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The show starts showing how jBl retained his title at worlds collide ppv (a made up ppv name)followed by fireworks and the crowd going crazy.

Eddie comes out talking about he got screwed at worlds collide. Cena then came out and told him he wasn't the only one who got screwed at the previous ppv. theodore long told the two that they would be in a number one contenders match tonight to see who would face jBl.

Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz(SD!), Hugo & Carlos (spanish)

(Smackdown PPV)
Match 1
U.S Championship
Rene Dupree(c) Vs RVD
RVD wanted a re-match because of how rene cheated to get the win at worlds collide. Match starts with RVD controling with a deadly heel kick, a hurracarana and a rolling thunder. rvd goes for the win 1..2.... kickout. rvd backs rene into the corner, jumps onto him and flips rene on his back. rvd sees that rene is down so he goes up top for a five star frog splash. he hits it with massive impact and covers for the win 1....2....... what the hell? booker t grabbed the ref by the leg and dragged him out of the ring. he came into the ring and started an assault on rvd and eventually gave him a book end. the match was called to a no contest. booker t was interviewed backstage and said that he couldn't stand to sit back and helplessly watch rvd win the title as he thought he was the one who truly got screwed at worlds collide because he lost the title, rvd lost nothing.
as a result of a no contest rene dupree is still united states champion( heel)

Match 2
Cruiserweight Championship open
Rey Mysterio(c)Vs Paul London Vs Billy Kidman Vs Funaki Vs Spike Vs Chavo Vs Scotty 2 Hotty Vs Akio
match starts off with Akio Vs Billy Kidman. Akio eliminated after he went for a clothesline but got caught in a backslide pin.
next is spike. he gets eliminated after a bk bomb. funaki runs in as the next opponent, jumping off the top rope for a cross body. he hits it but kidman reversed the pin on funaki 1..2..3. former champ chavo runs in next only to get smashed with a dropkick and a shooting star press. next in is the other half of the undisputed tag champs paul london. kidman finally is eliminated after a sunset flip 1..2..3. scotty comes in next and hits the WORM but eventually gets squashed with a 450 to get eliminated. The champ Rey Mysterio is the final opponent in the match. rey hits a headscissors, moonsault, bulldog but finally wins after a 619 and spring board leg drop to retain his title.
winner and still cruiserweight champion, rey mysterio(face)

Match 3
Big Show Vs Heidenreich
heidenreich apparently was laughing at big show after he lost to benoit at worlds collide, even writing a poem about how big show was nothing more the a 500 pound slop of lard. big show begged for a match tonight and got it thanks to theodore long.
heidenreich is dominated with right hands and chops. show throws hom into the corner and squashes him into it then booting him in the face. show leaps up and leg drops heidenreich with amazing athletesism for a big man. he went for another irish whip into the corner but heidenreich reversed it and pushed show into the ref, knocking him sensless. heidenreich went out and got a chair. only to get it punched into his skull. show grabbed heidenreich by the throat and chokeslammed him. show saw a different ref running down the aisle, he got in the ring and show won 1....2.......3
winner, big show (face)

Match 4
No. 1 contenders match for WWE title shot at next ppv
Eddie Guerrero Vs John Cena
both men wanted a shot tonight. they didn't get it. instead, they were given this-a number one contenders match to meet the wwe champion at the next joint ppv of raw and smackdown.
eddie and cena have a stare-down in the ring. eddie slaps cena so he takes eddie down and gives him hard right hands. he irish whips eddie across the ring and goes for a side slam. eddie counters and head scissors cena. he gives him a couple of chops and then leaps up and gets a huge amount of height with a dropkick. 1..2..cena kicks out. eddie goes for the three amigos but cena blocked it and hits a fisherman suplex. cena gets up and gives eddie the 5 nuckle-shuffle and goes for the win 1..2..kick out. cena gives eddie a spin around back suplex into a forward slam. 1..2..eddie just kicks out. cena throws eddie into the corner and goes for a clothesline. eddie rolls out of the way and delivers a back suplex. eddie hits the three amigos and goes up to the tope rope. eddie jumped up and hit a frog splash right on cena! 1.......2.....oohh cena barely got the shoulder up. eddie saw cena was still down so he went up top again. he tried for a frog splash but cena moved. cena pre-pared for the F-U, waiting for eddie to get up. he lifted eddie up on his shoulders and slammed him with an F-U, 1.........2.......eddie kicked out! cena is in shock! cena goes over to the corner and lifts up his chain. the ref stops him but as the ref puts it away cena grabs one of the word life knucks.( just like at WM XX) cena goes for a strike at eddie but he blocks it and gives cena a thumb to the eye and purposely pushes cena into the ref.( the ref had his back turned so he wouldn't know it was on purpose) eddie gets the other knuck and smashes it over cena's skull. eddie goes up to the top and hits his second frog splash of the night. eddie covers cena as the half knocked out ref counts 1.........2.............. ...3!
winner and the no.1 contender for the wwe championship, eddie guerrero (face)

Match 5
WWE Championship triple threat no disqualification match
JBL(c) Vs Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle
jbl thought tonights ppv was a night off seeing how he succesfully defended his championship at worlds collide against 4 other guys.
theodore long brought troubling news to bradshaw, telling him that because eddie fought cena the remainder of the worlds collide ladder match participants would face off in a triple threat match. this match is also no dq.
jbl is brutaly assaulted by angle and taker in the early going of the match. taker and angle force jbl into the corner and beat the living hell out of him. angle pulls him out and gives him a belly to belly suplex as taker leg drops jBl. taker carries the carcass of jbl to the outside. he puts jbl on the table and gets up on it with him. he harshly ddt's bradshaw on the table but it doesn't break. angle pulls him off the table but angle slams him right through it. jbl is out cold. angle and taker get back in the ring and have a star down. the 2 start throwing rights but angle gets the better. he hits a german suplex and puts taker in the ankle lock. taker breaks out and clotheslines angle. he then puts him up for the last ride but angle does a sunset flip 1..2.. taker kicks out. angle runs right into a chokeslam from the undertaker and he signals that the end may be near. he puts angle up for the tombstone and delivers it. taker sees orlando and the bashams runing down the aisle. taker goes to the outside and wrecks the cabinet, booting orlando and knocking both bashams out with one punch. taker runs back into the ring but out of no-where jbl strikes taker with the wwe title belt.
jBl covers taker 1............2..........t aker rolls the shoulder up. jbl goes over to angle 1....2.....angle kicks out. jbl doesn't believe it. undertaker sits up. he stands back up and gives jbl a side slam. angle stalks taker from behind and angle slams him. angle covers taker 1....2...jbl breaks it up. jbl runs to the ropes and goes for his clothesline from hell but misses and gets german suplexed by angle. taker sits up again and big boots angle out of the ring. the rejuvinated cabinet come in the ring for another shot at taker. taker drops doug and danny again with punches but gets struck from orlando jordan with the wwe title belt. angle gets back in the ring and wrecks OJ with a steel chair. angle turns around and cops a clothesline from hell by jbl and is covered 1........2............... ........3
winner and still the wwe champion, JBL ( major heel)
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sorry this post was suppost to come before "NEW SHOW AGAIN"

Pay Per View starts with massive fireworks with the crowd going nuts.

Announcers: JR & King( RAW ), Michael Cole & Tazz (SD!), Hugo & Carlos (Spanish)

Match 1 (RAW)
Intercontinental title
Fatal Four Way Elimination
Chris Jericho(c) Vs Kane Vs Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy
Orton controls the match steadily, delivering an rko to kane and jeff. he goes for a pin on kane but he kicks out. orton stands him on his feet and hits a dropkick. he turns around and gets an inzuiguri from y2j 1..2..kick out. y2j goes after jeff, irish whipping him into the corner but gets a whisper in the wind for his troubles. jeff sees orton, kane and now jericho on their backs. he goes up top and hits a swanton bomb on orton 1..2..3
jeff goes uptop and tries for another swanton but kane sits up. he uppercuts jeff and sidewalk slams him.1..2..jericho breaks it. y2j punches kane and delivers a neck breaker. jericho sees that jeff is out so he gives him a lionsault for the pin.
jericho hits another lionsault but kane kicks out. he goes for the walls of jericho but is overpowered and kicked back into the corner crushing the ref. y2j then gets powerslamed and big booted by kane. he lifts jericho and slams him to the mat with his chokeslam but the ref. is out. snitsky comes running down the aisle and into the ring beating up kane with clotheslines and punches. snitsky ddt's kane and brings in a chair, crushing kane with a shot to the skull with that steal chair. jericho comes along and locks the walls of jericho in and kane has no choice but to tap.
Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho (face)

Match 2 (RAW vs.Smackdown!)
Undisputed Tag Team titles
La Resistance(world tag team champs) Vs Billy Kidman & Paul London(wwe tag team champs)
Start of the match is dominated by La resistance but near end Kidman saved the match for his team as La resistance were about to hit the au revoir on London. Then Kidman hit the BK bomb on Conway and clotheslined Grenier out of the ring. London then went up top for the 450 splash and hits it for the victory.
Winners and the new Undisputed Tag Team Champions, London & Kidman (faces)

Match 3 (RAW vs. Smackdown!)
Street Fight
(2004 royal rumble last 2)
Big Show Vs Chris Benoit
Big Show held a grudge against RAWs chris benoit thanks to the end of the 2004 royal rumble. He started the match with chops and right hands over and over again until he finally hit a high impact move on benoit, being a monstroues chokeslam which benoit kicked out of. Benoit fought back with chops of his own and crushed shows head with a steal chair. He hit show another 4 times with the chair and somehow managed to give him 1 german suplex only to miss the headbutt. Show nailed benoit with a big boot and then took him outside and powerbombed him through the spanish annonce table on the outside. he brought him back into the ring and lifted him for the chokeslam but benoit reversed it into the cross face and show tapped out immediately.
winner, Chris Benoit (face)

Match 4 (Smackdown!)
U.S title
Booker T(c) Vs. RVD Vs. Rene Dupree
Dupree is humiliated by rvd and book all throughout the match until he low blowed booker behind the referee's back and rene bombed rvd. he covers booker 1..2..kick out. then on rvd 1..2..another kick out. he goes for a suplex on booker but booker reverses it into one of his own and then scissors kicks him. Booker turns around and gets a van daminater from rob but rvd gets rolled up by rene and uses the ropes as an aid 1...2...3
Winner and new U.S Champion, Rene Dupree (heel)

Match 5 (Raw)
Hell in a Cell
Triple Threat
World Heavweight title
Shawn Michaels(c) Vs Batista Vs Triple H
batista controls hhh with a clothesline, spine buster and finally a batista bomb, which was on the top of the cell, mid way through the match but as he hits his batista bomb he gets up and is chin kicked by michaels and almost falls of the cell. hbk tries to push him off but is met with a spinebuster. hbk gets up and is pedigreed by hhh. hhh also tries to push batista off the cell but is back body dropped off the cell through the RAW announce table. he goes for a batista bomb on michaels but hbk reverses it into a hurracarana and the chin kicks batista for the win
Winner and still World Champion, Shawn Michaels(face)

Match 6 (Smackdown!)
Ladder match
WWE championship
Eddie Guerrero Vs. JBL(c) Vs. Undertaker Vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Cena
A lot of carnage in this match, jBl is taken out by a frog splash from eddie on the top of the ladder through the smackdown! announce table. Angle tries to take out taker with an angle slam on the ladder but taker avoids it and tombstones angle on the ladder. Cena sees an opportunity but is pushed off and falls onto the outside by taker. He climbs but eddie comes up with him, both share punches but taker eventually grabs eddie by the throat and jumps off with him for a massive chokeslam. with angle out, cena out, eddie out and jbl nearly woken up from his shares of beatings it seems as if the taker is gonna win this. he starts to climb again the crowd is with him but jbl is getting up walking towards the ladder. jbl tries to shake the ladder but out of no where angle gets up and angle slams jbl out cold. He then german suplexes taker off the ladder and the tides have now turned! he gets to the top and is touching the title. eddie slowly gets up and runs up the ladder, unbelievably hurracaraning angle off the ladder. eddie reaches up and tries to grab the title, cena gets back in the ring and FU's taker. He climbs the ladder but eddie and cena get pushed off by jBl. bradshaw climbs the ladder and grabs his title.
Winner and still WWE Champion, JBL(major heel)
Match 7 (Smackdown!)

Cruiserweight championship
Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero(c)
rey pulls off some sick moves and controls chavo most of the match.he hits a moonsault on chavo when he was standing up1..2..kick out. rey places chavo on the ropes for the 619. he connects but is powerbombed when trying for the west coast pop. 1...2..barely a kick out. chavo puts rey up for the gory bomb but he reverses it and flips chavo onto his back into a pinning combination but chavo powers out. chavo goes for clothesline but rey trips him into the ropes. a 619 hits followed by a west coast pop for the win.
Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio (face)

Match 8 (RAW vs. Smackdown!)
Undisputed championship
The Rock(c) Vs. Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg Vs. Stone Cold
mid way through match goldberg spears austin and lesnar. he jackhammers lesnar but rock breaks it up and rock bottoms him. he goes for a rock bottom on austin but he breaks out and stunners him. 1...2..kick out. lesnar gets up and attempts an F-5, but austin gets out and stunners him too. 1...2..kick out. out of nowhere goldberg spears austin and this time jackhammers him. 1..2..rock breaks it up. he punches goldberg a couple of times but is eventually gorilla-pressed by goldberg and speared. he lifts rock up for jackhammer but austin kicks him and stunners him. he goes for a stunner on lesnar but he counters and F-5's austin. he goes up top and hits his botched shooting star press but the count is broken by the rock once again. he throws lesnar into the ropes and spine busters him and hits the peoples elbow. 1..2..goldberg breaks. he punches rock several times but rock blocks one and hits a punch of his own. he then continues to punch goldberg until he spits on his hand and strikes him again. rock connects with a rock-bottom and hits the peoples elbow and pins goldberg 1.....2.....3 to retain.
Winner and still Undisputed Champion, The Rock(face)
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ok, wtf was this crap? NO PROMOS, NO FEUD buidlups, NO COLOURS, NO SENSE! You already have a thread that got a reply from A-Dust, why the hell would you post again, you post all your shows in one thread unless you start a new fed. This will be closed and you'll be lucky to not get warned.
huh, you have no idea do you? ALL SHOWS IN ONE THREAD! If you have started a new thread please DONT CHANGE AGAIN! You have started 4 different ones in the last couple of days, you are bumping good shows down to pg2 with this......
Keep all shows relating to one another in one thread. This thread obviously has nothing to do with your other thread so it will remain open, but from now on post new shows in this thread.

ok sorry bout that man
will do that
what you think bout my shows A-DUST
i cant wait to see your
as they will kick ass!!
killerozy- You need promos and angles and backstage interviews and stuff like that. Your shows arent good with just matches.

Also, your avatar had nudity in it. You are not aloud to show and nudity.
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