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The idea of this BTB was to have all the 1991 wrestlers compete in a modern day era (assuming that they are still the same age as in 1991). I know it is not very realistic, but I thought it could be fun to see how it turns out.

Owner, Chairman and CEO of WWF: Vince McMahon


Jim Garvin
Kevin von Erich
Ricky Steamboat
Hulk Hogan
Richard Morton
Big Van Vader
Curt Hennig
Jeff Jarrett
The Warlord
Austin Idol
Don Muraco
Tony Anthony
Iceman Parsons
Arn Anderson
Antonio Inoki
Andre the Giant
Abdullah the Butcher
Lex Luger
Big Josh
Tony Atlas
Jerry Lawler
Joel Deaton
Ken Wayne
Jake Roberts
Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels
Russian Brute
Ted DiBiase
Tracy Smothers
Robert Gibson
Terry Funk
Nikita Koloff
Greg Valentine
Bad News Brown
Doug Furnas
Rick Steiner
B Brian Blair
Kerry von Erich
Bob Backlund
Jim Neidhart
Riki Choshu
Eric Embry
Bobby Eaton
The Diamond Studd
Jimmy Snuka
Dan Spivey
Brian Pillman
Scott Steiner
Bret Hart
Road Warrior Animal
PN News
Col DeBeers



General Manager: Rockin' Robin
Commentators: Ed Whalen and Haku




General Manager: Paul Orndorff
Commentators: Jim Ross and Ken Patera

Smackdown Brand:

WWF Championship:
Ric Flair
WWF Tag Team Championships: Arn Anderson and Big Van Vader
WWF European Championship: Kevin von Erich

Raw Brand:

WWF World Heavyweight Championship:
Lex Luger
World Tag Team Championships: Ricky Steamboat and Abdullah the Butcher​

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Pay Per View Calendar:

Royal Rumble - Boston Garden; Boston, MA 1/19

No Way Out - Montreal Forum; Montreal, Quebec 2/23

WrestleMania VII - Kingdome; Seattle, WA 3/30

Backlash - Centrum In Worcester; Worcester, MA 4/27

Judgment Day - Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, NC 5/18

Bad Blood - The Summit; Houston, TX 6/15

Vengeance - McNichols Sports Arena Denver, CO 7/27

SummerSlam - Coliseum; Phoenix, AZ 8/24

Unforgiven - Hersheypark Arena; Hershey, PA 9/21

No Mercy - Baltimore Arena; Baltimore, MD 10/19

Survivor Series - Reunion Arena; Dallas, TX 11/16

Armageddon - Orlando Arena; Orlando, FL 12/14

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The BTB will start January 1st.

Current Royal Rumble storylines:

The buildup to the Royal Rumble match began on December 23 edition of Raw, when the Raw General Manager Paul Orndorf discussed about the upcoming Royal Rumble match that 15 wrestlers would represent Raw brand and 15 wrestlers would represent SmackDown brand in the match.

The main rivalry heading into the event from the SmackDown brand was between Ric Flair and Curt Hennig over the WWF Championship. At Armageddon, Flair defeated Scott Steiner via interference from Hulk Hogan, to win the WWF title. Hulk Hogan therefore got suspended, and stripped of the title shot he had been promised for the Rumble. On December 19 edition of Smackdown, Steiner was given a title rematch at the Royal Rumble. Later that night, Flair lost to Curt Hennig in a non-title match by disqualification when Steiner interfered in the match and attacked Hennig. However, Hogan rescued Hennig from the post-match assault by Flair and Steiner and brutally assaulted Flair, injuring him. As a result of Flair's injury, the SmackDown General Manager Rockin' Robin cancelled Flair's title match against Steiner and decided that Steiner would wrestle Hennig to determine the #1 contender for the WWF title. Hennig defeated Steiner to become the #1 contender for the title at Royal Rumble.

The main rivalry heading into the event from the Raw brand was between Lex Luger and Kerry von Erich over the World Heavyweight Championship. On October 24, WWF had announced that Kerry von Erich had signed a three-year contract with WWF. von Erich debuted in WWF as a free agent at Survivor Series and attacked Ted DiBiase and The Warlord for insulting New York City. Kerry was approached by the Raw General Manager Paul Orndorf and the SmackDown General Manager Rockin' Robin for their respective brands. He initially decided to join the SmackDown brand but after Robin' rejected Kerry's advances, he moved to the Raw brand. On December 16 edition of Raw von Erich announced that his contract said that he would earn a world title shot. As a result, Kerry and Luger's match for the World Heavyweight Championship was made official at Royal Rumble.

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Is this roster really big enough to have a SmackDown and RAW brand? Even if it is... you'd still need another major title.

EDIT: Never mind. Just realised there was the World Heavyweight Title.. haha.

Good luck with this!

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If this is a modern day thread with the roster of 1991, you can't do that. There are several people on the roster who are dead so you can't use them. Other than that, it is a different idea so good luck.

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Thanks for your replies guys. Just to let you know, I'm not using the deceased wrestlers in a moder day era, I'm just transposing the "entertainment" type of programming we have now to 1991, that's it. Sorry for the misunderstandings.

WWF Smackdown
January 2nd, 1991
Live from University Arena Albuquerque, New Mexico

The show starts with a video package. Tonight, Hulkamania is running wild, live on Smackdown, because the Immortal Hulk Hogan is back, and he is pissed.!

The SmackDown opening video plays, and Ed Whalen and Haku welcome us to a special LIVE edition of SmackDown from Albuquerque, New Mexico. As we were told earlier, tonight will feature the return from suspension of Hulk Hogan, and the debut of Bobby Eaton and The Big Boss Man as a tag team.

Jerry Lawler makes his way out and declares that 1991 will be his year, then starts talking some smack about Doug Furnas and how he’s surprised that his match with him is not a «.steroids on a pole match.». Doug Furnas comes out and the first match of the night is on.

Jerry Lawler vs. Doug Furnas: Furnas punches Lawler a few times, then dumps him, and introduces him to his newest trick, the legdrop. Legdrop gets two. A Big Boot sends Lawler in the corner, but hits a low blow. Lawler beats on Furnace a bit and rolls him in for a two count. Lawler hits a German suplex and stomps away for two. Jerry goes to a chinlock. Furnace fights out and hits some punhes, then runs backwards with Lawler behind him into empty corner. The ref is accidentallt knocked out by Lawler, while Furnace hits a powerslam. Furnace is confused with the referee being knocked out, which leads to Lawler rolling him up for the win.

Winner: Jerry Lawler by pinfall (3:48)

Furnace then chased Lawler out of the ring and through the crowd.

Ed Whalen and Haku hype up the show a bit more as we go to commercials.

Commercial break

We are back to SmackDown, where the General Manager, Rockin' Robin, wishes everyone a happy New Year, and hopes that veryone will enjoy the show.

Austin Idol vs. Jim Garvin: Both lightweights locked up to start things off. Garvin took Idol down with a dropkick, but Idol retaliated by taking Jim down with a clothesline. Garvin came back with some blows and a charge in the corner. Garvin then suplexed Idol and continued to methodically pummel Idol on the mat. Garvin locked on a rear chin lock, but Idol powered out. Jim cut him off with a knee off the ropes, but missed a corner charge and Idol came back. Idol then nailed Garvin with a piledriver and went for a knee drop, but Garvin moved out of the way. Garvin then laid Austin Idol out with a DDT for the pinfall.

Winner: Jim Garvin by pinfall (3:39)

Commercial break... they show a Darkside Road Warrior Animal video package. “The Darkness Consumes the Light, and an Animal will return. The Beast will now be unleashed. WWF Royal Rumble”

We are back, with Kevin von Erich backstage trying to impress some girls, without success. He then turns to the camera and does a funny impression of Rockin Robin wishing the crowd a happy New Year. He leaves to go get ready for his match later on.

Bobby Eaton and The Big Boss Man are shown on screen and got instant boos. Ric Flair is with them. Gorilla Monsoon asked if Flair was prepared to defend against Hennig. Flair then had them show the footage of what "he" did to him last week, basically Eaton and Boss Man beating Hennig senseless. Flair said that tonight, Bobby Eaton and The Big Boss Man will have their first match as a tag team, and that from now on, they will be called «.Team Flair.». He says that their first match will be against Hennig and a partner of his choosing, and that he isn't worried about who his tag partner would be against Team Flair. Flair isn't worried. He's only worried about keeping his gold polished. "When I came into the arena and looked up at the marquee, the sign said W..W..F.. World WRESTLING Federation. Key word being WRESTLING and WRESTLING is what I do best." Flair then put over Eaton and Boss Man, saying Eaton is the best tag team wrestler in the world and Boss Man was a rising star. He said they were the three best wrestlers in the history of the sport. Flair said "The name of the game is wrestling, and that's what we do best." He said if he was Hennig, he would be worried sick.

Commercial break

WWF Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson (w/WWF Tag Team Champion Big Van Vader) vs. WWF European Champion Kevin von Erich

Arn nailed a quick arm drag to start, but von Erich fired back with two of his own. Arn didn't like that and went to a head lock, but Kevin came back with a monkey flip. Arn backed Kidman into the corner and gave him a wicked chop as the fans started the "you suck" chant. Arn then pulled out a fall-away slam, which he rolled with into a cover for a two count. Anderson caught Kevin with a knee of the ropes. Arn then worked Kevin's arm over as Jerry Lawler came out. Arn tried going after Lawler, but Von Erich caught him. Vader and Lawler started brawling into the ring until the officials ran down and separated them. Anderson and Von Erich were still brawling outside as another ref tried to contain Vader as they went to a break.

Commercial Break

Lawler is doing announcing as Arn gave Von Erich a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Arn then locked on the hammerlock into a spin out of a crucifix, dropping Kevin to the mat. Arn then locked on a rear chin lock. Kevin fought out with some punches but Arn tossed him over the top to the floor. Arn brought Kevin in and got a two with the jawbreaker. Arn then locked on a sleeper. Lawler is talking smack to everybody on commentary. Kevin came back by countering with a back suplex. Kevin went up top, but Anderson cut him off and nailed a superplex, off the top rope for a change, which left both men laying out. Kevin came back with a dropkick for a two count. Kevin then hit a back drop and another drop kick. Anderson fought back with a hip toss, but Kevin landed on his feet and hit a standing round house kick for a near three count. Body press off the top by Von Erich got two, but Arn came back and fires back with some blows. Both men collided out of the corner. Lawler then nailed Arn in the head with his crown when the ref had his back turned. Von Erich then hit the diving crossbody to a big pop for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Von Erich by pinfall (13:26)

Commercial Break

And we’re back, and we’ve got us a Hulk Hogan video package. It is a 15 minutes long video, going over all of Hogan's career, until he got suspended. They cover when Hulk showed his 24 inch pythons, his appearance in Rocky III, how he became popular, the birth of Hulkamania, his match with Andre, all of his signature moves and his previous title reigns in the WWF. They then finally recap the story with Flair and Steiner which led to his suspension.

Commercial Break

Team Flair (Bobby Eaton and The Big Boss Man) [w/WWF Champion Ric Flair] vs. Curt Hennig & Mystery Partner

Antonio Inoki entered as Hennig's surprise partner as Flair huddled with his troops on the outside. Boss Man took Hennig down with a shoulder tackle but Hennig fired back with some fore arms. Eaton tagged in and Hennig went right for the figure four but Boss Man broke it up. Hennig then knocked him out of the ring and tagged Inoki, who got a big pop. Inoki beat on Eaton in the corner and hit him with a missile drop kick for a two count. Eaton reversed an arm whip, allowing Boss Man to grab him by the hair. Boss Man ran Inoki into the guardrail on the outside and tossed him back to Eaton, who hit a back suplex for a two count and locked on a variation of a chin lock. Boss Man tagged back in and choked Inoki on the middle rope, allowing Flair to give him a cheap shot on the outside. Standing over-head belly-to-belly by Boss Man scored a two count. Eaton back in Boss Man then hung Inoki across the top rope by his neck and held his legs, allowing Eaton to leap over him and land on his back. Eaton got a two count. Boss Man then hit a flap jack on Inoki with some help from a Eaton knee. Bossman locked on the sleeper, but Hennig broke up the hold. Boss Man tagged out, but Eaton missed a kick and got caught with a face plant, leaving both men on the mat. Hot tags by both and Hennig went to work on the heels, landing release German suplexes on both of them.. Hennig then hit his patented Perfectplex on Eaton for a two count as Boss Man broke up the pin. Hennig set him up for a German, but then pushed him into an Inoki clothesline. Inoki and Hennig then nailed them both with stereo rolling German suplexes. But Flair dragged Inoki out of the ring. Eaton then got caught with a Figure four by Hennig, but Flair came in and nailed Hennig with a belt shot as Inoki gave Boss Man an enzuiguiri, causing the DQ.

Winners: Curt Hennig and Antonio Inoki by disqualification (7:10)

Flair then gave Boss Man his crutch to use on Inoki. Flair then attacked the ring announcer after he announced Hennig and Inoki as the winners. Flair then pushed down the ref, dragged him into the ring and choked the ring announcer with a crutch until he announced Team Flair as the winners. Flair held both their arms up afterwards.

Commercial break

Giant Baba came out and cut a promo. He said the reason why everyone is here because of Scott Steiner, his favorite client. He announced a challenge for Hogan. Baba then went into a blathering description of the Rumble and what was at stake before finally getting to the details, saying Steiner and Hogan should fight it out to see who actually gets into the Rumble to get a chance at the title. Hogan came down to the ring but got ambushed by Ted DiBiase and Riki Choschu with a couple chairs. DiBiase looked like he hit him awkward and busted him open. Choshu and DiBiase held him in the ring for Steiner, who had a chair, but Hogan fought them all off and chased them out of the ring. Hogan grabbed the back of his head with his hand and got nothing but a palm full of blood.

Whalen announced that Steiner and Hogan would both fight it out to see who would make it into the Rumble.

Commercial break... creepy promo for Dan Davis, who is billed as a «.nightmare.» for everyone else.

We're back, and it is officially announced that Hulk Hogan will face Scott Steiner at the Royal Rumble to determine who will enter the Royal Rumble match.

Roddy Piper (w/Earthquake) vs. Don Muraco: Monsoon does the ring announcing because Team Flair squished the regular announcer.
Piper went after Muraco early but Muraco countered with a body press. Piper then went to work on his shoulder out of an arm bar then diving out of the ring and putting him into the ring post. Piper then landed an arm breaker for a two count. Piper picked up Muraco, but Muraco slipped out and got a roll up for a two count. Piper went right back to work on the arm and turned an arm bar into a single arm Tornado DDT for the pinfall.

Winner: Roddy Piper by pinfall (2:00)

Afterwards they showed a "Tale of the Tape" between Hogan and DiBiase listing their size and title history. Hogan has a 42 pounds advantage, as well as several World Championship reigns.

Commercial break

DiBiase is backstage talking to Riki Choshu.

Hulk Hogan vs. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (with Riki Choshu)

Hulk Hogan comes out still bleeding from the chair shot earlier in the evening. Both men attacked Hogan to start, but Choshu got sent out quick. Hogan then gave DiBiase a big back breaker. Hogan is still bleeding, and it's starting to get ugly. DiBiase then got tossed with an over-head belly-to-belly. Hogan then wiped his blood off his head with his hand and smacked DiBiase across the face with it. Hogan then choked DiBiase with his foot down on the mat. He then picked Hogan up over his shoulder and slammed him into the corner and left him hanging in a tree of woe. Hogan then kept stomping him. The ref got Ted out of the corner as Choshu came in to interfere. Hogan tossed him out and DiBiase took the opportunity to take out Hulk's knee. Ted went after the back of Hogan's head but Hulk gave him another belly-to-belly. Riki came back in. Riki got the running leg drop, but DiBiase nailed the diving elbow drop for a near three. DiBiase was shocked. Hogan then got up and hit him with a leg drop for the pinfall. Hogan now also has his lip busted open, and his face is literally covered in blood.

Winner: Hulk Hogan (4:30)

Afterwards, Scott Steiner and Giant Baba came out and they had a stare down. Hogan then waved for Steiner to come down as he gave DiBiase another legdrop.​

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WWF Velocity,
January 4 1991
Albuquerque, NM

Roddy Piper & Earthquake def. Jobbers in 3:07

They show an interesting documentary on several young wrestlers training and talking about their dream to one day be in the WWF.

Konnan def Jobber in 2:59

A promo for Road Warrior Animal's return was played.

Andre the Giant def Jobber

A recap of the lead-up to the Hulk Hogan-Scott Steiner match at Royal Rumble was shown.

Big Van Vader v. Dan Spivey

Spivey and Vader exchanged shouldertackles, waistlocks and other moves in a quick opening burst, leading to a test of strength. Vader kicked Spivey in the gut to break it up, but Spivey took over with a series of armholds and a clothesline. Vader powered out of an armbar and beat down Spivey in the corner, followed by a clothesline and fallaway suplex for two counts and an abdominal stretch. Spivey powered out and released a series of kicks. Vader followed with some brawling and climbed to the top rope, but was caught with a sidekick coming down for a two-count. Spivey caught Vader in the sleeper hold. After the hold was broken, Vader pulled the referee between the two, allowing him to gain the advantage on Spivey and set him up for the powerbomb. Spivey escaped from it, but Vader rolled him up and put his feet on the ropes for leverage and got the pin.

Big Van Vader pinned Dan Spivey in 4:52

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no warrior or savage?

hope they are surprise's in the rumble

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WWF Velocity,
January 4 1991
Albuquerque, NM

Roddy Piper & Earthquake def. Jobbers in 3:07

They show an interesting documentary on several young wrestlers training and talking about their dream to one day be in the WWF.

Konnan def Jobber in 2:59

A promo for Road Warrior Animal's return was played.

Andre the Giant def Jobber

A recap of the lead-up to the Hulk Hogan-Scott Steiner match at Royal Rumble was shown.

Big Van Vader v. Dan Spivey

Spivey and Vader exchanged shouldertackles, waistlocks and other moves in a quick opening burst, leading to a test of strength. Vader kicked Spivey in the gut to break it up, but Spivey took over with a series of armholds and a clothesline. Vader powered out of an armbar and beat down Spivey in the corner, followed by a clothesline and fallaway suplex for two counts and an abdominal stretch. Spivey powered out and released a series of kicks. Vader followed with some brawling and climbed to the top rope, but was caught with a sidekick coming down for a two-count. Spivey caught Vader in the sleeper hold. After the hold was broken, Vader pulled the referee between the two, allowing him to gain the advantage on Spivey and set him up for the powerbomb. Spivey escaped from it, but Vader rolled him up and put his feet on the ropes for leverage and got the pin.

Big Van Vader pinned Dan Spivey in 4:52​

My eyes are bleeding. One thing that can make or break a BTB is the text color(s), stay away from bright colors, especially bright red and lime green. It's a lot harder to read and some people just don't read it if they have to strain their eyes. Dark Blue/Purple/Green are the colors I would stick to for text.

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OOC Note: I didn't want to use Savage by respect towards him because of his recent passing away. As for Warrior, we shall see...

Jan. 6, 1991
Live from Phoenix, Ariz.

The show opened with a still-shot photo of RAW GM, Paul Orndorff. A video recapped the Kerry von Erich vs. Lex Luger feud. The opening montage aired. Jim Ross and Ken Patera opened the show by hyping a pose-down contest between von Erich and Luger.

Richard Morton and Iceman Parsons hit the ring while their entrance music played. Paul Orndorff and Bob Backlund walked onto the stage with scowls on their faces. Orndorff announced that the first Raw of the new year would bring a change in attitude.

Orndorff said that 1991 will be his year. He said that wrestlers will show him respect or pay the price. The angry Orndorff said that he did not like Morton and Parsons, and therefore announced that they would have to wrestle in a No DQ handicap match. "The only reason there will be a referee is so that he can count 1-2-3 when your opponents are tired of kicking your ass," Orndorff said. Orndorff introduced B Brian Blair, Big Josh, Bad News Brown, and Orndorff's latest Raw signing, Zeus as the opponents for Morton and Parsons. Orndorff also announced that Zeus will be one of the 15 Raw wrestlers in the Royal Rumble. Zeus came out accompanied by Greg Valentine, who seemed to be mentoring him.

B Brian Blair & Big Josh & Bad News Brown & Zeus (w/Greg Valentine) vs. Morton and Parsons

Morton and Parsons start with a bit of an advantage while facing just Blair and Big Josh. They are able to clear the two from the ring and to knock out Bad News Brown with a stunning crossbody from Morton followed by a splash from Parsons. But in comes Zeus, who spears Morton down hard, much to Orndorff's delight. Blair and Josh come back in and stomp away on Parsons, while Morton is tossed from the ring. Outside, Orndorff and Backlund stomp on Morton, while inside, Parsons is laid out. Blair and Josh go out to take on Morton while Zeus DDTs Parsons. Zeus pins, but the ref refuses to count. Orndorff tells the ref to count it or he won't have a happy new year. The ref reluctantly counts, but Zeus pulls Parsons up to continue the match. Morton runs in and starts punching away on Zeus, but Blair comes in and hits Morton with a belly-belly. Greg Valentine comes in and straps the Figure Four on Morton, as Josh goes up top. With Valentine still locked in, Big Josh hits a flying splash on Morton. Parsons crawls up, only to be hit with a German suplex. Zeus pulls Parsons up and hits a pedigree. He pins, but again the ref won't count. He is forced to drop down and count the 1-2-3!

B Brian Blair & Big Josh & Bad News Brown & Zeus (w/Greg Valentine) def. Morton and Parsons in 4:30.

Afterward, the heels continued their attack. Backlund held Parsons up while Orndorff told him again that 1991 will be his year, before smacking him across the face.

[Commercial break]

After the break, Shawn Michaels & Col DeBeers were harassing Ross and Patera at the commentators' perch. The team headed to the ring, where Morton and Parsons were still lying, and picked up the attack where the other heels left off. DeBeers put on brass knuckles and punched Rick Morton, who started bleeding.

Lex Luger was backstage checking himself out in the mirror when Greg Valentine walked into the room. Greg pumped up Luger for his pose-down with Kerry von Erich for later in the show. Luger showed Valentine the fitness magazine he was featured in. When Luger put the magazine down, von Erich was standing in the room. Kerry warned Luger not to try anything during the pose-down, "Or I'll rip your head off".

[Commercial break]

The announcers hyped Jake Roberts & Rick Steiner vs. Sting & Jeff Jarrett for later in the show.

In the back, Monsoon asks Ricky Steamboat and Abdullah the Butcher, the Tag Champs, what the new year will hold. Ricky couldn't believe Orndorff called this the Year of Orndorff. If that's true, then we're in a lot of trouble. Ricky says this will be the year of the Butcher and Ricky Steamboat!

A shot aired of Orndorff and Backlund watching Steamboat's comments on a monitor in their dressing room. Orndorff threw a fit and said he would not tolerate Ricky's show of disrespect. Orndorff booked Steamboat & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Shawn Michaels and Col DeBeers for the straps for later in the show.

[Commercial break]

Recap of the Eric Embry-Sting fight last week.

A familiar theme hits and out comes the the Stinger, Sting. He takes a microphone and starts telling his story. Ever since seeing WrestleMania last year, he has had a recurring dream. He competes at WrestleMania and wins the World Championship. He doesn't care who it's against. He will get his shot, because it's the most important thing in his life. It's not about having to prove himself. It's not even about the Title. It's about being regarded as the best in the world. He will always be Sting: The Icon. But he wants his Title shot, and the best way to get it is to win the Royal Rumble. He spoke with Paul Orndorff today, and as of right now, Sting has been entered in the Royal Rumble! Moans fill the arena as the Flamboyant Eric Embry comes to the ring. He knows he and Sting have gotten off to a rotten start, but he didn't come out here to upset Sting. He came here to take issue with the idea that Sting could be considered the best. He's not going to argue it. He's just going to inform Sting of something. They have more in common than you can imagine, and in Sting's mind, he probably believes he is the very best. But Sting needs what Embry always needed. Sometimes for guys like them, being the best is an obligation. They need everyone in the arena and watching the show and everyone in the back to acknowledge them as the very best. And for that to happen, you have to volunteer to be the Number One entrant in the Rumble, outlast all others and win your shot, then go to WrestleMania and win the Title. Then, everyone will have no choice but to recognize Sting as the best in the business. Sting says he knows Embry is patronizing him, trying to remind everyone that no one ever won the Rumble from the Number One spot. He's trying to insinuate that the only way to achieve greatness is to do what no one has ever done before. Well let Sting remind Eric of something. When Sting was in the NWA, he beat men that Embry has never beaten, such as Ric Flair or Barry Windham. So don't start telling Sting what it takes to be the best. Embry tells Sting to prove it by going and volunteering to be the Number One entrant. If Sting doesn't, Embry will go and volunteer and he'll show Sting how it's done. Sting asks if that means Embry is in the match, and Eric confirms it. So if Sting wants to prove he's the best, he'll have to go through Embry. Sting says that if he has to go through Embry anyway, why wait til the Rumble? Why not do it tonight? Sting takes off his shirt and Embry puts down the microphone. Suddenly, Robert Gibson interrupts. Robert Gibson says, that from now on, he will interrupt the show anytime he wants, to give everyone news of himself. Gibson walks to the ring. He tells them to hold on. It's news that Eric Embry is in the Rumble, but the real news is that Gibson's shoulder is not injured anymore, and is up to 93% mobility. He asks if Embry is jealous that he is more inspirational than Embry will ever be. Embry may think he's a charsmatic guy, but there's a new boy in town. Gibson says that when his shoulder is back to 100%, Embry won't want to be around. Embry clocks Gibson, allowing Sting to knock Embry down from behind and attack. He tries to put on the Scorpion Death Lock, but Rick Steiner runs down and knocks him away. Gibson and Sting team up on Steiner, and are joined by Jeff Jarrett in the beating. "SNAKE!" Jake Roberts' theme hits and the Snake clears Gibson, Sting and Jarrett from the ring.

[Commercial break]

Ricky Steamboat & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Col DeBeers & Shawn Michaels for the World Tag Team Championships

Ricky and HBK start off, with Ricky getting a hammerlock, but Shawn hitting back elbows. Ricky clotheslines HBK down and scoop slams him. Armdrag by Ricky, as we see Orndorff watching anxiously in the back. Tag to Abdullah, who hits a flying fist. Knee drop by the butcher 1-kickout. Shawn hits a jawbreaker and tags in DeBeers. Abdullah hits a back body drop. DeBeers comes back, but Abdullah flips him and hits a lariat 1-2-kickout. Tag to Steamboat. Chops in the corner by Steamboat, who then goes for the 10 Punches, but HBK guillotines him. DeBeers hits an uppercut and chokes Ricky with his knee. Tag to Shawn, who smashes Steamboat into the turnbuckles then elbows him down 1-2-shoulder up. Sleeper by HBK. Tag to DeBeers who beats Ricky down and makes a choking pin for a two count. Sleeper applied by DeBeers, but Steamboat fights up and out. DeBeers hits a running knee and tags in HBK 1-2-broken by Abdullah. Side headlock by Shawn, but Ricky tries to punch out, only for Shawn to trip him and apply a forearm crossface. Again Ricky fights up and out, then hits a reverse thrust kick. Tag to Abdullah. Uppercuts by Abdullah to both men, then a clothesline to Shanw and an Atomic Drop and a clothesline to Col. Powerslam on Shawn 1-2-broken by DeBeers. Steamboat punches away on Col in one corner while Abdullah beats on Shawn in the other. Thump to DeBeers. Abdullah lifts Shawn in a bearhug and Steamboat calf kicks him out 1-2-DeBeers kicks the referee in the face. Steamboat and Abdullah clear the ring of DeBeers and Shawn but fall from exhaustion as well.

Commercial Break

As we come back, Ricky gets a two count on HBK from none other than Bob Backlund who came down to referee during the break. Steamboat goes for a jumping calf kick, but HBK ducks and Ricky nails Backlund. He goes to pin, but there is no ref. Finally Earl Hebner runs down and counts 1-2-shoulder up! Tag to Abdullah. Abdullah battles Shawn into the corner and sets him for the jumping headbutt, but DeBeers knocks him away and allows Shawn to run outside where DeBeers nails a clothesline. He rolls Abdullah into the ring where Shawn pins 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Col. Side gutwrench suplex by Col 1-2-broken by Steamboat. Forearms to the back by DeBeers. Tag to Shawn, who hits a snapmare and applies a chinlock. Abdullah uses the crowd to fight up and out of the hold, hitting a mini-chokeslam on HBK. Abdullah crawls and tags in Ricky. Knockdowns by Steamboat, then a back body to HBK. He chops away on Shawn in the corner, then hits a flapjack. Dropkick by Steamboat, then the diving crossbaody 1-2-Backlund pulls Hebnaer out of the ring! Col hits a pedigree and lays out Ricky Steamboat and Abdullah. He lays HBK on top of Ricky. Backlund comes back in 1-2-3! DeBeers and Michaels are the new Tag Team Champions!

Col DeBeers & Shawn Michaels beat Ricky Steamboat & Abdullah the Butcher to win the Raw Tag Titles at 14:11.

[Commercial break]

In the back, DeBeers and Michaels talk with Orndorff and Backlund about upholding his values as Tag Team Champions.

The announcers hyped that Raw next week will be a show "you don't want to miss", as several awards will be presented, such as "Best Entrance in Raw History", "Most Dangerous Move in Raw History", and *dun dun dun* "Greatest Match in Raw History."

Brian Pillman vs. The Warlord (w/Samu)

Pillman comes down, followed by the odd pairing of Warlord and Samu. Earlier today, Warlord asked Samu to be in his corner tonight. He understands that the refs, and the fans are all prejudiced against different people. He understands because they all hate him for being different as well. Back live, Pillman tosses Warlord away to get in shots on Samu, but Warlord comes back and clubs Pillman in the back. He rams Pillman's shoulder into the ringpost and applies an armbar. Brian slams Warlord and sees Samu outside again. He exits the ring before guillotining Warlord. Back in the ring, Pillman continues to take it to Warlord. He hits a back eblow, then hits another to Samu. Diving crossbody by Pillman 1-2-shoulder up. Samu grabs Pillman's leg and Warlord runs at them, but Pillman sidesteps and Warlord nails Samu. Pillman hits the springboard clothesline 1-2-3!

Brian Pillman beat The Warlord (w/Samu) at 1:58.

After the match, Samu runs in and hits Pillman with the Samoan Stunner.

[Commercial break]

The announcers hyped the rest of the show and said that Eric Embry will be in the corner of Rick Steiner & Jake Roberts, while Robert Gibson will be in the corner of Sting & Jeff Jarrett.

In the back, Sting is talking to himself when Jarrett comes in. He tells Sting that he has entered himself in the Rumble too. Sting says that's great because Jarrett can help him win. Jarrett says he's going to win. Sting says he is an Icon, but Jarrett says he needs a world title victory more. Sting is the fastest rising star around, but Jarrett is a 15 times tag team champion in USWA. Sting says that makes Jarrett a nine-time loser, but Jarrett counters that Sting's haircut is stupid. Sting badmouths Jarrett's mustache, prompting Jarrett to pull out the "At least Eric Embry didn't rip my face off" card. Finally Robert Gibson comes in and breaks it up, saying they have nothing to fear with him in their corner tonight.

The announcers hyped Kerry von Erich appearing on the cover of Iron Man magazine.

Separate shots aired of Lex Luger and Kerry von Erich warming up for their pose-down.

[Commercial break]

Gorilla Monsoon stood in the ring to introduce the pose-down. Lex Luger walked to the ring for the while wearing a spiffy personalized sweat-suit, and joined Monsoon and Greg Valentine in the ring. Lex Luger took the mic to explain the rules of the pose-down. He said that he and Kerry would engage in a series of poses. Unlike every other WWF contest, Luger said he wasn't going to allow the entire crowd to determine the winner because they are jealous of him. Luger selected six "fans" from the front row to judge a body-building event. Oddly enough, the six guys he picked all looked like indy wrestlers. Luger instructed Monsoon to call out the poses for him and Kerry. Valentine's role in all of this was to pass the scorecards to the judges.

Monsoon introduced von Erich, who entered the ring and immediately began talking trash to Luger. Monsoon explained that both wrestlers would strike the same three poses, for 15 second each. Luger slowly took off his jacket while soaking up a smattering of squeals from the women in the audience. Kerry took off his shirt and was cheered by what sounded like the same 20 women. Meanwhile, every heterosexual man in the building sat confused as to what the hell they should be doing.

Luger and von Erich went through the three poses. Monsoon polled the judges, who unanimously voted for Lex Luger. Luger fell to his knees while pretending to be overjoyed by the outcome. Kerry took the mic from Monsoon and accused Luger of rigging the contest. Kerry asked the crowd to tell him who really won the contest. Kerry posed and the crowd popped big. Kerry asked Luger to climb onto the ropes and let the fans tell him what they think of his physique. Luger refused, saying that Kerry was just embarrassed about losing the contest.

Luger, who appeared to have had a nasty encounter with a bottle of fake tanning lotion, challenged Kerry to a push-up contest. Luger agreed and both men started doing push-ups, but one of the judges stood up and kicked von Erich. The other judges tried to help, but Kerry quickly tossed the judges aside while Luger and Valentine headed backstage.

[Commercial break]

The announcers hyped next week's Raw show again.

Ring introductions took place for the main event.

[Commercial break]

Sting & Jeff Jarret vs. Jake Roberts & Rick Steiner

A four-man brawl has already begun. Steiner tosses Sting out, then Roberts slams Jarrett out on top of him. Steiner exits the ring and double cloteslines them. In the ring, Stiener and Sting start off, with Steiner taking Sting down, but Jarrett tosses him to the floor while Gibson distracts the ref. Jarrett tags in and clubs away on Steiner. He smashes Steiner's face into the mat. Tag to Sting, who flips Sting and hits three elbow drops 1-2-kickout. Snapmare by Sting, who wrenches back on Steiner's arms. Steiner uses the crowd to fight up and out of the hold, but Sting pulls him back down and keeps him from tagging. Tag to Jarrett. Punches by Rick, then a clothesline. Jarrett applies a front facelock to try to keep Steiner from his corner, but Rick pushes Jarrett back and tags. Sting however was able to distract the ref and keep him from seeing the tag. As the ref tries to keep Roberts from the ring, Gibson pulls Steiner outside and beats him down. Eric Embry runs over and gives Gibson a neckbreaker. Sting tosses Embry into the stairs and goes into the ring. Steiner is able to ram Jarrett's shoulders into the ringpost and take down Sting with boots to the mid section. Tag to Jake the Snake. Clothesline in the corner to Jarrett. Knee lift to Sting. Sidewalk slam to Jarrettn 1-2-broken by Sting. Jarrett and Sting go for the suplex, but instead Jake suplexes them both. He goes up top and hits Jarrette with the flying clothesline. He calls for the end, but Sting interrupts him. While Chioda forces Sting from the ring, Jarrett low blows Roberts and pins 1-2-shoulder up. Sting comes back with chairs and they go for a ConChairTo, but Jake ducks and they smack the chairs against each other. Embry pulls Sting from the ring and they start to fight up into the stands. Steiner hits a diving bulldog on Jarrett, then Jake DDTs him. Steiner hits the Steiner Driver, and Jake pins 1-2-3!

Rick Steiner & Jake Roberts (w/Eric Embry) beat Sting & Jeff Jarrett (w/Robert Gibson) at 7:23.

Backstage, Paul Orndorff told Backlund, DeBeers, and HBK that he got what he wanted out of the first show of the year. Orndorff announced DeBeers vs. Patera for next week. "I finally feel like I'm in charge of Raw," Orndorff said. Orndorff's cell phone rang and he walked away from the wrestlers to take the call. After hanging up the phone, Orndorff told the others that Vince McMahon's secretary had called to inform him that Vince would be at next week's Raw. The show went off the air as Orndorff was looking concerned over Vince's appearance.​

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WWF Smackdown
January 9, 1991
Tucson, Ariz.

The opening video hits and we are welcomed to Smackdown by Ed Whalen and Haku.

Scott Steiner (w/Giant Baba) vs. Doug Furnas

Steiner slaps Furnas around and they lock up. Furnas grabs a sideheadlock and gets shoulder blocked, but dodges an elbow. Furnas hits two clotheslines into the turnbuckle but Steiner counters a scoop slam with an elbow shot followed by a knee to the face. He punches Furnas down. German suplex gets two. Steiner goes to an abdominal stretch to take a breath a miunute and a half in, as both competitors look exhausted. Steiner grabs the ropes for leverage and finally lets Furnas out with a shot to the ribs after two long minutes. Furnas fights up with punches but can’t whip Scott Steiner. He gets turned inside out with a clothesline, then Steiner hits the Steiner Screwdriver for the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner by pinfall (3:50)

Giant Baba gets on the mic and promises that before the night is out, they’ll teach a lesson to Hulk Hogan.

Later Tonight... we get The Big Boss Man of Team Flair vs Antonio Inoki, and Bobby Eaton vs. Curt Hennig

Commercial Break... We see an advert showing WWF scouts looking for new talent on the independent, telling us what type of superstar they are looking for.

Vader is introduced in the ring, accompanied by his tag team partner, Arn Anderson. Jerry Lawler makes his way to the ring insulting Big Van Vader, saying he's gonna whip all that fat away from his stomach. Lawler then says that once he's done bating the hell out of Vader, Big Van will go back working at Taco Bell, serving Lawler his BBQ sauce.

Jerry Lawler vs. WWF Tag Team Champion Big Van Vader (w/WWF Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson)

Lockup and Vader dominates with punches and clubs to the back. Backdrop attempt, but Lawler grabs the ropes. Vader gets it off anyway, then locks Lawler in a headlock after receiving some useless clotheslines. Vader clotheslines Lawler out, and receives a rare pop. Back in, Vader hits a headbutt and counters some punching attempts from Lawler, hitting a chokeslam for two. Lawler comes back and hits a DDT for two. Vader fights out of a facebuster attempt, and goes to the rope, but Lawler hits an illegal thumb to the eye. Anderson started complaining at ringside, so Lawler started brawling with him. Vader joins them and knocks out Lawler with a lariat. Refs swarm to the ring and send Anderson to the back. Back in the ring, Lawler goes up top but gets superplexed off for two. A running splash gets two for Vader and he scroes a sweet Body avalanche for another two. Lawler ducks a clothesline, small packages Vader and grabs the ropes to steal one from the 450lbs Vader.

Winner: Jerry Lawler by pinfall (4:50)

They recap Hulk Hogan making his return on Smackdown last week.

Commercial break. Raw Rebound: Morton and Parsons getting beat up by several tag teams.

They showed some of the previous Royal Rumble moments that have occured such as Hackshaw winning the first one or Hulk Hogan winning last year.

"The Milion Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (w/Riki Choschu) vs. WWF European Champion Kevin von Erich

They fight over a wristlock to start, and Ted elbows out. Kevin ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody and dropkick. Ted reverses a whip and Choschu trips Kevin up. Ted chokes von Erich on the ropes, then Chosch does it when the ref calls DiBiase off. Ted with a Stone Cold-esque rope straddle. Backdrop gets two. Choke sleeper reversed by Kevin, to a side slam by DiBiase for two. Ted ducks a clothesline and goes for the piledriver, but Kevin counters to a bulldog for a double KO. Back up, elbows and a big boot by Kevin gets two. DiBiase gets superkicked off a whip and von Erich knocks Choschu off the apron. Both Choschu and DiBiase are outside the ring. Diving Crossbody attempt on DiBiase and Choschu, and von Erich gets a faceful of ramp. Ouch. Back in, Kevin covers for two. DiBiase gets a modified piledriver for two. Backbreaker sets up the elbow drop, which misses. Dropkick by Erich and Choschu distracts him from the Diving Crossbody, then Ted presses him off the top. Kevin dodges the elbow drop, Ted runs into Choschu and von Erich rolls DiBiase up for the win.

Winner: Kevin von Erich by pinfall (4:30)

Ted is irate and he calls Choschu into the ring. Riki is terrified. Ted says that he knows Choschu tried, and even though he failed, it’s better than not trying at all, and he forgives him. Ted raises Choschu’s hand and hugs him.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan walks.

Commercial break

Another Rumble moment is shown with DiBiase lasting almost 45 minutes last year.

Dan Spivey vs. Earthquake

Earthquake ducks a clothesline and works a wristlock. Spivey reverses and Earthquake powers out of it. Cross corner whip reversed to the sleeper hold. Earthquake fights out and goes to the outside, tossing Spivey onto the barricade, rolls him back in for two.. Earthquake works Spivey’s arm. Northern Lights suplex on the shoulder gets two. Hammerlock on the mat by Earthquake. Spivey fights back with punches and proceeds to a takedown, for two. Earthquake reverse but Spivey powers out. Double clothesline and double KO. Spinebuster by Spivey gets two. Big boot gets two. Earthquake recovers and locks Spivey in a bearhug. Spivey makes the ropes. Earthquake works the leg on the ropes but Spivey hits the sidewalk slam. The bulldog is reversed, and Earthquake goes for the splash. Spivey moves out of the way, hits a headbutt followed by a bulldog for the three count.

Winner: Dan Spivey by pinfall (5:00)

Backstage, WWF Champion Ric Flair pep talks his boys in Team Flair and they head to the ring.

Commercial Break. Dan Davis promo. It mentions a revolution coming in the WWF very soon.

The Big Boss Man (w/Bobby Eaton & WWF Champion Ric Flair) vs. Antonio Inoki

The bell goes, Hennig’s music hits, and the Perfect One comes down to ringside to watch. Lockup in the ring to a Bossman waistlock. Front facelock on the mat by Bossman. Inoki rolls but Bossman keeps the hold on. Inoki reverses to a wristlock, countered to a hammerlock by Bossman. Backbreaker by Bossman and he goes back to attack the arm. Inoki flips out of it and goes to a waistlock, but Bossman powers out of it. Shoulderblock by Bossman and Inoki leapfrogs him. Hiptoss by Inoki to an armbar. Bossman gets out with an elbow but gets faceplanted off a whip. Cross corner whip but Inoki gets the boot up. Inoki starts punching Bossman repeatedly, until he finall hits a fisherman's suplex, for a pair of two counts. Bearhug by Bossman. Inoki fights out to a backdrop for two. Irish whip by Inoki but Bossman ducks under a clothesline and German suplexes him. Bossman goes for a body avalanche but gets booted and superkicked by Inoki. Clotheslines and knee drop to Bossman. Russian leg sweep by Inoki gets two. A flapjack by Bossman sets up a double KO. Outside, Flair, Hennig and Eaton explode and Eaton hits a superkick on Hennig. Inoki hits an enzuigiri on Bossman for two but gets pulled off by Flair. Bossman whips Inoki and Flair gets in a shot with the crutch. Bossman hits a Boss Man Slam for the win.

Winner: The Big Boss Man by pinfall (6:33)

After the match Team Flair beats down on Inoki until Hennig makes the save. As Eaton, Bossman, and Flair are walking to the back, the Perfect One grabs the microphone, saying it’s a matter of time before he wins the title at the Rumble. He then says he wants Eaton, "Right Now!" Oh, it's on!

Commercial break

Bobby Eaton vs. Curt Hennig

Hennig dominates to start with arm draggery and wristlockery. Hennig goes for an early Figure four but Eaton makes the ropes. Hennig chops Eaton, but Eaton turns the tables and tosses Hennig from apron to barricade on the outside of the ring. Backdropgets two. Cross arm stretch by Eaton. Bobby works the back against the turnbuckle and hits a butterfly suplex. Camel clutch by Eaton. Hennig stands up and drops Eaton on his back with right hands. Eaton gets up and hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. Small package gets two. Backslide gets two. Hennig attempts a comeback with chops but gets school boyed after ducking a kick. Eaton tried to use the ropes for leverage but the ref saw it. Corner whip but a splash by Eaton misses to set up a series of German suplexes by Hennig. He signals for the Perfect Plex and it hits, followed by the Figure four, and Flair runs- well, hobbles- down. He distracts the ref as Eaton taps and nails Hennig with the crutch to draw the DQ.

Winner: Curt Hennig by disqualification (6:00)

Flair gets put in the Figure four but Eaton and Bossman make the save. Inoki runs down but the heels come out on top, Flair knocking Hennig out with the belt and locking in the figure four, while Bossman makes Hennig tap by raising his hand up and down.

Commercial break

Royal Rumble preview.:

30 Man Royal Rumble, winner gets a world title shot at WrestleMania

WWF Championship Match
.: Ric Flair © vs. Curt Hennig

World Heavyweight Championship Match.: Lex Luger © vs. Kerry von Erich

Winner Advances to the Royal Rumble.: Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner

Riki Choshu (w/.«.The Million Dollar Man.» Ted DiBiase) vs. Jim Garvin

DiBiase is on commentary, and says that it was Choschu’s idea to fight Garvin.

Match starts with Garvin locking Choschu up in a headlock. DiBiase talks about how it's not because you're a huge star in Japan that everything will be given to you in the WWF, talking about Choshu. Swinging neckbreaker by Garvin. Neck twisting camel clutch by Garvin. Headscissors by Garvin. Heel kick by Choshu from the second rope. Garvin finishes him with what he calls Bombs Away, a brainbuster.

Winner: Jim Garvin by pinfall (2:42)

Ted gets in the ring, tells Choshu he did his best, hugs him, then locks him in the Cobra Clutch until Choshu passes out. He then proceeds to hit a top rope elbow drop on Choshu.

Commercial break... Another Road Warrior Animal promo airs, telling us Animal will be back, stronger than ever.

Jerry Lawler comes out and says he has a very important announcement to make. He says that he has found a new star in the making, and that Jerry will take the responsibility of mentoring this new talent. Lawler introduces us to... Duane Gill. Duane Gill comes out and the pair start insulting Vader and Arn Anderson, saying Gill could be Anderson anytime he wanted. Vader and Arn stormed out and started brawling with the two. Referees came out to calm things down, and the match Gill vs. Anderson was made official.

Duane Gill vs. Arn Anderson

Anderson starts with a series of suplexes, but gets press slammed and legdropped for two. Arn slugs back but Gill overpowers him. Choking on the mat and Gill stomps a mudhole. Duane reverses a whip and hits a clothesline. Anderson floats out of a backdrop and hits a huge clothesline. Knee Drop gets two for Arn. Anderson gets a tilt a whirl backbreaker after a back body drop by Gill.Anderson turns the tables and hits a backdrop. He hits a DDT to end this.

Winner: Arn Anderson by pinfall (4:06)

Commercial break

Monday's RAW is hyped, with the appearance of WWF CEO, Vince McMahon.!

Backstage, Konnan finds Giant Baba and Steiner, and tells them that he is in the best shape of his career. Konnan even says that he is in better shape than Steiner, so he warns Scott and Baba to leave Hogan alone till he’s done with him.

Hogan is shown lifting weights before his match, which is next.!

Commercial break... another Dan Davis promo saying he spent ten years in prison in Tennesse.

Konnan vs. Hulk Hogan

Lockup to start and Konnan tosses Hulk across the ring. Hogan did not appreciate and started stomping a mud hole in Konnan. Irish whip in the corner but Konnan gets the boot up. Hogan ducks the top rope drop kick but gets bulldoged for two. Konnan keeps Hulk down with clubs to the back and a high knee. Hulkster ducks a clothesline and hits a powerslam. Konnan then no sells a clothesline but gets a trio of German suplexes for his trouble. Konnan reverses a fourth suplex and goes for a small package, but Hogan kicks out. Hogan gets up, hits a boot to the face to Konnan, hits a leg drop, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Hulk Hogan by pinfall (3:03)

Hulk on the mic, calls out Steiner and Giant Baba. He says it’s time for his lesson, so they should come to the ring. Steiner and Baba walk until they get to a T-junction leading to either the ring or the parking lot. Baba looks at the camera, and says that he has a strategy for beating Hulk at the Rumble, because just when Hulkster thinks they’re going left, they go right. Steiner and Baba leave to the parking lot, only pausing so Baba can hit laugh at the camera.

A final advert for the Royal Rumble is shown as Smackdown goes off the air.!

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