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As soon as I joined the forum I had a go at a BTB and it bombed spectacularly, but now I have read all the advice in the stickys, and thought of a different angle to approach a story, and improved my layouts, so I am giving it another go. Feel free, but not forced, to give your feedback, good or bad, although most probably the latter, and I will rep you. Below is the roster, the rough story and tonight I'll post the first show. Here goes:


The Undertaker
The Rock
Kurt Angle
Chris Benoit
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Scotty 2 Hotty
Grandmaster Sexay
Spike Dudley
Billy Kidman
Al Snow

Torrie Wilson(Tajiri manager)
Lita(Hardy Boyz manager)
Trish Stratus

Chris Jericho
The Big Show
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Dvon Dudley
William Regal
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O’Haire
Billy Gunn
Hardcore Holly
Tommy Dreamer
Lance Storm
Mike Awesome

Stacy Keibler(Dudleyz manager)
Molly Holly
Terri Runnels

Triple H(out injured till Jan 02)
Shawn Michaels(out injured till Apr 02)
Ric Flair(signed a WWF contract)
Brock Lesnar(OVW)
Randy Orton(OVW)
John Cena(OVW)
Shelton Benjamin(OVW)
Kevin Nash(WWF contract begins in Feb 02)
Rey Mysterio(WWF contract begins in summer of 2002)
Chris Masters(OVW)
Carlito(Deep South)
Victoria(Deep South)

William Regal beat Tajiri

Christian beat Al Snow to retain the European Title

Edge(U.S) beat Test(IC) to unify both Intercontinental and US Titles

The Dudley Boyz beat The Hardy Boyz in a steel cage to unify the tag titles

Trish Stratus won a Six Pack Challenge for the Womens Championship

Test won an immunity Battle Royal(he cannot be sacked for a whole year)

The WWF won the ‘Final Showdown’ against WCW/ECW when The Big Show, The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho and The Rock defeated Stone Cold, Booker T, RVD, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon. The ending saw The Rock pin Stone Cold after Kurt Angle turned out to be the ‘traitor’ of the Alliance, and hit Stone Cold with his WWF Title.

WWF Title: Stone Cold Steve Austin
WCW Title: The Rock
Intercontinental Champion: Edge
European Champion: Christian
Hardcore Champion: RVD
Cruiserweight Champion : Billy Kidman
Tag Team Champions : The Dudley Boyz
Womens Champion: Trish Stratus

January: Royal Rumble
February: No Way Out
March: Wrestlemania
April: Backlash
May: Judgment Day
June: King of the Ring
July: Taboo Tuesday(replacing Invasion/Fully Loaded)
August: Summerslam
September: Armageddon(return of this PPV to replace Unforgiven)
October: No Mercy
November: Survivor Series
December: Vengeance

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The show opens up with highlights from last night’s huge Survivor Series PPV, where Test earned immunity, Christian, RVD, Billy Kidman and Stone Cold Steve Austin would keep their jobs as a result of holding active WWF Championships, Edge unified US and IC gold. There
Was then highlights of the ‘Final Showdown’ which showed Jericho almost cost the WWF the match by going after The Rock, and showed the WWF’s eventual victory after Kurt Angle hit Austin with the belt, in a reversal of what happened at Invasion, to bring victory to the WWF.

The pyros then went off as Raw comes live from Madison Square Garden, New York, and for the first time in 5 months it was an all WWF show. The commentary team of Paul Heyman and JR introduced the show, and what a celebration we would see tonight

JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWF Monday Night Raw, I’m joined tonight, and I don’t know why, by Paul Heyman. Paul, what are you doing here tonight, you were anti-WWF tonight.

Heyman: Well, I am sure you can understand that we all make mistakes, and I have a feeling that Vince might have it in his heart to realise I made a mistake, and want to stay right here in the WWF.

JR: You made a mistake Paul? You tried to put me and every superstar in the back out of business, and you think that Vince will forgive you? I can happily say that tonight, on one of the greatest nights in WWF history, your going to have to collect your P45.

‘No Chance’ hits and Vince makes his way down to the top of the stage. He then says ‘cut my music’, and then the ‘WWF Raw’ music is
Played as he walks down victoriously to the ring he is 100% owner of

Vince: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Raw. For one last time, I, Vince McMahon, and all of my loyal superstar, annihilated the competition, as I guaranteed all along. I have to thank every single fan who sold out this arena, in WWF territory, Madison Square Garden, for being WWF till the end. Your reward here tonight will be one hell of a show. In a few minutes, I shall invite the WWF superstars down here for a glorious celebration, but first of all I feel there are a few issues which need addressing. Paul Heyman, you assumed that I would keep you on as a Raw announcer. Well, maybe you shouldn’t have tried to put me out of business, your days as a Raw announcer are over, YOU’RE FIRED. (Heyman looked pleadingly at Vince, hands in prayer position, desperate to keep his job). However, you are a good announcer, and as much as it pains me to say it, unlike the trailer park trash WCW produced, some of your ECW product was viewable. Therefore, it would be in the best interests of the WWF to keep you on, so he would be the new announcer of Smackdown, along with his old ECW employee, Joey Styles. (Heyman looked smugly at JR, who knocked him to the ground) The new WWF Raw announcer will be…The King himself, Jerry Lawler.(Lawler walked down to his regal music, and shared a hug with JR, before taking his ringside seat). I take it that you fans want a few matches mixed in with all the celebrations tonight, so I will reward some of the most loyal WWF employees. Tonight, Bradshaw and Faarooq will be rewarded for their loyalty and having WWF in their blood, because the APA would fight the Dudleyz for the Tag Titles. And on Smackdown, Raven will get a shot at Christian’s European Title. But tonight’s main event was a match up that I was somewhat enforced to book. You see some stupid wrestling ruling, that was probably invented by some WCW fool, means that someone who appears on your companies program in a certain position, would be classified as being in that role for your company. Therefore, as William Regal was WCW Commissioner all the way up to last night, on WWF programming, he now inherited the title of WWF Commissioner. I would fire his damn ass right now, but apparently I have to give him four weeks warning, which sucks seeing as I didn’t even employ him. So tonight, in this very World Wrestling Federation ring, we will have William Regal versus Mick Foley, and the winner would become WWF Commissioner, and have a clause in their new contract granting them six months immunity in that position. Anyway, in the interest of fairness, I will throw the show over to the WWF superstars. Thank you and goodnight.

Vince walked out of the arena to huge applause and as he disappeared from view, ‘The Rock Says’ hit the tannoy, and The Rock came
marching down the ramp, with the WCW title in his arms.

JR: Well here he is, the man that pinned the Rattlesnake to keep the WWF in business last night.
King: Not only that JR, he is the Most Electrifying Man In Sport’s Entertainment, and the only wrestler left holding a WCW championship.

The Rock: Finally, the Rock has come back to New York City. You see last night, not only the Rock, but the WWF, were left standing in the ring celebrating, as the greatest brand in sports entertainment history lived on. You see the WWF is like The Rock, it will never die. Anyway, for one night only, the People’s Champion is not going to stand in here running his mouth, because you see there is the man who is even more worthy than the Great One, to take centre stage tonight, and that man is your Olympic Hero, and saviour of the World Wrestling Federation, Kurt Angle.

‘Medal’ hit and the two time WWF Champion made his way to the ring, to huge applause from the crowd. The Rock shook Kurt’s hand as he entered the ring, and then the two stars of the WWF gave one another a hug.

Kurt: Thanks a lot Rock and god bless the WWF. I’m sorry if I scared you fans by joining the Alliance but it was just another example of how Kurt Angle was not only a great wrestler, but a smarter son-of-a-bitch than Stone Cold
Rock: (mimicking Austin)What?
Kurt: I said I’m smarter than Stone Cold
Rock: (mimicking Austin)What?
Kurt: I said I’m smarter than Austin, because I got more than one word in my vocabulary and I weren’t dumb enough to think I could end
the WWF. Stone Cold got too big for his boots and last night he paid for it…Oh Its True, Its Damn True

‘Break the Walls’ then hit and Chris Jericho stood angrily on the top of the stage.

Y2J: Well whoopy-doo Kurt Angle came and saved the WWF. You know we didn’t need your help last night. We were going to kick
the Alliances butts but you couldn’t help steal the thunder.
JR: Well that arrogant attention-grabber has got one hell of a cheek to say that about Angle. It was the Rock who Angle helped and Rocky sure seems grateful for the help.
Kurt: Now hold on a second. Correct me if I’m wrong, team player, but was it not you who had a bit of a tantrum when you got eliminated, and started to attack your own team-mates.
Rock: Yeah you see Chris Jericho, you have to just accept that The Rock is better than you and he can kick your god-damn ass anytime, anyplace. You nearly cost the WWF its existence last night and then you moan it Kurt Angle, for saving all of our damn asses.
Y2J: Rock, Kurt: Would you please shut the hell up? I attacked you last night Rocky because you were trying to be a hero, I was trying to save the team, but instead I get shown as a jackass. You gotta face it Rock, you can’t beat Stone Cold, and if it wasn’t for Kurt Angle, Austin would have opened up a can of whoop ass on you, just like he does every Wrestlemania.
Rock: Oh yeah, that’s real clever that is. Well, you see, at least the Rock had been to Wrestlemania, and fought the main event. You’d love it, its far better than just opening the show, and giving the fans a chance to buy their concessions.
Kurt: Yeah, you haven’t even won the a world Title, its true you know.
Rock: So if you wan’t to try and grab some attention, don’t ruin the party, go out there and get yourself a title.

Jericho grabbed a chair and ran in the ring. He swung at the Rock but the Rock ducked and hit the Rock Bottom. Jericho then recovered and walked straight into the Angle Slam, before being flung out of the ring by both men. Rock and Angle were then joined in the ring by the rest of the WWF victors, and they raised Kurt Angle into the air as some tacky confetti and crap came down. Undertaker then said Vince had put together a little video for the fans, with a short history of the WWF, and then averted attention to the TitanTron, where a five minute video clip of how great the WWF was got shown. After that, everyone made their way to the back, and it was time for some action to begin.

Test v Scotty 2 Hotty
This match was made after Test attacked Scotty before the Immunity Battle Royal, taking his place and winning it. Test got real heat from the crowd as said his newly earned power gave him the right to do what he wants when he wants, and nobody could stop him. He ripped Scotty to pieces in this match, but Scotty still managed to evade an elbow drop and hit the bulldog. He went for the Worm, but Test got up and flung him into the turnbuckle. Test then hit the Pumphandle Slam, and the Big Boot, making safe the victory. After the match he got a chair. JR screamed, ‘Damn it he can’t do this’, King said, ‘He sure can, after all who can stop him’. Then Grandmaster Sexay ran down only to meet a Big Boot. Test tried to decide who to hit first, but then Rikishi came down with a chair of his own, making his return, and scared Test out of the ring. Too Cool then did a dance in the ring, and the crowd were going wild.
Winner: Test over Scotty by pinfall, but Rikishi returned to make a post match save[/I]

A ‘WWF Desire’ video package was shown, with the U2 song ‘Beautiful Day’ hyping Triple H’s return next month from an injury that had kept him out of action since May.

Big Show was interviewed by Michael Cole backstage, and he told Michael Cole that the over celebration of Kurt Angle was beginning to annoy
him. He said that everybody seemed to have forgotten that he was in the match last night, and he had done just as much as Angle. He said
he would show everyone he was better than Kurt by beating him this week on Smackdown.

Hardcore Championship: RVD V Lance Storm
RVD got to keep his job by having the Hardcore Title, and Vince said he would give Storm one chance to join the WWF, if he could take RVD’s Hardcore Championship. Lance Storm ruled from the start, until RVD brought in a steel chair, and hit a desperation Van Daminator to take control. RVD couldn’t capitalize with a cover, and Lance Storm brought a kendo stick in the ring. He tried to attacked Van Dam with it, but RVD kept jumping out of it when Storm swung. RVD then hit a standing dropkick, and went up top to hit the moonsault. Storm whacked RVD in the face with the stick when he performed the move, and covered for a close two count. Storm then took RVD down and locked in the Maple Leaf, but RVD made the ropes. Storm didn’t release the hold as he knew he couldn’t be disqualified. Van Dam was close to tapping but he was able to grab a signpost from under the ring and smash Storm in the leg with it. He then hit the sign on Storm’s head, before climbing up top for the Five Star Frog Splash and the pinfall.
Winner: RVD by pinfall

Backstage we saw Foley getting ready in his dressing room for tonight’s main event, we then crossed over to Regal’s and Booker T was in there with him. Regal promised he would win tonight and give Booker T a job in the WWF.

Tag Team Championships The Dudley Boyz w/Stacy v The APA
The APA were really up for this one, as they wanted a win to make the locker room even more happy with progress.

Stacy distracted Bradshaw outside, and the Dudleys were able to hit a 3D on Faarooq. Bradshaw went in the ring to make the save, but Stacy
pulled him out of the ring, allowing Bubba to get the pinfall.
Bubba and Dvon were celebrating in the ring, but Bradshaw ran in and hit both Dudleys to the outside with a double Clothesline From Hell.
Bradshaw then pulled Stacy in the ring, allowing Faarooq to hit a Dominator on her, as the crowd roared in approval.
Winner: The Dudleyz after Bubba pinned Faarooq

An advert was aired for the Vengeance PPV, which saw the WWF logo flash, and then Kurt Angle and the Rock, both feasting their eyes on some Championship gold. The words, ‘Its all about the WWE’ were spoken, and then the slogan flashed at the bottom ‘the dawn of a new era

Main Event: Commissionership of the WWF Mick Foley v William Regal
Foley came out to a huge pop, and the NYC crowd were loving the thought of having Foley back as Commish. Regal came out second, and
the crowd chanted ‘You Sold Out’, in reference to him betraying the WWF and costing Angle the WWF Championship two months back

Foley pulled out Socko, but Regal pushed Foley away, knocking the referee down. Booker T then came down to the ring with a steel chair, only
to have Socko thrown down his throat. Regal then hit his Double Underhook Powerbomb on Foley, but the ref was still down. Undertaker and
Kane came out to even the odds, and Kane chased Booker T to the back, whilst The Undertaker hit the choke slam on Regal in the ring, before
running backstage to join the pursuit of Booker T. Foley began to recover but Stone Cold Steve Austin ran to the ring through the crowd and
struck him down with the WWF Title belt, he then hit the Stunner on Mick and recovered Regal and the ref, allowing Regal to pin Foley for the
three count and the Commissionership of the WWF.
Regal then announced that Booker T, DDP, Rhyno and Lance Storm, among others, would now be able to sign WWF contracts, and on
Smackdown this Thursday, Booker T, Rhyno and Storm would fight The Undertaker and Kane in a handicap match. Stone Cold then hugged
Regal as Raw went off air with the WWF celebration well and truly soured, and the Alliance Superstars still very much alive.
Winner: Regal pinned Foley with help from Stone Cold, to become WWF Commissioner and he hired ex-Alliance wrestlers

Quick Results:

Test pinned Scotty 2 Hotty
RVD pinned Lance Storm to retain the Hardcore Title
The Dudley Boyz retained against the APA, with Bubba pinning Faarooq
Regal pinned Foley to become WWF Commissioner

This Thursday on Smackdown:
The Undertaker and Kane v Rhyno, Lance Storm and Booker T
European Title: Christian v Raven
Exclusively revealed on wwf.com: Vince will make a special announcement about the two world titles

I know it is quite short and the detail lacks, and there is little quality to the matches or storylines, but I just wanted to use this show to set up some fueds and experiment with which styles suited me best. Thanks a lot for all the feedback so far, I am very grateful. I haven't got round to repping yet but I will do after I've read any feedback/reviews of my first shows. Thanks a lot for all the help.

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Wow that was a great Raw. I feel like I have gone back in time. This is great and this should be a very good BTB.

First Show Rating: 9.5/10 Great job, just work on the stuff you said you needed to.

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The show opens with some highlights of Monday Night Raw. Some short highlights of Angle and the rest of the WWF celebrating in the ring was shown, before the screen faded black. A clip of Jericho wielding a chair was then show, and then a clip of an angry Big Show, before finally a clip was shown of Austin screwing Foley, and Regal being announced new WWF Commissioner. Regal’s announcement of the re-hiring of the ex-Alliance superstars and the Smackdown handicap match was made, and then the montage ended with Regal and Austin hugging, with the word’s, ‘The party is over’ flashing up in red, blood coloured letters.

Huge pyrographics then went off and Smackdown came live from the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, New York. Commentary came from Paul Heyman and the debuting former ECW announcer Joey Styles.

Joey: Hello, and welcome to all the WWF fans. What a show we should have for you tonight with The Undertaker and Kane facing off against Booker T, Lance Storm and Rhyno in a match booked by new WWF Commissioner William Regal. And not only that but tonight, going one-on-one will be two men who were fighting on the same team at Survivor Series. Big Show demanded a match against Kurt Angle after he felt Kurt was taking all the plaudits for the WWF victory, and his part had been forgotten.

Paul: Yes all that should be great but let us not forget the main highlight of tonight’s show.

Joey: What’s that, Vince McMahon’s big announcement regarding the world title situation?

Paul: Nope of course not. The big deal surrounding tonight is that, I, Paul Heyman, still have a job in the WWF. You know Joey, I was wondering. Do you think that tonight we will see a special Paul Heyman appreciation night, much like the WWF one we had last Monday.

Joey: Strangely enough, I doubt it. How will we be able to fit it in with all the great matches we have tonight.

‘No Chance’ blasted through the PA and Mr McMahon swaggered to the ring.

Mr McMahon: I have to apologise to all the WWF fans for the way Raw ended on Monday. That damn son-of-a-bitch Stone Cold Steve Austin again screwed over you the WWF fans, and allowed us to have that stupid Limey, William Regal, take the cherished role of WWF Commissioner. He ain’t a proven booker or organiser, hell, he ain’t even that good a wrestler. The only thing he was ever good at was kissing my ass, and when I needed him to kiss my ass the most, he worked his way up to my back, and stabbed me in it. Well, I’ll do what I’ve done my whole life, and make the best of a bad situation. I know it must p*ss off fan worldwide to see all the WCW and ECW superstars back on WWF TV, even after we’ve beaten them once and for all, but you always have to look on the bright side, and at least this time you won’t have to look at that ugly, over-endowed daughter of mine cheering them on all the time. And at least now they will be here as WWF superstars, owned by me, meaning they’ll have to kiss my ass to get anywhere in this business. Anyway, I haven’t come here to waste my time talking about Regal, I know I’ll defeat him in the end, as whatever I want, I can get. I instead have come down to talk about the title situation. Right now we have eight titles, which is too many. So at Vengeance next month, we will have to unify the European and Cruiserweight Titles into simply the European Title. The Hardcore Championship may cause a lot of bloodshed and add to the injury list, but it brings the money in, no matter who fights in it, so I’ll keep that one alive. The main problem is that we have two world champions. You may say it is pointless having two men holding equally prestigious titles, although of cause the name WCW Title takes the value of that belt somewhat, which is why it shall now be known as the World Heavyweight Championship. Now, it may make sense to put the two world champions, Stone Cold and The Rock in a match at Vengeance to be crowned the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, but I have a business brain, and I thought of something better than that. After all Wrestlemania is the greatest wrestling event in the world, ‘The Showcase of the Immortals’, so why not crown the first ever Undisputed World Champion then. That’s right, the WWF and World titles would be defended separately for the next four months, until Wrestlemania, where the greatest prize of all would be claimed at the greatest wrestling event of them all, in a Triple Threat Match between the World Champion-the WWF Champion and the winner of the Royal Rumble. (The fans screamed in awe of the idea’s genius) But don’t worry, that’s not all, no way. We still have a huge PPV at the end of this month in the Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit, Vengeance, and I’m not going to put on a second-rate, WCW-style show there, because this the WWF, and therefore both world titles will be on the line. The World Title will be on the line between The Rock and the damn traitor himself, Chris Jericho. But Austin, I hope you can see this right now, because at Vengeance you will defend the WWF Title against the man you have never been able to secure a clean victory over, the two-time WWF Champion, the Olympic Gold Medalist, the WWF superstar of all superstars, Kurt Angle. (The fans were again roaring as Vince announced this, and then the fans started an ‘Angle’ chant)

‘Regal’s Song’ then blasted through the arena and he walked down to the ring, walking into the ring and facing off with Vince

Regal: Wow, once again you have shown your genius Vince. Being a ‘genius’ yourself, I must ask you what you think of my genius last week, when I got one over on you by bringing to the WWF the ex-Alliance superstars, after getting Austin onside and beating a WWF legend in Mick Foley. I have to admit I am rather proud of that win. And that handicap match I made for a bit later, again pure genius. I love being able to say that I am able to outsmart a man of your calibre Vince.

McMahon: I wouldn’t get too cocky Regal, you got the better of me once, but I had Austin on my side once, and that slippery b**tard is just as good at betraying you as he is at loving you, you remember that. And don’t you forget that your contract as Commissioner runs out in June, and you don’t look likely to get an extension to be honest. Anyway seeing, as you are Commissioner for now, you better get used to dealing with the big names, and I’ve got one who wants to speak to you right now.

The Rock Says’ hit and The Rock came down to the ring, climbing each turnbuckle in trademark style. Regal tried to sneak out of the ring, but Vince held him back.

Regal: Yes Rock, how can I help you?

Rock: How can you help the Rock, you could help the Rock by crawling back up Stone Cold’s ass and staying there until June. You see, finally The Rock has come back to Albany. And the People’s Champion wanted to greet the new Commissioner face to face, so they could sort out their differences and have a good working relationship.

Regal: Well that would depend on whether or not you would be willing to work with me and Stone Cold. With you two as MY champions, we could control the WWF, and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your title to Jericho, because I would help you.

The Rock: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! You think that the Great One needs help to beat Chris Jericho. You see The Rock has whopped Y2J’s ass before, and the Rock will do again at Vengeance for the World Title. The day The Rock needs you to help him win a match would be the day Lance Storm is WWF Champion.

Regal: Now you leave Lance out of this, he is a fine athlete, as Kane and Undertaker will find out tonight.

Rock: Well, so long as you know, The Rock is taking your offer very seriously. (He outstretched a hand to which Regal responded, only to get laid out by a Rock Bottom, making Vince smile) Yeah, the Rock is taking you about as seriously as he takes the threat of Jericho taking his title. If ya smell, what The Rock IS cooking.

European Championship Raven v Christian

Mr McMahon made this match on Raw as a way of rewarding Raven for his loyalty to the WWF, in spite of him having a lot of friends in the alliance. The winner of this match up would be facing Billy Kidman, or whomever the Cruiserweight Champion is, at Vengeance, to unite the two titles into just the European Title, which would be competed for by both Cruiserweights and low carders.

Raven went for the Evenflow DDT, but Christian kneed him downstairs. Christian went for the Unprettier but got pushed into the ropes and flapjacked. Raven again sized up Christian for the DDT but Rhyno came to the ring and levelled Raven with a steel chair. Raven got the DQ win, but Christian keeps the belt.
Christian lifted Raven up and allowed Rhyno to gore him, before Christian hit the Unprettier on him. Billy Kidman came down to make the save, hitting a crossbody on Christian, only to get chaired in the face by Rhyno. Rhyno looked set to batter Kidman with the chair, but RVD down and hit a Van Daminator on Rhyno, before Rhyno and Christian scarpered. Christian then grabbed the mic, ‘What the hell are you two goons doing? Don’t you remember a damn thing about loyalty, the Alliance can live on now Regal has power. Don’t be such assclowns. You got a chair in your hand RVD, I think you know what to do’ RVD dropped the chair to the ground, and raised Raven’s hand, before Kidman took off his jumper top, revealing a black shirt underneath with the WWF logo on it. Christian went to the back shouting, ‘You stupid dorks will regret that move.’

Winner: Raven won by DQ, after Rhyno interfered, meaning Christian keeps the European title

Kurt Angle is backstage with Jonathan Coachman, who interviews him about tonight’s match

Coach: Tonight, you go one-on-one with the biggest man in the business. You must be running scared?

Kurt: Now hold on a second there, Coach. Why would I be afraid of Show, I’m not afraid of anyone, let alone a little baby who cries just because he got his ass eliminated at Survivor Series. Surely he should just feel the same way as Kurt and all the fans did and say, ‘Woooo, WWF baby’

Coach: Also, you will get a title shot at Vengeance for the WWF Title against Stone Cold. Don’t you think you’ve had enough already?

Kurt: Enough? Enough? I fought him for the title at Summerslam, and I beat him by DQ, oh its true. Then I beat his ass again at Unforgiven, second time in a row, and I took his world away from him, oh its true. Then I got screwed out of the title by Regal on Raw, and I lost at No Mercy in the Triple Threat without being pinned. Therefore, I can use one of my three I’s, Intelligence, a word you clearly don’t know the meaning of, and tell you that that makes it Stone Cold Steve Austin 2, Kurt Angle 2. I never got a fair one-on-one rematch, but at Vengeance I will, and I will do what everybody in the WWF wants me to do, whoop Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ass once and for all. What?(Austin mimic) I said that stupid hillbilly is gonna lose is strap. Woo!

Paul Heyman: How dare Kurt Angle insult the greatest WWF Champion of all time, the champion who represents this company so well.

Joey Styles: Paul, stop talking out of your ass. I mean how is selling out the WWF fans and trying to put the WWF out of business good representation?

Paul Heyman: Well this debate could go on all night, but we all know that I would end up winning, so why don’t we concentrate on the next match, where Mr Immunity Test will fight Rikishi in his comeback fight.

Joey Styles: Yes, and William Regal has made this a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental Title, with Test wanting to take the title back off Edge, and Rikishi hungry for gold on his return to the WWF.

Intercontinental Title No1 Contenders Match Test v Rikishi

Test missed a Big Boot, and Rikishi kicked Test into the corner, and squashed him, setting him up for the Stinkface. Test low-blowed Rikishi to avoid the humiliation, and the ref missed it. Test then went for the Pumphandle Slam, but after a struggle, Rikishi countered for to knock Test down. Rikishi then hit a Samoan Drop, and pulled Test over for the Banzai Drop and the pinfall win.
Test looked p*ssed off at losing and he punched a cameraman as he left the ring, screaming, ‘What you gonna do about it? You can’t fire me’ Rikishi danced in the ring.
Winner: Rikishi is the No1 Contender, after pinning Test

Joey Styles: Well Paul just told me during that commercial that we will have an exclusive video wall interview with the ex-WCW owner Shane McMahon after this match.

An advert then airs for Vengeance at the end of the month. It shows Chris Jericho nearly costing the WWF the ‘Final Showdown’ and Angle hitting Austin with the belt to win the match for the WWF. There are separate shots with all four superstars, and then a voiceover comes on saying, ‘It was supposed to be the PPV that ended all rivalries, but it caused more destruction than ever. Vengeance: For these four men, the Road to Wrestlemania starts extra early this year’

Faarooq v Bubba Ray Dudley
Before the match, Bubba swore to make Faarooq pay for putting his hands on Stacy, and then it cut to backstage, where Dvon had taken out Bradshaw with a chair.

Bubba hit the Bubba Bomb, but Faarooq rolled outside on impact. Faarooq looked to be out on the outside, but Bubba said he would beat him some more, and the tag-champ broke the countout and pulled him back in. Bubba went for a powerbomb, but Faarooq fought out of it and flipped Bubba over. He then set him up for the Dominator, but Dvon walked down the ramp with Jackie in his hands, and Faarooq went to leave the ring to save her, but Bubba grabbed him from behind with a Bubba Bomb, before pinning him for the second week in a row.
Faarooq tried to go outside and save Jackie, but Dvon threw Jackie at him, knocking them both to the floor. Bubba then told Dvon to get the table, and Dvon hit Faarooq with the wood, busting him open. Dvon slid the table into the ring and Bubba set it up. Dvon tried to lift Jackie, in the ring, but she was resistant. He then hit her with a reverse DDT, before bringing her into the room. Bubba climbed the turnbuckle and Dvon passed Jacquelyn up, and Bubba said, ‘you want to mistreat our woman do you?’ before sending a scared Jackie flying through the wood. She was out like a light, and Bubba grinned sadistically.
Winner: Bubba pinned Faarooq and the Dudleyz annihilated all three members of the APA

Shane McMahon comes up on the video wall and he is set to be interviewed by Paul Heyman

Shane: Hey Paul.

Paul: Whatever. Now Shane, I must ask you, how does it feel to know that you were the reason the alliance got defeated at Survivor Series, due to a combination of poor management and putting yourself into the ‘Final Showdown’? Are you going to apologise to all my fans for the way you put the greatest organisation is wrestling history, ECW, gave it to your sister, and had it destroyed?

Shane: You know Paul, there comes a time in your life when you have to be honest to yourself, and just admit the better man won. I mean, I had a hell of a time trying to defeat the WWF, and we lasted in their for a long time, but at the end of the day the WWF and my dad are the stalwarts of this business, and, no matter how hard you try, they will always come out on top.

Paul: Maybe if you spent as much time kissing my ass, as you are kissing your Dad’s right now, we could have worked together and won. I mean, at the end of the day I was just a member of the Alliance, it was you and Steph that took us to defeat. Everybody knows that the Alliance would have won if you put me in charge, after all I was the one who masterminded the signings of Christian, Test and above all Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Shane: Well if you’re going to take credit for those signings, shouldn’t you be crediting yourself with signing Kurt Angle, after all that’s what cost us everything.

Paul: Hell no, Steph brought in Kurt, not me. Anyway, now that your jobless and lonely, are you going to do the smart thing and just end it all?

Shane: That’s really funny Paul. Just because my Dad pitied you enough to let you keep your job?

Paul: PITY? I believe he actually said he would be chewing his nose off to spite his face if he let me go.

Shane: Whatever?

Paul: Anyway, you’re boring me now, so just tell me what the next step is in the (sarcasm) wonderful life of Shane O’Mac?

Shane: Well, I will meet my pops, apologise, and tell him that I am willing to start right from the bottom, and work my way up, and earn his trust, so that one day, just one day, I might have a chance of taking over those offices in Stamford. And if I ever did, the first thing I will do is what I shouldn’t have done back in July, FIRE YOUR DAMN ASS!

The video wall faded, and Joey mocked Heyman a bit about what Shane said, to which Heyman replied he was the best announcer in the WWF, according to the man who actually is in charge, Mr McMahon

Handicap Match: Kane and The Undertaker v Lance Storm, Rhyno and Booker T

Rhyno and Kane were the legal men, and Undertaker and Lance Storm were brawling outside. The ref tried to break up this fight, allowing Booker T to come in and crack Kane, who had Rhyno up for the Choke Slam, in the back of the head with the chair. Rhyno went for a cover, but was shocked to only get 2. Lance Storm was back in his corner, and got tagged in by Rhyno. Storm immediately locked in the Maple Leaf, but Kane made it to the ropes, forcing Storm to break it up. Whilst Kane was up on the ropes, having reached them, Booker T climbed his steel chair on the outside, and whilst now at an even level with Kane, he hit a Scissors Kick, decapacitating Kane’s neck on the ropes and apron. Undertaker went after Booker T on the outside, and Rhyno came in and hit the recovering Kane with a Gore. He then got up again, trying hard to stay in the contest, only for Storm to superkick him dead in the neck to get a huge three count pinfall on Kane.
Booker T picked up the steel chair, but Undertaker booted him, making him loose his grip on it. Taker then raised him up for a Choke Slam on the outside, only for Rhyno to smash him in the face with a steel chair. Rhyno then rolled him into the ring, and Booker laid the chair on the ground, before scissor kicking Taker onto it. Storm then locked in the Maple Leaf, with the American Bad Ass screaming in agony, and he held it for ages, until some officials came in to break it up.
Winners: Lance Storm, Rhyno and Booker T won with Lance Storm scoring the pinfall over Kane

*Break the Walls Down* hit and Chris Jericho made his way slowly and arrogantly to the ring.

Jericho: I don’t know if you people are too dumb to pick up on this, but you just booed the next World Heavyweight Champion, and the man who at Wrestlemania will become the first ever Undisputed World Champion. The man who will prove once and for all that he is the King of the World. You just showed a huge amount of disrespect to the greatest superstar in the history of this business, and I think you should pay for that, right here, right now. Therefore, you won’t get to see the man who will beat the Rock at Vengeance, in action tonight. But I’m tired of hearing all the assclowns saying that The Rock will win at Vengeance, Y2J can never win the big one. Hello, dumbnuts, I beat the Rock a few months back to take that title. But, I think that the Champion of the Assclowns himself, the Rock, has had enough TV exposure for tonight. Nobody wants to see a man that last Monday night on Raw as too cowardly to fight Y2J alone, he needed his new little ‘friend’ Kurt Angle by his side to ambush the soon to be champ. I am instead here tonight, to issue a challenge. Anyone in the back who is stupid enough to think that they can break the walls down, should tell me about it, and I will see to it that next week on Raw, I will make an example out of them, by beating the holy hell out of them, to make you all realise that you are seeing a champ in action. I don’t care how big they are, how small they are, or how American they are, I will be a fighting champion, and I will produce a performance so huge, that you Rockheads won’t be worthy.

*Never Gonna Stop Me* hits and Edge walks to the ramp to a huge pop, IC title around waist

Y2J: Well, if it isn’t the Intercontinental Champion, Mr King of the Ring, the next great WWF superstar.

Edge: Well if it isn’t the next…person to leave a PPV with the Rock’s boot up their ass.

Y2J: Sorry assclown, you think you can just come out of here and play with the big boys?

Edge: No, I’m not good enough to fight the big boys yet, that’s why I thought I’d find you instead.

Y2J: Wow, you think your jokes are funny. Well there not. The fans here tonight might not like me, (childishly)because I beat The Rock before. But when I’m in the arena they hang on my every word because they know that I am the funniest man the world has ever seen.

Edge: Yeah, you are funny. The stupid pokey hair, the ‘colourful’ choice of clothing, the massive boots to cover up your clownfeet, I can see why you get a laugh.

Y2J: Would you pleeeeeeeease shut the hell up! Why are you here anyway? I asked for an opponent on Raw, you already have a match with Mr Phatu I believe, for your second-rate title.

Edge: Well, at least I can taste gold right now.

Y2J: But you’re holding a title that’s a bit of a joke to be honest. I mean look at the ex-holders: Pat Patterson? The Rock? Chyna?

Edge: Hey, Chris, didn’t Chyna beat you for the title a few years back?

Y2J: Just accept it mate, you’re a tag team wrestler, what makes you think you have the right to challenge a wrestling luminary of my calibre.

Edge: In case you’re forgetting, assclown, I’m the King of the Ring, one of the most prestigious titles you can hold in the WWF. Something you’ve never won.

Y2J: Oh yeah, so you think winning that tournament makes you a superstar, junior? You do realise Viscera won that title once, and Billy Gunn, and they just sit at home munching on their own balls these days.

Edge: Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Triple H: they all won the King of the Ring, and they are the best in the business.

Y2J: Alright, you’re on, next week on Smackdown, you v me. Non-title of course, I don’t want to have to hold that piece of crap round my waist do I?

Styles: There you have it folks, next week on Smackdown, to of Canada’s greatest wrestlers today, Chris Jericho and Edge, face each other one on one.

Heyman: I’m not sure about this one. It will prove to be one of the biggest mismatches in wrestling history. Edge hasn’t got a chance.

Styles: Anyway, up now is our main event, with Kurt Angle facing off with a jealous Big Show.

Heyman: Jealous? Jealous of what? Not being a big fat traitor?

Kurt Angle v The Big Show
Big Show looked hungry on his way to the ring, and he didn’t have to wait long before Kurt Angle came out for action to a mega pop

Big Show sent Kurt Angle catapulting off the ropes with a Power Slam, and he began to size up for the Showstopper. Angle reacted quickly though, and hit Show with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle then went for an Angle Slam, but Big Show reversed half way round and hit the Final Cut. He then hit the Sidewalk Slam. He went down for a cover, but Angle somehow countered for the Ankle Lock. Big Show made the rope without tapping. Angle then locked Show in for a German Suplex as he got up, but Big Show elbowed his way out of it. As Angle turned back round, Show locked in the Showstopper. Angle countered in midair for a Tornado DDT. Show then got up and Angle hit the Angle Slam to seal the victory.
Angle called out Austin, but Regal came running down instead. Angle hit Regal with the belly-to-belly suplex as soon as he entered the ring. He pulled down the straps and locked in the Ankle Lock, with Regal tapping out in agony. Austin then ran down the ramp, and went to hit Angle in the back of the head with the WWF Title. Angle somehow countered and locked in the Ankle Lock on Austin, freeing Regal. Austin was then tapping in agony, with the crowd roaring the roof off the arena. Regal then grabbed the belt and hit Angle in the back of the head. The crowd booed as Regal forced Angle up, with Kurt trying hard to resist, but failed, and then Austin hit the Stunner. Regal locked in the STF, and Angle was hurting, but refused to tap. Austin put the title under Kurt’s head, with Angle still in the hold, and rubbed his forehead into it, whilst screaming, ‘That’s the closest you will ever come, WHAT?, I said that is as close as you will be to having the WWF Title in your grasp.’ Regal and Austin then went up the ramp celebrating, with Joey Style’s screaming, ‘Oh my God, this is sick, they can’t get away with this’
Winner: Kurt Angle won by pinfall

Quick Results:
Raven beat Christian by DQ, meaning Christian keeps the European Title
Rikishi beat Test, to earn an Intercontinental Title shot on Raw
Bubba Ray Dudley pinned Faarooq, and the Dudley Boyz then put Jackie through wood
Lance Storm, Rhyno and Booker T beat The Undertaker and Kane, with Lance Storm pinning Kane
Kurt Angle pinned The Big Show, before being beaten by Regal and Austin

Next week on Monday Night Raw:
Kane v Lance Storm
Intercontinental Title: Edge v Rikishi
Raven, Billy Kidman and RVD v Christian, Test and Rhyno
Kurt Angle and Tajiri w/Torrie v Stone Cold and William Regal
Jeff Hardy w/Lita and Matt Hardy v Booker T

Confirmed for Smackdown on Thursday:
Edge v Chris Jericho
The APA and Jackie v The Dudley Boyz and Stacy

Vengeance-Current Card:
WWF Title: Stone Cold(champ) v Kurt Angle
World Heavyweight Championship: The Rock(champ) v Chris Jericho
European-Cruiserweight Title Unification: Christian(European) v Billy Kidman(Cruiserweight)

Feel free to give me any feedback, I will be very grateful and will rep. I want to know if this layout is OK and readable now, and if the layout, length of matches, promos and commentary is acceptable. I know a major criticism could be that many of the fueds are similar to what happened in real life during this period, but I feel those are the right fueds to kick off with. Thanks a lot.

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Hey, King Kurt good looking Smackdown. I love the Blast fom the past feeling with this thread, anyways here is Smack down Reveiw

-The Promo at the beginning between Vince, Regal, and the Rock was good. I love The classic Rock Arguing methods. Good Length

-European Championship- Didn't like Christian retaining but anyways was a good match with traditional DQ, Beat down and then the save by Kidman & RVD...Nice little Angle there.

-The Angle interview was also good. Nice length and typical Kurt.

-Loved Rikishi beating Test. I love it alot, Test is not one of my favorites. good to see rikishi #1 contender

-Great ending to the Farooq/ Bubba match. Ending the encounter with Jackie going through the tables was a good touch.

-Good interview with Shane o'Mac. Love seeing cocky Paul Heymen Put in his place.

-Nice Handicap match, even though i was surprised there weren't any chokeslams in there but overall good match.

-Good Edge/Y2J Promo

-Great Main Event having Austin & Regal interfere and tell Kurt Angle that's the closest he will get to the WWF Championship. Feeling Angle making a real strong push soon.

Great show can't wait for your next one:)

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A short video package at the start of the programme shows Kurt Angle hitting Austin with the title to screw the Alliance at Survivor Series, and then Stone Cold stunnering Foley last week on Raw to let Regal become Commissioner, and then Regal and Austin beating Angle up the last week. Tonight will see Regal and Austin tag up against Angle and Tajiri, in a match booked by Mr McMahon.

The pyros then explode and Raw comes to us live from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. JR and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler are providing commentary on a night certain to be packed full of action.

JR: Welcome to the Rawzone folks and what a show we have for you tonight.

King: Well, you’re right for a change JR, this is my first full show back on Raw, and I hope I get to see what Heyman saw on Smackdown last week?

JR: What would that be King?

King: I hope that I get the opportunity to see the greatest WWF champion I can remember, Stone Cold Steve Austin, beat Kurt Angle to a bloody pulp. I saw some of Smackdown last week and the beating Angle got was absolutely awesome.

JR: Well, if you ask me Stone Cold is an evil, desperate excuse for a human being, and I for one hope that Kurt Angle pays Austin back at Vengeance, and takes away his WWF title.

King: Firstly, I didn’t ask you, and secondly, we all know Kurt’s going to get annihilated at Vengeance.

The glass shatters and *Austin 316* hits, and Stone Cold comes down to the ring, he is then followed by Regal, making the chorus of boos even louder

Regal: Ladies and gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the king of all WWF Champions, the man that left Kurt Angle in a puddle of his own blood last week on Smackdown, and the man who will beat Kurt Angle one last time at Vengeance, Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin: Would you like to shut up booing me? WHAT? I said stop booing me you stupid son-of-a-bitches! WHAT? I ain’t gonna tell it how it is until you stupid dumbasses shut up and listen. Well, you ain’t loud enough to talk over Austin 316 anyway. (fans chant for Angle, trying to speak over him)SHUT UP! If you idiots gave a damn about Kurt Angle you would want him to stay in the back, and save his ass a beating. WHAT? I said if you gave a damn about that stupid geeky b*stard, you’d shut up calling for him. But the truth is that you don’t care about Kurt. You need to learn that Kurt. These fans still love good ol’Stone Cold. WHAT? I said you still love me, you hope I whoop that goofy-assed freak all over New York. WHAT? Don’t try and deny it. Nothing turns you sick b*stards on more than seeing a couple of d*ckheads get a mudhole stomped in them or go flying out of the ring on the impact of a Stunner. WHAT? You all came here tonight to hear me speak so I’ll give it too you, no punches pulled, at least not till later when Angle and Tajiri get whooped. WHAT? How does Stone Cold feel about losing to the Rock at Survivor Series, after being screwed by Kurt Angle? WHAT? You want it so you’ll get it. Do I feel gutted the Alliance fell? Uh-uh, hell no Stone Cold don’t give a damn about the Alliance, because the Alliance never gave a damn about me. WHAT? I said the Alliance never appreciated Stone Cold. It was all RVD this or RVD that. Then I kicked RVD’s ass at No Mercy in the Triple Threat. Do Shane and Steph appreciate Stone Cold then? Uh-uh, hell no. WHAT? I said, hell no they didn’t. They decided to get that shifty son-of-a-bitch Angle, and it was all about Kurt. And then he screwed us, so Shane and Steph got the ass-whipping they deserved, but I shouldn’t have had to take it. WHAT? There were only two people in the Alliance that cared for the Texas Rattlesnake, Heyman and Regal, and you can bet your damn asses I won’t forget that. WHAT? You might ask me why I think Kurt decided to dupe the Alliance? WHY? The answer is, he needed some friends. WHAT? Nobody in the WWF liked poor Kurty, he was a stupid sad case, and the only way he could earn Vince and The Rock and The Undertaker’s respect was to screw Stone Cold. WHAT? And you may go round saying, ‘Woo!!!! Austin has never got a clean victory on me’, but Survivor Series weren’t clean, it was about as dirty as your underwear before a Stone Cold Stunner. WHAT? You had to cheat to get The Rock a pinfall over me. And at Vengeance, you’ll see a clean win. WHAT? I said I’ll take Kurt’s scrawny little face, give him a Stunner. WHAT? I said I’ll give him a Stunner. WHAT? And another one! WHAT? And another one! WHAT? And another one! WHAT? And another one! WHAT? And then just for good measure I’ll pin his ass down in the middle of the ring. And that’s the bottom line…

*The Rock says* hits and The Rock steps out on stage to an enormous roar

Regal: Now Rock, you have no business out here, this is no concern of yours.

The Rock: Finally, the Rock has come back to Uniondale. None of my business. You mean to say, that the People’s Champion has no business listening to the man he pinned eight days ago, running his mouth about The Rock being lucky? Anything involving the WWF Championship has everything to do with The Rock. You see, The Rock goes rolling to Vengeance later this month, he whoops Chris Jericho’s candy ass all the way out of the Joe Lewis Arena, straight to Head-stuck-up-my-own-ass-ville. Then the People’s Champ goes to Wrestlemania, and unifies the two most electrifying titles in wrestling history.

Stone Cold: WHAT?

The Rock: WHAT? What in the blue hell are you talking about? Have you been smoking crack? The Rock don’t know if you are deaf Austin. WHAT? The Rock says he doesn’t know if you are deaf, but The Rock will be the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion. But that’s not all, no that’s not all. You see the people deserve to see their champ, and seeing as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today is not on the card to wrestle tonight, and Vince is tired of seeing your fat, baldy-assed head, The Rock is making some announcements tonight. And these announcements will have something in common with the People’s manhood, they’ll be huge. You see, Regal, how does it feel to be new WWF Commissioner?

Regal: Well, I beat your best mate so I guess…

The Rock: It doesn’t matter how you feel. No, no, no, no, no, you see what matters is that this Thursday on Smackdown Regal, fresh after you get your candy ass whooped by Angle tonight, you will go one-on-one with him. And you see, the Rock hasn’t wrestled since Survivor Series, and he don’t want no ring rust, so he’s going to face off against you Austin on Smackdown.

Austin: WHAT?

The Rock: Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! Relax, Steve, relax. It’s gonna be a tag match. Its gonna be you, teaming with the WWE’s own big, fat, ugly hermaphrodite The Big Show, against the People’s Champion, and another man you’re jealous of, that man of course being, (brings thumbs to head to get fans to join in) Rob Van Dam.

Regal: Now, my son, I don’t know what makes you think you have the right to do that.

The Rock: You don’t need to (mocking)Sonny, all you need to know is that Vince McMahon is the boss, and he made these matches.

Regal: You seem to think you’re smart don’t you Rock. Well, as I seem to be getting good at, I will once again foil the best laid plans of Mr McMahon, because I think it only right that I add a select few stipulations to these contests. You see, if Rob Van Dam gets pinned when you and him face Austin and Big Show, he will lose his Hardcore Title to that man. And, if, no I mean, when I beat Kurt Angle on Thursday, he will be stripped of his WWF Title shot, and Austin will get the night off at Vengeance, whilst you still fight Y2J.

The Rock: (overdramatic)Oh no! Whatever will the Rock do now, maybe, no, in fact I guaran-damn-tee, he will just kick Stone Cold and The Big Show’s candy asses all the same. If ya smell what The Rock IS cooking!

The Rock makes his way up the ramp, and is later followed by Regal and an clearly agitated Stone Cold Steve Austin

JR: Wow, King, can you believe that, the two greatest superstars in the WWF today will be in the same ring this week on Smackdown.

King: I know what you mean JR, I never would have expected to get to see Stone Cold and the Big Show together, its going to be great.

JR: Well, actually Jerry, I was referring to Stone Cold and the Rock. But besides that, we have a huge show for you tonight, with our main event featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring as a WWF superstar for the first time since he screwed us all in July.

King: You always do that JR. You don’t just give the facts, you put your own spin on it. Tonight it will be Stone Cold and Regal against Angle and Tajiri. Not only that, but we have an Intercontinental Title match between Edge and Rikishi.

JR: Yes, Rikishi beat Test in his comeback match last week to earn that right, which is very much commendable.

King: Plus, tonight we also get to see Christian, Test and Rhyno, three great ex-Alliance wrestlers, face off with three men who are traitors to the names of the companies that made them: Raven, RVD and Billy Kidman.

JR: Yes, King, I’m the one who puts my own spin on the facts.

Kane v Lance Storm
This match was made after Lance Storm pinned Kane in a handicap match last week on Smackdown

Kane hit the Big Boot on Storm, followed up by a flying clothesline. Kane went for the Choke Slam but Storm went downstairs and then hit a desperation suplex. Storm recovered and hit a spinning heel kick, which he followed up with an awesome Super Kick. Storm should have gone for the cover, but locked in the Maple Leaf, determined to make his opponent tap. Kane looked close to giving in, but eventually was able to use his awesome strength to break out of the hold, and force his opponent to the floor. There was a battle to be the first on their feet, and Storm won by a millisecond. Storm went for a Powerplex, but Kane reversed it, and hit a powerslam. Kane then hit the Choke Slam and got the three count for a hard fought victory.
Winner: Kane pinned Lance Storm

Michael Cole finds Jericho for a backstage interview

Cole: Y2J…

Y2J: Assclown…

Cole: I was just wondering how you felt about the way The Rock seems more concerned with Stone Cold Steve Austin than he does with defending his title against you at Vengeance.

Y2J: I t doesn’t bother me, it just shows all the Jerichoholics out there that The Rock really is a stupid asshole. You see, there are some people you can afford not to keep your mind on, but if you lose focus towards the King of the World, Chris Jericho, you will pay for it. Therefore, I am happy.

Cole: Good.

Y2J: ‘Good’, what kind of a question is good. I have had a lot of crappy interviews in the past, but Michael Cole, you are taking the cake and flinging down your big, fat throat. Why don’t you ask the next World Champion why he isn’t worrying about focusing on the Rock, and how he is instead focussing his attention on an even bigger joke, Edge?

Cole: Well, I’m sure you’re going to tell me…

Y2J: You bet your ass I’m going to tell you. Because The Rock maybe the People’s Champion, but that doesn’t make him a worthy World Champion. You see, the people are generally stupid, and they don’t appreciate a real star when they see one. They don’t like him because they think he’s a great wrestler. Obviously, that would be impossible. They like him because he spends every minute of every day, kissing every one of their asses. It’s time that he gets put back down to his level. The Rock should get his face out of the People’s Buttocks and get ready to kiss Chris Jericho’s ass, because he will have to after Vengeance. Asshole, this interview is over.

JR: What an arrogant asshole.

King: He sure is, but I think Jericho put him in his place, I mean did you hear him call Cole ‘fat’. I just wished he told Cole to ‘shut the hell up’. Anyway, he’ll get plenty of interview time when he becomes World Champion, so we can hear him say that another day.

JR: Listen to you King, you know Chris Jericho was a spoilt brat back there, and yet you defend him. Why would you do that?

King: I think we’ve spoken enough about the World Champion in waiting now. Let’s move on to our next match, and finally, I will get to see some puppies.

JR: Well, yes, you will King, but hopefully you’ll be more concerned about what happens in the ring when Jeff Hardy fights Booker T.

King: Oh my God, JR, look at that thong. Lita has the hottest ass I’ve seen in my career. What were you saying JR?

JR: I was just asking you if you could remain focussed on the match.

King: Of course I can JR. After all, that’s why Mr McMahon brought me back, I’m a true pro.

Booker T v Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy and Lita
As Booker comes down to the ring we see footage of his assault on the Undertaker last week. We are told the Bad Ass won’t be here tonight, but he will come hell bent on revenge on Smackdown.

Jeff went up top for a Whisper in the Wind, but Booker caught him and hit him with a Sidewalk Slam. Booker then hit a neckbreaker, and then began to taunt Matt Hardy at ringside. Matt came in the ring, but the ref was holding him back. Whilst the ref tried to remove Matt, Lita came in and hit a hurricarana on Booker, to huge applause. Jeff then went up top, and hit a leg drop, for a 2-count. Jeff hung Booker on the ropes, and went for a double legdrop on Booker’s groin. Booker reacted fast though, and got his feet up, flipping Jeff over the ropes and on top of Matt and Lita. Jeff came in and took a kick to the chin, sending him flying off the ropes, and down in Scissor Kick position. Booker went for the kick, but Lita jumped on him when he bounced off the ropes. Booker then brutally slammed Lita onto Jeff’s head, effectively making her perform the move on Jeff. Matt ran in feeling protective, and set Booker up for the Twist of Fate. Booker sent Matt flying into the turnbuckle, and then flapjacked him onto Lita, sending them both outside in huge pain. Jeff recovered and took Booker down. He went for the double legdrop to the groin, but Booker again reversed, this time into a small package, and he grabbed a handful of tights to ensure he got the three.
Jeff went to go outside to check on his injured brother and friend, but Booker pulled him back, kicked him downstairs, and then nailed a brutal Scissor Kick. He threw Jeff outside onto Matt and Lita, and then done a Spinaroonie to celebrate.
Winner: Booker T by pinfall

A new advert for Vengeance aired, with all the focus on the main event between Kurt Angle and Stone Cold, with clips of their previous encounters, them screwing one another, and the end line, ‘The Road to Wrestlemania starts here’. The show will be the last live show of 2001, with the next nights Raw being dedicated to showing the highlights of the year gone by.

6 Man Match: RVD, Raven and Billy Kidman v Christian, Test and Rhyno
This match was made after Christian promised revenge on Kidman and RVD for accepting the Alliance’s defeat and acknowledging that they are WWF superstars

Christian and RVD were the legal men. Christian set RVD up for the Unprettier, RVD forced Christian into the ropes, and hit the heel kick and some Rolling Thunder, gaining a two count. Van Dam went up top for a Moonsault, but Christian got the knees up. Christian then hit a Gutbuster drop and tagged in Rhyno. Rhyno went for an immediate Gore, but RVD moved, sending Rhyno into the corner, where RVD cartwheeled and splashed him. RVD tagged in Kidman. Kidman hit a hurricarana on Rhyno. Rhyno hit a Death Valley Driver, before bringing in Test. Test went for a Pumphandle Slam, but Kidman backed out of it, and hit a Kid Krusher. Kidman hit the BK Bomb, and went up top for the Shooting Star Press. Christian pushed him off the turnbuckle and flying off the ropes to the mat. This sent RVD chasing Christian to the back, whilst Raven and Rhyno were having a big brawl on the outside. Test was up before Kidman in the ring, and hit the Big Boot for the win.
Test attacked Kidman with a powerbomb, before Christian came back to the ring to hit the Unprettier. RVD then came down with a chair, and Test and Christian left the ring. It was Christian and Test who were smiling though, satisfied with the win. Rhyno then came back in the ring and hit a huge Gore on RVD. RVD and Kidman got a pretty big beating today.
Winners: Christian, Test and Rhyno won when Test pinned Kidman

Another WWF Desire video aired, of Triple H in a gym preparing for his comeback. The background song was U2’s Beautiful Day, and he would be back next month after seven months out injured.

Intercontinental Championship Edge v Rikishi
Rikishi earned this title shot by beating Test last week on Smackdown in his comeback match, and tonight he had a chance to earn gold on his first match back on Raw.

Rikishi got Edge in the corner for a Stinkface, but Edge somehow managed to raise Rikishi up for an incredible Electric Chair Drop, which helped swing some of the split crowd support towards him. Edge set up for the Edgecution, but Rikishi shoved him into the corner. Rikishi then hit a Savate Kick. He then dragged Edge towards the corner, and intended to hit the Banzai Drop. Edge got up though, climbing the turnbuckle and hitting a Tornado DDT on Rikishi. Both men were down. Chris Jericho then came down and grabbed Edge’s Intercontinental Title, hitting both competitors down with it. He then hit a Lionsault on Edge, and this one was a no-contest.
Winner: Edge and Rikishi fought to a no contest after Jericho interfered, Edge therefore retains the title

JR: Now King, are you still telling me he would make a worthy World Champion?

King: A champion needs to have brains and the way Y2J took out Edge and got inside his mind is commendable. Their match on Smackdown will be off-the-hook.

JR: I’m sure it will be, but this match was close to slobberknocker status, until that self-absorbed asshole got involved. There was no telling who was going to win JR.

King: Calm down JR. Its not like Rikishi hasn’t had the title before, he can’t complain. Anyway, its time to go backstage again

The camera zooms in on a sign saying ‘ Kurt Angle’ and Kurt and Tajiri try to communicate ahead of their match

Kurt: Now I know you must be angry and Regal turning on you so I will make sure you get a chance to take care of him alright?

Tajiri: Regal gonna pay.

Kurt: How do you feel about Stone Cold. You won’t be scared of him will you?

Tajiri: (not understanding)What?

Kurt: Oh no, not you as well. I mean, come on, you must know more English than Stone Cold.

Tajiri: Stone…Cold…sucks.

Kurt: Hell yeah he does. You see this on my head. (points to a cut on forehead, Tajiri looks amazed)

Tajiri: Very bad cut.

Kurt: Yeah so me and you will go down there and do some damage.

Tajiri: Torrie?

Kurt: Now hold on a second, she’ll be going at her own risk. You know what that b*stard is like.

Tajiri: Torrie…big balls on her.

Kurt: Don’t go telling me that, man. You’ll ruin the fantasy for everyone. Never mind, lets go.

William Regal and Stone Cold Steve Austin v Tajiri and Kurt Angle w/Torrie Wilson
Austin and Regal come down together, and Austin is anxious to let go of his title before the match. Regal eventually persuades him to give it to the announcer, and Austin looks angry. Tajiri comes out with Torrie, and looks determined. Finally, Angle comes out with a huge gash on his forehead from where Austin rubbed in the title belt last week. Before entering the ring, Angle gave Austin a little wry smile, encouraging him to bring it on.

Austin was pounding the hell out of Tajiri, with Torrie looking scared outside, and Angle desperate for a tag. After a Lou Thesz Press, Tajiri blocked a punch and levelled Austin with a huge kick to the temple. He then came so close to tagging Angle, but Austin pulled him back. Austin went for the Stunner, but Tajiri reversed it, before tangling Austin on the ropes for the Tarantula. Regal broke it up, but Tajiri hit him with the green mist, allowing Tajiri to get the tag to Angle. Angle jumped at Austin, in Stone Cold style, and began maniacally punching him. He then hit a series of German and belly-to-belly suplexes, leaving Austin hurting. Regal then came in and hitting his double underhook neckbreaker on Angle, taking him out. Tajiri climbed to the aprons, and hit a belly-to-belly on Regal who was inside the ring, to the floor outside, and the sound of Regal’s back smashing the mat outside was huge, making the crowd roar. In the ring, Austin then covered Angle, but Kurt somehow kicked out so close to the three. Austin came back on Angle with a Scoop Slam, and was preparing for the Stunner. Angle clutched Austin’s leg and then hit a Side Belly-to-Belly suplex. He then hit the Angle Slam on Austin and went for the cover. Regal tried to cruel back in to make the save but Torrie pulled him back, allowing Angle to score a three count over Stone Cold.
Regal got up and hit Tajiri with some brass knuckles. Angle then locked the Ankle Lock on Regal on the outside, and Regal was tapping away in agony. Angle let go and went to the back victoriously. Austin recovered In the ring and was furious. Torrie tried to help Tajiri to the back, but Austin ran up the ramp and grabbed her, throwing her into the ring. The berserk Rattlesnake then hit a Stunner on Torrie, she was flat out on the floor, but Austin propped her up onto the ropes, and he hit her in the face with his WWF Champion. The Bionic ******* had gone mental about his loss, and Regal went to the back with him, trying to calm him down. Tajiri was furious and tried to revive Torrie. The shot then went back to Austin clutching his title, looking possessed. If he is this mad about losing in a non-title match, how angry would losing at Vengeance make him?
Winners: Kurt Angle and Tajiri beat Stone Cold and Regal when Kurt Angle pinned Stone Cold

Quick Results:
Kane beat Lance Storm by pinfall
Booker T beat Jeff Hardy by pinfall
Christian, Test and Rhyno beat Billy Kidman, RVD and Raven when Test pinned Billy Kidman
Edge and Rikishi fought to a no contest in their IC Title bout, after Jericho attacked both competitiors
Kurt Angle and Tajiri beat Regal and Austin, with Kurt Angle pinning Stone Cold

Confirmed for Smackdown on Thursday:
The Rock and RVD v Stone Cold and The Big Show(RVD Hardcore Title on the Line)
Kurt Angle v William Regal(Angle’s Vengeance title shot is on the line)
Edge v Chris Jericho
APA and Jackie v Dudleys and Stacy
Undertaker, Kane, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy and Billy Kidman v Booker T, Lance Storm, Rhyno, Christian and Test
Womans Title: Trish Stratus v Terri Runnels

Confirmed for Raw next week:
Chris Jericho v Rikishi
Stone Cold v Tajiri

Vengeance-Current Card:
WWF Title: Stone Cold(champ) v Kurt Angle
World Heavyweight Championship: The Rock(champ) v Chris Jericho
European-Cruiserweight Title Unification: Christian(European) v Billy Kidman(Cruiserweight)

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A short video package at the start shows Kurt Angle land the Angle Slam on Austin and pin him for three on Raw this Monday. Footage is then aired of Austin’s fury at the loss, and his vicious Stunner and title shot to the helpless Torrie Wilson. The line of JR’s commentary, ‘If he is this mad at losing a non-title match, how angry would losing at Vengeance make him?’ echoes as the Smackdown music hits.

The pyros then explode and this weeks Smackdown comes from the Marine Mainland Arena, in Buffalo, New York. Commentary comes courtesy of Paul Heyman and Joey Styles, on the night that The Texas Rattlesnake and the Brahma Bull face off again.

Styles: Good evening, ladies and gentleman and welcome to Smackdown. Tonight’s show is going to be explosive with a capital E as there are some huge matches, including Kurt Angle v William Regal, Chris Jericho v Edge, plus The Rock and RVD v Stone Cold and the Big Show.

Heyman: Yes, it’s great, but don’t forget to introduce the star of the show, the greatest commentator in wrestling history, Paul Heyman.

Styles: Um, yeah. Anyway Paul, what did you make of Stone Cold’s sickening actions last Monday on Raw?

Heyman: I thought it was unbelievable. Stone Cold really showed he is the greatest champion in WWF history; he won’t let anyone get in his way.

Styles: You do know what happened on Raw don’t you Paul? Stone Cold got his ass whooped by Kurt Angle, and then he beat the holy hell out of poor Torrie Wilson.

Heyman: She’s contracted to the WWF, she should know what she’s getting herself into, the stupid b*tch.

Styles: How the hell can you possibly say that? No man should ever hit a woman, especially with a belt encrusted with 2,000 carats of gold.

Heyman: Oh yeah, especially not with that. Very precise there Styles.

*Medal* hits and the number one contender for the WWF Title, Kurt Angle, comes to the ring to an enormous pop

Kurt: Once again, I, Kurt Angle, beat Stone Cold Steve Austin. Woo! And I would like to thank all the Angle fans out there in New York tonight, for such tremendous support. But that’s not what I am here to speak about tonight. Stone Cold Steve Austin called me a freak last week! Yes, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now hold on a second, didn’t that sadistic, and I’m sorry to use this word, b*stard just beat up a lady. Now one of my three I’s is integrity, and you really know you have hit the bottom of the barrel when you need to beat up a woman to look tough. Austin, you are one sick sicko, but not only that, you’re getting scared. You’re scared now because I pinned you in the middle of that ring, 1, 2, 3. You had Regal with you, but you still couldn’t beat me, oh it’s true, it’s true. So I must ask you Stone Cold, what the hell is wrong with you? I know it hurts losing the most prestigious belt in the wrestling world, but you get to keep the gold for another ten days.

*Regal music* hits and William Regal comes out to a lot of heat

Regal: Now you my fellow seem to be mistaken. You seem to think you have already won the WWF Championship, but you won’t even get a title shot, because when I beat you tonight, you lose that title shot, and Austin will get a much-deserved night off at Vengeance.

Angle: (laughs) Now hold on a second, I just come off the back of another win over Austin, and you think you can beat me? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. After all we are supposed to be allies. I mean as US citizens, it is our duty, as people from the greatest country in the world (USA chants start), to carry our British friends. So how about tonight, I carry you on my shoulder, and slam you on your back in the middle of the ring, and leave you crying like Austin.

Regal: Wait a minute, Austin may have gotten a bit angry on Monday, but as soon as I explained the truth, that your win on Monday counted for absolutely nothing, and he wouldn’t have to worry about playing you at Vengeance, he soon perked up. And I will kick your stupid American ass, right here, right now.

Styles: Wow, I guess that this match is about to happen right now.

Heyman: You bet it is, and I promise you now, Regal will win this, and Angle will never see WWF Title gold ever again.

Stone Cold Steve Austin came through the crowd and ran in the ring, striking Angle with the title. Angle seemed to be out, and Regal called for the bell to start the match, as Austin went back smiling sadistically.

Kurt Angle v William Regal

Regal went straight for the cover, but Angle somehow kicked out. Regal set Angle up for his Double Underhook Neckbreaker, but Angle countered for his own neckbreaker, which he followed up with a side German suplex. Austin then came back down with the belt, looking furious that he didn’t finish Angle off earlier. Angle pulls down the straps, and he is looking to end things with an Angle Slam. Austin tugs at Angle’s leg, without the ref seeing, and Angle turns. This allows Regal to get up and nail a powerbomb. Regal then signals for the end with his double underhook, but as Angle got back to his feet, he quickly took Regal down for the Ankle Lock. Regal was struggling, and was looking likely to tap. He kept trying to hang on, edging closer to the ropes but still a few centimetres too short. Austin then grabbed Regal’s arm and pulled it onto the ropes, forcing Angle to release the hold. Angle then chased Austin round the outside, and Austin led Angle into the ring, where Regal locked in a sleeper. Angle seemed to be fading, but from nowhere he managed to force his way out of the hold, and as Regal came back at him he hit him with the Angle Slam. Angle got up and looked set for the win, but Austin came in, and blindsided him with a second title shot. The ref called for the bell, to give Angle a DQ victory.
Austin sunk his head in his hands stunned, before stomping his feet on the ground furiously, knowing he would still have to face Angle at Vengeance for the title. Austin then got Regal to raise Angle, and he hit him with a Stunner. Austin then locked in the Camel Clutch on Angle, determined to weaken him before their match in ten days. *The Rock Says* hit and the Rock came running down to the ring with a steel chair, scaring off Regal and Austin. The Rock helped a hurting Angle to the back, and tonight it will be The Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin v The Rock and Rob Van Dam.
Winner: Kurt Angle by DQ, meaning he stays in the Vengeance main event

An advert to Vengeance airs, showing Kurt, Austin, Rock and Y2J, focussing on the fact that ‘The Road to Wrestlemania starts earlier than ever for these four men’

Women’s Championship Trish Stratus v Terri Runnels Bikini Contest

Both girls wear some girly, skimpy pink bra and panties, and the fans get to vote for the winner, and as you would expect they vote for Trish, meaning she retains.
Terri walked to the back looking angry, and she tried to cover up her body, deciding these fans were not worthy. Trish flaunts her body at the fans that face the stage, meaning her back is to it. Molly Holly runs down, and as Trish turns around, she hits her with the Molly Go Round. She then grabs the mic. ‘I can’t believe that a stupid slut like you won the woman’s title Trish. But you won’t have to demean our premier championship for much longer, because I am challenging you to a match at Vengeance. You don’t need to worry about accepting, the match is already made. I think everybody here knows already, that they are looking at the next Woman’s Champion.'
Winner: Trish Stratus beat Terri Runnels in a pointless contest

The camera brings into picture the inside of the APA’s office, and we see an angry-looking Bradshaw, Faarooq and Jackie.

Bradshaw: Those damn Dudleyz are going to have to pay once and for all tonight. You know the plan, win at all costs, and if we don’t win, we kick their asses.

Faarooq: Yeah, I spoke to Mr McMahon last night and he said if we win this match tonight, we get a tag table match with them on Raw, and we need that match to get even.

Bradshaw: Yeah, tonight ain’t about earning beer money, or the tag titles, tonight is about getting even.

Bradshaw, Faarooq and Jackie v Bubba, Dvon and Stacy
Heyman kissed Dudley ass as they came down, whilst Styles kept referring to the fact that if the APA team won today, they would fight the Dudleyz in a tag table title match on Raw this week.

Jackie was whooping Stacy all over the ring, but Stacy managed to tag in Bubba, and sinister thoughts could be seen through his eyes. Jackie went for a tag to Bradshaw, but Bubba pulled her back and hit a Bubba Bomb. Bradshaw ran in and hit a Clothesline from Hell on Bubba. This led to Stacy coming in and slapping Bradshaw. Bradshaw reacted by lifting Stacy up for a powerbomb, but Dvon ran in and gave him a low blow, which the ref who was checking on Jackie missed, before hitting him with a Reverse DDT. Faarooq then pulled Dvon outside, and they were brawling outside. The ref went outside to try to separate them, and Stacy ran into the ring with one of the tag titles. She went to level Jackie, but Jackie ducked and she smashed Bubba in the head. Jackie then dropkicked Stacy out of the ring, before covering Bubba for the win.
Winners: Bradshaw, Faarooq and Jackie won after Jackie pinned Bubba

Heyman: What the hell was that? How did that stupid woman manage to pin one half of the greatest tag champs of all time.

Styles: Well I would say it had something to do with your ‘Duchess of Dudleyville’ hitting Bubba with the title.

Heyman: It was a bad mistake, I’ll admit it, but even I make mistakes sometimes, so I think we’ll let Stacy off.

Backstage we see Team Xtreme backstage in their locker room

Matt: Now I know we have had a few problems recently, what with your mistake that cost us the titles at the Survivor Series, and us all getting our asses kicked by Booker T last week, but we have to unite tonight to win this huge match. And who knows, a win tonight could lead us straight back into the running for the tag titles.

Lita: Yeah, Matt’s right, tonight we have to win, it’s as simple as that. Those five men you face tonight tried to put us out of business, and the only way to pay them back is to beat them plain and simple.

Jeff: Yeah, I know what you’re saying bro. We have to keep it together. We both have been too busy looking out for ourselves, rather than being team players. Tonight, we have to make an impact. Let’s get the greatest tag team in WWF history back to the top where we belong.

Matt: Yeah, tonight, let’s take it to the extreme.

10 Man Tag The Undertaker, Kane, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Billy Kidman v Booker T, Lance Storm, Rhyno, Christian and Test

The legal men are Booker T and The Undertaker. The four non-legal, bad guys made a bee line for their opposite numbers, but Kane, Kidman and the Hardyz came back. Each corner outside the ring saw a fight taking part, one between Christian and Kidman, one between Kane and Test, one between Matt Hardy and Rhyno, and one between Jeff Hardy and Lance Storm. In the ring, Booker was controlling Taker, having worked on his left leg. On the outside, one of the most magical moments in WWF history occurred. Kane, Matt, Jeff and Kidman all climbed a turnbuckle each at the same time, and after agreeing to jump on three, hit aerial attacks on their opponent at the same time. Kane hit the Flying Clothesline on Test, Kidman hit the shooting star press on Christian, Matt Hardy hit a flying leg drop on Rhyno, and Jeff hit a corkscrew moonsault on Storm. The WWF men were in control, with all the ex-Alliance guys out on the outside of the ring. Booker went for a Scissor Kick on the Undertaker, but Taker reversed and hit a Powerslam on Booker. He then signalled for the Last Ride, and hit it for the three.
Kane joined his brother in the ring, and they hit a Double Choke Slam on Booker T, to avenge their attack last week. Undertaker then announced that at Vengeance, The Undertaker would go one-on-one with Booker T.
Winners: The Undertaker, Kane, Matt, Jeff and Billy Kidman won after Undertaker pinned Booker T

Michael Cole is backstage with Edge, for a pre-match interview

Cole: Tonight you go one-on-one with the number one contender for the World Title, Y2J, Chris Jericho. Are you nervous?

Edge: You know if it was anyone else I was going up against, like Stone Cold or the Rock, then I’d be scared, they actually know how to keep a title, not just win it. I know that I’m this close to getting to play with the big boys, and keep up the great tradition of the King of the Ring, and to go that one step further, I need to beat one more man from the small pond, and that man could just be Jericho, right before Pay Per View. Anyway, I don’t wanna bore you all by talking about that assclown though. He reeks of something that just ain’t awesomeness. Anyway, I’m a fighting champion, and Regal just told me that I will be fighting Test and Rikishi at Vengeance for my strap, and I want to tell them guys to get ready, because I’m going to become the greatest Intercontinental Champ of all time.

Cole: What do you make of William Regal reprising the role of WWF Commissioner?

Edge: What, William, the English gent? He’s, well, he’s the biggest piece of useless trash I’ve ever seen. He tried to beat Vince once, ended up looking like a dork, so he comes back for more. If he wants to see me lose the belt, why doesn’t he come and take it off me myself, instead of putting me up against two men whose asses I’ve whooped so many times before.

Cole: Back to Jericho, what are your predictions for his title match at Vengeance?

Edge: Well personally Cole, I think that the Ayatollah of Rock and Roll-a, the King of the World, the greatest wrestler of all time, Y2J, Chris Jericho is going to walk into the Joe Lewis Arena, sell-out crowding screaming at the top of their voices, ‘ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE’. About thirty minutes later he’ll leave the arena, not with a title round his waist, but with the Rock’s boot up his ass.

Edge v Chris Jericho
This match was made last week on Smackdown, after Jericho challenged anybody to try and beat him before Vengeance, and was met by Edge. Y2J attacked Edge during his title match against Rikishi on Raw, and Edge was eager for revenge.

Edge hits an electric chair drop on Jericho, and covers for a two count. Edge tries to lift Jericho up, but Y2J rakes the eye, before hitting the bulldog. He goes for a Lionsault, but Edge gets his knees up and Jericho is screaming in agony on the floor. When Jericho gets back up Edge goes for the Edge-cution DDT, but Jericho reverses to flapjack him into the turnbuckle. Jericho then goes for the shoulder block in the corner, but Edge moves, tangling Jericho up. Edge then set up for a spear, but it was Jericho’s turn to move, and Edge went flying into the turnbuckle. Y2J then viciously threw Edge’s shoulder into the turnbuckle a few times, before going for the schoolboy roll-up. Edge reversed it for a roll-up of his own, and the crowd went wild, but Jericho got the shoulder up on two. Jericho got a drop toe hold on Edge, giving the Ayaltollah the chance to get up first. Edge then walked into the Breakdown, and Jericho got the cover for one, two and then three.
Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho for a few seconds afterwards, screaming at Edge, ‘you reckon you can play with the big boys, what a joke’ and ‘you’re trash’. Jericho eventually let go and went off to the back, gesturing that he would soon be the champ, and giving the crowd the ‘I’m the King of the World’ treatment. Test then came running down and hit a slowly recovering Edge with the Big Boot. Rikishi then ran down for the save, hitting a Karate Kick on Test. He then got Test up for the Samoan Drop, only for Test to cling to the ropes, giving him the leverage to force Rikishi’s head into the turnbuckle. He then followed up with a Big Boot on Rikishi, marching triumphantly to the back with his two opponents at Vengeance laid out on the mat.
Winner: Chris Jericho by pinfall

Styles: Well, it must be said that our King of the Ring put up one hell of a fight tonight, and was unlucky to go down at the end.

Heyman: Fight, shmight. Fact is, Edge said he was ready to play with the big boys, and he got shown up tonight by the World Champion in waiting.

Styles: Well there’s no doubt that Jericho looked good here tonight, but the Rock in ten days will be a different kettle of fish.

Heyman: There you go Styles, even you are admitting it, Edge isn’t in the same league as these guys.

Styles: Maybe not yet, but Edge was already beaten by Jericho, so why did Test have to come down and continue the beating?

Heyman: Because Test is a smart b*stard, and he knows that last time he fought Edge he somehow came up short, and he will stand a much better chance of winning by weakening Edge tonight, mentally as well as physically. And that obese, Samoan punk getting involved ending up even better for Test.

Styles: That’s not the kindest way of addressing a man who could be our next Intercontinental Champ. Anyway, Jonathan Coachman is standing backstage, and the reason for that is that he is about to interview the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today, The Rock.

We cut to backstage, and The Rock exits his dressing room, only to have the mic shoved in his face by The Coach

Coach: Tonight Rock, you go face to face with the man who beat the living hell out of you at Wrestlemania, and the man who you pinned at Survivor Series to secure the future of the WWF. Do you feel the points are even between you and Austin going in to tonight?

The Rock: Finally, the Rock has come back to Buffalo. Now you ask the Rock a good question for a change Coach, who is the better of the two champs, The Rock or Stone Cold. What do you think Coach, Rock or Austin, who is the man?

Coach: Well, after last month’s events I would have to say-

The Rock: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! You see all that matters is what the people think? You know what Coach, I think that the People’s champ should conduct a little straw poll with the people. Let me see. If you think that The Rock is a better champ and a better wrestler than Stone Cold Steve Austin, give me a hell yeah! (The crowd respond with a thunderous OH HELL YEAH!) WHAT? I said if you think the Rock is the better champ then give me a hell yeah! (Once again the sell-out Buffalo fans shout OH HELL YEAH!) Hmm, it sounds to me like they just said Oh hell yeah. Because everybody here knows that the Rock is going to whoop good ol’ Stone Cold’s candy ass in front of the millions and MILLIONS of the Rock’s fans, just like Kurt Angle did on Monday night. You see, Stone Cold, truth be told, you used to be capable of going one on one with the Great One but now Austin, now, you just suck. You’re getting old Steve and you are losing your sparkle. The Rock is going to Wrestlemania, and tonight, the People’s Champ is going to give you a special preview of what you can expect if somehow, and the Rock doesn’t know how, you scrape into the main event at Wrestlemania.

Coach: Hmm, interesting. Did you get to see Chris Jericho in action just now?

The Rock: Yeah, the Rock saw Chris Jericho and the Rock says this…he was pretty damn good. But you see there is a difference between fighting the Intercontinental Champion on Smackdown and going live to the world on pay-per-view for the World Title, and that difference is that Y2J sucks on PPV. You see Chris Jericho you will never, and the Rock means never, win the big one. You have been getting way too cocky recently junior, and the Rock thinks you need to know your damn role and shut your mouth. But seeing as you issued an open challenge, next Monday on Raw somebody is going to get one hell of a chance, you see Monday Night Raw, live in the heart of Michigan, one lucky jabroni in the back is going to get the chance to go one on one with the Great One, in a Just Bring It challenge. And The Rock hates to say it but they are going to get their candy ass whooped all the way over Michigan, just like Austin 3:16 will in a minute, right here in New York City. If ya smell what the Rock is cooking.

Heyman: Well, I wonder when the Rock developed that sad case of amnesia.

Styles: What the hell are you talking about a*shole, the Rock has never looked in better shape in his whole life.

Heyman: That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying poor old Rocky must be losing his mind, because according to the record books Stone Cold has whooped the Rock’s ass almost every time they’ve stepped in the ring together. And as for saying Y2J can never win the big one, that’s a joke. Unless I am very much mistaken Jericho beat the Rock for that very title at No Mercy.

Styles: Well he won by cheating, and couldn’t even hold the title for a month, so it was hardly a big win. Anyway, back then it was called the WCW Title and who could ever consider that to be the big one? Jericho will have his chance at Vengeance and we shall see if he can do it.

Hardcore Title on the Line The Rock and RVD v The Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin
We will see some tag team action in tonight’s main event, with Rob Van Dam losing his Hardcore Title if either Stone Cold or the Big Show pin him.

A furious Austin is waiting on the sidelines for the tag as the Rock lays the smack down on the Big Show. The Rock tags in RVD, and Austin hits a blind tag on Big Show, before shouting something in his ear. RVD is on top, having nailed a spinning heel kick and the Rolling Thunder. He goes up top for the Moonsault but Austin rolls away. Austin then hits the Lou Thesz Press on RVD, pummelling him excessively. Austin then goes for the Stunner, but RVD counters and whips Austin to the corner. RVD goes for a splash in the corner but Austin moves, and hits another ten punches on a battered RVD in the corner. Austin then goes once more for the Stunner, but RVD then hits an enziguri from nowhere, and both men are down. The fans chant for Rocky, as RVD struggles over to his corner. He looks like getting the tag, but Big Show runs round and knocks the Rock off the apron. Big Show hits the final cut on the Rock outside. RVD connects with a standing missile dropkick and he heads up top to finish things off. He thumbs the RVD taunt, but before he can jump he is smashed in the back of the head by a chair shot by the Big Show, sending him crashing off the turnbuckle and down to the mat. Show then tells the ref he can’t be DQ’s in a match for the Hardcore Title. Big Show looks like he wants to cover RVD, but the Rock stops him from entering the ring, and there is a fist fight outside. Austin then beats RVD to his feet and hits the Stunner, and pins Van Dam to shockingly become the new Hardcore Champion.
Austin has his smile back again, and he is greeted on the ramp by Regal, and the two men share a hug. Austin seems to have his confidence back, and the Rock helps Van Dam up in the ring, RVD seems stunned that he lost the title.
Winner and NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION: Stone Cold Steve Austin after he pinned RVD in a tag match where he and Big Show face RVD and the Rock

Heyman: I’m stunned, the rattlesnake has done it again, he just won the Hardcore title. What a way of bouncing back after being cheated last Monday. I am gobsmacked, I mean I knew that Stone Cold’s team would win, but I never thought of the possibility of Austin beating Van Dam for the belt.

Styles: Well, I think that he can thank the Big Show.

Heyman: Yeah sure Show helped him but then again Stone Cold shouted something to him when he was tagged in, and that must have been it. Once again Stone Cold Steve Austin has shown himself not only to be the toughest but the smartest champion ever. And my God, if Austin can beat Van Dam, then Angle has no chance.

Styles: I don’t know where you got that from.

Heyman: Well, you know full well that though I don’t like Van Dam as a person, he is in my opinion up there as one of the best wrestlers in the world today; after all, I created him. But ha, look at the Rock’s face he looked stunned.

Styles: He sure does. How will this impact on the main event at Vengeance? You better watch Raw this week to find out.

Quick Results:
Kurt Angle beat William Regal by DQ, to retain his WWF Title shot at Vengeance
Trish Stratus beat Terri Runnels in a Bikini Contest for the Women’s Championship
Bradshaw, Faarooq and Jackie beat the Dudley Boyz and Stacy when Jackie pinned Bubba Ray Dudley
The Undertaker, Kane, Billy Kidman, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy(w/Lita) beat Booker T, Lance Storm, Rhyno, Christian and Test when The Undertaker pinned Booker T
Chris Jericho pinned Edge to win his open challenge
Stone Cold Steve Austin became the NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION after pinning RVD in a tag match between Stone Cold and The Big Show against RVD and the Rock

Booked for Monday Night Raw:
Chris Jericho v Rikishi
Stone Cold v Tajiri
Just Bring It Challenge: The Rock v ?
The Undertaker and Kane v Booker T and the Big Show
Tag Team Title Table Match: The Dudley Boyz v the APA
Christian and Test v Billy Kidman and Edge

Vengeance-Current Card:
WWF Title: Stone Cold(champ) v Kurt Angle
World Heavyweight Championship: The Rock(champ) v Chris Jericho
European-Cruiserweight Title Unification: Christian(European) v Billy Kidman(Cruiserweight)
Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat: Edge(champ) v Test v Rikishi
Women’s Title: Trish Stratus(champ) v Molly Holly
The Undertaker v Booker T
All criticism is welcomed, review if you want to. I know some obvious shortcomings in the show: the ten man tag sucked, my Edge interview was well out of character, etc. I'd love to know what else you thought sucked in it.

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Good opening promo between Kurt and Regal before their match.

Kurt Angle v William Regal-A good match which results in Kurt winnind due to DQ.

Nice save by The Rock in the aftermath.

A good promo by APA talking about getting revenge.

Bradshaw, Faarooq and Jackie v Bubba, Dvon and Stacy-A good win by APA to get the tables match on RAW.

Nice promo by Team Extreme to go on to their match. I hope this isn't just the same matches that are going to be at Vengeance.

10 Man Tag The Undertaker, Kane, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Billy Kidman v Booker T, Lance Storm, Rhyno, Christian and Test-A huge win for the faces in this match. I though they were going to lose some how ,but its good to see them win.

Edge v Chris Jericho-A good match with Y2J picking up the victory. Nice attacks after the match match.

A good Rock/Coach promo which I hope we see at WrestleMania 22 this year as they are always good. A few laughs in this one.

The Rock and RVD v The Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin-A very good match and I like Show and Stone Cold winning their match which means SCSA is the new Hardcore Champion.

Overall: 8/10. Good Show. I have been getting board with a lot of past shows being around ,but this one is good.

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Thanks a lot for the review ChainGang, I'm very grateful and your comments were very kind. Can I just ask what you meant when you said,
I hope this isn't just the same matches that are going to be at Vengeance.
Did you mean the same match in my Vengeance PPV or the 2001 one in real life?

Thanks a lot for review, I will rep you for it, and look forward to reading some more of your thread soon.

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I really messed up on that wording. I meant are you basicialy going to have the same matches?
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