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WWF 1999: My Way

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Steve Austin
Triple H
Billy Gunn
Davey Boy Smith
D-Lo Brown
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy (yet to debut)
Jeff Hardy (yet to debut)
Dan Severn
Val Venis
Rikishi (yet to debut)
Scotty 2 Hotty (yet to debut)
Blue Meanie
Al Snow
Steve Blackman
Shawn Stasiak
Beaver Cleavage
Bart Gunn
The Undertaker (TWEENER)


Vince McMahon
Shane McMahon
The Undertaker (TWEENER)
The Big Show
Ken Shamrock
Big Bossman
Kurt Angle (yet to debut)
Chris Jericho (yet to debut)
Gerald Brisco
Pat Patterson
Pete Gas
Joey Abs
Prince Albert
D-Von Dudley (yet to debut)
Bubba Dudley (yet to debut)
Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett
Hardcore Holly
Crash Holly
Brian Christopher
Tiger Ali Singh
The Rock


The Corporation-Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, The Rock, Big Bossman, The Big Show, Kane, Test, Chyna, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco

The Ministry-The Undertaker, Farooq, Bradshaw, Mideon, Viscera, Edge, Christian, Gangrel, Paul Bearer

Acolytes-Bradshaw, Farooq

The Brood-Gangrel, Christian, Edge

Edge & Christian

New Age Outlaws-Billy Gunn, Roaddog

The Dudley Boyz-Bubba Dudley, D-Von Dudley (yet to debut)

Owen & Jarrett

Kane & XPac

Holly Cousins-Hardcore Holly, Crash

Al Snow & Mankind

Hardy Boyz-Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy (yet to debut)

Mean Street Posse-Joey Abs, Rodney, Pete Gas

Headbangers-Mosh, Thrasher

Too Much-Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty (yet to debut)


Nicole Bass
Terri Runnels
Miss Kitty
Barbara Bush
Ryan Shamrock
Fabulous Moolah
Mae Young


WWF Champion-Mankind
Intercontinental Champion-Ken Shamrock
European Champion-X-Pac
Hardcore Champion-Roaddog
World Tag Champions-Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart
Womens Champion-Sable


Royal Rumble
St Valintine's Day Massercre
No Mercy UK
Over The Edge
King Of The Ring
Fully Loaded
No Mercy
Survivor Series
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Is there a back story? Or a starting point other than 1999? The rosters are good and young though, it's actually nice seeing some of these names. Good luck with this sir.

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Yeah, what is the starting point for this thread?

You have HHH listed as a face, yet, hes in the Corporation. You also have the rock in the corporation and rock n sock connection. :lmao

This is very sloppy. You can improve yes, but this is very sloppy. Good luck.

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A bit of research never goes amiss and it's something you are lacking, that or the attention to detail, or both even. Do the research, look over everything before you officially post and then, with a bit of luck, start posting an awesome Attitude Era thread.

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Yeah there was a bit of a botch starting this the starting point is the royal rumble but I accedently put the rock as champ & hunter in corp lolz it is sloppy but im working on it on ma laptop rite now lolz thank you all for encouragement & i no that guys like kurt angle & dudleyz & jericho etc didnt debut till later but ill fix all errors as soon as possible

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Yeah man don't sweat it! I'm sure after a couple edits and everything else, this is going to turn out to be a great btb! This was a great time in my opinion and was loaded with potential! Good luck on this!

So many explanation points lol

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Sunday Night Heat Mankind defeated Mabel Singles match

1 The Big Boss Man defeated The Road Dogg Singles match

2 Ken Shamrock (c) defeated Billy Gunn Singles match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
3 X-Pac (c) defeated Gangrel Singles match for the WWF European Championship

4 Sable (c) defeated Luna Vachon (with Shane McMahon) Strap match for the WWF Women's Championshipu

5 The Rock defeated Mankind (c) I Quit match for the WWF Championship

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin won by last eliminating Mr McMahon 1999 Royal Rumble


1 Stone Cold Steve Austin - Winner 56:38
2 Vince McMahon 29 Austin 56:38
3 Golga 1 Austin 00:15
4 Droz 7 Mabel 12:30
5 Edge 8 Road Dogg 11:51
6 Gillberg 2 Edge 00:07
7 Steve Blackman 4 Mabel and Singh 07:22
8 Dan Severn 3 Mabel 05:43
9 Tiger Ali Singh 5 Mabel 04:02
10 The Blue Meanie 6 Mabel 02:59
11 Mabel 9 Mideon, Faarooq and Bradshaw 01:26
12 The Road Dogg 12 Kane 10:41
13 Gangrel 10 Road Dogg 00:26
14 Kurrgan 13 Kane 06:54
15 Al Snow 11 Road Dogg 00:47
16 Goldust 15 Kane 04:02
17 The Godfather 14 Kane 01:40
18 Kane 16 Himself 00:53
19 Ken Shamrock 17 Austin 04:50
20 Billy Gunn 18 Austin 07:05
21 Test 19 Austin 12:48
22 The Big Boss Man 28 Austin 18:53
23 Triple H 25 Austin 14:19
24 Val Venis 24 Triple H 12:41
25 X-Pac 20 Boss Man 05:44
26 Mark Henry 22 Chyna 07:57
27 Jeff Jarrett 21 Triple H 03:39
28 D'Lo Brown 27 Boss Man 09:11
29 Owen Hart 26 Austin 06:31
30 Chyna 23 Austin 00:35


1 Headbangers vs The Blue Meanie & Gillberg
2 Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart vs New Age Outlaws
3 Triple H vs Big Bossman
4 Stone Cold Royal Rumble win speech
5 Ken Shamrock vs X-Pac vs The Rock in a Champion vs Champion vs Champion match​

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After the intro the crowd in Kansas City Missouri are going nuts! But that soon changes as The Corporation's theme hits with Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Big Bossman & The Rock makes there way down the ramp. Vince grabs a mic & yells at the fans to shut up & listen to what he has to say. He says that last night was a travesty, that Stone Cold Steve Austin stole the Royal Rumble win & will never win the WWF Championship again. He then says the ONLY good thing about last night was that his man, the face of the World Wrestling Federation The Rock, got his World Wrestling Federation Championship belt back in the corner of The Corporation. Rock grabs a mic & says that he destroyed the fat, overweight, stinking, steaming, pile of rooty-poo monkey crap Mankind at the Royal Rumble. That he beat the family maniac senseless & that the bastard couldn't make it tonight. Just then Mankind's music hits 7 the crowd explode & says he was unconscious & had a concussion but did NOT remember saying I Quit. He then goes on & says does it not sound just like the interview at the end of Heat? He then challenges The Rock to a rematch at St Valentine's Day Massercre, inside a Steel Cage! The Rock declines, but says he'll face him next week IF he would agree to a Ladder match at STVDM! Mankind says he's not ready yet....He then gets up & turns around & takes off his button up shirt & mask....BUT CACTUS JACK IS!!!! He runs down the ramp & starts brawling with Rocky. Bossman goes to hit Cactus with the nightstick but Cactus ducks & he hits the WWF Champ! Jack rolls out the ring & gets a barbed wire bat & everyone runs away as Jack picks up the WWF belt & raised it above his head.


This would be a decent comedy match but there is 2 familiar faces in the front row. It's ECW Wrestlers Bubba & D-Von Dudley! They don't acknowledge anyone though until the end when Gillberg speared Mosh & D-Von attacked him! The Dudley Boyz beat down the Headbangers & Gillberg but Blue Meanie tried to save the 3 men but gets 3D'ed by the ECW Invaders! Security drags the 2 men backstage & out the arena as they shout "THE INVASION'S JUST GETTING STARTED!" before getting booted out the arena.


A good match between the 2 teams, with the right leg of Roaddog getting worn over by the Tag Team champions. During the match Hart gives Jeff a guitar & Jarrett whacks Road over the head with it! 1! 2! NO! Billy breaks it up! Dog gives Gunn the hot-tag & Billy goes nuts on the 2 men. Owen climbs up top & goes for a top rope clothesline but Gunn reverses & hits a huge lariat! 2 Count only for Mr Ass. Jarrett went for the Stroke but Billy reverses, FAME-ASSER! 3 count! NAO wins the match! From behind! Christian & Edge attack the New Age Outlaws from behind! The vampire's beat down the multiple time World Tag Champions.

Lilian Garcia is backstage with a intense looking Triple H. Lilian asks Hunter what his thoughts where on Steve Austin winning the Royal Rumble. Triple just ignores her then asks her why should he care? She then asks him about his match against Big Bossman. H tells her that Bossman just added a stipulation that the winner faces X-Pac at STVDM for the European Title. He says that him & Pac are best friends & have been for a long time. But that's not going to help him come STVDM. He then tells Big Bossman to get ready for the ass-kicking of a lifetime.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme hits & the crowd are practically exploding with excitement as the former WWF Champ taunts on the turnbuckles. He gets a microphone & says that he feels like he's on cloud nine! After winning the Royal Rumble not once, not twice, but now 3 times in a row! & getting his hands on Vinny Mac in the process. Just then Vince turns up on the ring ramp & says that Austin cheated to win the RR. Stone Cold replies saying how can you cheat in a battle royal you stupid son of a bitch? The crowd goes nuts for Austin as he rips into McMahon. Then Vince challenges Austin to a 2 on 1 handicap match at STVDM! Austin then says he'll accept if he makes it a tag match & that his team chooses the stipulation. McMahon counters saying that only if he puts his RR win on the line & that he's not allowed to even touch anyone in The Corporation. Steve says he'll accept ONLY if they can't touch him or his chosen partner. Vince accepts & asks him who's the unfortunate soul who will be your partner? Then Steve looks up with a sick smile plastered on his face & says his partner has no soul. The lights go out &....OH MY GOD! IT'S THE UNDERTAKER! Taker grabs McMahon by the neck chokeslams him off the stage! (The Ministry hasn't formed YET in this universe)


H & Bossman put on a great little match with X-Pac on commentary. Pac during the match gets booted out of his chair by Bossman & he is unconscious for the next 8 minutes. Bossman beats down the former Intercontinental Champion with no mercy but Triple H fights back with his brawling ability. During the last 5 minutes a man in a Luchador-type mask comes from the crowd & distracts the referee! Bossman hits Hunter with his nightstick! 1! 2! X-PAC BREAKS IT UP! X FACTOR ONTO TH EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP! Helmsley hits a pedigree! 1! 2! 3! TRIPLE H VS X-PAC AT ST VALENTINE'S DAY MASSERCRE! X-Pac is in the ring & pulls the masked man in the ring.....It's Shane McMahon! Shane gets hit with a Pedigree & a X-Factor! Trips & Pac shake hands with each other & wish each other good luck.


Rock & Shamrock straight away double team X-Pac & for 7 minutes works on the left leg & had area of the European Champion. Shamrock's biggest move was when he & Rock was on the top rope & Rocky was trying to suplex the Intercontinental Champ to the outside but Ken grabs Rock's waist & belly to belly's him off the top & through the announcers table! X-Pac hit Shamrock with a sunset flip powerbomb with tremendous force! & The Rock hit a Rock Bottom to Pac through the Spanish table! The Rock hits Ken with the WWF Belt but he rolls out the ring & X & Rocky trade blows. Rock Bottom! The People's Champion is not through though, he goes for the Peoples Elbow.....BUT CACTUS JACK OUT OF NOWHERE HITS HIM WITH A BARBED WIRE BAT TO THE FACE!!! Pac puts his arm over the WWF Champ! OH MY GOD! A HUGE UPSET FOR THE EUROPEAN CHAMPION! Cactus swings his barbed wire bat around like a madman & climbs up the top rope, elbow drop off the top rope using the bat as a weapon driving it into Rock's face!



1: X-Pac vs Triple H for the European Championship!

2: Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker vs Vince McMahon & ??? with Stone Cold's Royal Rumble spot on the line!

3: The Rock vs Cactus Jack in a Ladder match for the WWF Championship!​

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As seen on the latest episode of WWF Raw Is War, ECW Contracted wrestlers Bubba & D-Von Dudley appeared on WWF TV this week. This is due to the working agreement between the 2 companies & on a episode of ECW Hardcore TV The Dudley Boyz said that if anyone in ECW wants to join them on appearing on WWF TV then they can be there guests to help put the quote: billionaire steroid using ******'s company to the fucking ground! The men rumored to help the Dudleys are Taz, Justin Credible, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Super Crazy, Little Guido, Lance Storm or Tommy Dreamer.

Speaking of the Dudley Boyz, it is rumored that the outrageous team is to sign with WWF soon. D-Von has admitted this, but said it wouldn't be official until late August-early September.

WWF has signed a joint agreement with All Japan Pro Wrestling. The Road Warriors Animal & Hawk will make a 1 time appearance at WrestleMania 15 to face Johnny Ace & Vader. Also Toshiaki Kawada will face Davey Boy Smith live in Osaka Japan for the AJPW Triple Crown title belts & Yoshinari Ogawa will defend the World Junior championship against Tiger Ali Singh on the same event.​

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1 Mideon squashes Beaver Cleavage-Wins after the Eye Opener.
2 Hardcore Holly defeats Goldust & Roaddog & Crash Holly in a Fatal 4 Way for the Hardcore championship-Wins after a Alabama Slam on Goldust onto a trashcan.
3 Tiger Ali Singh defeats Shawn Stasiak-Wins by making Shawn tap out to the Camel Clutch.
4 Edge & Christian beat Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown-Wins after a Double Spear to Henry.
5 Cactus Jack & X-Pac & Triple H defeats Big Bossman & Test & The Rock-Wins by Jack pinning Test after a Double-Arm DDT.​

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Both companies announced that All Japan & the World Wrestling Federation have a talent-exchange deal, but also both companies have announced that they'll have a WWF vs AJPW show in Japan! This event is scheduled for after St Valentine's Day Massacre! & also AJPW Junior The Great Susuke, will face Brian Christopher at STVDM! & Hayabusa & Yoshinari Ogawa face Tiger Ali Singh for the AJPW World Junior championship!


1 Brian Christopher vs The Great Sasuke!

2 Tiger Ali Singh vs Hayabusa vs Yoshinari Ogawa for the AJPW World Junior title!

3 X-Pac vs Triple H for the European Championship!

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker vs Vince McMahon & ??? with Stone Cold's Royal Rumble spot on the line!

5 The Rock vs Cactus Jack in a Ladder match for the WWF Championship!


1 Yoshinari Ogawa vs Brian Christopher
2 Jeff Jarrett vs Billy Gunn
3 X-Pac & Triple H vs Big Bossman & Test
4 D-Lo Brown vs Ken Shamrock
5 The Rock vs Cactus Jack in a Cage Match for the WWF Championship!​

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After the intro we see the crowd in Seattle Washington going nuts for the WWF Wrestlers & the fact that the AJPW World Junior Champion Yoshinari Ogawa is in the building! We get straight to the action with Brian Christopher's theme hits. He asks for a microphone & says that he should be facing Ogawa in 2 days for the World Junior championship & this match should be for the title. He says that at least he is FINALLY getting a pay-per-view match this month & that The Not-So-Great Sasuke i gonna get is ass kicked & then he's gonna rip the Japanese star's mask off & piss on it in the middle of the ring! Then Ogawa's theme hits & the crowd give him a good pop & he slaps Brian in the face!


Christopher charges at Yoshinari but the Japanese star hits a right hand to the jaw! Quick 2 count & gets Fireman's Carried for a quick 1 count. Ogawa backs Brian into a corner & starts nailing him with super-stiff knife-edge chops until he gets tired out! (which takes about 45 seconds) Ogawa hits a huge Enzuiguri & picks him up & nails a Jawbreaker & a Snap DDT! A slow 2 count for Yoshinari he then gets another 2 count after as Jackknife Pin & a Argentinian Backbreaker. He then hits 5 back suplexes in a row while hanging on & then climbs up top & hits a Double Footstomp! Christopher is knocked silly & when he gets up he gets hit with a Bridging Belly To Back Suplex! It's over! Yoshinari Ogawa wins the match! Afterwards while Ogawa was celebrating he gets low blowed by Tiger Ali Singh! Ali & Brian start double teaming the Junior Champion. Then Great Sasuke comes out of nowhere & hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Tiger! Everyone rolls out the ring & the Americans run up the ramp as the Japanese legends stare them down in the ring & the 2 AJPW Juniors shake hands.

We go backstage & we see the Corporation backstage. The Rock is sitting worrying his candy-ass off about the cage match with Cactus Jack later tonight. While everyone is trying to calm the WWF Champion down & give him encouragement but he's not having any of it. Vince McMahon walks in the room & to say he was pissed off would be a HUGE understatement. Shane asks his dad what's wrong, Vince just looks at him & Vinnie-Mac is wearing a back brace from getting chokeslammed off the stage by The Undertaker. He screams for quiet & berates everyone in the room & even calls himself a massive idiot for accepting the challenge by Steve Austin last week. Rocky gets in HIS bosses face & says if McMahon Sr thinks he has problems then how the hell does he think The Rock feels? Vince doesn't have to face a maniac tonight. Mr McMahon blasts back by yelling "I HAVE TO FACE 2 OF THEM IN 2 WEEKS YOU ARROGENT SAMOAN PIECE OF SHIT OF A CHAMPION!!!!!!" The Rock is absolutely shocked & stunned after what Vince just said. McMahon is bright purple with rage & anger. Everyone is looking at him in shock & McMahon yells at them to get out or they are all fired & tells Shane to stay & everyone quickly leaves & screams at the cameraman to fuck off as we get out of his office.


A mediocre match with Jarrett & Gunn not being that good of wrestlers. Jeff works down the head of Billy with some chinlocks & headlocks & some decent head moves. Jarrett climbs up top midway through the match & hit a top rope kneedrop for 2. Jarrett looks pissed about not being able to put Mr Ass away. He puts Billy up top & hits a vicious backdrop off the top rope for a 2 1/2 count! Gunn starts laying into Jeff with some left hands then hits a huge backdrop for 2 & a stalling suplex for 2. Gunnslinger slam! 2 count only! Mr Ass is waiting in the corner & when Jarrett got up Billy hit the Fame-Asser! 1! 2! 3! But from behind! Christian of The Brood is beating the hell out of Gunn & hammering away on Jeff. Edge comes out of nowhere & spears 1 half of the WWF World Tag champions! Owen Hart runs down the ring & gets Double Clotheslined by E & C. Christian hits the Unprettier to Hart then Roaddog comes out with a Trash Can & hits Edge with it! Christian rolls out the ring & runs away. Then from behind ECW Wrestler Justin Credible whacks Roaddog from behind with a singapore cane! Justin goes nuts on The Dog until Billy Gunn fights back but then Lance Storm comes from the crowd & superkicks Mr Ass!!!! Security grabs the ECW Wrestlers & throws them out but not until they steal the WWF Tag belts!

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