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WrestleMania 2000 Results

The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan defeated The Godfather and D’Lo Brown at 9:05

Hardcore Holly won a Hardcore Battle Royal for the WWF Hardcore Championship at 15:00, last eliminating Crash Holly

T&A w/ Trish Stratus defeated Head Cheese w/ Chester McCheeserton at 7:05

Edge & Christian defeated The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz in a Triangle Ladder Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships at 22:29

Terri Runnels w/ The Fabulous Moolah defeated The Kat w/ Mae Young in a Catfight at 2:25; Val Venis served as Special Guest Referee

Too Cool and Chyna defeated The Radicalz in a Six-Person Intergender Tag Team Match at 9:38

Chris Benoit defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, and Chris Jericho defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit for the European Championship at 13:35 in a Two-Fall Triple Threat Match

Rikishi & Kane w/ Paul Bearer defeated D-Generation X (X-Pac & Road Dogg) w/ Tori at 4:16

Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley defeated The Rock w/ Vince McMahon, Mick Foley w/ Linda McMahon, and The Big Show w/ Shane McMahon to retain the WWF Championship at 39:42 in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match



WWF Championship
Triple H
January 3, 2000 –

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Chris Benoit
April 1, 2000 –

WWF European Championship
Chris Jericho
April 1, 2000 –

WWF Tag Team Championship
The New Age Outlaws
May 25, 2000 -

Edge & Christian
April 1, 2000 – May 25, 2000

WWF Hardcore Championship
April 30, 2000 -

Hardcore Holly
April 1, 2000 – April 30, 2000

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
Dean Malenko
March 13, 2000 -

WWF Women’s Championship
May 21, 2000 -

May 1, 2000 – May 21, 2000

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
March 28, 2000 - May 1, 2000



Backlash - April 30, 2000 - Washington, D.C.
Judgment Day - May 21, 2000 - Louisville, Kentucky
King of the Ring - June 25, 2000 - Boston, Massachusetts
Bad Intentions - July 23, 2000 - Dallas, Texas
Summerslam - August 27, 2000 - Raleigh, North Carolina
Survivor Series - November 19, 2000 - Tampa, Florida


Yeah, so my 1998 project didn't work based on a combination of factors including my computer going haywire, losing all of my files, Internet issues that were present at the time, and also a lack of time in general. As of right now, though, things are cleared up, and I have plans built up for this. The first RAW is WAR should be up by this time next week.

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WWF News & Notes

There is said to be great morale amongst the World Wrestling Federation after last night's extravaganza. The thought is that the uniqueness of the event, with no matches being straight up one-on-one contests was something that went over very well with the crowd. It's not said if this is going to be a trend, as you should probably not expect that in the near future.

As we learned last night, WrestleMania 17 will be held from the Reliant Astrodome in Houston, Texas. It's said Vince is gunning for the largest crowd ever in the venue and with the WWF at high popularity, it shouldn't be a surprise if he pulls it off. With that said, the bidding has already begin for WrestleMania 18 in 2002. Ten cities have put their names into the hat, according to our sources. Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco, and Toronto are all currently in the running. It's expected by this summer for that list to be cut down to five. The prohibitive favorite, from what we know, is San Francisco.

The WWF Title picture is about to get very interesting, according to one source. Mick Foley is said to be completely cashed out, so we may have seen the last of him last night for a while. Big Show could be involved but there's a thought that they might send him in a new direction to work a program with someone else. And finally, The Rock may be granted time off as soon as this week. With that said, there may be a bit of hand-picking of a new challenger by creative to Triple H's WWF Championship.

Expect Kurt Angle to feud with one of the members of the Triple Threat match last night for one of the titles he lost. Both Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit have praised Angle for his work in the feud and one of them will be granted advancement.

The Undertaker is ready to return within the next 6 weeks, a source told us. Having been off camera since September 1999, and nearly fully healthy from his torn pectoral back in January 2000, when he was expected to return at the Royal Rumble in New York City, Undertaker is raring to go and says he is in great shape after looking quite sluggish before leaving TV.

Finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin's timetable is still to be determined. The angle with "Who Ran Over Stone Cold" is set to continue whenever Austin returns to WWF television, but that's the dynamic that is still hanging in the balance for the moment. Austin's rehab is said to be going fine and there haven't been many setbacks, but the thought is they want to take care of this as much as possible so that when he does return, there is no looking back. With the roster at its best in years, there's no thought of rushing him back by WWF officials either, a source said.

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So, here's the first RAW is WAR in its recapped glory. Right now this is what works best for me since I still have to get into the groove. But eventually we'll be getting full shows up. Nonetheless, enjoy.


RAW is WAR - April 3rd, 2000; Los Angeles, California

The night kicks off with a look back at the extravaganza known as WrestleMania 2000 and the video package concludes with Triple H’s victory in the Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match. The Game walked into the Arrowhead Pond as the World Wrestling Federation Champion, and walked out with the gold around his waist, the first time that instance has occurred since WrestleMania 11.

The RAW is WAR opening video plays right after that, and we’re taken into STAPLES Center after that. A massive pyro display goes off, and J.R. and King hype up the fallout from last night’s Pay-Per-View. We’re then taken through some of the major happenings tonight, including a European Championship match between Chris Jericho, and the former champion, Kurt Angle, who lost both of his titles last night.

We officially kick things off moments later, as the McMahon-Helmsley Faction make their way to the ring. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and the remaining members of D-Generation X are the usual suspects, but tagging along now are Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon, two men who we did not expect to see 24 hours ago. Triple H grabs a microphone, and confidently calls himself the best wrestler on the face of the planet. He states that not only did he survive nearly 40 minutes of onslaught, but he also became a legend in his own right. After continuing o propel himself with some of the great names in the industry’s history, Hunter then addresses the elephant in the room, talking about why Shane and Vince are now on his side. Or, at least attempts to.
The Rock then makes his way out onto the stage, much to the crowd’s delight. Rock doesn’t give Hunter, Vince, Shane, or anybody else the time to explain themselves for the moment, going on about how Vince turned his back on him, and how in hindsight, he should have expected this. Vince then gets on the mic, and tells him he’s exactly right. He then goes on to recall how he aligned himself with The Rock years before, saying he was their vision of the corporate champion. But now, as time goes on, things change, and visions change. Now, even with the animosity that Vince has towards Hunter, he can’t help but think that The Game is the man to take the WWF into the 21st century as the model for success. “At the end of the day it’s just business, Rock. As I’ve said a thousand times, the World Wrestling Federation, my crown jewel, my pride and joy, takes business into account first and foremost. And if you don’t like it Rock, well… you can kiss your roody-poo candy ass goodbye!”
Heat fills STAPLES Center as even Hunter gets a kick out of that. The Rock then surprises just about everybody, and lays down a challenge for tonight for the WWF Championship!!! HHH snickers and tells him that he’s more stupid than he thought he was… AND ACCEPTS!!

Ross: Well by God, tonight here in the shadows of Hollywood, we’ve got a star-studded showdown for the WWF Championship! The Rock and Triple H, later on tonight!

{Commercial Break}

A video plays following the commercial break, focusing on an eerie, abandoned house, with a thunderstorm occurring. Aside from the claps of thunder and the flashes of lightning, the video packages closes in on a black bird soaring its way through the house. All that can be heard from this avian creature is the repetitive “CAW.” The package fades to black and we see text written in white: “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…”

The first match of the night doesn’t see the McMahon-Helmsley Faction go anywhere. Road Dogg and X-Pac stay inside the ring to take on the tandem of The Godfather and D’Lo Brown. With their allies looking on at ringside, Road Dogg and X-Pac look strong in trying to avenge the loss that they were handed last night by Rikishi and ‘The Big Red Machine,’ Kane. However, in a disastrous turn of events, Tori attempted to get the distraction of the referee, but she would be thrown off the apron after, ironically, D’Lo Brown was sent in by X-Pac! Brown then ducked under a leapfrog attempt by X-Pac, then stopped on a dime, sent a kick to the gut and hit the Sky High! The win was picked up @ 5:35 after Godfather cut off Road Dogg, and the MHF were left incensed at ringside. A sign of things to come, perhaps?

{Commercial Break}

Following commercials, the second match of the night takes place and it’s for the Hardcore Championship, featuring Rikishi and the new Hardcore Champion, Hardcore Holly. Highlights of Holly’s win are shown via still-shots as he makes his way to the ring, and Holly and The Big ‘Kish take part in nothing more than a brawl. Rikishi is able to score a near fall after landing a sidekick to Holly’s face, which was only more forceful with a trash can lid in front. However, it was Holly who was able to spark the plugs necessary {:side:} to get the victory, after decking Rikishi in the face with a stop sign, and hitting the Alabama Slam for the victory @ 4:01.

We get split-screen action in the locker room area as we see Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle stretching and getting into a zone respectively, with the European Title on the line in mere moments.

Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed the new WWF Tag Team Champions in the pit. Edge and Christian, dressed in street clothes, with the belts on their shoulders, were asked to describe their feelings and Edge described them as euphoric. In their first WrestleMania, they achieved so much in such a chaotic environment, and that left them to be feeling so ecstatic. Then, things got goofier as Christian talked, as you might expect, as they compared themselves to other dynamic duos.

Christian: Batman & Robin, Sonny & Cher, Bert & Ernie, Mike & Ike, some of the best to ever do it!

Edge: Hey, that last one is so true. Mike & Ike’s rule!

{Commercial Break}

We’re back from commercials and already in the ring stand The Radicalz, as Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko are introduced for tag team competition. Their opponents would turn out to be T&A, led out by the vivacious Trish Stratus. This would prove to be a very solid tag team match, as RAW is WAR is showcasing the tag teams it seems this evening. As the match drew to its conclusion, Eddie was attempting to lay ‘Latino Heat’ on Trish, and all seemed to be going well… until the Canadian bombshell slapped Guerrero across the face! Nearly simultaneously in the ring, Test made the tag on Albert with him lying in the corner, and plucked a near lifeless Dean Malenko up, and drove him down with the Pumphandle Slam! Saturn attempted to make the save, but it was all over, as T&A picked up the victory @ 5:12.

In the back, stemming off of their loss earlier in the show, D-Generation X seemed to be in a world of trouble. Hunter separated himself from his wife and the rest of the McMahon family to verbally assault X-Pac and Road Dogg about their losses, warning them of cutting them loose, but X-Pac and Road Dogg fired right back and they nearly came to blows, as the rest of the faction separated and snuffed out any chance of a blow up from happening. Certainly, the precursor to tonight’s WWF Title Match has been ominous for ‘The Game…’

{Commercial Break}

The fourth match of the night is set to begin as ***MEDAL*** hits over the P.A. system. Kurt Angle saunters out on stage, greeted with heat, as he carries a microphone, along with his gold medals wrapped around his neck, and cuts a promo on his way to the ring. Angle claims he’s in no kind o mood to be messed with tonight, saying it has been one of the most emotionally trying times of his wrestling career. He cites the 1996 Gold Medal victory as the last time that he let his emotions get to him this much, but this time, it’s almost as if he’s been STRIPPED of the medals that are adorned around his neck. He then vows to get the European Championship away from Chris Jericho, and tells Y2J that he’ll be more of a phony than every celebrity in L.A. could ever dream of being.

The match is underway moments later and it’s everything you might expect out of these two. After starting off with some chain wrestling, Angle then decides to get uncharacteristically aggressive, throwing elbows and smashing forearms into Jericho’s face. The referee warns Angle of a disqualification, so he relents momentarily, before stomping on Y2J’s face. Jericho is able to get offense a few moments later, as the two go back and forth, getting a few near falls in between, and Angle once again shows some overt aggressiveness, getting warned by the official again.
Jericho looks for the Walls of Jericho, but Angle is able to squash it, hurling Jericho into the corner using his legs. He rolls up to his feet before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex and he then slaps on an Ankle Lock! He pulls Jericho away from the ropes and wrenches and twists the hold… and Jericho taps out @ 9:31!!! Angle regains the European Championship!!! J.R. and King don’t seem to believe it as they sell the match, and Angle STILL has the hold applied 15 seconds after the bell. The referee attempts to get him to release, but the Olympian doesn’t seem to care! Suddenly, the ref calls for the bell!!
The official goes over to the timekeeper and Lilian Garcia, and says due to the fact that Angle did not listen to his warnings he’s reversing the decision!! Angle overhears this, and lets go finally and is beside himself!!

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has reversed the decision of the match, and has disqualified Kurt Angle! Therefore, the winner of this bout, and STILL World Wrestling Federation European Champion, Chris Jericho!!!

Angle then continues to go berserk as he awards the European Championship to Chris Jericho who grabs at his ankle in serious pain. Kurt argues incessantly with the official who continues to tell him the same thing he has said, and then Angle takes to the ringside area to throw a set of steel steps at the barricade, and then take off the tabletop of the announce table. He smashes a television, and then grabs a ring bell and hurls it at the ring post. J.R. calls it nothing more than a whiny temper tantrum, as Angle, red in the face, heads up the ramp continuing to cry fowl.

{Commercial Break}

Back from break, we get a recap of the events that just transpired, with Kurt Angle seemingly winning back the European Championship, and then losing it seconds later, and the tantrum that followed right after. Just as things seemed to be going back to normal, we head to the back and there’s a Pier Six Brawl going on!! Pictured are T&A, The APA, Too Cool, The Dudley’s, The Hardy’s, and Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan! Eventually, officials and lower-card wrestlers separate all of that chaos, and as J.R. so fondly notes, “the tag teams of the World Wrestling Federation just don’t seem to like each other quite much.”

We’re in the ring now as Kevin Kelly is standing with a microphone. Kelly gives an introduction to the two men who are about to make their way to the ring. Moments later, the music of ‘The Big Red Machine’ hits and Kane and Paul Bearer make their way to the ring. The crowd gives them a pretty big pop, as father and son make their way up the steps and then into the ring. Fire is then set off on the ring posts, and Kane stands next to Bearer, who is right next to Kelly…
KK and Bearer discuss last night’s tag team match against X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Tori and Bearer informs us all that Kane and Rikishi have now gone their separate ways, and he thanks Rikishi for being one of his mercenaries. Bearer then, as he can do so well, paints us a picture of the longstanding feud that X-Pac and Kane have had recently, but moving on from Rikishi has not the only thing they have done. They have set their sights on other people, other places, and other goals, according to Bearer, who begins to speak more cryptically as time goes on.
Bearer closes this riveting promo, after going on about what there is for his monstrous son to accomplish, by signaling to Kelly, the Word Wrestling Federation, and all those watching around the world, that “the darkness is returning soon… OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania 2000 Replay Advertisement

Match number five hits as we come back from commercials as Chris Benoit takes on the banged up Big Boss Man in a non-title contest. Benoit really shows his arsenal of maneuvers and submissions in this one, as Boss Man is able to fend him of somewhat, but Benoit is much too powerful, locking in the Crippler Crossface @ 6:41.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage, we see Too Cool and the members of the Acolyte Protection Agency getting stitched up in the trainer’s room, still feeling the effects of the brawl that ensued earlier on in the evening. A few choice words would be said between these two teams, and after Grandmaster Sexay questioned the APA’s manhood, another fight broke out!!

We head right back to the ring for singles competition as ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Tazz stood in the ring and awaited his opponent, which would be none other than the large bodied Viscera. Even with the size disadvantage, the former ECW superstar looked impressive throughout. Tazz continued his onslaught after being attacked for much of the break, and then decided to be innovative, getting on the top rope after Viscera was shot into the corner, and locked in the Tazzmission!! He leaped off the top turnbuckle and then planted himself down on the ground with Big Vis, keeping the hold applied, as he eventually made Viscera tap @ 4:26!

{Commercial Break}

In spite of the altercations that took place, Too Cool took on Head Cheese in the seventh match of the evening. They put on a decent contest, with Snow and Blackman still trying to work on their own chemistry issues, but still individually looking great themselves. Scotty tries to put it away with the Worm on Blackman, but after dumping Sexay off the apron, Al Snow comes in and hits Scotty with a kick to the gut, before hitting the Snow Plow! He pulls Blackman atop, and the referee makes the count and awards the victory to Head Cheese @ 3:27!!

Before his match with Triple H for the WWF Championship, we get an interview with The Rock conducted by Michael Cole. As you’d expect, eventually it’s a solo “interview” as The Rock conducts it with the people, the thousands and thousands of fans in STAPLES Center, as Rock makes it clear hewill be the next WWF Champion, in a signature Rock promo.

{Commercial Break}

Moments before the WWF Championship Match, we get an announcement for Smackdown! The head honchos have decided that due to tonight’s events, the tag teams of the World Wrestling Federation will compete in an over-the-top-rope battle royal to determine the new #1 contenders for the World Tag Team Championships, with a match set for Backlash in the process against Edge and Christian.

The main event kicks off moments after the break. Triple H comes down just with the McMahons at his side, and his wife Stephanie, no sign of Road Dogg or X-Pac. And The Rock comes out to a monumental reaction, getting the huge sense of favoritism from the Los Angeles crowd, as even with being the challenger, he will have the home crowd advantage here. For the first fourteen minutes of this match, it’s a back-and-forth affair.
Finally, a break happens, as The Rock counters an attempt of the Pedigree into a backdrop and then runs off the ropes and scores with a flying lariat!!! The Brahma Bull scores with successive right hands there after, spitting into his hand after the third, and then walks back and charges in, grabbing Hunter and whipping him across the ring. Rock then awaits the champion on the rebound, and catches him and plants him with a Samoan Drop! Rock goes for the cover, WWF Title in his sights … NEAR FALL!! It’s no matter for The Great One, who goes right back on the attack, picking Hunter up and whipping him into the corner.
Championship aspirations in his eyes, The Rock grabs a hold of Hunter in the corner and scores with a few more rights and then a knee lift into the ribs, before taking him out of the corner and whipping him in, before hitting a SPINEBUSTER!!! The crowd knows what’s about to happen, and they all rise to their feet, as Stephanie, Vince, and Shane try to will on the World Wrestling Federation Champion. They stamp the mat as Rock looks around, takes off his elbow pad with a euphoric reaction going around STAPLES Center. He then tosses the pad, runs off to the ropes, leaping over Hunter … rebounding off ... THE ROCK HITS THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW!!!
Rock hooks the leg … … … … but no count is made!! What’s this?!? The referee is being distracted by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!!! Rock gets up and realizes what’s going on, and he walks over and grabs Stephanie by the hair!! Much like last night, Rock hurls her over the ring ropes and looks to hit her with The Rock Bottom!! BUT ROCK IS HIT IN THE BACK BY … ROAD DOGG!!! X-PAC THEN HITS THE RING, AND STOMPS ON THE GREAT ONE!!! The referee calls for the bell, and the match is over @ 15:33!!

The Rock wins by disqualification, but no title change, as the crowd is booing mercilessly at the finish. It would appear, as Triple H begins to bark orders, that all is well with the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. Hunter makes sure that his wife is okay, as Road Dogg and X-Pac, almost like mercenaries, beat down on The Great One. Hunter gets help from Vince, who leads Stephanie out, and Hunter then goes outside and grabs a steel chair as James and X-Pac pull Rock up by his arms. Hunter gives him a kick to the ribs, before rearing back and BLASTING THE ROCK IN THE SKULL WITH THE CHAIR!!

Rock collapses, but the assault isn’t over, as Hunter turns the chair around and drives the front of it into Rock’s ribs, over and over again, with Shane, Road Dogg, and X-Pac trash talking along the way. Hunter then pushes the chair into Rock’s neck for a few moments, before pulling off and rearing back and hitting him in the arm with the chair. Rock flops on his back, and Hunter CONTINUES to assault The Great One with the weapon, before FINALLY, referees begin to try and break it up. Hunter fends them off for a few moments, telling them, “I MIGHT AS WELL WRITE YOUR CHECKS!” but Shane, from the outside, calls off the dogs.
Hunter drops the weapon, and heads out, WWF Title belt in tow, as The Rock is left a bloody, broken mess in the center of the ring with officials tending to him. The McMahon-Helmsley Faction stands tall moments later at the top of the stage, with J.R. wondering aloud, what the rest of the World Wrestling Federation is going to do with this powerful group running the show…



Announced Matches for WWF Smackdown!
April 6th, 2000
San Jose, California

No. 1 Contenders’ Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships; Over-The-Top-Battle Royal:
The Tag Teams of the World Wrestling Federation Do Battle for a Shot at the Tag Team Titles at Backlash


Current Card for WWF Backlash
April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge & Christian © vs. Winners of Over-The-Top Battle Royal

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Smackdown! - April 6th, 2000; San Jose, California

After the clock turns to 8 PM ET, and following the WWF Attitude! Signature, we begin with a look back at the events surrounding the World Wrestling Federation Championship on RAW is WAR. The Rock’s challenge to Triple H for the WWF Title belt; a fast-moving recap of the match itself, with the L.A. crowd defiantly behind The Great One; its climactic finish, with The Rock nearly hitting The Billion Dollar Princess with the Rock Bottom, but then attacked is The Brahma Bull by Road Dogg and X-Pac; Triple H’s brutal beating of his rival, leaving him in a heap after a steel chair attack; and finally, the entire McMahon-Helmsley Faction standing tall on stage…

We get the SD! Intro, which is followed by us sweeping into the San Jose Arena, where a firework display goes off. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the broadcast, as they hype up tonight’s main event: the Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal to determine the new number one contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles. A host of things is also on the card, including Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit in action, as well as hearing from the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, just days after the brutal ending of RAW.

The night kicks off with the WWF Hardcore Champion defending his title belt for the second time this week, as Hardcore Holly takes on Gangrel. The two not-so-agile superstars put on a physical, brutal hardcore rules match, but it’s the arguably ‘bodacious’ one who pulls out the victory, ducking a swing of the kendo stick by Gangrel, leading to Holly spraying him and then blasting him in the skull with a fire extinguisher. He gets the three count @ 3:55, and grabs his Hardcore Championship belt and hoists it in the air as he walks up the ramp. Cole and King put over the match, and Holly’s string of successes since WrestleMania 2000.

In the back, we see Kurt Angle, looking none too pleased, walking through a corridor. Dressed in a white t-shirt and red lined sweats, he continues on down, as Cole hypes up the next segment, which will feature Kurt Angle in the ring, as we head to our first commercial break of the evening.

{Commercial Break}


Kurt Angle comes to the ring to medium-sized heat, and talks about the 24-hour period he had after WrestleMania 2000. Angle says that it was one of the worst sequences he’s ever had in his life – losing both of his championships, the European and Intercontinental Titles wasn’t enough, no, he was put through even more hell on Monday night.
The Olympic Hero talks at length about his match with Y2J … saying he rightfully earned that rematch, and rightfully WON that match and should be the European Champion right now. He calls it a miscarriage of justice, and a true competitor, he says, will never concede defeat when it is unjust. He demands that the decision is reversed, so he can be awarded the European Championship, and demands that the official be reprimanded.
Unfortunately, neither of those requests is granted, for now … Chris Jericho enters the arena, much to Angle’s dismay, with the title belt Angle is quenching for wrapped around his waist. Angle is red with anger, telling Jericho to hit the bricks before he comes up there and takes the title belt himself. Chris retorts, demeaning Angle as always, calling him “Kirk” and “Kirk Angel” and tells Angle that perhaps he should have kept his anger in check, so hat he wouldn’t have gotten “screwed” in his own words. Y2J tells Kurt that there’s no point to playing what-ifs, and he’s the European Champion, “daddy,” and Angle fires back and says he wants a rematch.
This then, to Angle’s surprise and delight, brings out the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon. He first opens up by announcing that Triple H and his daughter Stephanie have yet to arrive, saying he knows ha everyone was wondering. He then makes an announcement, furthering on that news bit, that tonight, Triple H himself will name a brand new number one contender after he arrives to the building, for HIS WWF Championship! This idea receives a mixed response, as Cole and King can’t seem to believe it, and then it appears that Vinnie Mac’s work is done.
He heads for the exits, but Kurt stops him and asks him if he’s going to reverse the decision. McMahon then poignantly tells him that he has given the referee in that match his vote of confidence, and is proud of him for making the right decision.

Mr. McMahon: So, in other words… Kurt, I’m sorry, but the decision is final.

With that, Vince struts, Jericho points and laughs, and Angle whines…

Elsewhere, we see Eddie Guerrero, in his wrestling gear, making his way towards the ring entrance as Cole hypes up that the leader of The Radicalz will be in action… NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

As promised, some Latino Heat is injected into Smackdown! Eddie Guerrero saunters to the ring to some heat as the second match of the night proceeds, with Eddie taking on ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry. The fans are behind ‘Sexual Chocolate’ and Mark holds his own throughout much of the contest, picking up a near fall after hitting The World’s Strongest Slam … but cannot get the three count. As the match’s conclusion draws near, Henry is gaining some more steam, and he charges in on Eddie in the corner… but splashes into the turnbuckles!! Eddie turns Henry around, trips him up and after a struggle, locks in the Lasso from El Paso! That would be all she wrote … as Mark would tap out from the pressure @ 4:08. Eddie lets go of the hold and shimmies a little bit, beating his chest, before hopping over the top rope and landing on the floor, and cockily heads up the ramp in celebration of a big (no pun intended) win.

Backstage, X-Pac and Road Dogg are having a discussion about what they did to The People’s Champion last Monday. They talk about how they fooled everyone thinking there were problems in D-X, when in reality, they’re as strong as they have ever been. Just then, the Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit is protruding through the hallway, and he happens to be in D-X’s way. Or the other way around, if you’re The Crippler, who walks right between them. X-Pac seems to have a problem with it, as he angrily glares at Benoit as he leaves, asking Road Dogg if he can believe that kind of disrespect, and they then seem to hatch a plan as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Test and Albert are in their locker room and the dynamic duo talk about their chances tonight in the #1 Contenders’ Battle Royal. Both men exude confidence, proclaiming themselves as the favorites in the encounter, and both agreeing with one another’s sentiments. Just then, the lovely Trish Stratus enters the fray, wearing her black coat with a gray dress, as she asks the boys if it looks good. They seem to agree, with their eyes on other things, and Trish then tells them to get their heads out of the gutter, and their minds right, and focus on getting an opportunity to win the gold. An obvious attempt to see where their heads were at, Trish then leaves the room, as T&A both try to shake it off.

In the third match of the night, the Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit takes on Sho Funaki, with Taka Michinoku at ringside. The Crippler rolls to a victory, forcing his opponent into submission via The Crippler Crossface @ 3:43.
The story is after the match, as while Benoit is handed his IC Title belt, X-Pac hits the ring and waits … and moments later, delivers a spinning heel kick to Benoit’s face! The title belt goes flying, as X-Pac grabs Benoit and hits the X-Factor in the ring. The boisterous X-Pac stands over and crotch chops a few times, mouthing off about respect, before leaving the ring to heat.

Backstage, Kevin Kelly conducts an interview with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, better known of course as The Hardy Boyz. Jeff speaks first after Kelly asks them how they feel about their chances in the Battle Royal. Jeff talks about experience, and the ability to seize the moment as reasons why they will come out victorious in this contest. Jeff alludes back to the Royal Rumble, when he hit the Swanton Bomb of the entrance set as being a risk necessary to get a win, and Matt piggybacks it, alluding to the risks they took, even in defeat, last Sunday at WrestleMania.

{Commercial Break}

Back from break, and Kurt Angle is still walking around the San Jose Arena, and is STILL furious with what’s occurred to him in the last few hours. He grabs the attention of Shane McMahon, and tries to plead his case, but Shane doesn’t have the time for him he says, and says he has to go welcome Triple H to the arena. Angle, livid, states he’s going to make an example out of the next person he sees. The camera widens… and KANE is just then walking through the corridor, with his father Paul Bearer. Angle turns around, realizes what’s been said, and slowly but surely backs away…

The former Hardcore Champion shows himself, as Crash Holly takes on Essa Rios in one-on-one competition. Holly, still angry with himself at how things transpired Sunday night, takes all of his aggression out on poor Essa Rios, who doesn’t stand much of a chance throughout the contest. Crash hits Crash Landing and gets the victory @ 3:20 and doesn’t take too much time to celebrate, as he angrily heads to the back, seemingly, with business on his mind.

Backstage, Dean Malenko is seen talking with Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn near the interview pit. Michael Cole advertises that a match featuring Dean Malenko will be occurring right after the commercial break, and Malenko separates and heads for the Gorilla position as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Our fifth match of the night pits Dean Malenko against Rikishi, in sort of a return match from WrestleMania 2000, but not entirely. The Light Heavyweight Champion holds his own against the super-heavyweight in Rikishi, delving into his arsenal of maneuvers and holds to maintain an advantage. He is, after all, the ‘Man of 1,000 Holds,’ but cannot hold a candle to the ‘Man of 1,004.’ Malenko finds himself in some trouble as the end of the match approaches, as Rikishi has him set up in the corner, and the big man charges in, but Malenko gets his feet up into Rikishi’s chin! Malenko then sets him up, using just about everything he has, hitting a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge, and gets the victory @ 5:25!
After the match, just for good measure, Malenko clocks Rikishi with the Light Heavyweight Championship, receiving some heat from the San Jose fans watching. ‘The Shooter’ doesn’t seem to give a damn, as he, expressionless, leaves the ring title in tow and heads for the backstage area. Cole and Lawler discuss how impressive a showing it was, and Lawler chimes in, putting over Malenko’s attitude, and says he’s very much a fan.

Elsewhere, in their locker room, The Dudley’s are overheard discussing tonight’s main event. They talk about how they have seen success just about everywhere else that they have been, and the World Wrestling Federation should not be any different. They’ve already tasted the gold, and they’re the previous champions, so they should no doubt be the favorites to recapture them. D-Von lets out an “Oh my brother, TESTIFY!” as we cut away.

{Commercial Break}

In the office of the Acolyte Protection Agency, Bradshaw and Faarooq are seen playing cards with several members of the Oakland Raiders, which elicits a large pop from the crowd in attendance. The Bay Area favorites seen are Zack Crockett, James Jett, Darrell Russell, and Eric Barton. The APA make a bet that they’ll be the No. 1 contenders tonight, and that they’ll beat the members of the Raiders in a game of Hold ‘Em, and needless to say, the Raiders put in all the chips.

Elsewhere, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko are seen celebrating their respective victories here tonight in San Jose. Just then, Perry Saturn, the third member of The Radicalz, makes his way into screen shot and the group discusses how great it would be if all three of them picked up victories here tonight. Saturn agrees, and says that it should be “a piece of cake” to make that happen. Guerrero and Malenko send him away with their luck, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

In the parking lot, the World Wrestling Federation Champion Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley are seen arriving out of a fancy limousine.

The sixth match of the night takes place as Perry Saturn tries to make it 3-for-3 for The Radicalz. His opponent? The former member of ECW: Stevie Richards. Richards and Saturn put on a decent contest, where Saturn doesn’t overwhelm him for much of the match, but there doesn’t seem to be much doubt in who winds up victorious. The finish sees Saturn hit the Saturn Bomb, before locking in The Rings of Saturn, forcing Richards into submission @ 4:52.
After the match, The Radicalz greet Saturn at the top of the stage, and the three celebrate raucously after their perfect affair here tonight on Smackdown! Cole and King put the trio over, saying they have made an excellent recovery since losing at WrestleMania on Sunday night.

We then suddenly cut to the back, trying to get a camera positioned correctly… as HARDCORE HOLLY IS BEING ASSAULTED… BY CRASH!!! The cousin of Bob is hurling any object he can see at the Hardcore Champion, obviously not taking the loss of his title belt too kindly. He grabs a lead pipe and swings it at Hardcore, and actually connects with a shot to the ribs. He swings for his head, but hits the wall, as Hardcore smartly avoids the possible brain-crushing blow. Crash tries again to swing it, but Hardcore gets a right hand to his gut! The Hardcore Champion then grabs his cousin, and props him up, and hits the Alabama Slam through a catering table!!
The Houdini of Hardcore now lies up, looking up at the stars, as Hardcore spits on his cousin, before grabbing the title belt and walking away, as Crash’s attempt was, at best, an honest try…

{Commercial Break}

After a commercial break, we’re back on the air, and we’re seeing Too Cool and Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan discussing something in a hallway. It appears that, based on what we hear, that Boss Man is suggesting that they and Too Cool make a pact in just a few moments in the Battle Royal. Reluctant are Grandmaster and Scotty, but Boss Man gives his word as a man and as a former police officer that he wouldn’t cross anybody, and Too Cool buys in!

We then get hype for RAW is WAR from our commentators, as we see that an Intercontinental Championship Match has been announced, pitting X-Pac against the IC Champ, Chris Benoit!

The main event is nothing short of chaotic as multiple tag teams do battle for the right to take on Edge and Christian in less than four weeks at WWF Backlash. Too Cool, The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan, The Headbangers, The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, The APA, Head Cheese, Godfather and D’Lo Brown, T&A, and X-Pac and Road Dogg are all featured in this battle royal and it’s absolute chaos for the opening minutes. The first team to see their tag team title dreams go by is Head Cheese after Blackman and Al Snow were both eliminated at the exact same time by Bradshaw. Moments later, The Godfather was eliminated by Test. To D’Lo’s dismay, the two were sent packing.
Buchanan and Boss Man worked with Too Cool for a few minutes, as it seemed like the pact was going to succeed. In fact, they went ahead and eliminated The Headbangers, and all seemed well. Just then, Grandmaster talked with Scotty, and the two of them dropkicked Buchanan and Boss Man right out of the ring!!! The crowd laughed, and Boss Man and Buchanan didn’t take too kindly to it as Too Cool merely shrugged and made gestures around their waist, signifying that the gold meant a lot more to them than a pact. And who could blame them?
Too Cool wouldn’t last too much longer as Albert sent Sexay clear over the ring after eliminating Scotty moments before. And after a few more minutes, it was down to The Dudley’s, The Hardy’s, and T&A. All six brawled with one another, with no team really gaining control, until it appeared that the former WWF Tag Team Champions were gaining a bit of an advantage. They would hit the 3-D on Jeff Hardy, and then the 3-D on Matt Hardy, letting Matt collide with his brother Jeff down on the mat!! Bubba then grabbed Jeff by the hair, and tossed him over the ring… but Jeff held onto the ropes!! Jeff then skinned the cat, while D-Von tried to get rid of Matt, and Jeff grabbed Bubba with his ankles, and sent him over the top rope and to the floor!!
D-Von, shocked, was told by the official that he was eliminated and he was forced to leave the ring, when Test then ran forward and connected with a Big Boot to Jeff’s face, clearing him off the apron! T&A are the new #1 contenders @ 10:30!!
Trish Stratus awaited the arrival of her boys and raised both of their arms up in celebration after they approached her, and the trio backed up the ramp, as Cole and King spent a god chunk of the next few minutes putting them over, as well as the rest of the division.

In the wake of the battle royal, we see Stephanie and Hunter talking with Vince and Shane, and Hunter makes it clear that he just wants it to be him and Stephanie out there in the ring, and Vince and Shane listen and agree, as the WWF Champion and his wife then turn for the Gorilla position.

{Commercial Break}

***MY TIME***

San Jose greets the World Wrestling Federation Champion and The Billion Dollar Princess with heat as the power couple enters the arena. They both confidently stride down the ramp, arm in arm, with the WWF Title belt wrapped around Hunter’s waist. Wearing a D-X t-shirt and black sweatpants he climbs up on the apron and walks into the ring, and grabs a microphone. The Game discusses the events of Monday, talking about how he incapacitated The Rock, and put him out of commission. Proud of his work, almost cerebral-like, Hunter continues to talk about the anguish he put The Great One through, in a sadistic tone. Make no mistake about it; Triple H is one nasty son of a bitch.
Hunter then wonders if anybody has been as impressive as he’s been in the last few months. He won the WWF Championship from Big Show in January, he beat Mick Foley in Hell in a Cell, and he survived the first ever Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the WWF Championship in WrestleMania history. That brings him to discussing tonight’s task: naming a number one contender.
He questions whether or not there’s a viable contender out there for him. Big Show has been defeated, nobody’s seen or heard from Mick Foley since WrestleMania, and The Rock is incapacitated. The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin are both nowhere to be found, and he says the rest of the World Wrestling Federation isn’t in his league. So, with that in mind, Hunter then threatens to not even have a title match at Backlash!!
This threat, however, does not last long…


That’s right. ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Tazz makes his way out into San Jose Arena, wearing an orange ‘13’ cutoff shirt, black jeans, and white wrist tape. HHH and Stephanie look a bit confused as they stand in the ring, obviously looking at Tazz as inferior, but nonetheless, he’s put over by Michael Cole, with King reserving comment for anybody who came from “Extremely Crappy Wrestling.” Tazz stands in the ring, hearing it from the fans, a loud and boisterous ‘ECDUB’ chant ringing out around them.
Tazz snatches the mic from Triple H before he can say anything, and cuts a fierce promo, talking about how, ever since the Royal Rumble, he’s been overlooked for some stupid reason, even after choking out the previously unbeaten Kurt Angle. Tazz says that it’s enough of that, and it’s time to “put an exclamation mark on his career.”
He talks about his days in ECW, toiling through the ranks, busting his ass night in and night out, sometimes with a thin wallet or a fat wallet to survive on. He says he’s made it to the big-time, and he doesn’t want to flame out, so instead of Hunter picking his opponent for Backlash, he has decided to do that for him… “It’s gonna be that Red Hook native who screamed at everybody to f--- the world, it’s gonna be ‘The Human Suplex Machine,’ it’s gonna be ME… TAZ, with one Z, get it right, you ponytail donning piece of s---.”
A huge pop, as Triple H seems to have had enough of this. Stephanie gets in front of Tazz, and starts to argue with him, and Taz then puts his hands on The Billion Dollar Princes!! WHACK!! TRIPLE H KNOCKS TAZ IN THE BACK OF THE SKULL WITH THE WWF TITLE BELT!!
The crowd boos mercilessly as The Game stands over Taz and throws the title belt down on the ground. He picks Taz up, positioning him for the Pedigree, as King shouts out, “that’s what you get when you mess with The Game! Haha!” Just then, as Hunter goes for his devastating finishing maneuver, The Human Suplex Machine counters out – back body dropping him to the mat!!
Feeling some effects still from the shot to the skull, Taz is a bit woozy but has the presence of mind to grab an oncoming Triple H, AND HITS A TAZPLEX, SENDING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR BELOW!! Taz then looks down, and grabs Triple H’s WWF Championship belt after looking at it for a few moments. As Hunter and Stephanie regroup on the outside, walking towards the ramp in disgust, Taz hoists the belt up!! A big pop resonates from the Bay Area faithful, as Taz points out at Hunter, shouting out his famous line as the broadcast comes to a close…




Announced Matches for RAW is WAR
April 10th, 2000
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match:
Chris Benoit defends against X-Pac


Current Card for WWF Backlash
April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian defend against T&A w/ Trish Stratus

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RAW is WAR – April 10, 2000; Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Walker, Texas Ranger concludes on the USA Network as the hour turns to 9PM ET. Thereafter, we are given the usual opening video for RAW is WAR, with “Thorn in Your Eye” accompanying it. Then, we jump into the National Car Rental Center in Fort Lauderdale where the pyro rocks the stage. We sweep around the arena, with the rabid fans on their feet, as J.R. and King welcome us to the broadcast. They sum up the major happenings of the evening, with the Intercontinental Championship on the line as Chris Benoit defends against X-Pac; Edge and Christian in action for the first time since WrestleMania; and The Radicalz in action, following their 3-for-3 performances on Smackdown!

The night begins with the music of the man who made a claim to be the #1 contender for the WWF Championship. Taz walks onto the stage, in his usual attire, but he’s carrying something else as well: the WWF Championship!! King makes note of this, calling Taz a thief, as J.R. recaps us about the events that transpired on Thursday night, with video accompanying him. The Human Suplex Machine climbs into the ring and hoists the WWF Title belt in the air to a big ovation, and then grabs a mic.
The Red Hook native wastes little time ripping into The Game, and calls him a coward for what he did to him on Smackdown! Bringing up the title belt shot to the head, Taz says he’s lucky he wasn’t concussed, and pines for Hunter to get out here and face him like a man. He also says that he hasn’t dropped his request to be No. 1 Contender, but while he waits, he’s going to keep the WWF Title in his possession, where it will be soon enough…
This brings out the entire McMahon-Helmsley faction, but they aren’t alone either. Some of Fort Lauderdale’s finest are accompanying them, as Hunter and Vince stand at the top of the group, with Stephanie, Shane, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori flanking them to their left and right. Vince goes to speak, but he’s greeted with the singsong chant of “ASSSSSHOLEEEEEEE” from the Floridian crowd, and, in the only way he can, Vince tells them all to “SHADDUP!”
Mr. McMahon and Taz exchange words over the next few minutes, with Vince calling Taz a criminal, and demands that Taz hand the WWF Title belt over. And should he not, Vince says that The Human Suplex Machine will be spending the night in a Fort Lauderdale jail cell with robbery charges pressed on him. Fort Lauderdale police officers then begin to trudge down the ramp, and the crowd boos, as King laughs, and J.R. finds it a little bit ridiculous. Taz looks down at the WWF Title belt he richly desires. He then puts it down on the mat, and points out to Triple H and Vince…

Taz: You want this title belt back so badly? Then walk your ass down here to the ring, and take it from me. In fact, the only way that I’m giving you this title belt back to you Hunter is if you accept my challenge for Backlash. Plain and simple!

The crowd roars as Hunter pats Vince on the shoulder, and whispers something in his ear. Vince then lets out a smile, as he hands the microphone over to his son-in-law…, who then calls off the arrest, and ACCEPTS THE CHALLENGE!!!!! But, wait, there’s a condition that The Game cites. Hunter says he wants to do some scouting on Taz, so he puts him in a match tonight in the main event. He pits Taz against his fellow D-Generation X comrade: Road Dogg, and appoints his brother-in-law, Shane McMahon, to be the special guest referee!! King laughs audibly as J.R. calls those actions totalitarian, and Hunter ends the segment…

Triple H: To borrow a line… BEAT US, IF YOU CAN! SURVIVE… if… we let you.

{Commercial Break}

Match one sees Kurt Angle in action; Angle who of course has had a horrendous week in his own right, take on Kai En Tai’s Taka Michinoku. Despite the fact that the two are in no way similar to each other, Angle makes Taka look like a thousand bucks, as the two have a pretty solid opening match with the constraints they have. Taka flies off the top rope looking for a high cross body block, but Angle moves out of the way! Taka hits the mat hard, and Angle pulls him up, and delivers the Olympic Slam, and picks up the academic victory @ 4:08.

Backstage, Too Cool is seen in their locker room. We understand, after J.R. announces it, that one of them will be competing in a singles match against Matt Hardy in a few moments. Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty decide to determine that the old-fashioned way: Rock-Paper-Scissors. Seconds later, Sexay wins, which means it’s Scotty who will be in action after the break.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the break, the European Champion, Chris Jericho, is standing backstage talking to the Chairman, Mr. McMahon. McMahon called Y2J in to talk about the European Championship scene, and Kurt Angle. McMahon says that even though Jericho has done things a little differently and hasn’t rubbed Vince the right way a few times, he says that Kurt has not carried himself well after his loss at WrestleMania and RAW last week, and that’s why he hasn’t granted him a rematch.
Jericho agrees, and insults Angle a few times as the discussion continues about a No. 1 Contender. Vince announces that tonight, he, alongside Triple H, has made a Triple Threat Match to determine the new number one contender, pitting the likes of Bradshaw, Mark Henry, and Godfather against each other for the right to face Chris Jericho at Backlash.

The second bout of the night between Matt Hardy and Scotty 2 Hotty is a fluid, high-octane match that gets a good amount of TV time and gets over well by the crowd. It’s a bit of a 60-40 difference in fan support, with Hardy gathering most of the crowd’s support, but a loud enough gathering inside the National Car Rental Center is behind Too Cool, so Scotty gets some cheers, too. In the end, it’s Matt Hardy who picks up the victory via a CLEAN roll-up @ 5:32 after Scotty went – and missed with the Worm.
There’s a bit of animosity after the match, as Jeff enters the ring, and so does the Grandmaster, and the two teams exchange words from their separate corners. As has been the case lately, the tag teams in the WWF are displaying a bevy of heat against one another. Jeff and Matt leave the ring before it comes to blows, but Too Cool glares on from the squared circle.

In the interview pit, the Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit discussed his thoughts on tonight’s matchup against X-Pac with Kevin Kelly. Benoit tells Kelly he was a bit caught off guard when X-Pac came out to the ring and attacked him on Thursday, and told him that next time he should attack him face-to-face. But, he has tonight to take care of that, but Benoit tells X-Pac he’ll make him tap out, and regret his actions.

Elsewhere we see the ‘UP NEXT’ lower-third come up in the bottom left hand of the screen as Edge and Christian are walking through a hallway. Ross and Lawler hype up that the Tag Team Champs will be in action for the first time since WrestleMania 2000 – when we return!

{Commercial Break}

~ WWF Rewind: Edge and Christian survive the Triangle Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000 and beating out The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz to become the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions

The World Tag Team Champions are in action out of the break. Their opponents are the unlikely duo of Steve Blackman and Al Snow as Head Cheese take on Edge and Christian. The match itself is good for the time allotted, and it’s back-and-forth as both teams look good throughout. After some miscommunication with Blackman and Snow in attempting a double team, which leads to Christian, the legal man, tagging in his brother Edge. Edge climbs into the ring, as Blackman leaves Snow hung out to dry, and he turns into a Spear!! A 1, 2, 3 later and the World Tag Team Champions are successful in their first match since ‘Mania @ 4:25.

We head to the parking lot after the match ends. We see the members of The Radicalz, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko arriving in Eddie’s low rider, all smiles and with good vibes after last Thursday’s impressive showing. They seem to still be expressing pleasure with that performance as they make their way into the arena, with a tag team match upcoming tonight.

{Commercial Break}

Hunter and Road Dogg are seen in H’s locker room, with Stephanie sitting down on the couch, enjoying a glass of wine. The two discuss strategy for tonight’s main event and all seems to be calm for The Game, despite the fact that he is not in possession of his WWF Championship. Perhaps because of the decided advantage he has tonight with Shane being the special referee.

The Intercontinental Championship was defended in the next bout, and the match was a dandy. Getting nearly ten minutes of TV time with a break in between, Chris Benoit and X-Pac had a quality affair that was perhaps the best match of the evening. X-Pac came close to capturing the Intercontinental Title for the first time after hitting the X-Factor but The Crippler got his shoulder up at the very last second. X-Pac then went for a Bronco Buster, but Benoit exited the ring!! X-Pac’s groin felt the impact, as he fell back on the mat and Benoit then got back in the ring and brought down Pac and locked in the Crossface!!! After a brief fight, it’s Benoit retaining after X-Pac tapped out @ 10:25!!
After the match was over, Benoit was given his title belt and he slumped oer the top rope after the grueling battle was over. Just then, however… BOOM!! Fire exploded off the ring posts and the stage, and THE BIG RED MACHINE, KANE, WALKED ON STAGE!!! With X-Pac still down, and Benoit out of it, Kane, with Paul Bearer flanking him to his right, trudged down the ramp to the ring. Ross brings up Paul Bearer’s statement that they had shifted focus away from X-Pac and company, so they only wondered why he was out here.
Their answer was found out soon. Kane entered the ring, set the ring posts on fire once again as we saw X-Pac looking up, pleading with the monster to not attack him. Kane’s sights were set on his rival but then the game changed… as KANE GRABBED CHRIS BY THE THROAT AND DROVE HIM DOWN WITH THE CHOKESLAM!!! The crowd was in shock, as X-Pac saw this as an opportunity to get the hell out of dodge. Kane stood over his victim, who was left unconscious on the ring mat, with the IC Title sprawled out on his chest. Kane would eye the title belt as Bearer was heard laughing maniacally…

{Commercial Break}

~ Footage from WWF Axxess last weekend in Anaheim was shown just then, as the thousands of fans that attended the event had a ball of a time meeting the superstars of the World Wrestling Federation, both past and present. Next year’s event in Houston is then hyped up quite a bit.

Taz is seen in his locker room, with the World Wrestling Federation Championship still in his possession. He’s stretching out his shoulders and arm, as Ross and Lawler do a little bit of hype for the main event taking place later on tonight.

A video plays following the commercial break, focusing on an eerie, abandoned house, with a thunderstorm occurring. Aside from the claps of thunder and the flashes of lightning, the video packages closes in on a black bird soaring its way through the house. All that can be heard from this avian creature is the repetitive “CAW.” The package fades to black and we see text written in white: “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…”

{Commercial Break}

We get a replay of the events that happened moments ago, with Kane hitting The Chokeslam on Chris Benoit after The Crippler defeated X-Pac to retain his Intercontinental Championship. Ross and Lawler continue to question Kane’s motives, with Lawler saying it seems pretty obvious to him what’s going on. “Obviously, Kane has set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship! The monster wants the gold, and that can’t be good for Benoit at ALL!”

Match number five is our Triple Threat Match to determine the #1 Contender for the European Championship. Bradshaw, Mark Henry and The Godfather take part in this contest, and it’s not nearly as pretty as the match beforehand, but that comes with the territory of having three brutes inside the ring. The end of the match sees Bradshaw looking strong, hitting The Clothesline From Hell on The Godfather and looking as if he would be the man to challenge Y2J. But, Mark Henry disposes of him directly after this, and hit The World’s Strongest Splash on The Godfather, and got the three count @ 5:42, earning the victory and the right to challenge for the European Title!
{Commercial Break}

We’re right back to the action after returning from the break as Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn are in tag team action. With Dean Malenko at ringside, The Radicalz take on two local products, Ken Lissemore and Johnny Cason, and roll right through them with ease. Saturn hits a Death Valley Driver on Cason, and right after that, Guerrero hits a Frog Splash on Cason to pick up the easy victory @ 3:23, never in doubt.

~ An advertisement airs for WWF Backlash, which will be held at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. on April 29th, live on Pay-Per-View.

Directly after this ad, we’re back in the ring again, as Hardcore Holly is defending his Hardcore Championship. This time, the Alabama native is taking on the eccentric Naked Mideon, and Holly looks pretty impressive in his own right. Mideon is able to get a decent amount of offense in, but poses no real threat to the champ, who eventually hits the Alabama Slam on Mideon, who lands flat on his back through a trash can. Holly gets the cover @ 4:02, and raises his title belt up high in victory.
As Holly gets up to the top of the ramp, he’s blindsided!! CRASH HOLLY HITS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE SKULL WITH A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!! With bad blood still running through the Holly family after Hardcore took Crash’s belt at WrestleMania, Crash begins to pound away at his cousin after mounting atop him. Crash grabs Hardcore, and runs him into the Raw set, and grabs the fire extinguisher again. He runs and tries to hit him with it, but Hardcore ducks! Crash stops before he falls over himself, and turns around-WHAM! HARDCORE NAILS HIM WITH THE HARDCORE BELT! Holly then picks up his cousin, and yells at him, before hitting Crash with the Alabama Slam – right on the stage!!

{Commercial Break}

Back from break, and we see the World Tag Team Champs, Edge and Christian, walking in a hallway backstage. They’re discussing their victory, and what they plan to do tonight after they leave. They wonder if they’ll wind up hanging out with the Florida Panthers, or if they’ll just go back to the hotel and play video games. Edge says they should play video games, because Nintendo rules, and Christian is quick to agree. Just then, Test and Albert appear in screen shot, blocking off the rest of the hallway. Trish appears as well, much to the delight of the crowd, as the two tag teams exchange stares and words, without any confrontation. Ross and Lawler do a little bit of hyping for the Tag Team Title match at Backlash.

We get a split-screen shot of Taz and Road Dogg walking towards the Gorilla position from their respective positions, and then a third shot appears now of Shane O’Mac walking in a referee shirt, as the main event is up next!

{Commercial Break}

In the main event, Taz takes on Road Dogg with Shane McMahon serving as the special guest referee, with a chance at Triple H’s WWF Championship on the line, and a solid match on free television is put on. Shane is noticeably more lenient when Road Dogg puts the punches to Taz and tries to choke him out, to nobody’s surprise, than when Taz does similar moves. Road Dogg hits the Shake, Rattle n’ Roll four minutes into the match and goes for the cover, and Shane makes a fast count – but Tazz kicks out! Road Dogg tells Shane to count faster next time, and out comes Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley from the back as we’re about to head to our final commercial break of the evening.

When we return, we see Taz locked in a Camel Clutch by Road Dogg and Shane asks if Taz wants to give up. He listens in closely, as we then see Triple H head over near the area. Road Dogg lets go of Taz as he slumps down on the bottom rope, and with Shane talking to Road Dogg, with his back turned, Triple H decks Taz in the face! Ross cries fowl as Lawler laughs hysterically, and Road Dogg picks Taz up and hits him a few times in the face, before whipping him across the ring into the corner. Road Dogg cockily crotch chops, and then charges in … but Taz moves as Road Dogg eats turnbuckle!!! Taz crawls up to his feet and grabs hold of Road Dogg after he walks in, and hits an Exploder Suplex!!!

Taz crawls over and makes the cover, as Shane goes to count. 1 … … … … … 2 … kick out by Road Dogg! The crowd boos as Shane lets Taz and Road Dogg both get up to their feet after counting to five respectively. Triple H barks at Road Dogg to finish Taz, and he walks in and goes to kick Taz in the gut and succeeds. He goes for the Pumphandle Slam, but Taz kicks out and tosses him over his back! Taz gets up to his feet and locks in the Tazmission!! The crowd roars as Shane then, after a few seconds, pushes Taz over!! With the leverage Road Dogg has, Taz’s shoulders are down, and Shane makes the count. 1! 2! 3!

Road Dogg wins! In a total, complete screw job of a finish, Taz’s WWF Title chances have gone up in smoke! But the job isn’t done apparently, as Triple H gets up onto the apron and climbs into the ring and stomps on Taz, and Road Dogg follows suit moments later. Triple H calls on X-Pac a few moments later, and sure enough, his buddy comes down to the ring and the attack is on. All seems lost for the former ECW Champion as the crowd continues to boo … … …


Ross: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

The giant is back!! For the first time since WrestleMania, THE BIG SHOW IS BACK ON WWF TELEVISION!!! The camera cuts to Shane McMahon, who seems to be shaking in his boots, as Show, seething, heads down to the ring. He climbs on the apron and climbs over the top rope. He takes a look around, and sees Taz lying on the ground, and stands near him. He then turns around and decks Shane McMahon in the skull!! With his frying pan-like hand, Big Show knocks the Prodigal Son down to the mat and then takes aim for Triple H and backs him into the corner with a series of right hands. Before he can get the Chokeslam clenched in, Triple H is able to kick the monstrous Show in the knee, and then roll out of the ring with the WWF Title in tow. Raw comes to a close with a close-up shot of Big Show, back with a vengeance, with a fierce look in his eyes.



Current Card for WWF Backlash
April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF European Championship Match:
‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho defends against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian defend against T&A w/ Trish Stratus

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First things first. You're a hell of a writer. Very vivid language that paints a very good picture. And I think that the recapped format that you use instead of in full actually helps to express that.

Now, zipping along. Loving that Tazz is getting this kind of a push. He was criminally misused after his feud with Kurt Angle concluded (I can only assume because of his minuscule stature) and I'm glad that's not the case here. Tazz and Hunter could actually put on some fantastic matches so write at least one in full plz :$.

The title match for Backlash is made as is tonight's main event. Okay, my first problem of the night. H sent the cops so he was gonna get his belt back. The cops don't arrest you for stolen property and then let you keep the stolen property, so there's no REAL incentive for Hunter to accept the match. Maybe Tazz should've tossed the belt into the crowd or something... and have this thing play out a little longer.

I'm glad that Kurt Angle is officially out of the European Title picture (Angle's four minutes against Taka didn't bother me, because wrestling is what he does) because Jesus, that "roster" is horrible. Jericho should just run through everybody. Bring in some talent immediately plz.
The tag team situation also seems to be up in the air at the moment, as a lot of title situations are post-WrestleMania. TT division is definitely the most "loaded" of the divisions. E&C against T&A is a fun series. Too many Canadians though. :side:

Kane versus Benoit? I don't mind that, though the fact that he's seemed to completely forget about his beef with X-Pac and them does bother me. I understand that you probably wanted to avoid going the same route that they did in reality.

Mark Henry is the number one contender for the European belt. Is he a heel or a face? If he's a heel than I do believe that he and Jericho could probably put together some decent matches together. Throw the Radicalz (sans Benoit) into the European title sitch. They're clearly in limbo, but all are fantastic wrestlers, and could brighten it up for sure.

I know this is gonna sound weird, but (and I couldn't tell which way you were going for this match) you need to clean up the Hardcore division. It became a joke at times, but that's obviously not your fault. Hardcore is fun because he can give punishment and take it, and I'm interested to see where you'll take it.

Main Event. In my book, where Tazz is and would be now, he can't afford to take any losses if you're trying to bring him up to the main event level. In fact, I don't think he should even have a competitive match, and should've just rolled right through Road Dogg and everybody else until we saw him as a viable title contender. Big Show's return upstaged him, and I wonder if that's what we'll see instead of Hunter versus Tazz. Maybe a triple threat?

Solid show. Keep it up. I know how you are with threads. :p

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Thanks for the feedback, Mac. Frankly, I agree with what you said for the most part, so I'm going to take the ball and run with it. Let's progress now, shall we?


Smackdown! - April 13, 2000; Tampa, Florida

UPN is our broadcast home for Smackdown as the clock turns to 8PM in the Eastern Time zone. We get a black-and-white induced recap of the wild events surrounding the WWF Championship on Monday night, with Taz’s attempt to earn himself a title shot at Triple H being snuffed out horrifically by D-Generation X. Then, Big Show made his WWF television return, having not been seen in over a week, and made it clear that he had some revenge that he wanted to extract. J.R. said it best as the broadcast came to a close: “Where does this leave the World Wrestling Federation Champion, with not one, but two superstars breathing down his neck?!”

We open with our intro video, but no pyro, and instead, ***BREAK THE WALLS DOWN*** begins the broadcast. Chris Jericho, the WWF European Champion, makes his way down the ramp and heads to the announce table. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler announce that the number one contender for the European Title, Mark Henry, will be taking on Kurt Angle, who challenged him to this contest earlier in the week.

Y2J joins King and Cole for this match as the usual berating and comedic jokes come from Jericho’s mouth. Meanwhile, in the ring, Angle and Henry put on a pretty good affair to get the crowd warmed up. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Splash near the three-and-a-half minute mark but Angle gets his shoulder up at the last second, flashing some resiliency. Henry lets his guard up for only a few seconds, and Angle makes him pay, hitting a monstrous German Suplex, followed by the Olympic Slam!!! 1… 2… Kick out from Henry!! Angle gets to his feet, and takes a look at the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla, and mouths off t him. Jericho takes his headset off, but just then, Henry is back up, and he turns Angle around – WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! Henry gets the huge victory over the former Euro-Continental Champion and after the match, Henry mixes it up with Jericho on the outside, as the two exchange some words, and The World’s Strongest Man’s eyes never come off the European Title belt.

We go backstage, and we’re inside D-Generation X’s locker room. Road Dogg and X-Pac seem a bit nervous; knowing that not only is Taz a threat to them, but the return of the monstrous Big Show only worsens things. The WWF Champion, however, is not concerned. Hunter gives them, and the viewing audience a bit of breaking news – D-X is in charge tonight! This puts smiles on the face of his comrades, as it appears that they’re about to head to the ring.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the commercial break, D-Generation X does in fact walk out to the ring, feeling high, mighty, and confident. Cole mentions what he’s heard about this situation, as we cut to Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in a suite in the Ice Palace, and Cole tells us that Shane and Vince McMahon are in Stamford at WWF Headquarters for undisclosed reasons. Hunter gets on the mic and welcomes us to the show, once again informing us who is in charge tonight. Triple H tells the crowd that because D-X is in charge, everything will be done their way, and they have a lot of things planned. Before anything gets started, he thanks his wife and his father-in-law and brother-in-law for granting D-X this opportunity and we get a shot of them both boastfully applauding.

The Game then begins to run down the card for tonight, and his first announcement is in regards to the Intercontinental Championship scene. H announces that due to the attack he suffered on Monday, Chris Benoit is not in attendance tonight. To some boos, he continues talking, and announces that the man who attacked Benoit will be in action tonight. He pits ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane in a Handicap Match… against Head Cheese. King gets a laugh, as Cole wonders what the motivation for that kind of match would be and calls it a mismatch. H continues on, announcing that three tag team matches will take place tonight, due to the ever-chaotic dynamic of the tag team division. He announces the first tag team match will pit Too Cool against Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan. Secondly The Hardy Boyz will take on the No. 1 contenders for the World Tag Team Championships: T&A; and finally, he announces The Dudley Boyz will battle against the APA.

Triple H continues on and addresses the issues with the Hardcore Championship and says tonight there will be unfinished business settled between the champion, Hardcore Holly, and his cousin, Crash Holly. However, things will be a little bit different, Hunter says, as he announces that the match will not take place in the ring, nor anywhere in the arena. “This match for the Hardcore Championship will take place out in the parking lot. Hardcore Holly defends the Hardcore Title belt against Crash Holly, in a Parking Lot Brawl!”

Hunter then goes to close the interview, when all of a sudden…


Much of the Ice Palace applauds as, shockingly, Linda McMahon makes her way out on stage!! Lawler is in a tizzy, as Cole tells us that she was NOT scheduled to be here tonight {no shit, Sherlock} and Linda then gets on the microphone. Linda comes to Smackdown tonight with two big, important announcements. The first announcement? The main event’s decision from RAW is WAR has been REVERSED!!!! Triple H then flips his lid, as Linda cites the Board of Directors reviewed the decision and believed that there was significant evidence of collusion and thus, the decision’s been reversed, meaning Taz is the Number One Contender for the WWF Championship!!!
The second announcement? Shane McMahon has been reprimanded by the World Wrestling Federation!!! Linda explains that that’s why Shane is not here tonight in Tampa and up in Stamford. The reasons, apparently, were not discussed to the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, and Linda says that was because of an executive order to keep silent. With that, Linda leaves the set, and the mood has changed in the WWF, to say the very least…

{Commercial Break}

Back from break, and after an outside shot of the Ice Palace, and a recap of what we just heard from the CFO of the WWF, we learn that tonight’s main event has been announced: Taz, with Big Show in his corner, takes on X-Pac, with D-X in his corner!

Al Snow and Steve Blackman are seen backstage, both pacing back and forth In their locker rooms, wondering their fate for later tonight with the news that they will be taking on the 7-foot big red monster, Kane. Blackman seems a little more troubled by the match than Snow is, and Snow decides to lighten the mood and to churn up the spirits by giving a pep talk. Snow seems to get to Blackman just a little bit, but Blackman then tells him he’ll do his own thing, and Snow can do his.

The first tag team match of the three scheduled for tonight takes place as Too Cool take on The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan. In nothing more than a solid affair, Boss Man and Buchanan look strong in their own right, while the fan favorites appear to be holding their own as well. The finish comes down to the wire as Scotty goes for the Worm, with the referee tied up with Grandmaster on the apron, who was complaining about Boss Man and Buchanan illegally coming into the ring. As Scotty goes to connect, Boss Man walks into the ring and drills him with the nightstick to the skull! He drags Buchanan over him, and leaves from the scene of the crime, and the heels get the victory @ 4:51.

Backstage, still irate, Kurt Angle is feverishly looking for Linda McMahon. He finds her in the parking lot, just as Linda goes to leave in her limousine. Angle stops her, and tries to bargain for a European Championship opportunity, an Intercontinental Championship opportunity, or just about ANYTHING that he can get his hands on. Linda considers this briefly, but then, to Angle’s surprise, she tells him that he didn’t earn his gold medals in the Olympics by whining and complaining, and tells him that maybe he ought to take some time to remember just that…

{Commercial Break}

In the back, the WWF Tag Team Champions are in their locker room, spending yet another day off, but discussing the events of tonight’s show. Trish Stratus then makes her way into their locker room, uninvited, and makes her presence felt in, well, the only real way that she can. She tells them that her boys, Test and Albert, T&A of course, have invited the tandem down to ringside for tonight’s match against the Hardy’s. Edge sarcastically tells them that they don’t need to see the Hardy’s, because they’ve seen them enough, and beaten them. Christian adds to the conversation, saying that if they DID come out there, they could piss the Hardy’s off, because let’s face it: bad blood still remains, and they wouldn’t want to be a distraction.
Trish then bluntly says that it was an order by Test and Albert that they come out there, or suffer consequences. Edge raises an eyebrow, and tells Trish that they don’t need to take orders from ANYBODY, especially the challengers to their title belts. Christian tells Trish to tell them that they can run their mouths when they beat them 1-2-3 in the ring. As for coming out to the ring? Edge says to Trish that they’ll “consider” it.

The third match of the night stays in the parking lot area, as we see Hardcore Holly awaiting the arrival of his cousin, Crash. Crash stands amongst the cars in the lot, and all of a sudden he’s hit in the back with a baking pan by Crash Holly!! The match is underway for the Hardcore Championship, in this grudge match of sorts, and it’s a violent, brutal affair that sees both men use their surroundings to the best of them. The finish sees Crash go for the Crash Landing off of the hood of a car, but Hardcore counters, and sends Crash flying onto the asphalt!! Hardcore then climbs off, and grabs his cousin, telling him he’ll learn his lesson really soon, and then hits the Alabama Slam on the hood of a car!! Hardcore gets atop, and covers, and picks up the victory to remain the Hardcore Champion @ 3:45.

After the match is over, Hardcore grabs his title belt and goes to find his own car. Upon finding it, apparently, someone has already found it as well. Hardcore drops his title belt and tells whoever it is to get lost, but the person apparently doesn’t… and Hardcore approaches…

… And it’s RAVEN!!!!

Raven: Going somewhere?

Hardcore Holly: Yeah I would like to get my ass outta Tampa. Now get the hell out of here… you freak.

Hardcore goes to move, but Raven objects his path. Hardcore then reaches back to take a swing, but Raven sees it coming, decking him backwards!! Raven then takes more swings, rocking the Hardcore Champion back into a car. Hardcore tries to fight back, getting a few shots in, but Raven continues to tee off and connects with a HARD knee to the rib cage. Hardcore huffs and puffs and walks right into an EVEN FLOW DDT ON THE CONCRETE!!!! Raven stands over Hardcore, and then knees down, before uttering his signature catchphrase… “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…”

{Commercial Break}

Back from break, and highlighted is the aftermath of the Hardcore Championship, where we saw the debut of RAVEN who has clearly set his sights on the WWF Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly, and the title he proudly carries with him. Cole and Lawler banter about, saying that this has been an extremely chaotic edition of Smackdown! Lawler adds that we’re not even halfway through the night, and says that things are just bound to get even more insane.

The fourth match of the night welcomes us officially from the break as The Hardy’s take on T&A. After T&A is introduced, the WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian, after butting heads with Trish before, who the camera picks up smiling, make their way down to ringside to have a seat as spectators, scouting their opponents for Backlash.
This is an even better contest than the prior tag team match, with both of these teams with much to prove. Test and Albert look very strong throughout though, as they gain more and more traction towards their Tag Team Championships match against the likes of Edge and Christian at Backlash. The finish sees Matt Hardy going for the Twist of Fate on Test, but we see Trish climb up onto the apron. Providing the distraction, Matt lets go of Test and walks over to Trish, as she seductively begins to zip her jacket down. Matt then turns around, after hearing from his brother to do just that, and is LEVELED with Test’s boot! Jeff tries to break up the subsequent pin fall, but Albert cuts him off with a punishing clothesline, and T&A gets the impressive duke @ 6:45.
Following the contest, Edge and Christian get up and sarcastically applaud the duo, as once again tensions flare between the two teams. Referee Mike Chioda is able to separate anything from happening at the ringside area, but Albert is able to get in a cheap shot on Edge!!

Lawler: Haha! The first blood has drawn! Albert got in a heck of a shot there on that pretty boy, Edge. Serves him right.

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman interviewed The Radicalz, who had all sorts of good vibes after a recent string of successes post-WrestleMania. Eddie took the brunt of most of this interview, being that he’s the best talker of the group {by a wide margin tbh}. Eddie tells Coachman that the group has never been better, not since the group was formed originally back in January. Coach asks the three of them what their feelings are about Chris Benoit’s injury that he sustained on Sunday, of which they are conspicuously quick to dismiss as “minor” and that Benoit will be “just fine.” Abruptly, as Coach goes to ask another question, Eddie ends the interview, and off The Radicalz go…

{Commercial Breaks}

The fifth match of the night proceeds, as the monstrous Kane takes on Al Snow and Steve Blackman, better known as Head Cheese. For a little bit, Al Snow and Steve Blackman put on a little bit of heat to ‘The Big Red Machine’ as they individually find themselves piecing things together. Snow is able to rally Blackman to pull off a double suplex, leading to a double pin, but after the count of two, Kane throws BOTH men off of him and away they go far off from where they were. Kane sits up and takes both men down to the mat, and eventually isolates Blackman away, after disposing of Snow. Paul Bearer, Kane’s father, is heard barking at Kane, telling him to not relent, making sure that his son shows zero remorse. And the monster listens to his father, destroying Blackman in the corner before drilling him with a Sidewalk Slam. Kane then does the throat slash gesture, as Bearer howls in laughter, belting out an “OOOOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS” as Kane then picks up Blackman, loading him up on his shoulders, before driving him down with a Tombstone Piledriver. With Al Snow just getting to his feet on the outside, Kane makes the pin, and it’s too late for Head Cheese, as Kane scores the victory @ 3:46.

We go to the back, where things clearly are not going well for Helmsley and D-X. He’s in a tizzy, and now Stephanie has entered the fray. Hunter barks at her, saying it’s bullsh*t that the decision got reversed, it’s bullsh*t that Shane got reprimanded, and it’s bullsh*t that he has to put the belt on the line at Backlash against Taz. Stephanie barks back at him, saying that he doesn’t need to be frustrated about it, because he’s gone through hell and back since winning the title in January and still is the top guy. Hunter says that the past is in the dust, and right now, everything is BULLSH*T, with a capital B. Stephanie then challenges him to do something about it, as we go to break.

We cut to a split-screen of The Dudley’s and The APA, both making their way to the ring for their tag team match – NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

Before the match is set to begin, we get a few quick announcements regarding RAW is WAR. Firstly, the main event is announced, as it will be a ‘Champion Versus Champion’ special attraction, pitting the World Wrestling Federation Champion Triple H against the World Wrestling Federation European Champion – Chris Jericho! Additionally, Edge will take on Albert and Christian will take on Test!

Match number six welcomes us back to the broadcast, as The APA takes on The Dudley Boyz. It’s no mat-wrestling clinic, rather quite the obvious, but nonetheless it certainly gets the job done. A lot of physicality and a lot of hard, damn near stiff hits are thrown in this contest with the allotted time that they have for this match. We near the finish, as we see The Dudley’s go for the 3-D. But Bradshaw off the rebound kicks Bubba in the gut, and then runs off the ropes and hits the Clothesline from Hell on the legal man D-Von! 1… 2… 3!! The APA get the victory, and Bradshaw rolls out of the ring before Bubba Ray can get a shot in. The Acolyte Protection Agency back pedals up the ramp in celebration, as the two teams exchange a dossier of (censored) words.

An advertisement airs for WWF Backlash, which will be held at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. on April 29th, live on Pay-Per-View.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviews Taz. The new number one contender says that he’s thankful that the decision is reversed, but he’s a bit pissed off that it had to be decided that way. He would rather do things in the ring, which brings him to X-Pac. Taz keeps it short and sweet, telling his adversary that he’s going to prove a point to his buddy that he can beat anybody that he sends at him, and tells Hunter to keep the belt warm for him, cause he’s coming to get it.

Taz’s interview is seen on a television just then… in the locker room of D-X. Triple H, seething mad, lightens up as we see Stephanie come into focus, putting her hand on her husband’s shoulder. Hunter turns his head over at his wife, scowling, but then turning back to the television. X-Pac then comes into focus, dressed to compete, and Road Dogg does as well, and the four then turn and leave the locker room, silently, and focused. We get hype from Cole and Lawler before going to our LAST commercial break of the night.

{Commercial Break}

It’s main event time – Taz comes to the ring second, but before he makes his way down, he stops, and turns around and then the music of Big Show hits to a huge applause, as it seems that Taz has acquired the big man as a bit of an insurance policy for the moment. Taz gets up on the apron and meets X-Pac in the middle, and the fight is on. Taz and X-Pac trade advantages, with Taz looking very strong, despite the screwy finish on Monday night. Taz over powers X-Pac over his shoulders with a HUGE BEAL ACROSS THE RING which gets the crowd on their feet. He follows that with a T-BONE TAZ-PLEX, and then synched in the CROSS ARMBREAKER!! X-Pac writhed in pain, but eventually, X-Pac gained some leverage and hooked Taz to try and get the surprise win!

Not so fast though, as Taz kicked out and rolled back up to his feet. X-Pac goes for a kick, but Taz catches his boot, and swings X-Pac around. Taz then delivers a kick to the mid-section, and then locks in a half nelson, before hitting the HARDWAY TAZ-PLEX!! X-Pac is flung back a few feet, as Taz really looks dominant, with Road Dogg fearing the worst, and Hunter looking on with a scowl on his face. Taz called on X-Pac to get up to his feet, as the crowd gets to their feet, and Taz eventually charges in and hits an Angry Man’s Clothesline!! Taz looks around, feeding off of the energy of the crowd, and points at Triple H before doing a double throat-slash with both arms. He then grabs X-Pac by the hair, looking right at The Game, before locking in the TAZMISSION!!!! The Kata Ha Jime, as a particularly ‘extreme’ announcer would call it, is locked in and as it appears that Road Dogg might go in, we see Big Show walking over to grab him! With Triple H looking on in fury, X-Pac has absolutely NO choice but to tap out @ 7:32, giving Taz the victory!!!

Taz’s hand is raised after letting go of the hold, and Big Show then tosses Road Dogg into the barricade!! Hunter then takes hold of his WWF Championship belt and climbs into the ring!! Big Show goes to go on the apron, as Hunter tries to sneak up on Taz…


HHH goes flying, hitting the mat hard, as he luckily has the wherewithal to roll out of the ring before more damage is done. Stephanie goes to check on her husband, concerned greatly, as a horrific night for the WWF Champion is finished with a bang. Punctuated with one of his adversary’s signature maneuvers, Triple H is helped up by his wife, while Road Dogg tries to shake off the cobwebs, and Earl Hebner attends to X-Pac.

“DX is down! The Game is down! Taz is standing tall! With the WWF Championship in his sights, The Human Suplex Machine is on a collision course with greatness! From Tampa, Florida, goodnight everybody!”



Announced Matches for RAW is WAR
April 17th, 2000
State College, Pennsylvania

Special Attraction Match:
WWF Champion Triple H vs. European Champion Chris Jericho

One on One:
Edge vs. Albert

One on One:
Christian vs. Test


Current Card for WWF Backlash
April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF Championship Match:
‘The Game’ Triple H defends against ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Taz

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian defend against T&A w/ Trish Stratus

WWF European Championship Match:
‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho defends against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry

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I've been looking quite a lot, and Tazz in the main-event status hmmm seems interesting, Tazz clearly the #1 Contender for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, felt like it could've been done in this year seeming they had to bury Tazz up to the mid-card, first you have him squashing Kurt Angle. Then he goes to the Hardcore Division but I think returning to ECW in April of 2000 and him winning the ECW Championship made them have no interest in Tazz, but it's needed here in your diary. Like the stuff with Big Show being his bodyguard to Tazz. It's good that you've branded Mark Henry from Sexual Chocolate to the World's Strongest Man, i think that Sexual Chocolate Gimmick was boring as hell, I didn't like it, especially when he and Mae Young gave birth to a hand, but Henry in contention for the European Championship may be a huge problem for The man who's holding the European Title and that's Chris Jericho. Haven't seen much of The Rock after that attack by Triple H after WrestleMania, Here's hoping The Rock returns at Backlash to cost Triple H the WWF Championship. But Kane's feud with Chris Benoit is very interesting even though i saw something where Paul Bearer mentioned the darkness was coming could it be the return of The Undertaker or a new and improved Kane, either way this storyline will be interesting to see how it plays out, and lastly Raven taking out Hardcore Holly is good as well, ECW and WCW are losing some of their big stars that are migrating to the WWF. Here's hoping that more stars jump ship to the WWF as well and eventually at the end of the year, ECW and WCW could be out of the business by the WWF, all in all great diary you got going man, keep it up

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WWF News & Notes

The recent departure of The Rock may be leaving viewers wondering where The Great One is. We have learned that at WrestleMania 2000, The Rock suffered a separated shoulder in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. This was found out just hours before Raw, and so that is why he was written off television. The timetable for The Rock's return to WWF television is unknown at this time, but our source says not to expect him to be around for quite a while.

The World Wrestling Federation has been in talks with several members of the companies they are competing against. For the most part, many of these wrestlers are reportedly unhappy and the growing concern in both ECW and WCW is that they're both running on borrowed time. ECW has many known financial straits which have already caused many to jump ship to the WWF. It's said that in both of these companies, morale is low, and some of the unhappy wrestlers are top performers.

In addition, the WWF has started to send out scouts to the remaining territorial companies and indie companies as well as overseas in Japan to scout talent to bring in. It is not known if there is anybody specific that Vince and Co. want to bring in, but the Federation is doing their due diligence and that can only be welcomed with positive reviews.

Ken Shamrock apparently was set to return the night after WrestleMania, a source told Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. After the controversy at the Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round in January, Shamrock was extremely fed up with the proceedings. However, Meltzer said that Shamrock, his agent, and the hierarchy of the WWF had a falling out during negotiations and so Shamrock has just recently signed with Pride. Meltzer summed it up by saying Shamrock followed the mantra of "going where the money goes."

Over the next few months, expect a methodical overhaul of the women's division. Creative is reportedly ready to churn things up and it could start the night after Backlash. They feel as if Stephanie McMahon is currently holding the belt as a trophy, essentially making it seem useless. The word is that a battle royal, gauntlet, or a tournament may decide the next Women's Champion. If it's a tournament, you can more than likely envision a scenario where Stephanie is stripped of the title for not competing with it.


Expect the next edition of RAW is WAR to appear later this week.​

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I'm not big on Henry and Angle kicking out of each other's finishers in the opening match of a free television show, though I does suppose it helps BIg Mark Henry appear as a threat to Jericho. Angle though appears to be in limbo, and unless he's gonna end up in this match somehow, I don't understand why he was yapping at Jericho.

Okay, Hunter running down the match card for tonight was fine, though I would've liked to have seen him a little more smug about Tazz not getting a shot before Linda interrupted. Tazz is the number one contender? I like it. Interested to see how you handle it from here.

While Boss Man and Buchanan aren't a great team by any stretch of the imagination, they definitely deserve the win over the comedic Too Cool. So kudos for that. Poor Kurt. He is truly lost. At least that what you want us to believe. I hope you've got something awesome planned for him. Without Austin or Rock around, he's easily the most talented man on the roster.

By order of Test and Albert? Trish as a bossy sexy bad ass is delicious to say the least. Edge and Christian seem to be turning face slowly but surely. Glad you're not rushing it too fast. Much better this way. The match with T&A and the Hardys was fine, as was the brawl afterward. Looking forward to seeing where this feud goes from here, though I definitely expect E&C to retain at Backlash.

Holy shit, after I read the match between Crash and Hardcore, I was just about to say how much help the Hardcore Division needed... when Raven shows up. He's one of the most underutilized members of the roster (along with Tazz), so by himself he can manage to save this division if given enough air time.

Well... Kane effectively buries Blackman and Snow. Time for everybody to move on. Match between the two toughest teams in the federation was solid enough, though if this is gonna become a full fledged feud, they need time on the mic. Bradshaw and Bubba Ray are very strong on the mic.

You're not gonna break up Trips and Stephanie are you? I'm just saying... she was getting a little lippy. :side:
Nice little promo from Tazz. What he had to say? Perfect. Now, let's just see what he does in the ring.
Tazz doesn't quite run through X-Pac, which is fine because at this point, Pac has still got a decent amount of credibility, but he picks up the victory, and slams Hunter afterward. Nice finish to the show, and Tazz seems to be on the right track.

Lots of stuff is still up in the air, with Big Show, Benoit, Angle and Kane all without major angles or matches announced for Backlash. Definitely looking forward to see where all this goes.

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Hey guys. Sorry for not getting RAW up sooner. Had a busy week.


RAW is WAR – April 17th, 2000; State College, Pennsylvania

No opening video, or pyro to start the broadcast tonight on the USA Network. Instead, an explosion of fire on the stage greets us, and the ever-haunting red light is cast upon the stage. Moments later, Kane makes his way on stage with his father Paul Bearer flanking him to his left. The bell sounds, and Kane is introduced for one-on-one competition, as we are welcomed to the broadcast by our esteemed announcers, Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. They run down the host of events that are to take place this evening; the ‘Champion versus Champion’ match between Chris Jericho and Triple H; a preview of the WWF Tag Team Championships Match at Backlash, with Test taking on Christian, and Edge taking on Albert and, finally, hearing from the newest member of the World Wrestling Federation – RAVEN!

But before any of that, The Big Red Machine is in action against someone who may be just as physically imposing – Viscera! Big Vis and Kane don’t exactly put on a clinic in regards to the work inside the ring, but it’s clear that Kane looks much stronger between the two titans. The Big Red Machine is able to pick up the victory against the big man after hitting a MONSTROUS Chokeslam in the center of the ring four minutes in. Once the match is over, Paul Bearer gets on the microphone and addresses the fact that his monstrous son has left a path of destruction ever since WrestleMania. He then takes us back to last week, when The Big Red Machine attacked the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Benoit, and gave him a Chokeslam from Hell. Bearer makes something very clear to the fans and the rest of the World Wrestling Federation:

“IF THE DARKNESS… oh, if the darkness is to return… then my sons MUST RUUUUULE… the World Wrestling Federation…! If the darkness comes back, my sons HAVE to CONTROOOOOOL the World Wrestling Federation!!!”

With that, Bearer continues on, staking a claim for his son Kane to be the number one contender for the Intercontinental Title! Kane and his father leave moments later, as J.R. and King banter about the challenge laid down by Bearer, and his ominous words about the return of the darkness…

{Commercial Break}

The arrival of the World Wrestling Federation Champion occurs right after the commercial break. Triple H, dressed in a leather jacket, jeans, a black tee and the WWF Title belt on his shoulder, makes his way out of a limousine with his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and the rest of D-X soon to follow him. Conspicuous by their absences are Shane and Vince McMahon, and J.R. is quick to note that, as we jump back to the ringside area. Ross and Lawler discuss the current scene surrounding the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. Ross states the reprimands that the McMahons have been slapped with, as a graphic appears on screen:

~ Both were fined an undisclosed amount of money for colluding and conspiring to keep the World Wrestling Federation Championship in the hands of Triple H

~ Also, in a BOMBSHELL, Shane and Vince were slapped with ONE MONTH SUSPENSIONS from television and WWF Headquarters.

~ Ross also adds that Helmsley was fined an undisclosed amount of money and was nearly stripped of the World Wrestling Federation Championship. The Game won an appeal process to maintain hold of the title, however.

They segue that to the discussion regarding Backlash, and the graphic appears for the WWF Championship Match between Hunter and the number one contender, Taz. We then get a quick video of hype surrounding Taz, showcasing some of his early moments in the Federation {copyright issues be damned}

Cutting backstage, we see The Radicalz discussing something, as J.R. then announces that Eddie Guerrero will be in one-on-one action when we return from the break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, and Eddie Guerrero is making his way to the ring with Perry Saturn and the Light Heavyweight Champ, Dean Malenko, flanking him to his left and right respectively. Guerrero goes one on one with The Godfather, as D’Lo Brown makes his way to the ring to accompany his friend. It’s a decent contest, with Guerrero looking most impressive, but Godfather looks credible in his own right. After passing the 4:30 mark, Eddie is looking to do some added damage after picking up a near fall moments ago. He goes to send Godfather into the corner, but Godfather counters, sending Eddie in instead!! Godfather then chugs and chugs… looking to hit the Ho Train – BUT EDDIE DODGES THE BULLET!! Godfather staggers backwards… into a schoolboy! 1… Eddie has the tights!! 2… 3!!

Michael Cole interviews Mark Henry in the pit in the next segment. The number one contender for the WWF European Championship gives a short, sweet promo about his chances at taking the European Title away from Chris Jericho, whom Henry says he has the utmost respect for. Before leaving, though, Henry goes to issue a warning to Y2J, telling him that he ought to not do anything that he regrets around him.

{Commercial Break}

Back from commercial, and we’re in the locker room of T&A. Trish Stratus, looking delightful as always, is standing with her hands on her sides as Test and Albert are both getting ready for their respective matches. The blond, bossy bombshell reminds her boys that tonight’s matches could go a very long way in determining the outcome of the title match at the PPV. She tells them both to remember that they’re towering over their opponents tonight, and that any damage that Edge and Christian suffer tonight and in the near future could very well still be felt at Backlash, so be sure to add injury to insult as much as possible…

In the next segment we see The APA smoking cigars as they make their way into the arena. As they walk around, suddenly, they’re ambushed!! It’s The Dudley Boyz!! J.R. notes that Bubba Ray and Faarooq were set to compete momentarily, but it seems like the Dudleyville natives want to get this started early!! Bubba and D-Von clear Faarooq away after running him into a rolling crate, and then hit a 3-D on Bradshaw onto a wooden palette! D-Von and Bubba talk a good deal of trash, before Bubba is heard shouting at Faarooq, “We’ll see you in the ring!”

{Commercial Break}

Moments later, Bubba is in the ring, with D-Von at ringside, and Bubba is seen demanding that the referee start a 10-count for Faarooq. The APA’s music plays, and the beaten Acolytes aren’t seen walking out of the tunnel. Bubba continues to plead, while the crowd boos the behavior of the former WWF Tag Team Champions. D-Von can then be seen shouting at the timekeeper to start the match. Bubba then goes outside and does the same, and then the camera cuts over to the stage – THE APA HAS ARRIVED!

Bubba gets back into the ring as a wounded Faarooq rolls into the ring. Bubba hammers away at him with forearm shivers, and whips him across the ring to the ropes and hits a back body drop. He then takes a few moments to mount atop Faarooq and pound away at him with lefts and rights. The referee tries to get him to break, and Bubba shouts angrily at the referee to let him do what he wants, and then stomps away.

This incites Faarooq’s ally, as Bradshaw then gets into the ring and gets in a right hand to the face of Bubba Ray!! D-Von then enters the fray, and chaos ensues!! The referee has no choice but to throw the match out, as Bradshaw does his best to take out both of The Dudley Boyz, sending them away with short, quick lariats as they charge at him. Soon, it’s just too much for the Texan, as The Dudley Boyz assault him; they then walk over to Faarooq, and do the very same thing. Bubba hits Bradshaw with a clothesline knocking him over the top rope and to the floor, and then in the only fashion he can, tells D-Von to get the tables. D-Von walks over and gets the table from under the ring, and sets it up inside the squared circle. D-Von then walks over and picks Faarooq up, and kicks him in the gut, before pushing him into the ropes, as he staggers forward… 3-D THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

{Commercial Break}

We get a quick replay of the events that just transpired, with The Dudley’s laying out The APA, hitting Faarooq with a 3-D through a table.

We get a shot of the intensified locker room of The Game, with his wife and fellow friends alongside. It’s a rather unstable atmosphere as Triple H, with the WWF Championship sitting on his shoulder, sits down on a folding chair and looks around at everyone else. Stephanie takes command of the room, and says that despite the controversy, and despite all that’s been said, “this is the most dominant faction in wrestling today.” Stephanie continues to do a little bit more convincing, to all of the members of the room, and seems to be getting to Road Dogg and X-Pac. Triple H, meanwhile, is still very quiet in his chair.

Stephanie tells Hunter to forget about all of this, and focus on the Champion versus Champion match tonight against Chris Jericho. Just as Hunter stands up, The Radicalz enter the locker room. Stephanie tells them that they’re uninvited, and that this is a personal matter, but Eddie, at the forefront, tells Stephanie that they tried to get in contact with her, and there wasn’t any answer on her phone. Stephanie pulls out a gigantic flip phone {early 2000’s for the loss} and sees that Eddie is indeed correct, and apologizes. Dean Malenko then tells them that they’re here on behalf of the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Benoit. Saturn then says that Chris Benoit WILL be back this coming Thursday night on Smackdown! and WILL accept Kane’s challenge for the Intercontinental Championship Match at Backlash!!!

J.R. and King banter at ringside briefly about the announcement we just heard from The Radicalz, and then hype up tonight’s main event, and the next segment, featuring the newest superstar of the World Wrestling Federation – Raven!!

{Commercial Break}

~ WWF SLAM OF THE WEEK: Raven debuts on Smackdown! Thursday night, and hits Hardcore Holly with an Even Flow DDT in the parking lot.

The fourth match of the night greets us from commercial break, as Raven takes on a local wrestler by the name of Phil Danielson. Raven runs through the local talent, as it’s much more of a showcase for the new member of the roster than anything. The fans in attendance certainly know who he is, as some “E C DUB” chants ring out around the arena. Raven hits the Even Flow DDT at 2:26, and picks up the pin fall shortly there after. J.R. does a good deal of hype, putting Raven over and we see him approach the timekeeper’s table to grab a mic, but the mysterious Raven instead opts to just hop over the barricade, and walk through the crowd.

We get another video package hyping up the number one contender, Taz, as this time it’s centered on his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, with several shots of Taz walking around the Red Hook section.

After that, we get a split-screen of T&A and Edge and Christian, as the first of the two singles matches is up NEXT!!

{Commercial Break}

The first of our two matches pitting the contenders and champions against each other takes places as Christian takes on the mighty Albert. Both are very solid workers, and their abilities are showcased, as Christian shows some flashes of talent, while Albert flashes his brute strength, overpowering one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions. Christian is able to fight back, and eventually, he scores with a Hurricanrana, and goes for the pin fall, but Albert gets a shoulder up.

Trish applauds on the outside, willing one of her boys on, with Test standing guard of her while Edge watches on the other side of the ring. After a few brief exchanges, Christian looks for a lariat, but Albert counters with a Spinebuster!!

Albert looks ready to pin, but does not, and instead picks up his opponent. Edge then tries to swipe at the feet of Albert as he goes to the ropes, but the big man notices, and screams at the referee for not calling anything! The referee goes over to confront Edge-WHAM!! BIG BOOT BY TEST TO EDGE’S SKULL!! In the ring, the finish sees Christian go for a clothesline to the big man, but Albert grabs him by the throat! Showing nothing but power, Albert picks him up and hits the Baldo Bomb!! 1! 2!! 3!!!

After the match is over, we get a replay, and we see that Trish Stratus instructed Test to give the Big Boot to Edge even before Edge went after Albert’s feet. The manipulative mistress raises the hands of both of her clients as they back up the ramp, and the camera catches her saying, “we’re done yet!”

{Commercial Break}

We get a live shot of the Bryce Jordan Center before re-entering the arena to see T&A celebrating their victory moments ago.

Afterwards, it’s back to the ring as The Hardy’s are in action against the likes of Kai En Tai. Given that all four high-flyers are good in their own right, it serves as a very nice buffer between T&A and Edge and Christian’s series of matches. The finish sees The Hardy’s pick up a victory after TAKA went for the Michinoku Driver on Matt, only for Matt to slip off, spin him around, and deliver the Twist of Fate @ 5:32.

Everything appears to be set and done with when The Hardy’s and Kai En Tai share a moment of respect, but coming in through the crowd, and into the ring, are The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan!! Boss Man clocks both Funaki and Jeff Hardy with his nightstick, and Bull Buchanan levels Taka with a shoulder block, and then catches a charging Matt Hardy and PLANTS him with a punishing power slam. There’s a ton of heat, as Boss Man fires away with his nightstick on the back of Jeff and Funaki, and then moves over to Matt and Taka as Buchanan brings Funaki to his feet and whip shim to the ropes, and then hits him with a power slam too!! Boss Man and Buchanan leave a bit of destruction in this unprovoked ambush of two tag teams in the World Wrestling Federation, leaving most of the crowd clueless to what brought this on.

{Commercial Break}

We are back to the broadcast, and we get a video of what happened during the break - Jonathan Coachman looks to interview Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan once they leave the Gorilla position about what brought on the attack that they just laid on Kai En Tai and The Hardy Boyz. Big Boss Man refuses to answer the question, proclaiming that the law is on his side, and when he’s ready to discuss, he’ll do it. What he does say, however, is that justice will be served soon enough, and with that the clip ends.

The second in our series of matches pitting the WWF Tag Team Champions and their challengers at Backlash takes place right after, as Edge, who is a bit off balance still from the boot to the head earlier in the evening, takes on Test. Compared to the last encounter, this one is a bit more sound, with Test’s prowess a little bit better than Albert’s, and Edge flashing a little more talent than his brother.

Eventually, Edge gains an advantage after a miscue near the ropes, which Edge took control of after flap-jacking Test onto the top rope neck-first! The finish of the match sees Edge getting prepared to deliver the Spear to Test. Moments later Albert gets onto the apron, gaining the attention of the referee. After that, Edge goes to hit the Spear, but - Trish Stratus trips him up!!!!!

Edge slaps the mat in frustration and lashes out at Trish, who shrugs her shoulders innocently, claiming she has NO idea what Edge is talking about. Then, Test comes charging in and knocks Edge face first into the turnbuckles!!

He peels him away, and then hits the Pumphandle Slam! 1! 2!! 3!!! In dastardly fashion, Test and Albert have picked up victories against the WWF Tag Team Champions!! J.R. and King take time to put over the victories, even with the fact that their valet just helped them steal a victory.

We get a shot of the WWF Champion Triple H, with his entourage following him, as J.R. gives a hard sell for the main event – NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

~ WWF Backlash – LIVE Sunday, April 29th – ONLY on Pay-Per-View

After the commercial break as we enter the Bryce Jordan Center, the music of the top dog in the industry hits, and MASSIVE heat is sent in response. Happy Valley gives a warm welcome to the World Wrestling Federation Champion Triple H, who is set to compete in the Special Attraction ‘Champion versus Champion’ match! Moments later, the European Champion Chris Jericho enters the arena to a huge pop. It’s arguably the biggest match of Chris Jericho’s nine-month tenure with the World Wrestling Federation.

And certainly, he has the crowd behind him as ‘Y2J’ chants kick up loudly to start things off. And Jericho brings it to the WWF Champion, firing off lightning-quick kicks and attacks, not letting Triple H have any time to breathe. Two minutes in, just as Hunter tries to get back into it, Jericho meets him in the middle of the ring and kicks him in the gut, and then runs forward hitting a SHINING WIZARD! 1! 2! THR-NO! Hunter kicks out!

A sensational back-and-forth match takes place, as it’s clear that Jericho can step up to the plate with the big boys. The finish draws closer, and The Game, who smells blood in the water, is bodying Jericho in the corner. He takes his eyes off Y2J for one second to respond to a yapping fan at ringside, and then goes for a knee lift in the corner but Jericho dodges the bullet!

Hunter collapses, and then tries to get his footing, and Jericho runs forward – ONE-HANDED BULLDOG! Jericho leaps up, feeding off the crowd, and runs to the ropes and leaps on the middle one. LIONSAULT!! Jericho hooks the leg – 1! 2! THRE-NO! The WWF Champion kicks out, and the crowd AND Chris Jericho can’t believe it.

The European Champion gets up to his feet, and grabs at Hunter’s ankles and tries to apply the Walls of Jericho!! HHH tries to fight out of it, desperately at that, as Stephanie on the outside pats furiously on the mat, trying to will her husband on. Hunter fights out of it, shoving Jericho off as he goes flying across the ring. The WWF Champion rolls backwards and gets to his feet and Chris is surging forward – KICK TO THE GUT BY THE GAME! Hunter looks to put it away, sensing victory, and hooks the arms. PEDIGREE! The WWF Champion hooks BOTH legs for good measure as the referee counts.




Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley shoots her arms up in jubilation as her man comes out on top in our Champion versus Champion spectacle. She grabs the WWF Championship off of the timekeeper’s table and walks her way around the ring as Hunter rolls his way out of the ring. J.R. and King banter about how great the match was, and how Jericho’s performance should be noted. Just then…

***IF YOU DARE/13***

As Hunter and Stephanie were walking on the ramp, the music hit, and now, moments afterwards, TAZ APPEARS ON STAGE! And alongside him, BIG SHOW IS WITH THE HUMAN SUPLEX MACHINE!! The duo of titans begin to walk down the ramp towards his adversary at Backlash, but the wife of the WWF Champion cuts him off in his tracks! Stephanie is seen screaming at Taz, who remains unfazed, as he looks around at the crowd who is chanting ‘E C DUB’ loudly. Taz points at The Billion Dollar Princess and asks the sell-out crowd...


Lawler: What’d he say?! What’d he call her?!?!

Stephanie, offended, glares at The Human Suplex Machine… before SLAPPING HIM ACROSS THE FACE!!

Ross: OH! Good lord!!

Lawler: HAHAHA! That’s what you get, Taz! Go back to the Bingo Halls you IDIOT!!

Taz keeps his composure, letting out a smirk, actually, and then he points at Triple H, still trying to catch his breath. He then asks...


Ross: Oh my!

Lawler: Who the hell does he think he is?!?!

The crowd overwhelmingly BOOMS in response, and Taz swim moves past Stephanie and rocks The Game with a right hand! Road Dogg and X-Pac try to make the save, but Big Show hammers them with big right hands!! Taz keeps the assault up on the wounded WWF Champion, who tries to muster a few shots back, but The Human Suplex Machine is too fresh to get any real damage dealt. Meanwhile, Show grabs X-Pac by the throat, before throwing him 15 feet away at the barricade!! Road Dogg tries to get another shot in, but Big Show grabs him by the skull, and headbutts him!!

After kicking him in the gut, Taz then turns around…


The crowd is going nuts, as Taz has his deadly finishing maneuver locked in on the top man in the Federation. Just then, in a swing of cheers to jeers, security begins to flood the ramp, as called on by Stephanie, and they try to pull the challenger off of the champion. Soon enough, they succeed, as Taz shoots his fists up in celebration. He’s walked up the ramp by security, as Stephanie rushes to her husband, and the officials that came down begin to tend to HHH. J.R. sends us home as we fade… to… black.



Current Card for WWF Backlash
April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF Championship Match:
‘The Game’ Triple H defends against ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Taz

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian defend against T&A w/ Trish Stratus

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match:
‘The Crippler’ Chris Benoit defends against ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane w/ Paul Bearer

WWF European Championship Match:
‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho defends against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry

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So, uh, yeah. Here's my first full show in months on this site. Hopefully it turns out well. Expect this for the future. Except for PPV's, that aren't the Big 4. Enjoy? :$


Smackdown! - April 20, 2000; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Your style of play? That’s on borrowed time. Your wrestling careers? They’re on borrowed time, too. And your reign as the WWF Tag Team Champions? It’s on. Borrowed. Time.”

Smackdown! Opening Video


***IF YOU DARE/13***

‘The Human Suplex Machine,’ the number one contender for the WWF Championship, Taz - AND Big Show walk onto the stage, and the two receive a THUNDEROUS ovation. Just a few blocks away from the House of Hardcore, the First Union Center cheers wildly as the two make their way down the ramp.

Taz steps into the ring, and Big Show steps over the top rope into the ring. His music dies down, and he takes the mic from Tony Chimel.

Taz: So-


Taz: Haha, you know something… thank you very much for that, Philadelphia.

Huge pop.

Taz: I may be at the top of my game… in the top wrestling company in the world… but. The fact remains… THIS IS WHERE I MADE MY NAME!!

LOUD reaction from the crowd. A ‘TAZ’ chant rings out.

Taz: I bled…

Taz puts up a finger.

Taz: I sweated…

Taz holds up another finger.

Taz: I cried…

Yet another finger goes up.

Taz: I said, “F*CK the World!”

Loud cheers.

Taz: And I choked out every sum’bitch that got in the ring with me.

More cheers. And another “E C DUB” chant rings out, as Taz lets the crowd do their thing.

Taz: I wanna make it clear to everybody in this city… everybody that I KNOW is in attendance tonight, my allies… my friends… my brothers… my FAMILY – I have not forgotten you. (Applause) I haven’t forgotten every time I got in a squared circle with you, whether you were on my side, or whether I was kicking your ass, it didn’t matter. There was a matter of respect, and I still feel the same way. Thank you.

Applause once again rings out around the arena, as another “TAZ” chant kicks up.

Taz: Now. Let’s attend to some business. I’ve been waitin’ for some mic time, and now I’ve got it. I’ve got a few things that I want to talk about.

Taz opens up to Big Show.

Taz: Now, some of you might be wondering why this seven-foot, five hundred pound giant is standing next to me. Some of you might be wondering why he’s been with me the last couple of days. I’ll tell ya – it’s real simple.

Taz looks out in the crowd as the camera picks up on him.

Taz: Y’see, when I made my claim to be the numba’ one contender for the WWF Championship, I knew I was fighting an uphill battle. I know that Triple H--

Crowd boos.

Taz: I know that Triple H, his wife, his father-in-law, his brother-in-law, D-X, the whole kit and caboodle would be in the way. And so I called for a little insurance. I said, “Big Show, I saw that you got underhandedly dealt something raw at WrestleMania. Now that I’m at the forefront, how about you and I get a little revenge?”

Big Show, seen nodding with his arms folded, seems to be in agreement with The Human Suplex Machine.

Taz: And so when I got blindsided on Raw last week, I knew the big man had my back. Last week, I knew I had an ally when I went against X-Pac, and I KNOW I’ll have an enforcer on my side when Backlash comes.

The crowd claps, as Taz bumps knuckles with Big Show, who folds his arms again.

Taz: So that brings me to you, Hunter--

???: Hey, hey, enough!

The crowd boos, as Taz cranes his neck around at…


Jerry Lawler: I’ve had just about enough of this!

Huge heat for The King; clearly, he is not very well liked in the city of Philadelphia. Michael Cole, King’s broadcast partner, is seen asking him what he’s doing.

Jerry Lawler: Shut up, Michael! I’m taking care of something. Now-


Jerry Lawler: Oh, be quiet you bloodthirsty idiots!! We aren’t in a bingo hall – show some respect!!

The heat only grows larger.

Jerry Lawler: Listen up, and listen real good right now, Taz. The King has something to say. I’ve sat at this broadcast booth for the last two weeks, and ever since you came out here on this show two weeks ago to demand a challenge for the WWF Championship, it hasn’t sat right with me at ALL!

Boos, as Taz, surprisingly, stays calm for the moment.

Jerry Lawler: No, and do you know why it’s not sitting well with me? Don’t answer that. Only someone that isn’t a sideshow freak that made a living off of resembling a Looney Tunes character could understand why I’m infuriated that YOU’RE the number one contender for Triple H’s World Wrestling Federation Championship.


Jerry Lawler: It’s obvious to me and all of these idiots that filled this arena tonight that you come from the breed of EXTREMELY CRAPPY WRESTLING, and--


Jerry Lawler: Yeah, go ahead and chant! Lose some brain cells while you’re at--

Taz: Shut up Lawler!!!

HUGE pop. “TAZ” chants ring out, as Lawler brings the mic down and mouths off.

Taz: Lawler, I’m sick of you. I’m sick of your charade. I’m sick of your vendetta against my brothers. And most of all, I’m sick and tired of looking at your ugly, crown wearing, ass kissing face every time I come out to this ring.


Jerry Lawler: This crown-wearing, ass kissing face of mine is a hell of a lot better than that mug that you and your associate over there could ever imagine having!

Taz: Lawler, Lawler, Lawler. I just told you to shut up. Why can’t you listen?

The crowd laughs, but The King doesn’t seem to find humor in it.

Taz: But maybe… hmmm, I’ve got a solution for you, Lawler.

Taz walks up to the ropes, and leans over them.

Taz: If you’re unable to listen to one person tell you to shut up… then maybe, MAYBE over 20,000 people can help you listen.

The First Union Center erupts, as Lawler rolls his eyes.

Taz: All in unison, at the count of 3 everybody. 1…













Jerry Lawler: ENOUGH!!

Philly boos, as Jerry goes to talk, but Taz, once again, cuts him off.

Taz: Hey, hey, hey. Lawler, what’s the deal??? I tell you to shut up. 20,000 plus tells you to shut up. And you still talk. What? Are you deaf Lawler???

Some laughs, and then, a “LAWLER’S DEAF!” chant rings out.

Taz: Listen, you obviously have a problem with me. You obviously have a problem with how I carry myself. You have a problem with me being the number one contender for the WWF Championship. That’s fine.

Some boos, as Taz backs up from the ropes.

Taz: That’s fine that you’ve got your opinion. But listen, Lawler. Listen good. I’m gonna let you in on a secret, and just so you can hear it loud and clear, I’m gonna deliver this to you right to your face.

Taz and Big Show climb out of the ring, as the crowd begins to murmur and rise to its feet. Lawler stands behind the announce table, and Taz walks over to the table and brings the mic up.

Taz: I don’t give a DAMN what you think, Lawler!!!

ENORMOUS reaction.

Taz: Yu can go kiss Helmsley’s ass in the back, and join D-X if you’d like. The facts won’t change. I’m gunning for the WWF Title. I’m gonna kick Hunter’s ass at the pay-Per-View. I’m gonna choke him out. And I’m gonna be the next World Wrestling Federation Champion.

“TAZ!” “TAZ!” “TAZ!” “TAZ!” “TAZ!” “TAZ!”

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah, is that so, Taz?

Taz: Yeah, it—


“Oooh’s” ring out around the First Union Center, as Big Show wildly tries to grab the King, who is in pursuit of the barricade!! Big Show rips at his shirt, but King thrusts his boot into Show’s stomach, and gets away!!

The crowd MERCILESSLY boos Lawler’s chicken shit tactics, as Big Show holds his gut, and Taz’s eyes widen as he grabs at his mic again.

Taz: Lawler, you’re a coward!! Get your ass back here before I find you and snap you in half!!

The camera cuts to Lawler, who has a shit-eating grin across his face.

Jerry Lawler: You want a piece of me, you good for nothing? FINE!! You got it!!


Jerry Lawler: Yeah, that’s right Taz!! I’ll give you what you want. The King is gonna get what HE wants, too, and that’s making sure that a paper challenger like yourself doesn’t get anywhere NEAR Backlash. TONIGHT, in that ring, you and me Taz – ONE ON ONE!! Haha, can you handle that!?

Taz licks his lips, and lets out a grin.

Taz: You wanna get in the ring with me, Lawler?? You wanna be surrounded by these bloodthirsty Philadelphians??!! FINE!! YOU GOT IT!! YOU AND ME, IN THIS RING TONIGHT!!!

Loud reaction as Taz holds up a finger.

Taz: Hold on a second. Hold on a second. One more thing, Lawler, this is gonna be on MY terms. I’m calling the shots for this. You and me, in this ring… NO HOLDS BARRED, ANYTHING GOES!! WE’LL DO IT OLD SCHOOL!!

“E C DUB” chants ring out loudly in the First Union Center, as the gauntlet has been laid down!! Taz and The King later on tonight with a hint o Extreme!! We get a shot of Taz, looking ever so confident with his style being put into pay. Then, we get a shot of King, looking confident as well… almost too confident…

{Commercial Break}

Back from the commercial break, and in the ring, PETE GAS, alongside The Mean Street Posse, is standing with their music playing. He bounces in the center of the ring, and stretches out, as we cut to our announce table, featuring Michael Cole, and now, JONATHAN COACHMAN.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown! Folks, if you happened to miss the opening minutes of this show, you missed an explosive start to the show. My broadcast colleague, Jerry Lawler, challenged Taz to a one-on-one match later on tonight!

Jonathan Coachman: And Taz ACCEPTED that challenge, and to make matters even more explosive – it’s gonna be a no holds barred match! Anything goes tonight in Philly, Cole, and King might be getting more than he bargained for tonight.

Michael Cole: Well right now we’re going to kick things off with The Mean Street Posse, and a new member of the WWF…


RAVEN steps out onto the stage, receiving an awesome reaction from the Philadelphia crowd, for reasons that should be more than obvious. In his usual ragtag get up, Raven walks down the ramp with his eyes on Crash the entire way.

Michael Cole: Here he is, the man known simply as Raven.

Jonathan Coachman: I must say, Michael. I’m really freaked out by this guy.

Michael Cole: This crowd is definitely behind him with that said. Listen to this ovation!

Jonathan Coachman: Philadelphia seems to have a great appreciation for guys with extreme roots. That much is certain.

Rough around the edges for Coachman in this go-around. A lot of subtle hints at ECW, too. Nonetheless, Raven rolls himself into the ring and stands in the corner. Pete Gas, eager to get going, stands in his corner and bounces around some more.

1 | Singles Match:
Much like his match against a local talent on RAW, the end result of this contest is never in doubt. Raven runs roughshod through Pete Gas, showing off his uniqueness to a crowd that knows him all too well. The finish nears as Raven is able to hit three successive jabs to the mid-section, before knocking his opponent down with a discuss clothesline! Moments later, he peels Gas of the mat, and plants him with the Even Flow DDT, and gets the 1, 2, 3!
WINNER: Raven at 3:08.

Raven stands up, receiving a loud and positive reaction from the crowd, as his hand is raised high.

Michael Cole: What a performance from Raven!

But just then, the Posse enters the ring!

Jonathan Coachman: Look out! The Posse’s struck!

Rodney and Joey Abs, in an attempt to avenge the beating Raven just gave their friend, begin to hammer away with a few forearm shivers. But Raven strikes back!

Raven knocks Joey Abs back with a right hand, and then grabs Rodney’s boot as he goes to kick him, spins him around, and kicks him in the gut, before delivering a Piledriver! Then, Abs goes back on the attack, firing away with rights, and then charges in at Raven in the corner. But Raven gets out of the way! Abs eats the turnbuckles, and staggers out and Raven runs forward and brings him down with a bulldog! The Philadelphia favorite gets up to a huge reaction, as he then heads outside. He grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring, before rolling in, and he unfolds the chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

Jonathan Coachman: This doesn’t look very good for the Joey Abs, Michael!

Michael Cole: This could be trouble. This place is going nuts!

Cole is right, as another “E C DUB” chant rings out loudly around the First Union Center. Meanwhile, Raven grabs Abs, and backs him up against the ropes, and lifts his knee into his sternum a few times. He then whips him into the ropes, as Abs runs across, and rebounds off … BEFORE RAVEN CONNECTS WITH A DROP TOE-HOLD, SENDING JOEY FACE FIRST ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!

Raven rolls right out of the ring soon after and heads for the barricade, getting a pretty loud reaction from Philadelphia as he hops over it. He’s patted on the back by several fans as he heads away from the ring.


EDDIE GUERRERO, DEAN MALENKO, and PERRY SATURN are all standing in the parking lot of the First Union Center, all dressed in t-shirts and jeans.

Dean Malenko: Where is he?

Eddie Guerrero: He’ll be here soon, guys. Don’t you worry.

Perry Saturn: I’m just concerned about him. That’s all.

Malenko nods, as it’s clear who they’re talking about.

Eddie Guerrero: Look, I’m worrying about Chris, too. But he told us he’d be here, and we’re gonna wait out here as long as it takes. Alright, guys?

Dean Malenko: Fine.

Perry Saturn: What are we—

Eddie Guerrero: Hey!

A car pulls up, with an Alberta license plate, as the Toyota pulls into a parking spot. A smile forms over Eddie’s face, and soon thereafter, the Intercontinental Champion CHRIS BENOIT walks into focus.

Eddie Guerrero: Hey, vato! What’s goin’ on!

Eddie embraces Chris, as Benoit pats him on the back, and then shakes the hands of Saturn and Malenko.

Perry Saturn: It’s good to see you, Chris.

Dean Malenko: Good to have you back.

Chris Benoit: Thanks, guys.

Benoit reaches into his car and pulls out the IC Title belt, and drapes it over his shoulder.

Chris Benoit: Tonight, we’ve got a little bit of business to take care of tonight. Don’t we?

Dean and Perry smirk and nod, and Eddie boisterously puts his arm around his companion.

Eddie Guerrero: Oh yeah, essa! We’re gonna go to the ring, we’re gonna call out Kane, and we’re gonna show him what happens when you mess with The Radicalz! Orale!

Dean and Perry smile, nodding their heads, and Benoit shows a (toothless) smile himself, as The Radicalz seem to be a very cohesive unit.

{Commercial Break}


As SD! returns from the commercial break, we are in the locker room. The camera widens and we see a mirror, and inside that mirror is the lovely Trish Stratus. Wearing a black close-fitting top and a blue coat over it, Trish is doing her hair in the mirror.

Michael Cole: Well there’s the female representative of the number one contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles…

Jonathan Coachman: And she is looking dangerously inviting tonight, Michael. We’ll be hearing from her later tonight won’t we?

Michael Cole: That’s right, Coach, later on tonight Trish Stratus will be in the ring and there’s no doubt that the WWF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian, will be listening.

Jonathan Coachman: I can’t wait for that. That feud is reaching its boiling point, especially after what went down on RAW this past Monday.

Michael Cole: And in case you missed it, here’s what went down.


Highlights of the two matches pitting the Tag Team Champs and their No. 1 Contenders are shown in this spot. Christian’s matchup against Albert is shown first, a very competitive contest that ended with Albert hitting the Baldo Bomb on Christian for the 3 count. Then, later on in the evening, Edge took on Test. That match ended with Trish swiping at Edge’s legs when he went for the Spear, leading to Test hitting the Pumphandle Slam for the 1-2-3, netting T&A victories over the Tag Team Champions in singles competition.



With RIKISHI already in the ring…

*5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BOOM*


The music of the World Wrestling Federation European Champion hits, and CHRIS JERICHO twirls on the stage before heading down to the ring. Tony Chimel introduces him as he gets a very favorable reaction from the Philly crowd.

Jonathan Coachman: A huge reaction for Chris Jericho in Philadelphia. What a match he had on Monday night against The Game.

Michael Cole: You’re absolutely right, Coach. Y2J, in arguably the biggest match of his tenure here in the WWF, pushed Triple H to the limits and nearly came away with the victory. But he must put that behind him now. There’s trouble looming for him in less than two weeks.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s absolutely right, Michael, Chris Jericho has a tall, tall task awaiting him at Backlash. He’s defending that newly won European Championship against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry.

Michael Cole: And with how impressive Henry has looked as of late, since earning the number one contendership, he’s gaining traction.

2 | Non-Title Match
Jericho shows a little bit of sluggishness coming off the heels of his emotional encounter in the “Champion versus Champion” spectacle, but he is able to fight through the challenge of the much larger Rikishi in a match that is not allotted too much time, but still is more than passable for a non-title television contest.

Just as Jericho is beginning to gain control of the match, his challenger appears on stage! MARK HENRY is shown, taking in a closer view of the match, as Y2J takes his eyes off of his opponent in the ring to look at his opponent at the PPV. Jericho then turns around and walks into a SAVATE KICK!!

The crowd, not expecting to see this at all, lets out a roaring “OOOH” as Rikishi makes the cover, looking for the upset! Near fall! Jericho kicks out! Mark Henry shakes his head and stays on the stage, as Coach and Cole banter about his presence being a bit of a difference maker.

Moments later, Rikishi looks to run in on Jericho, who is in the corner. But Jericho hops over the top of Rikishi, setting up a Sunset Flip! 1! 2!! 3!!!
WINNER: Chris Jericho at 3:03.

Jericho dodges a humongous bullet and rolls out of the ring. He grabs his European Championship belt, as Henry is shown applauding the efforts of Y2J…


MATT and JEFF HARDY are in their locker room, in their normal attires of a tanktop and jeans for Jeff, and a close-fitting t-shirt and jeans for Matt. A visible bruise is shown on Matt’s face from Boss Man’s nightstick attack on Monday night, and meanwhile, Jeff has a black-and-blue mark on his arm.

Frustrated, Jeff slams his fists on the locker.

Matt Hardy: Hey, bro. Take it easy.

Jeff Hardy: (Turning around) How am I supposed to do that?

Matt lets him finish his thought.

Jeff Hardy: A few weeks back, we’re risking our lives for the World Tag Team Title belts at WrestleMania. Now? Now we’re healing up from bruises we got from The Big Boss Man. It’s ridiculous, man.

Matt Hardy: Believe me, I get your frustrations. I do.

Matt gets a bit closer.

Matt Hardy: But you gotta cool it. I’ve got it on good authority that Boss Man and Buchanan have a tag team match later on tonight. You wanna make our presence felt in that matchup? You’ve got it. Just stay under control.

Jeff takes a breath.

Jeff Hardy: Fine… for now, I’ll cool it. But we have to get back in the Tag Title mix. I want those belts.

Matt Hardy: You’re preaching to the choir, bro.

Jeff puts his hands on his hips and takes a deep breath, before we cut away.


ROAD DOGG and X-PAC open the door of D-Generation X’s locker room and then shut it closed, as they begin to make their way through a hallway. Interjecting suddenly is backstage interviewer, KEVIN KELLY.

Kevin Kelly: Road Dogg, X-Pac, if I could just get a quick word.

Road Dogg lets out a sigh, and stands with his hands on his hips, as X-Pac stops in his tracks as well.

Kevin Kelly: Triple H and Stephanie Mc—

Road Dogg: I’ll stop you right THERE, partner. The World Wrestling Federation Champion and his wife are NOT in the building right now.

Kelly, satisfied with the reply, keeps the mic up.

Road Dogg: Now, in case you’re lookin’ for an answer as to why the head honcho and the love of his life are not in Philadelphia tonight, I’d be more than happy to oblige. The fact is – Hunter and Stephanie are still dealing with the matters that have followed in the collusion case surrounding the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Now it’s unfortunate that Triple H ain’t here tonight, but D-X is still here and is still kickin’.

X-Pac nods in agreement, as Road Dogg looks to close the arena.

Road Dogg: Now speakin’ a’ kickin’, I’m fixin’ to go about kickin’ my boot up your butt if you don’t get out of our way. Pac and I have some business to take care of in that wrasslin’ ring out there. Doggy style, if you know what I’m sayin’. Now hit the bricks, Double K.

Road Dogg and X-Pac brush past Kelly who moves away in the nick of time.

Michael Cole: D-X – in action – NEXT!

{Commercial Break}


Sexay and Scotty are two pretty solid tag team artists, as are Road Dogg and X-Pac, and that helps us build up a pretty decent tag team contest as we’re still in the early goings of the broadcast. Both teams give it a whirl in the opening seconds, and Too Cool is able to gain an early advantage after connecting with a double dropkick on X-Pac!!

The tide is quick to turn, however, as just seconds later, X-Pac ducks a clothesline from Grandmaster, runs off the ropes and leaps – CONNECTING WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK TO GRANDMASTER SEXAY’S FACE!!

After a near fall, X-Pac lifts Sexay up, and goes for the X-FACTOR, but X-Pac’s leg is spun and around and Sexay kicks his ankle up and he hits the ground. After some theatrics, Sexay jumps up and hits the HIP HOP DROP!! But, a near fall follows that too.

The finish sees Road Dogg and Scotty as the legal men in the match, with Sexay and X-Pac duking it out on the outside. Scotty is gathering momentum, but comes up short on a diving clothesline as Road Dogg gets out of the way! Scotty staggers up to his feet, meets Road Dogg in the middle of the ring, gives him a kick – PUMPHANDLE DROP!! Road Dogg makes the (CLEAN) lateral press, as Sexay tries to save the matchup – BUT IT’S OVER! D-X WINS!
WINNERS: D-Generation X at 3:52.

Michael Cole: What a match! Grandmaster Sexay was inches away from breaking up the pin, but it’s over. D-Generation X picks up a VERY impressive victory here tonight.

The crowd jeers, but there’s some positive reaction mixed in there (It IS Philly, and it IS D-X, after all) as Grandmaster looks incredibly disappointed in himself.

Jonathan Coachman: And you can see the disappointment on the face of Grandmaster Sexay. He knows how close the call was. And every victory, in this chaotic tag team division, is extremely important.

Michael Cole: As the esteemed Jim Ross said weeks ago, “The tag teams in the World Wrestling Federation just plain don’t like each other.” And with that said, every tag team is gunning to be the best and D-X has certainly positioned themselves well with that victory.

Jonathan Coachman: They may not be popular amongst much of the fans, but Road Dogg and X-Pac can go with the best of them. They proved that tonight.


CHRIS JERICHO is making his way near the exit of the arena. However, he stops in his tracks, and looks over to his left. The camera pans around, and we see MARK HENRY standing in screen shot.

The two exchange glances at one another, as Jericho then walks ahead.

Chris Jericho: Got somethin’ to say to me, Mark?

Mark Henry: Yeah.

Henry walks up.

Mark Henry: Congratulations. Good victory earlier tonight. Impressive performance for you.

Y2J looks back… curiously, at that.

Chris Jericho: Y’know I don’t buy that.

Mark Henry: Well, I’m sorry that you can’t see my sincerity, Chris.

Chris Jericho: Sincerity?

Jericho shakes his head.

Mark Henry: Yeah, sincerity. Just like I’m sincere when I tell you that you that you shouldn’t try to piss me off, Chris. It won’t end well for you. I promise you that.

Mark and Chris exchange in a bit of a stare down…


TRISH STRATUS is sauntering her way through a hallway as a ‘NEXT’ graphic appears in the lower part of the screen.

Michael Cole: And segueing from that, there’s the woman who is leading the charge for the number one contenders for the WWF Tag Team Championships. Trish Stratus, in the ring, and she’s got something to say – WHEN WE RETURN!

{Commercial Break}


We get a (taped) shot of the outside of the First Union Center as we see the skyline of Philadelphia, PA (the WONDERFUL sight that is... :side:) to a cheap pop from the crowd. We then jump back in the arena…


A pretty, pretty positive reaction fills the arena. TRISH STRATUS makes her way out onto the stage, with a smirk slapped on her face. Dressed in the get-up we saw her in earlier on, and now featuring a black cowboy hat, she power walks down the ramp to the ring. Once she’s there, she climbs in, and takes the microphone from Tony Chimel. Trish then waits for the music to die down.

Trish Stratus: Hellllo, Philadelphia…

Some whistles, as Trish lets out a smile.

Trish Stratus: Hah. As if any of you have a shot.

Trish pushes some of her hair back behind her shoulders.

Trish Stratus: So, getting down to business here, I don’t know if any of you have heard at all, but there’s a big tag team match approaching in the very near future.

Trish looks around, nodding her head.

Trish Stratus: Yeah, at a Pay-Per-View called Backlash. It’s in… hmmm, ten days? Ten days. For the WWF Tag Team Championships. Anybody hear about it?

The crowd responds positively.

Trish Stratus: Good. Good. Cause it’s what you should be talking about. The Tag Team Championships are what YOU should be talking about. The Tag Team Championships are the most sought after championship in wrestling today.

Trish puts a hand on her hip.

Trish Stratus: I mean, have ya SEEN what’s gone on lately? The tag teams around here are KILLING each other. You just saw it. D-X and Too Cool are beating each other up to try and get noticed. The Hardy’s? Kai En Tai? They got JUMPED by Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan on RAW. BEAT UP with nightsticks! It’s crazy. Really, really crazy…

Trish flips her hair again.

Trish Stratus: And that’s not even getting to The APA and The Dudley’s practically brawling all over Penn State Monday. People are going through tables. Careers might be getting shortened. All for thirty pounds of gold. Who’dathunkit?

The valet for T&A begins to walk around the ring.

Trish Stratus: You’d think it was 1849. It’s a gold rush! It’s driving people insane.

Stratus then lets out a smile.

Trish Stratus: BUT… there’s clearly a superior tandem amongst them all. A team that has stood out like the sorest of thumbs – in a good way, let’s get that out there.

The blond bombshell continues to smile.

Trish Stratus: A tag team so good… so dangerous… so dominant… that they haven’t been lost a single ounce of blood; have not been dealt a single wound. A scrape. A scratch. This tag team is so CLEARLY the best in the world, that it’s hardly noticeable. It’s hardly necessary to even give them that claim.

She giggles a little bit as she stops in the center of the ring.

Trish Stratus: That tag team? T… & … A.

Mixed reaction.

Trish Stratus: T&A is the tag team of the future in the WWF. You hear people talking about the ladder match at WrestleMania? How innovative it was? Bodies crashing everywhere? Lives put at risk? Extraordinary athleticism? That’s supposed to be the new wave of tag team wrestling in the WWF?

Trish shakes her head.

Trish Stratus: No, no, no. No. That’s not the new wave of tag team wrestling. That’s not the new style. That’s not what you’re going to see in the future. Tag team won’t model themselves after THAT. Tag teams will model themselves after my boys, Test and Albert, for years to come.

She nods.

Trish Stratus: Oh yeah. As the years go by, people will look at T&A as the model of success for being a great tag team. You have power, you have strength, you have brute, you have size, you have technical abilities, and you have IMPACTFUL maneuvers. Simply put – the very best talent that there is on the planet.

Another mixed reaction. Trish flips her hair and pats her shirt down as she brings the mic back up.

Trish Stratus: And it’s not that Edge and Christian are weak. No. I get asked that all the time lately. “Why do you think Edge and Christian suck?” “Why do you think T&A is better? What have they done?” Folks, Edge and Christian are where they are because they have talent. They know what it takes to be the best. BUT…

Trish holds a finger up.

Trish Stratus: T&A… is just… better. That’s all. It’s n the eye of the beholder, and from what I can see… I just don’t know how Edge and Christian can win at Backlash. I ust don’t!

The mixed reaction leans towards jeers. Trish goes to talk again, WHEN…


A THUNDEROUS POP, as EDGE and CHRISTIAN step out on stage. Dressed in their wrestling attire, the WWF Tag Team Champions walk down the ramp rather quickly, and then step into the ring. Edge then grabs a microphone from the outside, and waits for the music to die down.

Edge: Trish, bunny, I think it’s time someone cut you off.

Miss Stratus rolls her eyes.

Edge: In fact, I think it’s time that you and your “boys,” wherever they are, give some time to the REAL tag team in the World Wrestling Federation. So move it.

A big pop, as Christian then swipes the microphone away from Trish.

Shocked, Trish rips it back away!!

Trish Stratus: No.

Sternly, Stratus looks at both Edge and Christian.

Trish Stratus: First off, don’t call me “bunny,” Edge. If you wanna play that game, we can…

She looks at both men, one at a time.

Trish Stratus: So, how come it took so long for you two to get out here? Spend too much time at the salon, pretty boys?

OH! Edge and Christian try to not let it get to them, but it’s clear that Trish broke their composure a little.

Christian: (Stepping up) Y’know Trish, we hear a lot of talk from you. That’s fine. Your boys, Test and Albert. Yeah, they beat us on Monday night in singles competition. Congratulations to them.

Christian runs his hands through his hair as Edge remains silent.

Christian: But there’s one fact that remains. They can beat us in singles matches. They can cheap shot us. They can do whatever they please. But until they ACTUALLY step in this ring, and until they pin one of s 1, 2, 3, with no funny business, no charades, then myself and my brother are STILL the best tag team in the world today.

Trish nods sarcastically, applauding even, obviously still not believing it.

Christian: You talk about the style of tag team wrestling that we were involved in at WrestleMania? Yeah, you’re damn right. It’s risk-taking. It’s exhilarating. It’s PAINFUL. But WE – SURVIVED. We put our bodies on the line, and WE – SURVIVED. NOBODY thought we could play the Hardy’s game after they beat us at No Mercy. Nobody in their right minds thought that when tables got involved, that anybody BUT the Dudley’s would be victorious. The questions can be asked, but the true champions stand tall when adversity strikes.

The crowd pops, as Christian continues on.

Christian: Throw us a bone? We’ll catch it. Throw us adversity? We’ll fight through it. My brother and I have faced struggles getting to the top of this business, and WrestleMania 2000 was the personification of our fight to the top of the WWF. That’s how we roll. From day one, we’ve done nothing but fight, and scratch, and claw, and we have these belts now and we don’t plan on letting them go any time soon.

The crowd pops yet again, as Edge nods in approval.

Edge: The thing that you, Test, Albert, and maybe even some of the people around the world don’t realize is that we’ve been preparing for this our entire lives. We knew the minute that we got the belts, we’d become a target.

Edge readjusts his title belt, putting it on his shoulder.

Edge: We knew other teams would beat the holy hell out of each other just to get our attention. That’s what makes this era of tag team wrestling so great. The best in the world are all here in the World Wrestling Federation, doing what they do best, and putting their livelihoods at stake. So that’s where you’re wrong, Trish.

Trish saunters around the ring, as she’s clearly unimpressed.

Edge: It doesn’t have to be bodies crashing through tables, and off of ladders, just to put careers in jeopardy. It’s about going out in this ring, night after night, week after week, and fighting for these bad boys here. THAT is what the new standard in tag team wrestling is. So you can say what you want, but until Test and Albert beat us at Backlash, you’re better off keeping your big mouths shut.

The crowd cheers and applauds, as Edge and Christian both appear to be settled with what they’ve said.

Trish, though, still seems unimpressed, and begins to talk again.

Trish Stratus: Oh, bravo, bravisimo! Was that your Oscar Award winning speech? It brought… (Sniffles) a tear in my eye. I’m sorry…

Mockingly, Trish rubs at her eye before bringing the mic up.

Trish Stratus: Okay, now I’m good. So…

Trish sniffs yet again.

Trish Stratus: Right, back to what you were saying. About… being the best, right? Scratching, clawing, fighting? Putting your bodies on the line? Yeah. Mmkay.

It’s quite obvious Trish tuned out much, and Edge and Christian look to maintain their frustrations.

Trish Stratus: So, now that you’re up here, all high and mighty, it’s time to knock you back to reality.

A smirk comes across her face.

Trish Stratus: Your style of play? That’s on borrowed time. Your wrestling careers? They’re on borrowed time. Your reign as the WWF Tag Team Champions? On. Borrowed. Time.

Trish laughs a little bit as the smirk shines through.

Trish Stratus: And you two being the best tag team in the world? Well. That would hold serve if… it were true. But, unfortunately… it’s not.

A devilish look comes over the face of Trish, as Edge and Christian stand with angered looks on their faces. It appears, then, that Trish is going to leave the ring…

Trish Stratus: Oh, and, one more thing. Guys? Your time in this ring…

On borrowed time.

Trish lets out a laugh…

Michael Cole: Wait a minute!!

Jonathan Coachman: Look out Edge!!



Trish, as sinister as ever, hops on the top turnbuckle and barks orders at Test and Albert, who go after Edge and Christian like a pack of wolves. Albert bodies Edge, hammering away at him with left and right fists all over, while Test is delivering strong knee lifts to Christian’s abdomen. Test then grabs Christian by his hair, and throws him into the corner – HITTING THE RING POST SHOULDER FIRST!!

Trish is heard yelling, “STOMP THEIR ASSES!” as Test then grabs Christian, and loads him up and delivers a PUNISHING POWERBOMB! Meanwhile, Albert grabs Edge by the throat – BALDO BOMB!! Stratus gets off the top rope and pats her boys on the back and raises their arms up high, as both Edge and Christian lie in a heap in the middle of the ring. Could this be a sign of things to come…?

{Commercial Break}

We return from the commercial break in a hallway, and we see THE APA walking through the hallway, on the hunt...

Bradshaw: They’re in here?

Faarooq: That’s what I heard, man.

They get to a locker room.

Bradshaw: Special delivery!!

Bradshaw suddenly KICKS THE DOOR OPEN, and the Acolyte Protection Agency storms into the room!! THE DUDLEY’S ARE INSIDE!!


Still not letting go of the last series of attacks that The Dudley’s have let happen over the last few shows, The APA seeks retribution in this ambush. Bradshaw and Bubba fire away at one another but it’s the rough and tough Texan who gets the better of it, as he throws Bubba into the wall!! Meanwhile, Faarooq and D-Von are going at it, but Faarooq scores with a knee lift and then hammers away with forearms to D-Von’s back!!

Bradshaw then walks over and grabs a nearby trashcan and WHIPS IT AT BUBBA’S FACE, taking him down on his back. He then begins to stomp away at Bubba Ray’s stomach and sternum.

Bradshaw: You ain’t so tough now are ya’ boy!?

Michael Cole: What the hell’s going on?!

Faarooq then grabs a steel chair and cracks it over D-Von’s back!! He does it again, and again, and then a fourth time!!

Jonathan Coachman: The APA has spoken, Michael! They’re not messing around!

Bradshaw and Faarooq look down at the Dudley’s, both coughing up a storm and clutching their mid-sections.

Bradshaw: Don’t play with fire, boys. You’re bound to get burned sometime!! Haha!

Before leaving, Bradshaw gives a stiff kick to D-Von’s chest, and the two leave and slam the door shut.


TAZ is taping up his wrists and hands in preparation for tonight’s anything goes matchup against Jerry Lawler. BIG SHOW appears in screenshot moments later.

Taz: Listen, big man. I know that I called you up a few weeks ago to have my back, but tonight, I think I’m gonna be good.

Big Show looks down at the much smaller Taz, and raises an eyebrow.

Big Show: Are you sure about this?

Taz: Show, I’m in Philly. It’s anything goes. I’ve got this.

Big Show: I’m just saying -- Lawler looked a little too confident. Something’s up his sleeve.

Taz finishes taping up his hands and wrists.

Taz: Chances are, you might be right. But two can play at that game…

Big Show ponders what Taz just said as the crowd cheers in the background.

{Commercial Break}


Godfather and D’Lo are decent workers, as are Boss Man and Buchanan, so the match is not spectacular or anything of that sort, but it gets the job done, as Buchanan and Boss Man are made to look good in their own rights. Despite a positive reaction for Godfather and Brown, and some near falls, the match goes to the heels, as Boss Man delivers the patented Boss Man Slam to D’Lo for the 3-count victory near the four-minute mark.
WINNERS: Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan at 3:56.

Just as Boss Man and Buchanan go to celebrate their rather impressive victory…


Michael Cole: Well we heard the Hardy’s were planning on coming out here to extract revenge on Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan and it appears that that’s about to go down!

Jonathan Coachman: Well, where are they Michael?

Coachman brings up a good point – the Hardy’s music is playing, but they are nowhere to be found. Boss Man and Buchanan think it’s a bluff, and then begin to beat down on Godfather and D’Lo again.

The camera suddenly pans over to the crowd – JEFF AND MATT SPRINT TO THE BARRICADE!

Michael Cole: There they are! Through the crowd they come!!

Jeff and Matt leap over the barricade and then hop onto the apron, and hit the ring!!

Boss Man and Buchanan turn around, but it’s too late! The Hardy’s strike!! Matt peels off with Buchanan, hitting him with rights and lefts, while Jeff breaks away with Boss Man, hitting him with some forearms. He leaps up, and takes Boss Man off his balance with a dropkick, as he topples over the top rope!! Jeff then walks over and whips Buchanan, along with Matt, to the ropes, and they hit him with a hip toss – then drop the legs!

Buchanan rolls out of the ring, not wanting to deal with much more, as Matt then gets down on all fours near the ropes. Jeff then runs off to the ropes, surging ahead, as he steps on Matt’s back, soaring into the air – WHISPER IN THE WIND OVER THE ROPES, TO THE FLOOR, TAKING DOWN THE BIG BOSS MAN!!!

Michael Cole: Oh my!!

Jonathan Coachman: What a move by Jeff Hardy!!!

Jeff then talks some trash, as it’s apparent that Matt’s words got him to be much more controlled here tonight. Matt then leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp with his brother, as their music hits again to a raucous ovation from the Philadelphia crowd.


We see THE RADICALZ walking through the hallway, with Dean Malenko leading the pack tonight while holding his WWF Light Heavyweight Title belt.

Michael Cole: Well as we try to settle things down here in Philadelphia, up next, Dean Malenko will defend his Light Heavyweight Championship. But will we see ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane make his presence felt? Don’t go away!

{Commercial Break}


Considering the fact that the Light Heavyweight Championship certainly needs a lot of prestige added to it, this match holds as much weight as it possibly could. Malenko looks like a heck of a champion. His opponent, Essa Rios, also looks more than capable, but clearly, with the Intercontinental Champion at ringside, there is another story being told outside of the squared circle.

Nevertheless, Rios and Malenko go at it for several minutes, each displaying their styles of craft. Malenko ends up finishing off Rios after catching him mid-air, delivering a PUNISHING backbreaker, leading into a Texas Cloverleaf, and Malenko retains his championship.
WINNER: Dean Malenko at 5:47. Malenko retains the Light Heavyweight Title.

Michael Cole: And it’s over! Dean Malenko impressively finishes off Essa Rios here on Smackdown! What a match.

Jonathan Coachman: Have to give it up to these two light heavyweights, Michael. Both had excellent showings here tonight.

Eddie Guerrero walks over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs a microphone.

Eddie Guerrero: Hey!! Cut the music essa!

The music’s cut.

Eddie Guerrero: Kane!

Crowd jeers.

Eddie Guerrero: You got to--

Chris Benoit, next to Eddie now, rips the microphone, and gives him a look.

Chris Benoit: Eddie. I got this. Really.

Eddie shrugs his shoulders, and is heard saying, “I’m just lending a hand holmes!”

Chris Benoit: Kane. Paul. (Looks around) Whoever the hell wants to come out here… get out here now. We have business that we need to finish.

Benoit drops the mic and tosses the microphone to the side. He rolls up his sleeves, as Guerrero does the same, Saturn climbs into the ring, and Malenko stands and waits in the ring as well.

And waits…

And waits…

Guerrero shouts, “COME ON! WHEREVER YOU ARE! LET’S GO!”


Michael Cole: What the hell!?!? What the hell just happened?!?

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t like the feel of this Michael. I don’t like it at all.


Jonathan Coachman: Michael!

Michael Cole: No! No! It can’t be!





Michael Cole: Oh! It’s Kane! It’s Kane!!

The Radicalz turn around, and Kane takes them all on!! The masked monster hits each member with furious uppercuts to the neck region. Kane takes on a shot from Malenko – down goes Malenko! He takes on a shot from Saturn – down goes Saturn! Guerrero flies and pounces on Kane – Guerrero is sent flying back!!


Chris lets it all loose, wildly throwing rights and lefts at Kane’s face. Kane tries to guard, but The Crippler is relentless in his assault, bodying him with shots to the skull and upper region. Soon, Malenko joins in, kicking Kane in the side. Saturn joins in, stomping on Kane’s legs. Eddie then joins in, dropping elbows on Kane’s knees.

Benoit finally peels off as the rest of the group carries on. Benoit barks at them though, and tells them to bring the big man to his feet. He gives him a piece of his mind, as the rest of the group brings up Kane. He is shoved toward Benoit, who catches him – NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX TO THE BIG RED MACHINE!

The Canadian Crippler stands up to his feet, as the crowd doesn’t TRULY know what to make of it, as there’s a bit of a mixed reaction around the arena. Benoit then makes the throat slash gesture, and then heads for the corner. Guerrero, Saturn, and Malenko hold down Kane, as their comrade climbs to the top turnbuckle-




Michael Cole: Where—where did Kane go!?

Jonathan Coachman: I mean the… the lights went out the—

Michael Cole: And the gong was heard. And that is an unmistakable sound.

Benoit, Guerrero, Saturn, and Malenko are all standing in the ring, in complete bewilderment, as we fade to break…

{Commercial Break}


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, ladies and gentlemen. We’re trying to sort things out here after a bizarre couple of moments here on the broadcast.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll say, Michael, but one thing is for certain. In 10 days, there’s a lot that’s going to get sorted out at Backlash.

Michael Cole: That’s right Coach, but before we go into what’s to come in 10 days time, we have a couple of announcements to make regarding this coming Monday night. On RAW is WAR, LIVE from Raleigh, North Carolina, a HUGE match has just been signed!

Jonathan Coachman: Oh baby, yes there has!!! A six-man tag team contest! Taz teams with The Big Show and ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho to take on none other than D-Generation X!!What an explosive match that has the potential to be!

Michael Cole: And also this just into Smackdown! – Another match has been signed for RAW is WAR! Eddie Guerrero has challenged Kane to a one-on-one match!

Jonathan Coachman: With what just happened tonight, that can’t be anything BUT explosive!!

Michael Cole: And now, let’s move on to Backlash. 10 days from now in our Nation’s Capital, there is a lot that will be going down. Let’s start off with a match just signed tonight – Hardcore Holly takes on Raven, and the Hardcore Title is on the line!

Jonathan Coachman: Raven’s certainly had a good first week in the WWF. Can he continue on this role that he’s in and dethrone Holly?

Michael Cole: The WWF European Championship is on the line, as Chris Jericho takes on Mark Henry.

Jonathan Coachman: Mark Henry vowed to Chris Jericho earlier on in the show that Y2J would be sorry if he pulled anything that was suspicious. I gotta imagine that over the next week, this feud is going to intensify.

Michael Cole: The WWF Tag Team Championships are on the line – Edge and Christian defend against T&A.

Jonathan Coachman: This got very, very heated earlier on tonight. Michael, I’ve got a funny feeling that THIS one is going to steal the show.

Michael Cole: The WWF Intercontinental Championship is on the line. Chris Benoit defends against ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane.

Jonathan Coachman: A bizarre, bizarre scene a few moments ago involving these two men. Paul Bearer has been boasting for weeks, and we have to wonder now: is the darkness closer than we think?

Michael Cole: And the main event! Taz challenges Triple H for the WWF Championship!

Jonathan Coachman: Ohhhhhhhh baby, I cannot wait for this! It seems that for the last few weeks, ever since he walked out of WrestleMania as WWF Champion, Triple H has been losing his allies by the minute. Is the doubt starting to settle in? Will we have a new WWF Champion?!!?

Michael Cole: We’ll have to find out in 10 days, Coach.


TAZ and JERRY LAWLER are walking through different hallways in the bowels of the First Union Center. The crowd starts to buzz.

Michael Cole: Folks, don’t go away! When we return, Taz takes on Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler in a match where anything goes in the city of Philadelphia, and falls count anywhere!

Jonathan Coachman: It’s NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

Taz doesn’t waste any time, because as soon as King begins his walk down to the ring, he heads up the ramp and greets King – an exchange of rights and lefts follows – Taz gets the early advantage and clearly looks like the better man between the two of them. Taz is irritated with Lawler and everything he’s said, and the Philadelphia crowd could not be more behind The Human Suplex Machine. Taz brings King down to the ringside area, and whips him right into the steel steps.

King tumbles over, as Taz mouths off, getting a loud pop from the crowd. He reaches underneath the ring, and grabs a kendo stick! “SANDMAN! SANDMAN! SANDMAN!” yells the Philly crowd, as Taz winds up and cracks the kendo stick into the ribs of the King!! A shot over the back follows!! “Does it hurt, Lawler???” Taz yells, as King crumbles to his knees. “LAWLER’S DEAF” kicks up once again around the crowd. Taz winds up – CRACKING THE KENDO STICK OVER LAWLER’S CRANIUM!

Taz tosses the kendo stick and picks Jerry up, and knocks him with a couple of forearms to the skull, before tossing him onto the floor with a beal! He grabs Lawler again, teeing off on him, before throwing him over the barricade! Taz climbs over, as the rabid fans pat him on the back, as a chant kicks up. “F*CK HIM UP, TAAAAAZ, F*CK HIM UP! F*CK HIM UP, TAAAAAZ, F*CK HIM UP! F*CK HIM UP, TAAAAAZ, F*CK HIM UP!” Taz grabs King and walks him through the crowd, as The Human Suplex Machine now enters the back of the arena!

Commercial Break

We’re back, and Taz is still making mince meat of Lawler. We get a replay, as Cole brings us back up to speed, telling the audience that Taz and Lawler have been involved in a one-sided fight for the entirety of the break, as we see that Taz hit a Tazplex on Lawler onto a wooden crate. Just as we see Taz bringing Lawler up to his feet – LAWLER GOUGES THE EYES!! A chicken maneuver at that, Lawler then grabs a steel chair. Lawler rears back, CRACKING IT OVER TAZ’S BACK!

“Not so tough now are ya, Taz!? HUH!?!” King once again ears back, and smashes the chair on Taz’s back yet again!! He puts the chair on the ground, visibly bent, and then gets ready to load Taz up. LAWLER POSITIONS HIMSELF TO PILEDRIVE TAZ ON THE CHAIR, ATTEMPTING TO BREAK HIS NECK – NO! Taz with the back body drop! Taz, down on all fours, pushes the chair away and gets to his feet. He walks, on jello legs, over near the door to the parking lot. King is in pursuit, and Taz knows this. So The Human Suplex Machine stops in his tracks, grabs The King, and WHIPS HIM BACK WITH A TAZPLEX!

Taz then heads for the door of the parking lot, after dragging King nearby…




Cole: What!?! What the hell??!! I thought Triple H was in Stamford!!

Coachman: Aw, Michael. It appears that this was a setup by King!

Cole: This is incomprehensible! And now D-X, like a pack of wolves, is laying a beating to Taz!!!

It’s certainly true – D-X, all fresh, and Triple H at the forefront, is putting a licking on the number one contender. Triple H screams at Taz, asking him, “YOU WANNA FIGHT NOW TAZ? HUH? YOU WANNA GO WITH THE BEST OF THE BEST? THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!” before hammering away with right hands. With Taz seemingly unconscious, the camera cuts to Lawler, who has a shit-eating grin on his face. Hunter calls off the dogs, seeing that Taz is out cold, and D-X pats King on the back.

Jerry Lawler stands up and begins to mouth off at Taz. Taunting him, going off about how great it will be to LEAVE the city of Philadelphia after beating their hero. Taz is still laid out, and King huffs and then walks over-








Dreamer then grabs hold of King, and powers him on his shoulders as the ECW members cheer him on…


The ECW wrestlers grab one of their former own, Taz, and put him on top of Lawler! The referee, unsure of how it got to this point, drops down, and counts!




WINNER: Taz at 8:36.

Michael Cole: What-what the hell just happened?!?!

Jonathan Coachman: Whatever it is – one thing is true – TAZ HAS WON! Taz has shut Jerry Lawler up!!

Taz’s music hits and his former comrades pull him up to a vertical base. It’s clear that he’s suffered a lot in the last few minutes, and looks like someone who DIDN’T just win a match. But, nonetheless, Taz won at his own game. He survived a beating. And he’s walking out a victor.

Michael Cole: One of the most chaotic episodes of Smackdown! that I can remember since this show debuted almost a year ago! Ladies and gentlemen, you may not ever see a night like this again! And ten days from now, that man that you see right there, The Human Suplex Machine, could be the next WWF Champion! Goodnight everybody! We’ll see you in North Carolina next Monday night!

Fade… to… black.



Announced Matches for WWF RAW is WAR
April 24th, 2000
Raleigh, North Carolina

Six-Man Tag Team Match:
Taz, Big Show, and Chris Jericho vs. D-Generation X (Triple H, Road Dogg, and X-Pac)

One on One:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Kane

WWF Backlash
April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF Championship Match:
‘The Game’ Triple H defends against ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Taz

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian defend against T&A w/ Trish Stratus

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match:
‘The Crippler’ Chris Benoit defends against ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane w/ Paul Bearer

WWF European Championship Match:
‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho defends against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry

WWF Hardcore Championship Match:
Hardcore Holly defends against Raven

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Liked this segment. I almost loved it. I'll tell you what brought it down for me in a second, but let's start with the good first. Tazz on the mic was fantastic. Picture perfect. Intense, no-nonsense, completely bad-ass but yet, somehow, down to Earth and relatable. It's why he was the hottest thing in ECW for the last few years of the 90s (outside of maybe Van Dam). I also liked his explanation for why The Big Show is now rolling with him. It's good he's making it sound like he's doing Show a favor, instead of Show as his bodyguard. Because Tazz doesn't need a bodyguard for ANYTHING.

Lawler grabbing a mic and going on was good, too, if not a bit unexpected. The thing that brought it down for me was Lawler slapping Tazz... and then Show doing something about it. Show should've laughed it off, and Tazz should've been pissed at Lawler, because there's no way they should see Lawler as a threat, nor should Show have any kind of emotional investment as to where he's willing to fight Taz's lame battles for him. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this segment, and am looking forward to more of the same from Taz.

Raven probably took a little too long to put away Pete Gas at the three minute mark, but the beating after was perfect. Nice transition from Taz to Raven to, continuing the ECW/Philly theme of the early show. Radicalz were such a bad ass team, even if their name was rather lame. Nice characterization of Eddie as the more friendly, outgoing type, while Saturn and Malenko are far more stoic.

In the reverse of my earlier complaint, Jericho probably put Rikish away a bit too easily, though it's a forgivable 'offense' considering that Jericho is the one with the PPV match coming up, and needs to look strong heading in. Jesus, Matt and Jeff are outrageously generic. lol. I come across the same problem. Keep them as far off the mic as possible plz.

Well, this is definitely SmackDown circa 2000/1999. Three matches, totaling nine minutes all together. Once more, DX needed the win as they've been bitched out (usefully bitched out) the last couple of weeks. Road Dogg's promo before hand was solid, too. Not much to this Jericho/Henry feud so far... and we are rather close to the event... it may be time to pick things up a bit.

Wow. That was a fantastic promo. Trish, Edge and Christian were hardly known for their mic work in 2000, but this was great all around. Edge and Christian might have come across a little too goody too shoes at time, considering who they are, but it's fine as they're faces now and really came across as a likable, top rate tag team. Stratus was even better than the two men here as condescending and arrogant. The beatdown was to be expected... and I want more Trish as of the moment. Wouldn't hate to see T&A win the titles now. Well played, sir.

APA/Dudleys brawl gets it little bit of play here. It's a fun little time filler. As is the beef between the Hardys and Bossman and Buchanan. Not much to say here as it won't pay off until after Backlash really

The Kane/Benoit segment really seemed to hint at an Undertaker return. I'm not entirely sure that was the case, as Kane has used the *gong* at one time or another in his career, but the confusion led to believe Taker is retuning. Yay. Besides that, Benoit got some of his heat back by putting Kane down in the middle of the ring, though obviously, this thing ain't over.

First things first, glad Taz was clearly treated as the better man against Lawler. Could've done real damage to him if he wasn't. The Triple H attack wasn't needed as DX was enough - in fact, it might've been better to just keep him off the show... but it played into the King setting Taz up, I guess. The ECW guys showing up HAS to lead to something. Taz looked to weak, and ECW looked to strong at the end of the show for this to just be a one off. Hopefully, something comes of it, because it was a rather fun ending.

Another solid show, JBL. Keep it up. It was definitely fun to read in full, and Taz and Trish were the far and away highlights of the show.

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This isnt feedback per se, but I wanted to pop in and tell you how good a job you're doing here. I haven't checked out every show, but I'm keeping a keen eye on the thread, and especially the elevation of Tazz, which has been phenomenal, really impressive, and completely unexpected at the same time. Whilst Rock/Trips was the obvious route to go post WM 2000, the ballsy move to put Rock on the shelf at his hottest time period has paid off in giving you a chance to shift the direction elsewhere.

Smackdown in Philly was a perfect example of making the most of your location. Given how far in the mire ECW was at this point in time, it wasnt a stretch for the readers to believe that WWE could strike some kind of deal (like they did in real life around this time anyway to a lesser extent) to bring them in (even if for just one night) as Heymans company could use any and all exposure in 2000. Using King in the protagonist role was a highlight too, given his hatred of the ECW product in the past - plus, it allowed me to remember one of my personal favourite feuds in 2000 anyway between King and Tazz - albeit with the roles reversed.

I'm not overly keen on the Tazz/Show alliance, and I have a horrible feeling Show will end up turning on Tazz at Backlash to screw him over, but that aside, this is like a breath of fresh air and a whole new take on my own personal favourite time period of wrestling. I love it.

Elsewhere, I'm interested to see how you elevate Edge and Christian. Like Mac commented, the promo with Trish was excellent here, but it was when E&C turned heel that they broke out as entertainers. It'll be intriguing to see how you build the pair by keeping them as faces, and if you can incorporate their personalities into their face role.

If there is one complaint I would make though, it would have to be the de-elevation of Jericho thus far. He certainly seems mired in the mid card, when he was ready to break out already in real time. Just feels like a waste of him to be involved with Mark Henry at this point. But I guess you cant have it all at once. I've no doubt Jericho will eventually rise to prominence. And, I guess seeing as he's in the main event of Raw, I'm probably being a little harsh...

Also, a Brothers of Destruction versus Radicalz feud in the offing?? :mark:

Glad you're focusing a lot of attention on the tag team division too. So many great times during this period, it would be foolish not to make the most of it.

Keep this up :)

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I know I haven’t dropped any feedback on this thread yet, but I have read everything you’ve posted, so I figured what a better time than actually leave some feedback when you post a full show. I was extremely pleased to see Taz open up the show. I have to commend you on the awesome job you’ve done with him. He was hot when he came in and beat Angle, and you’ve capitalised on it just in time. He is already head and shoulders above everybody in this thread, he’s just a star. Promo was alright, with some intensity, but also some modesty about it. I love the feeling of the ovation in Philly, just all around great stuff here. The promo perhaps got a little weaker when the Big Show stuff came up. I just feel like both of these guys should be lone rangers, and Taz talking about how he reached out to Show just seemed very un-Taz like. I loved the use of The King here to, it was unexpected, yet completely makes sense. The King has always voiced his disapproval of ECW, so to see him stand up for Hunter and the WWE guys was awesome. Everything he said was on point as well. I didn’t dig the attempts at humour from Taz. The old school crowd chants were fun for nostalgia purposed, but not sure it suited the ultra intense persona of Taz. The slap from Lawler and the rest of the promo was alright, except for Show looking like a bitch. Not only did he look like a bitch for being Taz’s bitch, but then he stopped chasing King after a kick to the gut? One part of the promo I really didn’t like. Still, No Holds Barred match for tonight sounds epic. Awesome start to the show, great booking in Philly, you continue to use Taz well, even if there were a few little things I thought could have been done better here.

Again, loving all the ECW references with The Coach mentioning it on commentary, and Raven getting an epic ovation in Philly. Glad to see your sticking to the attitude era ways of short and sharp matches. Raven looks like he’s in for a hell of a push here which I’m all for. Being an attitude era mark, I enjoy the Mean Street Posse to. Wow. With the quick squash, and the attack afterward (which could have possibly been a bit much), Raven looks boss. Interested to see how you will further his situation with Hardcore Holly now as well, as I fully expected a Holly appearance here.

Radicalz segment was alright, hyping the confrontation with Kane for later in the night. Not sure why it seemed you were sort of playing it up like Benoit might not show up? Interested to see if that leads anywhere.

I won’t go into too much detail here, but I must mention, as Wolfy alluded to, the detail you’re giving the tag division is great to see. The tag division was epic at this time, hopefully you can continue to do it justice.

An okay win for Jericho over Rikishi, with Henry looking on. Not too sure what’s happening with this feud so far, but hoping something happens in the final week before Backlash, because at the moment it feels massively lacklustre. Especially for a guy like Jericho. I feel like the almost loss to Angle, and the way you’ve booked him so far has made him look incredibly weak. Don’t get me wrong, the match with Triple H was one step forward, but for the rest of the shows so far, it feels like he’s taken two steps back. And a not very good, low key feud with Henry isn’t really doing anything to help his standing, imo.

Decent enough segment just to show that The Hardyz still want the titles. A feud with Bossman and Buchanan is something I don’t mind to hold them over. Was a little over dramatic for Jeff to punch the locker though. Just came across as tacky.

I used to always love the Road Dogg on the stick, and I think you did a good job grasping his character here as well. Good to see you’re not completely forgetting about the collusion case, smart stuff.

DX have been bitching it a lot lately, but it makes sense with them being used to boost the likes of Tazz and Show. With that being said, it’s smart to give them the odd win here and there, just to keep them looking somewhat credible. So good stuff.

Henry/Jericho segments are needed. But writing Jericho with bland, boring replies that anybody can give should be a crime. Also, not sure what angle you’re going with, but still not feeling it at all. Henry needs to boss out already, and fuck shit up to add some heat to this feud. At the moment, it’s a complete fizzer.

In all seriousness, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this Trish Stratus promo, because at this stage she didn’t really get so much time to speak. Before I get into what she actually said, it’s awesome that a tag team feud can be given some major promo time. Not a lot of bookers have the confidence to do it, but I think it adds so much. And Trish puts over the whole division in her speech... Awesome. I especially loved how she recapped all the craziness, but brought it all back in to how much better T & A are. Even the contrast of styles between the champions and challengers, Trish was spot on here. Great writing throughout. And whilst Trish was the star here, I thought you wrote both Edge and Christian very well too. Their argument back about everybody chasing the gold was terrific. Overall, an awesome segment all around, and the attack was a nice way to add a little bit more heat. Awesome promo here man, well done.

Nice brawl, evening up the score between The APA and The Dudleyz. Nothing overly exciting, but should make for a good match at Backlash...

Nice hype for the main event. Glad Show won’t be showing his face, because he’s taking away from the epicness of Taz at the moment. Tazz mentioning Philly and two can play at that game has me EXTREMELY excited for the main event.

Boss Man and Buchanan win keeps them looking good, which they need heading into a feud with The Hardyz. If I wanted to be really picky, I could say I would have preferred to see them actually beat another team another than the guys they already beat at Mania. Anyway, Hardyz beating them off afterward heats things up between these teams nicely. Again, If I want to be picky, going attack for attack in two separate tag team feuds could be a little much. A difference between The Dudleyz/The APA and The Hardys/BB would be nice.

Good win for Malenko. I hope you can build some prestige to the Light Heavyweight Title by the way. I also want Malenko to run the division, he’s awesome.

The match really didn’t matter though, this was all about the aftermath. I liked the little bit of Benoit taking the mic off Eddie, wanting to do things his own way. The gong and the lights going out hint so bad to an Undertaker return. A really exciting segment to read, I thought you did a good job with it. And much like Wolfy said, the potential Brothers of Destruction/Radicalz feud is awesome. Has me excited as fuck.

Backlash is building up to be pretty damn good. The fact that the card is completely different to IRL’s card is great as well. I also want to hound you to write the Taz/Triple H match in full. Taz deserves it, imo.

Maybe I’m an old school mark and that’s it, I don’t know? But I enjoyed the shit out of this main event. As Mac mentioned, Taz had to look fifty times better than Lawler here, and you did that well. The ending with DX and Triple H attacking Taz was a nice touch. As was ECW IN PHILLY! Amazing scene, no doubt about it. Again, If I wanted to be really picky, I could say that you never actually wrote that DX left the scene, and then ECW just took over. An all in brawl probably should have been the way to go, and would have made a more impressive sight. Still, great idea, and great booking in Philly.

Honestly, I was picky on certain things just because I know how good you can be. The show still had plenty of goodness in it though, whilst the execution on certain things probably could have been done better. Can’t wait to see where everything goes from here. ESPECIALLY the TAZ situation. Keep it up, man.

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RAW is WAR – April 24, 2000; Raleigh, North Carolina

“Do you think I’m crazy? That I’m muy loco? That Latino Heat has lost his mind?!?!”

RAW is WAR Opening Video


Jim Ross: Six days remain until the World Wresting Federation’s extravaganza known as Backlash!! Welcome to RAW is WAR!! We are live in Raleigh, North Carolina – a SOLD OUT Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena is going crazy! What a show we have in store!

We cut to the broadcast booth, as we see Good Ol’ J.R., Jim Ross – and KEVIN KELLY joining him.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody, I’m Jim Ross, and due to my usual broadcast partner’s absence here tonight due to injuries, I’m joined alongside by Kevin Kelly.

Kevin Kelly: J.R., it’s a pleasure to be at the announce table with you tonight. As you said, the fans are going wild tonight. And they should be. It’s a loaded, loaded show with Backlash just six days away.

Jim Ross: That’s right, Kevin. Tonight, in the main event later on in the WAR Zone – D-Generation X, as a full entity, takes on Chris Jericho, The Big Show, and the number one contender for the WWF Championship, Taz!

Kevin Kelly: And that’s not all – tonight, Eddie Guerrero of The Radicalz has challenged Kane to a one on one match up here tonight, and ‘The Big Red Machine’ has accepted! He will meet ‘Latino Heat’ in the squared circle. J.R., after Thursday night’s events, one has to wonder: is the dark side upon us?

Jim Ross: I shudder to think it, Kevin. I don’t get scared too easily here at the broadcast booth but let me tell ya – the ominous sights and sounds that we saw and heard on Smackdown! have me a little bit uneasy tonight.


Cheers ring out throughout the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena as THE HARDY BOYZ, JEFF and MATT, make their extravagant entrance to the stage.

Jim Ross: Well folks, one thing has been abundantly clear in the wake of WrestleMania. Nobody, NOBODY in the ranks of the tag division likes one another. Every tag team in the company is gunning after each other, and trying their best to get noticed. And as a result of that, chaos has ensued.

Kevin Kelly: For the past few weeks, J.R., that’s exactly right. These tag teams have beaten the hell out of each other. In the ring and out of the ring, nobody has been shy about tearing each other a part. Last week on RAW, The Dudley’s beat up The APA, and The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan took down the Hardy Boyz with nightsticks. And just this past Thursday, The APA ambushed The Dudley’s in their locker room, and THe Hardy’s got their revenge on Boss Man and Buchanan!

The Hardy’s get in the ring and pose for the crowd, as flashbulbs go off everywhere.


A LOUD reaction from the crowd, as Bradshaw and Faarooq step out on stage, dressed in their black ‘APA’ t-shirts and jeans.

Jim Ross: And because of that, the World Wrestling Federation’s acting hierarchy has decided to book these four tag teams you are about to see in a Four Corners Tag Team Match at Backlash, six days from now.

Kevin Kelly: The APA, The Hardy’s, The Dudley’s, and Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan – all in the same ring with each other! If it’s anything like the last seven days or so, that’s bound to be as wild as it gets!

The APA walks around the ring, as the Hardy’s eye them, making sure they don’t try to pull anything fishy.


After the pyro, the crowd gives a mixed reaction, as THE DUDLEY BOYZ enter the arena. Dressed in red fatigues, BUBBA RAY and D-VON walk on stage, taunting the crowd, before briskly walking down the ramp.

Kevin Kelly: And now, these four guys we see right now at ringside – The APA and The Hardy’s, they’ve gotta be teammates in this eight-man tag team match we’re about to have!!

Jim Ross: It is certainly as strange as it’s going to get here tonight. None of these teams have any love lost as of late, so having them all be in the same ring could produce mushroom cloud-like results.

Kevin Kelly: You won’t find that kind of intensity anywhere other than the World Wrestling Federation, J.R.

The Dudley’s walk up to the ring, with the APA glaring at them from across the ring, and a shouting match begins between the two teams.


Heat is drawn from the crowd as the least liked team of the bunch, The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan, walk out on stage. The camera cuts to the Hardy’s in the ring, bouncing and keeping their composure, in spite of the fact that their adversaries as of late are on their way to the ring.

Boss Man and Buchanan get to the ring and look over at the Dudley’s. The Dudley’s look back, and there appears to be a great understanding between the two teams, as they both hop onto the apron. They climb into the ring as The APA does the same.

Kevin Kelly: Things could very well explode right now, J.R.!!

Jim Ross: As the old saying goes, “business is picking up!”

But, before anything can be done, the referee stops anything from happening. The teams are sent to the corners as the bell sounds.

Everything gets settled inside, and Jeff Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley start things off, exchanging left and right hands. Bubba gets the advantage, rocking him with elbows now, before shooting him off to the ropes. Bubba nails him with a clothesline, and goes for another, but Hardy ducks it and hits a clothesline of his own! Hardy runs off to the ropes now and leaps into the air, taking Bubba Ray down to the mat with a flying lariat, and gets a pop as he gets up on his feet. He whips Bubba off to the ropes, and Bubba counters and looks for a back body drop, but Hardy kicks him in the chest, and then knocks him down with a dropkick.

The crowd cheers as the faces maintain the advantage in the opening minutes, and despite their awkwardness, are able to look like a cohesive unit. Despite losing some isolation on Bubba, as most of the heels get involved, the faces stay in control. This is until the heels catch a break, as Matt Hardy crashes and burns after looking for a top-rope leg drop, as he holds his hips, and Boss Man, the legal man, crawls over and makes the tag … to D-Von Dudley!!!

There are some jeers as D-Von comes into the ring and cleans house. He hits a suplex on Matt Hardy, before knocking Jeff off the apron with a forearm shiver. He turns his attention to the APA, but Bradshaw knocks him with a right hand! The referee threatens a DQ, but D-Von comes over and hits him with a shoulder thrust, knocking him off the apron! Before he can even think, Faarooq is taken off the apron with a right hand from D-Von, who turns around and nails Matt Hardy with a snap scoop powerslam! 1… 2… KICK OUT!

D-Von picks Matt up, showing a little bit of frustration that he couldn’t get him down for the 3-count. He lifts Matt up after loading him between his legs, looking for a Piledriver… and CONNECTS WITH THE DEVASTATING MANEUVER! “That’ll be all!” J.R. belts out, as D-Von goes for the cover.
But Bradshaw breaks up the pin at two!! The crowd lets out a sigh of relief, and cheers, as Bradshaw rolls back out of the ring and gets on the apron. He stomps on the mat with his boot, telling Matt to tag him in, as he woozily drags himself over. Meanwhile, D-Von is crawling over to the ring, looking to make a tag himself…

And tags in his brother Bubba Ray! MATT TAGS IN BRADSHAW!!! The two collide in the middle of the ring, exchanging rights and lefts, and the tough Texan gains the advantage, eventually whipping Bubba Ray to the ropes, and knocks him down with a big boot!! He brings Bubba Ray up to his feet, and scoops him up… FALLAWAY SLAM! Bubba bounces off the mat and halfway across the ring, lies down in pain.

Bradshaw gets ready to level Bubba with the Clothesline from Hell, but as he runs to the ropes, Boss Man puts his knee up!! A smile comes over Boss Man’s face, but Bradshaw no sells it, and decks Boss Man off the apron!! Buchanan then gets into the ring, and begins to attack Bradshaw despite the referee’s attempts to quell the situation. This brings Jeff and Matt into the ring, and they thump Buchanan with forearm shivers, and then hit a double dropkick on Buchanan, sending him over the top rope, crashing down onto his partner!!

Meanwhile, Faarooq is on the outside, and he pulls D-Von, who attempted to go in the ring, out of the ring, and he hits a short-ranged lariat! With the Hardy’s watching, Bradshaw then runs off to the ropes -- CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL TO BUBBA RAY DUDLEY! 1… 2… 3!!!!!
WINNERS: The APA & The Hardy Boyz at 7:17.
The APA celebrates the victory as well as The Hardy’s, but the two teams noticeably keep their distance from one another.

Jim Ross: What a way to kick off this explosive edition of RAW!

Kevin Kelly: The APA and the Hardy Boyz prevail! A heck of an eight-man tag team match, J.R. And we’ve only just begun.


TRIPLE H and his wife STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY are trudging through a hallway, with The Game holding his most prized possession.

Kevin Kelly: And here we go, J.R.

Jim Ross: The World Wrestling Federation Champion will be coming out here in just a few moments. What’s ‘The Game’ got on his mind, six days away from his title defense??? We’ll find out when we return!

{Commercial Break}

~ WWF SLAM OF THE WEEK: Taz defeats Jerry Lawler in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on Smackdown! with the help of some of his old friends over at ECW.


***MY TIME***

Incredible heat. The WWF Champion Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley stride onto the stage, looking out into the crowd, with a scowl on Triple H’s face, and on Stephanie’s as well. He’s wearing a black D-X t-shirt and jeans, and she has a green longsleeve shirt and black pants on. The champ, with the belt slung over his shoulder, breaks for the ring with Stephanie latched onto his arm.

Kevin Kelly: It certainly hasn’t been a good coupe of weeks for the WWF Champion.

Jim Ross: On this television program three weeks ago, Triple H could not have felt better. He dismantled ‘The People’s Champion,’ putting The Rock on the sidelines indefinitely. But it’s gone downhill for him since then. Last week he was able to beat Chris Jericho in our “Champion Versus Champion” attraction, but he did not walk out victorious. Taz has been on the upper hand as of late.

Kevin Kelly: No WWF Champion faced the odds that Triple H had to face at a WrestleMania before, J.R. But even then, it seemed like Hunter had the upper hand. Now? There might be a lot of doubt creeping in. He doesn’t look like the same, confident champion we saw at the end of this telecast three weeks ago, as you pointed out.

Jim Ross: And if he’s no that same, sadistic, cerebral assassin that he’s been for the last three plus months, we might have a new WWF Champion the next time RAW is WAR is on the air.

HHH’s music dies down and with a mic in his hand, he looks up.

Triple H: Y’know I’ve heard a lot of things over the last few weeks.

Stephanie lets go of his arm.

Triple H: I’ve heard people say that I’m not the same guy that I was.

Hunter begins to walk in the ring.

Triple H: I’ve heard people tell me that I’m in jeopardy of losing the WWF Championship.

Crowd cheers.

Triple H: I’ve also had people come up to me in the airports around this country, and tell me right to my face … that they hope that Taz kicks my ass at Backlash, and leaves me in this ring gasping for my own air.

The crowd cheers again as Triple H shakes his head.

Triple H: Let me be the first to tell you this – NONE of that is going to happen, and NONE of that is true.

Boos from t he crowd as Hunter keeps walking around the ring.

Triple H: You can say what you want. You can talk about what you want. You can dig my grave if you want to…

HHH scowls.

Triple H: But UNTIL I lose inside this ring, with this belt on the line, none of it matters. I could get my ass kicked day in and day out, week in and week out, and as long as I’ve got fifteen pounds of gold on my shoulder, it means NOTHING to me.

The confident champion looks down at his belt before going to speak again.

Triple H: When I won this title belt on the very first RAW of the year 2000, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t DARE let this thing go on my own terms. Challengers that I faced would have had to kill me to get the WWF Championship and make it theirs. And for a few months, it sure seemed like that was the intention.

Hunter nods.

Triple H: Oh yeah. Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, whatever the hell you wanna call him – I went to war against him in a Street Fight at the Royal Rumble. I lost blood. I may have lost brain cells. I might have even lost years on my life. But who walked out of Madison Square Garden victorious? ME!! Who had the WWF Championship??? ME!!! I DID!! I took every shot that Foley had, and I threw it right back! I hit the Pedigree on Mick Foley onto a pile of thumbtacks, even after being hit with barbed wire and steel chairs. It didn’t matter how badly Foley beat me up – I won. I walked out as champion; still the best in the business.

Stephanie smiles, admiring her husband’s work, even applauding.

Triple H: And then, just a few weeks later, at No Way Out, I went at it again with Mick Foley. For the first time in my career, I walked into a structure that has shortened careers and made men never be the same again. I walked into Hell in a Cell.

Hunter takes a breath.

Triple H: I lost more blood. I sustained more wounds. What happened??? Huh? What happened??? That’s right – I RETIRED MICK FOLEY!!!

Intense in his emotions, HHH turns red in the face.

Triple H: I took a beating in the most sadistic structure known to man. I nearly fell from high atop the cell into this ring. I went through hell, and I came out alive. He devil tried to beat me down, but I kicked his ass, and I kicked Mick Foley’s ass, and I sent him to hell instead.

Still red in the face, Hunter attempts to calm down.

Triple H: And you’re all doubting me?!?!?

Hunter shakes his head.

Triple H: Just a few short weeks ago, at WrestleMania, the biggest state, the biggest night in this industry, in the World Wrestling Federation, and I faced odds like no other champion had faced before. The first EVER Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the WWF Championship at a WrestleMania. The ONLY time EVER that the WWF Title was defended in a non-singles matchup. Go down the list of WWF Champions that have defended the title at the event. They weren’t facing odds like me.

Hunter begins to walk around again.

Triple H: The Rock didn’t face those odds. My best friend in the world, Shawn Michaels – he didn’t face those odds. Psycho Sid didn’t face those odds. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart fought in an Iron Man Match against Shawn Michaels and that wasn’t NEARLY what I faced. It was 50-50, I had a 25 percent chance. But let me continue…

Hunter stops and looks at his wife.

Triple H: Stephanie… did ‘Big Daddy Cool’ face those odds at WrestleMania?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: (Smirking)No.

Triple H: How about Yokozuna?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Nope.

Triple H:

Triple H lets out a smile and looks at the crowd.

Triple H: I’ll let you have some fun, guys. Steph… did, “WOOOOOO!” Did ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair face odds like those?


The Billion Dollar Princess smirks, trying not to smile, and shakes her head.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: He – did – not.

Some more wooing going on in Flair Country, as Hunter brings the mic back over.

Triple H: Sergeant Slaughter?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Not in the slightest.

Triple H: Randy Savage?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Oooooooh no, Hunter.

Triple H: Hey, hey. Riddle me this, Steph.

Hunter puts his arm around his wife.

Triple H: Did… did the man who made a living off of telling kids… to say their prayers… eat their vitamins…

The crowd cuts Hunter off briefly, giving off a mixed reaction.

Triple H: … The so-called ‘Immortal One,’ Hulk Hogan, face those types of odds?

Steph asks for the mic, and she receives it and walks around her husband.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Lemme tell ‘ya somethin’… (Gets closer) BROTHER!

Mrs. Helmsley lets out a laugh.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: No. Hulk Hogan NEVER faced those types of odds. Never in his LIFE did Hulk Hogan face the odds that you have faced.

Steph lets out another laugh, and hands the mic back to her husband.

Triple H: That’s what I thought.

Hunter walks around the ring.

Triple H: You might think I’m some kind of underdog now don’t you? Well the joke’s on you. I’m no underdog. I’m the best damn wrestler on the planet. PERIOD.

Hunter smiles.

Triple H: Taz-

The crowd roars.

Triple H: Taz, you might have walked out of Smackdown with the help of your little buddies from ECW. You might have gotten the best of me lately. But when I’m in this ring, when that bell sounds, you’ll find out tonight that I’m the toughest, most devious, and most sadistic human being on the face of this earth. And I’m better than you; I’m better than everyone in the back, and in every federation and company that exists.

Hunter smiles again as the crowd jeers for his arrogance.

Triple H: Just like I said to this cowboy hat-wearing announcer over here a few months back… … … …

HHH looks into the camera.


Hunter’s face turns red once again.

Triple H: And I am… THAT… DAMN… GOOD.

HHH’s music hits to a loud mixed reaction from the Raleigh crowd. He drops the mic and raises the WWF Championship in the air, as the mixed reaction gets louder, and Stephanie applauds next to him. The Game leaves the ring with his wife, heading back up the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross: No matter what your opinion is of Triple H, those were incredibly strong words. The World Wrestling Federation Champion seems ready, Kevin.

Kevin Kelly: The scene that we could get later on tonight when he and Taz meet in the ring could be extremely explosive!

At the top of the ramp, Hunter, with his wife latched onto him, once again raises his title belt.

Jim Ross: Later on tonight we will see ‘The Game’ and his comrades in the main event. In any event, the show must go on, and up next … the number one contender for the European Championship, ‘The World’s Strongest Man,’ Mark Henry, is in action!

{Commercial Break}


With GANGREL in the ring…

Jim Ross: Welcome back to RAW, ladies and gentlemen. Before this next match gets started, we’d like to take you back to the events that transpired on Smackdown! These events involved Mark Henry and the WWF European Champion, Chris Jericho…


Jericho shows a little bit of sluggishness coming off the heels of his emotional encounter in the “Champion versus Champion” spectacle, but he is able to fight through the challenge of the much larger Rikishi in a match that is not allotted too much time, but still is more than passable for a non-title television contest.

Just as Jericho is beginning to gain control of the match, his challenger appears on stage! MARK HENRY is shown, taking in a closer view of the match, as Y2J takes his eyes off of his opponent in the ring to look at his opponent at the PPV. Jericho then turns around and walks into a SAVATE KICK!!

The crowd, not expecting to see this at all, lets out a roaring “OOOH” as Rikishi makes the cover, looking for the upset! Near fall! Jericho kicks out! Mark Henry shakes his head and stays on the stage, as Coach and Cole banter about his presence being a bit of a difference maker.

Moments later, Rikishi looks to run in on Jericho, who is in the corner. But Jericho hops over the top of Rikishi, setting up a Sunset Flip! 1! 2!! 3!!!

Later that night…


CHRIS JERICHO is making his way near the exit of the arena. However, he stops in his tracks, and looks over to his left. The camera pans around, and we see MARK HENRY standing in screen shot.

The two exchange glances at one another, as Jericho then walks ahead.

Chris Jericho: Got somethin’ to say to me, Mark?

Mark Henry: Yeah.

Henry walks up.

Mark Henry: Congratulations. Good victory earlier tonight. Impressive performance for you.

Y2J looks back… curiously, at that.

Chris Jericho: Y’know I don’t buy that.

Mark Henry: Well, I’m sorry that you can’t see my sincerity, Chris.

Chris Jericho: Sincerity?

Jericho shakes his head.

Mark Henry: Yeah, sincerity. Just like I’m sincere when I tell you that you that you shouldn’t try to piss me off, Chris. It won’t end well for you. I promise you that.

Mark and Chris exchange in a bit of a stare down…



The crowd cheers as the number one contender for the European Championship makes his way down to the ring. Mark Henry, cracking his knuckles along the way, wearing a blue, oversized singlet, stomps down the ramp towards the ring.

With just six days until Henry gets his opportunity for the WWF European Championship, all of the pressure is on him to succeed in this tune-up affair. As fate would have it, that’s exactly what would get done. Gangrel, though experienced in his own right, is no match for The World’s Strongest Man, who gets a lot of crowd support behind him during the course of this match. The match reaches the finish line as Henry lifts Gangrel up with a Military Press… transitioning to a SLAM TO THE MAT!! Then, Henry runs off to the ropes… WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! The three count, thereafter, is academic.
WINNER: Mark Henry at 3:05.
A boastful cheer rings out as Henry raises his arms in celebration of his impressive victory. The referee holds it up, and he nods at his work that he’s concocted in the squared circle tonight.

Kevin Kelly: What a victory for Mark Henry! He’s rolling into Backlash this Sunday night!

Jim Ross: He hasn’t picked up a one-on-one loss this month, Kevin. When you have that going for you, and with how physically imposing he is, the European Champion could be in for some trouble.

Henry looks down at Gangrel, and then out at the crowd. A few moments later, he picks Gangrel up!

Kevin Kelly: I think that mean streak is coming out J.R.!!

Henry scoops Gangrel up off the mat … AND DELIVERS THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!!!

Kevin Kelly: Oh!!

Jim Ross: Good lord!

Henry stands over Gangrel, who is now rendered unconscious, as he talks a little bit of trash. He walks out of the ring, and the camera follows him the whole way, as we hear him speak.

Mark Henry: Remember what I said, Chris! That belt’s comin’ with me to Silsbee!

Kevin Kelly: The World’s Strongest Man is starting to look like quite the threat to the European Champion. We may wind up with a new champion next week when it’s all set and done.

Jim Ross: Certainly wouldn’t surprise me, Kevin. Chris Jericho would be wise to not poke this beast more than he needs to.


We see the European Champion, Chris Jericho, standing and watching purposefully at the number one contender to his title belt walk up the ramp. With his hands at his hips, we then see Jonathan Coachman emerge on screen.

Jonathan Coachman: Chris, quickly, can we get a word on what we’ve just seen from Mark Henry? Are you feeling that perhaps you’re in danger of—

Chris Jericho: Let me cut you off right there, Coach.

Jericho leers at The Coach.

Chris Jericho: Mark Henry is a fierce competitor. Mark Henry is the World’s Strongest Man. You know what I think about that? Whoop-dee-friggin-do.

Jericho puts his European Championship on his shoulder.

Chris Jericho: What does being “The World’s Strongest Man” do for you anyway? Do you get a trophy? A t-shirt? A key to the city? A certificate with authenticity? As far as being a wrestler, Mark Henry has no business being compared to me.

Jericho flips his hair behind his shoulders.

Chris Jericho: I’ve been sick to my stomach lately watching and listening to people say, “Wow! What great moves, Mark! What great strength, Mark! You might have a chance to win the European Title, Mark!” As a matter of fact, Coach, I’m sick to my stomach right NOW, after what J.R. and Kevin Kelly have been talking about out in the ring.

The crowd doesn’t know what to make of Jericho’s comments, as he continues to talk.

Chris Jericho: In fact… once Mark makes his way back here, tell him that this Thursday night on Smackdown, I’m gonna open the show, and welcome him to the ring. And I’m gonna do what everyone’s advising me to not do… I’m gonna get under his skin. And then, at Backlash… I’m gonna beat him. And he’s never…

Chris goes to stretch his vocal chords, but instead, stops.

Chris Jericho: …Ever… be the same, again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for the match that I have. In the main event.

Chris leaves the pit, leaving Coach, and the rest of the crowd, rendered speechless.

{Commercial Break}


HARDCORE HOLLY is briskly walking through a hallway inside the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena. Dressed to compete, with the Hardcore Title over his left shoulder, MICHAEL COLE suddenly appears in shot.

Michael Cole: Hardcore—

Hardcore Holly: Yeah, what the hell do you want Michael? Geez, can you have a little bit of decency and not sneak up on me you chump?

Embarrassed, Michael looks down for a moment before looking back up.

Hardcore Holly: Well get on with it. Ask me whatever question you’ve got.

Michael Cole: Well, it’s been a couple of weeks now since Raven debuted—

Hardcore Holly: Aw, to hell with Raven, to hell with this interview, too.

Hardcore swipes the microphone away, and shoos Cole away.

Hardcore Holly: Get out of here, you geek. (Looks to the camera) Raven, I’m going to be honest. I don’t like you. I don’t like how you dress. I don’t like how you look, you freak, and I sure as hell have a problem with you picking a fight with me.

Holly scowls.

Hardcore Holly: This Sunday, I plan on making an example out of you. For now, I’m going to give you a fair warning: watch your back, bucko.

Heated, Holly storms off of the screenshot.

A video plays…


The image of the American Flag is shown on screen, whipping in the wind.

Narrator: Hi, this is your Olympic Hero, the one, the only – Kurt Angle.

We see a bald eagle flying in the sky.

Kurt Angle: I know that all of my fans have been dying to see me return to WWF television. It’s been a long absence, it’s true, it’s true.

{Oh the arrogance. Two weeks!}

We now get a shot of the Lincoln Memorial.

Kurt Angle: Well fear no longer. The World Wrestling Federation’s first-ever Olympic Gold Medalist is returning sooner than you may think.

We see a shot of the White House.

Kurt Angle: This Sunday, in our Nation’s Capital, after nearly THREE, LONG WEEKS of absence, your Olympic Hero will be back in the ring, at Backlash.

And now a shot of the Washington Monument.

Kurt Angle: And to prove that I’m the best in the World Wrestling Federation, I’m going to issue an open challenge. ANYONE in America can address this challenge for a match at Backlash, with me, Kurt Angle.

After several shots of the Capitol Building and the Jefferson Memorial, we land on the American flag again.

Kurt Angle: Your Olympic Hero has returned. Ohhhhh it’s true.


*BACKSTAGE – D-Generation X’s Locker Room*

TRIPLE H, STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY, ROAD DOGG, and X-PAC are all sitting comfortably in their suite-like locker room, all in chairs, and all smiles. With Hunter feeling confident tonight, more than in prior shows, the WWF Champion and his entourage have good vibes all around.

Just then, a stagehand protrudes through the room.

Stagehand: Mrs. Helmsley?

Stephanie cranes her neck with a glare.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Excuse me. Can you knock next time please?

Stagehand: Ma’m, I’m sorry. But you have an urgent phone call to answer – from your mother.

The mood changes, ever so briefly, as Stephanie rises to her feet and shakes her head.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: This better be important.

Stagehand: Follow me.

The two leave the room.

{Commercial Break}


Kevin Kelly: I wonder what the CEO of the World Wrestling Federation has to say to Stephanie, J.R.!!

Jim Ross: With what’s happened over the last few weeks, I don’t imagine it’s going to be very good for the McMahon family. Nonetheless, folks, in just a few moments we’ll have a one-on-one match with Eddie Guerrero taking on ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane. But, let’s quickly take you back to how this match came about.

Video starts to play from Smackdown!

Kevin Kelly: The Radicalz made it clear that they wanted a shot at ‘The Big Red Machine’ for what he did to Chris Benoit a couple of weeks ago on this show. They called him out but J.R., something ELSE happened before!

Jim Ross: The daunting sound of a gong hit twice in the First Union Center. Chills were sent down the spines of just about everybody in attendance, but when the lights came back on, there was Kane, in the ring. And Kane was ready to fight.

Kevin Kelly: He took on everybody! But even for someone of the size of the monstrous Kane, even he couldn’t withstand a 4-on-1 assault.

Jim Ross: The Radicalz got the better of the brawl, and Chris Benoit was at the forefront of it. And it looked like he was going to drive a deft blow to the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Kevin Kelly: But then, all of a sudden, the lights went out – AGAIN!!

Jim Ross: And when they came back on, Kane was nowhere to be found.

Kevin Kelly: Paul Bearer kept talking about the darkness, J.R. I think it’s close!

Jim Ross: In any event, ‘The Big Red Machine’ will be taking on Eddie Guerrero, but first, Jonathan Coachman is standing by with the man who issued that very challenge.


JONATHAN COACHMAN, wearing a black RAW is WAR polo shirt, stands alongside Eddie Guerrero, who is flanked by the rest of the group. Chris Benoit, holding the Intercontinental Championship in his hands, stands right next to Eddie.

Jonathan Coachman: Thanks, J.R. and indeed I am standing next to Eddie Guerrero and The Radicalz are joining him here in the pit. Eddie, what drove you to make this challenge?

Eddie Guerrero: You know essa, I’ve had a lot of people ask me that very question over the last week.

Coach brings the mic up closer.

Eddie Guerrero: People act like I’m crazy, man. That it’s ridiculous that someone like me, someone like Eddie Guerrero, a much smaller man than Kane, would go so far as to pick a fight with him! I’ll ask you something, Coach. Do you think I’m crazy? Huh?

Coachman trembles a little bit.

Jonathan Coachman: Um…

Eddie Guerrero: C’mon! C’mon, Jonathan. You’re the new big shot around here right, holmes? Answer the question. Do you think I’m crazy? That I’m muy loco? That Latino Heat has lost his mind?!?!

Jonathan Coachman: I mean he is—

Eddie Guerrero: He’s what?

Coachman bites his tongue.

Jonathan Coachman: He is seven feet tall. And does seem more imposing.

Eddie stares a hole into him, looking like he’s going to get angry… when he lets out a smile.

Eddie Guerrero: Haha!! I got you, vato. You probably thought I was gonna knock you out or something. No! No Coach, because it doesn’t MATTER what these people think. It doesn’t MATTER what YOU think! It doesn’t matter what any naysayer says. I’m a Guerrero. I FIGHT and stand for what I believe in.

Even seeming a little bit heel-like in the last few months, the crowd cheers for the charismatic Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero: And NOBODY messes with my friends, man. Mi amigos! My family! Mi familia!! And I consider all these guys behind me a part of my family, essa. Perry, Dean, and the Intercontinental Champion of the World, Chris Benoit, we came here together to the WWF! And we’re not gonna let some freakishly large red and black monster scare us! No way, José!

Benoit nods in agreement, as Eddie looks over to him.

Eddie Guerrero: Chris, you know as well as I do. I’m not fighting your battles, and I know that you’re gonna kick Kane’s ass at Backlash, and retain your Intercontinental Championship. But tonight? This one’s for you, buddy.

Eddie embraces with Benoit, as Benoit pats him on the back, all smiles, as Malenko and Saturn both nod. He then lets go and turns back to the Coach.

Eddie Guerrero: Kane, I promise you – you’re gonna regret picking this fight, puto!! Orale!!

The Radicalz exit the pit.

Jim Ross: This is gonna be a slobberknocker, folks! Kane! Eddie Guerrero! NEXT!!

{Commercial Break}


EDDIE GUERRERO jives his way onto the stage, receiving a HUGE mixed reaction. The Radicalz flank Latino Heat as they all walk to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well here he comes, and after the words that we just heard from Eddie Guerrero, you’ve got to believe that he’s feeling very, very confident tonight.

Kevin Kelly: It’s certainly easy to feel confident when you’ve got that posse behind him, J.R.!! But make no mistake, Eddie can sure as heck hold his own.

Suddenly, as they reach the end of the ramp, Eddie is heard saying, “One on one … one on one boys. I’m doing this on my own.” And with that, The Radicalz head up the ramp!

Kevin Kelly: Wow, would you take a look at this!?

Jim Ross: Eddie truly meant one-on-one. The Radicalz have been sent packing!!

Eddie rolls into the ring, and stands in one of the corners, anxiously waiting…



Once again, Charlotte erupts, this time leaning towards heat, as KANE walks to the ring, with Paul Bearer flaking him to his right.

Jim Ross: Well, here comes ‘The Big Red Machine’ through hell, fire, and brimstone. This man has made a living off of beating others to a pulp.

Kevin Kelly: You can already see Eddie bargaining with the referee. He wants this to be mono y mono! He’s trying to get Paul Bearer thrown out of here!

The referee, Jack Doan, climbs out of the ring and talks to Paul Bearer as Kane stops in his tracks as well. Doan tells him Eddie’s request, as the camera cuts to him, as he shouts, “mono y mono essa!” Bearer protests, but Doan tosses him!

Before anybody knows it, Eddie Guerrero hops out of the ring, and leaps off of the apron and splashes down onto an unguarded Kane!!

The action continues on the outside, as Eddie gains an early advantage over the monster, sending him barreling into the ring post and the barricades, before we finally get in the ring, where Eddie goes for a quick pin … 1… 2… shoulder up!

Eddie lifts Kane back up to his feet, and shoots him off to the ropes, and nails him with a dropkick upon his return!! Latino Heat then calls on Kane to get up, and he does, and Eddie runs off the ropes and brings the big man to his back with a headscissors takedown!

Eddie tries another pin fall attempt, but to no avail, Kane kicks out, and eventually The Big Red Machine is able to attain control of the matchup. He overpowers the much smaller Guerrero, using his brute strength and power to overwhelm him over the next few minutes, connecting with a HARD Sidewalk Slam around the four-minute mark.

Kane goes for the cover, looking like Eddie’s night is finished, but Eddie kicks out!! This doesn’t cause The Big Red Machine to relent, and instead, the big man goes back to work, bodying Eddie with hard slams and uppercuts to the throat. From there, Kane hits a devastating backbreaker to Eddie, but instead of going for the pin, he brings him up, and hits ANOTHER backbreaker!

From there, he goes for the cover, but Eddie kicks out!! Kane gets him to his feet and shoots him to the ropes… and Eddie ducks a clothesline, flies off the ropes and he hits a flying lariat!! Guerrero rolls up to his feet and runs hard towards Kane, and leaps, dropping down to the mat… monkey flipping the monster!! Eddie gets up, feeling it, as he shimmies, and the crowd surprisingly lets out a roar.

Eddie calls on The Big Red Machine to get up, and he does, and walks into Eddie who hits a vertical suplex! Eddie pops his hips, holding onto Kane, displaying an impressive amount of strength and fortitude, hitting another suplex!! Eddie struggles this time, feeling the effects of the backbreakers, as he gets up and looks for a third consecutive suplex… AND HITS IT!! Fighting for his friend, Eddie grabs the legs and hooks them. 1… 2… KICK OUT!!!!

“ED-DIE” chants start to ring out around the arena, as Guerrero gets himself together quickly, and favors his back as he then looks to ascend to the top rope. Just then… KANE SITS UP!! The crowd lets out an “OOOOH” as Eddie’s eyes widen, knowing he’s in trouble. The Big Red Machine walks over, but Eddie desperately tries to fight him away! He kicks him, and levels him with his boot, but the monster keeps coming back, and grabs him by the throat!! With him goozled, Kane lifts him up high off the ropes… HITTING A CALAMITOUS CHOKESLAM TO HELL!!!

Kane subsequently covers, after showing a tremendous amount of strength.



WINNER: Kane at 9:16.
A dominant performance from the No. 1 Contender for the IC Title, as Kane stands over and admires the work he’s done, as Eddie lies unconscious in the center of the ring.

Jim Ross: By God, Eddie Guerrero gave Kane everything that he had in that one. But at his own expense, he may have just lit a fire in The Big Red Machine. No pun intended.

Kane shoots his arms down as fire hits off of the ring posts.

Kevin Kelly: Jeez! You might be right about that J.R. Eddie Guerrero wanted Kane one-on-one. And well, he got him. But he also might have gotten a lot more than he bargained for.

Kane tumbles out of the ring and heads up the ramp. We then cut to the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Benoit, eying Kane as he walks up the ramp via the television, silently at that.

{Commercial Break}



A LOUD mixed reaction breaks out in the arena, as the music of T&A hits. TEST, ALBERT, and TRISH STRATUS then enter the arena, walking out on stage, looking as confident as can be.

Jim Ross: Welcome bak, and we’re now in the WAR Zone, ladies and gentlemen. The WWF Tag Team Champions might have their hands full at Backlash, and we’re looking at two, or three of the reasons why that might wind up being the case.

Kevin Kelly: We’re four days removed from it, but I STILL cannot believe the intense talk from Trish Stratus to both Edge and Christian back on Smackdown! She means business, J.R.

Jim Ross: She’s certainly a great salesperson for her clients. That’s for certain.

Even though they were a few seconds from beating D-Generation X back on Smackdown!, the team of Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay are not nearly matched up evenly enough against the hottest tag team in the World Wrestling Federation to date.

They’re able to challenge them early in the match with their high-octane, fast-paced attacks, but the larger Test and Albert are able to halt them in their tracks, and instead physically dissect them both, enforcing a ground and pound mentality for much o the contest.

It comes to a close after Test connects with a running Big Boot to the face of Grandmaster Sexay, while Albert a few feet away from him, connects with the Baldo Bomb on Scotty 2 Hotty. A double pin fall occurs thereafter, as T&A, quite simply, is rolling.
WINNER: T&A at 4:07.

Kevin Kelly: What a performance! There might not be a better tag team in the world today, J.R.

Jim Ross: Except the tag team that has the WWF Tag Team Titles, Kevin. Until they’re beaten, they’re the best we’ve got.

Kevin Kelly: You’ve gotta wonder though. Edge and Christian have had limited action since WrestleMania. Is T&A’s momentum too much for them to take on?

Trish Stratus is seen grabbing a microphone from a stagehand.

Trish Stratus: Another day, another dollar, and ANOTHER victory… for T… and… A.

Trish lets out a smile, as some in the crowd cheer.

Trish Stratus: The best tag team in the World Wrestling Federation just DOMINATED once again. And guess what?

Trish flips her hair and pauses.

Trish Stratus: They’ll be in action this Sunday night. They’ll be fighting for the WWF Tag Team Championships. And they’re going to dominate… AGAIN.

Trish smiles once again.

Trish Stratus: Edge? Christian? Wherever you are, do us a favor. Keep those belts warm for us. I know it’s real, reaaaaal difficult up in Canada to get away from the cold, but…

Trish lets out a giggle as she walks around.

Trish Stratus: …but once you lose this Sunday, you’ll feel much, much colder without them…

Trish winks and trots away from the ring after being helped out by Test and Albert.

Kevin Kelly: Trish sure is using her freedom of speech lately! She’s on a hot streak of her own.

Jim Ross: Well this Sunday it’ll be put up, or shut up and it’ll be for the Tag Team Titles. I can hardly wait to see what T&A has to offer against Edge and Christian.

Kevin Kelly: It’s gonna be one for the ages.


TAZ arrives to the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena, finally, to a LOUD pop from the crowd watching on the Titantron.

Jim Ross: Well as they say, business has just picked up! Taz is here!!

Kevin Kelly: And look who is at his side!

Alone, he is not, as the 500 lbs. BIG SHOW climbs out of the truck the arrived in.

Jim Ross: Well those two men along with Chris Jericho will be taking on D-Generation X-

Kevin Kelly: J.R., I’m sorry to interrupt! But we have to get a camera backstage – something is going on near the Gorilla position!!


A cameraman tries to get in position as we see HARDCORE HOLLY in screen shot!! To the right of him are T&A who just walked out of the Gorilla position…

Jim Ross: Well that’s Hardcore Holly and…

Kevin Kelly: T&A and-

Jim Ross: It’s Raven!! By God, Backlash appears to have come early!

Good ol’ J.R. is right – Holly and RAVEN are exchanging fisticuffs, but the Hardcore Champion gets the better of the exchange!! Holy rocks Raven backwards with successive rights to the face, before he grabs him and runs him into a chest!!

Jim Ross: Oh! God almighty! What a throw.

Kevin Kelly: Hardcore Holly looks as incensed as he was earlier on in the broadcast, J.R. He’s taking it all out on his opponent at Backlash!!

Jim Ross: We need somebody to separate these two back there!

Kevin Kelly: Trish, Test and Albert seem to want no part of this! Who could blame them?

T&A scurries away as Holly grabs a nearby trashcan lid and clocks Raven over the head with it!! Just then, security and several mid-card faces run up and break the two apart. Holly talks a lot of trash after he’s separated, and Raven is attended to on the floor.

Jim Ross: Well Hardcore Holly is in action up next, but what’s the status of the number one contender for the Hardcore Championship!?!?

{Commercial Break}


Hardcore Champion HARDCORE HOLLY vs. VAL VENIS
Val Venis is a good worker, as J.R. and Kevin Kelly are quick to point out that just two short years ago he was competing for the Intercontinental and European Championships on a weekly basis it seemed. Now, though, he’s fed to Hardcore Holly, who is still riding on a bit of a mean streak that he let out to the world a few moments before the commercial break. Holly impressively finishes off this match after hitting the Alabama Slam, as the Hardcore Champion picks up a very important duke.
WINNER: Hardcore Holly at 3:09.
Holly’s theme hits to a pretty sizable amount of heat, as he stands and grabs his Hardcore Championship from the outside. He then begins to head up the ramp hoisting the belt high in the air. Our commentators discuss the performance from Holly, as he’s last seen pointing to the belt and talking into the camera, talking a little more trash to his opponent for this Sunday.


As D-X prepares for their forthcoming contest against the team of Taz, Big Show and Chris Jericho, STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY walks back into the locker room, having not been seen since answering the phone call.

Triple H: Well, what’s the news?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: It’s… big. Big news.

The rest of the room remains silent.

Triple H: Well… don’t hold us in suspense, Steph. What is it?

Stephanie bites her bottom lip.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: There’s a few things, actually. One, on Thursday night… you’re in a match, Hunter. And so are you, X-Pac, and Road Dogg. Road Dogg and X-Pac… you’re in a Handicap Match. Against… Big Show.

The crowd can be heard cheering in the background, as XPac and Road Dogg look at one another.

Road Dogg: We’re ready for that, Steph. Best believe Big Show better know what’s comin’ his way.

Triple H: What about me?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: You’re in a tag team match.

Triple H doesn’t seem to bothered by it.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: A ten-man tag team match.

Jim Ross: What?!

Triple H’s eyes widen.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: With you, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Christian on one team… and Taz, Kane, Mark Henry, Test, and Albert on another. Champions versus Challengers.

Kevin Kelly: Oh my!

Jim Ross: What a-what a bombshell!!

Hunter is clearly steamed, as his face turns bright red.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: And… well, there’s one more thing. Someone’s coming back this Sunday. To the World Wrestling Federation. And… it’s…

Stephanie whispers in Hunter’s ear… and Hunter’s eyes BULGE out.

Triple H: WHAT!??!

Stephanie, biting her bottom lip, nods again.

Jim Ross: Who the-who the heck is The Billion Dollar Princess referring to!? Who’s coming back to the WWF!?

Kevin Kelly: You’re guess is as good as mine, J.R.! Stephanie has left us all in suspense!!

{Commercial Break}


A live, outside shot is shown of the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena as the crowd cheers the sight.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to the WAR Zone and folks, we’ve got a ton of news to pass to you that we were just informed of during the commercial break.

Kevin Kelly: Thursday night is shaping up to be a big night in the WWF, J.R!! I can’t wait for Smackdown! after hearing all of this!

Jim Ross: First thing’s first; if you missed it, a bomb was dropped on the World Wrestling Federation Champion. Triple H is going to have to team up with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian, to take on Taz, Kane, Mark Henry, Test and Albert! A ‘Champions versus Challengers’ 10-Man Tag Team Match!!

Kevin Kelly: It’s one of the most star-studded tag team matches of ALL time, J.R. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if all hell broke loose!

Jim Ross: Additionally on Thursday night, 72 hours away from their Four Corners Tag Team Match, The APA will be taking on The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudley Boyz will take on The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan!

Kevin Kelly: It should be intense under these conditions, J.R. And don’t forget – The Big Show, for the first time since returning, will be in action on Smackdown! in a Handicap Match against X-Pac and The Road Dogg!!

Jim Ross: I hope that Charlotte is ready for this one. This has the makings of one of the best editions of Smackdown since the show began last year!


TAZ and BIG SHOW walk out of Taz’s locker room and meeting them at the end of the hallway is the European Champion, CHRIS JERICHO, and the trio begin to walk towards the Gorilla Position.

Kevin Kelly: A big match atmosphere is starting to churn. It’s main event time!

Jim Ross: Taz, Big Show, and Chris Jericho meet D-Generation X in the ring – NEXT!!

{Commercial Break}

We return to the ringside area, as our commentators run through the match listing for the upcoming Pay-Per-View spectacle Backlash...

*5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BOOM*


A LOUD reaction from the crowd as the WWF European Champion, CHRIS JERICHO, appears on stage and spins around, livening up the crowd a little bit more.

Jim Ross: Well there are thousands and thousands of Jericholics here in Raleigh, tonight!

Kevin Kelly: The European Champion has certainly brought the crowd to its feet, J.R.! And we know that despite that he’s in this main event, he’s got a few words he wants to say to Mark Henry.

Jim Ross: Have to believe he’s got his eyes on tonight’s main event as well.

Jericho climbs into the ring and shakes the ropes a little bit, before taking off his jacket and he walks around in green and blue trunks.


Another loud response from the crowd, as the 7-foot, 500 lbs. BIG SHOW walks on stage. The giant stomps down the ramp as Jericho awaits his partner.

Jim Ross: This will be Big Show’s first match since WrestleMania, and unlike then, he seems to have the crowd’s backing in this one.

Kevin Kelly: Gotta believe that’s because he doesn’t have Shane McMahon at his side now, J.R. Speaking of which, I wonder, if when Shane’s suspension from the World Wrestling Federation expires, if Big Show will be after him.

Jim Ross: Big Show isn’t someone that I’d like to have a grudge with, Kevin, and you might be right. There could very well be unfinished business with those two when May rolls around.

Big Show walks up the steps and steps over the top rope and into the ring, wearing a black singlet and a ‘BIG SHOW’ sleeveless tee over it.

***IF YOU DARE/13***

The LOUDEST of all reactions tonight, as the number one contender for the WWF Championship, TAZ, makes his way onto the stage.

Jim Ross: By God, listen to this ovation!!

Kevin Kelly: Euphoria has hit Raleigh, J.R.! Taz has made this crowd come unglued!

Dressed in his usual all-black attire with white wrist and hand tape, The Human Suplex Machine rolls into the ring and bumps both Big Show and Jericho’s knuckles.


A fanatical reaction, mixed between both cheers and boos, as TRIPLE H, ROAD DOGG, and X-PAC, the entity known as D-GENERATION X walk onto the stage. STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY joins the trio as they trudge on down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Hate them or love them, D-X is in full tonight. When they’re on, hardly anybody is better.

Kevin Kelly: They’ve gone through a few rough patches over the last few weeks, J.R., but they seem like a strong, cohesive unit tonight. That could spell trouble for a trio with hardly any chemistry like Jericho, Taz and Big Show.

With much of the competitors in this contest in need of a good showing, what comes of this main event is a high-octane contest. Taz and Road Dogg are the first to start things off, even though it’s clear that The Human Suplex Machine is itching to get after the WWF Champion, and the feeling is mutual.

But even with that said, Taz keeps himself collected, and shows out against Road Dogg, who at first appears to be no match for him. He tags in Big Show, and the faces do a little bit of isolation, keeping Road Dogg away from his comrades, rendering him helpless. With Y2J in the ring now, Jericho shoots him to the ropes and knocks him down with a spinning heel kick.

A minute or so later, the tide finally changes, as Road Dogg is able to counter an attempt of the Walls of Jericho, sending Jericho barreling into the ropes, and out of the ring!! Road Dogg tags in X-Pac, who climbs into the ring and heads straight to the outside. He doesn’t waste time sending Jericho back into the ring, avoiding any and all contact with the faces, and then gets to work.

And now, the game changes entirely, as the heels now isolate the European Champion away from his buddies, much to their dismay. The crowd lets out a loud mixed reaction as The Game finally gets into the ring, and starts to attack the man he beat on last week’s edition of RAW is WAR.

In need of getting some of his magic back, Triple H puts on a clinic against Y2J, delving into his deep arsenal of maneuvers and submissions, and connects with a HARD running knee lift which takes Jericho onto his back. He looks over at Taz, and for good measure, gives him a crotch chop, which causes ANOTHER mixed reaction to ring out.

Taz wants a piece of HHH, but the referee won’t allow it, and with his back turned, Hunter waves in his comrades and Road Dogg helps Hunter whip him across the ring, and X-Pac gives him a taste of his own medicine – a spinning heel kick right into the jaw!

They scurry away, as Hunter goes for the cover. SHOULDER UP! With some fight left in him, the European Champion kicks out, but HHH continues to dissect him, hitting a couple of elbows onto his knees, and then applies… a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!! Damn near echoing the native of Charlotte, “WOOOO’s” are gathered around the arena, as Taz and Big Show call on their teammate to will his way to reversing the hold.

And moments later, he does!! The crowd pops as Jericho gets back his feet, hobbling a little bit, and Hunter charges in. But Jericho back drops him!! Hunter however lands on his feet, and looks for a hangman, but Y2J fights out, and gouges the eyes of the WWF Champion!! With him stunned, Jericho, grabs hold of him, and suplexes him over the top rope and onto the mat!!

The crowd is buzzing, as we see Big Show and Taz both reaching out. We know who the crowd wants, and Jericho digs and digs, getting to the corner and makes the tag!


All guns blazing, The Human Suplex Machine lives up to his moniker. He immediately runs into the corner, grabbing X-Pac – TAZ PLEX OVER THE ROPES!! Road Dogg lands in a couple of forearm shots, and then runs off to the ropes. But Taz grabs him – BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Road Dogg rolls out of the ring on impact, and Taz kicks X-Pac out of the ring, and turns his attention…


“C’mon you sonnovabitch!”

Triple H turns around, stopping in his tracks and he looks around. Road Dogg – down. Taz – down. Stephanie – hands on her head. Taz – licking his chops. The WWF Champion has no choice but to fight, and fight he does!! Taz knocks him with a right hand. Hunter knocks him with a left. A right. A left. A right. A left. A KNEE LIFT BY THE GAME!

Hunter whips Taz into the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Taz ducks it, running off the ropes, and hits Hunter with a short-arm lariat!! Hunter gets up, and is hit with another lariat! Taz calls on him to get up, and HHH walks in and Taz grabs hold – TAZ PLEX!!

The crowd in Raleigh is going berserk, as Taz fires them up a little bit more, as he walks around and calls on Hunter to get up. And he does, as he staggers in, and Taz gives him a kick to the gut, and turns him around. TAZMISSION! NO!! HHH mule kicks at Taz’s knee!! Taz bends down to favor it, but finds himself in trouble – Hunter sets him up between his legs. PEDIGERE – NO!! Taz back body drops the WWF Champion!!!

Hunter walks up this feet and wildly swings at Taz, but The Human Suplex Machine ducks, and applies a half-nelson! Taz then with all his might SENDS HIM OVER HIS BODY FOR THE TAZMISSION-PLEX… ROLLS THROUGH…


Road Dogg STILL down…

…X-Pac just now getting up to his feet…

…Stephanie shrieking in horror…

WINNERS: Taz, Big Show, and Chris Jericho at 13:26.

Jim Ross: It’s over! It’s over!! Helmsley taps! Helmsley has tapped out to the Tazmission!!!

Ring announcer Lilian Garcia boisterously announces the victors of the 6-Man Tag Team Match, as Raleigh lets out a HUGE pop. Taz lets go of The Game, and shoots his fists up in the air and walks around the ring.

Kevin Kelly: I can’t believe this, J.R.! I thought for sure when Triple H had everything set up for the Pedigree, that he was going to hit it! But in any event, Taz has picked up a humongous victory over the WWF Champion!

Jim Ross: (Cue the hard sell) And if what we’ve just seen, if that very same thing happens in six night – oh my goodness, if that happens in our Nation’s Capital – then by God we will have ourselves a new WWF Champion!! The Human Suplex Machine has never looked better than this! And I’ll bet it’s going to be one hell of a battle between he and Triple H at Backlash!! Goodnight everybody! What a ride it’s gonna be!

Taz is seen celebrating with Big Show and Jericho in the ring, as D-X and Stephanie recuperate on the outside as we fade…





Announced Matches for WWF Smackdown!
April 27th, 2000
Charlotte, North Carolina

10-Man Tag Team Match:
WWF Champion Triple H, IC Champion Chris Benoit, European Champion Chris Jericho, and Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian
Taz, Kane, Mark Henry, Test, and Albert

Tag Team Match:
The APA vs. The Hardy Boyz

Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz vs. The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan

Handicap Match:
Road Dogg & X-Pac vs. The Big Show


Current Card for WWF Backlash

April 30th, 2000
Washington, D.C.

WWF Championship Match:
‘The Game’ Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley defends against ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Taz w/ Big Show

WWF Tag Team Championships Match:
Edge and Christian defend against T&A w/ Trish Stratus

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match:
‘The Crippler’ Chris Benoit w/ The Radicalz defends against ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane w/ Paul Bearer

WWF European Championship Match:
‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho defends against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry

WWF Hardcore Championship Match:
Hardcore Holly defends against Raven

Kurt Angle’s Open Invitational:
The Olympic Hero Returns to PPV and Challenges ANYONE IN AMERICA to a One-on-One Match

Four Corners Tag Team Match:
The APA vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan

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Eight man tag match was a different way to kick off the show, not only because it was a match, but because it's featuring the tag teams not involved in the title match and in the least "prominent" feud heading into Backlash. The APA and Hardyz pick up the duke, and I expect we'll see a variation of the opposite on SmackDown. The match at Backlash should be a lot of fun, and it's a nice bit of exposure for your tag team division. You've got six strong tag teams (and Too Cool, DX as well), and it's good that they're all featured.

Didn't like Hunter cursing at the end, because RAW is still on TNN, and that word - above all others - would not be allowed. If you meant for it to be bleeped then I take this back, but I didn't get that. Triple H's promo was fine, though the back and forth with Stephanie didn't do it for me. It felt like it could've been done the first week of this feud, but not this week, as Hunter has definitely begun to take on a more serious tone... while this promo (after the beginning) felt too cartoonish. Still, it effectively lies out the basic principal of H as the best in the world, which is the point.

lol @ Gangrel. Glad Henry destroyed him, and looked like a monster doing it. Jericho's promo was a bit... odd. It definitely felt more heelish than usual, but I suppose that was the point as you mentioned the confusion of the crowd. But this thing between he and Jericho has got to get kickstarted at some point. I hope it's tonight.

That was fun. Hardcore and Raven might in fact be made for each other. Holly is so serious as a no-nonsense badass, and Raven has a self-deprecating kind of seriousness. It could be magic.

Kurt Angle is fantastic. More of this after Backlash.

Eddie Guerrero face turn already? No bueno. :( Sad to see Latino Heat break off from the Radicalz but that definitely seems to be coming sooner rather than later after his promo, his match with Kane and the fans reaction to it all. I suppose Eddie does have more to offer as a singles wrestler anyway. The match with Kane was fine, as Guerrero looked strong enough... but The Big Red Machine obviously needed the win heading into Backlash.

Kevin Kelly is terrible, but Trish was solid here again. Outside of Taz, I think she's been the best performer on the mic for these two full shows that you've put up. I know it's not a large sample size, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Eventually, you're gonna have to put Raven on the microphone. While he's a solid wrestler, and a perfect guy for the hardcore division, he makes his MONEY and NAME by cutting promos different and better than 97.2 percent of the roster.
Kinda buried Val Venis here, which I think is a mistake, because as you said, he's only a bit removed from being a semi-big deal in the WWF. Maybe you just don't favor him, which is fair enough.

Couldn't tell whether Hunter or Steph was nervous about the return of the superstar at Backlash, and I suppose that was the goal here. Nicely played. The ten man tag team match on SD is a novel concept, though it's gonna be very tricky to manage with heels and faces mingling with each other. Definitely looking forward to that one.

Very fun main event, though the story is all about the result with Taz making Triple H submit. Outside of the SmackDown preceding this show where ECW stood tall (by the way, not a fan of it considering there is no follow up tonight and appears to be a one off), Taz has distinctly been the top dog in the federation. I definitely approve. This feud between Hunter and Taz is so refreshing to see, I can only hope that Taz keeps this standing even when the big dogs in Austin, Rock and Taker return.

Another good show, JBL. Though I'm a little down on Jericho/Henry, everything has peeked my interest, especially Trish and Tazz. Keep it up.
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