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WWF 2002 Question

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I have one question? On the July 25th episode of Smackdown, at the end of the show, Bischoff shows up making Stephanie think that he has acquired Kurt Angle, but instead it was someone else? Does anyone know who it was in the limo? The next episode never quit said and the following weeks Raw is just not there?

2002 Had so many important storylines. n.W.o., Rock leaving and then coming back, Stone cold being on the sideline, stone cold walking out, the brand extension, Flair and Vince running each show to being replaced with Bischoff and Steph toward the later part of the year. Also after Brock beats rock and becomes exclusive to smackdown, at this point in time raw episodes on the network are stopped. We dont get to see the reintroduction of the world heavyweight belt on raw. Also missing is soo much more? Does any one know why 2002 Raw and Smackdown are so incomplete on the network?
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