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RAW PREVIEW for March 11th from Detroit, MI

Exactly what kind of surprise does Mick Foley have in store this Monday night? His WretleMania opponent Ric Flair sure is amongst those most interested to find out!

As SmackDown went off the air, the Undisputed Champion still hadn't regained possession of his two World Title belts. After Eric Bischoff's plan to get the belts back from Stone Cold failed on SmackDown, Goldberg now will certainly take matters into his own hands, as he had already threatened to do on SmackDown.

Speaking of Goldberg, tension within the WCW/NWO faction seems to build between the Undisputed Champion and Hollywood Hogan, after Hogan's obvious attempt to check Goldberg out and himself in the WrestleMania main event. We will find out Monday, if Goldberg is the type to hold any grudges.
More problems within the coalition sure exist after RVD's actions on SmackDown when he cost X-Pac the match on purpose, or was it? Is his future in the coalition in jeapardy? Will there be some kind of penalty? We'll find out!

Eric Bischoff's evil genius is apparent once more after he scheduled a match for this upcoming RAW between the team of Stone Cold & The Rock in one and Shawn Michaels & Triple H, D-Generation-X, in the other corner. Bischoff's sole intenion has to be trying to weaken the WrestleMania opponents for his men, Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Steiner and Y2J. Will his plan come to fruition?

Also on RAW:

Kurt Angle demanded a match against Diamond Dallas Page and The Hardyz will team up with Edge against Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam in a prelude to WrestleMania

This and much more this Monday on the Go-Home RAW to the biggest PPV in history, WrestleMania X8.
181 - 182 of 182 Posts