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WWF 2002: Surviving On It's Own
The World Wrestling Federation has finally eliminated the competition. With the "alliance invasion" storyline said and done, it is now up to the the World Wrestling Federation for the first time ever in history, to survive on it's own. When most of the major WCW talent stayed home on their inflated contracts, the invasion storyline was one of the biggest let downs in the history of professional wrestling. The Monday Night Wars and the Attitude Era have officially came to a close and with ratings and PPV buy rates down while the major WWF talent is slowly drifting off in their own directions, it is up for a rejuvenation of the company to spark interest in wrestling fans once again. This will begin on the Monday Night RAW following the WWF Royal Rumble 2002 and Vince Mcmahon officially has 100% ownership of the World Wrestling Federation after beating the Nature Boy in a street fight. Chris Jericho is still the World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Champion, Triple H is now the new number one contender for the title at Wrestlemania X-18, and a new era is set to begin!

Royal Rumble 2002 Results: January 20, 2002
World Wrestling Federation World Tag Team Championships – Spike Dudley and Tazz © def. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)
World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship – William Regal def. Edge
World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship – Trish Stratus © def. Jazz
Street Fight/Winner Gains Ownership of the WWF - Vince Mcmahon def. Ric Flair, with the help of debuting David Flair
World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Championship – Chris Jericho © def. The Rock
World Wrestling Federation 30 Man Royal Rumble/Winner Gains A Championship WWF Title Shot at Wrestlemania X8 - Triple H wins by eliminating Kurt Angle

Management and On Air Personalities

Linda Mcmahon - WWF Chief Executive Officer
Vince Mcmahon - WWF Chairman/Largest Shareholder

Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler - WWF Monday Night RAW Broadcast Team
Michael Cole and Jerry The King Lawler - WWF Thursday Night Smackdown Broadcast Team
Johnathan Coachman and Michael P.S. Hayes - WWF Sunday Night Heat Broadcast Team
Kevin Kelly - Backstage Announcer
Lilian Garcia - Backstage Announcer
Johnathan Coachman - Backstage Announcer (RAW Only)
Howard Finkel - In Ring Announcer
Earl Hebner, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda, Charles Robinson, and Jimmy Korderas - Official WWF referees

WWF 2002 Roster

Al Snow
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brock Lesnar (Still Yet To Debut)
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chuck Palumbo
Crash Holly
Dean Malenko
David Flair
Diamond Dallas Page
D-Lo Brown
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
The Hurricane
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig
Perry Saturn
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
The Rock
Scotty 2 Hotty
Spike Dudley
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
The Undertaker
Val Venis
William Regal
X-Pac (out for injury)

Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Terri Runnels

Tag Teams
Spike Dudley and Tazz
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-VON)
Five Star Destruction (Kane and Rob Van Dam)
The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy)
The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw)
Billy and Chuck (Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo)
Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert)
Radicalz (Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn)
Test and Lance Storm

Managers and Valets
Rico - Services Rendered to Billy and Chuck
Terri Runnels - Services Rendered to The Radicalz
Lita - Services Rendered to The Hardy Boyz

Torrie Wilson - Services Rendered to Billy Kidman

WWF Undisputed Champion - Chris Jericho
WWF World Tag Team Champions – Spike Dudley and Tazz
WWF Intercontinental Champion – William Regal
WWF European Champion – Christian
WWF Cruiserweight Champion - Billy Kidman
WWF Hardcore Champion – The Undertaker
WWF Women's Champion – Trish Stratus

Weekly Programming
WWF Monday Night RAW - Monday Nights at 9PM est. on USA Network
WWF Thursday Night Smackdown - Thursday Nights at 8PM est. on UPN
WWF Sunday Night Heat - Sunday Nights at 7PM est. on MTV

No Way Out – February 17, 2002 – Bradley Center; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wrestlemania X-18 – March 17, 2002 – Skydome; Toronto, Ontario
Backlash - April 21, 2002 - Kemper Arena; Kansas City, Missouri
Insurrextion: May 4, 2002 - Wembley Arena; London, England
Judgment Day - May 19, 2002 - Bridgestone Arena; Nashville, Tennessee
King Of The Ring - June 23, 2002 - Nationwide Arena; Columbus, Ohio
Vengeance - July 21, 2002 - Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan
Summerslam - August 25, 2002 - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum; Uniondale, New York
Unforgiven - September 22, 2002 - Staples Center; Los Angeles, California
No Mercy - October 20, 2002 - Alltell Arena; North Little Rock, Arkansas
Survivor Series - November 17, 2002 - Madison Square Garden; New York City, New York
Armageddon - December 15, 2002 - Office Depot Center; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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WWF Monday Night RAW
Monday, January 21, 2002

WWF RAW kicks off with a recap of last night’s shocking Royal Rumble pay per view. The recap shows scenes of Vince Mcmahon beating Ric Flair to regain control of the company, due to the debuting David Flair interfering in the match and viciously attacking his father. The recap switches gears to show Jericho using the ropes for leverage against The Rock to retain the Undisputed Championship, and ended by showing a returning Triple H tossing over Kurt Angle and subsequently being crown the winner of the 2002 Royal Rumble.

The pyro goes off around the RAW logo as Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler bring in the show building up how huge of a royal rumble event last night was. Commentary builds up Triple H as the next guy ready to take the reigns away from Chris Jericho, and how the debut of David Flair was one of the most controversial things to happen in a really long time, and how Mr. Mcmahon was able to convince David Flair to turn on his own father.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring with an infuriated look on his face. Kurt gets not he microphone and begins to cut a promo about how last night he should've been crowned the winner of the Royal Rumble. Kurt shows footage of how he threw over Triple H and how every single wrestling official around the ring gave him all the inclination in the world that he had won the match. But then Triple H came up from behind him out of nowhere like a coward and threw him over the rope unexpectedly cheating his way to a title shot at Wrestlemania. Kurt demands that the decision be reversed and he be granted the title shot at mania. Before Kurt can go any further Stone Cold Steve Austin comes charging out through the curtain with a pissed off look on his face as well. Austin grabs a microphone of his own and tells Kurt Angle that if anyone was cheated last night and is getting a title shot tonight it will be him, as he threatens Kurt to do something about it if he wants to disagree. Before Steve Austin can start to attack Kurt Angle though, The Rock is the next one to come out, who just like the others has an angry look on his face as well. The Rock gets in the ring and stares evenly at both men while he begins to cut a promo of his own about how last night The Rock had Chris Jericho beaten in the middle of the ring and no one was there to count the three. As all three men are about to rip into each other, Mr. Mcmahon's stooges Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco storm out through the curtain and frantically tell them to calm down and get out of the ring. In response to Mr. Mcmahon's absence at the current time, Brisco and Patterson appease all three men and agree to book a #1 contender's match tonight between Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin to decide who will be the #1 contender at No Way Out against WWF Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. Commentary builds up how huge of a match this is and how they don't see these three men getting until the end of the night before ripping each other apart.

Backstage, WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho is screaming in fury at the television screen that he is the champion and he deserves to be able to book his own challenger.


Back from Commercial, Howard Finkel introduces the first contest for WWF RAW. Billy and Chuck get into the ring with their manager Rico. Rico grabs a microphone and begins to cut a promo that Billy and Chuck look fabulous tonight and how they are so sure of their abilities that they will take on any active tag team on the roster right now. The APA burst through the curtain as Billy and Chuck freak out and start pleading with Rico not to make them wrestle them.

Normal Tag Team Match
Billy and Chuck w/Rico vs. Mystery Opponents: The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw)
The APA make short work of the upstarting Billy and Chuck tag team as they prove their power dominance through out the entire short match. A clothesline from hell is the devastating maneuver that wipes out Chuck Palumbo and causes the APA to make the cover, 1...2....3.​
The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) via pinfall (3:42)

The APA slide out of the ring in their usual bad ass demeanor as Rico slides into the ring to tend to his tag team and commentary sells just how vicious that clothesline from Bradshaw really is, showing a replay of the impact.​

Backstage, Vince Mcmahon is arriving to the arena with an overly happy look on his face, stepping out of his limo with Ric Flair's own son David Flair. Both seem to be in a very ecstatic mood about what they did to the Nature Boy last night. Mcmahon pats David not he shoulder and tells him that he has a very bright future in the World Wrestling Federation. The love fest is quickly stopped when Chris Jericho runs up to Mcmahon and screams that Patterson and Brisco booked a #1 contenders match tonight and that he wants Mcmahon to reverse the decision right now. Mcmahon grows furious, but tells Jericho that he will not reverse it, however he is going to talk to them about who has power and stroke in this company.

Interview Segment, Edge cuts a promo on William Regal that last night when Regal hit him with those brass knuckles he did nothing but just light a fire underneath Edge. Edge highlights all of his accomplishments and promises Regal that tonight he is going to give him the shortest WWF Intercontinental Championship reign of all time, because he is hungry and he is coming for his title belt.

Video, WWF No Way Out 2002, February 17, 2002 Live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Vignette is aired showing The Dudley Boyz surrounded by several wooden tables. Bubba cuts a promo that he needs to put Spike Dudley through a table and he can feel it deep inside him. D-Von backs Bubba up and starts motivating him screaming I GOT THE TABLES FOR YOU BUBBA! Bubba jumps off the second floor balcony with a life-size doll slamming the doll through a vicious and hard wooden table. D-Von comes into the picture and screams into the camera, "SPIKE TAZZ...YOU AND US TAG TEAM TABLE MATCH WWF WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!" Bubba looks off in a trance as the cameras zoom into the doll to show a picture of Spike Dudley's face pasted on the face of the doll. The scene switches over to show WWF World Tag Team Champions Spike Dudley and Tazz in shock as to what they just saw on the TV. Tazz asks Spike what he wants to do, Spike looks at Tazz with his bottom lip puckered up over his top lip agitated about the video that was made. Spike tells Tazz that he will accept their challenge. Commentary sells how this match will only work in the favor of The Dudley Boyz but Spike and Tazz have so much heart that you will have to kill them before they will stop.

WWF Cruiserweight Championship Match
Tajiri ©vs. Billy Kidman w/Torrie Wilson
The match goes back and forth through out the entire match with neither man really gaining any sort of overpowering advantage over the other. Loads of near falls ensue, but it is Billy Kidman who finds a way to reverse a brain buster from Tajiri and turn it into a hurricarana of his own. Kidman seals the deal by landing a impressive shooting star press, finally picking up the pinfall over Tajiri!​
NEW WWF Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman via pinfall (8:16)

Torrie Wilson rushes into the ring holding the cruiserweight championship belt ecstatic that her boyfriend is the new champion. Kidman and Torrie celebrate in the middle of the ring with the belt as commentary builds up how big of a future this misguided kid from the old WCW has in the World Wrestling Federation.​

Backstage, The Undertaker is walking when he runs into Al Snow. Al Snow visibly still upset about the attack last night from The Undertaker on his protege Maven. Al tells Undertaker that he had no right to attack Maven last night and asked the Deadman if it makes him feel good about himself or like a big man to attack a rookie who he can take advantage of and bully. Taker smirks at Snow and asks him if he is suggesting that he be the one who fights the Deadman. Snow looks wide eyed at Taker and tells him that is exactly what he is suggesting. The Undertaker looks down at Snow and tells him to step up right now. Snow leans back and slaps The Undertaker in the face and whispers to him, "I'll see you in the ring." As Snow storms off, The Undertaker obviously disgruntled over the slap storms down the hallway and towards the ring.

Debut Promo Video, with intense dramatic music playing in the background, a monster athlete is shown in the gym pounding away on a heavy bag, running with two massive tree logs up a mountain, breaking huge concrete blocks with vicious front kicks, and at the end of the promo shows this monster impressive mat wrestling several men in the middle of a wrestling ring. Words pop up on the screen, "Brock Lesnar: The Next Big Thing Is Coming..."


Backstage, David Flair and Vince Mcmahon are in Mcmahon's office. Mcmahon continues to boast about beating Ric Flair last night, while David starts making fun of how his dad looked last night when he came in and beat him senseless into the mat, while him and Mcmahon laugh about it. Brisco and Patterson come rushing into Mcmahon's office as the mood quickly turns into a very serious and somber one. Brisco and Patterson both with concerned looks on their faces, ask Mcmahon why he wanted to see them. Mcmahon immediately starts screaming at them that they have no right to book any match whenever he is not there and everyone in the locker room, including them, are going to find out who runs the show around here and who the boss is. Mcmahon tells them that if they ever decide to do that again that they are both fired on the spot.

Normal Match
Al Snow vs. The Undertaker
From the very beginning of the match Al Snow was not in his wrestling clothes and was just ready for a fight. The match started off hot from the beginning as Al Snow jumped on top of The Undertaker and started attacking Taker with vicious strikes to the face. But it wasn't long before The Undertaker was able to catch his breath and quickly take control of the match. After the initial attack from Al Snow in the beginning, Snow was not able to regain control of the match and finally was beaten down to an unconscious state before being lifted up into a Last Ride from the Deadman. 1...2...3.​
The Undertaker via pinfall (4:10)

After the match was over The Undertaker with a smirk on his face grabbed a microphone and began to cut a promo against Maven, periodically kicking the beaten down body of Al Snow. Undertaker touches up on the disrespect factor as he flaunts about how last night he taunt him (Maven) a lesson, and tonight he taught his broken down coach a lesson. The promo ends when Undertaker gets down on the mat and screams in the face of Al Snow, "oh and you can tell your boy when he gets out, I'm not finished with him yet."​

Backstage, a limo pulls up and shows Ric Flair arriving at the arena. Kevin Kelly rushes over in attempt to interview Flair about how he feels that his own son betrayed him last night at the Royal Rumble by aligning with Vince Mcmahon. Flair continues to walk through the parking lot refusing to answer any of Kevin's questions.


Triple H comes down towards the ring as commentary builds up how his first return match from injury was winning his shot to wrestle for the title in the main event at Wrestlemania X-18. Triple H grabs a microphone and begins to cut an intense promo about how 8 months ago he didn't know if he would ever be able to come back and wrestle again. He builds up how his doctors told him that he needed to retire, but he cannot leave this knowing that he is the best in the world and no one in this industry can touch him. Triple H plays up to the fans and says that whether it is Chris Jericho or Steve Austin or The Rock or Kurt Angle, they can just hold onto his title belts until Toronto, because after Toronto, there is only going to be one man left standing as the best in the world, and that man is The Game Triple H. Vince Mcmahon quickly comes down to the ring alongside David Flair as Triple H looks confused as to what they are doing. Mcmahon grabs a microphone and starts to instruct Triple H to get out of the ring and that he has a ceremony that he needs to commence with. Triple H not wanting to leave the ring steps up face to face with Mcmahon, in which the situation is quickly derailed by David Flair who steps in front of Mcmahon to protect his honor. Mcmahon starts to cut a promo about how Triple H is a lot like Ric Flair in that they are both shells of their former selves and it is time for both of them to realize that they are just quite frankly not the best any longer. Mcmahon continues his promo on by making jokes about Flair and each time Triple H goes to shut up Mcmahon, David Flair steps in his way and doesn't let him go any further. It isn't long though before Triple H with a smirk on his face turns around and hits David with a vicious right hand across the face. Mcmahon runs at Triple H, but he just like David, is brought to the ground with those devastating punches by Triple H. However, just as Triple H is gaining ground on Mcmahon, David low blows Triple H between the legs and David along with Mcmahon continue to assault Triple H. Right then though, Ric Flair comes running down the ramp and into the ring launching right for Mr. Mcmahon, giving Triple H enough time to clear the ring of David and Mcmahon. As Triple H stands side by side with Ric Flair, Mcmahon grabs a microphone from the outside of the ring and sets up a match on Thursday night with Triple H and Ric Flair taking on David Flair, Vince Mcmahon, Olympic Champion Kurt Angle, Christian, Test, and Lance Storm in a 2 on 6 handicap tag team match.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is shown standing next to the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit making a deal that if Benoit comes out and just takes out The Rock in the match, then he will make sure that his first title defense is against him. Benoit haggles with Kurt and tells him that he wants a title shot AND he wants 10,000 dollars. Kurt regrettably agrees to the deal and shakes Benoit's hand.


WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
William Regal © vs. Edge
From the very beginning of this match, Edge seemed to be driven on a mission to get his Intercontinental Championship belt back. Because of this, Edge seemed to be controlling most of the match, but each time that he would go for a pin, Regal would find someway somehow to kick out at two or get his foot on the bottom rope. However, the most defining moment came when Edge went to spear Regal, but instead of just spearing Regal, in the process he knocked Regal into the referee, forcing Mike Chioda to fly out of the ring through the middle rope. As Edge went for the pin, no referee was present to count the three. As Edge darted out of the ring and threw the referee back in the ring, he attempted to revive him. But before Chioda could make it up to his feet, Edge turned around and was met with a vicious brass knuckles punch by William Regal, knocking Edge out cold in the middle of the ring. Regal went for the quick pin as Mike Chioda slowly gained consciousness to count the three.
William Regal Retains the WWF Intercontinental Championship via pinfall (8:47)

Interview Segment, The Rock is interviewing about his huge triple threat #1 contender's match coming up next. The Rock starts to cut a promo about how he doesn't care if he has to whupp Kurt Angle's candy ass or whupp Stone Cold's candy ass, he is leaving this arena as the #1 contender and soon to be WWF Undisputed Champion. Before The Rock can continue his promo any further, Chris Benoit walks onto the scene and purposely bumps into The Rock. Without saying a word, Benoit walks passed The Rock with a smile on his face as The Rock grows defensive and asks him if he has a problem.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is shown walking towards the ring as commentary builds up how huge of a match this is and how Chris Jericho is going to be watching this match like a hawk.


Interview Segment, William Regal is shown backstage with his retained WWF Intercontinental Championship belt. Regal cuts a promo that he is the only guy on the roster who can truly bring class and prestige to this title belt and this company. Regal continues to cut his promo about how he has had to beat Edge twice within 24 hours just to prove that he deserves this belt and that he will not be defending this title belt against anyone anytime soon until further notice.

Triple Threat Match To Determine the #1 Contender For The World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Championship
The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Aaustin
Before the match begins, the WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho comes down to the ring and sits at the commentary booth with Ross and King. The match is dead even through out the entire segment. Each time that one member will go for a pin, it will be broken up abruptly by the other. At one point during the match, Kurt Angle snapped the ankle lock on Steve Austin, but somehow someway Stone Cold was able to leap towards the bottom rope to break the hold. The irate Kurt Angle started screaming at the referee that he is not going to be cheated again. But as Kurt's back is turned, The Rock hits Kurt with a devastating spinebuster. The Rock jumps back up to his feet and goes to execute his signature people's elbow, but Chris Benoit who has came to ringside to support Kurt Angle, quickly pulls down the top rope, forcing The Rock to fly over the top rope and to the outside as the referee tends to the injured Stone Cold. Chris Benoit then takes a steel chair and slams The Rock over the top of the head, sending The Rock crashing through the steel barricade at ringside, before walking back up the ramp with a sick sadistic smile on his face. As Kurt and Steve both make it up to their feet simultaneously, Kurt goes to lift Steve into his infamous Olympic Slam. But just as he is about to drop Steve down into the slam, the Texas Rattlesnake finds a way to fall down the back of Kurt Angle's shoulders and hit Kurt Angle with a powerful Stone Cold Stunner, sending Kurt flying back first into the turnbuckle and finally falling back down to the mat. Steve makes the cover, 1...2....3!!!!!!
NEW #1 Contender for WWF Undisputed Championship, Stone Cold Steve Austin via pinfall (12:02)

As Stone Cold Steve Austin is celebrating in the ring with a couple "Steveweisers", Chris Jericho stands up from the commentary booth shaking his head no. Steve looks down at Jericho with a smile on his face and flips him off, taunting at him and screaming to him that he will be the next WWF Undisputed Champion. Jericho unable to take his eyes off Stone Cold holds his two title belts tightly against his chest continuing to shake his head no.​

Backstage, Mr. Mcmahon is shown on the phone with wide eyes telling whoever is on the other line that "they" cannot come in and this needs to be nipped in the bud right now. Mcmahon intensively starts growing more and more angry as he starts screaming into the phone that he owns the WWF and "they" are not going to come in and take anything away from him. The cameras come to a close as the last thing that is shown is Mcmahon throwing his cell phone against the wall in fury screaming "THEY ARE NOT COMING IN!!"

Quick Results
The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) def. Billy and Chuck
Kidman def. Tajiri to become the new WWF Cruiserweight Champion
The Undertaker def. Al Snow
William Regal def. Edge to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Kurt Angle and The Rock to become the new #1 Contender for the WWF Undisputed Championship

WWF No Way Out 2002

World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Championship
Chris Jericho © vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

World Wrestling Federation World Tag Team Championships
Tag Team Table Match
Spike Dudley and Tazz © vs. The Dudley Boyz

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You have started at quite a unique time here. Right before WWE 'got the F out' if you will...it's going to be interesting to see if you stick with the WWF and don't go down the brand split route, handle a brand split should you choose to do one etc.

I have fond memories of Wrestlemania X8 but it had it's weaknesses. I look forward to seeing how you build that show. Good luck - I'll be reading!

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A New Number One Contender? OH HELL YEAH!
Thursday Night Smackdown
January 24, 2002

Just 24 hours after Chris Jericho retained his World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Championship belt at the Royal Rumble, the number one contender was already named. The Texas Rattlesnake has his eyes set on Chris Jericho, and with the track history of how close Chris Jericho has been to losing the title, it is very possible that he might've finally met his match in Stone Cold Steve Austin. The match will not take place until February at the No Way Out pay per view, but we can only imagine exactly what the Bionic ******* will have on his mind and what he will have in store for the self proclaimed "King of the World" this Thursday night. But the bigger question might be, how will Chris Jericho handle the situation?

Also, Vince Mcmahon and his new protege David Flair will be on hand tonight at the PNC arena. Monday night was ruined for Mr. Mcmahon and David Flair when the Cerebral Assassin and the unstable Nature Boy drove them out of the ring. A night that Mr. Mcmahon expected to be a celebration quickly turned into a schmoz in the ring that left David Flair and Mr. Mcmahon hightailing it up the ramp and out of the arena. Will Mcmahon have his own revenge set in place for the 2002 Royal Rumble winner and the FORMER half owner of the World Wrestling Federation? With Mcmahon having full power of the company now and a backstabbing knife in his right pocket known as David Flair, will the 16 world champion even have a job after this Thursday night? And even if he does, will him and The Game be able to make it through 6 men including Olympic Champion Kurt Angle, David Flair, and Mr. Mcmahon in a 2 on 6 handicap tag team match??

After Steve Austin was able to pick up the victory over Kurt Angle, it was The Great One, The Rock who was left beaten down on the outside of the ring unexpectedly. This past Monday night ruined all chances of The Rock capturing world title gold when The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit came down to the ring to take out The Rock with a vicious steel chair shot to the head. Even though Kurt Angle still did not pick up the victory, I'm sure Chris Benoit will have a lot to encounter when he arrives in the arena with a furious People's Champion ready to unload everything he has on the supposed "best technical wrestler in the business today." This will not be the first time that Benoit and The Rock had met, but I'm sure with The Rock fresh off his loss on Monday night, he might give Benoit a dose of his own medicine.

You can also expect to see all your favorite WWF superstars and more as WWF Smackdown comes to you from the beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina! You can watch all of this and so much more by tuning in this Thursday night!

Tune in to WWF Thursday Night Smackdown at 8PM as Michael Cole & Jerry "The King" Lawler call all the exciting action only on UPN!

Confirmed Matches:
2 on 6 Tag Team Handicap Match: "The Game" Triple H and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. Mr. Mcmahon, David Flair, "Olympic Champion" Kurt Angle, Test, Christian, and Lance Storm
William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam
WWF Cruiserweight Championship Rematch: Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri
The Big Red Machine Kane vs. The Big Show


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I was hoping that you were not going to go without the nWo, but it looks like you are. I think WM X8 was the right time (actually I thought X7 was but anyway) for the Rock/Austin/HHH triple threat. With the nWo it was tough booking. If you are going to go with a Rock/ Hogan why would I keep reading? I've seen it. What about Sting/Undertaker, Goldberg/Austin? Not that I think that's what you should do, but I think X8 would have been stronger (besides the Rock/Hogan) because they could haven't had wasted Austin and had a piss poor main event in hhh/Jericho. Any way it's your bTB so good luck. I'll keep reading, and I think as this is fiction you don't have the restriction of injuries. If you want Austin to wrestle every night you can. Rock doesn't have to go to Hollywood he can be there on every episode!

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(January 23, 2002)

  • WWF Superstar X-Pac reportedly hurt his right shoulder at a WWF live event over the weekend after trying to perform a moonsault off the top turnbuckle onto his opponent Jeff Hardy. However, after meeting with Dr. Andrews on Monday afternoon, X-Pac will need surgery on his shoulder, in which he will be undergoing this Friday morning. Even though surgery will be needed, the prognosis was still overall very good. X-Pac is scheduled to make a full recovery and return back to action within 8 weeks.

  • The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar is coming!! After a promotional video aired on this past week's Monday Night RAW, the buzz around this newcomer has been rampant all over the world. The man who carried 225 pound tree logs on each shoulder while running up a mountain and is an NCAA amateur wrestling champion is a young 24 year old college recruit out of the University of Minnesota, known as Brock Lesnar. No date has been announced for when this monster will be debuting in the WWF, but we can all rest assured that when he does make his way to the World Wrestling Federation, he will make definitely make a huge impact.

  • At the conclusion of WWF Monday Night RAW, WWF Chairman Mr. Mcmahon was on the phone with an unknown person seemingly very upset about "someone" coming into the WWF. The show concluded with Mr. Mcmahon throwing his cell phone against the wall and screaming in anger about "they" coming into the WWF. Who could this "they" be, and why is Mr. Mcmahon so upset about them coming into his company? WWF magazine editor Joe Scalvo speculated that there are reports of a former WCW superstar Goldberg signing a one year open contract with the World Wrestling Federation when Ric Flair still controlled half of the company.

  • Former WWF Superstar and WWF legend Mick Foley will be appearing on Conan O'Brien Friday night at 12:30am est. to promote his new book that was published in September, "Mick Foley's Halloween Hijinx" as well as to hype up the upcoming WWF pay per view, No Way Out. Check your local listings for more detailed programming information.

  • The World Wrestling Federation has officially released the pay per view poster for the upcoming No Way Out, featuring Mr. Pay Per View, The Whole Damn Show, Rob Van Dam. The event is already shaping up to be one for the ages with Chris Jericho defending his WWF Undisputed Championship against the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, as well as Spike Dudley and Tazz defending their WWF World Tag Team Championships in a huge rematch against The Dudley Boyz in a special tag team table match! Tickets are still available at your local ticket master and you can order No Way Out on pay per view live on February 17th at 8pm eastern standard time! Call your local cable provider to order TODAY!

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