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WWE's Cable TV Network

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Vince also talked about the WWE cable network and said they are moving forward with it, recently having a first meeting with Verizon. Vince said WWE has meetings set up with all major carriers and has a good relationship with Comcast because of them buying NBC Universal. Vince doesn't expect WWE to have a lot of costs associated with the network and said that WWE does TV shows more efficiently than anyone else in the business.

Do you think we will get this for free? or have to pay?
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Is it true they are not allowed to show or mention Owen Hart on any of their programming because of Martha? I wonder how they'd get around that when trying to air weeklies of RAW with him in it.
Probably just do what they did with Benoit and just cut anything involved with him out of the show. Maybe throw in a random match (their library is huuuuuuge) or cut that era's shows down to an hour.
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