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WWF 1999

WWF Roster
Steve Austin. -WWF Champion
The Rock.
Dan Severn.
Val Venis.
Blue Meanie.
Al Snow.
Steve Blackman
Triple H
Road Dogg WWF IC champion
Billy Gunn
DLo Brown.
Mark Henry.
Matt Hardy.
Jeff Hardy.
Bart Gunn.
Vince McMahon.
Shane McMahon. WWF European Title
The Big Show.
Ken Shamrock.
Big Bossman.
Gerald Brisco.
Pat Patterson
Pete Gas
Joey Abs.
Kurt Angle.
Chris Jericho.
Prince Albert.
Tiger Ali Singh.
DVon Dudley.
Bubba Dudley.
Owen Hart. World tag team title
Jeff Jarrett. world tag team title
Hardcore Holly. WWF Hardcore Title
Crash Holly.
Brian Christopher.
Scott Taylor.

WWF Wrestlemania XV Results
Hardcore Holly defeated Billy Gunn (c) and Al Snow- Triple threat hardcore match for the WWF Hardcore Championship

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (c) (with Debra) defeated D'Lo Brown and Test (with Ivory) - Tag team match for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Butterbean defeated Bart Gunn Brawl for All match

Mankind defeated Big Show by disqualification Singles match to become special guest referee in the main event

Road Dogg (c) defeated Ken Shamrock, Goldust (with The Blue Meanie and Ryan Shamrock), and Val Venis Four corners elimination match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Kane (with Chyna) defeated Triple H by disqualification Singles match

Sable (c) defeated Tori Singles match for the WWF Women's Championship

Shane McMahon (c) (with Test) defeated X-Pac Singles match for the WWF European Championship

The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Big Boss Man Hell in a Cell match

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock © No Disqualification match for the WWF Championship

After reports of a bad wrestlemania based on fan reaction, media coverage, buy rates and overall buzz about the biggest show of the calendar year Vince Mcmahon reportedly went mental at the entire roster and creative team, most notably Vincent Russo the head writer of the WWF. He offered Russo a demotion and offered him a role in in a booking committee with a another head writer but Russo refused and quit the WWF.

The search was on who was going to be the replacement for Vince Russo? Vince Mcmahon wanted a new head writer by the end of the night and had interviewed many candidates but none of them had got what Vince wanted, he aggression, the attitude and the passion he wanted. UNTIL???.. They hired an exciting young british writer named Ben Richards.

Author's note: Thanks for reading therfore will be more shows coming right up. Yes russo in my timeline has left wwe. As he was leaving already, I decided to excellerate his eventual falling out with certain wrestlers. Again stay tuned I have big plans for this and as you can tell from the title, it's to do with the higher power story, and SO MUCH MORE. Stay tuned.
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