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wwe's lack of booking for punk/orton

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**don't let this thread turn to a orton hate thread or cmpunk dicking sucking thread**

Am I the only one a littled tee'ed off that wwe gave more attention the Micheal Cole vs Jerry feud. I just had to make a 5 minute phone call, then after that read an update that wwe already had the punk/segement.
It was just the same thing as the last few weeks, a punk promo, followed by orton getting all crazy. The shit gets boring.

Theres so many creative ways wwe could do this. Like how come Wade Barret never got Punk back from the steel cage match, this could actually give coore and nexus a actual storyline instead of I'm going to beat you down for power storyline.
wwe could finally bring the GM up to play, why did the gm, give punk a 2nd chance. Who is the GM

but what does wwe do, zipo,cero,nado, nothing.
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They have been building the Punk-Orton feud. Punk has, on multiple occasions, said it's about how Orton punted him at Unforgiven 2008. At Elimination Chamber they had good storyline development.
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