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Triple H Heavyweight World Champ Heel
Chris Jericho Heavyweight None Face
Randy Orton Heavyweight None Neutral
John Cena Heavyweight None Face
La Resistance Tag Team Tag Team Heel
APA Tag Team None Face
Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight None Face
Jamie Noble Cruiserweight None Heel
Ultimo Dragon Cruiserweight None Face
Billy Kidman Cruiserweight None Face
Spanky Cruiserweight None Heel
Funaki Cruiserweight None Face
Doink The Clown Cruiserweight None Face
Chavo Guerrero Jr. Cruiserweight None Heel
Hurricane Tag Team None Face
Rosey Tag Team None Face
Dudley Boyz Tag Team None Face
Shelton Benjamin Heavyweight None Heel
Goldust Tag Team None Face
Lance Storm Tag Team None Neutral
Shawn Michaels Heavyweight None Face

Kurt Angle Heavyweight Heavyweight Face
Brock Lesnar Heavyweight None Heel
Kevin Nash Heavyweight None Heel
Undertaker Heavyweight None Face
Trish Stratus Women None Face
Torrie Wilson Women None Face
Stacy Kiebler Women None Heel
Dawn Marie Women None Heel
Jazz Women None Heel
Victoria Women None Heel
Gail Kim Women None Face
Molly Holly Women None Heel
Eddie Guerrero U.S. U.S. Heel
Edge U.S. None Face
Benoit U.S. None Face
Rhyno U.S. None Heel
Christian U.S. None Heel
Charlie Haas U.S. None Heel
The Rock Heavyweight None Face
Goldberg Heavyweight None Neutral
Batista U.S. None Face
Nathan Jones U.S. None Neutral


The show kicks off with Eric Bischoff entering the ring.
Eric: "Hello everybody, how y'all doin tonight?"
Everybody boos.
Eric: "GREAT! You see I feel alot safer coming out here tonight since I've fired Kane. And I know you all hate me for firing RVD too but I don't really care. Because I know what's good for the company and you don't!"
John Cena comes to the ring.
Cena: "Whatch you talkin' about good and bad? Nothing you do makes these people glad!"
Everybody cheers.
Cena: "You see Eric to put it simple, you suck! You say you're back and better but I think you're making this business deader! You see, people want to see athletecism not the big talk from you, so why don't you drop the mic so I can give you the FU!"
Cena FU's Bischoff.

Cena def. Shelton Benjamin in 8:07.

In the back, Terri interviews Randy Orton.
Orton: "Hey lady, you lookin' fine tonight"
Terri: "Thanks, but I need to ask you something. What do you think of your match tonight with Triple H for the heavyweight championship?"
Orton: "That doesn't matter, what matters is how comfortable you feel right now..."
Triple H comes.
HHH: "Randy, take this seriously. This could be your last shot at this. Worry about the ladies later because this is the biggest match of your career, now don't blow it!"
Orton: "Don't worry. What you should be worrying about is losing to the up and comer, legend killer, sheer thriller ladie's man...Randy Orton!"
Both stare eachother down.
Back to the ring...

No.1 Contender's Match for tag team championships.
Hurricane/Rosey def. Dudley Boyz thanks to La Resistance interfering in 10:05.

Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal.
Winner: Ultimo Dragon in 15:43.

Jericho: "Welcome to...Raw IS Jericho. And welcome to the most entertaining action-packed interview segment in WWE history. Tonight my guest is somebody full of talent...charismatic...a true showman of showman's. The one legged wonder...Zach Gowen!
Zach goes to the ring.
Jericho: "Now Zach, I know you're a free agent right now, and that's alright. But have you made your decision yet?"
Zach: "No."
Jericho: "I respect that and I also respect you, coming out here like you are. I mean, you beat the crap out of people like Vance McMahon, Big Slow, Kirk Angel, Sharron Mooron, Matt Hardly. The list just goes on and on and you've only got one leg! How do you do it?"
Zach: "Through hard work and determination. I've been able to do what I've always wanted to do. While you don't have to work at all. You think you've earned your shot here. They give you an interview segment, flashy clothes the best promo to come into the WWE and what do I get? A prosthetic leg signed by all the guys in the back. Do you think that's fair? Well, me and my buddies don't think so. That's why we've come to Raw to teach you a lesson."
Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore and Zach Gowen triple team Chris Jericho knocking him out.
Zach: "The Zach attack is here Chris so watch out!"

A promo shows saying "Enter the abyss...the fallen angel is coming!"

Shawn Micheals def. Mark Jindrak in 15:23.

Stone Cold comes out.
Austin: "I realize last week Eric fired RVD and Kane. I find that to be a little bit of bullshit. What I've decided to do is rehire them to contracts where they can only be fired by Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

The lights go out. A big white light fills the titan tron as everybody's blinded by light. A voice says, "I must stop the evil...I must stop the hell...I must attain peace, but at what cost?"
Everything goes back to normal.
Stone Cold looks confused.
Austin: "Anyway, I'd like to introduce in tonight's match...RVD Vs. Kane!"

Kane def. RVD in 20:04.

Lance Storm is hanging around with Goldust in the locker room. He tries to act like Goldust but he's horrible at it.
Goldust: "Try tonight, me and you can have a match. But you'll have to wear the costume I showed you earlier..."
Lance: "No! Anything but that, please don't."

Goldust walks out first.
Lance walks out in a costume similar to Goldust's except it's Silver.
Lance acts like Goldust horribly in the ring with his body stroking, rubbing, etc.

Goldust def. Lance in 8:09.

Triple H def. Randy Orton to retain the heavyweight championship in 25:14.

The lights dim. "Psycho" music plays. Psycho Sid walks down to the ring saying "I am the master and the ruler of the world!"

Triple H looks scared trying to back off from the big man. Triple H then stands face to face with Triple H. They both smile and hit Randy Orton down. Sid powerbombs Randy Orton. Jericho comes out but he gets pedigreed from Triple H. Triple H/Sid stand in the ring.


Tell me what you think.

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Since the last show the roster has changed a bit. And yes it probably was a bit hard to read so I'll clear it up right now...

Triple H--------------Heavyweight-----------Heel
Chris Jericho--------Heavyweight-----------Face
Randy Orton--------Heavyweight-----------Neutral
John Cena-----------Heavyweight------------Face
La Resistance-------Tag Team----------------Heel
APA--------------------Tag Team----------------Face
Rey Mysterio---------Cruiserweight----------Face
Jamie Noble----------Cruiserweight----------Heel
Ultimo Dragon-------Cruiserweight----------Face
Billy Kidman----------Cruiserweight----------Face
Doink The Clown----Cruiserweight---------Face
Chavo Guerrero Jr.-Cruiserweight---------Heel
Hurricane-------------Tag Team--------------Face
Rosey-----------------Tag Team--------------Face
Dudley Boyz---------Tag Team--------------Face
Shelton Benjamin---Heavyweight---------Heel
Goldust---------------Tag Team-------------Face
Lance Storm---------Tag Team-------------Neutral
Shawn Michaels-----Heavyweight---------Face
Matt Hardy-----------Heavyweight---------Heel
Shannon Moore-----Cruiserweight--------Heel
Zach Gowen---------Cruiserweight--------Heel
Psycho Sid-----------Heavyweight---------Heel

Kurt Angle-----------Heavyweight-----------Face
Brock Lesnar--------Heavyweight-----------Heel
Kevin Nash----------Heavyweight-----------Heel
Trish Stratus--------Women-------------------Face
Torrie Wilson--------Women------------------Face
Stacy Keibler--------Women------------------Heel
Dawn Marie----------Women-----------------Heel
Gail Kim----------------Women----------------Face
Molly Holly-------------Women----------------Heel
Eddie Guerrero-------United States--------Heel
Edge--------------------United States--------Face
Benoit------------------United States--------Face
Rhyno-----------------United States---------Heel
Christian--------------United States---------Heel
Charlie Haas---------United States----------Heel
The Rock---------------Heavyweight---------Face
Nathan Jones-------Heavyweight---------Neutral
Big Show-------------Heavyweight--------Heel

Triple H-Heavyweight Champion on Raw
Kurt Angle-Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown!
Rey Mysterio-Cruiserweight Champion on Raw
Eddie Guerrero-United States Champion on SmackDown!
La Resistance-Tag Team Champions on Raw
Trish Stratus-Women's Champion on SmackDown!

A-Train has been cut. If you have any suggestions you can post them too.


Stephanie McMahon comes out and announces that next week we will crown a first ever eXtreme Champion! The matches will be selected at Random. It could be a ladder match, street fight, cage match...anything! She also announces that the main event will be a fatal-four-way elimination match and the winner will be the number one contender for the heavyweight championship! It will consist of the following four superstars...Kevin Nash...The Undertaker...Batista...and Brock Lesnar! Also tonight there is going to be a United States Championship Match...not just any kind of match, it's going to be a ladder match with not two but three superstars. Charlie Haas...Christian...and Latino Heat himself Eddie Guerrero! And now let's kick it off with a Women's Championship Match with a certain stipulation...It's a bra & panties-7 women elimination match! Everybody cheers.

7 Women Bra & Panties match for the Women's Championship
First...everybody gets rid of Molly Holly. Gail Kim strips down Stacy Kiebler. Torrie and Dawn Marie double team to eliminate Trish. Victoria strips down Dawn Marie. Gail Kim strips down Torrie and finally a new Women's Champion is crowned when Gail Kim gets stripped down to panties and nothing else as she covers up with her coat and leaves the match topless and beltless.
Winner: Victoria in 15:06

The Rock is in the back looking at the Highlight Reel from Raw.
Rock: "So...Y2J thinks he can put on a show? I'll tell you what...the Rock can put on a show too. That's right, tonight on the Rock's show SmackDown! in front of the millions...(and millions) of Rock's fans. The Rock will debut his interview segment known as...'The Rock says...'. If ya smell........What the Rock....is cookin'!"

Goldberg walks out.
Goldberg: "All over the internet and even people in the crowd have been chanting Goldberg sucks! If I suck how could I have defeated over 150 people with no losses. Huh? Well, I got a question for everybody in the back...Who's Next?"
Big Show walks out.
Big Show: "You might've beaten me and Dubya See Dubya. But now I've changed. Goldberg, in the other company you were undefeated because they gave you little guy to play with like Hugh Morrus, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair. They were too old to wrestle and you know it. You have no talent Goldberg, you're matches are boring because all you can say is 'who's next?'. The truth is, there never was a first. You can't beat anybody here in the WWE, especially me!"
Goldberg spears Big Show and the match starts.
Goldberg defeats Bish Show in 10:54.

'The Rock Says...'
Rock: "Finally....The Rock has come back...from Hollywood! That's right and the Rock has his own show with all the nice bright lights on the Great One once again. The Rock's not here to compete but he is here nonetheless. Now to introduce my guest...somebody who left the WWE because he didn't like how he was getting paid. A man who was an icon in this business, somebody I defeated at No Way Out earlier this year. A man who I defeated at WrestleMania 18, brother! Ladies and gentlemen..."
The crowd chants,"Hogan!Hogan!Hogan!"
Rock: "Hulk Hogan!"
Hulk's music plays. A little midget look-alike of Hulk Hogan comes out.
MiniHulk: "Hey there brother. Don't forget to drink your milk and take your vitamins. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you???!!!!!"
MiniHulk starts flexing as The Rock starts laughing.
Rock: "Ok, here's what we're going to do. 'The Rock Says' isn't about interviewing, nononono this is about entertainment. That's why The Rock is issuing an open challenge to Hulk Hogan right now. What do you say...are you on?"
MiniHulk: "Hell yes! Now what you gonna do when these 24 inch pythons run wild on you!"
The Rock acts scared.

The Rock def. MiniHulk in 0:10.

The Rock: "There you go, I am 3-0 against an Icon. So what does that make me? Nobody is a bigger icon than the great one. If you smell...."

Bret Hart's music plays.

It's a midget that looks like Bret Hart.
Rock: "Alright,alright. I guess I can take on one more legend, but I better be getting paid more I mean..this is double duty! Now, Bret Hart...what do you have to say?"
MiniBret: "I'm the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! That's because I'm the excellence of execution!"

Rock def. MiniBret in 0:15.

Rock: "The Great One has once again proved that I am The Best Damn Wrestler in the world today! If you smell....what the Rock is cookin'"

Benoit/Edge def. Rhyno/Batista in 15:06.

United States Championship Ladder Match.
Charlie Haas def. Christian and Eddie Guerrero to become the new U.S. champion in 15:44. After the match Charlie Haas pushes the ladder into Eddie's car and destroys it completely after a couple more hits.

Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle def. Nathan Jones in 10:22. A masked superstar kidnaps Nathan Jones after the match.

No. 1 Contender Match for Heavyweight Championship.
Kevin Nash def. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. The same masked superstar that took Nathan Jones popped out from the ring and dragged Undertaker down letting Nash pin Brock.


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I will start writing out the whole matches during and after SummerSlam. And as for the complaint about Mini Bret and Mini Hogan, those are just one timers like Gillberg's return just to get some heat for the Rock Vs. Goldberg Match at BackLash.

The roster has changed a bit so here we go...
HHH-Heavyweight Champion
Chris Jericho
Randy ORton
Lance Storm
Dudley Boyz
John Cena
Matt Hardy
Zach Gowen
Shannon Moore
Ultimo Dragon-Cruiserweight Champion
Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Micheals
La Resistance
Scott Steiner
Booker T
Ahmed Johnson
D'Lo Brown
Elix Skipper
A.J. Styles

Kurt Angle-Heavyweight Champion
Brock Lesnar
Big Show
Nathan Jones
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Charlie Haas
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Terri Runnels
Dawn Marie
Molly Holly
Eric Angle
Mr. Ass


Bischoff comes out.
Bischoff: "Tonight, my main event will be Triple H defending the heavyweight championship against Shawn Micheals."
Stone Cold comes out.
Austin: "That match is good. Let me add to it. Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, RVD, John Cena...TLC for the heavyweight title."
Eric: "Fine, let me add to it. Instead of the belt hanging, we're going to put it in a cage suspended from the roof!"
Austin: "And Kane will be in the match too!"
Eric: "Kane will be insede the cage!"
Austin: "With you in it!"
Eric: "Hold on a sec...Alright, but you're facing Psycho Sid with both arms tied behind your back!"
Austin: "You wanna get dirty? Fine, I'm booking you in ever match tonight!"
Shane McMahon comes out.
Shane: "Listen to you two! You're fighting like little kids! Let me take over the show!"
All three of them start arguing.
Linda McMahon appears on the titantron.
Linda: "That's it. Tonight's main event will remain Triple H Vs. HBK. And as for you three, you will all be competing at Summerslam against eachother! The winner will gain 100% ownership of Raw! But from now until then, you're all fired! I will run the show!"
They all leave.

APA comes out impersonating La Resistance.

La Resistance def. APA in 10:44.

Faarooq beats up Bradshaw.

Faarooq: "That's enough. The black man from APA has been dragged down too much. I'm bringing back the Nation of Domination! Rodney Mach, D'Lo Brown, Elix Skipper, Shelton Benjamin, Booker T. and Ahmed Johnson, get your black behinds out here!"

They all enter the ring and raise their fist.

Cruiserweight Tournament
Zach Gowen def. Funaki Zach Gowen \
Shannon Moore def. Spanky Shannon Moore/Winner\__________
Mysterio def. Jami Noble Rey Mysterio \Winner/
Kidman def. Chavo Billy Kidman /

Kane and Sid are caught beating eachother up in the back.

Lance Storm def. Rosey to win a cape from the Hurricane.
Lance Storm def. Rosey to win a mask from the Hurricane.
Lance Storm def. Rosey to win a pair of tights from the Hurricane.

Hurricane: "Ladies and gentleman...The STORMINATOR!"

Rodney Mack/Elix Skipper/D'Lo Brown def. Dudley Boyz/RVD

<b>Highlight Reel</b>
Y2J: "I'd like to introduce my guest for tonight...somebody who's been just signed recently...Sunny!"
Sunny comes out.
Y2J: "My, my, beatiful as always. So...why have you come back?"
Sunny: "i'm looking for some handsome boys to get me some gold."
Y2J: "Really? Well, you know I am the first Undisputed Champion! I've held almost every belt this company has!"
Sunny: "Really? Then I guess you're just the guy I've been looking for..."
Sunny kisses Jericho.
Sunny: "See ya later...honey."
Y2J is shocked.
Y2J: "That's it for the highlight reel. Join us next week when my guest will be two former tag team champions...don't miss it!"

HBK def. HHH and wins the heavyweight title.


Stephanie McMahon comes out.
Steph: "Welcome to SmackDown! At Summerslam our main event will be Kurt Angle defending the WWE title against Kevin Nash...No Holds Barred! I've also signed many superstars and they will be competing tonight! Basham Brothers, Mr. Ass, you will be competing right now to see whil will be in the InVasion match at Summerslam!"

Mr. Ass def. Doug Basham and Danny Basham in 7:43

<u>Women's Championship Match</u>
Victoria def. Trish in 10:19

Victoria/Gail Kim beat up Trish. Lita comes out and saves Trish.

Rhyno/Christian/Eddie def. Charlie Haas/Benoit/Edge in 24:03

Steph comes out and declares that all six men will compete with eachother at Summerslam in an elimination cage match!

<u>The Rock Says...</u>
Rock: "Las week, The Great One defeated not one but two legends in this very ring, on the Rock's show...SmackDown! I'm the legend killer!"
Lights go off. A promo shows 'Hero's come and go. But Legends Live Forever!'
Lights go back on.
Rock: "What in the blue hell is that?"
Everybody chants TNA as Legend spears the Rock and then leaves.

Lesnar/Goldberg def. Undertaker/Nathan Jones in 25:11

Batista and Big Show battle to double DQ in 18:42.

Kevin Nash def. Eric Angle in 30:14


<u>Ownership of Raw Triple Threat Match</u>
Eric Bischoff Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Shane McMahon

<u>Cruiserweight Championship Match</u>
Winner of Cruiserweight Tournament Vs. Ultimo Dragon

<u>6-Way Elimination Cage Match for U.S. Title</u>
Charlie Haas Vs. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Rhyno Vs. Christian Vs. Edge

<u>InVasion Match</u>
SD!=Mr. Ass Vs. Raw=???

This will be the best ppv ever, you'll see.

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The show starts with the pyros and the music.
JR: "Welcome to Raw Is War, tonight will be an important night as the Highlight Reel will have two former tag team champions as Chris Jericho said. Plus...The Cruiserweight Tournament continues."
King: "Don't forget about the puppies JR, that's right tonight is a 2/3 tag team women's match. It will be Trish Stratus and Lita against Gail Kim and Victoria. The stipulations for the first match is a Bra & Panties match. The second fall is a Paddle on a pole match and if we need a third fall then it will be...get this...our first 'Striptease' match since December of 1999! It's gonna be great JR!"
JR: "Plus...we don't know what it's for yet but there's a steel cage hanging above the ring. Now let's kick it off with..."
Jericho and Sunny enter the ring.
Y2J: "Welcome to...RAW IS JERICHO! Now that I have this lovely lady by my side, nothing will stop me from gaining back what is rightfully mine. Last week, I talked to Cold Stone Steve Boston and to Derik Jerkoff in the back, and they agreed that it will be I-Chris Jericho will face Triple H tonight, and the winner will face Shawn Micheals at Summerslam for the heavyweight championship! Now that's not going to happen because Linda McMAN fired them. This is a travesty that yours truly will never...e,e,e,eeeeever forget again!"
Linda McMahon comes out.
Linda: "Chris, you may be wondering why I'm out here...It's because I'm running the show. There are no more general managers for the time being. However, I will give you your match against HHH and it will be for the number one contendership and it will be inside the cage hanging above the ring!"
HHH comes out.
HHH: "You're going to put me against him? What's the point of that! He's a mid-carder. He doesn't deserve to face me in any match. I gave him too many chances against me already...I beat him in a Last Man Standing Match, I beat him in a Hell In The Cell Match, I beat him at WrestleMania 18 for the heavyweight title, why do I need to face him again?"
Linda: "Let's put it this way...because Linda McMahon said so!"
They all leave.


Tag Team Championship Match
Hurricane/Storminator Vs. La Resistance
(I'll start writing out the matches now I guess...)
Hurricane and Sylvan Grenier start out the match. It starts slowly with grapples and headlocks. Hurricane gets the advantage later on with a hiptoss followed by 2 more. Hurricane twists the arm of Sylvan and makes a tag to the Storminator. Storminator goes to the top rope, poses, then jumps and gives Sylvan's arm an axe handle smash. Storminator follows with 2 dropkicks and Sylvan quickly makes the tag to Rene Dupree. Storminator quickly answers with some punches and whips him hard into his team's corner. Hurricane holds Rene back as Storm dropkicks his opponent into the corner. Storminator then goes for another one but Rene dodges out of the way. Storminator hits Hurricane by accident with the dropkick and goes to help his partner. Rene makes a tag to Sylvan both fly to the outside and land on their foes. Hurricane gets handcuffed to the rope as Storm gets punished in the ring by double team moves. Once Rene gets to his corner Sylvan starts to lose the advantage. Storm gets a superkick to Sylvan but only to get a 2 count. Storm then gets the keys for the handcuffs and unlocks the Hurricane. Sylvan takes advantage and rolls up Storminator...1...2...3!
Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

Linda McMahon comes out.
Linda: "Since Shane, Austin and Bischoff are fired temporarily, I am running the show. I've realized that there is no Intercontinental Champion. So, I've decided that the Intercontinental Championship wil be decided in a Ladder Match! The two participants in the match will be the winners of the following two matches: John Cena Vs. Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam Vs. Matt Hardy!"
Psycho Sid comes out.
Sid: "Last week, I was assaulted by a monster...a monster known as Kane! Just because I made a joke about him he started to assault me in the back. I can not trust being in the back if people act like him."
Linda: "Hold on Sid. You say that Kane was assaulting you?"
Sid: "Yes, and everybody knows that you can not attack the Master and The Ruler Of The World!"
Linda: "...Alright, it will be you against Kane at Summerslam!"
Sid: "No."
Linda: "YES! However, you two cannot touch eachother before the pay-per-view otherwise you will both be fired and fined!"
Kane comes out.
Linda: "Do you hear that Kane? Now you behave in the back or else I will have you arrested like before. You can not go around and attacking people, that's childish!"
Kane: "So...you think that I'm a kid? You think I'm childish? I thought you weren't going to make fun of me!"
Kane tombstones Linda McMahon in the ring.
Sid: "There big man, you better be ready for the pay-per-view. Cause I am the master and the ruler of the world...and you can't touch me!"
Sid spits in Kane's face.
Sid: "There, maybe that will wash away some of the ugliness!"
Kane is pissed off and since he can't hit Sid he chokeslams Linda McMahon.
Sid: "You beat up old women just because you can't touch me? You're nothing but a coward!"
Kane is really mad so he grabs the steps from the outside and throws them up the stage.
Sid: "Now you're mad. I'll tell you what you ugly freak...you need help badly, if you don't get a makeover...Micheal Jackson will be laughing at you because you're so ugly!"
Kane picks up the steps from the stage and throws them into the titantron.
Sid looks shocked.

(During the commercial a new titantron is set up quickly)

Intercontinental Qualifying Match
Matt Hardy Vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD starts off with a spin kick but Matt dodges and gives his opponent the Side Effect. Matt goes for the count...1...2...kickout. Matt then stomps away at his opponent until RVD catches his leg and gives Matt an awkward incegurry. RVD then starts his momentum with several kicks to the face. He sets Matt in the corner, tackles him, backflips and tackles him again. Then RVD runs up to Matt and gives him a monkey flip. Matt falls quickly to the ground. RVD then sees that Matt is set up and gives him a Rolling Thunder. RVD goes for the cover...1...2..kickout by V1. RVD goes for a dropkick but Matt throws him away. Matt beats RVD senselessly into the corner. Matt gets a chair and sets it up by RVD in the corner. Matt goes to the opposite corner and using the chair gives his foe a Poetry In Motion. The referee throws the chair away as Matt sets up his opponent for a Twist Of Fate. RVD pushes Matt away and dropkicks him to the outside of the ring. As Matt walks around the outside trying to gain his balance, RVD comes off the top rope and nails Matt with a moonsault to the outside. RVD throws Matt to the inside and gets ready for a 5 star frog splash when Shannon Moore comes to the ring and has a talk with the ref. Zach Gowen hops on one leg with the other one in his hand as he clobbers RVD with the prosthetic leg. Both of the little MFers go back to the outside when Matt picks up RVD and gives him the Twist Of Fate. Matt goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Qualifying Match
John Cena Vs. Randy Orton

Cena: "Tonight I'm against the cowboy's son, I'm gonna play you like a drum-I'm gonna beat on you until I'm done. This ain't gonna be too difficult of a match, my strategy's simple....KICK THE COWBOY'S ASS!"
Randy Orton races to the ring and starts hammering away at John Cena. Cena answers back with a few right hands of his own. After the punching stops Orton answers with a knee to the gut and whips him against the ropes as Randy dropkicks the rapper. Orton closelines John Cena to the outside. Orton then climbs to the rope and nails his foe with a right hand. Orton whips Cena into the stairs not once, but twice. Orton rolls in the ring to stop the count then rolls right back out. Cena grabs his chain and padlock and hits Orton in the head. The referee didn't see the chain so the match continues. Orton now is busted open from the shot to the head. Cena returns the favor by throwing his opponent into the stairs twice. Cena poses for a couple of fans and then picks up the third generation superstar and rolls him into the ring. The rapper then picks up Orton and goes for an F-U but Orton quickly breaks out of the move and gives his opponent a version of the Stone Cold Stunner. Orton goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Orton looks frustrated as he delivers a leg drop to Cena. Orton goes up top and delivers an elbow drop off the top and goes for the cover...1...2...3! However, the referee noticed that Cena had his foot on the ropes so the match still continues. Orton goes for a figure four leg lock now and holds it on Cena for a little over two minutes until John Cena turns it over and Orton releases the hold. John Cena holds his leg as he limps throughout the ring now. Orton tries to tackle the leg but Cena jumps up and dodges it. Cena then picks up Orton but his leg hurts too much so he drops quickly. Orton goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Orton now tries to deliver a pedigree but Cena reverses it into a backbody drop, however Orton holds onto his legs trying to flip Cena over for a pin. Cena thinks fast and sits down and holds the legs for a cover...1...2...3! Cena wins and rolls to the outside. Cena starts limping his way up the ramp but Zach Gowen and Shannon Moore start an assault on Cena. Matt Hardy walks down and looks Cena straight in the eyes.
Matt: "To quote a famous wrestler, 'Rap Is Crap'. Cause Mattitude will remain supreme above any other skill in the WWE. At Summerslam it's me and you Cena, but don't forget. Me and my brother are experts at the ladder matches and TLC matches. It's gonna take alot more than crappy rhymes to get you that Intercontinental Title Cena...you'll see!"


Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Matches
(Running out of time so I'm only going to post match highlights.)

Billy Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio
MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Mysterio does a moonsault to the outside. Kidman does a shooting star press to the outside. Kidman gives Rey the 619. Rey Mysterio gives Kidman the shooting star press. Kidman goes for the West Coast Pop but Mysterio reverses it into a powerbomb and flips over into a pin to win the match and advance to the finals.

Zach Gowen Vs. Shannon Moore
MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Matt Hardy was doing commentary. Both guys shook hands at the beginning and end of the matches. Shannon Moore nailed a 450 splash onto Zach however he didn't win there. Zack deliverd an Asai Moonsault to the outside. Gowen also nailed a suicide dive to the outside. Shannon tried to go for a figure four but forgot about the missing leg. When Shannon went up top for a splash, Zach hopped to the top rope and delivered a superplex to get the win and advance to face Rey Mysterio in the finals. John Cena appeared on the Titantron after the match.
Cena: "Matt, you saying Rap Is Crap, you're nothing but a sap. You talk about your Mattitude and your little MFers, well at Summerslam I'm gonna big the big MFer getting in your face! You're little friends-Gimpy and Backstreet Boy wannabe won't help you with your antics or they'll get a lesson in thuganomics! WORD!"


N.O.D comes out and gives a long speech. After Faarooq insaults Bradshaw he comes after him and beats him up but the N.O.D gets to be too much as they leave Bradshaw a bloody mess.

Jericho: "Tonight, I promised two former tag team champions and here they are...Road Warrior Hawk...Road Warrior Animal...The LEGION OF DOOM!"
Music: "Uuuuhhhhh, What a RUSH!"
Everybody cheers and chants LOD.
Jericho: "Now, you two have made your return to Raw, what do you two plan on doing."
Hawk: "Well! We're here to rip up the tag team division because it's been boring without us for a long, long time!"
Animal: "That's right! That's why we're declaring ourselves the number one contenders for the tag team titles against those stupid snotty losers called La Resistance."
Jericho: "You want them? You got them...ladies and gentlemen...La Resistance!"
La Resistance comes out and they start a brawl with LOD. N.O.D comes in and starts a fight too. Hurricane/Storminator, Goldust/Rosey come out and get in the action. Linda is shown on the titantron as she is being helped by paramedics.
Linda: "Also at Summerslam, all the tag teams from Raw will be in a battle royale for the tag team championships. And as for who takes care of RAW for the time being...Vince is in charge starting next week!"
JR: "Well, that sucks. Next week has bad news written all over it!"


Doink The Clown comes out.
Doink: "I'm issuing an open challenge to anybody at SummerSlam to a creation of mine...A CIRCUS MATCH!"

Test def. Doink and Scott Steiner (Really running low on time, sorry)

Jericho def. Triple H in a cage match with the help of Sunny

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Tazz: "Get ready Cole, this is probably going to be the greatest SmackDown! ever!"
Stephanie McMahon comes out.
Steph: "For those of you who saw Raw on Monday, you may have noticed that a Women's Division matchup was announced by Jerry "The King" Lawler. Many of you probably found it odd. Well, tonight that match will come true. And I also have an explanation as to why Lawler announced it. Micheal Cole...Tazz...you're fired! The new SmackDown announcers are Jerry 'The King' Lawler and...Tony Schiavone!"
Tazz grabs a mic.
Tazz: "Steph, that decision sucks! Now give us our jobs back!"
Steph: "You want your jobs back? Well, you're going to have to earn it by facing eachother right now!"

Tazz Vs. Micheal Cole
Tazz locks in the Tazzmission right aways and Micheal Cole taps out.
Winner: Tazz

Steph:"There Tazz you are now going to compete as an active competitor again. But Micheal...you're still fired. And now I promised to crown a new eXtreme champion but my father stopped me, but since he's busy with Raw we're going to do it right now!"

Mr. Ass Vs. Legend for The eXtreme championship

The match starts with a tie up followed by a headlock from Legend.
Tony: "It's been announced, this match is a steel cage match!"


The match continues with Mr. Ass at the top of the cage, Legend follows up and superplexes his opponent off the cage. The Rock comes out.
Rock: "Legend, you dare to go one on one with the great one? You dare interrupt the Rock on the Rock's show? Well, The Rock says this...I am a Legend Killer and your name is Legend. So how's about at Summerslam, Rock and Legend, One on One, Career Ending Match!" Legend says he accapts but doesn't notice that while the Rock was talking, Mr. Ass escaped fromt he cage and is the eXtreme champion!
Winner: Mr. Ass

In the back Kurt Angle is talking to his brother Eric.
Kurt: "Are you sure you're going to do this?"
Eric: "Yes, but just make sure you're there to help me out."
Kurt: "That's what brothers are for right?"
Eric: "Ya, I guess."

PROMO FOR "Fallen Angel" it says that the evil must be eliminated. That the styles are about to change. An angel must awaken to open a new challenge 'Coming Soon'!


2/3 Women's match
Lita/Trish Stratus Vs. Gail Kim/Victoria
First Match: Bra & Panties
Trish and Victoria start out the match. They start with kicks and hair pulling. Trish finds an opening and bodyslams Victoria. Trish goes for Victoria's top but she kicks her away and gives Trish a chick kick. Victoria then catapults Trish into the corner and takes off her pants at the same time. Trish rolls out of the ring but Victoria follows with a cross body block. Victoria then chops at Trish's chest and throws her back in the ring. Victoria tries to tackle Trish but misses and hits the turnbuckle. Trish then rolls up Victoria and pulls off her pants. Trish goes for a suplex and takes Victoria's top with it. Victoria is eliminated. Trish celebrates early as Gail Kim rips off Trish's top. Trish Stratus is eliminated. Lita gets into the ring now. Lita starts off with two closelines and then gives Gail a Twist Of Fate. She then tries to take off Gail's shorts but Gail answers with a hurracarana. Gail Kim pulls off a suicide dive and lands on Lita and Trish. Gail then throws Lita into the ringpost and knocks her out. Trish pulls on Gail's hair but Victoria comes from behind and takes off Trish's bra as she covers up and runs to the other side of the ring where the others won't get her. Lita pulls off Gail Kim's shorts and gives her a spanking. Lita throws her opponent back into the ring. Lita goes up top but Gail is too quick and pulls off Lita's top then gives her a hurracarana off the top rope. Gail then takes off Lit'a pants and wins the first fall.
Winners: Gail Kim and Victoria

Second Match: Paddle on A Pole Match
Everybody got back into the ring and couldn't put their clothes back on because they were ripped to shreds, Trish was arguing with the ref because she didn't even have a bra to put on. The second match is simple, first one to spank their opponent's in elimination style with the paddle wins the match. Right aways as Trish is arguing with the ref, Victoria gravs the paddle and goes to spank Trish but she moves and slaps the ref right in the testicles knocking him to the floor. Trish then kicks the paddle right into Victoria's face. Trish winds up with the paddle and spanks Victoria to eliminate her. Trish then chases Gail Kim around the ring with the paddle in one hand and the other one covering her puppies. Victoria takes the paddle from Trish, throws it to Gail Kim and she slaps Trish's behind to eliminate her. Again, Gail Kim and Lita are left. Lita goes for a Twist Of Fate once they're in the ring but Gail pushes her away and goes for a slap with the paddle but Lita turns and gets it in the gut. Gail Kim then goes for it again but Lita catches the paddle. Lita kicks Gail in the face and then spanks her with the paddle. Victoria comes from behind and rips off Lita's top so she has to cover up as well.
Winners: Trish Stratus and Lita

Third Match: Striptease Match
The rules were simple. The first one to score a pinfall wins the match and the losers will have to strip done to nothing after. Lita and Trish were already half-way there and were more occupied covering up than winning the match. Gail and Victoria took advantage of this and dominated through most of the match. Gail went up top but Lita shook the rope causing Gail to fall. Trish then did the Stratusphere and went for the pinfall...1...2...kickout. Victoria then hit Trish with the paddle while the ref wasn't looking and Gail Kim went for the pin...1...2...3!
Winners: Gail Kim and Victoria

Now Trish and Lita had to strip down to nothing. First Trish helped cover up Lita as she took off her friend's thong. Next Lita did the same to Trish. They were both nude but they were blocking the major parts with their hands and arms. Some sort of music hit but after a few seconds everybody recognized it, it was DX music! The lights went out for a little bit and when the lights went on Trish and Lita were covered with signs but nobody else was there. The signs read things like 'Suck it','DX #1','DX is back'. Lita and Trish then walked away leaving everybody kind of shocked and puzzled.


PROMO for 'Fallen Angel' again.

Rhyno Vs. Edge
Rhyno and Edge start off with basic wrestling maneuvers but right away heated up a rivalry that could have set the building on fire. Edge and Rhyno both speared eachother throughout the match but it was never enough to put their opponent away. At the end of the match. Christian, Charlie Haas, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero came racing in and everybody started to fight eachother. Stephanie came out.
Steph: "You're 6-man elimination cage match is simple. The only way to eliminate your opponent is by throwing them outside of the cage. And this cage has no doors! Hope you all have fun!"
Everybody looks in shock at Stephanie's decision.
Winner: Double DQ because of interference.

Goldberg Vs. Eric Angle
Eric Angle walks out with his brother by his side. Goldberg spears Eric Angle right aways and Jackhammers him to score the win in amazing quickness.
Tony: "This reminds me of the old WCW days. Goldberg is now at 70 wins and 0 losses! The streak is returning King."
Brock Lesnar Vs. Nathan Jones
Brock Lesnar runs at Nathan Jones and picks him up to deliver an F-5 to get the pinfall and the win.
King: "Lesnar's not too far behind either, he's at 69-0, maybe the streak is with Lesnar now."
Undertaker comes out because Lesnar keeps beating up Nathan Jones.
Undertaker: "How's about picking on somebody your own size!"
Brock: "You're on!"
Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar
Brock gives an F-5 to the deadman than makes the cover but Taker gets up meaning he's not finished. Brock is shocked and continues to beat up Undertaker. The masked person from last week goes to the ring and smacks Undertaker with a chair while the ref is distracted by Brock. Brock then takes advantage with an F-5 and pins...1...2...3!
King: "Now it's a tie-70-0 for Lesnar and 70-0 for Goldberg! The race is on Tony!"
Tony: "Indeed it is...who will reign supreme between those two?"
King: "I dunno but whoever it is will deserve a title shot soon enough!"

Big Show Vs. Kevin Nash
It starts out with punching between these two but Kevin Nash shows his speed from the Diesel days and quickly looks like he's 10 years younger again. After battling for 15 minutes Nash picks up the Big Show and gives him a Jackknife Powerbomb to score a win over the big man! Kurt Angle's music plays as a big chamber is lowered from the roof. It's painted red white and blue. Nash decides to open the door and what appears to be Kurt Angle turns out to be his brother Eric. Eric is thrown back into the chamber where it is lifted back to the roof. Then Kurt's music plays again as Nash's old music plays and a Diesel look-alike comes out inside of a semi-truck. He gets out of the truck and Nash gives him a Jackknife powerbomb. Kurt Angle then appears at the top of the semi and jumps off to land on Kevin Nash.
Kurt: "Me and you at Summerslam is just fine Kev, but the thing is...I'm the best damn wrestler today, oh it's true, it's damn true. You saw tonight some of the mind games I'm gonna play with you. But trust me, there's gonna be..."
The lights shut off and DX music hits again. When the lights go back on, the semi and Kurt have disappeared and Nash is out cold with 'DX' spray painted on his back in green.

Vince is back in charge of Raw...what's gonna happen with him?
Will Doink The Clown reveal the rules for a circus match?
Who's going to replace Jerry The King Lawler on Raw?
What does HBK think of him and Jericho at Summerslam?
What's HHH feeling like after losing to Y2J?
The Nation of Domination: Why is it back?
All the tag teams look ready for Summerslam. Who's all in it?
Zach Gowen Vs. Mysterio in the finals. Cruiserweight Tourney!
Plus...will DX invade Raw much like SmackDown?

What mind games is Kurt gonna pull on Nash?
The women showed a great match. What's next?
Brock-Goldberg: Who's next to feel the pain?
Who's the masked person attacking Undertaker?
eXtreme Championship? Watzupwitdat?
6 man cage elimination for Summerslam: What?
Legend-Rock: Rock Forever or is Legend a fake?
DX: Is it really back or is it a ratings stunt?

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Raw-Week before Summerslam

Pyros and music play.
JR: "This is going to be a hellacious night. King has left for SmackDown! and now I'm all alone. Who's going to take the King's place? Remember, Vince is in charge of the show tonight so anything can happen."
To start off the show Vince McMahon struts down.
Vince: "Welcome to Raw! That's right I'm in charge of the show that I created. Now...this Sunday is Summerslam...what a Summerslam this is going to be. You see, Summerslam is the second biggest Pay-per-view right next to WrestleMania, therefore this pay-per-view will be 4 hours instead of the regular three. And that's not all, no, tonight...in this very ring...Shawn Micheals and Chris Jericho...will be teaming up to face a team of my choosing. You see, at Summerslam the Raw main event is Shawn against Jericho but that's not good enough. It's going be two out of three falls for the heavyweight championship. Plus...The Cruiserweight championship will be defended in an ironman match...1 hour, the cruiserweights will collide! Now, I know SmackDown's side is looking better right now to many of you but Raw is also great. You see we have Kane against Psycho Sid. We have the ironman match. We have the 2 out of 3 heavyweight title match. We have an intercontinental title match and a Circus Match. There's more...but you'll wait and see later tonight."
John Cena comes out.
Cena: "Vince you ain't nothing but a power-hungry sucka. You so rich with all your dolla. But that doesn't matter to me. I want Matt Hardy tonight for everybody to see. Cause at Summerslam it's me and him with a ladder. You see I don't need to climb to get my dreams, I need to climb so I can crush his!"
Vince: "...Who in the hell do you think you are? You come in here thinking you're Eminem! You think you're Snoop Dawg or something? I'll tell you something Vanilla Ice...nobody dares to cross the boss! You will get your match tonight but it isn't going to be a regular match. You see this is going to be a Lumberjack match! I'll get the lumberjacks so don't you worry."
Vince gets out of the ring.
Vince: "Oh ya, and one more thing...Word to your mama!"


Kane is shown in the back and he looks angry in his chains. Sid comes into the locker room and starts to make fun of him.
Sid: "You like that...freak! It's me and you at Summerslam but I am the master and the ruler of the world. It takes more than a freak to scare me. That's why I want it to be me and you tonight in a blindfold match. That way you can hide your ugly face and can't see me beat the crap out of you!"
Kane: "You're on! Just remember...don't hide the truth!"
Sid: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Kane: "Just don't hide the truth..."
Sid: "You're crazy. I'm outta here."

Vince McMahon walks out again and sits down with JR.
JR: "What are you doing here?"
Vince: "I'm the new commentator. That's right I'm back behind the table with Good Ol' JR!"
JR: "What!"
Vince: "Oh come on, I'm better than the King! Let's call the match."

Nation Of Domination comes out.
Elix Skipper/D'Lo Brown Vs. Doink The Clown/Test
Test and D'Lo start off the match. Test right aways finds a spot and kicks his opponent in the ribs about five times. D'Lo answers back with body shots until Test falls down. D'Lo whips Test against the ropes and gives him a spin kick to remember. D'Lo twists Test arm and makes a tag. Elix Skipper hops in and dropkicks Test's arm. Elix Skipper picks Test up for a suplex but drops him on the rope. As Test lays on the rope Elix Skipper comes off the top and delivers a leg drop. Elix goes for the pin...1...2...kickout! Elix goes against the ropes and runs at Test but Test gives him the big boot. Test then catapults his opponent into the corner that Doink is standing in. Doink tags Test. Doink gets into the match and slaps Elix Skipper. Doink gives Elix a suplex and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout. Doink delivers a dropkick and then goes to the outside and gets a fire extinguisher. Doink sprays the fire extinguisher and loses balance. When the spray clears, D'Lo delivers a Low Down to Doink and drags him to his corner. Elix takes advantage by locking in a figure four. Test gets distracted by the other Nation Of Domination members. While Doink's in the figure four D'Lo nails a frog splash. Elix pins Doink...1...2...3!"
Winners: Elix Skipper/D'Lo Brown

Elix picks up a mic: "Doink you stupid clown, I accept your challenge to a Circus Match. Me and you at Summerslam. I'm gonna prove that I'm Pound 4 Pound The Greatest Wrestler in the World!"
Vince picks up a mic: "As for you Test....you're gonna face Mr. Ass at SummerSlam in the inVasion Match!"

Psycho Sid is shown unconscious in the back.


Psycho Sid is being attended to by paramedics.
Sid: "Don't hide the truth...don't hide the truth...don't hide the truth."

Kane is interviewed by Coach.
Coach: "Kane, we saw that Psycho Sid was knocked out. I remember the stipulation that you're not supposed to touch eachother. Are you the one that attacked Sid?"
Kane:"...he shouldn't have hid the truth! I told him not to hide the truth!"
Coach: "So it was you! You're going to be fired fo this you monster!"
Kane: "...Don't...make...fun...of me! It didn't do it! They did it!"
Kane chokeslams Coach.
Back to the announcers.
Vince: "Well the match at SummerSlam will still happen but it will be a blindfold match! What do you have for us JR?"
JR: "Well you can log onto WWE.com and vote in tonight's poll...Vince take it away..."
Vince: "That's right. Tonight's question is...who are Y2J and HBK gonna face tonight in the tag team match? Here's the choices...Members from the Nation Of Domination, Kane and RVD, Randy Orton and Ric Flair, DX!"
JR: "Why is DX a choice? DX doesn't exist anymore!"
Vince: "Just let the people vote...now let's head to a singles match."

Storminator Vs. Faarooq

Storminator poses then starts the match off with two dropkicks. Faarooq gets tired of the superhero stuff and powerbombs him. Faarooq then continuously whips Storm hard into the turnbuckles. Faarooq goes for the Dominator but Storm gets free and delivers a superkick. Storminator grabs a mic and locks in the Maple Leaf.
Storminator: "Greetings citizens! I'm here to introduce my super power...the Storm of the Century!"
Faarooq taps out.
Winner: Storminator(Much better than Storm/Goldust)
All the teams in the Battle Royale join in the fight. Dudley Boyz enter too. In the end the Dudley Boyz stand in the ring with everybody else on the outside.


Matt Hardy Vs. John Cena
The lumberjacks are introduced...Zach Gowen, Shannon Moore and the Nation of Domination members.
John Cena gets thrown over the top rope and everybody attacks the rapper. After throwing him into the poles, stairs, railguards, tables and getting hit with chairs Cena is thrown back in the ring. The lights go out and DX music plays. When the lights go back on all the lumberjacks are gone and Matt Hardy is unconscious with 'DX' spraypainted on his back. John Cena rolls over and pins Matt Hardy...1...2...3!
Winner: John Cena

Finals of Cruiserweight Tournament
Rey Mysterio Vs. Zach Gowen

Rey Mysterio starts off with two head scissor takedowns. Zach looks mad as he hopes to go for a dropkick but Rey moves out of dodge. Rey makes fun of Zach by grabbing one foot and hopping on the other. Rey then dropkicks Zach. Rey then whips Zach to the corner and does a backflip/handspring elbow to the face. Rey sets up Zach on the ropes and delivers a 619. Rey goes for a West Coast Pop but Zach delivers a dropkick in midair to Rey. Zach goes up top and gives Rey a moonsault. Zach then gives Rey the Twist Of Fate and pins...1...2...kickout! Zach grabs his prosthetic leg and swings at Mysterio but misses, Mysterio does an incegury and knocks Zach out. Rey then goes for the West Coast Pop and delivers it...1...2...3! Rey advances and goes to face Ultimo Dragon in an ironman match for the Cruiserweight Title at Summerslam!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Ultimo Dragon comes out with all the fire pyros. Ultimo Dragon and Rey look eye to eye. Ultimo Dragon the blows fire into Mysterio's face and leaves. Rey has to be taken away by refs.


Vince: "Now before the main event, let's talk about Summerslam."
JR: "Well, it's this Sunday...we will have a first ever Circus Match between Doink The Clown and Elix Skipper, who claims to be the world's greatest wrestler."
Vince: "Also we're going to have to top superstars battle it out for the Cruiserweight Title in an ironman match. This will be unbelievable as they are the top cruiserweights in the world...Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon, ya!"
JR: "Don't forget about Kane versus Psycho Sid in an blindfold match. Kane keeps talking about hiding the truth. Will the truth be revealed this Sunday?"
Vince: "Anything can happen, and that's why we have a rematch from tonight, Matt Hardy Vs. John Cena in a Ladder Match to declare the Intercontinental Champion!"
JR: "And the main event! HBK-Shawn Micheals against Chris Jericho. They had a hell of a match at WrestleMania 19 and they might have 3 great matches come SummerSlam."
Vince: "That's not all because there's still the SmackDown! Brand with their matches as well. Wait...I hear something happened in the back..."

Triple H is found in the parking lot through a windshield bloody and inconscious. Paramedics are attending to him as we see a car drive away quickly away from the scene. Back to the ring...

JR: "Who could've done that?"
Vince: "I don't know. But let's head to the main event."

Chris Jericho/Shawn Micheals (With Sunny) Vs. ?????/?????

Vince picks up a mic. Your opponents are....The Legion of DOOM!

Chris Jericho/Shawn Micheals (With Sunny) Vs. L.O.D.

HBK and Y2J argue over who starts, Hawk takes advantage and beats up HBK. Hawk throws Shawn against the ropes and delivers a powerful clothesline. Hawk drags HBK to his corner and tags Animal. Animal comes off the top with a body splash ...1...2...kickout! Animal throws HBK against the ropes and delivers a shoulder tackle. Animal says something to Y2J as he comes in to distract the ref and L.O.D. double teams Y2J. Y2J then tries to break it up but the ref pulls him back. Animal smacks HBK with a chair making him bloody. Animal watches HBK crawl towards his partner but Y2J backs down and refuses to tag. Animal then jumps on HBK and whips him to the buckle with authority. HBK just gets punished severely. Y2J watches on and starts to worry for Shawn. Y2J stands back in the corner and cheers on Shawn for the tag. Hawk locks in Shawn for a DDT but HBK tries pushing him towards his corner. Shawn makes the tag and Y2J comes in and opens up a can of whoop ass onto Hawk and Animal. L.O.D. whips Y2J against the ropes, Y2J ducks to dodge the double clothesline, Y2J answers with a clothesline to both members of L.O.D. as everybody cheers on Y2J. Y2J gives the lionsault to Hawk and HBK superkicks Animal out of the ring. Y2J with the pin...1...2...3!
Winners: Y2J/HBK

Y2J grabs a mic.
Y2J: "You know, I was watching on as I saw you getting hurt and I realized...this is my hero! This is my idol! I better help him out! I know realize how much of a jackass I've been. I-Y2J have acted like an Ass Clown. Well Shawn, I want you to know, that I'm sorry!"
HBK: "I accept. I'm glad to say that it will be an honor to face you in the 2/3 match. It's gonna be very hard fighting a friend but I'll do it. I'll do it for all the Jerichoholics and members of the Kliq out there."
Y2J: "We're gonna give them a show that they will never..."
HBK:"Eeeeeeeever, forget again!"
Both leave together acting like friends.

Randy Orton Vs. RVD
Sid Vs. Kane in a blindfold Match
Matt Hardy Vs. John Cena in a Ladder Match for the IC Title
Doink The Clown Vs. Elix Skipper in a Circus Match
Battle Royale for the tag team titles involving-La Resistance, Dudley Boyz, Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson, D'Lo Brown/Rodney Mack, Rosey/Goldust, Storminator/Hurricane
2/3 Falls for the Heavyweight Championship: HBK Vs. Y2J

Rate me out of 10, please!

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I will post SummerSlam this Saturday. I will start posting Raws on Mondays and SmackDown's on Thursdays. Just like the real show. The Summerslam card looks great!

Iron Man Cruiserweight Championship Match
Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon(champion)

STORY: The top Cruiserweight collide for an hour in non stop action! Rey won the Cruiserweight Tournament to earn this shot. Ultimo Dragon blew fire right into Rey's eyes. This will be good!

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
John Cena Vs. Matt Hardy
STORY: Both men won their qualifying matches. Matt Hardy has recieved help from his little MFers but is that enough to stop John Cena's quest for gold?

Tag Team Battle Royale for the Tag Team Championships
La Resistance(champions), Dudley Boyz, D'Lo Brown/Shelton Benjamin, Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson, Rodney Mack/Booker T., Goldust/Rosey, Storminator/Hurricane, Legion Of Doom

STORY: Who's the dominant tag team in the WWE right now? It looks as if the Nation Of Domination has the advantage with three teams in there but can that be enough?

First Ever Circus Match
Doink The Clown Vs. Elix Skipper

STORY: Elix Skipper claims he's the greatest athlete in the world. Well he's going to have to prove it against Doink in a Circus Match. What is a Circus Match anyway? This will be no laughing matter!

Triple Threat Match to determine General Manager of Raw
Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Shane McMahon Vs. Eric Bischoff

STORY: All 3 men have argued over power of Raw. In this match it will be settled once and for all. Stone Cold is a former-multi-champion but with his neck injury can that be enough to put away the judo skills of Bischoff or the fighting skills of Shane-O-Mac?

Blindfold Match
Kane Vs. Psycho Sid

STORY: These two big men have been fighting in the back. Kane has been saying that Sid mustn't hide the truth what does that mean? Psycho Sid has also been injured on last Raw...will he be 100% to face the vicious monster Kane?

RVD Vs. Randy Orton

STORY: These two can make it to heavyweight gold some day, this match will be a thriller seeing the highflying skills of RVD and the highly trained Randy Orton.

2/3 Falls for the Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Micheals(champion) Vs. Chris Jericho

STORY: These two have fought in the past. This time it's for the heavyweight title and it won't just be one match, it'll be two or three!

inVasion match
Mr. Ass from SmackDown! Vs. Test from Raw

STORY: Which is better:Raw or Smackdown!?


Six Man Tag Team Match "When Giants Collide!"
Goldberg/Brock Lesnar/Big Show
Nathan Jones/Undertaker/Batista

STORY: Goldberg and Lesnar are racing in an undefeated streak contest against one another but on this night they will have to work together with the 7 foot, 500 pound Big Show to keep that undefeated streak alive. Nathan Jones and Undertaker have been attacked by a mysterious character who has yet been revealed. Will he/she be reavealed at Summerslam? You'll have to see when these 6 giants collide.

6-Way Elimination Cage Match for the U.S. Title
Charlie Haas(champion) Vs. Christian Vs. Edge Vs. Rhyno Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Eddie Guerrero

STORY: Possibly the 6 most talented wrestlers on the SmackDown! roster. The only way to eliminate your opponent is by throwing them outside of the cage. Lots of injuries can happen in this sort of match. Especially when all six of these athletes don't like eachother at all. Who's going to survive this hellacious matchup?

Career Ending Match
Legend Vs. The Rock

STORY: Rock claims he is the Legend Killer but can he kill the career of Legend? Or is Legend right when he says that Hero's come and go, but Legend's live forever?

Women's Championship Fatal Four Way Match
Victoria(champion) Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Lita Vs. Trish Stratus

STORY: These four women have feuded for the past month and at Summerslam it will be solved with the Women's Championship at stake. Stephanie McMahon has also stated that since Trish and Lita did not show theirselves after they lost the Striptease match, they will have to show their T&A live on pay-per-view after the match-win or lose!

No Holds Barred Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle(champion) Vs. Kevin Nash

STORY: Kurt has been playing mind games with Kevin Nash. Can Nash concentrate or is Kurt destined to be the best in the business forever?

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SmackDown!-3 days before SummerSlam

Sorry about not posting these at regular times, I've been extremely busy! Anyways, here's SmackDown!

Kurt Angle comes out.
Kurt: "Last week...I got into Big Daddy Cool's head like you wouldn't believe it. Tonight...I'm going to completely destroy Nash's concentration!At SummerSlam...I'm gonna remain WWE Champion...oh it's true, it's damn true!"

Nash comes out.

Nash: "What do you mean you got into my head? You got your brother coming from a chamber and I kicked his ass! You got a crappy look-alike of me so I kicked his ass! Then you came from behind off the semi and nailed me in the head like a cheapskate. You didn't get in my head...you got me pissed off! And now I'm going to head down to that ring and finish what I started last week!"
Stephanie McMahon comes out.
Steph: "Hold it, Kev. If you lay a finger on Kurt I'll suspend you! I have many things to address to tonight. To solve this problem in the ring, it's going to be an opponent of Kurt's choosing to face Kevin Nash. Let's just go down the list now. From last week's 2/3 women's tag team match, the last stipulation was for the losers to strip down to nothing and reveal themselves. I don't remember seeing any T & A so come SummerSlam...win or lose, Lita and Trish Stratus are going to have to strip down to nothing and reveal themselves to the large pay-per-view audience! Another concern is these DX blackouts! I don't have any idea of who's up to this...but when I find out this whole charade will be over! Also...I have talked with my father and we have come up with a brilliant idea. After SummerSlam, both heavweight champions will be traded off! One more thing...Kurt Angle you are going to face the Undertaker tonight, I hope you all have a great time!"

Kurt looks pissed off.


Lita Vs. Victoria
Victoria hits a right hand on Lita and follows it up with a couple more. Lita receives some punishment by Victoria. Lita takes a vertical suplex, but pops right back up. Lita takes a right hand to the temple from Victoria. Victoria misses a clothesline. Lita hits a spinning back kick. Lita uses a running dropkick into the corner. Hooks the leg for a two count. Lita misses a clothesline. Victoria DDTs Lita. Covers for a quick two count. Victoria scores with a standing spinebuster. Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! Lita pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Lita hits a short arm drag on Victoria. Victoria reverses a hip toss. Bodyslam on Lita by Victoria sets up a legdrop. Lita can barely stand. Widow's Peak! 1....2....3.

Bikini Contest: Trish Stratus Vs. Gail Kim
Gail Kim and Trish Stratus are both in the ring in robes, ready for a bikini contest. Kim goes first, and poses for the crowd. Trish goes next, and struts around the ring. The judge listens to the crowd reaction and then declares Trish Stratus the winner. She celebrates while Gail Kim stands in the corner looking furious. Gail Kim comes from behind and puts a sleeper hold on Trish. Lita comes to the ring and suplexes Kim off of her friend. Victoria comes down and nails Lita with the Women's Championship. Victoria goes to hit Trish but she ducks and Trish nails a chick kick as Trish stands in the ring in a bikini with the women's championship in her hands.
King: "I can't wait until SummerSlam Tony because those and Lita's puppies are coming out...I'll bring binoculars and cameras. This is gonna be great!"


Goldberg Vs. Christian
Christian nails Goldberg with a chair and continues the assault on the outside before the match really starts. Christian throws Goldberg into the stairs a couple of times and then follows up with a shot to the ringpost. Christian throws Goldberg in the ring and starts to leave. Charlie Haas and Chris Benoit throw Christian into the ring. Christian starts yelling at Haas and Benoit which allows enough time for Goldberg to recover. Goldberg then delivers a spear to Christian the moment he turns around. Goldberg nails his Jackhammer...1...2...3!
Winner: Goldberg

Brock Lesnar Vs. Edge
Edge gets assaulted by Rhyno and Eddie Guerrero before the match. Haas and Benoit come for the save but Christian gets his revenge with a chair shot to everybody including Edge. Christian throws Edge into the ring and Brock Lesnar picks his opponent up and nails an F-5 for the win.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Nathan Jones races to the ring and attempts to take Brock down. Goldberg races to the ring and tries to spear Jones but moves out of the way and hits Lesnar by accident.Goldberg and Jones start to go at it. Batista and Undertaker race down to even things up in a 2-2 match but that doesn't work well as Big Show races to the ring and chokeslams Nathan Jones. Undertakes nails a chokeslam on to Big Show and Goldberg eliminates everybody. Lesnar gets up and delivers an F-5 to his partner at SummerSlam (Goldberg) and leaves the ring in an angry mood.


The Rock Says...
Rock: "Week after week all I've listened to wasy 'Heroes come and go...Legends live forever!', and people all over the internet and in the crowd say that The Rock is dead, Legend's the new people's champ! I got a question for all you computer geeks and ******* fans...Who in the blue hell do you think you are? You come in here hating me....then you like me until I turn my back on Mick Foley and join Vince...then you like me because I'm on my own...but when I come back from my movie...you all hate me! The problem with all you jabronis out there is you can't make up your damn mind! Anyway...my guest for tonight's show is...Legend!"
Legend comes out.
Rock: "Now...Legend, a simple question. Just because you've gotten the best of Jeff Jarrett in NWA TN-OCVWAQNBFU, do you think you can go one on one with the great one?"
Legend: "Actually..."
Rock: "That's nice to know. Now, at SummerSlam you're gonna try and end the Great One's career, you're going to face The Rock in a Career Ending Match! Do you really think you have a chance?"
Legend: "...y..."
Rock: "It doesn't matter if you think you have a chance. That's because you don't have a chance. In that company you were in before you were a little bitty fish in a pond, but the Rock....he's a whale in a teardrop! I'm bigger than you will ever be...Le...Leg...I seemed to have forgotton your name, what is it again?"
Legend: "..."
Rock: "It doesn't matter what your name is!You..."
Legend: "No Rock! It does matter what my name is...my name is Legend! Your name however, doesn't matter! You see, next week the Rock won't exist, your interview segment won't exist, ten years from now people won't know you exist. While I will gain popularity in those ten years. You see Rock, the victims names are always forgotten, it's the killer who gets all the glory! And that's what's going to happen come SummerSlam...I'm going to kill The Rock!"
Rock: "Alright, you talk about killing people, since I'm allowed to book one match during my segment, I book it: Legend Vs. Nathan Jones!"

Legend Vs. Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones races to the ring, Legend stomps on Nathan Jones and continues to beat him up on the outside of the ring. Rock seems to be guest refeering this match as he starts to lay the smackdown on Legend. Nathan Jones and Rock doubleteam Legend and bust him open. The Rock then gets Nathan Jones to powerbomb his opponent through the announcer's table leaving Legend a bloody mess. Rock calls for a countout victory for Nathan Jones.
Rock: "That's it for Legend. And as I leave you until next time...The Rock says...Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth!"


Undertaker Vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle runs around the ring as Undertaker chases after him. Undertaker catches up to the Olympic Hero and throws him all around the ring area. Kurt Angle can't get any offense as Undertaker continues the assault. Undertaker goes for a tombstone piledriver but Eric Angle comes from behind and nails Taker with a chair causing a disqualification. Undertaker then gives the last ride to Eric Angle. The masked wrestler comes down and chokes out the Undertaker. Nathan Jones comes out to help but it's too late.
Winner by DQ: Undertaker

Kevin Nash Vs. ???

Kurt Angle comes out.
Kurt: "You were supposed to face my brother but I guess since he's unconscious from the Last Ride we're going to have to find you another opponent...Diesel!"
Kevin Nash meets Diesel on the ramp. Nash jackknife powerbombs Diesel on the ramp and starts chasing after Kurt Angle. Kurt runs backstage as Kevin starts catching up to him. Kurt is found by Nash in the parking lot. Kurt jumps into a limo. Scott Hall comes out of the driver's seat of the limo.
Hall: "He's locked in there Kev."
Nash: "Good!"

Nash gets a semi and is about to smash the limo but Steph comes out and stops him. Nash gets out of the semi. Hall nails Nash with a pipe in the back of the head and grabs Kurt out of the limo. They then lock Nash in the back of the limo and they drive off with him into the night.



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The Flyboy has an idea!!
Doink appears on Hi-Lite Reel and beats up Y2J and it's the Clown-Lite Reel with the Doinkatron 5000!!!

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Roster Cuts/Trades

Here are the following people who have been fired...
Shannon Moore
Chavo Guerrero
Jamie Noble
Rock(because of Career Ending Match)
Big Show
Dawn Marie
Molly Holly

The following trades...
Legend has been traded with Matt Hardy
Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash have traded
Eric Angle and Mr. Ass are traded for Kane
Batista and Chris Jericho

The following people have been signed...
Basham Brothers-Raw
Mark Jindrak-Raw
Chris Nowinski-SmackDown
Justin Credible-SmackDown
Steve Borden-Raw

Randy Orton
Psycho Sid
John Cena-IC Champ
Zach Gowan
Ultimo Dragon-Cruiserweight Champ
Billy Kidman
Shelton Benjamin
La Resistance
Booker T.
Ahmed Johnson
Legion of Doom-Tag Team Champions
Eric Angle
D'Lo Brown
Mr. Ass
Elix Skipper
Juventud Guerrera

HBK-Heavyweight champion
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle
Nathan Jones
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Charlie Haas-United States Champion
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Matt Hardy
A.J. Styles

The following people are injured...
Triple H
Dudley Boyz
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