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In This PPV Fan Fiction I Will Do The Way I Would Book The Biggest And Grandest Stage Of Them All....WRESTLEMANIA XX !!!
I Will Be Using The WWE's Card So Here We Go!

Madison Square Garden. New York City. New York

J.R "Viewers. The Time Has Arrived. If You Have Not Already Ordered , There Is Still Time But Be Quick Because You Don't Want To Miss The Showcase Of The Immortals....

The Disclaimers Flash Across The Screen Slowly Before The WWE Logo Gradually Appears Before Fading Completely.
A Video Package Plays Highlighting WrestleMania Moments From The Previous 19 WrestleManias And Has Past And Present Wrestlers Giving There Opinions Of The Greatest Sporting Entertainment Spectacles Of All Time.
The Package Ends With Vincent Kennedy McMahon Saying
"WRESTLEMANIA XX Where It All Begins....AGAIN."
We Go To The Computer Graphic Which Shows A Computerised Madison Square Garden. We Go To The Front Of The Building Where It Has "Where It All Begins...AGAIN" Down The Side Panels And "NOW" Across The Middle.
WRESTLEMANIA XX Comes Across The Screen As The Voice Tells Us That
"RAW. SmackDown! And Snickers Cruncher Present The Grandaddy Of Em' All....WRESTLEMANIA XX....Where It All Begins....AGAIN!"

Pyros Explode On The Entrance As The Lights Go On And Scan The Legendary MSG Arena. The New York Crowd Erupt As A Song Plays Throughout Madison Square Garden.

J.R "Welcome Ladies And Gentlemen To The Granddaddy Of Them All.... Welcome To The Showcase Of The Immortals.... Welcome To The Biggest Sports Entertainment Spectacular Of All Time....
Welcome Ladies And Gentlemen To WrestleMania XX....Where It All Begins Again."

King "That's Right J.R. The Biggest Stage Of Them All Is Set. And I Can't Wait. Because Tonight Is WrestleMania XX."

J.R "You're Right King. Tonight Is Going To Be A Night For The Ages. But First We Must Send It Down To Are Announcing Colleagues Michael Cole And Tazz Who Will Kick It Off. Take It Away Guys."

We Go Down To Michael Cole And Tazz As The Camera Settles.

Cole " Thanks J.R. Are You Ready Partner."

Tazz "Of Course I'm Ready. And I Can't Wait."

Cole "You Won't Have To Wait Much Longer. Because It Starts NOW."

"The Following Contest Is For The United States Championship"


The New York Crowd Raise To Their Feet As "Basic Thuganomics" Plays Around The Arena. The Doctor Enters To Massive Cheers And Claps.
The Challenger Has A Microphone In His Hand As He Looks Around At The 20,000+ Crowd.

Cena "Yo.Yo.Yo.Yo.Chill.Chill.Chill....."

Cena Is Cut Off By Big Show Who Enters Before Cena Can Get Into A Rapping Rythem. The Crowd Boos Dramatically At Big Show.
Big Show Slowly Makes His Way To The Ring Before Entering Over The Top Rope.

Cena And Big Show Go Nose To Nose For Several Seconds Before Big Show Pushes Cena Away. Cena Gets Straight Back Up But Again Gets Pushed Down By The 500 Pound Giant. But Cena Gets Straight Back Up Into The Face Of The Big Show. This Time Big Show Pushes His Opponent Into The Corner And Blocks Him In. Cena Tries To Get Past Big Show On His Right But Is Shoved Back Into The Corner , He Then Tries To Get Past Him On His Left But Is Pushed Into The Corner Again. Big Show Then Growls Loudly At Cena. Cena Looks At Big Show Before Signalling With His Right Hand That Big Show "Can't See Him".
This Seriously Angers The Monster Who Grabs Cena And Slaps His Chest Hard And Loud. This Sends The Doctor On His Ass. Big Show Picks Him Up Again And Slaps The Challenger's Chest Again. Cena Falls Again.

The Referee Has A Word With Big Show , But Big Show Pushes The Official Away. As Big Show Turns To Face Cena. He Is Met With A Thumb To The Eye From Cena. Big Show Stumbles Away From Cena.
Cena Pumps His Boots Up Before Going Up Top. Big Show Slowly Turns Around. Cena Jumps Off The Top Rope And Lands The Elbow In The Face Of The Big Show. But The Big Show Is Still On His Feet.
Cena Points To The Next Turnbuckle Corner And Pumps Up His Boots Again. Cena Again Hits The Elbow To The Big Show. But Once More Big Show Still Stands Tall. Cena Can't Believe It But He Puts To The Next Corner And Pumps Up His Boots Once More He Climbs Up Top And He Hits The Elbow One More Time.
But , This Time The 7 Foot 500 Pound Giant Fell Down!
Cena Covers Quickly. The Ref Gets A Two Count Before Big Show Dominantly Kicks Out Of The Cover.

Both Men Raise To Their Feet. Cena Then Suprisingly Challenges Big Show To A Test Of Strength. Cena Puts Out His Right Hand. Big Show Laughs At Cena's Proposition But Locks His Left Hand With Cena's. Cena Then Puts His Left Hand Out. Big Show Locks His Right Hand With Cena's Left. Big Show Seemingly Takes This As A Joke And Cena Is Actually Beating Him! Big Show's Face Turns From A Smile To A Grimis In A Matter Of Seconds.
But Big Show Wisely Kicks Cena's Bad Right Leg Which Sends The Rapper Down In Agony.
Big Show Mocks Cena By Doing His "You Can't See Me" Hand Gesture. He Then Lands A Massive Leg Drop On Cena.
He Drags Cena To The Ropes And Sets Cena's Injured Right Leg On The Bottom Rope Before Jumping On The Injured Leg. Cena Lets Out A Large Cry As Big Show Smiles. Big Show Then Stands On The Right Leg And Stays On It Until The Official Reaches The Four On His Five Count.
Big Show Brings Cena Into The Centre Of The Ring Before Turning Cena Onto His Stomach And Grabbing Cena's Foot And Lifting His Leg Up And Driving It Into The Canvas. He Repeats This Several Times Before Pinning The Doctor Of Thuganomics. The Ref Reaches Two Before Cena Just Gets The Shoulder Up.

Big Show Signals For The Chokeslam. Cena Slowly Gets Up And Turns Around. Big Show Gets Him Up......
But Wait Cena Slid Out Of The Back!
Cena With A Kick To The Mid Section Of Big Show. He Goes To Lift The Big Man Up For The F-U
But Big Show Lifts The Knee Up To The Midrift Of Cena And Places Cena In Perfect Position For The Final Cut.
WHAM! Big Show Hit It. He Cockily Covers The Challenger And Counts Along With The Count.
1....2....KICKOUT! The Challenger Just Got His Right Shoulder Off The Mat.

Big Show Again Signals For The Chokeslam. He Grasps Cena By The Neck But Cena Quickly Moves To Grab The Top Rope. The Referee Reaches Three Of His Five Count Before Big Show Amazingly Chokeslams John Cena From The Inside To The Outside! "HOLY S***" Chants Breakout Around Madison Square Garden.
The Referee Begins To Count John Cena Out. 1.......2.......3.......4.......5.......6.......7.......8.......9.......Cena Somehow Crawls Back Into The Ring At 9 And 3 Quarters.

Big Show Stands There In Amazement That Cena Made It Back In , In Time. Big Show Screams At Cena
" Stay Down Cena." Cena Gradually Rises To His Feet And Implies To Big Show To Bring Everything He's Got.
Big Show Does Just That And Delivers A Thunderous Big Boot To Face Of Cena. He Then Delivers A Big Leg Drop To Cena. Cover 1.....2......KICKOUT! Just.

Big Show Lifts Cena To A Vertical Base And Sends Him Off The Ropes But Cena Ducks The Big Show's Clothesline Attempt On The Way Back And Then Hits A Clothesline Of His Own. But Big Show Is Still Standing!
Cena Bounces Off The Rope Again And Hits Another Clothesline. But Still The Big Show Stands. Cena Tries Again But Big Show Goes To Clothesline Him. But Cena Ducks And Hits A High Clothesline That Takes The Big Show Off His Feet And To The Canvas. Cena Waits For Big Show To Get Up. Cena Bounces Off The Ropes And Hits The Throw Back On His Adversary.
Cena Doesn't Pin And Instead Signals For The F-U.
Big Show Is Up. Cena Has Him Up On His Back. And WHAM! It's Over..........
But Wait As Cena Nailed That F-U His Injured Right Knee Buckled. Both Men Are Down After Several Moments Cena Eventually Gets An Arm Over Big Show.
1..........2..........KICKOUT! Big Show Just Got The Right Arm Up After Two And Nine Tenths.

Cena Just About Gets Up With His Knee And Looks To Deliver His Five Knuckle Shuffle But Unfortunately For Him His Right Knee Goes Completely. Big Show Is Back Up To A Vertical Base And Lets Out A Low Tone As He Signals For The Chokeslam. Big Show Grabs Cena By The Throat And Lifts Cena Up And High Into The New York Air Before WHAM! Cena Is Down And Out. This One Is Over.

1..........2.........KICKOUT! How The Hell Did Cena Kickout From A Chokeslam? Big Show Cannot Believe It!
Big Show Turns To The Referee And Wait A Minute He Grabs Him By The Throat And Lifts Him Up And Chokeslams Him Down!

More Officials Come Down To See How Dave Hebner Is. They Check On His Condition Whilst The Action Continues.

John Cena His Got Something On His Fist.....It's His "WORDLIFE" Brass Knuckles. Big Show Doesn't Realise It.
He Pulled Them Out Of His Pocket. Big Show Lifts Him Up For A Third Chokeslam But Cena Nails Big Show Right On His Skull. Big Show Is Out Cold. John Cena Has The Cover!
The Officials Were Carrying Poor Dave Hebner To The Back But SmackDown Official Nick Patrick Saw A Cover And Entered The Ring To Count The Pinfall.

1..........2..........3! We Have A New U.S Champion....... JOHN CENA Has Done It.

"Here Is Your Winner And NEW United States Champion.........JOHN CENA"
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and where are the other matches dont tell me this was the main event man u could fill in lots of stuff without people saying it all begins again over an over
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