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WWE's Cable TV Network

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Vince also talked about the WWE cable network and said they are moving forward with it, recently having a first meeting with Verizon. Vince said WWE has meetings set up with all major carriers and has a good relationship with Comcast because of them buying NBC Universal. Vince doesn't expect WWE to have a lot of costs associated with the network and said that WWE does TV shows more efficiently than anyone else in the business.

Do you think we will get this for free? or have to pay?
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The question is how many people and parents will be ready to pay for this new channel. I am sure that many US parents will be nice enough to only buy a expensive channel for their kids. Especially when US economy is still suffering and has a long way to go until its recovery. Such a move by WWE could wake up some parents who will realise how much it costs to obey their kids and even shock some older viewers.

If WWE decides to be harsher with youtube and uploading videos websites, i suppose it will mean that the only way to watch PPVs and matches will be to attend them or to watch them on this new channel on Cable (only in USA) and on partner channels aboard. Of course you also have WWE classics, but it won't work with parents. It can actually mean a huge drop in terms of regular and first-time viewers and i won't speak about foreigners.

In my opinion WWE is out of touch again. We don't live anymore in a world where long term and exclusive subscriptions matter. We won't like to watch something we can't control or to watch boring matches we didn't choose.

We live in a world with app stores and amazon-style websites. We learnt to select and to pay only for what we want. WWE should better use all this money to create a good "online videos on demand website", some uploading videos websites and a better community forum.

:no: to pay better marketing specialists, writer creatives in order to create better storylines too, but it's obvious.

Prussia, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Siam don't exist anymore Mr Burns ...
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