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WWE with MY storylines!

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In this story, I’m going to be detailed with most matches on PPVs and somewhat on normal matches. The wrestlers who I enjoy watching will be getting pushes in this. I'm going to post the first Raw after Wrestlemania sometime on the weekend or next week. In this post, I'm going over what happened at Wrestlemania. I'm going to go 1 or 2 matches at a time (depending on how long they are) since I'll go into detail for the WM XX matches.
The stadium in Madison Square Garden is being shattered by the sound of the cheer of fans. The build-up of all the matches on the card are shown on the 'tron followed by the pyro going off.

Tazz: What a way to start Wrestlemania! The Cruserweight Open is a great opportunity for any cruserweight to win the belt. Yet as Chavo said 10 days ago, this is unfair for him.

Cole: My bet is going to be on Tajiri since he has back-up with him.

At this point, an announcer in the ring announces the rules. Any wrestler meeting the requirements of a Cruserweight may enter (not sure if the real one will be like that though). As soon as a wrestler is pinned or submits, he is out of the competition.

The man stops talking, and Tajiri's music plays. Out comes Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda! They make their way to the ring, only to be followed by the music of Billy Kidman. Out next is Ultimo Dragon and his fire shots. After him comes Rey Mysterio! Great pop for him. Shannon Moore is followed by Jamie Noble. After him, Funaki enters the ring and Nunzio arrives accompanied by the rest of the FBI. The officials force the FBI out though, and Nunzio is on his own. Just as predicted, those 10 were in the match. Next in was the champ himself, Chavo Guerrero accompanied by his father! Lots of boos for him, and cheers when Chavo Sr. is forced out. The referee is ready to signal the bell when another entrance pops up!

‘Stand Back! There’s a hurricane coming through!’

Tazz: I don’t believe it! The Hurricane is entering the cruserweight open! Isn’t he a Raw superstar?

The match officially starts. Jamie Noble locks it up with Shannon Moore when the three japanese men knock them both down! They’re teaming up on the two as Mysterio, Kidman and Dragon go after Nunzio, Funaki and the champ. Tajiri looks ready to use the buzzsaw kick when the Hurricane comes out of nowhere to use Eye of the Hurricane! The other two japanese are too pre-occupied with Moore and Noble and don’t notice when Tajiri is counted out! Meanwhile, Mysterio, Kidman and dragon have taken down Funaki as Nunzio and Chavo go at it. The 619 is used followed by a shooting star press. Kidman gets the 1-2-3 and Funaki is outta here! The three continue when Chavo goes to attack Hurricane. Nunzio falls victim to Dragon’s Ultimo DDT and is pinned by Mysterio’s cradle. Akio gets a surprise victory when he is able to pin Moore, but his celebration is cut short when Noble rolls him up for an easy 1-2-3! Sakoda turns around just in time to see his partner fall, and is an easy victim of Mysterio’s bulldog. Kidman gets another shooting star press as Ultimo lionsaults for the victory. The three are on fire! Chavo gets chokeslammed by Hurricane! Noble gets the pin after knocking Hurricane into a turnbuckle. The three allies’ next target is Hurricane. Noble and Hurricane shake hands and agree to work together until the three are taken down. As Noble is double teamed by Mysterio and Dragon, Kidman misses a victim and falls victim to a bulldog followed by a rollup for the easy 1-2-3. The odds seem to be even until Noble is taken out by a west coast pop. While Mysterio was busy doing that, Hurricane had Dragon in an unbreakable armbar, and he was forced to tap. One on one now…Mysterio and Hurricane lock up, but the superhero’s condition is better as he drops Mysterio with a clothesline. He goes to the top turnbuckle and lands a flying elbow drop…1-2-kick out by Mysterio! Hurricane runs at him, but Mysterio drops him into 619 position! He’s running, but as he’s flying, Hurricane grabs Mysterio’s legs and uses a powerbomb into the ring! 1-2-3! And Hurricane wins!
Next up: Evening gown match and SD!'s tag team title match
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Evening gown and WWE tag title

Some of my bias for wrestlers I like may show up in the tag match here...
Match 2: Evening Gown Match

(this one will be short since it’s not as important…the real one will probably be longer though)

Jackie and Sable start off with a catfight in the middle. Torrie and Stacy join the fray, and no referee dares to go near this one… As sable goes for the rip on Jackie, Stacy steps on her nightgown and rips it off! Sable is down to her underwear! But from behind, Torrie rips off Stacy’s as Sable rips off Jackie’s and the raw superstars are both in their bra and panties. The match is officially over, but Stacy and Jackie double team and rip off Torrie’s gown anyways and everybody (especially the King) gets a good eyeful of the four beauties.

King: I wish Vince would do this more, JR! I love it, just as good as this magazine! *starts staring at Playboy*

Match 3: fatal four way for the Smackdown tag team title

APA vs. Bashams vs. World’s greatest tag team vs. Rikishi and scotty 2 hotty

Farooq and Haas start off the match. They go at it for a while with right hands, but Farooq gets the advantage and seems to be on a roll until Doug Basham tags himself in off Farooq. Haas is in terrible condition as Doug continues to beat him. He pins, but Benjamin pulls him off. Scotty then tags Haas and he uses some of his nifty moves to elude Doug. He eventually clothesline the Basham and gets a leg drop. Doug is then thrown into WGTT’s turnbuckle, and is tagged out by Benjamin. He comes in and starts wreaking havoc. Scotty is taken down, as is Danny Basham. Bradshaw is able to get in and uses a cltothesline from hell on scotty. Luckily, Rikishi pulls his partner into the corner and tags himself in while Farooq distracts the ref. Rikishi takes down benjamin with a boot to the face, and the Bashams both enter, but are both clotheslined by the phat man. The ref restores order and the legal man (Benjamin) finally gets back in. He dodges Rikishi’s clothesline and is about to go for the rollup when Rikishi slaps his fat area, and he scurries away. Meanwhile, out of the ring, the Bashams and Haas aren’t paying attention because they just took down the APA! The APA look down and out while Rikishi is able to stink face Benjamin. He tags scotty in. Danny tag Benjamin and starts annihilating Scotty. Just when it seems that Danny is about to win, Rikishi comes in and tosses him like a rag doll against a turnbuckle. Haas tags himself in and Rikishi continues the assault on the Bashams outside. When the bashams are both Banzai Dropped, they look down and out. Benjamin goes out to face Rikishi, and Scotty has taken advantage of Haas being by himself. He looks ready to do the worm… W-O-R-M! As he goes against the ropes though, it seems Haas has gotten up and put Scotty into the right position. On the outside, Rikishi has finished Benjamin with a Saoman drop and looks into the ring just in time to see Scotty tap to the Haas of Pain.

Winner: WGTT

As the WGTT leave, Rikishi goes into the ring and looks disgusted at Scotty. When Scotty gets up, he starts yelling at Rikishi and asking him where he was. At the end, Scotty hits 'Kish and walks away to a chorus of boos.
Next up: Molly Holly vs. Victoria for the Women's title and Lesnar vs. Goldberg w/ Special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

Keep replying and I hope I can get up the next two by tomorrow.

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good but during the open cruiserweight thing i think the wwe are gonna return jeff hardy

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Women's championship and Goldberg vs. Lesnar

I know that Jeff Hardy's rumour is going around, but I decided not to add him. Also, keep replying, and tell me who you wanna see after the next two matches. I'm only doing the official WM XX card (mostly) then Raw and SD! (matches probably not so detailed...one show must fit into same post)
Match 4: Molly Holly vs. Victoria

As the entrances go, JR reminds everybody that if Molly Holly loses, she must shave her head!

As the match starts, the two lock up in the middle. Molly gets the advantage and tosses Victoria against a turnbuckle. As she goes backwards, Molly Holly uses a DDT on her. She continues to dominate and starts tugging on Victoria’s hair. She cries out in pain, but Molly doesn’t let go until the count of four by the ref. Molly looks set on winning and begins to do the Molly-go-round when out of nowhere, Steven Richards goes into the ring and uses the Stevie T. before running out again. Victoria is able to get up, and go for the pin. 1-2…kick out! Molly gets thrown into the corner and, like Victoria, is stumbling backwards…right into a Widow’s Peak! Here’s the pin…1..2…SEAN O’HAIRE HAS COME INTO THE RING! He turns the pin into a one legged crab as Molly recovers. Victoria starts tapping as Steven Richards comes back in! SR can’t do a lot because Lance Storm just entered and used a superkick on him. The two men leave as Molly uses an easy half boston to grab the victory over victoria.

Winner: Molly Holly

The two men announce that they are a better tag team than Matt Hardy and Val Venis and deserve to be in the matchup later on.

King: Well, that’s not fair, JR!

JR: That’s right! All the two proved were that they could easily attack a woman and a man from behind!

Match 5: Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee

Highlights are shown from last week as Austin entered Smackdown and stunned Lesnar during a match against Billy Gunn. Goldberg then entered to jackhammer Lesnar, but was also stunned by Austin. The sheriff then drank some beer as his taunt.

As the match starts, the two wrestlers were weary of Austin. They finally lock up and Goldberg goes for a body slam but Lesnar is able to go over him and pushes him against a turnbuckle. He puts Goldberg up against the turnbuckle and puts him on the top rope. He then does a great suplex on him that almost breaks his neck. Lesnar throws Goldberg, but as Lesnar gets ready to give him a boot to the face, Austin kicks Lesnar in the gut, giving Goldberg the perfect chance to DDT him. This brings an angry Vince Mcmahon out to try and sort things out. He enters the ring to talk to Austin as Golberg gets ready for the spear. Austin says he is calling it down the line, and when Mcmahon continues to bicker, he gives him a stunner. Suddenly, an entrance pops up! The spear connects, and Goldberg does his taunt, and it appears it doesn’t affect him. But it does affect Austin because it was Bischoff’s entrance and he stands there smiling. Beside him is Stephanie Mcmahon! As Goldberg goes for the jackhammer, Lesnar falls behind him again, and connects with the F- 5. The crowd starts chanting ‘Goldberg’ while Lesnar pins. Unfortunately, Austin is still busy shouting at Bischoff and Steph and when Lesnar taps him on the shoulder, he turns around and in an act of frustration stuns Lesnar. Both wrestlers are down as Steph takes a mic.

Steph: You know what, sheriff? I don't like your attitude. So, I’ve decided to get another referee to do this match!

All of a sudden, another entrance pops up…it’s Shane O’Mac! Lesnar and Goldberg slowly get up, as Austin turns around and stuns Goldberg in frustration. Lesnar gets the Brock Lock on, and Goldberg is tapping, but Austin and Shane have just started fighting! The two looked evenly matched until Shane is tossed over the ropes. Austin then sees that Lesnar has pinned Goldberg and counts 1-2 KICK OUT! JR and Tazz are blown away, when Austin is surprised from behind by a chair shot from Shane! He stumbles and is in a perfect position for the revived Vince’s stunner! Shane then starts reffing the match as Bischoff and Steph laugh and go backstage. Goldberg as turned the tides and used a gorilla press slam! Shane starts counting…1-2-KICK OUT! As the two struggle up, Goldberg gets ready to spear Lesnar, but as he runs, Vince uses a DDT! This time there’s no escaping as Goldberg taps out of the Brock Lock.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Lesnar stands in the ring and starts laughing at the motionless Goldberg as Shane and Vince go backstage together.
Next: Christain vs. Jericho and US Championship

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Christain vs. Jericho and US Championship

Match 5: Christian vs. Chris Jericho

King and JR review highlights of Trish pulling down Christain’s pants on the last Raw, and right after Christain put his pants back on, he was put into the walls by Y2J.

As the bell rings, Christain and Y2J both look angrily at each other. Christain because Trish had embarrassed him last week and Jericho because Christain attacked and hit on Trish while he was away. They have a bit of words and Y2J spits in Christain’s face which makes him mad. Christain uses a couple right handers then throws him against a turnbuckle. He uses a couple shoulder thrusts then starts working on Y2J’s bad knee by putting it on the ropes and bending it a way it shouldn’t ever be bent (unless you’re double jointed). He lets go when Bischoff makes a second appearance with Trish this time.

Bischoff: You know what Christain, since this match is so important, why don’t I make this a no disqualification match? Trish here has asked for this so I have let it happen. Oh, and do turn around.

Christain turns around, just in time to get whacked in the face by a steel chair. Trish starts running towards ringside, in the hopes of helping Jericho. As Y2J goes for another whack, Christain grabs the chair, kicks Jericho away, and turns around to nail Trish. Jericho gives a shout and Christain turns around again, and gets hit by a thrown table. Jericho then grabs a sledgehammer from underneath the table and goes after Christain again. Christain sees him coming in time though, and ducks. The sledgehammer hits Trish instead, and chants of ‘Y2J, Y2J’ are heard. Christain sees his chance as Jericho tries to help trish and pulls him into the walls of jericho while shouting at him. He’s saying that he told him that Trish was only making him lose matches and it seems that Jericho is ready to tap when Trish hits Christain! He’s lying motionless in the middle of the ring, and LIONSAULT! 1…2…Kick out! Christain looks like he’s about finished, and Y2J and Trish both look frustrated. Y2J again puts on the walls, and Trish is taken out from behind him by a mysterious attacker! The attacker goes into the ring, and nails Jericho with a sledgeahammer! The person takes off her mask and it’s Gail Kim! She’s back! Unprettier! 1-2-3!

Winner: Christain

Christain and Gail Kim walk off, hand in hand.

Match 6: John Cena vs. Big Show

Cena raps his way to the ring, and when he gets in, he’s surprised from behind by the Big show! The bell rings, but Show already has the advantage! He throws Cena against a turnbuckle and smacks him hard on the chest. Then he throws Cena away like he was throwing out the trash and removes the padding from the turnbuckle. Cena gets up slowly, and Big Show looks ready to use the gorilla press slam. He raises him into the air, but cena falls behind him, pushes him against the ropes, and uses a clothesline. The clothesline reaches Show’s stomach, and does nothing. Show pushes Cena down, but when he goes for him, Cena ducks and makes Big show’s mouth bounce off the ropes. He seems to be in pain, and walks straight into Cena’s waiting shoulders! F-U! F-U! Cena doesn’t think Show’s gotten enough and starts tugging on his shoes…uh oh..bounces of the ropes, about to come down…and falls onto Big Show’s boot! Ow! Big show then picks Cena up and throws him against the ropes Cena ducks the clothesline and does his ‘You can’t see me’ taunt and dropkicks Show’s knee. He then attempts the double shuffle, but falls right into Show’s hand. Show gets up and Choke slams Cena. He pins, 1…2…he got his foot on the ropes! He gets up, and throws Show against the ropes. Show attempts a clothesline, but Cena ducks under, and once again gets Show in F-U position. This time, Show pounds on his head, and squashes Cena whose bad knee buckles under all the weight. Show starts choking Cena, and let’s go at 4. Cena gets up, and throws Show against his own pad-removed turnbuckle, and when show started recoiling back, he got into a perfect F-U stance, and F-U’ed the 500 pounder and pinned. 1…2…Kick out! Show gets up, and dashes for Cena, but the rapper uses another dropkick to the knee, and DDTs Big Show and pins him. 1…2…3!

Winner: Cena

Cena celebrates with his word life signs and starts taunting show with the title.
Next: 4 way for the world tag team titles and Undertaker vs. Kane

Keep replying!

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Well I don't think that Cena will FU him and Big Show kicks out and then looses to a DDT. But other than that, pretty good matches.

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World tag team title and Kane vs. Taker

Uhh...I've ran outta tings to say up here. Thanks for the replies, keep 'em comin. Storylines developing for the actual show.
Match 7: Fatal 4 way for the world tag team titles

Highlights are shown from heat the past week as Lance storm was shown knocked out backstage. In the fight, Matt Hardy fought with Val Venis and they defeated the dudleys to fight at the biggest stage of them all.

RVD&Booker T vs. La Resistance vs. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindirak vs. Matt Hardy and Val Venis

The bell rings and Dupree starts with Cade. They share a couple right handers, and Cade decides he’s had enough and tags Booker T in. Booker T start fighting with Dupree, and whips him against the ropes, Dupree ducks Booker T’s attempt to hit him and counters with a clothesline. He then uses a leg drop and tags Val Venis in. Venis starts attacking with right handers until booker T kicks him. He goes for the ropes and tries for scissor kick, but Jindirak attacked him with a flying elbow drop. In all the confusion, Hardy drags Venis back to their corner and tags himself in. Booker T tags Cade in as La Resistance secretly starts attacking Jindirak while he’s alone. They manage to knock him out as RVD used a five star after a Twist of Fate on Cade. Dupree sees what’s happening and motions Conway to drag cade to their corner. He tags himself in, and goes after Hardy. Matt ducks the clothesline and gives him a superkick. He then tags Booker T in. Meanwhile, Venis and RVD started attacking Conway. He’s knocked unconscious, leaving the champs with Dupree, Hardy and Venis. Hardy and Venis start attacking RVD and the ref is too busy watching the match to see Venis use a steel chair on RVD followed by a twist of fate. Dupree is knocked out by a scissors kick, but the ref starts getting distracted by Venis, while Matt drags Dupree to his corner. Venis tags himself in, and goes after Booker T. He went for the superkick, but Booker T ducked and used a spinebuster. It seemed that all was over until Hardy used an elbow drop on the ref and dragged Venis to his corner, tagged himself in nd revived the ref! It’s 1 on 1 for the tag team titles now! Hardy seems unstoppable. He gets a DDT and then a Rolling Thunder. Booker T gets up slowly, but is then the victim of a twist of fate! Here’s the count, 1…2…IT’S JEFF HARDY! HE’S KNOCKED OUT THE REFEREE!

JR: Oh my gawd! Jeff Hardy has just pulled Matt hardy off Booker T!

King: When did he get here JR? I thought he left wrestling a long time ago!

Jeff pulls Matt up, gives him a twist of fate followed by the Hardy leg drop and pulls Booker T onto Matt. He then revives the referee and runs away again, 1…2…3!

Winners: Booker T and RVD

Everybody is motionless in and out of the ring.

Match 8: Undertaker vs. Kane

Kane comes out, and the ref waits about a minute and then Kane picks up a mic.

Kane: Haha! You see? It was all a hoax! That brother of mine is dead! DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD! Either that, or he knows he’ll never defeat me!

He drops the mic and looks ready to do his fire taunt, and when his fists go down, instead of flames bursting out, the arena goes dark and everybody hears *dong…dong*. A movie appears on the jumbotron showing the fight at survivor series. It shows Taker being buried, and everybody leaving the burial place. Then…when nobody’s looking, a hand pops out of the ground! Kane looks around in terror and there, on the stage, is The Deadman. A random thunderbolt illuminates him as he removes his robe and enters the ring. The lights come back on, and all of a sudden, there’s a cell around them…It seems that the match is a Hell in a cell match as the two lock up. Taker quickly gives Kane a boot to the face as Kane runs at him. He then leg drops him, picks him up, and throws him against the Cell outside the ring. Kane staggers up, and kicks the door down of the cell. He doesn’t see taker though, and gets DDTed from behind. Taker then goes out and picks up a chair. Kane gets up and runs after him, but gets a chair to the face. Taker then picks him up and smashes his head against the cell, making Kane’s face gush open. Taker then proceeds to climb the Cell and waits at the top. Kane slowly gets up, and climbs up after Taker. As soon as Kane gets up, he goes for the Clothesline, but Taker ducks and DDTs him. Taker then starts punching Kane, until Kane kicks him off. He runs after taker, but the deadman catches him in a chokeslam, turns around and chokeslams him off the cell and onto the announcer table.

Tazz: Oh no, he isn’t going to do what I think he is, is he?


Taker jumps off the cell and connects on the elbow drop to Kane, breaking the table. This does hurt Taker’s elbow though, and he holds it in pain. Kane gets up, but taker doesn’t notice. He grabs the Deadman’s neck and throws him against the cell! Ouch! But he doesn’t let go and keeps choking Taker. The Deadman ends up kicking kane in the gut to force him to release him and spinebusters Kane! He puts on a half Boston, but Kane kicks him with his free leg, and Taker decides to climb the Cell yet again. This time, Kane follows him and when he runs at Taker, and taker ducks, he superkicks him. Kane starts laughing at Taker’s motionless body on the cell until he sits up! He tries to kick his head, but taker moves to the side and grabs Kane’s body. He uses his tombstone, and THE CELL BREAKS! Both fall into the ring with Kane landing headfirst from the tombstone. Kane lies motionless in the ring as Taker goes out again, and picks up a ladder. He places the ladder down, and starts climbing, dragging Kane with his free arm. When he gets to the top, he throws Kane back to the top of the cell and climbs up himself. He drags Kane to the edge of the cell and picks him up. He puts Kane back into the tombstone position, and this time, uses the tombstone off the top of the Cell, and Kane falls and lands headfirst onto the ramp. Taker jumps off the cell, lands on Kane and proceeds to walk away as it seems that no ref was ever out there, and Kane has either died or received a serious injury.

Winner: No contest

The fans give a big pop to the return of the Deadman.

Backstage, Bischoff and Heyman are talking again. They are going into each other’s faces until Johnny Blaze comes out of nowhere to smack Heyman down! Bischoff and Blaze walk away laughing as Dawn sees if Heyman is alright.

Evolution is shown talking to each other.

Flair: Listen to me H, you are the GAME! You’re the there ever was and the best you ever will be because you are just THAT DAMNED GOOD!

Orton: Yeah man, don’t lose that title like I did, give Evolution some glory.

HHH: Just don't lose to that fake legend. Because he isn't that good, but you are The Legend Killer.
Next: Intercontinental title and Rock'n'Sock Connection vs. Evolution

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Starting with the actual shows now...

Well...sorry to those who were reading this...I kinda forgot about it. Anyways, I was planning on finishing this by WMXX but it apparentely didn't happen...SO, I'll post the results of my own WMXX

Cruserweight Open

Winner: Hurricane

Playboy Match

Winner: Torrie Wilson and Sable

Fatal Four way for the WWE Tag Team titles

Winner: Self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team

The Woman's Title

Winner: Molly Holly w/ interference from Sean O'Haire and Lance Storm

Goldberg vs. Lesnar w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin as special referee

Winner: Lesnar

Christain vs. Jericho

Winner: Christain w/ interference from Trish Stratus and Gail Kim

US title

Winner: Cena

Fatal Four way for the World Tag team titles

Winner: RVD & Booker Tw/ interference from Jeff Hardy

Undertaker (Ministry) vs. Kane Hell in a Cell

Winner: No Contest - Kane may have suffered a fatal injury.

Intercontinental Title (Steiner vs. Test)

Orton lost the title to Steiner w/ interference from Mick Foley on the last Raw before Wrestlemania.

Winner: Steiner after a Steiner Recliner on a missed big boot.

Rock 'n' Sock Connection w/ Jimmy Snuka vs. Evolution

Winner: Rock 'n' Sock after Jimmy Snuka took out Ric Flair. Rock nailed the People's Elbow on Randy Orton then went tagged Foley in and rock bottomed Batista. Foley applied the Mandible Claw.

WWE Title

Winner: Eddie Guerrero after a five star frog splash, great technical match. Angle's Ankle lock was reversed into a triple vertical suplex followed by the 5-star.

World Heavy Weight Title

Winner: Chris Benoit after using money shot on HBK and making HHH tap out with a crossface. HHH stopped HBK from tapping by holding his hand. Benoit released the hold, and threw HHH against a turnbuckle. HBK got up and went for the Sweet Chin Music on HHH but he caught Michaels's foot and reversed it into a pedigree. Benoit locked the crossface onto HHH after reversing a punch.
There are the results of Wrestlemania XX, I will try to get Raw up by tomorrow. The matches won't be as detailed as I was with the matches in this PPV

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why do u keep saying that in every post

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Raw March 15, 2004 from New Jersey

JR: What a night it was last night. Titles changed hands, feuds were concluded.

King: Did you see those puppies in the Playboy Match, JR? Mr. Mcmahon's gotta get more of those matches!

Christain's music starts playing as he makes his way to the ring with Gail Kim alongside him.

Christain: Last nigt, I demolished Chris Jericho! He won't be coming back anytime soon after what I did to him. And that girlfriend of his? We're gonna have a little fun with her. You see, I just got back from Eric Bischoff's office, and you know what he said? Tonight, it will be a handicap match between Trish Stratus and the two of us.

King: That's no fair! Somebody's gotta help Trish out.

Gail Kim: Good luck Trish.

The two laugh evilly as they make their way back to the locker room.

- Commercial Break -

When the cameras get back, Sean O'haire and Lance Storm are standing in the middle of the ring.

O'Haire: Last night was the night that we proved that we were good enough for those tag team titles, and right here, right now, there will be a match for those titles! This is the night that the Dogs of Storm will win those titles.

He puts down the mic as RVD & Booker T make their way to the ring.

King: Did you hear that, JR? The Dogs of Storm?

JR: What do you expect from two numbskulls like them?

The ref signals for the bell as Booker T and Storm start. Booker T runs at him with a side kick, but STorm ducks and nails him a suplex. The two exchange blows for a while, and O'haire sneaks into the ring to hit the ref with a steel chair. The ref crumples as O'haire passes the chair to Storm who starts continously attacking Booker T. Meanwhile, Rvd tried to stop them, but O'haire got to him with a sledgehammer. By the time the ref finally gets up, Booker T and RVD are lying uconscious on the ground while O'haire is in his corner and Storm is pinning Booker T. He gets the easy 3-count as JR and King comment about how cheap that win was.

- commercial break -

Evolution is shown backstage.

Randy Orton: What happened to us? How could we have lost that match?

Flair: It's okay, I'm sure that we'll beat them next time.

All of a sudden, Batista walks out! The other three members look stunned.

HHH: What's wrong with him?

In the ring, Rico is waiting for a random opponent. Matt Hardy's music starts to play! He comes out, and boy does he look mad! Rico tries to run as Hardy gets into the ring, but Hardy catches his shoulder and lifts him back into the ring. Rico tries to attack, but gets a dropkick for his efforts. Hardy lifts him back up and clotheslines him before going to a turnbuckle. When Rico gets up, Hardy knocks him back down with a Spinning Wheel Kick. He picks him up one more time, does the Twist of fate, and gets the 3-count. But he isn't done there! He goes out, gets a chair and starts bashing Rico over and over again. He doesn't stop until the music of...JEff Hardy starts to play! Jeff starts laughing on the stage, and Matt tries to run after him, but Jeff's already walked backstage.

JR: Well, Matt Hardy certainly has a right to be mad because his brother Jeff came back to the WWE last night and ruined Matt's chances of becoming a tag champ!

-commercial break-

IN the ring is everybody in evolution except Batista. Very noticeable is the lack of gold on all the members and the sling on HHH.

HHH: Everyone who stands behind me and myself are members of evolution. There is only one way that we lost all those titles. You know what it is? IT'S BECAUSE WE WERE CHEATED OUT OF THEM!

He opens his mouth to say more, but four people just got onto the stage with Benoit's music. There is a huge pop as the World Heavyweight Champion is among the four. The Rock 'n' Sock connection and HBK are the other 3.

Benoit: You see H, the only way that you lost that title is because you are THAT DAMNED BAD!

There is a huge pop for that statement as the mic is passed onto the Rock.

Rock: You three and steroid-boy back there think you could defeat the Rock and Mick Foley? Even if it were 4 on 2, The Rock 'n' Sock Connection would defeat you!

The three members of evolution start walking towards them when they're surprised from behind from Jimmy Snuka! The four on the stage start runnign at Evolution and when they're finished, there is a bloody mess as HHH's arm was dislocted and the other two were bloody in the face.

The 'tron shows that the handicap match is next!

-commercial break-

As we return from commercial break, Bischoff is standing in the ring with Johnny Blaze.

Bischoff: Last night, was a night where those Smackdown sissies and their terrible GM Paul Heyman were responsible for such a bad time during their shows. So you know what I'm going to do? To make up for that lost time, and because Evolution is just asking for a fight. Tonight! It will be Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista vs. Chris Benoit and Jimmy Snuka! If the Rock 'n' Sock connection or HBK is spotted at ringside, then Benoit and the Superfly are automatically disqualified!

He gets out of the ring as Trish Stratus's music plays, and Trish walks down to the ring, her face pale.

King: Oh no, JR! Is it already time for the handicap match?

Christain's music plays and the two make their way to the ring.

JR: Somebody has to help her out! There's no way she stands a chance!

The ref signas for hte bell as Gail Kim starts wit a quick dropkick. Trish dodges it, but Christain uses a backbreaker. Trish is crying out in pain, and just when it seems that she is ready to snap in half, Christain drops her. The CLBs (Creepy little B****** and Cute Little B****) start stomping on her until Gail Kim picks her up. Christain then does the unprettier on her and dropps her onto her head. He picks her up and throws her against a turnbuckle. Gail Kim walks up to her and does the Stratusphere on her! Christain applies the walls when Chris Jericho comes out! It's Y2J! He goes to the ring and starts attacking Christain and Gail. The two run out scared as Jericho looks at them with rage. He helps trish up, as the CLBs go to the Locker room.

JR: I thought he was too injured to get out here!

King: Apparentely not!

-commercial break-

When the commercial ends, JR and King start reviewing what happened with the Undertaker and Kane. It was noted that Kane is not at New Jersey tonight. They also talk about the Intercontinental title being defended by Scott Steiner.

Evolution's music plays, but only Flair and Orton are there! They look at each other questioningly as they make their way to the ring. Chris Benoit's music then plays and he makes his way to the ring followed by Jimmy Snuka and his music.

The ref signals for the bell. Flair and Benoit start it off, and flair smacks Benoit's chest. Benoit then starts pummeling Flair, and hits a suplex. Flair runs at Benoit, but the Rabid Wolverine uses a clothesline. Flair crumples to the ground and Benoit tries to get the Sharpshooter locked in. The Nature Boy is ble to scurry out though, and tags Orton in. The Legend Killer uses a drop kick and then applies the Boston Crab. Benoit is able to punch Orton off after a while and tags the SUperfly in. Snuka uses the SUperfly on Orton and then clotheslines Flair. HHH stops the pin outta nowhere though! Benoit goes after him, but it's...Maven? Maven has dropkicked Benoit as Evolution and Maven take down Benoit and SNuka. Flair gets the easy 3-count on the SUperfly and the show ends showing Benoit and Snuka unconscious on the ground.

Smackdown won't be up till next week because I'm goin away from Wed. to Sat.

Gail Kim and Christain is creepy...but all te better for heel purposes.
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