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Well SSJ4ROHAN and I will be doing this show the show starts after wrestlemania 21. the results so far are a bit different:
1) Rey bt. Eddie.
2) Trish bt. Christy via dq.
3)Kurt bt. Micheals
4)Undertaker bt. Orton
5)Chris Jericho won the money in the bank ladder match
6)HHH bt. Batista
7)Akebono bt Big Show
8) John Cena bt. J.B.L.

Since we thought of the show on wednesday it was too late to do Raw!!!! So we're starting off with SMACKDOWN. I'll be doing SMACKDOWN and ssj4rohan will be doing RAW. Hope you like the show this is my first show.

(The Pyro hit's as Micheal Cole and Tazz welcome us.)

Cole: Hello ladies and gentlemen to Smackdown coming to you live from Montreal Quebec

Tazz: The arena's jam packed folks and what a show we have in store for you as The new wwe Champion John Cena will make an appearance later in the show.

Cole: And also General Manager Theodore Long has an announcement later tonight

(Big Show's music hits)

Tazz: Well here comes the 500 pound giant, who lost to Akebono at Wrestlemania in a sumo match.

Cole: Yes but you have to give credit to the Big Show Tazz, He'd never been in sumo match.

(Big Show takes the mic)

Big Show:I tried to make an impact at Wrestlemania the grandest stage in the sport. But unfortunately I lost to Akebono. But you see that was an honour. But I couldn't help noticing some people in the audience laughing at me. You see I do the hard work and I try to impress you people. I wrestled Akebono for you and What do I receive in return? THIS!

(the titantron shows people in the audience smiling and laughing)

Big Show: From now on I'll no longer wrestle for you. I'll do it FOR ME!

(suddenly Rob Van Dam's music plays as the crow gives a huge pop)

Cole: Oh my god tazz it;s rob van dam! It's been 3 months since he had suffered the knee injury! And now he's back Tazz R.V.D. is back!

Tazz: Yeah but look at him he looks almost determined and angry! I wonder what's up.

(R.V.D. takes the mic )

R.V.D.: Show now I know that you're upset for losing to Akebono but there is no need to take your frustration on these people! It was your fault that you lost.

Big Show: R.V.D. I dont know what the hell you're doing here, but get out of my way or else.....

R.V.D.:Or else what big guy?

Big Show: Get the hell out of the ring! You're starting to piss me off!

R.V.D.: You know show you arent what you used to be! You remember Survivor series when we beat the crap out of Kurt Angle' team! What happened to that Big Show I knew? You know you lose to Akebono and now you blame these people for it, Only a LOSER blames others for their defeats!

(At this the Big Show gets irate and starts beating the crap out of R.V.D. But R.V.D. Counters and gives several right hands until he dropkicks big show down. He then goes over the top rope and delivers the 4 star frog splash as the crowd erupts)

Cole: Oh My God I wonder what came over the Big show but what an impressive return by R.V.D.

Tazz: You're right Cole R.V.D. is back in the house baby!

Commercial Break

(Heidenreich's Music hits)

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown ladies and gentlemen just a few moments ago we saw the return from R.V.D. and what an impact he made tonight dropkicking the 500 lbs big show and then giving him the 4 star frog splash

Tazz: Just goes to show you Cole That R.V.D. is here to make a huge impact. And speakin of impact this man here has tried to make an impact weeks after weeks by reading out his psychotic poems

Cole: You're right Tazz Heidenreich ladies and gentlemen is a psychotic freak who cost the legendary undertaker the wwe title twice!

Tazz: And speaking of titles wwe champion John Cena will be in the house baby a few minutes later! hat a show this is turning out to be!

Match 1: Heidenreich Vs. Jobber
( Heidenreich wins comfortably after powerbombing his 150 lbs opponent to the mat. He later takes his opponent and powerbombs him through the announce table)

Cole: Oh My God Tazz this monster has totally destroyed this young kid here!

Tazz: It's always scary to be in the ring with this freak!

(Backstage we see J.B.L and Orlando Jordan walking angrily towards the ring)

Cole: It's J.B.L. ladies and gentlemen who lost his wwe title to John Cena at Wrestlemania 21

Tazz: Looks like he's making his way to the ring Cole!

Commercial Break

(Promo shows A 7ft tall wrestler powerbombing several other wrestlers, It turns out to be Kevin Nash The promo later shows Kavin Nash is coming to Smackdown)

Cole: Wow! Tazz! Looks like Kevin Nash is making a return to the wwe!

Tazz: Man I've wrestled the guy before and I know how it feels to be powerbombed to the mat!

(J.B.L.'s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with Orlando Jordan. He enters the ring and takes the mic.)

J.B.L.: John Cena's win at wrestlemania was A FLUKE! (Crowd chants cena's name)Chant the commoner's name as much as you want! You all know it from deep inside that John Cena does not deserve to win! He's a piece of garbage which should not be touched!(John cena's chant gets louder) SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME! I'll prove to you that I am a wrestling GOD! You people will start worshipping me! You people don't realize it but I'm your ROLE MODEL! And I promise you that I'll Get what's mine! You dont disrespect your Role models! I DEMAND RESPECT! I"VE HELD THE TITLE FOR 242 LONG DAYS! I'VE WON AGAINST THE BIG SHOW, THE UNDERTAKER, EDDIE GUERRERO, BOOKER T, KURT ANGLE, I'VE BEEN VICTORIOUS IN THE FATAL FOURWAY AND THE TRIPLE THREAT MATCHES!!! I DEMAND RESPECT AND I DEMAND A REMATCH!

(Teddy Long's music hits and he comes out to the ring)

T.Long: Now J.B.L . let me tell you something! Before Wrestlemania you were so confident that you could beat Cena that you overlooked the fact that there was no rematch clause in the contract! Which means J.B.L. is that you'll have to earn your rematch!

J.B.L.(angrily):What! I already have! There is no other person in my league Just as I told you earlier I've defeated all of them greats!

T.Long: I dont see it that way playa! There is one man who you've not defeated!

J.B.L.: Who's that? Dont SCREW ME AGAIN!

T.Lomg: Well Playa! His name is ROB VAN DAM!

(Crowd goes wild as R.V.D.'s music hits J.B.L. goes wild with anger. R.V.D. enters the ring)

T.Long: Next week J.B.L. You'll be facing ROB VAN DAM for the number one contender match!

(J.B.L. looks at at R.V.D. with anger and then looks at O.J. O.J. takes the mic)

O.J.: YOu cant do that to him Mr. Long Have some respect he deserves a title shot! He's held the title for 242 days the longest by any champion!!

T.Long: Now look here playa you dont tell me what to do! and speaking of titles! You've never defended you U.S. Title have you?[/COLOR

O.J.: No but what's that got to do here?

T.Long: I'll tell you what's going on! Tonight in the main event you'll be defending your U.SS. title agains a surprise opponent! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!!

(T.Long makes his way back as R.V.D.and J.B.L. stare at each other)

Cole: Well Tazz who is the surprise opponent? We'llfind out later tonight but up next some cruiserweight action as Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman fight for the number one contender's spot!

Commercial Break

(Chavo's music hits and he's followed by Billy Kidman)

Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and here's some cruiserweight action for you as the number one contender for the cruiserweight title will be decided tonight! The winner of this match will go on to compete against cruiserweight champion Paul London.

(Chavo and Kidman lock up as kidman goes for the headlock. Chavo whips kidman in to the ropes and gives a dropkick. Kidman gets down and both of them lock up again, but this time kidman powers out chavo and sends him into the turnbuckle. Kidman goes for a splash but chavo gives a boot kick to the face of Kidman. Kidman is a little dazed as Chavo put on a submission maneauver. Kidman kicks out of it and whips chavo to the ropes and gives the T-Bone suplex. Kidman Covers chavo but chavo kicks out. kidman puts on a sleeper hold. After about 3 minutes chavo kicks out and starts giving a few right hands to the face of kidman Chavo is now feeling it and is about to give the unprettier on kidman but kidman pushes chavo into the refree the refree is knocked down. Kidman goes outside and gets the steel chair but chavoe pursues kidman and gives a dropkick to kidman. Chavo hits kidman with the steel chair on the forehead. Kidman is knocked down. Chavo takes kidman back into the ring and gives the unprettier. He pins Kidman and wins the match. MATCH LENGTH : 10:06)

Tazz: Oh my god ! Cole Chavo will face Paul next week for the title)

Cole: Yess Tazz but up next John Cena will make an appearance!

Commercial Break

(John Cena's music hits and the crowd gives a huge pop. John Cena enters the ring and takes the mic)

Cena: THE CHAMP IS HERE (The crowd pops) J.B.L. You say you've done it all! Survived the fatal fourway and the triple threat match! Beat the undertaker, The big show, kurt angle, booker T, eddie guerrero! But the champ is here! Before Wrestlemania you said I couldn't beat you, you said I was a piece of crap! Well Look who's talkin crap! It dont matter whether you're J.B.L. or you're R.V.D. The fact is I'm champ! The PEOPLE'S CHAMP! THIS IS HOW WE DO! YOU WANT SOME J.B.L. GET SOME!!!! (Goes out of the ring and celebrates with the crowd)

Cole: Well It's good to see the champion John Cena celebrate with the crowd but coming up next ladies and gentlemen is the kurt angle invitational!

Commercial Break

(Kurt Angle's music hits as he along with 2 security guards make their way out to the ring)

Match 3: Kurt Angle Vs. Jobber
(Kurt angle asks the jobber his name and while the jobber is about to give his name kurt stars pounding on the jobber. he then hits an angle slam followed by the ankle lock until the jobber taps out. After the match kurt goes out and gets the steel chair and smashes the knee of the jobber)

Cole: Damn that Angle picking on a kid!

Tazz: Well that's what he's supposed to do cole c'mon!!!

Cole: Yeah whatever! But coming up next ladies and gentlemen is the main event! Orlando Jordan defends his U.S. title for the first time! Who's his mystery opponent? We'll find out next!!!

Commercial Break

(Orlando Jordan makes his way out to the centre of the ring he takes the mic)

O.J.(Smiling): Well bring out my so called mystery opponent Mr.Long!

(The Pyro hits and KANE makes his way out smiling!! {Crowd goes wild})

Cole: Oh my god Tazz It's... It's Kane!

Tazz: I don't believe it!

(The match starts as Kane goes on pounding on O.J. for quite a while and then gives a huge bodyslam followed by the legdrop. He picks up O.J. and gives him the double chokehold slam and goes for the cover but O.J. kicks out. Kane whips O.J. to the turnbuckle and gives him a splash. Kane signals for the chokeslam as the crowd gives a huge kane chant and connects with it but does not go for the cover. He gives a sick smile and signals for the tombstone. He delivers and pins O.J. for the victory!! Kane then lifts his arms and poses. Match Length : 8:20)

Cole: Oh My God Tazz the big red machine is on smackdown!!!!! And he wins a title on his debut!!!! What a night!!!

Tazz: I still cant believe it Cole!!! You're right it's been a crazy night!!!!!!
(wwe Trademark appears as the show ends)

Well How did you like my show? This is my first show! Any comments will be appreciated. RAW will be done on monday by ssj4rohan


This thursday on Smackdown J.B.L. will go one on one with R.V.D. will R.V.D. make an impact after his surprising return to Smackdown or will he fall victim to John Bradshaw Layfield's Clothesline from hell? Also we saw a new U.S. Champion being crowned on Smackdown last week as KANE def. Chief of staff Orlando Jordan. Also this week Chavo Guerrero will face Cruiserweight Champion Paul London for the Cruiserweight title. Stay tuned to SMACKDOWN

Last weeks Smackdown quick results:

1) Heidenreich Def. Jobber (2:04)
2) Chavo Jr. Def. Billy Kidman (10:06)
3) Kut Angle Def. Jobber (2:20)
4) KANE Def. O.J. for the U.S. Title (8:20)

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you definently need color,bold/italics to attract readers but other than that good job

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This week on SMACKDOWN will we see a new cruiserweight champion crown as Chavo G. goes one on one with Paul London for the title. Also R.V.D. ho made a stunning return will face former wwe champion J.B.L. for the number one contendership to face Cena for the wwe championhip. After we saw the BIG RED MACHINE KANE win the U.S. title on his debut what will he unleash on Smackdown? Be sure to tune into SMACK DOWN!


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Good luck, cant wait for your first show

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As my partner SSJ4Rohan is busy i'll be giving highlights of Raw this week.

(Pyro hits and King and J.R. welcome us to their show)

J.R.: Hello ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to monday night Raw! Coming to you live from Portland, Or.

King: Yeah nice to have you with me here J.R. Tonight is a special night as Christy takes on trish yet again for the title!

J.R.: and also king we have William Regal and Tajiri defending their Tag Team Gold against La Resistance!

King: Well J.R. that will be an easy one for La Resistance! And also Christy gets her rematch against Trish for the title!! WOOOHOOO! What a night this is gonna be!

(Gene Snitsky's music hits as he makes his way to the ring)

J.R.: Well ladies and gentlemen Shelton Benjamin will defend his Intercontinental title against This Psychotic monster Snitsky!

King: This monster is a freak! I think Snitsky will have the advantage over Shelton! He's mean, he's strong, he's powerful! you know the old saying dont you J.R. the bigger they are.....

(Shelton Benjamin's music hits)

J.R.: The harder they fall!!

King: No J.R. the harder THEY HIT! Shelton here is in huge trouble! God bless him!

(the match begins with Snitsky dominating most of the match. snitsky goes for the pumphandle slam in the end but shelton reverses it into a ddt. Shelton hits the T-Bone suplex on Snitsky and pins him for the victory. After the match Snitsky gets frustrated and smashes the forehead of shelton with the steel chair. he hits shelton 4 times on the back with the steel chair as he gets massive heat from the crowd. Shelton is busted open as E.M.T.s come to his aid)

King: I told you J.R. this freak is unstable his mind is twisted! As I told you earlier the Bigger they are the harder they hit!

J.R.: Unfortunately You're right King! But ladies and Gentlemen coming up next ! our beloved General Manager Eric Bischoff has a huge announcement!


(Eric Bischoff's music hits as he makes his way out to the ring with the coach)

J.R.: Welcome back to Raw Ladies and Gentlemen. Just a few moments ago we saw Shelton Benjamin retain his title against Gene Snitsky! But after the match this happened....

(Titantron shows Snitsky hitting Shelton on the forehead with the steel chair and then hitting him on the back 4 times with the steel chair)

J.R.: Well Ladies and Gentlemen we will give you an update on Shelton Benjamin's condition later tonight! But right now king Eric Bischoff is out there with a huge smile what does he have in his twisted mind there?

King: Well J.R. We'll soon find out!

(Eric Bischoff takes the mic in his hand)

Eric: First off all As you all saw Kane make is debut on Smackdown last week it is unfortunate for the brand to lose a huge superstar like him! But...... But in return I've gained a wrestler even greater and popular than KANE!!! (Looks at the coach) And Coach You'll be facing him right no!

Coach(surprised):me? Oh hell who's that wrestler Mr.Bischoff?

Eric: Coach and all the wwe fans present here it is a privilage to welcome THE UNDERTAKER!

(The Crowd goes wild as the coach is almost scared to death)

King: Oh! My! God! J.R. The dead man! The Phenom! The Undertaker here!!!!!

(The Undertaker's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring)

J.R.: I don't believe my eyes either King! I'm as stunned as you!!! But let me tell you folks it is a spine tingling eperience when the undertaker makes his way out to the ring!

King: Look at the Coach J.R.! Ha! Ha! He's wetting his pants!

(Undertaker wins pretty comfortably aftera chokeslam and a tombstone piledriver)

J.R.: Oh! My! God! King the Dead Man! The Undertaker what an impact he's made tonight!

King: You're right J.R. For once you're right!


(La Resistance make their way out to the ring followed by William Regal and Tajiri)

J.R.: welcome back to Raw Ladies and gentlemen! A few moments ago we saw The Undertaker make his debut on Raw against Coach! And right now The tag team titles are on the line!

(La Resistance def. Tajiri and William Regal to become new tag team champions. After the match Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring and FIRES William Regal)

J.R.: Oh My God! King Just cuz he lost the title he's been fired!

King: He deserves it J.R. he has'nt one much for the Brand as of now!

Eric: Ladies and Gentlemen Batista and Triple H will face of once again at Backlash in a Three Stages Of Hell match! Batista will Face Triple H first in a Ladder Match They will yet again face in a street fight! and if necessary They will face each other in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH!!!! (Crowd Pops) Also the winner of that match will have to defend his title against Chris Jericho in the next PPV!!!! Also tonight Chris Jericho will go one on one against Chris Benoit! Also Batista will face RIC FLAIR IN A NO DQ MATCH! (The crowd gives a huge pop)

J.R.: Wow! King What a huge announcement by Eric Bischoff!!!

King: Well that's nothing My favourite match is upnext J.R. Trish Vs. Christy WWWOOHOOO !!!!!!! PUPPIES!!!


(Trish wins after hitting Christy with the chick kick)

King: Wow!! J.R. That was the match of the night!!!!!

J.R.: Well King I wouldn't saythat cus coming up next is Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho!!!!


(Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho ends in a no contest as Christian and Tyson Tomko interfere and beat the crap outta Chriss Benoit)

J.R.: Damn that Christian! What a match it was turning out to be!!!!! Well I don't think Christian and Tyson Tomko have seen the last of Chris Benoit!

King: Well J.R. it was because of Benoit that Christian lost the money in the bank ladder match at Wrestlemania!!!!

J.R.: Well Ladies and Gentlemen coming up next is the main event as Batista takes on Ric Flair in no DQ match!


(Batista def. Ric Flair after powerbombing Ric on the steel chair. After the match Triple H and Batista stare at each other as the show ends)

Quick Match results:
1) Shelton def. Snitsky for the I.C. title
2)Undertaker Def. Coach
3)La Resistance def. William Regal and Tajiri for Tag team title
4)Trish def. Cristy
5)Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho ended in a no contest
6)Batista Def. Ric Flair

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April 14​

(pyros hit as Micheal Cole and Tazz welcome us)

Cole: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Smackdown coming to you live from Worcester, Ma. With me here is Tazz!

Tazz: Thanks Cole and Ladies and gentlemen Tonight Rob Van Dam (Promo shows R.V.D. posing) will go one on one with John Bradshaw Layfield for the number one contendership match to face wwe champion John Cena for the title!

Cole: Also coming up your way tonight is the cruiserweight championship as Paul London defends his title against Chavo G.

(Theodore Long's music hits as he makes his way out to the ring)

Tazz: What's Teddy doing here?

T.Long: Holla Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Smackdown! I have some very important announcements to make here tonight! Last week we saw a new United States Champion crown in KANE!! (Crowd pops) But KANE will have to defend his newly won title at Judgment Day which will be on air on May 15th at Detroit Michigan!!! Now from tonight onwards there will be a series of matches to determine the number one contender to face KANE at Judgment Day for the U.S. Championship. Now everynight there will be two matches held and then there will be two semifinals and a final to see who faces KANE. Starting tonight it will be Orlando Jordan going one on one with THE MASTER OF 619 REY MYSTERIO !!!!!!!!! (the crowd gives a decent pop) and also Carlito Carribean Cool will go one on one with Booker T. Next week Heidenreich will face LATINO HEAT EDDIE GUERRERO (crowd gives a huge pop) and Hardcore Holly will face Rene Dupree!!!!!!

Cole: Wow!!! Talk about getting this show of the hook!!!!

T.Long: Now Coming back to the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! Next week Your wwe champion John Cena will be competing (crowd gives a huge pop) in a non title match against KANE!!!!!! (Crowd goes wild)

Tazz: Wow Cole talk about a main event!!!!!! Champion Vs. Champion!!!!!

Cole: Thedore Long sure is making some groun breaking announcements!

T.Long: Also the winner of tonight's number one contendership match will face wwe champion John Cena at Judgment Day in a SPECIAL MATCH! The match will be announced next week! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!!!!

Tazz: Wow Cole Smackdown is of to a good start here in Worcester!

Cole: Yeah Tazz but coming up next Ladies and Gentlemen The Cruiserweight Title is on the line as the Cruiserweight Champion Paul London defends his title against Chavo.G


(Chavo G. music hits as he makes his way out to the ring)

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown Ladies and Gentlemen. This man here def. Billy Kidman last week to face Cruiserweight champion Paul London here tonight!

(Paul London's music hits as he makes his way out to the ring)

Tazz: This will be one hell of a matchup as Both these atheletes are great wrestlers!

Match 1: Paul London(c) Vs. Chavo G.

(The match starts with both of them locking up. Chavo goes for the headlock but Paul whips him to the ropes and gives him the armdrag. Chavo gets up quickly and runs towards paul to suffer another armdrag. Chavo then gets up again and locks up again with Paul. He whips paul to the turnbuckle and gives a huge splash. Paul is down and chavo goes for a quick cover but paul kicks out. Chavo picks up Paul and whips him to the ropes and gives a dropkick. Chavo again goes for the cover but Paul kicks out after the 1 count. Chavo then puts on a submission maneauver on Paul but Paul gets out of it quickly and puts on another headlock on Chavo. Chavo kicks Paul in the midsection and breaks free. Chavo starts chopping him towwards the turnbuckle. Chavo climbs the top rope and starts punching on Paul's forehead. but Paul counters and gives Chavo the powerbomb. Both men are down as the Refree starts the count. Chavo gets up before Paul and yet again goes for a submission maneauver. Paul kicks out of it after 39 sec and starts giving Chavo a few right hands Paul then gives Chavo a neck breaker. He goes for the cover but Chavo nearly kicks out. Paul picks up Chavo and whips himself to the ropes and gives another swinging neckbreaker. This time Paul pins Chavo but Chavo again kicks out after the 2 count. Paul is frustrated so he goes over the top rope and is about to give him the elbow drop but chavo gets out of the way. Paul is suffering from the pain in his elbow. Chavo takes advantage of this and goes for the cover. Chavo holds the ropes with his hands and gains the victory.)

Cole: Damn Chavo! He cheated to win!!! hat a shame!

Tazz: Well that's what he does Cole ! It's in his family he lies he cheats and he steals that's what he did!

{Backstage}: (T.Long sees E.M.T.s taking Rene Dupree out of the building. He has been badly bruised and injured)

T.Long: Who did this? May I know what's going on here?

E.M.T. fellow: Mr. Long this happened just a few moments ago we heard some some screams and we came out to see this!

(T.Long looks at Rene Dupree and shakes his head.)


Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown and just a few moments ago we saw a new cruiserweight champion crown. But also we saw Rene Dupree being taken out of the building. Who could've done that Tazz?

Tazz: I dont know Cole but what I know is that this condition of Rene Dupree will cause problems in the 8 man tournament for the number one contendership for the U.S. Championship!

(Carlito Carribean Cool makes his way out to the ring)

Cole: Well Ladies and Gentlemen the first match of the tournament is between Carlito Carribean Cool and Booker T. Let us show you the table of the tournament!

Booker T.
Carlito Cool

= Will face in the first Semifinal
Hardcore Holly

Rey Mysterio
Orlando Jordan

= will face in the second semifinal

Eddie G.

(Booker T.'s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring)

Tazz: Well that's one heck of a tournament for the number one contendership match!!

Match 2: U.S. title no. 1 contender Match 1 Booker T. Vs. Carlito

(Booker T and Carlito stare at each other and lock but Carlito not being a technical wrestler kicks Booker in the mid-section he then hits booker T on the back with the forearm twice. he then whips himself to the ropes and gives booker the swinging neck breaker. Carlito goes for the quick cover but Booker T. kicks out. Carlito picks Booker T up but Booker T starts giving Carlito a few right hands. Booker T then starts to chop Carlito. Booker whips Carlito to the ropes and gives him the dropkick as Carlito moves out of the ring. Booker T goes out and smashes Carlito to the steel steps. Booker T is in control as he smashes the head of Carlito on the steel pole. Carlito now is busted open. Booker T is feeling it. he starts to give several right hands and then gives an uppercut to Carlito. Booker T places Carlito in the ring and then does a spinaroonie. Booker T tries to give the superkick but Carlito moves out of the way Booker T. still gains momentum as he DDTs Carlito. Booker T covers Carlito but Carlito nearly kicks out. Booker T is arguing with refree when Carlito gets the steel chair from the outside and goes to hit Booker T. But the refree snatches the steel chair from Carlito and goes to give it to the attendant outside during this period Carlito Low-Blows Booker T and then DDTs him. Carlito pins him and gains the victory)

Cole: I cant believe it Booker T had the match in the bag but it took just one damn Low Blow for Carlito to pin Booker T.!!!!!

Tazz: Well Cole dont forget the DDT man! But you cannot rewrite the past! That man there Carlito has proceeded into the Semi-Finals and will face the winner of Hardcore Holly Vs. Rene Dupree which will happen next week!

Cole: And speaking of Hardcore Holly and Rene Dupree ladies and gentlemen Rene Dupree has been taken to the nearest hospital. We have received an update on his condition. The doctors are saying that Rene has suffered a Hamstring injury and will return in 2 months time. Coming up next ladies and gentlemen is the kurt angle invitational!


Match 3: Kurt Angle Vs. Jobber

(Kurt Angle def the jobber pretty easily after giving him the angle slam. After the match Kurt gave him an angle slam on a steel chair)

Cole: C'mon the match is over !!! Stop picking on that defenseless young kid!

Tazz: I know it hurts to see Angle hurting a kid but that's what he's supposed to do Cole!!

{BACKSTAGE}: (J.B.L. and the Bashams are with Orlando)

J.B.L.: O.J. You disgraced me last week!!! You could'nt save me from my match with R.V.D. tonight and what's worse! You lost to that Worthless piece of Crap KANE!!

O.J.: I'm sorry Bradshaw!!! I mean.....

J.B.L.: That's Mr Bradshaw (crowd boos) You see that's why I never gave respect to the BLACK community (Massive heat from the crowd) Now you have one last chance to prove yourself If you dont get the job done! YOURE FIRED!!!!!!

Cole: Did you see that Tazz He just disrespected the Black Community!

Tazz: This man will kill himself one day! But up next Rey Mysterio Goes one on one with O.J.!

Cole: And you'll have to wonder in what condition will O.J. be after that insulting remark from J.B.L.! The match Ladies and Gentlemen is up next!


Match 4: Rey Mysterio Vs.Orlando Jordan

(Match begins by bothmen locking up. O.J. whips Rey to the ropes and tries to clothesline rey but rey avoids it and hits the swinging neckbreaker. Rey goes for the cover but O.J. kicks out. Rey the whips himself to the ropes and gives a baseball slide kick to O.J. O.J. DOES NOT LOOK FOCUSSED AT ALL. Rey then gives O.J. the frankensteiner Rey goes over the top rope and plants a leg drop from over the top rope. Rey goes for the cover but O.J. kicks out again O.J. holds the rope for support. Rey takes advantage of the situation and plants a 619. Rey then climbs the rope and gives O.J. a head scissors and pins O.J. for the victory)

Cole: Wow1 A pretty easy win for the master of 619 Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: You're right cole O.J. as not at all focussed in this match up. Well Alls Well that ends well! Rey will face the winner between Eddie G. and Heidenreich in the 2nd semifinal.

Cole: Oh! Oh! Tazz what's J.B.L and the Bashams doing here?

(Bashams beat the crap outta O.J. untill J.B.L picks up O.J. and gives him a thunderous Powerbomb J.B.L then measures O.J. and gives him the clothesline from hell)

Cole: Oh! My God! J.B.L. ............ I can't believe it he just clotheslined his chief of staff!!!!

J.B.L.: O.J. YOURE FIRED!!!!!!!!!

Cole: I cant believe my eyes!! Tazz what's going on here?

Tazz: Well Cole I've no idea! but up next is the main event Rob Van Dam will go one on one with this man here for the number one contender's match!


(R.V.D makes his way to the ring.)

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown Ladies and Gentlemen and just a few moments ago you wont believe what just transpired here! J.B.L and the Bashams attacked O.J. and then J.B.L.........he just fired him!

Match 5: R.V.D. Vs. J.B.L. for the number one contender match

(R.V.D. goes to lock J.B.L. up but J.B.L. straight away starts punching R.V.D. and gives a knee kick to the abdomen of R.V.D. J.B.L. then hits a huge forearm to the back of R.V.D. J.B.L. plants a huge legdrop on R.V.D. He goes for the cover but R.V.D. kicks out. J.B.L. picks up R.V.D. up and whips him to the ropes and goes for the big boot but R.V.D. holds the leg of J.B.L. and gives a reverse kick to J.B.L. R.V.D then gives J.B.L. a spinning leg drop and goes for the cover but J.B.L. kicks out. R.V.D. picks up J.B.L. and starts to give some chops to the chest of J.B.L. R.V.D. chops him all the way to the turnbuckle and gives him a huge frankensteiner. J.B.L. is down as R.V.D. climbs the top rope and goes for a elbow drop and delivers. R.V.D. goes for the cover but J.B.L. kicks out. R.V.D. starts to give a few right hands but J.B.L. fights back and gives a huge right hand to the face of R.V.D. R.V.D. is down and J.B.L. looks at the crowd and mocks R.V.D.'s signature move by saying "J.B.L." (the crowd boos) J.B.L. picks up R.V.D. and clotheslines him out of the ring. J.B.L. then smashes R.V.D. to the steel steps. J.B.L. goes to powerbomb R.V.D on the ramp but R.V.D reverses it into a back body slam. Both men are down. R.V.D. slowly gets up and smashes J.B.L.'s head on the broken steel steps. R.V.D. then places J.B.L. in the ring and gives another reverse leg drop. R.V.D. J.B.L. is down and R.V.D. is starting to feel it. R.V.D. climbs up the toprope and attempts to give the 4 star frog splash but J.B.L. gets out of the way and R.V.D. frog splashes the refree. The refree is knocked out. taking advantage of this situation J.B.L. takes a steel chair from outside the ring and is about to strike at R.V.D. but R. V.D. is alert and he dropkicks J.B.L. down with the steel chair. R.V.D. climbs the top rope and nails J.B.L. with the 4 star frog spash. R.V.D. goes for the cover but there is no refree. Suddenly THE BIG SHOW arrives and hits R.V.D. with the steel chair on the forehead. Big Show then picks R.V.D. up and chokeslams him on the steel chair. Big show runs out of the ring. By this time J.B.L. is up and he's all smiles. He picks up R.V.D ,measures him and nails him with a huge clothesline. J.B.L. goes for the cover. the refree gets up slowly and starts the count. 1------------------------2-----------------------------------------------3.)

Cole: Damn the big show. It was due to big show that J.B.L. won the match. R.V.D. had this match all done untill ....( they show the replay of Big Show hitting R.V.D. with the steel chair and then chokeslamming him on the steel chair.)

Tazz: Cole the wwe is one place where you dont often get to see happy endings. But that man there J.B.L. will go to face John Cena for the wwe title at Judgment Day in a special match that will be announced next week by our General Manager Theodore Long. But till then folks I'm Tazz and along with me is Micheal Cole and we'll see you next week.

1) Chavo G. Def. Paul London (c) for the cruiserweight championship (15:04)

2)Carlito Carribean Cool Def. Booker T. to advance to the semifinal (12:29)

3)Kurt Angle Def. Jobber (1:34)

4) Rey Mysterio Def. Orlando Jordan to advance to the semifinal (8:35)

5) J.B.L. Def. R.V.D. to face Cena for the wwe title at Judgment Day (25:21)

Please reply about the show any comments will be appreciated

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is it just me or was Orlando Jordan fired twice....

1) Chavo G. Def. Paul London (c) for the cruiserweight championship

After that match I'm sure it's not end between these two, interesting seeing Chavo Guerrero win

2)Carlito Carribean Cool Def. Booker T. to advance to the semifinal

this i really didn't expect, good match, another cheating win

3)Kurt Angle Def. Jobber

perfect angle style really

4) Rey Mysterio Def. Orlando Jordan to advance to the semifinal

It was good to have Orlando Jordan threatened before the match but I'm sure Mysterio would have won either way!

5) J.B.L. Def. R.V.D. to face Cena for the wwe title at Judgment Day

This was cool annoying that JBL won, because of another wrestler too, this match was great tho

I thought this weeks smackdown is great, i' m waiting to hear the match type

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Thanx for the feedback BloodTitan. Actually O.J. wasnt fired twice. J.B.L. threatened to fire him but after the match with Rey Mysterio J.B.L. officially fired him! Anyways thanx for the reply and trust me you'll love the match that J.B.L. and John Cena will be competing in.
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