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WWN Live Issues Backstage Details on Triple H Appearing at EVOLVE:

January 27th: Paul “Triple H” Levesque is always making moves. The night before he won the WWE World Heavyweight Title for the 14th time, he decided to stop by EVOLVE 54. We have the full story on this historic visit. William Regal informed Gabe Sapolsky at about 12:30pm on Saturday that Levesque would stop by EVOLVE 54 that evening. Levesque arrived at 7:57pm, just before the card was set to begin. Sapolsky and WWN CEO Sal Hamaoui greeted him. Levesque positioned himself right in the middle of the locker room and was approachable to all of the roster and staff. He even asked to meet a few particular wrestlers. Levesque and Sapolsky were seen in a lengthy conversation. Levesque then took some time to watch EVOLVE action. The entire experience was very positive for Triple H and EVOLVE. We want to give him our deepest thank you for attending EVOLVE 54. When EVOLVE officials woke up last Saturday they never dreamed that the WWE EVP of Talent, Live Events and Creative would attend the event. It ended up being an unprecedented night. We are in uncharted waters and there is no telling what will happen next. Join us on this roller coaster ride as we head to EVOLVE back in the Northeast in March and in Dallas on April 1st-3rd.

- Morale backstage at EVOLVE went up big time when Triple H showed up at Saturday's show in Orlando. There were EVOLVE representatives at the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday as well.

Triple H and EVOLVE's Gabe Sapolsky reportedly had a long talk about the working relationship between WWE and WWN Live but nothing has been officially signed yet.

According to PWInsider, there were some pretty interesting ideas discussed this past weekend
I wonder what these interesting ideas are going to be.

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Some kind of NXT vs. Evolve Tournament Network Special please.

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Gabe is so damn awesome to me and I'm sure he collaboration with HHH shall yield some excellent fruits. Looking forward to seeing just what eventuates if they come to terms on a working relationship.

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Obviously NXT has grown and isn't even close to what it started out as(not in a bad way).

What I hope happens is that they just go ahead and commit fully to the partnership - bring Evolve shows live to the WWE Network and reward Evolve financially for it. The WWE gets another live show to the run - the fans get more bang for the buck. NXT gets some crossover moves.
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