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I have been booking shows for years please tell me what you think of the shows when the show up.

WARFIELD GM: Torrie Wilson
No Limits GM: Vince McMahon

WWEF Shows:
WWEF Monday Night WARFIELD & WWEF Saturday Night No Limits

WARFIELD: World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, World Tag Team, Women, and Survivor (I'll tell you the Survivor title rules later)
No Limits: WWEF, United States, Tag Team, Cruiserweight, and X Championship

WARFIELD: The Undertaker, The One And Only (Me), Kane, Paul London, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Batista, Death, Rikishi, Billy Kidman, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jazz, Torrie Wilson, Chyna, Lita, Nidia

No Limits: John McMahon, John Cena, Kid Kash, Rivi Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Mordecai, Bubba-Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Spike Dudley, Master, Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo, Johnny Stamboli, Lance Hoyt, Rob Van Dam, Chavo Guerrero, Val Venis, Jushin Lyger, Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, Spanky

January: (New Dawn): Both
February: The Change: Warfield
March: Hardcore Charge: No Limits
April: (All Out Assault): Both
May: Payback: Warfield
June: Open Flames: No Limits
July: (The Battle of Evermore): Both
August: Betrayed: Warfield
September: Backstreet Battle: No Limits
October: The Wall: Warfield
November: Xtreme Overdose: No Limits
December: (New Year’s Eve Bash): Both

(insert PPV) means one of the Big 4
New Year's Eve Bash is like WWE's Wrestlemania. It's the big one

I will do the first show WARFIELD starting in January 1, 2006 (not in real time that’s when the shows will be based on) so I will write WARFIELD possibly starting today or tomorrow.

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OK sorry it took me so long I was busy so here’s the first WWEF WARFIELD


*fireworks go off as our announcers Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler announce*

Lawler: Oh my god I can’t believe it it’s the first WARFIELD Cole.

Cole: You’re right and what can be greater then a tournament to decide who gets the World Heavyweight Championship at the first Major PPV, New Dawn.

Lawler: Well… let’s get this show on the road.

Tony: Welcome everyone to WWEF WARFIELD the first match tonight will be the 1st quarterfinal match-up for the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

*Batista’s Music hits as the boos raise*

Cole: Hope Batista is ready because his opponent beats him in weight and almost the same height.

*Rikishi’s music hits as the crowd goes wild for Rikishi’s first title chance*

The bell rings and Batista and Rikishi lock up. Batista hitting multiple chops and a knee to the gut. Batista Irish whip to Rikishi to the next turnbuckle, going for the clothesline but Rikishi ducks for a spear, pin 1 2 kick out. Rikishi thinking all he needs is the powerbomb to finish him but Batista gets an out of nowhere spinebuster on Rikishi. Triple H runs out and stares at Batista for a moment and smirks. Batista just punching Rikishi’s face into the mat. Batista picks him up and gets set up for the Batistabomb when suddenly Rikishi picks him up and Powerbombs him shaking the ring. Pin 1 2 kick out Rikishi looking shocked pinning him again 1 2 kick out, again 12 kick out. Rikishi yells in anger for he can’t beat Batista. Rikishi sets up the stink face and it connects. Rikishi going to the top for the Banzai Bomb… wait the ref is distracted by Ric Flair and Triple H hits Rikishi in the head with the sledgehammer and Rikishi drops to the mat. Batista gains conscious and hits Rikishi with a spine buster setting it up BATISTA BOMB, pin 1 2 3. Batista goes to the turn buckle and raises his fist in the air he’s in the semi-finals.

More Matches in the next posts ;)

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I'm really dissapointed at me not working on this thread so if you forgive me because I had no time and it crossed my mind. So please forgive me. :(

P.S I will not continue this thread, but there's a good chance I may start another.
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