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Ok my other show hasnt been getting any replies so what I am going to do is book WWF during the year 2000.There is no roster split and it starts from the night after the KOTR here are the results of the KOTR.But first the titles

WWF champion-HHH

Intercontinental champion-Chris Benoit

Tag champions-Matt and Jeff Hardy

Lightweight champion-Dean Malenko

European champion-Eddie Guerrero

Womens champion-Ivory

Hardcore-Steve Blackman

KOTR results

Crash Holly def.Bull Buchanan with a roll up to advance to the semi finals

Chris Benoit def.Rikishi with a crippler crossface to advance to the semi finals

Eddie Guerrero def.Val Venis after a Frog Splash to retain the european title

Jeff and Matt Hardy def.Bubba and D-von Dudley and Edge and Christian in a TLC match to win the tag team championships after Matt grabbed the titles after Jeff did a swanton bomb onto Edge through a table.

backstage a truck appeared with ECW written on it and almost ran over Steve Blackman 5 men got out and beat down Blackman then one made off with the hardcore title

Kurt Angle def.Chris Jericho to advance to the semi finals after the olympic slam

Big Show def.X-Pac to advance to the semi finals afte a chokeslam

Chris Benoit def.Crash Holly after a swan dive headbutt to advance to the finals

Kurt Angle def.Big Show after a low blow and olympic slam to advance to the finals

The Rock def.Vince Mcmahon in a no holds barred match after The arena turned red and a fireball appeared exploding in front of Shane and HHH stopping them from helping Vince Rock then got the win after a peoples elbow onto a chair lying on Vinces chest Shane and HHH were surrounded in a circle of flames

KOTR final Kurt Angle def.Chris Benoit after a moonsault

Main Event Triple H def.The Undertaker after Shane Mcmahon ran down and smashed a chair over Taker HHH then caught the blindsided Taker with a pedigree The Rock ran down to save Taker from a beatdown but recieved a chair shot then Kane made his return to help Rock and Undertaker.

The first Raw will be up Tommorow

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Limit said:
Kurt Angle def.Chris Jericho to advance to the semi finals after the olympic slam

Angle Slam?

Anyway, Good Show, I liked it, Looking forward to RAW.
Well remember it was called the Olympic Slam before being re-named the Angle Slam.

There were way too many matches for a PPV but it is looking interesting.


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Yeah should be good faru, are you using the roster from back then aswell? if so refresh my memory please.

Good luck faru..... yeah and it used to be called the Olympic Slam...... i though i was going nuts when i started hearing Angle and Olympic in the same show, not good for mental stability...... yeah good luck.

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Yes Grendrill I am using the roster from then here it is

Main Event - Undertaker(Biker), The Rock, Triple H, a certain person will be recieving a push, Stone Cold (injured).

Upper Midcard - Big Show, Shane McMahon, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Rikishi and Kane.

Midcard - Steve Blackman, Eddie Guerrero, Chyna, Val Venis, X-Pac, Road Dogg, The One Billy Gunn, Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Bubba Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Bull Buchanan, Goodfather, Grandmaster Sexay, Scotty 2 Hotty, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko.

Lower Midcard - Essa Rios, Steven Richards, Viscera, Mideon, Mark Henry, Gangrel, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Albert, Test, Funaki, Taka Michinoku, Al Snow, Rodney, Pete Gas, Joey Abs, Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe.

Women - Ivory, Jacky, Lita, Chyna, Trish Stratus, Tori and The Kat.

Tag Teams - The Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian, Too Cool, Bull Buchanan and Goodfather, T&A, Brothers of Destruction, DX, Mideon and Viscera, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, Holly Cousins and Eddie Guerrero and Chyna.

Stables -
Team Xtreme- Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Lita

Corporate DX - Vince McMahon, Triple H, X Pac, Road Dogg, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gerald Briscoe and Tori.

Unlikely Alliance - Undertaker, Kane and The Rock

Right to Censor - Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, Goodfather and Ivory

Too Cool - Rikishi, Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty

Team ECW - Mystery Members

Mean Street Posse - Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs

There you go.

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Malenko and Saturn are the radicalz Benoit is not a member anymore and Eddie is with Chyna

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Heres The First Show everybody.

The pyros explode around the arena and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler kick off the show

Steve Blackmans music hits and the crowd go nuts as Blackman steps out punching and kicking.

Steve Blackman-Last Night atThe King of The Ring I was robbed off my title now I want to know who did it cause believe me he will have hell to pay.

footage on the titantron shows up showing 5 men inside a truck the light is from a single candle Blackmans hardcore title is in the middle in a table a man with long hair speaks up.

Man1-Listen Blackman we have your title.

a man with a pony tail speaks up

Man2-Dude it stinks in here.

Man1-We are going to restore the image of this belt Steve Blackman this belt is in good hands in the hands of hardcore.

a bald man speaks up

Man3-Beating you down last night was easy why dont you come get your title we are right in the first alleyway after coming out of the arena.

a man with a stick in hands speaks next

Man4-You like playing with sticks dont you Blackman come out here and I ll show you how to play real good.

then at last another man with long hair talks

Man5-I am waiting for you Blackman you are supposed to be hardcore I think you are nothing but pussy.

Blackman-Thats the last insult I am coming and you are going down Blackman gets out of the ring and runs off out of the arena.

Jr-A bizzare way to start raw.

King-You said it now its gonna get more bizzare.

Jr-Why do you say that?

King-Here comes that mug Viscera.

Viscera walks down the ramp with slow music playing and gets in the ring.Mark Henrys music hits as he comes out with Mae Young and slides into the ring.

Mark Henry vs Viscera

In a short brawl Mark takes advantage over Viscera working on his back with some hard shots he gives Viscera an impressive backbreaker.Henry goes for a Big Splash but Mae Young gets on the apron and claps for him Henry thanks her.
And Viscera takes advantage with a rolling kick Viscera then hits a Big Splash to get the pinfall victory.


King-Mae Young cost Mark Henry the match.

Jr-Come on King shes an 80 year old women.

Backstage Corporate D-X

Vince-We have to stop this.

Shane-Stop what?

Vince-This alliance.

HHH-Right we have The Rock,Kane and The Undertaker they have to be stopped.Stephanie comes and hugs HHH.

Vince-They will and I have just the man to help us.

X-Pac-Who is it?

Road Dogg-Ya?

Chris Benoit enters the room to more boos

Benoit-It ll be me.

Vince-Thats right tonightttt Chris Benoit will face Kane for the IC title.

Patterson-But Vince.

Gerald-How does giving Kane an IC title shot help us?.

Vince-Benoit I want you to keep this streak of defeating giants coming you defeated Rikishi last night tonight you will keep Kane down and wait for X-Pac and Road Dogg to run down to the ring and UNMASK Kane

The crowd gasps and continues booing.

Benoit-All done but whats my reward.

Vince glances sideways at HHHS WWF championship then looks back at Benoit.


Jr-The Corporate DX never cease to amaze me

King-But a great match for tonight Kane vs Benoit

Jr-And then we might see Benoit vs HHH for the WWF title

The Hardy Boys music hits and the crowd explode as Jeff and Matt run down and pump up the crowd.

Jr-What an amzing effort by these two last night.

King-It was all worth it as they are now tag team champions.

Trish Stratus's music hits as she comes out to boos T&A attack Jeff and Matt from behind and the match is underway when Lita runs down and attacks Trish

T&A vs The Hardy Boys(c) for the tag team titles

Test and Albert work on Matt Hardys ribs throughout the match using their size.Albert has Matt in a bear hug and goes to swing him around for more leverage but Matt turns it into a tornado ddt.
Matt rushes to tag Jeff when Test comes in and grabs his foot Matt hits Test with an enziguri and rolls to tag Jeff and does.Jeff comes in a house on fire and takes it aerially to both Test and Albert.Test boots Jeff in the gut and hits a powerbomb and tags Albert.
Albert uses heavy big man moves to keep Jeff down he goes for a baldo bomb but Jeff dropkicks him and tags Matt.Trish gets involved and kisses Matt Lita gets in furious and attacks Trish Test and Albert try to hold her off and Matt catches Albert with a roll up for the win The HArdys and Lita bolt out of the ring celebrating.

Winner-The Hardy Boyz

Kurt Angles music hits as he comes out to boos from the crowd

Angle-Last Night at The King Of The Ring I defeated Chris Jericho crowd boo.

Angle-Then I beat Big Show and Chris Benoit and I won the King Of The Ring WOO its true.Crowd boo Angle.

Angle goes to speak again when Jerichos music interupts him.

Chris Jericho comes out in the ramp with the crowd going ballistic

Jericho-Listen up Kurt Angel(not a sp)You did not win The King Of The Ring Kurt you cheated to beat me

Kurt-Oh really

Jericho-How could you possibly expect me to concentrate on the match seeing you. Your ugly face and bad body odor ruined my concentration
crowd laugh and pop for Jericho.

Kurt-Thats the last straw Chris Jericho I am going to.

Jericho-Shut up the thing is tonight I am going to take you downtown to chinatown and make you tap out to the walls like the sorry santemonius sonofabitch you are crowd pop like huge for Jericho.

Kurt attacks Jericho and stomps on him Kurt applies a crossface chicken wing and Jericho is left in the middle of the ring clutching his throat.


Rikishis music hits and the crowd cheer for the phat man as he gets into the ring.X-PACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC green pyros go off and X-Pac and Tori make their way out with the crowd booing them.

Rikishi vs X-Pac w/Tori

X-Pac is dominated throughout the match Tori gets on the apron and Rikishi grabs her and tosses her into the corner Rikishi motions for the stink face and the crowd chant back it up back it up
X-Pac hits Rikishi with a spinning kick then hits a hurracanrana X-Pac goes to the top rope when the arena turns red Kanes pyros explode as the big red machine runs down to face the man who injured him

Kane hits X-Pac with a big boot and beats him down Kane hits a chokeslam and keeps his hand around X-Pacs throat he picks him up and hits another chokeslam Tori gets into the ring and Kane grabs her much to the crowds delight and gives her a tombstone piledriver.
Kane then leaves with the crowd cheering him he sets of his pyros midway up the ramp.

Latino Heat hits and Eddie Guerrero comes out to a good pop with Chyna they get into the ring where Eddie poses with his European Title.Perry Saturns music hits and the crowd boo as Saturn comes out

Eddie Guerrero(C) vs Perry Saturn

Saturn gains the advantage after a lowblow and works on Eddie's arm he applies an armbar and the crowd start chanting for Eddie who fights back he hits Saturn with an armdrag Eddie hits another armdrag and dropkicks Saturn Eddie pumps up the crowd and clotheslines Saturn over the top rope.
Eddie planchas to the outside but Saturn catches him he then drops him throat first onto the barricade then hits a clothesline on Eddie then whips him onto the steel steps.
The fight goes back into the ring with Saturn working over Eddies throat Eddie soon hits some hard elbows then a ddt on Saturn.Eddie goes to the top rope when Dean Malenko runs down and goes to attack Chyna.
Chyna knocks Dean down with a big boot and this distracts Eddie Saturn then crotches Eddie and gives him a DDT off the top rope.Saturn drags Eddie to the middle of the ring and applies The Rings of Saturn and Eddie taps out.

Winner-Perry Saturn New European Champion

Jr-Bah Gawd King.Perry Saturn wins

King-This is Great.

We are shown Steve Blackman in the alleyway in front of the ECW truck which has two doors he knocks on one a man with long hair opens Blackman charges into the room after a while we are shown a shot with Blackman bleeding from the head fallen through a table a kindo stick on his throat and a chair on his chest

HHH s music hits as the crowd boo and jeer the WWF champion HHH gets into the ring and awaits his opponent.Big Shows music hits and he gets a good pop

Triple H vs Big Show for the WWF title

HHH's pedigree couldnt keep Show down for the count Road Dogg ran down and Big Show hit him with a big boot then the ref tried to get Road Dogg to leave.
HHH then stunned Show by throwing powder at his face then a rollup one two three HHH celebrated his win when Show got up in rage and attacked HHH.
Shane Mcmahon ran down and attacked with a steel chair and took out The Show Shane continued to hammer Show when The Rocks music hits and the crowd explode.
Rock ran down and started clearing house HHH soon hit him with the chair and pedigreed Rock onto it.Just then smoke filled up the ramp Taker appears in the bike and rode it down to the ring.
HHH and Shane are petrified Taker makes quick work of them and clears house.


Chris Benoit vs Kane for the IC title

Kane used his strentgh but Benoit soon got the better of him and applied a sharpshooter Kane didnt tap and powered out he went for the chokeslam on Benoit who instead hit a lowblow causing a dq Benoit hits some back to back lowblows and then applied the crossface.
Patterson and Briscoe came out with X-Pac and Road Dogg and they try to unmask Kane when Grandmasta Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty run down and help Kane D-X and Benoit get the advantage when all of a sudden Cactus Jacks music hits and he runs down to the ring with a barbed wire bat chasing them off Cactus swung the bat around and celebrated as the fans go nuts.

Jr-Cactus Jack is back King can you believe it?.

King-But Cactus Jack wasnt he in some retirment house or something.

Jr-No King Cactus Jack is alive and kicking.What a night folks we ll see you at Smackdown.

NOW I KNOW THAT MAJORLY SUCKED but it ll get better


Paul Heyman is said to be appearing on raw he will explain about the ECW superstars

The WWE has signed 5 ECW superstars and two new signings have been made Independent workers Ron Killings and The Prototype other known as John Cena have been hired Killings will work under the name of K-Kwik and the two are expected to be a tag team.

Kevin Nash was seen last show around HHH's locker room if anything is up people dont know as Nash is a huge player for WCW.

Shannon Moore was spotted backstage on Raw talking to Jeff Hardy.Hardy claims Shannon was just catching up on times with him but he was unhappy the way he was treated last night on Nitro referring to being locked in a broom closet by Scott Hall and then getting scolded after complaining to owner Eric Bischoff.

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You must be the first person to ever feel sorry for Tori Smackdown will be up Tommorow or The Day after.I posted the rumours with the show but it went in together

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Good show, but how many time have you been told punct-u-ation!!!!!

only bad thing wrong......... it was an alright show...... it would be hard working with times back then.......

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WWF Smackdown

The pyros go off and Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler kick off the show

Edge and Christians music hit and the crowd boo as both slide into the ring.The Bombshell drops and Bubba and D-Von Dudley come out to a good pop.

Edge and Christian vs Bubba and D-Von

The Dudleys put on a ugly fight as Edge and Christian are battered by the ECW veterans.They go to 3-D Christian when Edge pulls Bubba out of the ring.
D-Von turns and Edge runs around and slides into the ring from the other side then runs and hits D-Von with a Spear Christian then crawls onto a pin and Edge and Christian get the win.
Bubba gets into the ring and attack but Edge and Christian stomp on him they bring in chairs and hit Bubba with a con-chair to Christian picks up D-Von when John Cena and K-Kwik run down.
Cena hits Edge with a brainbuster while K-Kwick hits a spin kick on Christian Cena keeps Christian in place as K-Kwik comes off the top with a 450 splash.
D-Von gets up and Cena hits him with the chair K-Kwik then picks up Bubba and holds him while Cena takes out a chain the crowd start cheering as Jeff and Matt run to the ring and Cena and K-Kwik clear out.

Winners-Edge and Christian

Cole-That was John Cena and K-Kwik King.

King-I know The Dudleys and Edge and Christian have been laid out thank god The Hardys showed up before any further damage.

Chris Jerichos music hits and the crowd go nuts as he steps out midway up the ramp Kurt Angle attacks him.Jericho fights back and the two brawl around the entrance way Jericho hits Kurt with some right hands before Kurt ran off backstage Jericho followed him and looked around when Angle jumps him with a lead pipe and beats Jericho down he smiles and walks off the damage done.

Rikishis music hits and the crowd cheer for the samoan.Kanes pyros go off as we prepare for tag team action.DXs music hits and Road Dogg and X-Pac come out with Tori

Kane and Rikishi vs X-Pac and Road Dogg

Kane and Rikishis size give them the advantage.Kane doesnt manage to get near X-Pac until finally catching him Kane sets him up for the tombstone.Road Dogg gives Kane a shot to the back which has no affect.Kane drops X-Pac and goes after Dogg when X-Pac surprises Kane and they double team him until Rikishi comes in
Rikishi knocks X-Pac down then Dogg he goes to stink face X-Pac when Tori grabs his foot Kane rolls out of the ring and goes after Tori.X-Pac and Road Dogg then win by count out as Kane continues to chase Tori.Until X-Pac hits him with a low blow and D-X bail out


Scotty 2 Hottys music hits as he comes out to a good pop.Chris Benoits music and the crowd boo

Chris Benoit vs Scotty 2 Hotty for the IC title

Benoit dominates throughout the match until Scotty hits a bulldog and goes for the worm.But Benoit gets up and applies the crossface Scotty taps but Benoit doest let go off the hold.
Grandmaster Sexay runs down to the ring but Benoit snaps and puts him in a crossface as well.

Winner-Chris Benoit

Backstage Corporate D-X

HHH-Vince the alliance just got stronger now they have Cactus Jack.

Vince-I ll sort that out tonight in a hardcore match it will be Cactus Jack vs YOU right here tonight.


Vince-Relax we have a way of winning all we do is.




Linda-You Know Vince that sounds good also tonight Shane will face THE ROCK crowd pop.

Linda-Also at Fully Loaded X-Pac will face Kane.Oh and Hunter your match will be for the title and no inteferance from D-X

Perry Saturns music hits as he comes out to huge heat.The One Billy Gunns music hits as he comes out and slides into the ring

Perry Saturn(C) vs The One Billy Gunn

Saturn works on Gunns left leg throughout the match but Gunn soon fights out of Saturns submission moves and goes for The Fame Asser but his leg makes it hard to do so and Saturn knocks him down with a clothesline he then applies the Rings Of Saturn and Gunn taps out.

Winner-Perry Saturn

The RTC music hit and the crowd boo.The APA music hit to a good pop as Bradshaw and Farooq make their way out then Crash's music hit and the 3 run into the ring

Bull Buchanan,Goodfather,Steven Richards vs APA,Crash Holly

The match ends when Farooq goes to hit Richards with the dominator but Bull runs and hits a bicycle kick knocking him down.Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell on Bull but Goodfather runs in and clotheslines him out of the ring.
Crash goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on Goodfather he tries to help up Farooq when Steven Superkicks him and pins him one two three.


The ECW truck is shown and Mean Street Posse are around it with flash lights they try to get in when a bald guy shows up covered in darkness
and starts choking Joey Abs.Another shows up and smacks Rodney with a stick and beats him down.Pete Gas tries to run when one kicks him in the face two with long hair then stomp on Pete.
Hardcore Holly shows up to try and help when a long haired one runs and a spears him down.

Cactus Jacks music hits and the crowd give a standing ovation to the legend.HHHS music hits and the crowd boo the champ

HHH vs Cactus Jack WWF title

HHH is scared stiff and throws whatever weapons he finds at Jack he throws Trash cans and Beer cans Jack just grabs them and dares HHH to attack him HHH picks out a another weapon and its a basket ball he throws it at Jack who grabs it and throws it at HHH and it hits head on in the groin.HHH wimpers around and Jack hits a clothesline he places a cookie sheet on HHHS head and goes to the top rope.
HHH soon gains courage and he crotches Jack then continues battering him with the cookie sheet while Jack is in a tree of woe position.HHH picks up the trash can lid and places it on Jacks face he then hits a running kick onto it.
Jack punches himself on the head and runs and starts hitting HHH with rights and lefts he gives him a back body drop.The next part of the match is a pure blood fest as both men use sick weapons to bust each other up.
Jack fishes out the barbwired bat and swings it around when all of a sudden Shawn Micheals runs into the ring he shakes hands with Jack and sizes HHH up for Sweet Chin Music but hits Cactus instead Micheals grabs the bat and smashes Jack with it he then puts HHH ontop of Cactus and allows him to get the win Shawn Micheals has returned and joined D-X.

Micheals and HHH shake hands as HHH picks up Jack. Micheals tunes up the band when Undertaker rides down in his bike to a massive pop.Taker gets in the ring but HHH and HBK bail out of the ring

HHH-The WWE are going to get a wake up call.

HBK-And if you dont like what we do just]

HHH and HBK-SUCK IT they do the pose and walk off.

Shane Mcmahons music hits as he comes out to huge heat.The Rocks music hits and the crowd erupt.

Shane Mcmhaon vs The Rock

Rock and Shane stare each other down as the crowd chant Rocky! Rocky!.Rock punches Shane then stomps on him he picks him up and smacks Shane across the face.
Rock embarasses Shane throughout the match by slapping him and bad mouthing him.Shane gets some offense in after a low blow and starts firing up.
Shane punches Rock who just stares him down he slaps Shane he picks him up and smacks Shane around.
Shane soon takes him down with a clothesline then goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop.
Shane then goes for Rocks peoples elbow but Rock does a nip up and hits The Rock Bottom he then hits the original peoples elbow and makes the pin one two three.

Winner-The Rock

Right after the match HBK runs down he Superkicks Rock and stomps on him HHH runs out next and they set Rock up for something else when Kane runs down Micheals and HHH bail.Kane checks on Rock when HHH and HBK come back in and attack Kane and this time with X-Pac.Big Show runs down to the ring next.
Show gets in but as soon as he does Shane hits a lowblow then Micheals Superkicks him X-Pac gives him a spin kick and Show falls to the ground.D-X stand tall when somebody runs out of the crowd in a mask and locks eyes with Shawn he tells him to watch out before leaving.

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1.Rene Dupree got a contract when he was 19. So Cena can get one.

2.I'll edit HHH and HBK.

3.I'll have the explanation up next show and it will be done by Linda McMahon.

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Another problem, how could Shawn Michaels be back, when he return to WWE 2 years ago his back was still hurting and only doing 'special' matches. I don;t believe that he would be back in 2000.

Anyway, nice show keep up the good work.

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hey guys do we have to be so picky? Just let the man write the show for us to enjoy! Besides isnt that what this forum is about? IMAGINATION! maybe shawn took a magic pill and got better! LOL only jokin, but just let the guy write the show!

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Pyros go off like crazy as Linda Mcmahons music hits and the crowd give a standing ovation to the CEO

Linda-As all of you may no Fully Loaded is in 3 weeks so far only 1 match has been made so I am here to make a few matches

Jr-Lets see King.

King-This should be good.

Linda-First of all Steve Blackman will face The leader of The ECW regime for the hardcore championship.


Linda-The Hardy Boys will face John Cena and K-Kwik for the tag team championships.
Jr-Now thats gonna be better.

King-Linda exerting her authority

No Chance hits and Vince Mcmahon,Shane Mcmahon and The stooges come out.

Vince-Linda dont think you can steal the show I have a match of my own.


Vince-Son do the honours will you?

Shane-I am going to teach that Big Show a lesson cause I am going to take him on.

Linda-Yes you are inside a steel cage. crowd pop


Vince-Um er Linda I have hear you talk about Cactus Jack in action at the ppv.


Vince-Well Cactus Jack was fired by Triple H this february.

Linda-Vince Cactus retired he wasnt fired so basically he just came out of retirement. crowd pop

Vince-Well Jack is going down cause he is going to be facing um.

Shane-Dad I have a idea.

Shane-Mom Cactus Jack will compete in a gauntlet if he loses he leaves the company.

Cactus Jacks music hits and the crowd explode.

Cactus-Shane O you think I am going to back down well HELL NO! I am gonna take on every single jackass you throw at me under one condition.

Shane-Oh Ya whats that?.

Cactus-It ll be a hardcore gauntlet.Crowd go nuts.

Shane-Ok then.

Jr-Bah Gawd!

King-Jack is going to go this time.

Vince-I am not forgotten am I.

Vince-At Fully Loaded Kurt Angle will face Chris Jericho in an ultimate submission match which will last for 30 minutes.crowd cheer for that one

Everybody clears the ring as soon as the lights go out and Undertaker rides down to a massive pop.

Jr-The Phenom is here.

King-Oh Man.

The RTC music hits and Steven Richards comes out shaking The RTC members are scared to walk out so Taker obliges and goes after them.

Undertaker vs RTC(Bull Buchanan,Goodfather and Steven Richards) handicap match.

Bull runs at Taker who lays into Bull with right hands.Goodfather attacks but is met with a boot Taker tosses Bull into the ring.
Taker pounds on Bull when Steven slides in and so does Goodfather they slowly approach him but are met with a double clothesline Bull is busted open at this point.
Taker then launches Steven to the outside and beats on Goodfather Bull attacks Taker who gives him a backdrop.Taker dominates the RTC when all of a sudden.
HBK runs into the ring and superkicks Taker Richards then Superkicks Taker.Goodfather hits a chop block and Bull hits a scissors kick and the RTC get the win.

Winner-RTC(by cheating)

Jeff Hardys music hit and the crowd cheer as Jeff,Matt and Lita step out.Rap music hits and K-Kwik and John Cena come out to heat from the crowd

K-Kwik vs Jeff Hardy

A spotfest and high flying match K-Kwik hits a hurracanrana from the top on Jeff then hits a moonsault but only gets a 2.
K-Kwik then applies and abdominal stretch and Cena grabs K-Kwiks hand for leverage.Matt runs and starts brawling with Cena who grabs Lita and uses her for a shield.
He goes to DDT Lita when Jeff planchas out of the ring knocking Cena out.The Fight goes back in the ring K-Kwik misses a 450 and Jeff hits a 450 off his own to end the match.

Winner-Jeff Hardy

Jeff,Matt and Lita celebrate when Cena climbs in and takes out the Hardys with a chain he grabs Lita by her hair when all of a sudden the crowd start cheering as The Dudleys run down and chase Cena and K-Kwik off.

Jr-Can You believe that Cena?.

King-No can you believe Lita.

Parking Lot

Steve Blackman is in the lot when The ECW Truck shows up.

Blackman goes in with his kindo stick when another ECW truck shows up.A bald man jumps out of the truck Blackman was in and locks it we cant see his face but he climbs into the new one.
The truck rears back then charges and flips Blackmans truck over and drives away as EMTS rush to aid.

Jr-Oh my God! Steve Blackman.

King-Holy Crap!.

Too Cools music hits and outsteps Grandmaster Sexay.Chris Benoits music hits to huge heat as he comes out.

Chris Benoit vs Grandmaster Sexay for the IC title

Sexay gets little offense in and Benoit dominates throughout the match until Sexay hits a missile dropkick.Sexay goes for a running legdrop but Benoit moves and applies the crossface to get the win.

Winner-Chris Benoit

Benoit grabs mic

Benoit-I am sick of it sick sick sick.

King-What he has the flu.


Benoit-I want a decent challenger for my title not a dancing fool I want a decent challenger to show up and face me at Fully Loaded.

Jr-Benoit laying down an open challenge

King-Well he hasnt gotten many challenges lately.

X-Pacs music hits as he and Tori step out to huge heat.Rikishis music hits and the crowd cheer.

Rikishi vs X-Pac

Rikishi works on X-Pacs back throughout the match then goes for the stinkface but X-Pac hits a lowblow with his leg while Tori is arguing with the ref.
X-Pac then unties the lower turnbuckle and drop toeholds Rikishi before rolling him up for the win.

Winner-X-Pac by cheating

A fireball hits the ring cutting X-Pacs celebration short and scaring him Kane appears and slides into the ring he boots X-Pac down then grabs Tori.

King-Deja Vu.

X-Pac hits Kane with a lowblow then hits The X-Factor but Kane gets back up X-Pac runs but Tori is still in the ring Kane grabs her and gives her a chokeslam before setting off his pyros and leaving.

Shane Mcmahon comes out and speaks.

Shane-Cactus Jack as you know at Fully Loaded you will be in a gauntlet so let me introduce you to two people who will start it.
Trish Stratus's music hits and Test and Albert come out to boos from the crowd with Trish.

Shane-If you beat these two in a hardcore handicap match we ll see if you still got that fire.

Cactus Jacks music hits to a big pop as he comes out prepared with a barbwired bat and a trash bag full of weapons.

Cactus Jack vs T&A hardcore match.

Jack is busted open early after brutal chair shots from Test.Albert then uses trash can lids to pummel on him.
Cactus soon fights back after hitting Albert with a lowblow he clotheslines Test over the top rope.
Jack soon uses the weapons to his advantage but Trish comes in Jack grins and drags her by her hair.
Jack points to a chair and the crowd cheer.Jack points to the barbwire and the crowd go crazy but Test runs in so Jack drills him with it.
Jack places a cookie sheet on Tests head then hit a flying elbow to get the win.

Winner-Cactus Jack

Note before next angle-I hope you all remember 2000 was the time every show ended with faces and corporate dx brawling so dont get mad at me.

Shane grabs a mic and speaks again.

Shane-Woha Cactus nice match but You will now learn not to mess with me.Kurt Angle runs out from the crowd and lays out Jack with an Olympic Slam.
Angle stomps on Cactus when Chris Jericho runs out and starts hitting some right hands.
Shane gets in the ring and attacks Jericho and a 2 on 1 assault starts when Big Show runs down and attacks Angle and Shane.Show grabs Shane for a chokeslam but X-Pac and Road Dogg run down to the ring.
Dogg hits a lowblow on Show and X-Pac hits the X-Factor Kane walks down to the ring and boots Dogg in the face but before much damage is done to X-Pac Undertaker runs down to help Kane and fights with Road Dogg.
HBK runs out next and Superkicks Taker Kane turns around when HHH runs out from the crowd and pedigrees Kane just then IF YA SMELL hits and the crowd erupt as The Rock runs down with a steel chair.
He clobbers Road Dogg,X-Pac and Kurt Angle and Shane. When Shawn superkicks the chair onto his face HHH then pedigrees Rock onto it.The crowd start cheering again as a masked man runs down to the ring.
He knocks HHH over to the outside before starting a right hand fight with Shawn he knocks Shawn into the corner and stomps on him until Shawn rolls out of the ring and runs off out of breath.

Jr-What a brawl.

King-Who was that masked man?.

Jr-I dont know but we ll see you on Smackdown.

Note to Grendrill-HBK will only compete in special matches as you can see he hasnt competed in a single match yet.


Moore unhappy-Shannon Moore of WCW is said to be enraged within his position he has complained to management about being bullied by Scott Hall but they repayed him with a 1 minute match on TV where he was squashed by Hall.
Moore was spotted again this week talking to Lita about how he was locked in the womens bathroom with two 80 year old women by Scott Hall.

HHH assaulted-Triple H was assaulted by friend Kevin Nash this tuesday Nash had asked HHH to help him smuggle alcohol when HHH refused he was beaten down.

Road Agents unhappy with signing of one certain ECW star-This star could not sell properly in a house show match against Funaki.

Jeff Hardy shoulder pain-Jeff Hardy is said to be having pain on his left shoulder he picked it up when he hit the swanton bomb on Edge at King Of The Ring but he has still been working matches we appreciate Jeffs courage and desire for the company.
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