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Note: This is my first thread


[] Steve Austin.
[] The Patriot
[] The Undertaker.
[] Ken Shamrock.
[] Ahmed Johnson.
[] 3 Faces of Foley.
[] Chainsaw Charlie.
[WWF Intercontinental Champion] Goldust.
[] Rocky Maivia.
[] Vader.
[] Steve Blackman.
[] Marc Mero.
[] Jesse James.
[] Flash Funk.
[] Bart Gunn.
[] Bob Holly.
[] Freddy Joe Floyd.
[] Tom Brandi.
[] Aldo Mantoya.
[] Barry Horrowitz.
[] Jake Roberts.
[] Hawk.
[] Animal.
[] Mosh.
[] Thrasher.
[] Doug Furnas.
[] Phil Lafon.
[] Matt Hardy.
[] Jeff Hardy.
[] Taka Michinoku.
[] The Great Sasuke.
[] Brian Christopher.
[] Yoshihiro Tajiri.
[] Mr Aguila.
[] Super Loco.
[] Scott Putski.
[] Scott Taylor.
[] Devon Storm.
[] Ace Darling
[] Flash Flanagan
[] Tommy Rogers.
[] Bobby Fulton.
[WWF Champion] Shawn Michaels.
[] Hunter Helmsley.
[] Kane.
[] Jeff Jarrett.
[] Jerry Lawler.
[] Farooq.
[] DLo Brown.
[] Kama Mustafa.
[] Crush.
[] Chainz.
[] Skull & 8Ball.
[] Savio Vega.
[] Miguel Perez.
[] Jose Estrada.
[] Jesus Castillo.
[] Sycho Sid.
[] Rockabilly.
[] Tiger Ali Singh.
[] Leif Cassity.
[] The Sultan.
[] Brooklyn Brawler.
[Royal Rumble Winner] Bret Hart.
[WWF Tag Team Champion] Owen Hart.
[WWF Tag Team Championship] British Bulldog.
[] Jim Neidhart.
[] Brian Pillman.
[] Interrogater.
[] Reacon.
[] Sniper.
[] Henry Godwinn.
[] Phinias Godwinn.
[] Blackjack Bradshaw.
[] Blackjack Windham.
[] Fake Diesel.
[] Fake Razor Ramon
[] JC Ice.
[] Wolfie D
[] Clarence Mason.
[] The Commandant.
[] The Jackyl.
[] Hillbilly Jim.
[] Honky Tonk Man.
[] Iron Sheik.
[] Chyna.
[] Sable.
[] Sunny.
[] Marlena.
[] Sgt Slaughter.
[] Max Mini.

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Monday Night Raw: January 20th 1997

Bret Hart Promo:

(Bret Hart Enters the Ring)

Bret Hart: I would like to thank everyone for that applause, As you know I won the Royal Rumble Last Night by Finishing off that scumbag Stone Cold Steve Austin. I cannot wait to defeat the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania and win the......

(Stone Cold Steve Austin Enters the Ring)

Stone Cold: Now now,Bretty Boy. Before you start thinking you win the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania let me remind you there is one more Pay-Per-View at before Wrestlemania.

Stone Cold: And you do not know who will leave In Your House the WWF Champion whether it be Shawn Micheals,Undertaker,Vader or hell even Me. Anyway...

Bret Hart: Shut Up you beer drinking,Disrespectful ******* !

(Stone Cold gives Bret Hart a Stunner)

(Promo Ends as Stone Cold Leaves the Ring

Goldust (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs Hunter Hearst Helmsey (non-title match)

(Goldust Enters the Ring)

(HHH Enters enters the Ring and Immediately starts punching Goldust)

(Goldust Kicks HHH in the gut and hits an Irish Whip Big Boot, HHH gets up and bodyslams Goldust then HHH Starts hitting him in the Face while he is on the ground)

(Goldust Then reverse a Punch Into a Clothesline but Triple H gets up and Hits the Pedigree on Goldust, HHH gets a 3 count and wins the Match)

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsy Via Pinfall

Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

(Stone Cold Enters the Ring)

(Undertaker Enters the Ring)

(Stone Cold Hits a Running Clothesline on Undertaker,Goes into the Ropes and Hits a Running big Boot on Taker)

(Taker Sits Up and starts punching Stone Cold)

(Stone Cold reverse on of the Punches Into a Suplex)

(Stone Cold Kneedrops Undertaker then Starts Preparing for a Stone Cold Stunner)

(Stone Cold attempts a Stunner when Undertaker gets up but Undertaker Reverses it With a Big Boot, however Stone Cold gets up and Punches Undertaker)

(Bret Harts Interferes and Knocks Out both Stone Cold and Undertaker with a Steel Chair)

Winner: Draw

End of Show.

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2 matches and a promo for Raw? You may want to check out some other threads, because I read that over in less than a minute. You need more matches, more promos and to utilize a lot more superstars. And to be more a lot more descriptive.

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Monday Night Raw:January 27th 1997

Shawn Micheals Promo

(Shawn Micheals Enters the ring)

Shawn Micheals: Now I beat Sid at the Royal Rumble for the WWF Championship. I am prepared to defend my Title against ANYONE at In Your House.

Shawn Micheals: A Little birdy told me Undertaker is facing Vader for the Number One Contendership for my Title at In Your House. It does not matter who I face I will walk all over them. Now Bret Hart won the Royal Rumble He is going to regret winning the Royal Rumble after Wrestlemania after I give him Sweet Chin.........

(An Angry Bret Hart Enters the ring)

Bret Hart: Listen you scrawny idiot ! I hope you win at In Your House so I can Beat you so bad You will never wrestle again !

(Shawn and Bret proceed to trade Punches it takes several Referees to separate them

Promo ends as Shawn and Bret are dragged off backstage

Ahmed Johnson vs British Bulldog

(Ahmed Johnson Enters the Ring)

(British Bulldog Enters the Ring)

(British Bulldog kicks Ahmed Johnson in the gut and Bodyslams him, Bulldog proceeds to knee drop Johnson)

(Bulldog goes to the top rope however Johnson reverses it into a superplex)

(Johnson pins Bulldog and gets a 2 count)

(Bulldog gets up and Clotheslines Johnson)

(Johnson gets up and does a Spinebuster on Bulldog)

(Johnson Proceeds to repeatedly punch Bulldog on the ground)

(Bulldog reverses a punch into a German Suplex)

(Bulldog then hits a running bulldog on Johnson)

(Bulldog pins Johnson for the 3 Count)

Winner:British Bulldog via Pinfall

(Undertaker Promo)

(Undertaker Enters the Ring)

Undertaker: I am facing Vader tonight. The Winner of that Match will face Shawn Micheals for the WWF Championship at In Your House.

Undertaker: Now Shawn, After I destory Vader. You are going to lose your WWF Championship to me. Shawn Micheals prepare to REST IN PIECE

(Promo Ends as Undertaker leaves the ring)

The Road Warriors vs The Headbangers

(The Road Warriors come out to the arena but are assaulted by the Headbangers)

(The Headbangers put them in the ring and the referee restores order)

(Animal and Mosh begin in the ring as Mosh kicks animal in the gut and Irish whips him into the rope and clotheslines him out to the ring)

(Mosh then Enters the Outside of the ring and and tries to attack Animal but Hawk runs towards Mosh and Big Boots him knocking him out)

(The Refree restores order again and Mosh is unable to compete due to injury)

(Gorilla Monsoon comes out and says Thrasher now must compete against the Road Warriors alone)

(The Match restarts and Animal and Thrasher trade punches as Animal Irish Whips Thrasher into the ropes for a bodyslam)

(Animal then Tags Hawk in)

(Hawk hits a Flying clothesline on Thrasher who just got up)

(Hawk pins Trasher for a 3 Count and The Road Warriors Win)

Winner: The Road Warriors

Undertaker vs Vader (/w Paul Bearer) (Number One Contendership for the WWF Championship on the Line)

(Undertaker Enters the Ring)

(Vader Enters the Ring)

(Undertaker kicks Vader in the Gut and hits a Big Boot on Vader)

(Undertaker hits a Running Leg Drop on Vader)

(Vader gets Up and Irish Whips the Undertaker accidentally knocks out the Ref)

(Psycho Sid comes out and Powerbombs both Undertaker and Vader while the Ref is knocked out)

(Undertaker and the Ref get Up)

(Undertaker then tries to Chokeslam Vader but Vader reverses it into a Bodyslam)

(Vader hits a Flying Clothesline on Undertaker)

(Vader pins him and gets a 2 count)

(Undertaker Sits Up and grabs Vader and Hits the Old School on Vader)

(Undertaker Attempts a Tombstone but Vader reverses it into a Vader Bomb)

(Vader Pins him again and gets a Two Count)

(Vader argues with the Referee and Undertaker Chokeslams Vader then Tombstones him)

(Undertaker pins him and gets a 3 count)

Winner: Undertaker

End of Show.
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