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Ok, since wCw went under, I will be starting a new thread. I am going to try and get a partner in the next few days, if you are interested, pm me, or hit me on AIM- THELUKE3 or Yahoo- mikebibby10kings05. Preferably someone experienced, but, meh who knows.

Here are my quick Wrestlemania results..

Triple H retained against Batista with the help of Ric Flair, and a sledgehammer. After the match The two continued the assualt on Batista.

JBL retained against John Cena with the help of the Cabinet. THE ROCK then walked out on stage and stared down JBL to a huge pop before walking to the back, leaving JBL confused.

Shawn Michaels beat Kurt Angle with the sweet chin music in a match of the year type match.

The Undertaker won by disqualification when Orton lost his mind and hit Taker with the ring bell. He then continued the assualt.

Chris Jericho became Intercontinental Champion, beating Shelton Benjamin, Chris Beniot, Christian, Edge, and Gene Snitsky in a ladder match.

Kane won by disqualification against Muhammed Hassan when he was hit in the head by a chair by Hassan.

In the Piper's Pit, Roddy Piper kept trying to get in the head of Stone Cold, trying to make him angry. Austin then stunner Piper and celebrated with beer, before announcing that he was back. But in what way??

Rey Mysterio won cleanly against Eddie Guerrero in a "friendly competition" match. After the match, Eddie acted like he was going to turn on Rey, but the two then hugged to cheers.

Orlando Jordan beat Booker T., with help from the Basham's.

Big Show won by the chokeslam against the Japanese Suma Wrestler guy.

Backstage, maVen announced that he had signed a contract extension with the WWE..but with SMACKDOWN!

William Regal and Tajiri beat La Resistance to retain the tag team titles. During the match Rene Dupree, who "caught up" with his former teamates earlier in the night tried to distract the tag team champions, but Eugene came out on crutches and distracted La Resistance, allowing Regal to get the pin.

Paul London beat Chavo Guerrero to become the new cruiserweight champion.

Ok, there you have it. There was my quick Mania' results. The rosters are the same with the exception of Maven being on Smackdown now, along with The Rock.
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Alright, well it appears Infamous_Canibus will be doing Raw while I do Smackdown. We still need to talk about a few things and then I will post an update about the thread. BTW.. could someone hook me up with a Smackdown banner? Can be simple...

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Yeah, I have bounced around, but it is time for this ole' pup to settle down..ok that was just fucking gay but yeah, Im doing this. Im sick of trying to find a good fed, this is it, so get used to it.

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LoL yeah Im sticking with this one for a long ass time, I think this thread could become in the top threads. Infamous_Canibus is working on Raw, so expect that sometime this week, then I will get Smackdown up.

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WWE RAW - Monday, April 4, 2005
Location - Anaheim, California

The normal RAW package is displayed across America and other nations, halfway through it is cut-off by the Evolution theme.

Triple H and Ric Flair waltz down to the ring laughing and smiling. Ric Flair strutting down to the ring, both men (eventually) get into the ring after taking a long (long) time getting there. Triple H grabs a mic from Lilian Garcia.

Triple H: “Last night, everyone witnessed a dominating performance by not only, the greatest World Heavyweight Champion ever, but by Evolution as one. I defeated Batista to retain this (points to title) championship, and to top it all off, me and Ric here, did a number on Batista, that he will never (long pause) forget.”

Ric Flair: “Ladies and gentlemen, The Game! (loud heat from the crowd) The greatest, of all-time! Woo! Champ, champ, champ, not only did we, destroy Batista last night, but, we without a shadow of a doubt, ended his career. When I had that figure four locked on and he was screamin‘ like a little girl and you, BAM! Right in the chest with the sledgehammer, I knew, we did it! Woo!”

Triple H: “Natche, calm down, you‘re gonna have a stroke, wouldn‘t want you to end up like good ol‘ J.R. over there would we?”

The King: Um, J.R…I…

Both men laugh as the crowd boos. Triple H goes on making fun of J.R., impressions of speech, facial expressions and whatnot until a certain superstar has had enough.

Chris Jericho’s theme hits.

Jim Ross: King, it’s…it’s Chris Jericho!

The King: Finally someone has stopped this. But that idiot Jericho is just stepping up to get beaten down, he has no chance against Evolution!

Jericho gets into the ring and steps right up to Triple H.

Chris Jericho: “Triple H. You’re writin’ checks your punk-ass can’t cash. (loud pop) So just call me, “Mr. Bank man”, jackass! So why don’t you pick on someone your own size, like maybe a giant anus-clown!”

Triple H: (in a wimpy voice while Flair laughs) “ Ooh, ooh, Ric, hide me Chris is gonna beat me up. Ooh, I‘m scared…”

Jericho gives Triple H a big right hand that floors The Game, and another one to Flair, he whips Flair into the ropes and hit’s a big back drop on The Nature Boy. Triple H scoots out of the ring and brings Flair with him as he is walking up the ramp, another theme hits. Chris Benoit! He has a mic in hand.

Chris Benoit: “Triple H. Last night I saw your attack on Batista, and I’ve viewed many of your other countless assault on people over the years, Foley, Orton, The Rock, The Undertaker, when will it stop? The answer…IS NOW. I am issuing a challenge, you and Flair, versus me, and Chris Jericho!”

The King: “Evolution vs. Jericho and Benoit? What a main event!”

Jim Ross: “What a main event is right!”

-Commercial break-

Val Venis’ music plays and blares throughout the Anaheim Arena. Val Venis makes it about halfway down the ramp before he is attacked by Gene Snitsky.

Jim Ross: “What the hell’s this? Bah gawd, what an assault!”

The King: “Snitsky? He’s not even Val’s opponent.”

Gene Snitsky continues his assault on Val by whipping him into the steel ring steps, slamming his shoulder repeatedly into the turnbuckle post. He throws Val into the ring. Snitsky exit’s the ring and grabs a steel chair, by this point, many referees are attempting to stop Snitsky. Snitsky hits referee Mike Chioda with the steel chair! The rest of the refs run to the outside and try to get him to discontinue his attack. He wraps the steel chair around Val’s back thrice before grabbing a microphone…

Gene Snitsky: (breathing heavily) “Let this be a message to the whole locker room………Gene Snitsky, cannot be beaten! If anyone back there wants to take on…Gene…Snitsky…step up!!! C‘MON! I DON‘T HAVE ALL NIGHT!!!”

Rhyno’s music hits as the man beast charges down to the ring and exchanges right hand with Snitsky…

MATCH ONE: Gene Snitsky def. Rhyno
Late in the match, Rhyno hit the Gore on Snitsky, but no referee. Rhyno attempted to wake the ref, but a hooded man entered the ring, steel chair in hand, the same chair Snitsky destroyed Val with, hits Rhyno in the back and then in the head. Snitsky gets Rhyno up for the pump handle slam for the win. The hooded man jumps over the crowd barrier and exit’s the building as Snitsky is in the ring, confused.

Randy Orton is shown slipping on his knee pads as something stops him. A door slamming. He looks up to see the World Heavyweight Champion standing before him…

Triple H: “Randy, what’s up bro?”

Randy Orton: (slightly lifts chin) “Whaddayou want?”

Triple H: “Hey man, relax, I’m just here to wish you good luck on your match tonight. You know ever since you, turned on Evolution (loud heat) we’ve been doing 10 times better. I was just sure that you’d enjoy knowing that.”

Randy Orton: “Yeah, and Batista kicking the crap outta you guys last week, made it really prove your point.”

Triple H: “Orton, you’re trying to play games with me here, and lemme tell you something. Its not working. No one plays mind games, like The Game. I know you have you’re little #1 contender’s match later on, you and three other guys, but lemme inform you on something, (pushes Orton‘s shoulder) if you win tonight, there’s no way…and I mean…no way, you’re taking this title, from The Game, because I am just that damn good. Let’s get something straight Orton, you’re good, you’re very good. But no where near, great. You see Randy, I am great, I am phenomenal, I am…a legend.”

Randy Orton: “Well, lemme tell (pushes Triple H hard with one hand) YOU something Hunter. When I win tonight’s #1 contender’s match, and when I move onto to Backlash to face you for the World Championship, that, “legend talk” will give me another reason to kick your ass next week,. And then, just then, you will get to learn the three most deadly words in sports today. R-K-O. Now step aside, I have a match to get ready for………kid.” (loud pop)

Jim Ross: “The tag team titles are on the line, next!”

-Commercial Break-

La Resistance makes their way to the ring as the challengers. As their music cuts off Grenier grabs the mic, and as usual begins to sing the French national anthem (poorly) and is again interrupted (surprise, surprise) by the champion’s theme, Tajiri and William Regal who are being accompanied by Eugene who has a sling on his arm, yet continually tries to wave, yet hurts himself. The men meet in the center of the ring. Regal and Conway start the match off.

MATCH TWO: World Tag Team Championship :: William Regal & Tajiri w/ Eugene def. La Resistance
La Resistance hit the Au Revoir on Tajiri but Regal made the save. Eugene kept trying to get involved, but the ref had to keep explaining that he was not in this match. LR took advantage and tried to lay out Regal with a double flag shot, Regal counter. Regal Cutter onto Conway, then a t-bone to Grenier. Conway tried to get up but was hit with the Buzz saw kick for the win, as the champs defended their titles.

The camera cuts backstage to show Christian standing beside his “Problem Solver” Tyson Tomko. Next to them is Maria, the new RAW interviewer. She holds a microphone up to her mouth…

Maria: Christian, tonight, you will face Kane. How do you plan on beating this huge monster?

Christian: Well, Martha…

Maria: It’s Maria.

Christian: Right, sorry, Marge. The real question isn’t how will Captain Charisma beat The Big Red Monster, it’s how will Kane, beat me. You see Christian is the best RAW has to offer, I have the muscles, the talents, the, um, well, looks, and I’m a peep magnet, fans can’t stay off of me. You see people like Kane, are too stupid, and too slow to beat someone of the status of Captain Charisma, Christian.

Jim Ross: Christian-Kane, when we come back!

-Commercial Break-

The match has already started in the ring as it seems that Christian had the advantage?!

MATCH THREE: Kane def. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko
At the start of the match Christian distracted the referee and Tomko when on an assault on Kane. Kane thwarted this attack off as he hit Tomko with a steel chair. Kane dominated from there on out Christian almost got the quick win by grabbing the tights on a roll up, but Kane had enough as he chokeslammed the “C.L.B.” twice in a row followed by the cover for the easy win.

After the match Tomko came into the ring with a steel chair, but was chokeslammed by Kane as he set off the pyro and made his way to the back by a huge round of applause.

Eric Bischoff is talking on the phone

Eric Bischoff: No, I think he’s going to be a great addition to the roster. He’ll be huge! Yes. Glad to do business with you, and tell your client that we is welcome to show up, anytime he pleases…

The door opens and in comes Earl Hebner.

Earl Hebner: Mr. Bischoff! Come quick! Benoit has been attacked!

Eric Bischoff: What? Where? Take me there!!

The two run down numerous hallways and through a door that leads into a parking lot where a distant car is show, with a bloody body next to it. The camera gets closer to see Benoit’s face engulfed in blood, the car driver window is smashed in as the referees and EMTs surround Benoit. He is lifted up on a stretcher. Many superstars are shown in the background…

Eric Bischoff: Who did this?? WHO DID IT? Someone had to have seen what the hell happened!!

All the superstars shrugs their shoulders and motion that they don’t know.

The King: J.R., a vicious assault on the Wolverine.

Jim Ross: King, this is sick!

The King: Who could’ve done this!?

Jim Ross: I think I have an idea..

-Commercial Break-

The camera comes back to a close-up on Shelton Benjamin talking to the sexy Stacy Keibler, both are looking downward, what seems to be Shelton‘s…

Shelton Benjamin: …no, I swear, out of all the guys back there, I got the big one.

The King: The big one?!

Stacy Keibler: Really?

Shelton Benjamin: Psh, no doubt. It doesn’t get much bigger than mines.

Stacy Keibler: I think I’d like to see the “big one” one day.

The King: Oh my…J.R.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah?

Stacy Keibler: Yeah, looks like fun the play with.

Shelton Benjamin: Oh it is. (pulls up hands to reveal a…GAMEBOY?) I got thirteen games for…

Triple H walks in and Stacy Keibler leaves as Shelton asks…

Triple H: Shelton. To be honest. I’m rootin’ for ya tonight, bro.

Shelton: (confused) What..?

Triple H: Yeah man, we had some great matches last year, and seriously I want you, the odds-on favorite, to win this one, and um, if you need help, you know where I’ll be. (winks eye)

Shelton Benjamin: Look man! I don’t need help from anybody! I am Mr. Benjamin and refer to nobody for assistance! So you can take your little head games and get out of my locker room…!

Triple H: Shelton, you just don’t get it do you. I want you, Shelton…in Evolution. (major heat) You are the future of this company, we all know it. (Wraps arm around Shelton) You need to realize that with Evolution, you will have it all, chicks, riches, fame, championships, whatever you’re in wrestling for. You’ll get it…

Shelton Benjamin: Look, Hunter. Apparently, you don’t get it! I am my own man. I will fail on my own, and I will succeed on my own! I’m gonna go out there, by myself tonight. I will wrestle in that match, by myself! And I will win, by…my…self!

Triple H: Yeah, that’s what Orton thought early on in his career, as did Batista. You will come crawling back, just like they did…Don’t forget the offer, it’s on the table… (walks out, leaving Shelton alone, staring at him, thinking apparently)

The King: Shelton! That idiot! He turned down Evolution?!?!

Jim Ross: He did the right thing, King. The number one contender’s match is next! Who will face Triple H, next week for the World Heavyweight Championship? We’ll find out, NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

MATCH FOUR: Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels & Edge

Edge was the first man eliminated as he caught the Sweet Chin Music right in the face and was covered by the HBK. Edge later on returned and screwed Michaels with a Spear as Benjamin got the cover. Near the late minutes of the match. Orton hit the RKO on Shelton, but was hurting after as well. Randy seemed to have the match won with no referee. Triple H runs down to the ring. Pedigree on Orton. Shelton thinks Orton is still down from a double clothesline that happened. Shelton covers for the three count.

Eric Bischoff is shown with a puzzled look on his face as he stares at the RAW Roster in front of him, seeking a replacement for Benoit. Jericho walks in…

Chris Jericho: Look Bitchoff. (loud pop) I need a partner, and quick. So who’s it gonna be?

Eric Bischoff: Well, Chris. I had a partner lined up for you, but since you want to be a smartass about this, you can find your own damn partner!

Chris Jericho: Well, that’s fine, ass-clown, because if worst comes to worst, I will take on those to monkeys known as Evolution. See ya later, jackass (loud pop)

Jericho leaves Bischoff irate in his office.

The King: Who do you think Bischoff’s partner was, J.R.?

Jim Ross: I don’t know, but what I want to know is, who’s Jericho’s partner going to be. Well find out, when we return!

-Commercial Break-

MAIN EVENT: Evolution vs. Chris Jericho and ????

Jericho had to fight Evolution, two-on-one. Jericho dominated throughout most of the match. Triple H had Flair distract the ref as he got a low blow in early on, getting the advantage. Triple H had the edge from there on out, dominating Jericho with spine busters, back drops, suplex of all kinds and such. Near the big finale of the match, HHH had Jericho set up for the Pedigree after Flair was nailed with a Lionsault. The ref is checking on Flair, then out of nowhere. Shelton enters! Super kick! Down goes HHH! Roll up by Y2J. For the win!!!!!

The night closed by a big stare down between Triple H and Flair (in the ring) & Shelton and Jericho (on the ramp) as the announcers tell you to tune in next week.

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Whoa great show man. Nice promo to start off the show, also great to see Rhyno actually used for once. Wonder who attacked him? Christian promo had me cracking up, as did Shelton talking to Stacey. Shelton number one contender!! Glad to see that man. And nice way to end the show, with Shelton helping Y2J win and a nice staredown. Awesome show man, looks like I found a great partner ;) . 9/10

As for Smackdown, it will be up on Tuesday.

EDIT- Actually, since I already had it done, Ill go ahead and post it and you can review both. It will be up in a few minutes.

First I would like to point out a couple trades me and Infamous have pulled off. The Big Show and Kenzo Suziki have been sent to Raw for Chris Masters and Muhammad Hassan. Also going to Raw is Akio for The Hurricane. And lastly, Bubba Ray and D'Von are going to Raw in exchange for La Resistance.

"Rise Up" by Drowning Pool plays and the Smackdown opening video is shown, highlighting all of the top Smackdown superstars. The video ends as the pyro goes off and the crowd begins to go nuts before we go ringside with Tazz and Michael Cole.

Michael Cole- Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to WWE Smackdown, just days removed from Wrestlemania 21!

Tazz- Yeah and Wrestlemania was huge, Cole! JBL is still the WWE Champion!

Michael Cole- Thanks to the Cabinet, but bigger than that, after JBL successfully defended the WWE championship, THE ROCK came out on stage!! What does this mean?

Tazz- Well it cant be anything good! But what does The Rock want? What is purpose? Well we will find out tonight because The Rock will be in the building!

Michael Cole- That will be explosive! I cannot wait for that, also tonight, John Cena will be in the building. John Cena just days ago was screwed out of the WWE Championship. Im sure he isnt happy!

Tazz- Now things are really going to get interesting...

Suddenly "JBL" hits and the fans begin to boo as JBL walks down the ramp, without the Cabinet and without the limo. JBL looks very pissed off and rolls in the ring, before snatching a mic.

JBL- Shut the hell up, the champion has something to say! Big surprise huh? Coming off yet another successful title defense, coming off winning a main event at Wrestlemania.. and all anyone can talk about.. is The Rock! Big surprise. I beat the hell out of John Cena.. and all anyone can talk about is The Rock. The question is, why? Why in the hell do you cheer that man and boo me. Well let me tell you something.. I am about sick and tired of busting my ass for you people, and getting no respect. Let me remind you that while The Rock was off making movies.. I was defending this title and kicking ass since June of 2004, damnit! The Rock is nothing more then a sellout! He told you people to go to hell and yet you cheer him? I have been a champion since June of 2004 damnit! But each and every time I come out here.. you boo me? Im sick and tired of it! You people better start showing me some damn respect around here.. or consider this the end of J-B-L! SHUT THE HELL UP! You know what?? You people can go to hell!

JBL begins to exit the ring before "WORDLIFE" explodes over the PA System as the fans go nuts as John Cena walks to the ring with a classic Michael Jordan jersey on. He rolls in the ring and grabs a mic.

John Cena- Chill..Chill..Chill! JBL.. I aint out here to bust a rhyme on yo' punk ass.. no no.. Im out here.. man to man.. to challenge you to a rematch. Right here tonight! Be a man JBL. But this time JBL.. keep your boys in the back!

JBL- Cena you want a title match here tonight?? Huh? You want a rematch? Huh? Well Cena, my answer.. is YES!!.. Whoa Whoa Whoa.. that is if your question is did you already have your chance. Because you did Cena. Your time has past! Its over!

"Medals" then hits as Kurt Angle walks out on stage to a chorus off boos. He looks at the ring and shakes his head, before pulling out a mic from his back pocket.

Kurt Angle- You gotta be freaking kidding me! Already about 10 minutes into the show and The Rock returning has been mentioned. AND the WWE title match has been mentioned. Not one mention to my match with Shawn Michaels?! That match is going to be up for match of the year.. IM THE ONLY ONE THAT DESERVES A TITLE SHOT!! And I will be damned if..

John Cena- Let me bring something to your attention Kurt... Shawn Michaels kicked your ass at Wrestlemania! The only thing you deserve is a main event on Velocity.

Kurt Angle- Listen up "dawg".. you lost your match at Wrestlemania too.. but atleast the match I lost wont be be up for borefest of the year!

JBL- You know what? Both of you can shut the hell up, because neither of you deserve a shot at this belt!

"Mackmillitant" hits and the fans cheer as Theodore Long steps out on stage with a mic.

Theodore Long- Let me holla' at ya' playas! JBL.. I must correct ya' playa. These two candidates would make fine choices as number one contenders. HOWEVER.. there is another great choice I have in mind as well. So that is why I am making a HUGE WWE Championship match that will take place in two weeks in Reading, Pennsylvania! In which JBL will defend the title in a one on one match. Now who will face JBL? Well we will all find that out next week in Dublin, Ireland. There will be a number one contender's match next week that will feature John Cena vs Kurt Angle.... Vs THE ROCK! And as for tonight.. The Rock will return to the ring when he teams up with John Cena to take on JBL and Kurt Angle! Holla.. Holla.. Holla!

"Mackmillitant" rehits as we go to commercial break as John Cena, Kurt Angle and JBL all argue.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole- Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen and what a pair of announcements by General Manager, Theodore Long! Next week, John Cena, Kurt Angle, And The Rock will do battle to determine the number one contender!

Tazz- And what about tonight's main event? We will see the in ring return of The Rock, as he teams with John Cena to take on Kurt Angle and JBL! What a huge rocketbuster that is!

Michael Cole- I cant wait! The Rock.. back in action!! But earlier today, Smackdown's newest superstar, Maven sat down with Josh Matthews.

The titantron then flickers and Maven is shown sitting in a chair, across from Josh Matthews who is also in a chair.

Josh Matthews- Maven.. you requested this interview time.. But I just have to ask you. I have known you for a long time due to "Tough Enough." You were one of the most respectible individuals and best friends I have known. I just have to ask you man to man, friend to friend. What in the hell happened to you?

maVen- Josh.. I am going to be straight with you. In the past few months.. Well I have been a complete jackass. And I am sure everyone wants to know why...

Josh Matthews- Well I for one, would love some answers.

maVen- Well Josh.. as you know my contract with Raw ran up at Wrestlemania. A few months before.. I approached Eric Bischoff about an extension and he told me the only way he would resign me was that if I changed my whole attitude. He told me that it was time to forget the fans.. to turn my back on them. Well regretfully.. I did. But I asked for this time to tell the fans, that it wont happen again. maVen is back! maVen is back for the fans!

Josh Matthews- Well that is good to here Maven, good luck with your new career here on Smackdown.

maVen- Thanks man.

We return to the ring where Rene Dupree is in the ring ready for his match. "Tough Enough"explodes over the PA System and Maven sprints out on stage and plays to the cheering crowd. Maven takes in the cheers and walks to the ring. He rolls in and taunts on the turnbuckle, before Dupree jumps him.

Rene Dupree vs maVen

The Finish- Decent matchup, 5 minutes in.. Dupree sets up Maven for a suplex but Maven blocks it and gives him a snap suplex. Maven climbs to the top rope as Dupree rises to his feet. Maven then jumps off and executes a bulldog. Maven then covers to get the 3 count.

Winner- maVen

Michael Cole- What a win for Maven! Maven appears to be back on track, Tazz!

Tazz- And he is now property of Smackdown!

Commercial Break

Michael Cole- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and as it has been reported.. there have been a couple trades between Raw and Smackdown.

Tazz- That's true Cole, Smackdown has sent The Big Show and Kenzo Suziki to Raw.. and will bring in Chris "Masterpeice" Masters and Muhammed Hassan. Now Smackdown will certainly miss The Big Show, but we have brought in youth. We have got two superstars with great potential. However they could use some attitude adjustments.

Michael Cole- That is a great point Tazz. Also, the Dudleys have been traded for Tyson Tomko, and Las Resistance. And lets not forget Akio for The Hurricane!

"MasterPiece" begins playing as Chris Masters stands at the top of the ramp. He has his robe ontop of him and then slings it off and flexes as pyro comes down. He then walks to the ring, showing off his body. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Chris Masters- After two weeks.. of destroying whatever piece of garbage, Raw would throw at me.. they traded me to Smackdown. Well congratulations Smackdown.. you have acquired a work of art! Smackdown has acquired.. a MASTERPIECE!

Masters begins to flex before "Hardcore" hits and Hardcore Holly storms to the ring. He gets in and snatches the mic.

Hardcore Holly- Now I have made it known, that I dont like rookies. And I dont appreciate you coming down here and acting like you own the place! So if you want a fight.. well punk, you got one!

Holly then nails Masters with the mic to a pop and starts punching him as the bell rings.
Chris Masters vs Hardcore Holly

The Finish- Holly had the advantage for about a minute but Masters' power took over. Masters hit some beautiful powermoves and ends it with the Full Nelson.

Winner- Chris Masters

Michael Cole- Wow. What an impressive win for Chris Masters!

Tazz- I think this kid may be for real Cole! This kid is impressive!

Chris Masters is flexing and celebrating his win when he then looks down at Holly. He then begins to stomp him and locks him back in the Full Nelson. Charlie Haas then sprints to the ring and jumps in as Masters rolls out. He backs up the ramp taunting Haas.

Commercial Break

We return as Theodore Long is in his office. He is filing some papers when reporter Gregory Helms walks in.

Gregory Helms- Citizen Long I am Ace Reporter Gregory Helms. May I ask you a few questions?

Theodore Long- Actually, I am very busy and..

Gregory Helms- Ok great! Firstly, is it true that you traded for Hurricane Helms because he is the best cruiserweight in the world today?

Theodore Long- Listen Hurricane..

Gregory Helms- Ahem..

Theodore Long- My Bad Playa'. Gregory.. you tell Hurricane, that I traded for him because he has tremendous talent and I think he can be one of the top cruiserweights on Smackdown. Also tell him that later tonight, he will take on Chavo Guerrero playa'. Believe that! I would also like to take this time to make an announcement. At Wrestlemania 21.. Randy Orton brutally assaulted The Undertaker during and after their match. The Undertaker had severe concussions and although he wants to be back.. I have told him to stay at home for awhile. Now I know you people wont like the decision but he just isnt cleared right now.. and I dont want him to get hurt even worse and have to retire. Now Undertaker will be back soon, so dont you worry. Thank you.

We then return to the ring before "If Ya Smellll" blasts over the PA System as the crowd goes INSANE and after a few moments, The Rock walks out on stage and down the ramp in a black vest, and black leather pants with sunglasses, his classic attire. He climbs in the ring and taunts on the turnbuckle. He grabs a mic and trys to speak but is cut off by "Rocky" chants.

The Rock- Finally.. The Rock has COME BACK!.. to CHICAGO! And Finally.. The Rock.. has come back to the WWE! But this time.. The Rock is back for good! You people didnt hear The Rock? The Rock is back! Jabronies in the back, The Rock is back for good. J-B-L.. The Rock is back for good! JBL you come out talking about how the people should show you some respect. JBL.. do you want to know why the people boo you? Well The Rock will gladly tell you why.. You straight up SUCK! And the fact of the matter is, these people dont give two quirts of monkey piss if they see "The End of JBL on Smackdown". Now The People.. the people love The Rock. So JBL, you want a little tip to get the people on your side? Hey, The Rock is a nice guy, he will tell ya' a tip. If you want the people to cheer you.. then JBL.. its real simple.. DONT SUCK ASS! JBL, I have sat back and watched you as champion for awhile now. And The Rock has noticed.. you need the Cabinet in almost every title defense! Well JBL.. the Cabinet can simply NOT take down The Rock! Here is what I am going to do Johnny. Tonight, I am going to whoop your candy ass all over Chicago! Then next week, The Rock is going to walk out of Smackdown as the official number one contender.. and then the week after that, The Rock is going to take your title, ONCE AND FOR ALL! IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLALALALLALALOW... WHAT THE ROCK.. IS COOKIN'!

The Rock drops the mic and then jumps up on the turnbuckle and taunts the cheering crowd as we fade to commercial.

Commercial Break

We return as Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero are in their lockerroom.

Rey Mysterio- Man, we tore the roof of at Mania' Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero- Tell me about it Esse'! That match probably stole the show, Holmes.

Rey Mysterio- And Im glad you aren't mad that I cam out with the victory..

Eddie Guerrero- .......

Rey Mysterio- You.. arent mad..are you?

Eddie Guerrero- Mad?! Why would I be mad? We are partners essa! We are like Famila!

Rey Mysterio- Ok, great. And I wanted to let you know, because of the win.. next week, I am facing Orlando Jordan for the United States Championship! Isnt that great?

Eddie Guerrero- Yeah.. man.. thats.. thats great. But I uh.. I uh.. have to go do something.

Eddie then leaves the lockerroom as Rey looks on puzzled and then shrugs his shoulders.

Michael Cole- What was that about?

Tazz- I dont know.. but that was a weird situation if you ask me!

"Arabic Screaming" begins playing as Muhammed Hassan makes his way to the ring to major heat. He climbs in the ring and takes a mic.

Muhammad Hassan- You people, should shutup and listen to what I have to say! Typical Americans.. rude, crude, and disrespectful! After a couple of months of destroying the Raw roster.. they shipped me to Smackdown! Why? Its probably because, they are intimidated by a successful Arab. But you know what? Typical American! But now.. Im just going to have destroy everyone in my path here on Smackdown and I will...

"Can You Dig It..SUCKA?!" interupts Hassan as Booker walks out on stage in track pants and a Smackdown shirt to a nice pop.

Booker T.- Oh my GOD! Tell me that Smackdown didnt just acquire this punk ass! Muhammad.. you looking for a fight? Well Im going to have to show you what Smackdown is all about Sucka!

Booker then takes off his shirt and begins running to the ring!

Michael Cole- Yeah! Get him Booker! Teach him a little lesson about respect!

Tazz- This is about to get interesting Cole.. I hope Booker kicks this kids ass!

Booker rolls in and Hassan goes to clothesline him, but Booker ducks and then superkicks him!

Booker T. vs Muhammad Hassan

The Finish- Match has been back and forth with neither man pulling away.Booker goes for the Scissors Kick but Hassan hits a low blow. The ref then gets knocked down and Hassan gets a chair. He then begins to destroy Booker with the chair with multiple shots to the head/neck/back. Hassan throws out the chair as the ref begins to get up. Hassan then locks Booker in the Camel Clutch. Book is knocked out cold so the ref calls for the bell.

Winner- Muhammad Hassan

Michael Cole- Damnit! This just isnt fair! Booker is hurt Tazz! Booker is hurt! And its all that damn Hassan's fault!

Tazz- Is anybody happy to see this guy on Smackdown?! I know Im sure not. This guy is a punk and he deserves whats coming to him!

Commercial Break

Michael Cole- Welcome back folks, and during the break, Booker T. was carried off on a stretcher thanks to Muhammad Hassan.

Tazz- And thanks to a steel chair! Dont forget that Cole!

We then go backstage where JBL, Orlando Jordan, and Doug Basham are. There is no sign of Danny however.

Doug Basham- Yeah.. Danny pulled his groin last week.. but he will be back soon. And dont worry, I still got your back!

Orlando Jordan- Yeah but champ.. you need to worry about your match tonight. Get focused.. are you ready?

JBL- Am I ready? Hell Yeah I am ready. "The People" are about to see John Bradshaw Layfield destroy The Rock! Haha.. and after tonight.. The Rock wont even make it to next week's match. You guys got my back though right?

Theodore Long then steps in.

Theodore Long- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Let me holla' at ya playas'! Tonight.. The Cabinet is barred from ringside! Believe that!

After his short message, Theodore walks off laughing as JBL looks on, pissed.

The screen the switches to a lockerroom where Rene Dupree is packing up his bag. Sylvain Grenier and Robert Conway then walk in.

Sylvain Grenier- Rene.. La Resistance is on the same show again!

Robert Conway- That is true. The trio is back together.

Rene Dupree- You know what.. Im glad to see you guys. La Resistance will rule once again!

The three laugh as we return to the ring.

Michael Cole- Well... that is interesting.

Tazz- La Resistance a trio again! Congratulations to them Cole.

"Ohh Chavo" hits and the fans begin to boo as the former cruiserweight champion struts to the ring.He gets in before "Stand Back.." hits and The Hurricane jumps on stage and walks down the ramp to a big pop.

Chavo Guerrero vs Hurricane Helms

The Finish- Great cruiserweight action with tons of high spots. Chavo goes for the Brainbuster, but its blocked. Hurricane then hits the shining wizard. He then delivers a rarely seen chokeslam to get the victory!

Winner- The Hurricane

Michael Cole- What a way to kick off his new career on Smackdown by beating the man that was cruiserweight champion just 4 days ago! Congratulations Hurricane!

Tazz- Great win, great match. You know what Cole? This means all the acquisitions from Raw are 3 and 0 tonight!

Michael Cole- Thats a great point Tazz! Chris Masters, Muhammad Hassan and The Hurricane have all won their matches!

Tazz- But its main event time! The Rock will team with John Cena to take on JBL and Kurt Angle! What a match this is going to be!

Michael Cole- And its next!

Commercial Break

We return as "Medals" hits and Kurt Angle walks out on the ramp to major heat. He ignores the "you suck" chants and rolls in the ring before taunting. "JBL" hits and JBL walks out on stage by himself, thanks to Teddy Long. JBL just shakes his head at the boos and continues to the ring. JBL gets in the ring and he and Angle go face to face. The two talk trash before "Wordlife" hits and John Cena walks down the ramp to a huge pop. Cena gets in the ring and Angle and JBL jump him and begin to double team him. "If Ya Smell.." hits and The Rock comes running down the ramp to a huge pop. He rolls in and begins fighting off JBL and Angle as the bell rings.

Kurt Angle/JBL vs John Cena/ The Rock

The Finish- Great tag action so far with both teams going back and forth. Match turns into an all out brawl as Angle and The Rock battle on the outside and Cena and JBL battle in the ring. JBL goes for the Clothesline From Hell, but misses and gets hit with the F-U!! Cena covers..1..2..3!! Cena pinned the champion!

Michael Cole- Cena has pinned the champion! Cena has pinned JBL!

Tazz- But its a little to late, Cole.. this isnt Wrestlemania.

Cena celebrates in the ring and The Rock rolls in and celebrates with him to a big pop. Angle gets a chair and rolls in, without the two noticing. Cena turns around and gets nailed with a VISCIOUS Chair Shot.Angle then hits The Rock in the knee with the chair and plants him in the face with a chair shot. JBL rises to his feet and looks at Angle and smirks. JBL then begins putting the boots to Rock. Suddenly,Angle grabs JBL and nails an ANGLE SLAM!! Angle celebrates in the ring while Cena, The Rock, and JBL are all outcold around him. Angle stands tall!

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- Excellent opening promo, setting up the main event
- The hooded man.....hmmmmmmm....does this guy read poems by anychance??
- Orton - HHH showdown, I sense Orton re-joining Evolution.
- Benoit gets attacked. I'm not sure at all who did it, but it should be interesting to find out.
- Christian promo gets an A* from me. That promo had me in fits of laughter. Absolutely brilliant. Pity he got squashed though after.
- Shelton Benjamin - Stacey skit was totally spot on. Really good comedy.
- OMFG Benjamin is the #1 Contender????? That is fantastic. Big time win for Shelton, beating three of Raw's top stars, and he looks like he's on the verge of a major push.
- Benjamin helps Jericho beat Hunter!!! I like this, right away. Hope we get a real good build up for the title match at Backlash.
- No Batista, despite taking part in the Main Event of WM?? Weird, but the only bad point of the whole show. 9/10.

- Opening promo was brilliantly done, you've got the JBL promo's down to a fine art......and did I hear Dublin, Ireland being mentioned!!!??? Brilliant!!!
- Maven back as a boring face?? meh. I'm not a huge Maven fan, BUT, I like the fact you are going to be trying to make a new star. I'll be open minded on this.
- Some good trades made by the looks of things, at least La Resistance can try and hog a different tag title now, lol.
- Rock promo was exceptional. For one of your first shows, I'm mightily impressed so far.
- LOL @ Hurricane. Great promo with Long.
- Oooooooooooooooohhhh Eddie's turning heel, right?? Gonna love an Eddie - Rey feud.
- Masters and Hassan get wins...I was right about you wanting to create new stars. Hopefully they'll learn how to wrestle too. (And maybe give them better finishers)
- Sniffs the air....smells a Fatal Four Way for the WWE Title coming up at some point. Looked like a good main event, with Cena getting some of his heat back from the loss @ WM.
- Not many bad points, but maybe a little too much midcard focus this week, gets a 9/10.

- An unbeleiveable set of opening shows to this thread. IMO, the best two opening shows to a thread in BTB history. Please keep this thread going for as long as possible, because this is gonna be great.

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RAW- Opening segment was well done but I wasn't sure why Jericho and Benoit interupted Evolution. The idea for a tag match was good though.

The Orton Triple H interaction was good and hopefully something comes of this.

Benoit getting attacked was a nice touch and hopefully a good storyline comes from this.

The Christian promo was superb and you seem to have him down well.

The use of Shelton Benjamin was excellent and his push got a tremendous start.


Smackdown- Opening promo was excellent and sets up well for the few weeks in regards to the WWE title picture

Maven interview was alright but I would like to see a storyline where he tries to earn back the respect of the fans type thing

Rock and Hurricane segments were well done and went nicely back to back

Hassan talking before his match came across well and it was nice to see him pull the upset

Main event and aftermath was good but I have no idea who will win next week. I could see Cena winning and Angle and Rock breaking off into a fued or the same could be said for the Rock winning the match. A fatal fourway is also a distinct possibility.


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Heat Results:
Gene Snitsky def. Stevie Richards
Dudley Boyz def. 3MW (Can you say return?) - Un-aired, dark match
Val Venis def. Steve Corino
Victoria def. Trish (non-title)
Tajiri def. Akio


WWE RAW - Monday, April 11, 2005
Location - Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena

The RAW Package is shown as “Across the Nation” by Union Underground plays throughout the arena. The video comes to a close, Jim Ross and King are shown at their normal announce table…

Jim Ross- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to RAW, live from Sacramento, California in the ARCO arena and if you don’t normally watch RAW, what a night you’ve chosen to tune-in because he have a fully loaded line-up here tonight!

The King- That’s right, J.R. we have plenty of explosive matches to bring to you here from RAW…
Tonight, in an open invitation, the Dudley Boyz, make their return to RAW to face any opposing tag team! Ooh, the Dudleys back on RAW J.R.? Time to get the tables…

Jim Ross- And there’s more, Shelton Benjamin will face Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H offered Shelton a shot in Evolution last week and he rejected, then Hunter helped Shelton get this shot, but Shelton might has well through the opportunity out the window after he cost Triple H his match last week. I wouldn’t wanna get in The Game’s way…

The King- Ooh, be sure to stay glued to your TV for this one, two smokin’ hot divas go one-on-one for the Women’s Championship, Victoria will challenge Trish, for a shot at the title…

Jim Ross- And the main event, in a ladder match, Edge will take on “The Showstopper“, Shawn Michaels. Last week Edge snatched the opportunity to become World Champion away from Shawn and the HBK has promised his revenge…

The King- The winner is crowned when the first wrestler to ascend the ladder and grab the briefcase full of $10,000…

“Drop The Bombshell” plays through the speakers as the Dudley Boyz return to RAW to a huge ovation from the Sacramento crowd. They quickly get into the ring and pose on the turnbuckles with the 3D hand signals.

Their opponents are already in the ring, two wrestlers named Joey Matthews and Christian York. The Dudleys waste no time getting this thing started…

MATCH ONE: Dudley Boyz vs. Joey Matthews and Christian York
A one way match as expected, The Dudleyz tagged in and out as did the other team. Bubba ended the match with a Bubba-Bomb, followed by the “WAZZZAH!” to the crowd pleasure. They knocked York off the apron and nailed the 3-D as the crowd screamed “3D!!!” at the same time. The 3-D was landed on Matthews as Bubba hook the outside leg with one arm for the easy win, and a nice return, starting off with a one in the W column.

It shows a locker room with Christian and Tomko. Christian looks to by psyching Tyson up.

Christian- Alright, listen, Tyson. Tonight, you’re gonna go out there, and beat that hateful son-of-a-bitch, Chris Jericho and take that title away from him!

Tyson Tomko- Look, Christian, don’t worry, I’ll take him out, no problem.

Christian- Well good. If it’s no problem, you should have no problem solving it. And if for some reason, you can’t beat Chris Jericho, tonight…you’ll pay the price…

Christian walks away

Tyson Tomko- What’s with him tonight?

Jim Ross- The Intercontinental Championship is on the line, NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

“Cold” by Crossfade hit’s the PA system as Tyson Tomko enters the arena, no Christian…he enters the ring with no taunting and awaits the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion., Chris Jericho…

“Break The Walls” blares as Chris Jericho, title wrapped around his waist, walks down to the ring as usual. He faces the crowd on the apron. Tomko take advantage of this and nails him off, the match gets started…

MATCH TWO: Intercontinental Championship :: Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Jericho
Tomko had most of the match locked down, beating Jericho with many power moves such as: scoop slams, powerslams, choke slams, etc. Jericho had the Walls of Jericho locked on, but Tomko escape. Christian came down to the ring in the later of the match but was knocked off by Jericho. Jericho hit the Lionsault for the win.

After the match, Christian stood over the downed Tomko. Christian began laying the boots in on Tomko?! He went on a savage assault. Then the hooded man, who attack Rhyno last week came through the crowd and both men double teamed Tomko for minutes! The hooded man nailed a version of the Test-drive on Tomko and then revealed himself…to be Matt Morgan???

Christian grabs the mic and he looks down on the bloodied and unconscious Tomko…

Christian- Tyson. You are lucky, this match will not go down as a defeat for you, because as of last week. I have sold your contract to Smackdown! In return for…Malice!

Jim Ross- Malice?

The King- Is that this monster’s name?

Christian- Malice is by far more powerful than you’ll ever be, any the last thing I need is some weak link, posing as my “Problem Solver”, when in reality, you were my problem all along…so Tyson………PROBLEM SOLVED!

Christian and Malice leave to the sound of Christian’s theme as both men have sick smirks on their face, admiring their work…

Jim Ross- Matt Morgan in exchange for Tomko?! Bah gawd!

The King- J.R., Christian just did perhaps the smartest thing of the year, he traded Tomko for an even bigger monster, then destroyed the, as Christian put it, “weak-link” Captain Charisma is a genius J.R.!

The camera zooms in on Tomko’s bloody face

Jim Ross- This is sick…

-Commercial Break-

Evolution is shown in their locker room as Ric Flair ties his robe, getting prepared for his match-up…

Triple H- Yo, Ric. You ready for tonight?

Ric Flair- Yeah, always, champ, why, what’s goin’-?

Triple H- Look Flair, I gotta tell ya man. Regal, he’s a tough guy, you sure you can take him? I mean, you’re not as tough as you used to be…

Ric Flair- Not as tough as I used to be? Where you getting’ at champ?

Triple H- Ric, lighten up, I just to make sure that you aren’t getting yourself into too much, because frankly, Regal can’t win a match by himself (loud heat) everyone knows it, as a single’s wrestler, he had to use brass knuckles, and now he needs Tajiri or Eugene with him. So, I just think that maybe, I should come out with you tonight…

Ric Flair- Trips, I can’t thank you enough, and I gotta say, I’m flattered that you’re lookin’ out for me, but, I think I need to do this alone.

Triple H- Alright Natche, your choice, I’ll stay out. Go get em.

Ric Flair walks out leaving Triple H smiling.

Triple H- You got it Ric…whatever you say. (chuckles)

“Don‘t Mess With” fills the arena with cheers as the Number One contender for the Women’s Title makes her way to the ring. She gets into the ring and poses on all four turnbuckle posts and taunts in the ring…

“Time To Rock and Roll” switches the cheers to jeers and chants of “VIC-TOR-IA” to “TRISH-THE-SLUT” and other vulgar chants. Trish gets right into the ring and begins the assault on her opposer…

MATCH THREE: Women’s Championship :: Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
A surprisingly great match for the diva wrestlers. Back and forth action, never knew who would win, or when it would end. Trish, on the late end of the contest, hit Victoria with the Chick Kick, but Victoria kicked out! Victoria attempted the Widow’s Peak, but Trish reversed and hit Victoria with the Stratusfaction for the victory.

After the match Trish grabbed the mic and demanded she get some respect from the crowd, since she holds the record for most Women’s Championship reigns, and that they stop chanting “slut” at her. They responded with a giant “SLUT” chant. She said Victoria was the real slut and hit her in the head with the belt when she rose from the “Stratusfaction” earlier on.

“Disco Inferno” by 50 Cent plays faintly in the background as it shows Shelton Benjamin in his locker room getting ready for his match, which is next, when just then Jericho walks into the room.

Chris Jericho- Hey man. I know we haven’t always been the best of friends, but, uh, I just wanted to…thank you for last week. I appreciate the help and I wanna let you know, I got your back tonight in your match versus Triple H…

Shelton Benjamin- Thanks man. But I don’t think I’ll need the help. I got that chump Triple H scouted. (Shelton points over to a stack of tapes with numerous labels such as “HHH vs. Austin - 1999”, etc.)

Shelton walks away with Jericho, talking

Jim Ross- Flair and Regal will lock it up, when we get back!

-Commercial Break-

MATCH FOUR: Ric Flair vs. William Regal
This was definitely the best match of the last so far. The technical abilities of both men electrified both the live crowd and everyone watching at home or wherever they were. The finale of the match was great as Regal reversed the Figure Four with the Regal Stretch. Ric Flair got the ropes. Flair hit a low-blow and attempted to roll up Regal, but he reversed it with a roll up of his own for the victory!

The King- Ladies and gentlemen what I great match we’ve just witnessed, but after this commercial break, J.R. will be in that ring with “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, and no, not for a match, but an interview. Stay tuned!

-Commercial Break-

The camera shows two chair set up in the ring, with J.R. in the middle of both with a microphone in his hand…

Jim Ross- Ladies and gentlemen, in the past few weeks, this man has had a drastic change of heart. Once a fan favorite…he brutally attacked the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXI, and I have been sent out to ask him a few questions about that, and some other subjects. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…Randy Orton. (minor heat)

“Burn In My Light” by Mercy Drive plays as the crowd is heard with some cheers, but mostly light heat for the “Legend Killer”. Orton wastes no time getting into the ring and shaking J.R.’s hand before taking a seat.

Jim Ross- Thank you for being here, Randy. I just have a few questions for you.

Randy Orton- Glad to be here, J.R.

Jim Ross- Alright, Randy. Eight days ago, you brutally assaulted one of the great legends of the WWE, The Undertaker in a vicious manner. Why? Why would you do this?

Randy Orton- Well, J.R. I think you’re getting a little old, man. You just answered your own question. He is a legend. Its as simple as that. I have destroyed ever legend I have come in contact with, Mick Foley, Harley Race, Moolah, Mae Young, and now Taker…you see J.R., these “legends” don’t belong in the WWE, they’re nothing but washed-up, old, rusty, has-beens! Randy Orton is the new age of wrestling! I deserve this, not them, they had their time, and now it’s mine!

Jim Ross- Well, Randy…

Randy Orton- Call me……Mr. Orton. (heat)

Jim Ross- Mr. Orton, by losing the number one Contendership match last week, how do you plan on getting back into the title hunt?

Randy Orton- Jim, let me answer your question, with one of my own. How can I not be in the title picture? I am the Legend Killer. I am the greatest World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion of all time! If Eric Bischoff is not considering me for a future title shot, he is even dumber than I thought!

Jim Ross- Now come on now! You’re saying you are better than Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, Ric Flair, Harley Race and all the other greats in wrestling?

Randy Orton- J.R., they are all legends, once again, they have no right to be compared with the great caliber of R-K-O…Randy…Kenneth…Orton…

Jim Ross- We-…

Randy Orton- Hold on a minute J.R. You’re considered a great announcer right? Maybe, one of the best?…

Jim Ross- Well, I guess some people would say that.

Randy Orton- As a matter of fact, I think you are the greatest. Perhaps, maybe even a…legend.

The King- Oh no…J.R. you better get outta there!

Randy Orton gets closer to J.R. every word until he is closing in on him, he is trapped in the corner. He ends with this…:

Randy Orton- Time for another legend, to suffer the three most devastating letters in the world today. R…K…

Orton is cut off by the lights shutting off.

A gong is heard. The crowd explodes! COULD IT BE?!?! Minimal lighting is turned on, Orton backs away from J.R., Jim Ross gets out of the ring as quickly as possible. The ring begins to fill up with fog as Orton has a horrified look on his face as he exit’s the ring quickly and sprints back to the backstage area.

-Commercial Break-

The camera is showing Shelton Benjamin walking through the hallways, from his locker room, very smirk look on his face. Getting love and handshakes from all the superstars he passes, and a few kisses on the cheek from a couple divas…it then has an arena shot where “Ain‘t No Stoppin‘ Me” plays as Shelton Benjamin comes through the curtains and down to the ring, very energetic as usual…

The camera is showing Triple H walking through the hallways, from his locker room, followed by Ric Flair, very intense look on his face. Getting no love or encouragement from any of the superstars he passes…it does the same thing as it did with Shelton, but this time “Time To Play The Game” by Motorhead plays, to a round of boos from the audience…Triple H takes a while to get into the ring,, but when he does, him and Benjamin have a long stare down, before getting into the match with a grapple…

MATCH FIVE: World Heavyweight Championship :: Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H
The end of the match was an exciting one. Triple H goes for a Pedigree. Back drop from Shelton. HHH rises fast to catch a super kick in mid-play. He spins Shelton, ducks the dragon whip. Another Pedigree attempt, a wrist lock into a T-Bone by Shelton, Triple H spins out of it. One more Pedigree attempt. Shelton spins out of it, catches the T-Bone of Triple H!!!!!!!!!
3!!!!!!!! NEW CHAMPION!

The crowd explodes as the ref’s hand hit’s the mat for the third time to crown a new champion! Shelton quickly scuffles out of the ring as Flair slides in from ringside. Shelton walks backwards from the ring, facing it. Triple H, up to a knee stares down Shelton…

-Commercial Break-

MAIN EVENT: Ladder Match :: Edge vs. Shawn Michaels
This was the match of the night, maybe even of the year. Brutality at its most, the men used everything they could to beat the other wrestler to a bloody pulp. They both succeeded. At the end of the match both men were bloodied, battered, and ouit of energy, one punch could win it, but somehow HBK pulled out a Sweet Chin Music and headed up the ladder, he was in position to grab the briefcase. He sees Edge at the bottom, he jumps for the elbow, he misses it. Both men still down. Both men get up at the same time, ascending the ladder at the same time. HBK is almost there. Edge jumps down and ascends the top rope. SPEAR OFF THE TOP ROPE ONTO MICHAELS!!! Shawn Michaels had the briefcase! MICHAELS WINS!! Edge looks up and sees this and is irate he begins to assault HBK with the ladder. Edge continues his assault until the camera is forced to fade…

-End of Show-

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All I can say is Wow. Another amazing show. Nice way to kick off the Dudley's on Raw. Christian and Matt "Malice" Morgan was a great idea, should be interesting. Triple H and Ric Flair promo was interesting.. face turn for Flair perhaps? Further looks like it, Im sure Trips will be upset that Flair lost.Orton promo was awesome, about to attack JR and then the Gong is heard! It was great.. and I will just act like I dont know where that is going ;) ... SHELTON AS CHAMPION!SHELTON AS CHAMPION! Even tho, you told me like an hour ago, Im Still ESTATIC! Main event was great as well, nice way to end it with the spear from the top rope towards the ladder, but Michaels hanging on to the briefcase. Awesome show, Batista is still feeling the effects from the Flair/Trips attack at Mania' but still an amazing show. 9.5/10

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Velocity Recap

La Resistance beat two jobbers
Shannon Moore beat Nunzio
Paul London retained the Cruiserweight Championship by beating Scotty 2 Hotty.

"Step Up" begins to play as the Smackdown opening video is shown, highlighting all of the top Smackdown superstars. The video ends and pyro goes off as we are live in Dublin, Ireland.

Michael Cole- Ladies and gentlemen.. welcome to WWE Smackdown! What a night this is going to be! Tonight, Rey Mysterio will challenge Orlando Jordan for the United States Championship!

Tazz- That will be huge but that's not all. Tonight in a triple threat match, The Rock, John Cena, and Kurt Agle will do battle to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship!

Michael Cole- Wow.. what a main event! What a night this is going to be live in Ireland!

"Medals" then hits as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to major heat in the Team Angle jumpsuit that he used to wear. He jumps in the ring and grabs a mic.

Kurt Angle- First off.. I want to send out a messege to the boys in the back. Since my alumni's Mark Jindrak and Luther Reign's tag team fell through.. In the next few weeks I will be looking for a tag team to become a part of Team Angle. This is a once in a lifetime chance so boys.. start impressing me! Now moving on.. last week I left John Cena, The Rock and the WWE Champion, JBL in a heap in this ring. I proved that I can take out any of the "top competition" on Smackdown..anyday of the week! They proved to me that they are no competition! Kurt Angle is going to be on top of the mountain once again. Oh its true! Tonight..

"Wordlife" explodes over the PA System as John Cena walks out on stage with a mic in hand and an Ireland football jersey on (Soccer).

John Cena- Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Dublin, Ireland.. is my chain gang up in here?! I said.. is my chain gang up in here?! Kurt Angle.. I hear you come out here, spittin' your gums about how you destroyed everyone last week.. well Kurt.. maybe thats because you attacked me from behind! But tonight, you going to have to do it face..to face. And...

Kurt Angle- Hey "homie" let me "break it down for ya". Tonight.. in this ring.. Im on a mission. And you know what that mission is? To walk out as the number one contender for the WWE title. And if you get in the way of that "dawg".. Im going to break your freaking ankle! Oh its true.

John Cena- Is that so Kurt? Well you claim to be on a mission.. but you see.. John Cena is on a mission as well. Im on a mission to get a little payback from JBL. Im on a mission to get my rematch with JBL. And I have to get through you and The Rock to do it. And the fact is.. tonight, IM WALKING OUT as the number one contender. And that, is true. WORDLIFE!!

Cena does his trademark taunt and then throws the mic down as his music rehits and Angle has a fit in the ring.

We then go backstage where Tyson Tomko is shown in his new lockerroom. He is sitting on a bench, bandaged up, and not looking happy.

Tyson Tomko- That damn Christian. He is going to get whats coming to him. Somehow, Someway he is going to pay, DAMNIT!

Tyson then gets up and punches a whole through the wall!

Commercial Break

Michael Cole- Welcome back folks, and the newly acquired Tyson Tomko does not look to be in a good mood.

Tazz- Well unfortunately he is in no condition to fight tonight, but I cant wait to see this kid focus his anger towards the ring!

"Tough Enough" hits and Maven comes prancing out on stage to a nice pop. He then sprints to the ring and rolls in where Chavo Guerrero awaits him. Chavo begins to put the boots to Maven as the bell rings.

Maven vs Chavo Guerrero

The Finish- Back and forth match with no clear cut winner. Maven eventually wins it with a botched bulldogg from the top rope.

Winner- Maven

Maven celebrates before we go backstage where Paul London is talking to a few backstage workers. He is then approached by Ace Reporter, Gregory Helms.

Gregory Helms- Citizen London, I am ACE Reporter Gregory Helms, Can I ask you a couple of questions.

Paul London- Uh.. Yeah sure I guess. Whats up Hurricane?

Gregory Helms- Hahahaha, you are silly Paul. Im ACE reporter Gregory Helms. You think Im The Hurricane?? WASUPWITDAT?!

Paul London- My bad?...

Gregory Helms- Yes it is your bad. Now moving on. Citizen London, you are the cruiserweight champion. Who do you think you're biggest competition on Smackdown is?

Paul London- Well that is tough.. I would say..

Gregory Helms- The Hurricane? Yeah thats what I thought. This is Gregory Helms signing off.

Paul London- But I didnt..

Gregory Helms- Signing off!

London tries to protest and just shakes his head as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

We return as a black H2 Hummer Truck pulls up in the parking lot. It comes to a hault and the door opens up to reveal.. THE ROCK. The Rock steps out to a huge pop and begins walking when Josh Matthews runs to him.

Josh Matthews- Rocky! Rocky! Can I get an interview in?

The Rock- Rocky! Rocky! Damn Joey, when are you going to hit puberty? You should have hit it at least 3 weeks ago! Now make it fast, The Rock is busy.

Josh Matthews- Actually, its Josh..

The Rock- What did you just say? Takes off sunglasses Did you just correct The Rock?? No I know you did. But I didnt quite understand you.. what is your name?

Josh Matthews- J..

The Rock- It Doesnt Matter What Your Name Is! Let The Rock guess.. you want my thoughts on tonight's main event is The Rock correct? Of course he is. Well let The Rock give you his thoughts. Tonight The Rock is going to walk out of Dublin Ireland as the number one contender.

The Rock then pushes Matthews aside and precedes on his way as Matthews looks on, knowinghis work of getting an interview was for nothing.

Tazz- Well Cole, do you miss the days when you had to interview The Rock?

Michael Cole- I sure dont! Poor Josh Matthews, I feel his pain.

We go backstage where Teddy Long is shown in his office.

Theodore Long- Ladies and gentlemen of Dublin, Ireland, are you enjoying the show playa's? Haha. Thought so. I would like to announce that JBL has been given the night off by me due to his title defense next week. Plus, I did not want him messing up tonight's main event. This will also keep his nose out of the United States Championship match. And Basham's dont think I forgot about you, you are barred from ringside. I would also like to announce that Booker T. will be out of action for the next few weeks thanks to Muhammad Hassan. Tonight Muhammad will have to face the consequences against Eddie Guerrero! Holla..Holla..Holla!

We return to the ring as "MasterPiece" hits and Chris Masters makes his way to the ring flexing and showing off his body."World's Greatest" then hits as Charlie Haas sprints to the ring to a nice pop.

Chris Masters vs Charlie Haas
The Finish- Fantastic match and the first match where Chris Masters didnt squash! The match has been back and forth with both men giving it their all and Chris Masters really impressing the fans. Masters finally ends it with A Spinning Jackhammer Slam!

Winner- Chris Masters

Michael Cole- Oh my God! What a manuever! That was amazing!

Tazz- This kid just earned my respect Cole! That was impressive!
Commercial Break

"Arabic Screaming" begins playing as Muhammad Hassan walks down to the ring to some heat. He gets in the ring before "Lie,Cheat,Steal" hits and Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring in a nice lowrider to a huge pop.

Michael Cole- Listen to this response for Eddie Guerrero! Eddie is someone who is loved worldwide! Ireland is going crazy!

Tazz- Yeah, they sure love Eddie Guerrero. And I sure am hoping that he teaches Muhammad Hassan a lesson.

Michael Cole- Especially for what he did to Booker T. last week!
Eddie Guerrero vs Muhammad Hassan

The Finish- Nice back and forth match with solid action throughout. Match ends when Eddie argues with the ref and then is rolled up by Hassan who grabs the tights for the three count.

Winner- Muhammad Hassan

Michael Cole- Damnit! Hassan steals the win! Two weeks in a row!

Tazz- This is surely an upset. Its just a shame Hassan is the one who got the upset.

We then go to the back where a several of OVW superstars are talking in the hallway. Kurt Angle then approaches them.

Kurt Angle- Now I am sure that you all have heard that I am looking for a new Team Angle. Now I am only looking for two members, and I doubt any of you will make the cut. But just know that you all might have a chance of being in my new Team Angle. So everyone raise their hand of who would like to be in Team Angle.

Angle raises his own hand but the OVW superstars dont move.

Kurt Angle- Oh.. so none of you want to be in Team Angle?! Are you freaking kidding me?

Angle goes bizerk and begins fighting with the OVW superstars. He beats them down and then grabs the ankle of Elijah Burke. He locks him in the Ankle Lock as he taps like crazy. Angle keeps it locked in until several staff members pull him off.

Commercial Break

We return as Rey Mysterio is in his lockerroom stretching for his match with Orlando Jordan. Eddie Guerrero then bursts in.

Eddie Guerrero- Where in the hell were you Esse?

Rey Mysterio- What are you talking about?

Eddie Guerrero- My match out there Esse! I just got cheated by Muhammad Hassan and you werent there to help me!

Rey Mysterio- Look man, I was getting ready for my match man. I didnt know. Plus, I didnt think you really needed my help.

Eddie Guerrero- I dont like that tone in your voice, Esse! What are you trying to say?

Rey Mysterio- Nothing man, I have a match.

Rey shakes his head and pushes past Eddie, who looks on.

Back near ringside "Orlando" hits and United States Champion Orlando Jordan makes his way to the ring to a good amount of heat. "619" hits and Rey jumps up to the stage to a huge pop. He taunts the crowd with his tag title before going to the ring.

Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan

The Finish- Fantastic match with Orlando using wrestling ability and Mysterio performing high flying manuevers. Rey hits the 619 and Eddie Runs towards the ring. Rey looks at him and asks what he is doing and Eddie shows Rey a chair. Rey tells him that he doesnt need it and to go backstage but Eddie insists before the ref sends him to the back. Orlando then surprises Rey with a dropkick and rollup but Rey counters into a rollup of is own for the threecount!

Winner and NEW United States Champion- Rey Mysterio

Michael Cole- Rey did it! Rey did it! He is now one half of the tag team champions and the new United States Champion!

Tazz- Huge win for Rey! Congratulations man. But I want to know what Eddie was doing out here? What was he trying to do? Get Rey DQ'd?

Michael Cole- Well I would say no, but it sure looked like it!

Rey celebrates with both title belts before we go to commercial break.

Michael Cole- Main event, The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs John Cena is next!

Commercial Break

We return as an exhausted Orlando Jordan walks into the Cabinet lockerroom where The Basham's sit. Doug Basham has a bat in hand and continues to his his hand with it.

Orlando Jordan- What in the hell is going on guys????

Doug Basham and Danny Basham- Bosses Orders

The two then jump up and Doug hits Orlando in the ribs with the bat. Danny then grabs him and throws him into the wall. The two then continue to beat down Orlando as we return to the ring.

"Medals" then hits as Kurt Angle walks to the ring to "You Suck" chants looking focused. He gets in the ring and taunts before "WordLife" blasts over the PA Systme and the people of Dublin, Ireland go nuts as John Cena makes his way to the ring. He gets in and he and Kurt Angle begin to brawl. "If Ya Smell.." then hits and The Rock walks out on stage. He jumps up and down a couple of times and then sprints to the ring. He jumps in and goes for Angle as the bell rings..

Kurt Angle vs John Cena vs The Rock- #1 Contendership

The Finish- Fantastic match, one of the best to ever be on Smackdown. The match has gone back and forth, back and forth with each man getting an advantage at some point. Cena then hits the F-U to Kurt Angle! He covers.. One..Two..Three! No! The Rock broke it up! Cena gets up and swings at Rock, who catches his arm and nails a Rock Bottom! The Cover! One..Two.. Three!

Winner- The Rock

Michael Cole- The Rock! The Rock did it! The Rock wins!

Tazz- The Rock is number one contender! The Rock vs JBL next week!

The Rock celebrates to a huge pop when suddenly, a fan jumps over the barracade and into the ring. The Rock turns around and gets clotheslined down hard! Its.. Its.. JBL! JBL wasnt supposed to be here! JBL stomps down on The Rock. He picks him up and nails him with the title! He then picks up Rock and hits a Rock Bottom! JBL stands tall to end the show

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Great job. Your writing style, and format reminds me of my partner''s.

If possible though, one tip, try add one other color. Maybe like for talking. It wold be a little bit easier to read. But other that that, this is going great, and Smackdown was great.


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Overall both shows were well done. I don't have time for in depth reviews right now but I do have one piece of advice. Title changes need to seem more important espcially the World Title that rarely changes hands on RAW especially when it wasn't the main event. The same can be said for the WWE Title which is on the line next week. I would suggest building up Heavyweight Title fueds more and making the fueds more intense with more significant title matches. I understand it is hard getting the champs you want at the beginning but you should aim to bring credibility back to the belts in the upcoming months. Besides having too much action for say both shows were great and keep up the good work. 8/10 for RAW and Smackdown.
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