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Right to Censor – Steven Richards, Val Venis, Bull Buchanan, Goodfather and Ivory
X Factor – X Pac, Justin Credible and Albert
Dudleyz – Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley and Spike Dudley
Holly’s – Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly and Molly Holly
Team Extreme – Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Lita
Too Cool – Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty and Grand Master Sexay

The Rock
Steve Austin
Triple H
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Big Show
Kurt Angle

Tag Team Division
APA – Bradshaw and Faarooq
Kaientai – Taka Michinoku and Funaki
Holly’s – Hardcore and Crash
Dudleyz – Bubba Ray and D-Von
Hardyz – Matt and Jeff
E&C – Edge and Christian
X Factor – X Pac and Justin Credible
Too Cool – Scotty Too Hotty and Grand Master Sexay
RTC – Goodfather and Bull Buchanan
Radicalz – Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn
Billy & Chuck – Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo
KroniK – Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke

Eddie Guerrero
Molly Holly
Billy Gunn
Steven Richards
Val Venis
Spike Dudley
William Regal
Trish Stratus
Steve Blackman
Al Snow
Essa Rios
Jerry Lynn
Mike Awesome
Booker T
Buff Bagwell
Diamond Dallas Page
Lance Storm
Rob Van Dam
Tommy Dreamer
Mark Jindrak
Chris Kanyon
Shawn Stasiak
Torrie Wilson
Hurricane Helms
Billy Kidman
Stacy Kiebler
Hugh Morrus
Chavo Guerrero
Big Boss Man
Jaime Noble
Chris Nowinski

WWE – Kurt Angle
Tag Team – Vacant
Intercontinental – Undertaker
European – Diamond Dallas Page
Hardcore – Tommy Dreamer
Women’s – Jacqueline
Cruiserweight – Essa Rios

Smackdown #1 – Week before the Royal Rumble
We go to the back and see Commissioner Regal talking to some people. They come out and it is Raven and Jerry Lynn.

We go to the back and see Tommy Dreamer walk into the building with the Hardcore title.

Pyro's go off.

Dreamer walks out to the ring to start Raw against Raven and Van Dam for the Hardcore title.

Match #1
Hardcore title
RVD vs. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer
Van Dam starts the match off by hitting a wheel kick to Raven. He goes to hit Dreamer with the wheel kick but he ducks and trips him up. Raven gets up and Dreamer and Raven start to brawl. Van Dam gets up and knocks Raven out of the ring and Van Dam follows him. Dreamer exits and grabs a ladder and puts it between the ring and the barricade height ways, so it is balanced. Van Dam hits an atomic drop dropping Raven on the barricade. He goes to the apron and hits a Van Daminator knocking Raven into the crowd. Dreamer walks from behind and hits Van Dam with a kendo stick. Dreamer gets Van Dam and puts him on the ladder. Dreamer climbs the barricade and walks and picks RVD up. Van Dam roles into the ring and Raven attacks him from behind. Raven picks up Van Dam over his head and passes him to Dreamer. Dreamer jumps off the ladder letting Van Dam's head hit the ladder. Raven throws a trash can which hits Dreamer on the head. Dreamer falls down. Raven goes for the pin but gets 2. Raven gets the stairs ready to drop toe hold Dreamer on them but Van Dam kicks him in the mid section. Van Dam goes for a suplex but Raven reverses and hits the Russian leg sweep on the barricade. Dreamer gets up and throws Van Dam in the ring. He gets the ladder in and puts it on the second rope in the corner. Dreamer puts Van Dam on the top rope and climbs onto the ladder. Dreamer goes for a superplex but Van Dam punches Dreamer. Dreamer loses his balance and falls on to one of the rungs. Van Dam gets up and hits a Van Daminator. Van Dam goes for the win but Dreamer kicks out. Raven enters the ring again. Van Dam turns round and Raven hits the Raven Effect. Raven only gets a two count. Van Dam gets up and hits a kick to knock Raven down. Van Dam grabs the ladder a lays it on Raven. Van Dam hits Rolling Thunder and goes for the win but Dreamer brakes the pin up. All three men are out and Rhyno runs out. Jerry Lynn runs out and throws Rhyno into the barricade. Lynn grabs a metal stop sign and hits Rhyno with it. Lynn throws it in the ring towards Raven. Raven grabs it, and goes to hit Van Dam. Van Dam ducks and it hits Dreamer. Raven turns round and Van Dam superkicks it in his face. Van Dam goes up top and hits the five star frog splash on Raven. Dreamer gets up and hits him with trash can which sees Van Dam fall out the ring. Dreamer pins Raven for the victory.

Winner and still Hardcore champion Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer leaves the ring and is gored by Rhyno. Lynn runs up and starts fighting with Rhyno. Dreamer manages to crawl to the back and escape in a limo. In the end Raven and Lynn beat up Van Dam and Rhyno and leave them in the ring.

We see William Regal talking to Vince.

Vince: Wow, what a match. I mean, this is thanks to you, whats next.

Regal: Next Mr. McMahon is a Tag Team battle royal for the tag team titles.

Vince: Well, keep the good work up.

We cut to the Dudleyz who are talking to Spike.

Bubba: Spike, what are you doing with that Holly girl.

D-Von: Yeah, you can do much better.

Hardcore and Crash walk up the corridor.

Hardcore: I doubt he could do better than Molly, anyway I want to ask Molly why she's going out with a runt like Spike. Both go to attack each other but Molly and Spike stop them.

Match #2
Tag Team title
Battle Royal
RTC vs. X Factor vs. Dudleyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. Hardyz vs. Too Cool vs. Holly’s vs. APA vs. Kaientai vs. New Radicalz vs. Billy & Chuck vs. KroniK

All the superstars enter the ring. Dean Malenko is first to eliminate some one as he eliminates Funaki. Taka Michinoku hits a drop kick to Dean, who falls into Grand Master Sexay, who goes over the top is eliminated. Taka and Scotty team up and throw Malenko out of the ring. Saturn comes from behind and hits a superkick to Scotty and then a roundhouse kick and knocks Taka out of the ring. Elimination #1 Kaientai. Scotty goes for a superkick but Saturn ducks and Scotty’s leg goes over the rope. Saturn gets up and low blows Scotty who falls out of the ring. Elimination #2 Too Cool. Adams and Clarke double chokeslam X Pac out of the ring and the Goodfather is eliminated by Bubba Ray. Bull Buchanan comes from behind Bubba and throws him over the top rope. Justin then superkicks Buchanan over the top rope. Elimination #3 RTC. D-Von and Adams exchange rights and lefts with Adams getting the advantage. The New Radicalz come from behind and attack Adams. D-Von and Saturn eliminate Adams and Malenko goes to work on Clarke. Saturn and D-Von run and attack Clarke. Clarke clotheslines D-Von down and then clotheslines Saturn out of the ring. Malenko low blows Clarke and throws him out of the ring. Elimination #4 KroniK. Malenko picks D-Von up and they shake hands. D-Von turns round and Malenko throws him out of the ring. D-Von looks up and Malenko shrugs his shoulders. Elimination #5 Dudley Boyz. Malenko goes to work on Bradshaw and gets him in corner. Malenko goes back to the centre and tries to squash Bradshaw. Bradshaw moves and hits the clothesline of hell and eliminates Malenko. Elimination #6 the New Radicalz. Edge and Matt Hardy are exchanging lefts and rights; Hardcore tries to attack Matt from behind but is attacked by Faarooq. Faarooq picks Hardcore up and throws him out of the ring. On the other side of the ring Billy is beating Crash and then throws him over the ropes. Crash holds on but Chuck superkicks him down. Elimination #7 the Hollys. E&C regroup and go over to Billy and Chuck. The Hardyz go back and regroup with the APA. Bradshaw runs and knocks down Billy and Chuck. E&C turn round to beat up Bradshaw but the Hardyz and Faarooq jump then. Bradshaw Irish whips Billy into the ropes. Billy goes for a cross body but Bradshaw catches him. He gets against the ropes and hits a fall away slam and Billy falls out of the ring. Bradshaw joins Faarooq in beating up Edge, they throw Edge out but he holds on and enters again. Edge grabs Faarooq from behind and Irish whips him against the ropes. Edge hits a drop kick and Chuck grabs the top rope and pulls it down and Faarooq falls out of the ring. Matt and Bradshaw beat up Christian and Chuck, whilst Jeff and Edge battle it out near the ropes. Jeff clotheslines Edge out but also eliminates himself. Bradshaw throws Chuck out the ring. Elimination #8 Billy and Chuck. Christian who throws him over the top rope eliminates Matt. Elimination #9 Hardy Boyz. Bradshaw hits the clothesline form hell to Christian who goes over the top rope. Elimination #10 Edge and Christian. Bradshaw looks to the crowd near the ropes, Justin enters the ring from outside (where he had been hiding) and throws Bradshaw out and wins. Elimination #11 APA.

Winners and new WWF Tag Team champions: X Factor

Bradshaw enters the ring again and beats the hell into Credible. X Pac runs out and knocks down Bradshaw but Faarooq comes down and beats up X Pac. Albert runs from the crowd and hits the Baldo Bomb to Faarooq. Bradshaw goes for the big boot but Albert ducks and hits the Baldo Bomb. X Factor leave the ring, leaving thr APA in the ring.


Bradshaw is in the back with Faarooq. He is grabbing steel chairs and throwing them across the room.

Faarooq: What’s the matter Bradshaw?

Bradshaw: Albert

Faarooq: Here have a drink.

Faarooq opens it and passes it to Bradshaw, who throws it at the wall.

Faarooq: Damn, something is wrong.

Lance Storm enters the arena and walks to the ring and grabs the microphone.

Lance Storm: If I could be serious for a minute. I am sick and tired of being inter

Tajiri’s music hits and the Japanese Buzzsaw and Torrie Wilson enters the ring.

Lance Storm: I am sick of being interrupted by second class opponents, such as Tajiri here. I mean, have the WWF not got anyone in the company who is as talented as myself. I mean, I am facing Tajiri, someone who could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag, I mean com….

Tajiri attacks Storm to start the match.

Match #3
Tajiri w/Torrie Wilson vs. Lance Storm
Tajiri starts the match off with some kicks to Storm. Storm eventually catches Tajiri’s leg. Tajiri goes for an Insiguri but Storm ducks and locks in the half Boston crab. Tajiri is strong and gets to the ropes. Storm brakes the hold and starts to kick Tajiri. When Tajiri does get up Storm hits a suplex. Storm puts Tajiri on the top rope and climbs up. Tajiri punches Storm until he falls off. Tajiri dives on Storm and hits a hurracanrana. Tajiri hits a standing moonsault and gets a two count. Storm gets up and Irish whips Tajiri into the ropes. Tajiri hits the handspring elbow to Storm. Storm gets up and hits a northern lights suplex. Storm gets a two count. Storm Irish whips Tajiri into the corner. Storm goes for the squash but Tajiri gets his feet up. Storm goes for it again and Tajiri locks in the tarantula. Tajiri lets go and goes for the kick of death but Storm ducks. As Tajiri spins round Storm roles him up and gets a two count. Storm and Tajiri get up and start brawling in the centre. Storm gets the advantage with a clothesline and then goes up top. Tajiri gets up and Storm hits the missile drop kick. Tajiri gets back up and Storm dropkicks him below the knees and Tajiri falls on his face. Storm locks the half Boston crab on. Tajiri goes to tap but reaches the ropes. Storm releases the hold at five and again kicks Tajiri. Tajiri gets up and drop kicks Storm into the ropes. Storm bounces off the ropes and stops. Tajiri is on the floor and Storm roles over in a bridge for the pin. Storm gets up but to a nice kick from Tajiri. Storm fights back but Tajiri hits the green mist. Storm turns round and Tajiri hits the Kick of Death and pins Storm for the win.

Winner Tajiri

In the back Hurricane Helms is talking to Mighty Molly. Noble comes walking through not looking where he is going and turns into Mighty Molly.

Hurricane Helms: Jamie Noble, may I ask you to apologise to Mighty Molly.

Jamie Noble: No, it’s your fault you were in the way.

Hurricane Helms: Well it was your fault citizen Noble and I think we should face each other tonight in a match.

Jamie Noble: Just bring your sorry carcass and Might Mop Head to the ring and kick your ass.

We cut to Vince and Linda McMahon.

Linda McMahon: Vince tonight is going well, I’m concerned though.

Vince McMahon: About what Linda?

Linda McMahon: This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, I mean Hell in a Cell is not a match to be taken lightly. I mean I saw the Hell in a Cell at Armageddon 2000, I mean Rikishi was out of it, Undertaker, everyone. I mean Shawn Michaels and Foley as well, I’m just concerned about this match, I mean Armageddon was just six, this is…

Vince McMahon: I know, but it will go ahead.

We cut back to the ring where Noble is waiting on the Hurricane. Hurricane’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts, Mighty Molly follows the Hurricane who enters the ring.

Match #4
Jamie Noble vs. Hurricane Helms w/ Mighty Molly
Noble starts the match off clotheslineing Hurricane Helms when he was passing his cape to Mighty Molly. Noble continues the assault in the corner with shoulders to the stomach. Noble turns round and when he turns round Hurricane hits a superkick. Hurricane goes up top and goes for a cross body but Noble ducks. Hurricane is flat out in the centre and Noble gets a chin lock applied. Noble eventually releases and picks the Hurricane up. Noble suplexs Hurricane, Noble picks Hurricane up again and goes for a suplex. Hurricane reverses it and is on the top rope. Noble releases the hold and goes to knock the Hurricane down but Hurricane kicks him down. Noble gets up and Hurricane hits the diving cross body. Nobel and Hurricane get up and the Hurricane hits a tornado DDT. Hurricane picks Noble up who hits dangerous DDT. Both men are down until the eight count when they both get up. Noble gets the upper hand with some punches. Noble hits the Tiger Bomb and pins the Hurricane but gets a two count. Noble is frustrated and forces the referee into the corner. Whilst the referee and Noble are in the corner the Hurricane crawls over to Noble. Hurricane roles him up and surprises Noble for the victory.

Winner: Hurricane Helms


Vince McMahon walks out onto the stage.

Vince McMahon: Well the Royal Rumble is coming up and I have some announcements to make. Well, we have some returning superstars at the Rumble. They are: Goldust, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Juventud Guerrera, Taka Michinoku and …………………………………………………….Hulk Hogan.

<Crowd goes wild>

Also, you might have heard Linda’s and my conversation. At the Rumble there will be a Hell in a Cell match, more dangerous than Armageddon 2000. This is going to be the most dangerous match in WWF history. The Participants are Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Steve Austin, Rock, Undertaker and Kane. Also Shawn Michaels will return.

<Crowd goes wild>

He will enter the Royal Rumble match. Also I will be there, facing Ric Flair.

<Crowd goes wild>

Well, I hope you all watch the Rumble.

Vince leaves.
We go backstage and see a debuting Rey Mysterio. Mysterio has a drink in his hand and turns round and spills it over Jindrak.

Rey Mysterio: Sorry I didn't see you there.

Mark Jindrak: How can you miss me, I am 1foot taller than you. Well it looks like I'm going to have to kick your ass next.

Rey Mysterio: I'd like to see you try.

Jindrak and Mysterio stand toe to toe, showing the 1'2'' difference between the two.

Mark /////////////2 Jindrak: See you in the ring tiny man.

We see a WWF Desire video of the Undertaker. It shows moments from the Inferno match, his Hell in A Cell matches and buried alive matches.

Rey Mysterio enters the ring to a massive pop. Jindrak enters and the match begins.

We cut to William Regal's office. All of a sudden the door bursts open and Bradshaw walks in and gets Regal against the wall.

Bradshaw: Regal I want Albert's ass in the middle of that ring.

William Regal: Alright, the next match is already booked. Your turn is after that.

Bradshaw leaves with a smile on his face.

Faarooq: Damn, thanks. He's PO'd since that tag team battle royal.

Match #5
Mark Jindrak vs. Rey Mysterio
They stand toe to toe again with Jindrak walking away laughing. Mysterio goes to the ropes and goes for a cross body. Jindrak catches him and throws him out of the ring. Jindrak taunts the crowd bringing more heat. Mysterio gets in the ring and runs at Jindrak who puts his foot up and sends Mysterio into the corner. Jindrak walks over and puts Mysterio on the top rope. Jindrak turns round and taunts the crowd again. When he turns round Mysterio hits the Hurracanrana. Mysterio gets up and goes back up top. Mysterio hits a missile drop kick to Jindrak. Mysterio goes up top and goes for a cross body. Jindrak catches him and hits 6 back breakers with out letting Mysterio go. Jindrak walks over and picks Mysterio up with one hand. Jindrak hits a suplex and goes for the cover but gets a two count. Mysterio gets up quickly without Jindrak knowing, who again is playing the crowd. Mysterio dropkicks him and hits the 619. Mysterio goes up top and hits the west cost pop. Mysterio only gets a two count. Mysterio is arguing with the referee saying it must be three. Jindrak comes from behind and hits the crucifix neckbreaker and pins Mysterio. Mysterio though kicks out. Jindrak goes for the powerbomb. Mysterio tries to reverse it into a hurracanrana but Jindrak reverses it back into a powerbomb. Jindrak hits the powerbomb and puts his foot on Mysterio and gets the three count.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

Billy Kidman runs from the back and stands toe to toe with Jindrak. Jindrak laughs and grabs him by the throat. Jindrak throws into Mysterio. Jindrak squashes the pair together in the corner. Shawn Stasiak runs to the ring and assists Jindrak in destroying Kidman and Mysterio. Stasiak and Jindrak leave Mysterio and Kidman in the ring flat out.

Backstage X Pac and Justin Credible are pumping up Albert for the match. We then go to the APA office where Jacqueline and Faarooq are pumping Bradshaw up.

Then we go to Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho.

Chris Benoit: You ready for tonight Jericho?

Chris Jericho: Hell yeah, I am gonna kick Kurt's ass tonight.

Chris Benoit: You take Angle, I'll kick Triple H's ass.

Back in the arena X Factor's music hits as Albert, X Pac and Justin Credible enter to some massive heat. Bradshaw enters the ring with Faarooq and Jacqueline.

Match #6
Bradshaw w/Faarooq and Jacqueline vs. Albert w/X Pac and Justin Credible
The match begins with a brawl, but both realise it is going nowhere. Bradshaw is the first with the advantage as he hits a clothesline. Albert gets up and clotheslines Bradshaw down. Bradshaw gets up and hits the big boot. Albert gets back up and hits a bicycle kick. Both men back into a corner. Bradshaw is the first on the offensive. He goes for a clothesline but Albert ducks and turns round. Bradshaw turns round and Albert grabs him by the neck. Albert gets ready for the Baldo bomb but Bradshaw kicks him down under. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification: Albert

Bradshaw continues the assault on Albert but X Pac enters the ring and kicks Bradshaw down into the corner. He goes for the bronco buster but as he runs Faarooq clotheslines him down. Jacqueline gets in the ring and goes for X Pac. Jacqueline kicks him a few times and turns into a X Marks the Spot kick from Justin Credible. Credible the superkicks Faarooq and teams with X Pac to hit the double X Marks the Spot kicks.

Backstage the Rock and Austin cross paths. They stare at each other. From behind Austin comes Kane who destroys Steve Austin. Rock attacks Kane, who fights back and throws Rock through a window. EMT’s run to the scene and take Austin and the Rock away. Kane stands there laughing.

DDP enters the arena with his European title. He challenges anyone in the back for the title and out comes the Big Red Machine. Kane runs to the ring and the match begins.

Match #7
European title
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Kane
The match starts off with Kane throwing rights and lefts at DDP. Kane eventually goes for a clothesline but DDP ducks. Kane turns round and DDP hits the Diamond Cutter but doesn’t even get a one count. Kane gets up and chokeslams him. Kane pins DDP and gets a one count. Kane hits his powerbomb pin combo but gets a two count. Kane loses it and grabs DDP by the throat and lifts him up. Kane then tombstones DDP and gets the win.

Winner and new European champion: Kane

Tony Chimmel announces the win and the fact that Kane is the fifth Grand Slam Winner.

Kane leaves the ring but makes the pyro’s go off burning DDP a little. EMT’s rush to aid DDP to extinguish the fire. Kane runs back and throws DDP out of the ring. Kane chokeslams DDP through the Spanish announce table. The referee’s rush to help stop the Kane attack. Kane just beats them up and then beats the EMT’s up. Kane leaves about 20 people on the floor and goes to the back.


We come back and we see Sgt. Slaughter as well as other WWE employees helping the referees, EMTs and DDP to the back.

In the back we see Steven Richards and Ivory burst into Commissioner Regal’s office and demand a rematch for Ivory’s Women’s title.

William Regal: Okay, your rematch is right now. Also, you two will have a match at the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

Jacqueline is watching the TV in the APA Office.

Jacqueline: Looks like I got go guys, see you in a minute.

Faarooq: What you talking about in a minute?

Jacqueline: That’s how long its going to make to beat Ivory.

Match #8
Women’s title
Ivory vs. Jacqueline
The match starts off with Ivory slapping Jacqueline. Jacqueline turns round and slaps Ivory back. Ivory and Jacqueline lock up, with Ivory getting the advantage. Ivory Irish whips Jacqueline into the ropes and Steven grabs her leg and pulls her over. Ivory runs over and starts to kick Jacqueline. Jacqueline gets up and runs at Ivory. Ivory hits an atomic drop and clotheslines Jacqueline down. Ivory gets Jacqueline up and hits a side walk slam. Ivory starts talking to Steven Richards and Jacqueline roles her up. Ivory kicks out at two and gets up quickly and kicks Jacqueline down. Ivory continues to kick Jacqueline and then picks her up and hits a suplex. Jacqueline gets up and goes for a tornado DDT. Ivory reverses it at the last second and hits a Northern lights suplex. Ivory gets a two count. In the ring Jacqueline gets Ivory in a small package. Steven gets up on the apron and argues with the referee. Through the crowd comes Val Venis and he reverses the pin. Steven drops down from the apron and the referee counts the three count.

Winner and new Women’s champion Ivory

Val Venis and Steven Richards celebrate with Ivory. Bradshaw and Faarooq run out and start to beat up Val and Richards. Goodfather, Bull Buchanan and X Factor run out and all eight beat up the APA and Jacqueline.

Backstage we see Kurt and Triple H walking down a corridor. We then cut to Jericho and Benoit, who are pumping each other up.

Match #9
Triple H and Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho
Benoit starts the match off against Triple H. Benoit kicks Triple H in the mid section and then hits a suplex. Benoit gets Triple H back up and hits a northern lights suplex. Benoit floats over and continues the hold. Benoit gets up with Triple H and he hits another northern lights suplex. Benoit floats over and gets up again. Triple H hits a suplex before Benoit can hit the northern lights suplex. Triple H Irish whips Benoit into the corner. Triple H goes for the clothesline in the corner but Benoit moves and bounces off the ropes into a flying knee by Triple H. Triple H Irish whips Benoit into his corner and kicks Benoit down. Triple H tags in Angle. Angle goes to work on Benoit with kicks to the back. Angle tags Triple H back in. Triple H locks in an abdominal stretch. Triple H puts his hand behind him and Angle grabs it. Benoit screams in pain. Triple H releases the hold and tags Angle back in. Angle goes in and hits an Angle slam. He taunts Jericho in and the referee goes and they argue. Triple H throws a chair to Angle and gets one himself. They go for a conchairto but Benoit ducks and clotheslines them both down. Benoit, Angle and Triple H are all down and Benoit tags in Jericho. Jericho knocks Triple H down with a clothesline and dropkicks Angle down. Jericho Irish whips Triple H into one corner and Angle into the opposite. Jericho hits a running clothesline to Angle and hits the bulldog from the corner. Jericho does the same to Triple H as well. Jericho puts them in the middle of the ring and hits a double Lionsault. Benoit goes up top and hits a double headbutt. They both pin Triple H and Kurt Angle to win the match.

Winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

End Show.


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yeah cuz she is confused at the moment, like when he was knocked out. Plus I am using the roster from 2001, so everyone used on WWF television in 2001 is on the list.


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Good job!

I like it. I like it so much that I was wondering if you'd be interested in writing storylines for my wrestling company (CCWF). I already have one person writing from this forum and he's doing a great job. You seem to be one of the best in these forums so I would be glad if you accepted this invitation. email me at [email protected]
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