

Show: whats so funny

Sable: Some Guys in the back say you are Small

Show:No im not im 7 foot tall 500 lbs

Sable: No your small down below

Show: Who said that

Sable: Triple H

Show: I am going to kick his ass

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