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The following BTB is a post-watershed production. It may contain storylines and content unsuitable for children. Some content may also be unsuitable for other readers.


This BTB will start with Raw, the night after Judgment Day 2008.

The back story is how things happened in real life up to this point, apart from a few of things:

Jeff Hardy was never suspended in March 2008. He won the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania 24. He has not yet cashed in his MITB contract. Obviously things have gone a little differently for him since March than they did in the actual WWE. The MITB contract is good for a world championship match any place, any time. Pinfalls and submissions in this match can happen anywhere. Jeff Hardy’s new music is Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Tonight, Tonight’ rather than the theme he had at this point in the real WWE.

Undertaker was never stripped of the WHC and defeated Edge last night at Judgement Day.

All the referees are strong and will get physically involved in matches to enforce the rules- rope breaks etc.

Big Show’s theme song is the old version of ‘Big’.

William Regal’s theme song is ‘Royalty’ rather than ‘Regality’.

The Smackdown/ECW talent exchange was happening at this time.

Summary of the events on the weekly shows between Judgment Day and Fully Loaded:

Coming soon

PPV Schedule

Next PPV: Fully Loaded- 8th June (San Diego, California)

Bad Blood- 6th July (Birmingham, Alabama)
The Great American Bash- 27th July
(Boston, Massachusetts)
SummerSlam- 24th August (Cincinnati, Ohio)



Triple H- WWE Champion
Chris Jericho- Intercontinental Champion
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly- World Tag Team Champions
Mickie James- WWE Women’s Champion


Kane- ECW Champion


Undertaker- World Heavyweight Champion
Matt Hardy- United States Champion
The Miz and John Morrison- WWE Tag Team Champions




Chris Jericho
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Mr. Kennedy
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Triple H

Up and coming?

Brian Kendrick
Charlie Haas
Cody Rhodes
D.H. Smith
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Hardcore Holly
Lance Cade
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Robbie McAllister
Rory McAllister
Santino Marella
Shad Gaspard
Super Crazy
Trevor Murdoch
Ted DiBiase Jnr
Val Venis


Beth Phoenix
Candice Michelle (injured)
Jillian Hall
Katie Lea Burchill
Mickie James



Chavo Guerrero
CM Punk
John Morrison
The Miz

Up and coming?

Bam Neely
Big Daddy V
Colin Delaney
Elijah Burke
Kofi Kingston
Matt Striker
Mike Knox
Shelton Benjamin
Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer


Kelly Kelly



Big Show
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio (injured)

Up and coming?

Chuck Palumbo
Curt Hawkins
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Wang Yang
Mark Henry
Shannon Moore
The Great Khali
Vladimir Kozlov
Zach Ryder


Michelle McCool

General Managers

Raw- William Regal
ECW- Armando Estrada
Smackdown- Former- Vickie Guerrero, Current- Mick Foley

Other Staff


Raw- Jim Ross and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler
ECW- Joey Styles and Tazz
Smackdown- Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman

Ring Announcers

Raw- Lilian Garcia
ECW- Savannah
Smackdown- Tony Chimel

Backstage Interviewers

Raw- Todd Grisham
ECW- Lena Yada
Smackdown- Mike Adamle

I will return all reviews/feedback.

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Dont understand why so much emphasis put on the theme songs. Irrelevant in the big scheme of things. Anyways curious as to how you develop this as you have already set it apart enough from real life having Hardy as MITB and Taker still the champion and now having beat Edge three times in a row.

I don't like the way you divided the rosters with established and up and coming. Main event, midcard and lower midcard would have been more suited if anything.

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Monday May 19th 2008

Omaha, Nebraska- Omaha Civic Auditorium

At the start of the show there is a highlights video for last night’s PPV, Judgement Day. This shows how Triple H defeated Randy Orton in a steel cage match to retain the WWE Championship.

Raw opening video and pyro.

*The Game*

Triple H makes his way to the ring wearing the WWE Championship belt. The fans are on their feet applauding him. He says that Orton didn’t stand a chance against him last night at Judgement Day because he’s the game and he is that damn good. He says that there is no one he fears on Raw.

*Sexy Boy*

Shawn Michaels appears! The crowd cheers loudly. He says that after 3 huge victories over Ric Flair, Batista and Chris Jericho he should be the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship! Triple H says that the history they have together is well documented and that he thinks HBK would be a good victory to have under his belt. Shawn Michaels doesn’t like that comment, and tells Triple H that snide comments aside, he wants to be WWE Champion more than anything, and it doesn’t matter that Triple H is his friend, he would love to beat him. Triple H says you can dream that happy day dream all you want Shawn, because you are never…

*My Time Is Now*

John Cena makes his way to the ring! The crowd mainly cheers but some booing can also be heard. He says that Shawn wasn’t the only one to pick up a big victory at Judgement Day, because he beat JBL. He says that he deserves another shot at the WWE Championship in a 1 on 1 match. He says he earned it by winning the Royal Rumble, and the Championship match with Randy Orton at No Way Out shouldn’t count because Orton got himself deliberately disqualified. Triple H says that’s a good little sob story John but it doesn’t mean anything because Orton isn’t the Champion anymore! He says he needs to put it to the back of his mind because the guy he has to beat isn’t Orton, he is standing right in front of him. He says he would love to face Cena 1 on 1 so he could prove that Cena got lucky at Wrestlemania 22.


General Manager William Regal comes out onto the stage and says that both Shawn Michaels and John Cena would be worthy number 1 contenders so they will face each other tonight. He says that the winner will face Triple H at Fully Loaded for the WWE Championship!​

Match #1
World Tag Team Championship
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly (C) vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick

London and Rhodes lock-up to start. Hammerlock by London is reversed by Rhodes and he rides him down to the mat. Backdrop attempted gets thwarted as London nails the deep armdrag and a headscissors, gets a 2 count. Tag to Kendrick who nails a dropkick for a 2 count. Kendrick gets some more offence in on Rhodes including an elbow smash which gets a two count…

… later in the match Hardcore Holly applies a full nelson, which London escapes using a victory roll but instead of stopping for a pin he continues the roll through and tags Kendrick. He's in a with a springboard summersault, reverse elbow, a whip to the corner sees him eat boot off a charge. Holly tries his own charge but gets nailed by a hurricanrana, then a pin attempt is broken up by Rhodes whom London drop kicks to the floor. Holly dumps London as Kendrick takes advantage of his distracting with a roll-up attempt which only gets two. Kendrick goes to hit something off a second rope springboard but Rhodes interferes which allows Holly to hit the Alabama Slam for the three. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes retain the titles!

*Two By Four*

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan makes his way to the ring! He says that after all these years he is as excited as ever to be in the WWE, and thanks the fans for their continued support. As he is talking though, he is interrupted by…

*Break The Walls Down*

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho comes out. He enters the ring and tells Duggan that it is a disgrace that he is part of the Raw roster. He says that Duggan is like the manky old tub of margarine that has all toast dust in it. Most people want to chuck it out but there is one member of the family that insists that everybody carries on using it. Jericho gets right in Duggan’s face, who looks upset. Duggan starts to walk away then turns around and goes to strike Jericho! They go at it for a short time before Y2J manages to lock in the Walls of Jericho on Duggan. Duggan taps out, but Jericho doesn’t break the hold!

D.H. Smith appears and rushes to the ring to help Duggan. Jericho spots him and breaks the hold just in time to duck under a clothesline attempt from Smith. Codebreaker on D.H. Smith! Both Duggan and Smith are down now, as Jericho stands in the ring looking smug. He adjusts his tie, picks up the IC title belt and leaves the scene as boos ring out from the crowd.

Todd Grisham interviews Rhodes and Holly backstage:

Grisham- ‘I’m speaking to the World Tag Champions here. Guys, a great victory for you tonight, but many of our fans think that you will be losing those titles sooner rather than later.

Holly- ‘Listen, you cheeky son of a bi***, we are here to stay, we don’t give two craps about being popular with those soft fans out there.’

Rhodes- ‘Yeah that’s right, we are just going to concentrate on getting the job done and look at this…they hold up the belts….this is proof why we are the best tag team in the world right now, and we will put these on the line against any team stupid enough to think they have a chance against us.’

Match #2
Val Venis vs Paul Burchill

This is a tight, hard fought contest that comes to its conclusion when Burchill executes his devastating kerb stomp to pick up the victory, with his sister Katie Lea cheering on from ringside.

Todd Grisham interviews HBK backstage:

Grisham- ‘I have with me the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. Shawn how confident are you going into your number 1 contender match with John Cena tonight?’

HBK- ‘I am pretty confident. Tonight is a big match and that is just the way the Showstopper likes it. Cena is one of the biggest stars in this industry but there is only going to be one winner tonight’

Triple H comes into the picture.

Triple H- ‘I just wanted to wish you good luck Shawn. You are one of my closest friends and we have been through a lot together. But you should know that if it’s me and you at Fully Loaded, I won’t hold anything back. And trust me, that will be enough to win because I have always been better than you.

John Cena comes into the picture.

Cena- ‘Look at you two, best of buddies and all that. Sorry to have to say this guys but DX was overrated. In fact I think the whole DX thing was lame.’

Triple H squares up to Cena.

Triple H- ‘Maybe you should shut your mouth before I shut it for you.’

Cena- ‘You can try, but I suggest you save all your energy for Fully Loaded, because I beat you before. I made you tap out in front of the whole world, and I can do it again.’

HBK coughs.

HBK- ‘Sorry to interrupt but I have something to say. Cena, I think you need to change your ring attire. The whole ‘You can’t see me’ thing doesn’t fit with the garish T-Shirts you wear. I mean do you wear those things on the street? Hunter, after I beat Cena tonight you will start to look less like a friend to me, and more like a target.

HBK leaves. Cena addresses Triple H

Cena- ‘I like these T-Shirts!’

Match #3
Jeff Hardy (Mr. Money in the Bank) vs JBL

They circle to begin, lock up and to the corner they go. They then battle around the ropes, and the ref breaks them up. Lock up again, a wristlock by Jeff, JBL backs him up and takes him down. A seated headlock by JBL, Jeff battles to his feet and off the ropes goes JBL and he gets a shoulder block to Jeff and covers for 2. Back to the headlock goes JBL, into the chinlock and JBL has Jeff grounded. Jeff manages to get to his feet, elbows out, rights to JBL and then a knee drops Jeff. A side headlock by JBL, off the ropes now and a hip toss by Jeff. An Arm drag and Jeff works the arm bar...

...later in the match JBL has Jeff in a single leg crab. Jeff tries and gets the ropes. JBL breaks the hold and Jeff rolls to the floor. Jeff to his feet, and JBL follows and as he leaps down he is met by a kick. The count is on, JBL tossed back in and Jeff follows and delivers rights. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Jeff. Another clothesline and a cover for 2. Off the ropes again, wrap up clothesline by Jeff and another cover for 2. To the corner, Whisper in the Wind by Jeff! Cover…1…2…NO! Jawbreaker by Jeff, JBL down in the corner and JBL catches the dropkick try and gets a powerslam for 2. JBL is up, stalks Jeff….clothesline from hell countered and the Twist of Fate by Jeff connects! SWANTON BOMB! Jeff covers JBL and gets the three count. Jeff Hardy wins against JBL!

*Burn In My Light*

Randy Orton comes to the ring. He says people shouldn’t get carried away with Triple H’s victory last night because he is the man of destiny and it will not be long before he is the WWE Champion again…

*Turn Up The Trouble*

Randy Orton is interrupted by Mr. Kennedy! I’m sure you’re all torn up about losing last night Randy, but if it makes you feel any better, and I guess it probably won’t, but anyway…I’m glad you aren’t the WWE Champion because quite frankly, you bore me to death.


General Manager William Regal comes out. He says that those are some strong words from Mr. Kennedy, and he hopes he can back them up because next week on Raw it will be Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton! Randy Orton tells Kennedy that he is in a foul mood and he will be taking this out on Kennedy next week. Kennedy says that won’t be a problem because he is sports entertainment. He is MR. KENNEDY!....................KENNEDY!​

Match #4
Mickie James (Women’s Champion) and Maria vs Katie Lea Burchill and Jillian

Mickie and Jillian start. Mickie cartwheels out of a monkey flip and gets a dropkick for 1. Katie Lea comes in but Mickie fights back, then hits a clothesline on Burchill. Maria comes in with a sunset flip for 2. Forearm exchange by both, and Maria hits a rana. Jillian comes in to assist with an electric chair drop for 2. Jillian pulls on the hair a bit and tags out. Kick to the gut by Katie, followed by a backbreaker for 2. Camel clutch! Maria fights out but Katie slows her down and tags out.

Hair mare out of the corner. Jillian knocks Mickie off the apron and covers Maria for 2. Maria works her way back into it, then we get tags both sides. Head scissors by Mickie, clothesline, and again. An enzuigiri connects. Mickie brings Jillian in and takes them both down with clotheslines. Mickie catches Katie with a neckbreaker but Jillian breaks up the pin. Jillian nails Mickie with a dropkick. Katie rolls up Mickie for 3 whilst Jillian occupies Maria. Katie Lea and Jillian win the match!

Match #5
Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship match
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels

Some of the crowd are chanting for Cena, some for HBK. Side headlock attempt by Cena but Shawn doesn't let him get it. Go behind by Shawn, Cena counters and gets a shoulder knock down. Now HBK returns the favour. Shawn gets an atomic drop and leg drop to the abdomen for 2. Cena turns things around and starts to build momentum, nailing a suplex. They slug it out and eventually Michaels spears John and himself all the way to the floor. Cena with a knee to the gut, shot to the back and sends HBK back in. Shawn with a baseball slide knocks Cena back down. HBK up top- dives onto the guardrail, but Cena moves out of the way!...

...later in the match HBK kicks out of a pin attempt. Cena applies a rear chinlock. HBK gets to the ropes. Cena has to relinquish the hold but goes back on the attack and whips Shawn into the turnbuckle. Clothesline by HBK turns the tide. Michaels to the top rope- Cena dropkicks Shawn's leg out from under him and Shawn crashes and burns. John covers for 2. Cena goes back to the chinlock but HBK gets to the ropes again. Cena goes for a backdrop but Shawn gets out of it and sends Cena to the floor. HBK shoves him into the guardrail, then returns to the ring. Cena slides back in and chop blocks HBK. Cover gets 2.

HBK tries to come back with rights, but fails. Sit-out jaw breaker by Cena! Clothesline by John, then Cena attacks HBK’s knee. Cena goes for a backslide, only for Shawn to kick out in time. Side Russian legsweep by HBK. Pin gets a 2 count. Cena kicks Shawn, goes for the FU but it is countered! Sweet Chin Music but Cena dodges it! Proto-Bomb by Cena. Cena to the top rope, goes for the leg drop, but Shawn moves out the way. Clothesline attempt by Cena but Shawn evades him, Sweet Chin Music connects! HBK covers Cena and gets the 3!

Shawn Michaels is victorious against John Cena and becomes the number one contender! He will face Triple H at Fully Loaded for the WWE Championship.
Whilst HBK celebrates, Triple H sneaks into the ring and pedigrees Shawn! He stands over HBK holding up his WWE Championship as the show ends.

Quick results

Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly beat Paul London and Brian Kendrick (Pin, WTTC)
Paul Burchill beat Val Venis (Pin)
Jeff Hardy beat JBL (Pin)
Katie Lea Burchill and Jillian beat Mickie James and Maria (Pin)
Shawn Michaels beat John Cena (Pin, No. 1 Contender match)

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An interesting first show mate. I like the idea of HBK and HHH coming together soon but I'm not sure about the whole Cena t-shirt thing. That backstage bit didn't really do anything for me. Interested to see where Cena goes now he's lost to HBK. Maybe you could have involved Orton too though - he would have had a rematch clause.

Looking forward to ECW and Smackdown to see how you start with those ... Good luck!

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Tuesday, May 20th 2008

Lafayette, Louisiana- Cajundome

Opening Video and Pyro

Joey Styles and Tazz talk about tonight’s main event which is ECW Champion Kane against Elijah Burke.

Match #1

Kofi Kingston vs Stevie Richards

Lockup and rights by Richards. Off the ropes, back elbow to Kofi. Rights and elbows by Richards, off the ropes and a yakuza to Kofi. Cross face shots by Richards, rights in the corner, an Irish whip and Kofi is hit hard, Stevie covers for 2. Richards works the neck crank, Kofi escapes and chops to Richards. A boot, chops and then rights by Stevie. Chops by Kofi, rights and then a Thesz press by Kofi. Off the ropes and a flying forearm by Kingston. Atomic drop, rights, a slam and Kofi up top…and a knee drop connects. Kofi looks for Trouble in Paradise and it connects. Kofi pins Richards and gets a 3 count. Kofi Kingston wins the match and remains undefeated!

Lena Yada interviews Elijah Burke backstage:

Yada- Elijah Burke is here with me. Elijah, what are your thoughts ahead of your match against the ECW Champion Kane tonight?

Burke- Kane is a monster, but as the Book of Eli says, Burke fears no monster.

Yada- What is the Book of Eli?

Burke- You will find out in due course...

Shelton Benjamin is outside General Manager Armando Estrada’s office. He knocks on the door and Estrada says he can come in. Estrada asks Benjamin if he is ready for his match later tonight, and Shelton says he is. Shelton then goes on to say that he wants a shot at the ECW title. Armando says he will think about it, he suggests that Benjamin impresses him in the meantime in his match tonight.

*Ain’t No Make Believe*

WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison makes his way to the ring.


He is followed by his partner The Miz.

Morrison- Hi, I’m John Morrison and I was recently voted the best John Morrison on Wikipedia by Time readers.

The Miz- And I’m your chick magnet, The Miz.

Morrison- An easy victory for us two nights ago at Judgement day. But I guess we expected that seeing as CM Punk was on the opposing team.

The Miz- CM Punk is awful, he wrestles like a girl!

They both laugh

Morrison- Why can't women drive?

Because there's no road between the kitchen and the bedroom.

The Miz- That’s a good one. Hey what should you give a woman who has everything?

A man to show her how to work it.

Morrison- Why haven’t any women ever gone to the moon?

It doesn’t need cleaning yet.


Kelly Kelly and Layla appear! They both look pissed off.

Kelly- Who do you two think you are? You can’t say those kind of things.

Layla- Yeah, you act like men are superior than women, but we are better than you at most things.

Morrison- I doubt that, in fact I doubt it so much that I am going to propose a challenge.

Layla- Bring it on, we can take you two easily.

The Miz- How about a game of poker?

Kelly- Sure, you two will be no match for us.

Morrison- Seeing as you seem so confident, how about making it...strip poker!?

Kelly- That’s fine with us, you two are going to be crushed!

Match #2

Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney vs Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox

Dreamer and Benjamin kick it off. They lock up and Dreamer gets a headlock takedown. Shelton fights back with a shoulder block. Tommy gets back with a flipping armbar and tags Delaney. Delaney nails a crossbody on Benjamin for one and a half. Shelton gets up, knocks him down, and tags Knox. Knox works on Colin in the corner and tags Benjamin. Delaney tags in Dreamer and he nails a clothesline and some rights on Benjamin. Tommy nails a big boot for two as Knox breaks it up. Tommy looks for a DDT but Benjamin gets out of it and hits Paydirt. He covers Dreamer and gets a 3 count. Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox win the match!

Match #3

ECW Champion Kane vs Elijah Burke

Rights by Kane to take Burke down. Burke fires back, off the ropes and eats a back elbow. Elijah goes for a cross body but Kane throws him to the outside and slams him against the steel post. Arm bar and pulls at the arm by Kane. Kane slams Burke to the steel post yet again. Kane tosses Burke back in. Kane avoids a baseball slide by Elijah...

Later in the match...Burke is in control with a headlock. Kane to his feet, rights to Burke, off the ropes and a DDT counter by Burke gets 2. Elijah with a chinlock now, Kane battles to his feet again and lays the boots to Burke. Kane grabs Elijah’s throat but Burke escapes. Burke springs up top and gets a forearm onto Kane. Elijah covers for 2. Burke with the half scissors and rear choke. Kane rolls out, to his feet and shoulder thrusts by Kane in the corner. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Kane. Both men are down, to their feet and they exchange rights. Off the ropes and a shoulder charge by Kane. Rights again, a whip and a corner clothesline to Burke. Sidewalk Slam by Kane. Kane grabs Elijah by the throat, Chokeslam and that is all. Kane defeats Elijah Burke!

Quick Results

Kofi Kingston beat Stevie Richards (Pin)
Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox beat Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney (Pin)
Kane beat Elijah Burke (Pin)

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Friday, May 23rd 2008

New Orleans, Louisiana- New Orleans Arena

At the start of the show there is a highlights video that shows how the Undertaker defeated Edge last Sunday at Judgement Day to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Smackdown opening Video and Pyro.


Big Show comes to the ring and says that he should be the number one contender for the WHC. Vicky comes out and tells him ‘No’, saying that Edge should be the World Heavyweight Champion. She says that Edge will face the Undertaker tonight in a no disqualification match for the Word...

*No Chance*

Vince comes out and says that he has had enough of Vicky over-meddling in things and being biased towards Edge. He tells Vicky ‘YOU’RE FIRRREED!’. Vicky leaves in disappointment. Vince says he has already picked a replacement for Vicky and motions with his hand to the stage…

*Western Hardcore*

Mick Foley appears! He does his ‘bang bang’ gesture to the crowd who are going nuts. He wastes little time in getting down to business and says that next week on Smackdown there will be a hardcore, falls count anywhere, Six Pack Challenge elimination match to determine the number 1 contender. The winner will face the Undertaker at Fully Loaded for the World Heavyweight Championship! Mick goes on to say that tonight there will be a series of qualifying matches to decide who the 6 participants will be next week.

Match #1
Qualifying match for 6 Pack Challenge elimination match
Mark Henry vs Festus

Henry clubs away on Festus until Festus nails an uppercut. Festus gets him in the corner and pounds away. Festus whips him to the other corner but Henry reverses and then hits a splash. He goes back to Festus but Festus responds with rights. Mark Henry is against the ropes now. Festus runs at Henry but Mark sends him over the top rope. Henry lays into Festus and then throws him against the steps. DDT to Festus on the outside, then Henry gets back into the ring. Festus doesn’t get up before the 10 count. Mark Henry defeats Festus via count out!​

Mike Adamle interviews Mick Foley backstage:

Adamle- Well Mick, tonight is your first night as Smackdown General Manager, how are you feeling?

Foley- I am so excited to start here on Smackdown. I’m sure there are some great times ahead and I think tonight’s huge main event is going to be part of that. It’s going to be a match of champions. World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker and United States Champion Matt Hardy against the WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz!

Match #2
Qualifying match for 6 Pack Challenge elimination match
The Great Khali vs Shannon Moore

Big claw by Khali who then slams down Shannon. Moore gets back into it, shots to the back of Khali but he then eats a boot and is down. Khali slams him to the corner, Khali Chop. Khali covers and gets 2. He works a chinlock now to wear down Moore but Shannon works his way to his feet and fights out and tees off with forearms. Khali catches him with a forearm Khali, then puts the boots to Shannon and goes back to the chinlock. Shannon fights out again and hits a side suplex but Khali keeps the hold locked on. Another side suplex and the hold is broken. Moore connects with a side Russian leg sweep and goes to the second rope and hits an elbow to the small of the back. Moore then hits a springboard crossbody. He goes to the top rope and hits a Rolling Thunder, then the cover gets a 3 count! Shannon Moore defeats the Great Khali!

Edge is backstage, looking concerned. Batista shows up looking happy and tells Edge that things won’t be so stacked in his favour with Vickie gone. The two argue and Edge says that Batista isn’t in his league. Mick Foley comes into the picture and says that the two of them had better cast their differences aside if they want to qualify for the 6 way elimination match next week, because they are going to be on the same team tonight in a tag team qualifying match!

Match #3
Qualifying match for 6 Pack Challenge elimination match
Big Show vs Jimmy Wang Yang

They lock up and Big Show beats on Yang in the corner. Yang gets a drop toehold and works the leg, and knots up the thigh, Show catches Yang with a forearm to the gut and sends him up for a free-fall slam. Big knees to the gut now by Big Show and he gets 2. Yang gets sent chest-first into the corner and Big Show talks trash. Big Show chokes Yang out now and he gets reprimanded. Half nelson by Big Show now and he attacks the ribs of Yang. Big Show gets Yang up in a fireman's carry and tosses him. Yang comes back though with a dropkick to the knee and he catches Show with an enzuigiri. Yang goes up top but Big Show gets upright in time to catch Yang and execute a chokeslam. Big Show pins Yang and gets the victory!​

Match #4
Qualifying match for 6 Pack Challenge elimination match
Batista and Edge vs Jamie Noble and Finlay

The bell rings as Noble and Edge start. Edge backs Noble into the corner and boots him. Noble kicks his way out, but gets dropped with a shoulder block. Edge locks Noble in an armbar. Noble gets out of it, but then misses a roundhouse kick and gets drilled by Edge. Edge stares at Batista. Edge locks in a neck vice, then Noble escapes and lays into edge with fists. Jamie tags in Finlay, who quickly goes on the attack. Finlay with a neckbreaker and an elbow drop for a two count. Edge shoves off the bulldog attempt and Finlay ducks a clothesline. Finlay drops Edge with a forearm and locks in a grounded armbar. Edge is up, but he can't hip toss himself out of the hold. Finlay hits an arm breaker. Noble tagged in and he hits a sledge to the arm. Noble focuses on the arm and wrenches it before tagging Finlay back in. Finlay hits an elbow to the shoulder.

Noble tagged back in and he kicks away. Arm wrench by Noble and then he hits a double stomp to the arm. Finlay back in and he whips Edge off the ropes. Finlay ducks too early and Edge kicks him in the chest. Batista tagged in and he avalanches Finlay. Head-butt by Batista then a vicious clothesline and he tags in Edge. Edge mounts Finlay and punches away. Edge with a headlock and he goes into a head scissors. Finlay rolls around and gets Edge on his shoulders for an electric chair drop, but Edge tags in Batista who breaks it up. Batista stomps on Finlay and goes for a front headlock. Finlay fights to his own corner and tags in Noble who leaps in with a head scissors attempt, but Batista catches him with a spinebuster. Batista throws Finlay over the top rope and gives the thumbs down gesture. Batista Bomb to Noble and the pin gets a three count. Batista and Edge qualify for the number 1 contender match next week!

The Miz and John Morrison are backstage talking about their match later tonight. CM Punk shows up and says that those were some ‘interesting’ comments they made about him on Tuesday. He says ‘So you two have got Matt Hardy and the Undertaker tonight? Good luck, you guys are going to need it.’

Match #5
Qualifying match for 6 Pack Challenge elimination match
Deuce vs MVP

MVP hits a knee to the gut of Deuce. Deuce blocks a hip toss, ducks a clothesline, but can't avoid the shoulder. Deuce fights back, but gets whipped to the corner. Deuce hits an elbow, but then gets hit with a clothesline. MVP stomps away and locks in a chinlock. Deuce escapes and lands some punches. Deuce hits a bulldog on MVP. Deuce drops an elbow and gets a two count. MVP elbows his way out of a back suplex, but walks into a drop toe hold and hits the second turnbuckle. Deuce charges and MVP avoids it, causing Deuce to go shoulder first into corner. MVP hits the Playmaker, pins Deuce and gets the 3 count. MVP wins the match!​

Mike Adamle interviews Edge backstage:

Adamle- Edge is here with me, who earlier tonight qualified for the 6 Pack Challenge elimination match next week. He therefore has a chance of going on to face the Undertaker at Fully Loaded for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge, what do you think your chances of winning the match next week are?

Edge- I am the most likely winner of the match, because I know what it takes to win in these kind of situations. They don’t call me the ultimate opportunist for no reason.

Adamle- What are your thoughts on the end of your fiance Vickie Guerrero’s run as General Manager? Many have been quick to point out how she has favoured you here on Smackdown.

Edge- I want you to listen, and listen carefully. Throughout my career, all my success has been earned. Hard earned.
We hear the fans booing.
So as far as the future goes, I am not at all concerned because I will once again prove the doubters and all those hating fans wrong.

Big Show comes into the picture.

Big Show- Funny that you call yourself the most likely winner for next week when I know that I am going to destroy you.

Edge- I doubt that, next week there are no disqualifications and I am going to be the one to watch. I’ve been in epic TLC and hardcore matches in the past and I am going to be unstoppable.

Match #6
John Morrison and The Miz vs Undertaker and Matt Hardy

Morrison starts with Hardy and immediately delivers forearms to him, before the United States Champion retaliates and whips Morrison into the corner. Morrison comes back though with a boot and tags in the Miz. Miz attacks Matt from behind with a series of forearms before tagging Morrison back in. He stomps on Matt in the corner before again tagging in Miz. He delivers a kick to the head, which gets two. The Miz applies a Half-Nelson chinlock, but Hardy is able to counter out of that. Miz charges with a boot but Matt catches him and throws him away. Both men tag out. Undertaker is in with a clothesline to Morrison. Flying shoulderblock off the ropes gives Undertaker complete control.

Running DDT by the World Heavyweight Champion gets a two count. Hardy comes in to chase off the Miz, but ends up on the floor. This distracts the Undertaker and allows Morrison to attack from behind. Morrison tags in Miz and they double team Undertaker briefly. Miz goes to work on the Undertaker who is grounded.

Kelly Kelly and Layla appear at ringside! Kelly gets onto the apron and talks trash to Miz. Michael Cole talks about the strip poker match that is coming up on next Tuesday’s ECW. Undertaker tags in Matt Hardy. The Miz strikes Kelly and knocks her off the apron. He turns around right into Matt Hardy who hits a Russian legsweep. Meanwhile Layla comes up behind Morrison and drags him off the apron and onto the floor. She mounts him and punches him. Matt Hardy tags in the Undertaker who then signals that the end is near. He hits the tombstone on the Miz and pins him for a 3 count. The Undertaker and Matt Hardy win the match!

Quick Results

Mark Henry beat Festus (Count out- Ring out)
Shannon Moore beat the Great Khali (Pin)
Big Show beat Jimmy Wang Yang (Pin)
Batista and Edge beat Jamie Noble and Finlay (Pin)
MVP beat Deuce (Pin)
Undertaker and Matt Hardy beat the Miz and John Morrison (Pin)

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I'm pretty high on how you've noted who is established as a star and who is not quite there yet. The matches could have a bit more description in my honest opinion but it is your BTB so do what you want. I'm just big on descriptions. :p

Overall you're doing pretty well so far and I'll follow as much as I can. :)

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Mark speaks with a British (Black Country) accent.
Sam speaks with a British (Yorkshire) accent.

Mark: Hey guys, welcome to Stipulation Radio for Saturday May 24th 2008. My name is Mark Rhodes…

Sam: And I’m Sam Nixon. This is the podcast for all your WWE news and comment.

Mark: So let’s get straight into it. Last Sunday was Judgment Day, both Triple H and the Undertaker retained their World Championships. What did you make of it?

Sam: I thought it was nothing more than average to be honest. Match of the night for me was Shawn Michaels against Chris Jericho. The main event was predictable, Orton is still Triple H’s bitch.

Mark: That match was of course a steel cage match and ended via pinfall rather than escape. What did you think of the WHC match between Taker and Edge.

Sam: Not too bad, but I preferred their matches at Wrestlemania and Backlash.

Mark: Yeh same here really, they were in and out of the ring quite a lot, Hawkins and Ryder were involved again but ultimately Taker pulled out the win.

Sam: Yeah and I think last Sunday could be the end of the Edge and Undertaker feud.

Mark: I agree with you there, as we will talk about later, Edge is in the running to become the number 1 contender again, but I don’t think he will win the 6-way match next week. Elsewhere Mickie James retained the Women’s Championship a triple threat match against Beth Phoenix and Melina.

Sam: Yeah I was happy with that result, I think she can run with the title for a while longer.

Mark: And John Cena opened up the show with JBL, when was the last time Cena opened a PPV I wonder?

Sam: I didn’t really like that match, JBL dominated most of it with Cena eventually getting the win. I’m not a fan of JBL so I would have preferred a more dominant Cena win but I can see why they did it the way they did.

Mark: HBK and Jericho went at it for about 15 minutes before there was a winner. I agree with you I thought this was match of the night, some great back and forth stuff, technically sound as you would expect from these two.

Sam: Yeah good stuff.

Mark: And apart from that the Miz and John Morrison retained the tag titles and ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Jeff Hardy also picked up a win. So, moving on to last Monday and Raw. Shawn Michaels became the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, beating John Cena in the main event.

Sam: Yep, I really enjoyed the match, it was a big win for Shawn because it was a clean victory over the biggest name in the company.

Mark: Now Shawn had a feud with Triple H in the past, are you relishing this one?

Sam: Absolutely, it always seems really competitive between the 2 of them. I think it is going to be the main event at Fully Loaded and could really deliver.

Mark: What are the chances of Shawn winning the title?

Sam: I don’t think it will happen at Fully Loaded. Triple H hasn’t been champion that long. However, despite Shawn saying out of character that he isn’t interested in being champion, I think there could be something of a surprise a little further down the line and he could win the title. This feud has the potential to go over 2 PPVs easily maybe even beyond that.

Mark: Yeah, well I am looking forward to what happens next. These two have good chemistry and we will see how Shawn responds next week after getting hit by the Pedigree after his match with John Cena!

Sam: Someone else who might be looking for a little payback next week is Hacksaw Jim Duggan, after Chris Jericho said that it was a disgrace that he was on the Raw roster.

Mark: Yeah this is an interesting little angle the WWE have going here. Also on Raw, Jeff Hardy picked up a win against JBL, so he is continuing to build momentum up to...

Sam: Him cashing in the case.

Mark: When Sam?

Sam: Fully Loaded is probably a bit soon but he is super over and I think he will cash in by SummerSlam at the latest.

Mark: I think it could be Fully Loaded. The World Tag Team Champions successfully defended the gold on Raw as well. Not the most popular tag team, do you think their time as champions will end soon?

Sam: Absolutely, they really don’t do it for me.

Mark: Ok, let’s talk about last Tuesday’s ECW. And we may as well get straight to what everyone has been talking about. A strip poker match is coming up next week on ECW, following a confrontation between the Miz and John Morrison, and Kelly Kelly and Layla.

Sam: Yeah next Tuesday is going to be very interesting, I hope I get to see Kelly and Layla naked!

Mark: Me too! Elsewhere on the show, ECW Champion Kane picked up a win in the main event against Elijah Burke in what I thought was a solid main event match.

Sam: Yeah it didn’t blow me away but was good stuff. It looks like Shelton Benjamin is in the running to become number 1 contender too, after a little chat with Estrada who told Benjamin to impress him in his match. I’m okay with that, as long as he doesn’t become champion. He is quality as far as in-ring wrestling ability goes but when the guy talks I find him boring.

Mark: That’s fair enough. And Kofi Kingston extended his unbeaten run getting a victory over Stevie Richards. Last night it was Smackdown and the first thing we had better get to is the new General Manager, Mick Foley!

Sam: Yup, Vickie was dismissed by Vince and on his first night as GM Mick Foley arranged a hardcore, falls count anywhere 6-Pack Challenge elimination match to decide the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now I have to say I think this match is going to be a lot of fun, I think either Batista or Big Show is going to win it.

Mark: Yeah, I agree with you there, for the last 3 PPVs it has been Edge vs Undertaker and I think he is going to be facing a different opponent at Fully Loaded. Now there were of course 5 qualifying matches last night to determine the 6 entrants for next week. I liked them and they built up next week’s 6-way match nicely. Batista and Edge had to work as a team in their qualifying match and the wild card for next week is Shannon Moore who picked up a big win against the Great Khali.

Sam: Yeah I’m excited to see how Shannon Moore does next week, he might be the first to be eliminated but it is nice to see him involved in a big match. Apart from Shannon Moore winning the other 4 results were what most people would have expected.

Mark: And you think it is going to be Batista or Big Show who comes out on top next week?

Sam: Yeah I think Big Show is the most likely winner, followed by Batista and then possibly MVP could get a surprise victory. I really don’t see any of the other 3 guys winning.

Mark: Okay, the main event was a match of champions. The WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and the Miz against United States Champion Matt Hardy and the World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker. What did you think of it?

Sam: I enjoyed it there was some good stuff and neither team looked weak.

Mark: There was of course a big distraction for Miz and Morrison.

Sam: Yes, their strip poker opponents showed up and obviously this hyped what is set to go down on ECW next week. And it shows that the WWE is really backing this angle strongly because this is Smackdown’s main event we are talking about here. But you know I think it was worth it and it meant that Undertaker and Matt got the win, but with a helpful distraction.

Mark: Alright, well that just about wraps things up for this week’s show. We’ll be back in a week’s time with another which will as always be available on iTunes and podcast alley. Thanks to my co-host Sam.

Sam: Right back at ya buddy.

Mark: This was Stipulation Radio!

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Not a bad start, couple of things i noticed, little bit more depth in the matches which is improving over the shows. Don't have one match then another match straight after put a promo or a commercial break in between at least if not both.

I think you may need to push a few Superstars up higher to give you a few more options. Turning Triple H is good i prefer him as a heel.

Burke and Kane could have potential and having Kingston as undefeated gives him a higher push which is nice.

Not sure if the opponents in the tournament were the best eg Deuce, Jimmy Wang Yang and Festus, made the results predictable. Having Shannon Moore beat Khali was a big shock but if anything a little bit unrealistic.

Having three shows can be difficult may be easier to scrap ECW and spread everyone out buts its up to you.

Very unique and a good idea but thats more work that you have to do which could make it hard but either way good luck

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Monday, May 26th 2008

Denver, Colorado- Pepsi Center​

The following show is a post watershed production. It may contain scenes and storylines that are unsuitable for children. Some content may also be unsuitable for other viewers.

At the start of the show there is a promo video showing footage from last week’s Raw. It shows how HBK won against John Cena to become the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship and how after the match Triple H sneaked into the ring and hit the pedigree on Shawn.

Raw opening video and pyro.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about tonight’s main event which is WWE Champion Triple H teaming up with Umaga against Shawn Michaels and John Cena.

*Tonight, Tonight*

Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring. The crowd cheer loudly.

*Garth Vader*

Lance Cade makes his way to the ring.

Match #1
Jeff Hardy (Mr. Money in the Bank) vs Lance Cade

The bell rings and Cade gets control of one of Jeff’s arms. Jeff rolls out and locks in a unique leg lock. Cade gets to the ropes and hits a forearm and hits some punches. Hardy blocks the turnbuckle smash and returns the favor. Lance gets a two count after blocking Jeff's corner punches and throwing him to the mat. Cade with knee strikes for another two count. Cade locks in a sleeper hold and Jeff escapes with elbows. Lance with a drop toe hold and a knee drop to the face gets a near fall. King says Cade is getting frustrated as he locks in a side headlock.

Jeff back to his feet and he punches out. Cade with a knee, but the whip is reversed. Cade with a sunset flip, but Hardy rolls through and hits a low dropkick. Jeff with a running dropkick. Cade gets thrown into the corner and Jeff charges. Lance backdrops Jeff to the ring apron and he hits a kick to the head. Cade smugly salutes the crowd. Jeff comes back in with a springboard moonsault and gets the three count. Jeff Hardy defeats Lance Cade!​

HBK is backstage in the locker room. The fans cheer, then John Cena appears. The fans pop again.

Cena- I just wanted to let you know ahead of our match later tonight, there are no hard feelings about last week, the best man won. Tonight, I am fully focused on getting a win against Triple H and Umaga.

HBK- Well that’s good to hear because the battle lines were drawn very clearly by Triple H last week and I am desperate to get one over on him tonight. Oh yeah sorry about the T-Shirts dig last week.

Cena- That’s okay, they make ‘em thick skinned in Massachusetts.

HBK- Yeah well it is kind of cold there.

Cena- Oh I see what you did there!

HBK- No John, you can’t see me.


JBL comes out, the fans boo him.

*Pay the Price*

Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring.

Match #2
JBL vs Charlie Haas

Haas takes control early with a standing side head lock, but JBL fights back with a knee shot to the gut followed by a stomp to the lower mid-section. JBL hits a pair of elbow drops and gets a two count. Haas regains control with a big boot followed by a knee shot to the gut. JBL connects with an elbow shot and goes for the cover, but the referee won't make the count because Haas is partially under the rope. Haas applies an abdominal stretch back in the middle of the ring and grabs the ropes to increase the pressure.

JBL fights out of the hold with a hip toss, but Charlie traps JBL in the corner and stomps a mud hole in him. Haas applies another abdominal stretch before breaking the hold with a shot to JBL's ribs. Charlie hits the ropes and charges at JBL, but Layfield levels him with a running knee. JBL hits another knee followed by a big back body drop. JBL hits an inverted atomic drop and hits another big boot for a two count. JBL whips Haas to the corner and Haas tries to float over, but JBL catches him and lands a body slam. JBL then nails the clothesline from hell and gets a 3 count. JBL beats Charlie Haas!

*La Vittoria è Mia*

Santino Marella makes his way to the ring.


He is followed by his tag team partner Carlito. Santino says that himself and Carlito have had a good week which included going bowling. He said he invited ‘Uncle Holly’ and Cody Rhodes but they declined. Carlito says that they were probably worried about being intimidated by their coolness whilst in their company.

*How do you like me now?*

The World Tag Team Champions appear and head down to the ring. Cody Rhodes says that the reason they didn’t come to bowling was that they have better things to do than hang out with 'losers like you'. Santino says they can prove them wrong and challenges them for the World Tag Team Titles.

*Bringin' Da Hood T U*

Cryme Tyme make their way to the ring. The say that they are the slickest tag team in wrestling and should be first in line for a shot at the World Tag Titles.


William Regal comes out on to the stage. He says he has decided that the team that will face Rhodes and Holly at Fully Loaded for the titles will be the first team to get both members to where he is standing on the stage, in a race that starts immediately!

Holly and Rhodes grab a member of Cryme Tyme each whilst Santino and Carlito rush out of the ring and over to where Regal is standing, winning the race. Regal says that seeing as Rhodes and Holly seemed so unkeen to face Cryme Tyme and interfered in the race, they will have a match against them next week. If they lose, Cryme Tyme will be added to the championship match at Fully Loaded which will become a triple threat match.

*Break the Walls Down*

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring, mostly boos are heard but there are a few cheers.


Snitsky makes his way to the ring.

Match #3
IC Champion Chris Jericho vs Snitsky

The match starts with a collar-elbow tie up with Y2J getting the better of it. A brief slugfest ends with Jericho going for an Irish Whip but Snitsky gets out of the corner. Snitsky tries to counter the hip toss but Jericho counters with a Wheelbarrow Suplex. Jericho sends Snitsky into the corner and goes on the attack with elbow shots to the head and follows up with an axe handle from the middle rope. Y2J goes for the pin and gets a two count.

Jericho pulls up Snitsky and whips him into the corner, nailing a clothesline and then he hurls Snitsky to the mat. Y2J pulls Snits up again but Snitsky sends Y2J flying into the corner. Snitsky hits a series of rights and takes Chris down with a clothesline. ‘S to the Y’ goes for the cover and gets a 1 ½ count. Snitsky whips Y2J into the corner but Jericho gets his boots up. Jericho goes for an axe handle but Snitsky counters with a dropkick. Snitsky goes for a jumping clothesline but Jericho ducks under it. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but Snitsky stops it and hits a big kick on Jericho. He covers him for a two count.

Snitsky sets Jericho up for the Egoist Schwein but Jericho fights out of it and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Snitsky looks in real pain as he tries to get to the ropes. He manages to reach out and grab the bottom rope. The referee tells Jericho to break the hold. He counts to 3 then man handles Jericho, breaking the hold and dragging him away from Snitsky. Jericho looks pissed off and gets in the ref’s face. But then out of the corner of his eye he sees Snitsky flying at him from behind. He dodges out the way but Snitsky collides with the ref, taking him out.

Jericho and Snitsky exchange punches and then Jericho backdrops his opponent. Hacksaw Jim Duggan appears at ringside! Jericho doesn’t see him. Duggan then lays into Jericho with his 2x4 stick, hitting him on the head twice and then a few shots to his body. He then hits Old Glory and leaves the scene, heading up to the stage. Snitsky is back on his feet and so is the referee. Snitsky goes for the cover and gets a 3 count. Snitsky picks up a win against Chris Jericho! Duggan is smiling on the stage​

Todd Grisham interviews Randy Orton backstage:

Grisham- I have with me Randy Orton who faces Mr. Kennedy later on tonight. Randy you said last week that you were going to take out the disappointment of your loss at Judgement Day on Mr. Kennedy, but do you think you are possibly underestimating the Green Bay loudmouth.

Orton- Have you heard the song ‘A Little Less Conversation’? Because that is Kennedy’s problem. His mouth writes cheques that bounce when it comes to the fight. There is only going to be one winner tonight and you’re looking at him.



*Generator B*

*Sliced Bread*

Match #4​
Mickie James (Women’s Champion) and Melina vs Katie Lea Burchill and Jillian​

Katie Lea and Mickie James start us off, lock up and side headlock by Katie. Mickie counters out with an overhead wristlock and then goes for a headlock of her own, then takes down Katie and grabs a front facelock. Melina in with a sunset flip for 2. Arm wrenches by Melina, but then she gets tossed down by Katie. Jillian in now and hits a big shoulder tackle and gets in Mickie's face. Jillian tosses Melina but she skins the cat and low bridges Jillian to the floor. Melina wipes Jillian out with a plancha. Katie gets involved though and throws Melina back-first into the ring apron.

Katie tags in and hits a couple of head butts, then Jillian gets involved again and Melina falls victim to a double team. A leaping forearm from Katie gets a 2 count, then she stomps away. An elbow drop from Katie then she applies a surfboard like move on Melina.
The fans are really behind Melina who powers out, rolls through but can't get the tag.

A clothesline from Katie gets 2. Katie drives Melina into the corner and then charges at her which connects. Katie tags in Jillian. Head butt by Jillian now. Jillian hits a scoop slam and then stomps on Melina followed by a knee drop. Mounted rights now and more kicks. A cover gets 2 count. Jillian drives a series of knees into the mid-section of Melina. Jillian drives a right into the gut of Melina. Melina manages to come back into it with kicks to the legs, a soul kick connects but a sunset flip is blocked. Melina avoids a drop kick though and that allows her to get the tag. Mickie with leg lariats connecting on Jillian. Big clothesline by Mickie. Russian leg sweep by Mickie now. Cover by Mickie, but Katie is in to break up the pin. Running big boot by Melina to Katie! Mickie hits the Mickie-DT and covers Jillian for 3. Mickie and Melina win the match!​

*It’s All About The Money*

Ted DiBiase appears and makes his way to the ring! The Million Dollar Man says that he would like to introduce someone to the WWE fans.


Ted DiBiase Jnr comes out. He says he wants to show that he is more than just the son of the Million Dollar Man and he knows he can make a big impact in the WWE.


William Regal appears on the stage and welcomes Ted to the WWE. He says he is glad DiBiase is feeling optimistic because he will have his first match next week...against Umaga!

*Turn Up the Trouble*

*Burn in My Light*

Match #5
Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton

The bell sounds and we're underway. They lock up and Orton powers Kennedy into the corner and goes for a punch and misses. Crowd starts clapping. They lock up again and Orton goes for a go behind and then Kennedy powers out of an armlock and into a drop toehold. Kennedy works on the left arm of Orton and he scurries to the ropes forcing the break.

Orton powers Kennedy into the corner again but then Kennedy bops him one. Drop toehold by Kennedy into a headlock. Kennedy continues to work the left arm. Orton works his way back into it, he goes to work on Kennedy and throws him to the floor. Orton hits a baseball slide and goes to the floor to continue the attack, he tosses Kennedy chest first into the steel steps.

Kennedy makes the count and rolls back into the ring only to be met by the boots of Orton. Orton goes to work on Kennedy’s arm now. Kennedy tries fighting back only to be perched on the middle rope and slammed to the canvas for a two count. Kennedy fights back again and misses an inverted suplex, which is countered into an armbar takedown. Orton stomps on Kennedy for a bit before Kennedy kicks Orton in the chest and starts fighting back, but is hit with an armdrag back onto the canvas. Kennedy counters out of this and back suplexes Orton. Swinging neckbreaker by Kennedy gets a two count. Kennedy goes for a Mic Check, but is drilled and Orton gets a two count. The volume level from the crowd increases.

Orton goes off the middle rope but is then booted in the chest and Kennedy hits a side slam backbreaker for a two count as Orton's bottom foot reaches the ropes to break the fall. Kennedy jumps off the top ropes and they trade covers for two near falls, then a double clothesline in the middle of the ring! Orton goes for an RKO, but it is countered. Kennedy tries a Mic Check again, but is thrown shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Orton follows him in and savagely lays into him with kicks and punches. The referee tells Orton to break it up but Orton persists in the attack. The ref then physically drags Orton away from the corner. Orton looks really pissed off and shouts in the refs face. He then kicks the referee hard in the stomach! The bell sounds and Orton is disqualified. It then looks as if Orton is preparing to punt the referee in the head but as he advances Kennedy stops him and hits him with
the Mic Check!​

*My Time is Now*

*Sexy Boy*

*Tribal Trouble*

*The Game*

Match #6
Shawn Michaels and John Cena vs WWE Champion Triple H and Umaga

Cena and Triple H kick things off for this tag match. They lock up and grapple with each other. Triple H goes off the ropes and then levels Cena. Back elbow and kick in the corner, and Cena is down. Cena battles back, tag to Shawn and a double suplex on Triple H. Shawn is in control against Triple H until HHH fights back with jabs. Triple H goes off the ropes and a snap mare connects. Chops, kicks and a knee drop all connect. Tag to Umaga, then a corner attack by Umaga. Boot choke follows, Cena shouts words of encouragement to HBK. Umaga side slams Shawn and covers for 2...

Later in the match... Cena has control over Umaga. Cena works on the knee of Umaga. Vertical suplex by Cena on Umaga. John tags in HBK who comes in and sends Triple H to the floor. Shawn goes for an arm trap crossface on Umaga which he locks in. Umaga manages to get to the ropes and the referee breaks it up. Tag to Cena who whips Umaga against the ropes but then Umaga counters with a big boot. Umaga tags in Triple H.

Triple H goes to lift Cena up off the mat whilst staring down HBK. Sleeper hold applied by Triple H on Cena but eventually John fights out of it and responds with a few swift kicks. He then whips Triple H against the ropes and a hits a leaping shoulder block, then follows it up with another. Cena then performs a sitout hip toss and follows it up with the Five knuckle shuffle. Cena then lifts Triple H on to his back and goes for the F-U but Triple H gets out of it. Triple H goes for the pedigree, he has John in position but at the last minute Cena lifts Triple H up over his back and HHH lands on the mat by the ropes. Cena goes off the ropes and looks for a big clothesline but Triple H dodges out the way and Cena goes flying into Umaga who is knocked off the apron. Figure four leg lock by Triple H! Shawn is in to break it up but then Umaga pulls Shawn out to the floor. Triple H looks for the pedigree on Cena again and this time he hits it! He covers Cena…1…2…3! Triple H and Umaga win the match!​

*All Grown Up*

Stephanie McMahon appears and makes her way to the ring. She says she has something to say and then announces that she is pregnant! Triple H and Stephanie are going to have their second child! Triple H looks surprised and very happy. The couple embrace each other in the ring as the show ends.

Quick Results

Jeff Hardy beat Lance Cade (Pin)
JBL beat Charlie Haas (Pin)
Snitsky beat Chris Jericho (Pin)
Mickie James and Melina beat Katie Lea Burchill and Jillian (Pin)
Mr. Kennedy beat Randy Orton (DQ)
Triple H and Umaga beat John Cena and Shawn Michaels (Pin)​

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Tuesday, May 27th 2008

Biloxi, Mississippi- Mississippi Coast Coliseum

The following show is a post watershed production. It may contain scenes and storylines unsuitable for children. Some content may also be unsuitable for other viewers.

*No Siente*

Armando Estrada makes his way to the ring and announces that tonight’s main event will be a number 1 contender match between Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox. The winner will face Kane at Fully Loaded for the ECW Championship!

*This Fire Burns*

CM Punk appears. He says that he should be involved in the number 1 contender match because he is the most competitive superstar on ECW. He says he is the standout performer. Estrada says that Punk may have a case and he possibly overlooked him, so he says that he will include Punk and make it a triple threat match. However, he says that if Punk is to become the number 1 contender he will have to do it the hard way, because tonight Punk isn’t allowed to use his GTS move! Estrada says that if Punk uses the move at any time in the match he will be eliminated and the contest will become a 1 vs 1 match again. CM Punk looks rather unsure after this development.
*Bad Dream*

*Chavo Ardiente*

Match #1
Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney vs Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely (Tornado Tag Match)​

Delaney gets himself isolated very quickly and takes a beating off Chavo and Bam. Delaney then flips over Chavo and Dreamer knocks down Chavo. Bam escapes a suplex attempt from Dreamer and shoves Dreamer into Colin. Neeley then hits a Lariat to the back of Tommy’s head. Delaney is back up, and he locks up with Chavo, to the corner they go. Shoulder rams by Guerrero, followed by rights and boots. Meanwhile Neely sends Dreamer off the ropes but a reversal by Tommy who hits a side slam. Cover, but Chavo breaks up the pin.

Double team suplex by Tommy and Colin on Chavo. Bam then delivers rights to Delaney, off the ropes and a shoulder block takes down Dreamer. Delaney gets double teamed and Neely covers him for a 2 count. Chinlock by Chavo, Colin fights to his feet but is then kicked by Bam. Tommy then grabs Bam but Chavo breaks it up. Rights from Chavo on Dreamer then Chavo goes to whip him against the ropes but Dreamer reverses and hits a clothesline. Guerrero is down. Dreamer then hits a backdrop on Bam. Delaney and Dreamer attack Chavo and send him over the top rope to the outside. However, Colin turns around and eats a big boot from Bam. Tommy looks to hit the Dreamer Driver on Bam but Bam reverses it into a sidewalk slam. Dreamer is down but then Delaney rolls up Neely from behind!...1…2….but Bam kicks out before 3.

Chavo pulls Delaney under the bottom rope to the outside and the two go at it. Bam turns his attention back to Tommy Dreamer. Tommy plants a few kicks on Neely and then looks for a suplex but Bam escapes and hits a Full Nelson slam. He covers Dreamer and gets a 3 count. Chavo and Bam Neely defeat Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney!​

Joey Styles and Tazz talk about two of the matches for Fully Loaded; The WWE Championship match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels and the World Tag Team Championship match, which sees Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes defend the titles against Carlito and Santino Marella. The theme song for the PPV is Dead Cell by Papa Roach.

Savannah: The following contest is a Strip Poker match. The game is Texas Hold ‘em no limit.


Kelly Kelly and Layla make their way to the ring. In the ring there is a dealer and a poker table.


The Miz, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions makes his way to the ring.

*This ain’t no make believe*

He is followed by his tag team partner John Morrison. The Miz says he can’t wait to see Kelly’s tits. Kelly says that it is Miz and Morrison who are going to be embarrassed. Each team starts with 1500 chips. The blinds start at 10/20. The first cards are dealt. Kelly and Layla act first and decide to call. The Miz announces a raise to 80. The girls call. The flop is As 7d Ks. The guys bet 80 and Layla says ‘fold’.

On the second hand the guys act first and raise to 60. Kelly and Layla call. The flop is 10d Qh 2s. The girls check and the tag champions bet 80. The girls fold.

After 2 hands the stack amounts are:
M and M- 1640
K and L- 1360

The third set of pocket cards are dealt. Kelly and Layla act first pre-flop and raise to 80. The guys fold. On the fourth hand the guys call pre-flop and Kelly says ‘check’. The flop is 3s 6h 7c. The girls bet 30 on the flop and Miz says ‘call’. The turn is a Qs. Layla announces a bet of 70 and the guys call. The river card is a 10h. The girls check and then eventually M and M bet 60. Layla and Kelly call. Miz and Morrison show pocket Kings whilst the girls show 7 9. The guys win the pot with a pair of kings! Miz and Morrison gloat about winning the hand whilst the girls look annoyed.

The fourth set of pocket cards are dealt. The guys have the dealer button and call pre flop. The girls raise to 80. Miz and Morrison call. The flop is Qs 10s Kd. The girls bet 120 on the flop and the guys fold, so Kelly and Layla take down the pot.

After 4 hands the stack amounts are:
M and M- 1680
K and L- 1320

The blinds now go up to 20/40. The girls act first and call pre-flop. The guys check. The flop is 7h 7d 8d. The guys check and Kelly announces a bet of 80. Miz and Morrison fold and the girls win the hand.

The sixth set of pocket cards are dealt. The guys have the button and call, then Kelly and Layla raise to 120. Miz and John call. The flop is 8d 10s 9c. The girls check and the guys then bet 180. The girls fold and the guys take down the pot.

After 6 hands the stack amounts are:
M and M- 1760
K and L- 1240

The seventh set of pocket cards are dealt. The girls raise to 80 and the guys call. The flop is Ks 10s 9c. The guys check and the girls bet 120. Miz and Morrison call. The turn is a 4c. The guys check and Kelly and Layla bet 300 and the guys call. The river is the 2d. The guys check again and the girls bet their remaining 240 chips. They guys call. Kelly and Layla show pocket Aces whilst the guys show pocket 9s! The Miz and Morrison win the hand and the match!

Kelly and Layla get completely naked and prance around the ring whilst sexy music plays. The fans whistle and cheer loudly.

Joey: Oh my God!

Tazz: Woah, woah, woah! Kelly has a really nice pair of melons.

Joey: Layla’s snatch isn’t bad either.

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me*

*Death Grip*

*This Fire Burns*

Match #2
CM Punk vs Mike Knox vs Shelton Benjamin (Number 1 Contender Match)​

The bell rings. Knox with a big slap on Punk. He then Irish whips Punk, who avoids the head-butt, and nails a boot. Punk off the rope again but Knox lands a gorilla press slam. Cover gets two before Shelton breaks it up. Knox didn't like that so he elbows Benjamin in the chest. CM Punk is up and nails Knox with a couple of kicks. Joey Styles talks about the stipulation made by Estrada earlier which banned Punk from using the GTS in this match. Shelton with a few rights to Knox and then Benjamin head-butts Punk.

Knox with a big head-butt of his own to Shelton, but after that Shelton lands a right. He goes for another but Knox blocks it and then sends Benjamin to the outside. Irish whip by Knox to Punk and he lands a big sideslam. Knox goes to the outside and lays into Shelton now. Benjamin ambles around the outside as Knox stalks him. Knox with a big clubbing blow to Benjamin’s back and then he sends him over the barricade, Shelton landing in the front row of the fans. Knox goes into the crowd to get him, and he lands yet another punch. Punk is up on the barricade now, and he lands a big kick to the back of the neck of Knox. Punk jumps into the crowd, but Knox catches him! Knox then drops Punk chest first on to the floor.

Knox picks Punk up and drags him to the floor outside the ring. He then whips him into the steel steps at ringside, before sliding him under the bottom rope. Mike sends Punk into the turnbuckle. Benjamin is back in the ring now but Knox grabs him and sends him crashing into Punk. He then sends Shelton into the opposite turnbuckle, and motions to the crowd, looking pleased. Knox then sends Punk to the same corner turnbuckle he just sent Shelton, but Shelton flips out of the way before Punk collides with him. Benjamin avoids a clothesline from Knox. Big kick from Shelton on Knox, but Knox stays on his feet. Benjamin and Punk then double team Knox to send him to the mat.

Benjamin goes to the top rope, but Punk catches him with a kick on the way down. Punk then sends Shelton off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Knox is up and plants a head-butt on Punk. He then tries to Irish whip him but Punk reverses and nails a series of kicks on Knox to take him down. Cover gets almost a 2 count but Shelton breaks it up. Shelton throws Punk to the outside through the second rope and then goes to work on Knox. Mike gets back into it though and performs a standing press slam on Benjamin. Punk is up on the apron and he snaps Knox on the top rope when he approaches. Punk goes up top and he comes off with a leaping side kick to Knox, who then rolls to the outside. Meanwhile Shelton gets groggily to his feet but he misses a clothesline attempt on Punk. Punk then hits a double underhook backbreaker on Shelton. Cover-..1..2..kick out! Whip by Punk but Shelton manages to pull himself together and duck under Punks outstretched arm. However, Punk catches Shelton in the act of a kick and then lands a kick of his own. Punk goes to the top rope. Punk lands an axe-handle.

Knox is back in the ring now and grabs Punk but CM replies with a big kick followed by rights and lefts. A spinning wheel kick takes Knox off his feet. Punk goes to the top rope but Shelton is up and shoves Punk to the floor outside. Shelton then goes for Paydirt on Knox…and gets it! Cover-…1…2…Punk breaks up the pin! Punk lands a right on Shelton. He then goes for another but it is blocked. Benjamin goes for an irish whip but Punk reverses it. Shelton manages to hold onto the ropes however and backdrops the on rushing Punk to the floor. Shelton covers Knox but only gets a 2 count. Benjamin hits Paydirt on Knox for a second time. Cover-..1..2..Punk is back in the ring but can’t get there in time..3! Shelton Benjamin wins the match and will now face Kane at Fully Loaded for the ECW Championship.​

Whilst the number 1 contender celebrates Kane suddenly appears in the ring and grabs Shelton by the throat, but then Elijah Burke comes out of nowhere! He attacks Kane and then plants him with the ‘Book of Eli’.

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Friday, May 30th 2008

Biloxi, Mississippi- Mississippi Coast Coliseum

The following show is a post watershed production. It may contain scenes and storylines unsuitable for children. Some content may also be unsuitable for other viewers.

*I walk alone*

Batista appears to a huge ovation and makes his way to the ring. He says that he is going to win the 6 way match tonight and become the number 1 contender because he is a total animal.

*You think you know me*

Edge comes out and makes his way to the ring. He is accompanied by La Familia; Hawkins, Ryder, Chavo and Bam. Edge says that Batista is only in the 6 pack challenge match tonight because Edge carried him to a victory in their tag team qualifying match last week. Edge says that he isn’t sure Batista will win the match tonight, because he isn’t sure Batista will even be fit to compete later tonight. La Familia surround Batista menacingly and then start to beat him up! Batista is getting dominated.

Shannon Moore appears and goes to help Batista, attacking Chavo. Bam notices though and starts to fight Moore. Chavo gets his bearings back and the two double team Moore whilst Edge, Hawkins and Ryder continue assaulting Batista. Big Show then comes out and enters the brawl, taking out Hawkins and Ryder. Batista then turns the tide against Edge whilst Show helps Moore out with Bam and Chavo. Big Show chokeslams the crap out of Chavo and whilst Neely is distracted by this, Moore plants him. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb on Edge but Edge escapes and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside and into the company of Hawkins and Ryder. Show and Moore throw Chavo and Bam out of the ring and then stand in the ring with Batista staring down at the pack.

*Live for the moment*

Matt Hardy appears to a cheering crowd.


The Great Khali makes his way to the ring with Ranjin Singh.

Match #1
Matt Hardy (US Champion) vs The Great Khali

They lock up to start and then brawl in the corner. Matt Hardy gets a good flying forearm for a one count. Hardy hits the Splash/Bulldog combo for a two count. Hardy slaps Khali in the face but Khali rakes the eyes and gets away with it. Hardy flips Khali outside the ring and hits a flying cross body from the ring. Hardy pounds on Khali a bit then rolls him back into the ring. Hardy hits a flip type power bomb for two. Khali fights back and slams Hardy face first into the mat from the top rope, Hardy landing hard on his knee. Khali works on the knee, then goes for a cover and gets one and a half. Khali continues to work on the leg of Hardy, he has Matt in the corner.

Khali mocks Hardy and locks in a leg lock. Khali tries to take Hardy's boot off to work on his ankle but Hardy fights back. However Khali kicks him in the leg and gets the boot off and continues to work on the leg of Hardy. Khali goes to the top but Hardy goes up with him and hits a superplex. Both men up and they exchange blows until Khali attacks the leg again until Hardy kicks him out of the ring. Khali gets back into the ring and then Hardy with some right hands and a bulldog for two. Hardy goes to the second rope and hits the leg drop for a two. Hardy goes for a twist of fate but gets kicked in the leg. Side Effect attempt but Khali rolls Hardy…1…2…Matt kicks out! Khali goes for a big chop but Matt blocks it and then hits the Twist of Fate to get a 3 count.​

Shannon Moore is backstage, Big Show appears and asks him if he is nervous about the match later tonight. Moore says he is a little nervous but also excited. Batista shows up and thanks them for their help earlier. Big Show says that they should look out for each other in the 6 pack challenge because Edge’s cronies might try to get involved. Batista smiles and says that he walks alone and he doesn’t need any help.

Finlay is in a different location backstage talking to Smackdown General Manager Mick Foley. Finlay says that he was really disappointed to lose his match last week and wants to be in action tonight. Mick Foley says Finlay will have plenty on his plate tonight, because he is in a match against the undefeated Vladimir Kozlov!

*I’m all about cool*

Deuce and Domino make their way to the ring with Cherry.

*This ain’t no make believe*

John Morrison comes to the ring.


He is followed by the Miz.

Match #2
The Miz and John Morrison (WWE Tag Team Champs) vs Deuce and Domino​

Morrison and Deuce to start it off. Deuce begins with some kicks and punches and gets a two count. Tag to Domino. Domino over powers Morrison and gets a two count. Headlock by Domino, then John fights out but Domino rams Morrison’s face into his knees. Tag to Deuce. A couple of two counts by Deuce and he locks in a head lock. Morrison fights out and begins to fight back but gets hit with a big kick by Deuce. Two count by Deuce until Miz breaks it up. Tag to Domino and he gets a two count.

Morrison fights out with some kicks and tags by both men. Miz comes in and cleans house. Hurricanrana to Deuce for a two count. Heel kick by Deuce to Miz but then he gets distracted by Morrsion and Domino fighting outside. Tag to Morrison, who goes to the top rope whilst Miz attacks Deuce from behind, hitting a backbreaker. Morrison hits a split-legged corkscrew moonsault from the tope rope. Miz goes for the cover and gets a 3 count. The Miz and Jon Morrison win the match!​

After the match Domino gets into the ring and isn’t happy. He starts attacking Morrison. The Miz goes to help and pulls him off. Morrison and Miz double team Domino but eventually Deuce gets to his feet and joins the brawl.


Michael Cole: I don’t believe it, Kai en Tai are back!
Jonathan Coachman: This is a mark-out moment right here, I’m marking out bro!

They come in waving flags and start talking in their ‘unique’ badly dubbed way.

Taka: Ha! You fools! You are like a pack of wolves. You squabble amongst yourselves when all the time you should be worrying about a far greater EEE-VIIIL! Ha ha ha ha!

Funaki: INDEED!

*He’s Ma Da*

Finlay makes his way to the ring with Hornswaggle.


Enter Vladimir Kozlov.

Match #3
Vladimir Kozlov vs Finlay

In a tough match Finlay proves to be a worthy opponent but Kozlov is impressive again. He hits a backbreaker rack drop on Finlay who eventually gets to his feet, a little dazed. Kozlov then hits a big battering ram charge on Finlay and gets the three count.​

Mike Adamle is interviewing MVP backstage.

Adamle: I have MVP here with me. MVP, tonight you are in a match with 6 other competitors. There are no disqualifications, falls count anywhere and there can only be one winner. How do you think you will handle that kind of environment?

MVP: I know I can win this match, I know it. I’ll bust ‘em up on the barricade, I’ll annihilate them on the announcer’s table and I’ll make them submit on the steel steps. I’m quick, I’m slick and I’m going to Fully Loaded. Undertaker, I’m comin!

Adamle: You didn’t mention pinning anybody.

MVP gives Adamle a funny look as he leaves the scene.

Match #4
Natalya and Michelle McCool vs Maryse and Victoria

Victoria is wearing a new t-shirt which has a black widow spider on the front. Michelle stares intently at Maryse as those two start the match off. Maryse takes over on Michelle but Michelle fights back with rights. Victoria complains of a bad arm to the ref allowing Maryse to grab Michelle by the hair. Maryse and Victoria taunt Natalya, but Natalya doesn’t look phased. Maryse cheap shots Michelle with a kick to the face. That gets 2. Maryse misses a splash attempt when Michelle is in the corner and Michelle takes advantage and tags in Natalya.

Maryse gets confused as to who the legal opponent is. Natalya starts by putting Maryse in a headlock. Maryse manages to strike a blow to Natalya in her face, and gets out of the hold. Natalya prevents the French Kiss, then hits big suplex on her opponent. Natalya smacks Victoria off the apron to the floor and tags in Michelle. Maryse gets to her feet but Michelle hits a diving kick from the top rope and goes for a cover, which gets 3. Michelle and Natalya win the match!​

*I’m Comin*

MVP makes his way to the ring, there are quite a few boos from the crowd.

*Somebody’s Gonna Get It*

Mark Henry comes out, he poses on the stage.

*You Think You Know Me*

Edge appears. He is accompanied by the other 4 members of La Familia. They all surround the ring as Henry and MVP stare out at them from inside.

*Western Hardcore*

Mick Foley comes out! He says that La Familia are banned from ringside, and that if any of them get involved in the match Edge will be automatically eliminated. Edge looks really pissed off as his cronies make their way grudgingly to the back. The fans in the arena cheer loudly.

*I’ll Do Anything*

Shannon Moore makes his way to the ring. A few of the fans seem really happy to see him.

*I Walk Alone*

Batista comes out to a huge ovation.


Big Show makes his way to the ring, the crowd cheer loudly.

Match #5
MVP vs Edge vs Batista vs Big Show vs Shannon Moore vs Mark Henry
Elimination match to determine number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship

(Falls Count Anywhere, Hardcore rules)

Batista goes after Edge at the start and floors him. Mark Henry and Batista then pair off as Big Show tosses Edge to the floor. Big Show goes outside the ring and goes to work on Edge. Henry drills Batista with an elbow and then starts choking out Shannon Moore. Upper cuts to Shannon Moore now by Mark Henry as MVP takes control over Batista with a clothesline. SPINEBUSTER TO MVP! Henry then attacks Batista with a shoulder block.

Meanwhile on the outside Big Show is laying into edge. He has him near the barricade but Edge leans over and grabs the ring bell and clocks Show in the face with it. Edge is spent and collapses to the floor, both men are down. In the ring, Henry continues his assault on Batista but then Shannon Moore tries to club Mark in the back, but he doesn’t take the big man off his feet. Henry is not impressed and turns round and lifts Moore into a bear hug. Moore struggles and is quickly fading but Batista gets back into the action and goes for Mark, causing Mark to let go of Shannon. Batista with a clothesline on Mark Henry, then a suplex as the noise from the crowd increases. Edge is stirring on the outside and Batista stares at him. Batista then makes his way outside the ring to approach Edge but Edge scurries away from him. Meanwhile MVP has got back to his feet and has got outside the ring, the opposite side to Batista. MVP picks up a steel chair. Batista chases after Edge but walks into a steel chair shot from MVP. Edge enters the ring whilst MVP drives the chair into Batista’s stomach and then brings it down on his back. Batista is down and MVP goes for the cover....1....2...Batista kicks out!

MVP looks annoyed and holds the chair above his head, the crowd boos and he taunts them, but this gives Batista time to sweep the leg of MVP. Batista manages to summon the energy to whip MVP onto the steel steps. Both men are down now. In the ring Shannon Moore and Edge go at it and then Edge hits a Russian leg sweep on Moore. He covers him and gets 2. Mark Henry is up now and goes out of the ring for Batista. Batista and MVP are both getting to their feet when Mark arrives on the scene. Henry and MVP double team Batista with punches.

In the ring Edge and Shannon Moore are exchanging blows and then Edge takes Moore down with a drop toe hold after whipping him against the ropes. Edge looks to capitalize but Big Show comes up behind him and hits a side walk slam! The crowd cheer loudly as Big Show grabs the downed Edge by the throat, lifts him up and delivers a turning choke slam. Shannon Moore then goes to the top rope and hits Rolling Thunder on Edge. Moore goes for the cover....1....2....3! Edge is eliminated!

Big Show smiles and nods at Shannon. And then gestures between them, implying that it is time to lock horns. Shannon Moore says ‘let’s do it’....

....later in the match MVP and Batista are still on the outside, fighting each other but Batista now has the upper hand. Mark Henry is in the ring locked up with Big Show. Show lands 2 huge rights on Mark Henry, Henry is still on his feet but teetering. Big Show looks taken back and then lands a third clubbing blow but Mark still stays on his feet, he is now by the ropes looking a little dazed. Big Show runs away from him and bounces off the opposite ring ropes, hurtling himself towards Henry but at the last second Henry manages to evade him but Big Show’s momentum sends him crashing into Batista who is on the apron. Batista hits the floor hard.

Mark Henry attacks Big Show and the two of them brawl for a while. Henry then hits a powerslam on Show. Shannon Moore strikes Mark Henry hard twice in the back and the big man lurches forward. However, he turns around and manages to block a further strike attempt from Moore. Mark then whips Moore into the turnbuckle and hits a running splash on him. Shannon collapses to the canvas before Mark lifts him up and tosses him over the top rope. Mark Henry turns around into a huge clothesline from Big Show that knocks Mark over the top rope. But then Big Show turns around and eats a huge spear from Batista! Cover....1....2....3! Big Show is eliminated!

Shannon Moore and MVP are fighting on the outside whilst Batista goes after Henry. Moore lands a few kicks on MVP before Montel sweeps him to the floor and lands a knee on his stomach. Batista takes it to Mark Henry with rights before launching him against the barricade. Mark crashes into it and goes over the top into the first row. Batista pursues him. Moore and MVP continue scrapping but neither looks in control until MVP smashes Moore’s face on to his knee and then hits a backdrop onto the floor! Cover....1....2...Shannon kick’s out! MVP can’t believe it and grabs a table from under the ring! He sets it up and then looks for a DDT on Moore but Moore fights out of it and then suplexes MVP! Shannon Moore then whips MVP against the apron and MVP is down again. Shannon Moore rolls MVP onto the table and goes to the top of the turnbuckle! He then leaps off into the air with a moonsault but MVP manages to roll out of the way and Moore goes through the table! Cover by MVP gets a 3 count! Shannon Moore is eliminated!

Meanwhile, Batista seems to be in control against Mark Henry, they are fighting at ringside. Henry looks a little dazed and then Batista knocks him down again with a big running clothesline. However, MVP arrives on the scene and goes to work on Batista, catching the Animal by surprise and nailing him with a DDT. Cover…1…2…No! Batista kicks out. MVP with a leg drop now. MVP goes and picks up a steel chair. He tries to bring it down on Batista’s knee but Batista kicks it out of his hand. Batista then coils his legs around MVP’s left leg and trips him up. Batista picks up the steel chair and hits a big shot to the back of the downed MVP. Mark Henry is getting to his feet when he spots Batista with the chair. Batista notices and stares at him, and Henry scurries off! Batista turns his attention to MVP again and hits another hard shot to his back. He then scoops MVP over so he is facing upwards and brings the chair down on his chest. Cover…1…2…MVP kicks out! Batista can’t believe it, he is on his knees cursing. He looks down at MVP and then places the steel chair on the floor next to him. Mark Henry sees his opportunity and rushes at Batista...spinebuster to Mark Henry! Batista then sets up MVP for the Batista Bomb and brings Montel down onto the steel chair. Cover....1....2....3! MVP is eliminated, just two men left now!

Mark Henry is still down from that huge spinebuster, and Batista does the ‘thumbs down’ gesture but then Big Show comes out of nowhere! Michael Cole says ‘What the hell is this?! Big Show is back out here! He shouldn’t be out here he has been eliminated!’. Big Show grabs Batista by the throat and delivers a massive turning chokeslam to the floor. Big Show pulls Henry’s arm over Batista and the ref counts....1....2....3! Mark Henry wins the match and now has a World Heavyweight Championship match against the Undertaker at Fully Loaded!​

Big Show leaves the scene and walks up the ramp to the stage, he is wearing a serious expression on his face. As Big Show heads to the back Batista stirs and we see that he looks both puzzled and a bit pissed off.

Quick Results
Mark Henry won the 6 way elimination match
Natalya and Michelle McCool beat Maryse and Victoria (pin)
Vladimir Kozlov beat Finlay (pin)
John Morrison and the Miz beat Deuce and Domino (pin)
Matt Hardy beat the Great Khali (pin)​


June 8th 2008
San Diego, California- San Diego Sports Arena​

Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker (c) vs Mark Henry

Kane (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly (c) vs Santino Marella and Carlito

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Thanks for the feedback, will return it in the same fashion. First few things... No announcing at the start or even writting saying they introduced everyone and previewed the show. It is important. Then after that, not enough description in the open promo. Please get rid of Bam Neely though, awful person. Saying that it was a good way to start the show. Also try let us know when there is a commercial.

I know Hardy is US Champ but he would not get a clean win against Khali. It is juts un realistic. Good stuff backstage between Batista and Show. I am ignoring Moore as he sucks. Tag match was good. The ending was strane with Kaenti. Was very short and didn't explain much. Kozlov looks strong as he stays undefeated, it will be good to see who ends it. Divas match is what it is, a good match but not as interesting as other stuff.

I liked the MVP interview. Most people have staked their claim to win so far except Henry. He then goes on to win it ha. Makes sense as he is one of the biggest around and would be hard to beat. Big Show and Batista situation is good and im sure they will fight at Fully Loaded. It was a decent show, a lot to improve but at the same time you have some godd ideas and feuds going.

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Smackdown Feedback.

AS TIP stated Hardy shouldn't have won clean as Khali was still a monster. I'm interested on what you are planning for Moore, because it seems as if he is getting quite a large push. I don't like how you used Finlay as a jobber against Kozlov. But still it doesn't really matter. I liked the little backstage segment with MVP and Adlame.

Yeah Kaientai is back! Just make sure Venis isn't on Smackdown for the time being. Interesting to see what you want to do with them, hopefully you give them a tag team title push as they should've been given them back in 1998. I see McCool is still a face, but please turn her heel as she's even worse as a face.

I didn't like how you eliminated Edge so early on and had Shannon eliminate him, I also didn't like how Henry won but I'm nearly 100% sure he won't win at Fully Loaded, The feuds you made out of the match seem to very good.

All up I liked the show a lot but there were just some minor points which I didn't like.

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Mark speaks with a British (Yorkshire) accent.
Sam speaks with a British (Black Country) accent.

Mark: Hey guys, welcome to Stipulation Radio for Saturday May 31st 2008. My name is Mark Rhodes...

Sam: And I’m Sam Nixon. This is the podcast for all your WWE news and comment.

Mark: So we are just 8 days away from Fully Loaded, you looking forward to it.

Sam: Yep, the card really started to take shape this week.

Mark: Let’s talk about Monday night Raw then. John Cena was pinned in the main event again, this time by Triple H, as The Game and Umaga got the win.

Sam: It was a solid match and the result surprised me.

Mark: Still another episode of Raw before the PPV, but do you have any inkling as to who is going to win at Fully Loaded?

Sam: Will be interesting to see what transpires on Monday, I think HBK and Triple H need to do some talking at eachother. Like I said last week, I still see Triple H retaining, and a strong showing last Monday only strengthened my view.

Mark: I’m with you on that. Also on Raw, we found out one, or at least one of the teams who will be competing at Fully Loaded for the World Tag Team Championship.

Sam: Yes, GM William Regal set up a footrace between Carltino and Cryme Tyme which was won by Carlito. However, the champs were present and held back Cryme Tyme meaning they had little chance of winning the race.

Mark: I like what happened because it was like Holly and Rhodes saying to Carlito and Santino, ‘Hey, we would prefer to face you guys, that will be an easier match’. Of course Cryme Tyme may yet win their way into the title match next week, we shall see. Also on the show we had the follow up match to a little face off that happened the previous week – Orton vs Kennedy. Orton was disqualified for attacking the referee.

Sam: Yeh but this was a little different to what happened at No Way Out. This was more about Orton losing his cool and flipping out.

Mark: Right. After the match Kennedy hit the mic check on Orton, and we will see if this goes any further between them. As well as that match Chris Jericho suffered a shock defeat to Snitsky thanks to the meddling of ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan.

Sam: This was a bit of payback for Duggan after Y2J verbally laid him to the sword last week. Another win on Raw for Mr. MITB Jeff Hardy as well.

Mark: Moving on to ECW, we got an exciting number 1 contender match, it was a triple threat between CM Punk, Shelton and Knox where Punk was banned from using the GTS.

Sam: A flowing match and I am glad they kept Punk and Kane apart with a Benjamin win because they were recently attempting to become WWE Tag Champs together.

Mark: Burke attacked Kane after the match, any chance of Burke getting into the Fully Loaded title match?

Sam: I don’t think so, but he may have another non-title match against Kane next week.

Mark: Then we had strip poker *laughs*

Sam: This was er...interesting


Sam: That wasn’t all we saw *laughs*

Mark: Okay moving on to Smackdown, we had the 6 way elimination match. Did you like it?

Sam: Yeah it was really good and there were some interesting eliminations. Shannon Moore got the pin on Edge.

Mark: Yes he did, and an unlikely winner in Mark Henry.

Sam: I think that made sense. Edge and Batista have been in the World title scene a lot over the last year so hopefully this match will be something different. Also something that HAS to be mentioned, Kai en Tai returned!

Mark: Yes they did! I used to find these guys hilarious and will be interesting to see how they do.

Sam: Yeah they were comedy jobbers before but this is now, and you never know because the tag division isn’t as competitive any more. I’d like to see them get a title shot at least.

Mark: Alright, well that concludes things up for this week’s show. We’ll be back in a week’s time with another which will as always be available on iTunes and podcast alley. Thanks to my co-host Sam.

Sam: Right back at ya buddy.

Mark: *Vomit* Hehe this was Stipulation Radio!

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Yeah not going to lie this is probably my favorite BTB here because it features Mark Henry.

I like what you're doing with Stipulation Radio, those guys are cuties.

This entire thread is pretty fucking hilarious though. Like really, really funny. Like I'll scroll up and pick out a few paragraphs to skim through and you'll throw in some funny ass shit from time to time. Good stuff bro.

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Monday, June 2nd 2008
Salt Lake City, Utah – E Center

The following show is a post watershed production. It may contain scenes and storylines that are unsuitable for children. Some content may also be unsuitable for other viewers.

Raw opening video and pyro.

*Burn in my Light*

Randy Orton appears to a chorus of boos and makes his way to the ring.

Orton: I am sick, and tired of people getting on my back about what happened last week. ‘Randy you can’t hit a ref, they aren’t competing in the match.’ Guess what, I am a third generation superstar. I was born to wrestle and I was bred to wrestle which gives me the right to take out anybody who gets in my way.

*Turn Up The Trouble*

Mr. Kennedy appears!

Kennedy:You know it is sort of strange Randy that you seem to have such a problem with referees. At No Way Out it looked like you were struggling in your match against John Cena and low and behold you decided to strike the ref! It was just like...just like...oh yeah that’s right it was just like last week when you got yourself disqualified against....me!

Orton: Those are some accurate observations sideshow Ken, but unfortunately your analysis, JUST LIKE, your wrestling ability....is poor. You see when I faced John Cena at No Way Out, striking the referee was a calculated decision, but not because I was struggling against him. John Cena is a fool, a hot headed liability. The fans boo. He demanded his WWE Championship match early even though he hadn’t fully recovered from his injury. I didn’t want my doubters to point to that when I beat him, as some kind of excuse. I wanted to beat him when he was fully healed, and when I did just that at Wrestlemania 24 I proved to the people of the world that I am the greatest. The fans boo again.

As for you last week, that wasn’t a calculated move. You are not worthy of me straining myself and over thinking things. You got your cheap shot in after the match. I think that is plenty for you to get happy about, so you can make your silly faces and shout your name in a vain attempt to make it mean something.

Kennedy: Well you see I did get a piece of you after the match last week, but I’m not finished with you. I want another match tonight, surely you can’t back down from a challenge in front of all the ‘people of the world’?


General Manager William Regal comes out.

Regal: Randy Orton, last week you attacked a referee. I am warning you now Randy, you are on very thin ice. Since last week’s match was somewhat inconclusive I am agreeing with Kennedy’s suggestion. You two will have another match tonight, but this time it will be inside a steel cage! The fans cheer. However the rules for the match will be the new standard rules for WWE cage matches. The only way to win the match is by escaping from the cage by climbing out, the door will be permanently locked. Good luck gentlemen!

*How do you like me now?*

World Tag Champs Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring. JR and King talk about the match that is imminent, which sees the Champions against Cryme Tyme. A video replay of last week’s number one contenders ‘foot race’ is shown, where Rhodes and Holly held back Shad and JTG to stop them having a chance of winning. JR explains that if Cryme Tyme win this match they will be added to the Championship match at Fully Loaded.

*Bringin’ da Hood T U*

Cryme Tyme make their way to the ring.

Match #1
Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs Cryme Tyme

The referee signals for the bell, and the match gets underway. Looks like it's going to be Cody and JTG to start. They lock up, but Rhodes shoves JTG down to the mat. JTG gets back to his feet, whips Cody to the corner, and gives him a running clothesline. Cody slumps down to the mat, JTG shouts ‘Yueah!’ to the crowd, and then stomps on him.

A little later, Cody manages to tag in Holly. Holly is in but so is Shad as well, after JTG tags him. Shad whips Holly to the opposite corner that Rhodes got sent to and tries to follow this up with a clothesline but Holly ducks underneath and then backdrops Shad to the canvas. Holly tags in Rhodes, and he and Shad go at it for a while. Shad looks to hit Thugnificent on Rhodes but Holly thumps him in the side of the face while the ref isn’t looking. Despite this Shad manages to retain a degree of control over Rhodes and he whips him against the ropes, launching himself at the ropes opposite. The two collide with each other in the middle of the ring, in a heavy...collision. Both men are down now.

Rhodes manages to tag in Holly whilst Shad tags in JTG. JTG lands a couple of clotheslines and a drop kick to Bob. Bob is down and the ref starts to count to 10, whilst JTG looks surprised that Bob hasn’t got back up yet. Shad sneaks round to the opposite side of the ring and drags Cody of the apron, but Cody gets a kick in and then smashes Shad on the back to so that he collapses on the floor. JTG is distracted and watching this unfold but then realises he should turn around to see what is happening with Holly. Holly is up but JTG turns around in time to face him face to face before Bob can strike. They lock horns and then Bob puts JTG in a headlock, but JTG quickly reaches the ropes. The ref tells Holly to break the hold but Bobcore refuses to. The ref then drags Holly away from Shad and gets into a heated argument with Bob. JTG starts to move toward Holly but Cody manages to trip JTG by reaching in from the outside. Bob lurks to the side of JTG and hits the Alabama Slam on him as soon as JTG gets up. Cover…1…2…3! Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes win the match. Cryme Tyme are not in the Championship match at Fully Loaded.

Randy Orton is walking Backstage. Triple H appears.

Triple H: So you’re in a steel cage tonight? Cool. Hey remember the last cage match you were in? *Laughs* Good luck tonight, chump.

Orton looks annoyed as HHH leaves the scene with his WWE title.

With the camera showing inside the arena again, JR says that Triple H is scheduled to appear later with Steph. Then Jerry talks about the fatal 4 way match later which will decide who will face Mickie James for the Women’s Championship at Fully Loaded. JR then reminds us that tonight Ted DiBiase Jr. has his first ever match in the WWE against Umaga!


JBL appears to a chorus of boos.

*Snitsky’s theme*

Snitsky makes his way to the ring.

Match #2
JBL vs Snitsky

The two heavy hitters go at it for a while until JBL hits a devastating clothesline from hell to get the win by pin.

*Break the Walls Down*

Chris Jericho comes out to a mixed reaction. He makes his way slowly to the ring.

Y2J: Last week, Hacksaw Jim Duggan cost me a match. I don’t like to lose, especially after everything I have achieved in this company. So, I’m calling you out Duggan. Let’s settle things face to face, not that it is pleasant for anyone to look at your face, you decaying old man. Just get out here, no cheap shots from behind this week. Unless, you’re afraid Duggan. Maybe, you have finally realised that you don’t belong here anymore. Believe me if that’s the case I think everyone is going to be very relieved that they don’t have to endure any more cringetastic appearances from you on Raw. The fans boo Jericho.

*2 by 4*

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan appears on the stage.

Duggan: You come out here and talk your talk Jericho, but quite frankly I don’t care because I am not finished yet in the WWE. In fact how about giving me shot at your Intercontinental Championship!

Y2J: Well Jim the problem is I don’t think the WWE fans want to see you in another match, even if I’m in it. I think if people are subjected to you being in a title match then something good should come out of it; your long overdue retirement. If you lose Duggan, you are gone from the WWE.

Duggan: ......I accept! Me and you for the Intercontinental Championship. Enjoy that belt while you still have it Jericho.

Y2J: Your optimism is sickly sweet Duggan. But this isn’t going to be some touching, inspirational tale about some last chance Harvey winning the IC Championship. I am going to destroy you Duggan, you hear me? I am going to humiliate you. You’re career...IS OVER!

*Maria, Jillian, Katie Lea and Beth Phoenix enter in that order *

Match #3
Maria vs Jillian vs Katie Lea Burchill vs Beth Phoenix
(Number 1 Contender Match)

This is a solid match with all four getting tangled up with each other. Nobody really gets isolated and there is little ganging up or double teaming. Katie Lea gets the win after she hits a hair pull backbreaker on Maria.​

After the match Paul Burchill comes out to congratulate his sister.

Paul Burchill: Congratulations Katie, I’m sure you are going to become the next WWE Women’s Champion at Fully Loaded. As for tonight I want to make it a night of 2 triumphs for the Burchills. I am issuing an open challenge to the entire locker room, come and have a go if you think you’re ‘ard enough!

*My Time is Now*

John Cena comes out! The fans cheer very loudly. Burchill has a quizzical look on his face and seems concerned.

Match #4
Paul Burchill vs John Cena

Burchill attacks before the bell and starts to stomp away on Cena. Burchill sends Cena corner to corner, Cena bounces back out and into a back body drop. Cover gets one and a half. Another backdrop. Another cover gets two. Perfectly executed vertical suplex by Burchill gets a long two. Burchill sends Cena into the corner. Paul stalls a little bit and Cena takes advantage of that with several rights. Now some combination punches from Cena as he backs Paul into the corner. Burchill is down on the canvas now and Cena stomps him. Cena lifts Burchill to his feet and then takes him out with a clothesline. Cena locks in the STFU and Burchill taps. John Cena wins.

Carlito and Santino are talking to each other backstage. Holly and Rhodes appear.

Holly: Ah it’s funny we should bump into you two, I was just telling Cody that after our win earlier we now know we have an easy night this Sunday.

Carlito: You know what’s also funny, I was just telling Santino that matches are always easy when they are A, B & C. Against Bob & Cody.

Santino: EASY! EASY! EASY!

The World Tag Champs leave the scene, after eyeballing their Fully Loaded opponents. Camera shows inside the arena again-

*Tribal Trouble*

Umaga makes his way to the ring.


Ted DiBiase Jr makes his way to the ring. JR says that Ted has a very tough opponent for his first match in the WWE.

Match #5
Umaga vs Ted DiBiase

Umaga lands a big splash at the start of the match. Big kick by Umaga, then he whips Ted to the outside. Umaga chokes him out, lifts him up and carries him to the top of the steel steps, and flings him across the floor! Umaga then gets back in the ring with his an opponent sets him up in the tree of woe. Umaga off the ropes and lands a huge head butt. Ted is on the canvas and Umaga with the cover...1...2...Ted gets his foot on the rope! Umaga looks annoyed and lifts Ted onto his shoulders but Ted escapes and hits a right hand as he leans towards Umaga, and then falls over after making contact. Umaga manages to stay on his feet though. He lifts Ted up off the canvas and looks to hit the Samoan Spike but Ted evades it. DiBiase then kicks Umaga in the gut and plants him with a DDT! Cover by Ted but he only gets 2. Ted wanted 3 and goes to the outside, detaching the steel steps and bringing them into the ring. The Ref tells him ‘No’. Ted lifts the steps over his head as Umaga gets to his feet. Just as Ted is about to bring them down on Umaga, the ref grabs the steps and stops him. Umaga then hits the Samoan Spike on Ted. Cover...1...2...3! Umaga wins the match.

*Tonight, Tonight*

Jeff Hardy appears to a loud ovation. He makes his way to the ring.

Jeff: People always told me, that I would never be the WWE Champion. But I want it so badly, I’ve felt how it feels to be so close…several years ago on Monday night Raw I was in a ladder match against the Undertaker for the WWE Championship. The fans cheer loudly. I was so close that night and I will always remember that match, but I want to go one step further. At WrestleMania 24 I was in a different kind of ladder match and I won the Money in the Bank contract.He holds up the briefcase.I am your charismatic enigmaaa!!! The fans cheer fervently again. And I am also going to prove the doubters wrong when I become..

*The Game*

Triple H appears with Stephanie! They both come to the ring. The fans give a loud but mixed reception.

Triple H: (He talks loudly and addresses Jeff in a serious tone.) Have a look at me and Stephanie. We are a family. Fans cheer. Having a family is a big responsibility. You have no idea, about responsibility Jeff. You can’t handle...responsibility. You will never have this *Holds up WWE Championship*, and you and you will never have a wife who is bearing your child. You know why Jeff? Because things like that don’t come to people like you. Things like that don’t come to people...who don’t deserve them. Crowd boos loudly. And as far as cashing in your contract goes, I would stay away from me. If you want this belt, you had better wait until someone else is champion. I have to warn you though that you could be waiting a VERY...LONG...TIME. Jeff starts to leave, then sort of turns around. Triple H stares him down. Get out my ring. Jeff stares back at him. GET OUT OF MY DAMN RING

Jeff leaves the ring as boos reign down on Triple H.
Why don’t you all shut your mouths and show me some respect. How can you cheer for a guy like that, a walking disaster zone. Crowd continues booing. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, me and Steph have come out here to celebrate a new member of our family and this is how you treat us.

*Sexy Boy*

Shawn Michaels appears on the stage! The crowd cheers loudly.

Shawn: Hey there Daddio. Hope you don’t mind if I come down and join in the celebration.
He makes his way to the ring.

Shawn: Who’s the daddy, Triple H?......Well I have to say you don’t make a good daddy Hunter, because you are selfish. Let’s just look at what has happened in the past. When I was out of the WWE due to my back problems, did you ever visit me? No. Ever talk to me on the phone for long? No. You were busy, out on the road with the WWE. All you cared about was winning world championships for yourself.

It’s always been that way Hunter. Look at the people who helped you back then. You didn’t really care about them. X-Pac, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn where are they now? Gone, because you only used them and as for Chyna, well you swapped her for someone more useful didn’t you. You never really cared about me. Sure you acted like you did when I returned to the WWE, but only because you saw me as a threat. You wanted to try and keep me down. All you are is a cock nosed, selfish asshole.

Triple H: You see Shawn I know you are resorting to those kinds of insults because something eats away at you inside. When your head hits the pillow at night you just can’t stand the silence, you can’t stand your own thoughts. Your best buddy Hunter has outdone you. You were on top at a time that pales in significance when you compare it to my time on top. I was headlining PPV after PPV in the attitude era, when wrestling was more popular than ever. Winning World Championship matches at WrestleMania in 2000 and 2002. The brutal No Way Out matches in 2000 and 2001, the Armageddon 6 man Hell in a Cell match. I was the one, I was the one people were coming to see. Not The Rock, not Stone Cold, not The Undertaker, ME! The fans boo loudly.

But you missed all of that Shawn, and while you were on the rack I established myself as the greatest wrestler in the world. The fans boo loudly. And then you returned to the WWE. The company I have shaped, the company that has been built on my shoulders. Shoulders that you couldn't keep down for a 3 count in 2004. Remember Bad Blood Shawn? Remember Taboo Tuesday? And even now, in 2008 you still think you have the right to think that you are on my level. The thing is pal, I AM THE GAME! And there is no extra life code, special attack or auto-fire button that can get you up to my level.

Shawn: You’re wrong. No one has ever outperformed me in a big match situation. And at the end of the night on Sunday, you will have been in a big match situation. That’s what you find yourself in when you go toe to toe with the Showstopper, the main event, Mr. WrestleMania: Shawn Michaels! The fans cheer fervently. You have a new child on the way, well guess what, come Sunday there is going to be a new WWE Champion. I’m not going to be old news anymore Hunter...you are.


*Turn up the Trouble*

Mr. Kennedy comes to the ring.

*Burn in my Light*

His opponent Randy Orton appears. JR goes over the new rules for cage matches as announced at the start of the show by William Regal.

Match #6
Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton
(Steel Cage Match)

Lockup to start and then Kennedy works a headlock and takes Orton down. He gets a back kick to Randy's head and then a surfboard type submission. Orton gets out of this but Kennedy gets back on the offence, unloading some uppercuts and then he goes to Irish whip Orton, but Randy reverses it, sending Kennedy against the ropes. Orton then dropkicks Kennedy back towards the ropes and clotheslines him to the canvas.

Orton methodically stomps away on Kennedy before whipping him against the ropes again, following up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Orton starts to climb out of the cage! He is about ¾ of the way up the side when Kennedy starts to get to his feet. Orton looks back down and sees this. Kennedy is back on his feet but Orton comes flying down at him and connects with his arms, hammer style. Orton with a chin lock now, he has it locked in for quite a while until Kennedy manages to drop Orton with a jawbreaker to counter. Kennedy with a couple of elbows now on Orton to send him towards the turnbuckle. Kennedy grabs Orton and tries to smash his face on the steel cage but Orton resists and then punches Kennedy in the stomach. Orton then returns the thought by smashing Kennedy’s head on the steel. Orton does this again before hitting a suplex.

Orton starts another escape attempt and manages to get his arms over the top of the cage wall before Kennedy is back to his feet. Kennedy is groggy but rushes over to the ropes and jumps up, balancing on the top rope by leaning on the cage wall. Kennedy manages to grab one of Orton’s legs before he can get over the top. Orton tries desperately to shake it free but Kennedy holds on. Orton swings wildly with his free leg in an attempt to kick Kennedy off the rope but he misses. Kennedy continues to pull and Orton comes tumbling down, but Kennedy is taken out by Orton in the process. Both men are down on the canvas now.

Eventually they both get back to their feet and exchange punches, but Kennedy gets the upper hand and then whips Orton against the ropes, following up with a big forearm smash. Inverted DDT by Kennedy. Orton down now while Kennedy takes a breather, leaning on the ropes. Ken looks upwards to the top of the cage as the noise from the crowd gets louder. Orton gets back to his feet but looks spent as he bends forwards. Kennedy is waiting in close quarters and goes for the Mic Check but Orton resists with a couple of elbows to Kennedy’s head. Kennedy goes for a big roundhouse kick but Orton ducks under and then- RKO!!! Orton starts to climb the cage. Meanwhile, referee Mike Chioda, who isn’t the ref for this match is seen running down the walkway to the ring. JR says- Mike Chioda is here, the referee that Randy Orton assaulted last week! JR also points out that Chioda is waering brass knucks! Mike starts to climb the outside wall of the cage. Orton reaches the top of the cage but as he starts to hoist himself over, Chioda punches him in the stomach with the brass knuckles, knocking him down a bit. Orton maintains his grip on the top of the cage but Chioda climbs higher and swipes at Orton again. However, Orton dodges his head out the way and then smacks Mike Chioda hard in the face, sending him crashing to the floor outside the ring. Orton then climbs down the outside of the cage and drops to the floor, winning the match. The bell sounds and Orton is declared the victor.​

Orton is staring at Chioda now and then Randy backs up against the barricade, preparing to strike. General Manager William Regal appears on the stage! Regal has realised that Orton is preparing to punt Chioda- STOP! If you do that Randy you are fired! As Chioda stirs Orton suddenly advances forward but just as it looks like he is going to punt Mike in the skull, he pulls his leg back and doesn’t. He then picks Chioda up by the chin, pushes him up against the side of the cage and stares him in the face. Orton then releases his him and does his cocky pose standing on the barricade as the show ends.

Quick Results
Holly and Rhodes beat Cryme Tyme (Pin)
JBL beat Snitsky (Pin)
Katie Lea Burchill won a 4-way match (Pin)
John Cena beat Paul Burchill (Submission)
Umaga beat Ted DiBiase Jr (Pin)
Randy Orton beat Mr. Kennedy (Cage escape)​

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I don't like the way you divided the rosters with established and up and coming. Main event, midcard and lower midcard would have been more suited if anything.
It doesnt actually state anyone is up and coming it questions it therefore leaving the door open for any situation...

edit - forgot to mention, great raw! although i felt a little sorry for cena he didn't really get a fair deal in my eyes and the JBL match to be honest could have been extended... Maybe you could have had cena (and jbl for that matter) against superstars of there own calibur? I like ur storylines though they're real good just try not to leave people out, maybe if ur stuck to get eveyone a good match maybe combine them to make tag matches? oh and are you going to do the annual draft? its usually before this time but i'd like to see what you'd do with that... Anyway good look with the rest of ur posts!

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Tuesday 3rd June, 2008​
Phoenix, Arizona– Arizona Veterans Memorial Arena​

The following program is a post-watershed production and may contain scenes and storylines unsuitable for children. Some content may also be unsuitable for other viewers.

At the start of the show there is a recap video of what happened last week. It shows how Shelton Benjamin won a triple threat match to become the number 1 contender for the ECW Championship, and how Elijah Burke saved him from Kane who appeared after the match.

ECW opening video and pyro in the arena. Joey Styles and Tazz welcome us to the show.

*Slow Chemical*

Kane makes his way to the ring. He says Elijah Burke doesn’t know what kind of force he messed with last week, and then calls out Burke.

*Ain’t No Stoppin Me Now*

Shelton Benjamin appears! He tells Kane that Elijah Burke should not be his biggest concern at the moment, since he himself is the number 1 contender for the ECW Championship.

*This Fire Burns*

CM Punk joins Benjamin and ECW Champion Kane in the ring. Punk says that Shelton only won the triple threat match last week because of an unfair stipulation made my GM Estrada, which banned Punk from using the GTS. Shelton doesn’t like what Punk says and talks trash at him. Punk then turns his face away, then suddenly turns back and starts laying into Shelton with his fists! However Benjamin turns the tables and hits the Playmaker on Punk! Kane then grabs Shelton by the throat but Burke comes out of nowhere to attack Kane, just like last week! Kane is down on the canvas whilst Shelton gives Burke a quizzical look as we go to a commercial break.


*Bad Dream*

Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring with Colin Delaney in tow.

*Sicilian Jam*

Nunzio comes to the ring.

Match #1​
Tommy Dreamer vs Nunzio
(Extreme Rules match)​

German suplex by Dreamer. Clothesline by Dreamer. Tommy throws Nunzio into the turnbuckle. Two armdrags from Dreamer. Belly to back attempt, but Nunzio lands on his feet – dropkick by Nunzio. Nunzio clotheslines Dreamer to the outside. Nunzio on the outside chops away at Tommy. Nunzio rolls Dreamer back into the ring and goes for a sunset flip, but Tommy drops his knee into the lower back of Nunzio.

Whip by Dreamer, Nunzio off the ropes, big clothesline landed by Tommy. Tommy drapes Nunzio's neck over the middle rope and knees him in the lower back three times. Tommy pulls Nunzio to the outside and slams him into the steel steps. Dreamer is in control for a while longer until Nunzio comes fighting back with some rights. But then Tommy picks up Nunzio and slams him on the floor. Tommy drags Nunzio back into the ring by his arm. Dreamer goes back outside the ring and grabs a trash can, he then brings it inside the ring. He lifts it up and brings it down on Nunzio but Nunzio with a low blow before the bin connects. Tommy drops the trash can and Nunzio picks it up. Nunzio tries to hit Dreamer with hit but Tommy raises his leg, blocking it and also knocking it out of Nunzio’s grip. Inverted DDT by Tommy and Nunzio is down. Tommy pushes the can a little across the canvas and then hits the Dreamer Driver on the trash can! Cover...1...2...3! Tommy Dreamer wins the match.​

Kelly Kelly is back stage by the drinks machine. Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney pass by.

Delaney: Hey Kelly.

Kelly: Hey guys, well done on your win Tommy.

Dreamer: Breathing heavily. I saw you last week. He stares creepily at her.

Kelly looks a bit taken back.

Tommy: You looked good.

Kelly: Er...thanks, I guess.

Kelly leaves the scene.

Delaney: What was that all about Tommy?

Dreamer carries on looking in the direction Kelly left.

Dreamer: Nothin’

The camera shows inside the arena again.


Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring.

*Chavo Ardiente*

Chavo comes out with Bam Neely. Before the match Joey Styles tells us that General Manager Estrada has arranged a tag team contest for tonight’s main event. It will be Kane and CM Punk against Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke.

Match #2
Kofi Kingston vs Chavo Guerrero​
At the start of the match Joey Styles talks about how Kofi is still undefeated on ECW. Kofi has the upper hand on Chavo for the majority of this match. Near the end Bam Neely tries to get involved but Kofi takes him out with a huge dropkick before hitting Trouble in Paradise on Chavo to get the win.​

Shelton Benjamin walks in on Elijah Burke backstage in the locker room.

Shelton: Listen, I appreciate you helping me out recently with Kane but I just want to let you know that the main event tonight is going to be all about me, Shelton Benjamin. Just like Fully Loaded, is going to be all about me. So I don’t want you coming out with your little book, sayin’ a bunch of prayers or whatever, trying to steal my spotlight.

Burke: That is some attitude you have there. I have saved you from that monster Kane on the last 2 occasions you have encountered him! Now the Book of Eli tells me to be a good Samaritan but when you talk like that it really puts a strain on my good nature. Now we have 2 dangerous opponents tonight, and you need to focus on them and not me!

Burke leaves the locker room, leaving Shelton with something to think about.


*I Dare You To Move*

Elijah Burke comes to the ring.

*Ain’t Now Stoppin Me Now*

He is followed by his tag team partner for tonight’s main event, Shelton Benjamin.

*This Fire Burns*

CM Punk comes out to a decent ovation.

*Slow Chemical*

The crowd cheer loudly for ECW Champion Kane’s entrance and pyro.

Match #3
Kane and CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke

CM Punk and Benjamin to begin. Rights by Punk but Shelton with an eye poke. Off the ropes, hip toss and a blind tag allows Burke to suplex CM Punk. Uppercuts to Punk, but he gets a kick in. Belly to belly by Elijah and then Kane is knocked off the apron. Kicks from Punk followed by a vertical suplex gets 2. Kane tags in and he unloads with rights on Burke. Kane goes off the ropes but Burke counters with a German suplex. Tag to Shelton and he springs in with a cross body but Cradle pin by Kane gets 2. Backslide by Shelton for 2. Kane puts his fist in Shelton’s face and Punk tags in. Shoulder block to Benjamin, but Benjamin gets a dropkick.

Head scissors to Punk. Another dropkick then and Shelton in control and continues in this manner with punches but a big kick from Punk takes Benjamin to the canvas. Both men are down momentarily until Punk gets up and then throws Shelton over the top rope. CM Punk then rams Shelton into the barricade. Kane shouts to Punk who then tosses Benjamin back into the ring. Cover for 2. Punk tags in Kane who whips Shelton against the ropes and then knocks him down with a boot. Cover gets a long 2 count. Kane plants Benjamin with a sidewalk slam and goes for another cover but Burke breaks it up. Kane and Burke have a stare down before Kane turns his attention back to Shelton.

He lifts him up off the canvas but Shelton summons the strength to respond with some hard rights. Benjamin goes off the ropes but Kane catches him in a sleeper hold. Shelton battles and eventually escapes. Shelton tries an irish whip but Kane reverses it and then knocks Shelton down hard. Kane sets Shelton up on the top rope but Shelton hits a hard elbow to knock him down to the canvas. 450 splash from Shelton connects. Cover...1...2...NO! Punk breaks up the count. Shelton isn’t happy and glares at Punk who the referee escorts to the apron again. Benjamin then charges at Punk, the referee just managing to get out the way. Benjamin knocks Punk to the outside in a big collision.

Shelton then tags in Burke. Burke puts Kane in an armbar but Kane doesn’t tap and eventually gets out of it by rolling to the side. Burke puts Kane in a headlock but Kane reverses this into a back body drop. Both men are down. Meanwhile Punk has managed to sneak around to the opposite side of the ring unnoticed. Kane is on is feet and soon Burke is too. Elijah tries to hit the book of Eli but it fails and then Kane grabs Burke by the throat. On the outside Punk drags Shelton down off the apron and whips him against the barricade. In the ring, a chokeslam from Kane connects and he pins Burke...1...2...3! Kane and CM Punk are the winning team.​

As Kane stands triumphant in the ring, Punk sneaks up behind him and goes for the GTS! But Kane escapes out of it and then grabs Punk by the throat. Chokeslam! As Benjamin retreats up the ramp he turns round to see Kane, and then Kane laughs evilly at him.


8th June, 2008
San Diego, California- San Diego Sports Arena
Theme song: Dead Cell (Papa Roach)

Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker (c) vs Mark Henry

Kane (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Mickie James (c) vs Katie Lea Burchill

Chris Jericho (c) vs ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan
If Duggan loses he leaves the WWE.

Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly (c) vs Santino Marella and Carlito
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