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This will start on the Raw after Summerslam. Everythign is the same as it was coming out.


We are shown video highlights of randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam. The show then kicks off.

J.R: Hello everybody and welcome to the Raw fallout from Summerslam. Oh what a night that was.
King: Oh yes it was Randy Orton became the youngest world heavyweight champion ever. The best bit thoguh was hte diva dodgeball.
J.R: For gods sake. Anyway here is our first match Rhyno Vs Rob Conway in singles action.

Rhyno Vs Rob Conway

Finish: Conway has been downed by Rhyno. Rhyno has him set up for the gore. He goes for it and it connects. He pins 1....2.. Greneir puts Conways foot on the ropes and the ref notices. Rhyno gets pissed off and click his fingers. SuddenlyTajiri runs round the other side and starts fighting with Greneir. This gives Rhyon time to get a tag title of ringside and smash Conways face in with it. He then pins 1...................................2........3

Winner by pinfall- Rhyno

Rhyno and tajiri celebrate up the ramps as Greneier tends to his unconscious partner.


Eric Bischoff's office

Eric is sitting at his desk when all of a sudden. Benoit comes in.

Benoit: I want a rematch.
Eric: No.
Benoit: Its in my contract. If you don't obey it then you're gonna be sacked.
Eric: Okay, okay. You got the match tonight. Make a stipulation now.
Benoit: Submission Match
Eric: Fine then now would you leave I have important business to take care of.

Benoit leaves with a smirk on his face.


J.R: Wow Chris Benoit Vs Randy Orton here tonight. In a submission match.
King: I'm rooting for Randy.
J.R: You would wouldn't you. Anyway Its now time to see some tag team action as we see Tyson Tomko and trish Stratus face off agaisnt Val Venis and Victoria in a mixed tag match.
King: Yeah puppies.
J.R: Grow up.

Tyson Tomko/Trish Stratus Vs Val Venis/Victoria

Finish: Trish is in the ring with Victoria. Trish goes for the stratusfaction but Victoria counters and hits a DDT. They then both crawl and tag in their male partners. Tomko comes in but is taken down by venis who has n't been in for awhile. venis istbringing out all the stops and is doign really well. he starts to get a bit to coky though and falls victim to a menacing clothesline form Tyson. tyson then lifts him up and delivers a sidewalk slam. He pins and Venis gets his foot on the ropes but Trish takes it off 1.....2......3

Winners by pinfall-Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus

Trish goes over to Victoria and begins to attack. Venis comes into make the save but is imediatly destroyed by Tomko. Tomko and Trish leave up the ramp while Victoria consoles a bloodied Val Venis.

J.R: Well Val Venis is as flat as a pancake thanks to Tomko. Hes covered in strawberry jam.
King: I like Jam. It hink venis deserved it. He attacked Trish.

Evo Lockeroom

All the lights are off. You can's see a thing. Orton walks in and they go and the rest of Evolution jump up

Orton: Whats this.
HHH: Its a celebration party for the youngest ever world heavyweight champion.
Flair: Yeah we're all proud of you Randy. Well done.
Orton: Thanks. I don't no how to repay you.
HHH: You don't have to just remember we're your friends and you can trust us.


We see a video hyping up the return of HBK.

J.R: Well it looks like Shanw Michaels is ready to return but when.
King: I don't know but I think he deserved what Kane gave him I mean after all he didn't trust HHH. I f head he wouldv'e shaked hands and got away before Kane got to the ring.
J.R: He had every right to be cautios. It was HHH for gods sake.
King: So I'm trying to tell you tha......

Christian's msuci plays and he makes his way to the ring.

J.R: Oh my god Christian has returned. i thought he was gonna be out for much longer.
King: So did I. I don't believe this.

Christian takes a mic.

Christian: Yes I have returned and I feel greats. It fells brilliant to be back in this ring. But I have business to tend to. Because while I was away I was watching someone. They were rising futher and futher while I was stuck resting and healing. Now right now he's in a spot of bother and I'm here to help. I'm happy for him. And if he knows who he is he should comes down to the ring right now.

Y2J's msuic plays and he comes down tot ehr ign while Christian has a puzzled look on his face.

Y2J: Thank you for the apoligy my good friend. I accpet. So let by gones be by gones.

Y2J extends his hand.

Christian: I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about someone else. In fact you're one of them.

Batista's music then plays and makes hsi way to the ring. Christian looks even more shocked than before.

Batista: Thanks man. its glad to know someone outside of evolution has my back. On behalf of the group welcome to Evolution.
Christian: I don't want to join Evolution in fact you're also his problem.

Crowd cheer heavily

Christian: In fact the person I'm talking about is very close to me. He's family.

Music plays and Edge makes his way to the ring. he slides in and gets on the mic.

Edge: You want to let by gones be by gones.
Chrisitian: Yes.
Edge: Well hold that thought.

Edge drops his IC title on the ground. He then spears both Batista and Chris jericho. During this time christian is holding the title and staring at it. Edge turns around and sees him.

Edge: hey man thats mine.
Christian: Oh sorry I was just holding it for you.

Christian hands it back and both raise hands togehter.

Commercial-Don't try this at home

J.R: Wow Edge and Christian are back together. What do you think King. King. King.
King: Shoosh I'm playing Road to Wrestlemania X8 on this here gamboy thing.
J.R: Oh my god. Well anyways heres our next match William Regal Vs Ric Flair

William Regal vs Ric Flair

Finish: Regal has locked in the Regal stretch. HHH then runs down to ringside and distracts the ref as Flair taps. Regal breaks the regal strecth and starts yelling at HHH from the ring. This gives Flair the chance to get up and roll Regal up also using the ropes for leverage to pin 1...2...3

Winner by pinfall-Ric Flair

Flair and HHH go backstage as Regal is lef tin the ring humiliated. He gets a mic.

Regal: HHH comes down here now. Face me like a gentleman. You ingnorant oaf. I will knock your socks off. I challenge you to a match at Unforgiven. I do this for Eugenes honour the poor boy you have tormented. His life is hard enough and you make it worse you selfish bafoon.

HHH's msuic plays and he comes out with a mic and stands on the stage.

HHH: Listen William I'll give you your match but lets make it interesting. I want you in a Sledgehammer Match. Only weapon allowed is my personal favourite.
Regal: Fine I will compete in that barbaric match for Eugene. I will knock your block off at Unforgiven mark my words.
HHH: We'll see about that.

HHH then leaves.


J.R: I don't believe it we already have a huge match for Unforgiven.
King: Oh my god.
J.R: I know I'm as shocked as well.
King: Know not that. I just got a title shot in my game.
J.R: Save me god please. On another note heres the contract signing for Kane and Lita's wedding.

Kane comes out and sits down and signs. He gets a mic.

Kane: Matt after the wedding. You ain't ever gonna bang my bitch again. I'll let you have for the rest of the week. Then she's mine. Hhahahahahahahaha!!

Matt's music plays and he comes out with a smirk on his face. He is with Lita.

Matt: Kane you won the match last night. You get to marry Lita next week on Raw. But theres something else you forgot.
Kane: It doesn't matter.
Matt: It does cause you see the contract didn't say anything about if she was already married by then.
Kane: What do yuo mean.
Matt: Take a look.

Matt puts his hand forward and shows his front. The camera zoooms in and we see a ring on Matt's finger it switches to Lita and hse has one as well.

Kane: No this can't be.
Matt: It is we're married.
Lita: Sorry Kane.
Kane: Ahhhhhgh!.

Suddenly the gate to the back is closed by a wall fo fire. Matt and Lita try to get off the stage and escape but a wall of fire appears again. They are trapped. kane gets out the ring and walks towards them. Matt goes to attack but Kane boots him. he lifts him up for a chokeslam on the ramp it connects and Matt goes through the ramp floor. Kane then takes of his ring and throws it into the fire.

Kane: Next week my lovely Lita you're my wife.

Lita breaks down in tears as we go to the Smackdown Summary

Smackdown Summary-Shows all the major events from the Smackdown before Sumemrslam

J.R: Oh my god Matt Hardy is destroyed by the moster Kane and it looks like Kane will still be marrying Lita.
King: I want her to marry me.
J.R: Yes thats god to...know. Anyway heres the main event Randy Orton Vs Chris Benoit in a submission match.

World Heavyweight Championship
Submission Match
Randy Orton(c) vs Chris Benoit

Finish: orton has been goign through this with no help from EVo they have been at ringside but have done nothing. This has puzzled both Benoit and Orton. Orton has Chris set up for an RKO. He goes for it and it conencts.

King: Whoa an RKO.
J.R: Yes but he cahn't win by pinfall this time.

He then locks in a sleeper hold. The ref keeps testing Benoits arm 1. Does it again 2 does it again 3. Benoit has efectivly submitted. orton ahs won the match.

Winner by submission- Randy Orton

Orton falls back holding the belt tightly. He yells" I am greatness" over and over as evolution get in the ring and celebrate. Orton is on top of the moon. After beating Chris Benoit. he skhakes hands with HHH. HHH says" lets go. Orton goes to leave but HHH holds on to his hand. Orton trys again. He then yells at the game. HHH then kicks him in the gut and pedigree as evolution beat down on him. HHH lifts up the title and puts it on his shoulder before leaving it on the ground next to the bloody Orton.

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Nice Show,
Seems to be a HHH/Orton rivalry.
I had to laugh at Edge telling Christian that it was his IC Title...brings back some old memories of E & C.

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A good show there, but there were lots of spelling mistakes and a few sentances I couldn't work out. Apart from that good show. I thought more Bischoff segments could have been used but it will be interesting to see what he was doing. The Sledgehammer match between Triple H and William Regal will be great. Can't wait to see where the Kane/Lita/Matt feud goes as well as what you do with Shawn when he makes his return.


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Nice show, very reminacant to last weeks RAW but you'll probably start taking a different path....

JR and King seemed a little out of character, but it takes lot of time and experiance to get promos sounding like the wrestler....

Anyway, hope you keep going, interesting to see what you can do.

btw. if you have msn add me:

[email protected]
(that goes fro anyone)

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Thanks for the support guys. I'm still doing Pain and Bleed its jsut I'm doing this cause I hadn't booked in a while. ADENG whatever you are doing please egt BLeed up very soon like by end of week. Anyway heres SD. I'm gonna use bolds,italics and colours.


We are shown a video package of JBL getting chokeslammed through the roof fo the limo by the Undertaker.

The show now kicks off and we are live from an arena somewhere in Germany(We're going international)

Cole: Hello WWE fans its time to start off Smackdown and from what I've heard our general manager Theodore R Long has a special announcemtn for us tonight.
Tazz: Same here Cole I've been hearing the same things. One thing I can't wait for is the second match in the best of five series between John Cena and Booker T.
Cole: Same here and as we saw John Cena won the first match last Sunday at Summerslam.
Tazz: And speaking of Summerslam what about Kurt Angle's win over Eddie. That match was great. Kurt was a true American patriot there.
Cole: What do you mean he cheated. He took off Eddie's boot to gain a better lock and cause mroe pain to Eddie Guererro.
Tazz: You're wron it was tactic hes was using. Not cheating. Anyways heres comes our General Manager Teddy Long.

Teddy comes down to the ring and takes the mic.

Teddy: Listen up players. Listen up. I got a special announcemtn that I gtta send out out yall. You see I've noticed recently that the most of the the current champions are cheaters. Thats why I'm taking extreme measures to stop this. cause you see playas from now on Smackdown ain't gonna work that way. Now could all the champions of Smackdown come down to the ring please.

Firstly Spike comes down with his brothers, then the tag champs London and Kidman. They are soon followed by Booker T. Then Orlando Jordan comes down with eddie title over his shoulder.

Teddy: Okay then looks like all my plays are down here in da ring. wait a sec hold up. Wheres Layfield.
Jordan: Mr Layfield is in hospital recovering. Until he returns I am WWE Champion.

The camera then zooms in on the belt where it says Orlando Jordan.

Teddy: Well you don't have to playa. Cause you're now gonna drop all your titles on the floor.

Everyone hesitiates until Kidman and Londodn drop then and everybody soon follows.

Teddy: Good. Now you can all leave.
Booker: What. I'm keeping the U.S Title.
Teddy: No you ain't you're gonna all get out my ring now and walk back up that ramp.

They all leave reluctantly and slowly.

Teddy: Okay then playas the reason I wanted all the titles in the ring is because I am making them vacant my bruvas. The only title that will be decided tonight is the U.S title. The WWE title will be decided next week in a Four Man Over the Top Battle Royale. Now holla. The four contestants will be decided tonight. Okay now the first match will be Booker T Vs Orlano Jordan. The second match will feature John Cena and Rey Mysterio. The third match will contain RVD and Eddie Guererro. The forth match will be Kurt Angle Vs The Undertaker. The U.S Title match will feature Charlie Hass, Rico and Rene Dupree. Anyways thats all there is lined up for tonight plays seeeya.

Cole: Wow. I don't believe it we have five great matches lined up for tonight.
Tazz: Yeah I'm really excited about these matches. especially Undertaker Vs Kurt. I think Kurt's gonna win that one without a doubt.
Cole: I wouldn't count on it but anyway we'll be back with the first match right after the break.


No.1 Contendor Match
Booker T Vs Orlando Jordan

Finish: Jordan has been using some sneaky tactics to try to beat Booker but to no avail. Jordan has him in a stall suplex. Booker starts to punch away all of a sudden and gets out of Orlando's grasp. He kicks him to the gut runs at the ropes comes back DDT. He slowly covers Jordan 1...2.... Jordan kicks out. Booker lifts Jordan up and sets him up for a Book End. Orlando gets out of it and lifts Booker up for a scoop slam. Booker still gets out of it and delivers the Book End and pins 1..2....3

Winner by pinfall- Booker T
Booker celebrates in the ring and walks up the ramp to the back. Jordan stays in the ring and gets a mic.

Jordan: I'm sorry Mr Layfield. He was too hard. I'm really sorry. Hope you forgive me.

Suddenly JBL comes up on the tron.

JBL: Listen here Jordan when I get better you're gonna be ina hell a lot of tro..... Ahh the pain.

JBL goes off and leaves Jordan speechless.


Cole: Well it looks like our former champion is nto happy with Orlando Jordan's performance in that match.
Tazz: Well I think JBL has every right to be angry. Jordan shouldv'e done better.
Cole: Oh lay off it . He's new and fresh to the scene. He put up a good fight.

In the backstage area we see Charlie Hass getting ready for his match later tongiht. He is approached by Rico.

Rico: Hello hello Charles.
Hass: Do't call me that man. We're nto a tag team any more. It didn't work. We failed we lost. Thats the end of it I'm sorry man.

Hass leaves the changign room. with Rico lookign rather upset.

Rico: But I never got a chance to fondle you yet.

Rico begins to cry.

Cole: Well looks like Charlie Hass just broke Rico's heart. I wonder how thats gonna effect Rico's match.
Tazz: It almost definetlly willl. The worst to have goign into a match is a laco of self esteem.
Cole: Well rico better be on top form as he is facign off against Chalie Hass and Rene Dupree.
Tazz: Cole I'd love to talk about this for longer but we've got the next No.1 Contendor Match coming up next.

No.1 Contendor Match
John Cena vs Rey Mysterio

Finish: Rey Mysterio has Cena set up for the 619 after he dropkicked him down into the ropes. Rey goes for it but Cena gets out the way and DDTs Rey Mysterio. He goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Mysterio dodges and then walks into an F-U. it connects and Cena pins 1..2...3

Winner by pinfall- John Cena


Tazz: Well just before the break we saw john Cena wins his place in the over the top battle royale next week for the WWE Title.
Cole: I know I can't wait fior that match but right now we should focus on the U.S Championship match that is gonna start soon.

U.S Championship
Rene Dupree vs Rico Vs Charlie Hass

Finish: Rico has been sobbing through most of the match and Dupree and Hass have been ignoring him. Dupree is dominating against Hass and looks like he is on top form. Fifi is at ringside. Dupree sets Hass up for the French Connection with his little dance. it connects and He raises his hnads in pride. Suddenly Rico gets up and grabs Duprees balls and squeezes them as the ref is distracted by the barking Fifi. He lets go and pins Duprre he slams the mat to get the refs attention. He pins 1....2...3

Winner and new U.S Champion by pinfall- Rico.

Rico gets a mic. He has Fifi's leash with the dog attached.

Rico: Charles you broke my heart back there. But now I have a dog who loves me. it is mine now. Along with the United States Championship. both will fulfil my pleasusres.

Rico leaves with the dog following him without the leasg on as Rico took it off.

Cole: Well thats was strange.
Tazz: Same here Cole I'm a bit worried about poor Fifi and what Rico's "pleasures" are.

In the parking lot we see a car come careering in. It crashes into a car and the guy inside gets out he walks away and we don't see his face as he was wearing a cap. he is wearing a black t-shirt and blue short jeans. He jsut walks out the parking lot like nothing happened. His balance while he is wlaking away is a bit off. He has probaly been drink driving.

Who the hell was that?
Cole: I don't know but I sure want to find out.
Tazz: Same here but I also wanna see the next match RVD Vs Eddie Guererro.


No.1 Contendor Match
RVD Vs Eddie Guererro

Finish: RVD has received already recieved a frogsplash while Guerreo has received a Van Daminator. Both so far have had a grueeling match. Eddie looks like he's on top form today and it is starting to show. eddie has locked in the lasso el paso and RVD has been holding out for ages. He keeps trying to get to the ropes. But he can't RVD then sudenly jsut flops down and looks unconscious. The ref checks 1. Teh ref checks 2. the ref checks 3 but RVD gets out at the last milisecond and gets out of it. Eddie turns around. VAN DAMINATOR!!! RVD is out and so is Eddie. The ref begins to count 1............2................3................4..............5...........6...............7 RVD begins to cralw over to Eddie 8...........9.... RVD covers with one arm. The ref begins to count 1....2....3

Winner by pinfall- Rob Van Dam

Van Dam is lifted up by the ref who hold up his hand. He celebrates on the ramp in complete joy and satisfaction.

In the parking lot Theodore R Long is talking with a police officer next to the crashed car.

Officer: Did you see the guy's face.
Teddy: I said I wasn't here when it happened. Nobdy was playa.
Officer: Okay did you see what he was wearing
Teddy: Well my camera plays say he was wearing blue jean shorts. A black t-shirt and a black hat. They say his skin colour was white if that helps.
Officer: Thats enough thank you we'll find him. Whose car was it.
Teddy: It was Mr Van Dam. Now get outta here nad make that S.O.B holla.

Tazz: well it looks like Mr Long is trying to get o the bottom of this.
Cole: And rightly so. Whoever did that should be punsihed.
Tazz: Calm down Cole he might have ligit reasosn.
Cole: Oh come on.


No. 1 Contendors Match
Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle

Finish: Both men have been looking good in this match. Angle has just got out of a chokeslam and whipped taker into the stage side left turnbuckle. He lifts him up and goes for a top rope Angle Slam. it goes through perfect and Angle gets up stragiht away and does the angle hop around on one foot taunt. Taker sits up and Kurt sees this. He gets scared and punches Taker byut to no avail. He then receives a tombstone piledriver and the R.IP pin 1...2...3

Winner by pinfall- Undertaker

Taker stands in the ring and looks down at Angle in the ring. He stands there and mist fills the ring only. When it clears Angle is nowhere to be seen and Taker is standing prominent in the center of the ring as we go off air. He then rolls back his eyes and sticks out his tounge.

I want to hear who you think the guy in the car was and what you think happened to Angle

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Nice Show, 8.5/10!

It was funny hearing Rico crying. Rico winning the US Title... I didn't see that coming at all...should be interesting along with him taking FiFi.

Next-Week it should be good..Taker V RVD V Cena V Booker T...Anyone can win since it is a over the top rope match.
I'm hoping Booker T to win it!
But I got a feeling he wont...possibly Cena may win...or rvd...or actually anyone.
I don't think Taker will win though for some reason.

As for who was driving the car...I thought it could have been Austin.

Since these key words struck at me:
-black t-shirt
-blue short jeans
-drink driving.


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I am still a bit undecided on who will win the OTTBR. I have decided on who the crash car guy was though. Anyway heres the RAW Preview

RAW Preview: Big Red Wedding

This week on RAW a thing and a woman will be married in holy matramony. The thing being Kane and the woman being Lita. Kane's dreams are finally coming true Lita's nightmare is just starting. With Matt Hardy down and out and not able to be there after the attack from Kane last week. Who will be able to save Lita.

Also last week we saw Christian return and it looks like he's allinged himself with Edge. Will Edge and Christian still be in cahoots with Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko or will it all crumble.

We also saw a savage attack on Randy Orton by Evolution what will Orton have to say about it and will he retaliate or give in. What about William Regal what will he have instore for The Game. And what happened to Eugene has he quit or is he laying in the shadow waiting for his moment.

Also after last week's show it was announced that this Monday night's main event match would see Edge defending his Intercontineental Title against batista in one on one action. Unfortunatly there is a special guest referee. Chris Jericho. Will it be played fair or will Y2J screw edge out of the Intercontinental Title.

Tune in to find out this Monday Night.

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A good Smackdown. Not sure about the titles being vacated but the matches you have planned are good ones. Next week I can see RVD winning the match. Not sure who the person in the car is. Maybe Austin? Maybe Sandman? My guess would be Sandman. Hope you carry on with this.


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Rev: RAW

We are shown a video package of the atatck on Orton by Kane and the attack on Orton by HHH. We also see edge spearing Batista and Y2J.

The show then kicks off from the open roofed Hampdden Park Arena in Glasgow Scotland.

J.R: Hello fans and tonight we only have two matches and one big wedding.
King: Yeah I can't wait for those matches. I can't wait to see edge go up against Batista.
J.R: You're forgetting that Chris Jericho will referee that match and it will be for the IC title. As for the other match General Manager Eric Bischoff has still to annoucne it. When it will happen we don't know.
King: Well I am so excited as here comes our referee, Y2J.

'Break the Walls' plays and Chris Jericho comes down to the ring with his normal backstage attitre wiht the t-shirt and stuff.

'You Think you Know me' me blasts throughout the arena as
edge comes to the irng accomapanied by Christian, Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko.

'Evolution is a Mystery' Then plays as Batista comes tot he ring accompanied by Ric Flair.

Special Ref: Chris Jericho
Intercontinental Championship
Edge Vs Batista

Finish: The match starts of pretty slow but eventually Batista picks up the pace and overpowers Edge and starts to dominate. Edge counters the powerbomb which could have ended it by punching away while being held up then dropping down. He then quickly deals the Electric Chair. He slowly cralws over and pins 1..........2........ Jericho stops counting and Edge gets in his face. The two both start to argue until Jericho hits edge wiht a right hand. edge fights back but Jerihco locks in the alls and doesn't stop until Batista stomps on him. Then both him and Baittsa get in a brawl. Flair gets in to aid Batista but is soon joined by Christian and Tomko who destroy both Flair, Y2J and Batista with help form Edge. Y2J slowly crawls over to Lilian and says something the bell then dings.

Lilian: Our referee for this match has announced that the match be a no contest therefore Edge keeps the title.

Winner- No Contest

Batista starts to attack Jericho ric goes for edge. Edge and his crew eventually take out everyone and raise their arms in pride. Christian then grabs a mic.

Christian: Ric, Batista, chris you guys just experieced something. Somethign brutal and unforgiving. Yiou experienced...
Edge: Bro bro I'll do this.

Edge takes the mic and Christian slunks away

Edge: yes like by brother Christian was saying you experienced something. You experienced The Edgeucators.

Christian looks on annoyed while Tomko and Trish just shrug their shoulders and nod. Trish then moves over to Christian to teases him to cheer him up.

edge: We are a perfect group. We have me. That is perfect. We have my bor Thats almost perfect. We have Tyson he can give you a perfect beating. And trish..... well oh my god she looks perfect!

Edge and Trish then lock lips as Christian looks really pissed off. Tyson stands there with Christian shaking his head as Edge andn Trish keep it gping until the commercial break.


J.R: Well that was surprising.
King: Surprising! Who cares what it was edge is a lcuky man I wish I was him.
J.R: I'm not surpirsed.
King: J.R we better be quiet the wedding is about to start the reverend is ready.

Kane's music(tell me the name) plays and he comes down to the ring with a whit tux just like on RAW.

Here comes the bride plays and Lita comes down in black. with black gothic make up on. As she reaches the altar bit she stuicks her middle finger up at Kane. Kane gets an angry look on his face and then smiles. Lita then walks up and getsready.

Priest: Well now lets start. We are here toda....

Fancy ballroom music plays and and abulter waiter guy comes ojut with a mic.

Butler: Master Knae. By order of your wife to be we have arranged a best man for the wedding. Please welcome the best man for the Big Red Wedding.

A gong is heard and the lights go off. and msit fills the ramp and everything blue. Takers msuic plays and he slowly walks down with his hat and his dead/biker taker attire as some call it on. He slowly makes his way to the altar. Kane is shaking his head and yellling for him to go back.

Taker walks up to Kane and Lita huddles off into a corner with the reverendand Knae stare at eahc othe for ages. Taker then extends his hand. Kane eventually does the smae but the deals Taker a right hand and anothe rnad another and a chokeslam. he then goes back but the gong goes off and Taker sits back. He goes to attack Kane again but receives a lit bit of the scenery to the face. Mist fills the bit where taker was and when it clears he is gone. Kane stares at that space.


We come back and Kane is still staring at the space. The reverend walks up to Kane and taps him on the shoulder. Kane then quickly turns around and grabs the man by the throat.

Kane: What do you want!!!
Reverend: Can we please finish.
Kane: Fine.

Kane lets go of him and then they start again.

Rev: We are gathered here today to witness the unitement of Kane and Lita. They will be joined in holy matramony. Now lets us bow our heads to offer our prayers to them.

The crowd just yell and jeer and Kane stares at Lita and licks his lips. Lita then just gives him the finger. Kane scowls but then smiles. Suddenly a guy jumps out of the crowd and takes the mic.

Guy: Uhh Kane, Lita can I please get a pciture of you to together.

Kane nods and gets closer to Lita. Kane smiles Lita scowels.

Guy: Cheese.

Kane then lays into the guy and destroys him he lays him out and waits for the EMTs to come down and take him away.

J.R: It looks like Kane wants no interupptions.
King: I wonder what General Manager Eric Bischoff is going to say about that attack.

Rev: Okay now lets continue.


We come back to find the service still continueing smoothly.

Rev: Okay now do you Lita take Kane to be your lawfully wedded husband to love and to care for until death do you part.
Lita: Screw you. Oh yeah I do.
Rev: And do you Kane take Lita to be your lawfully wedded husban to love and to hold and to care for until death do you part.
Kane: I....

Team Xtreme music plays and Kane starts looking about the place he comes down the stairs and looks around. Suddenly Jeff Hardy comes from behind and lays him out with a chair. He climbs up the wedding thing and delivers a swanton bomb of the top on to Kane. H ethen gets up and takes Lita through the crowd and way. Kane sits up and sees Jeff and Lita up near the sky box. He yells.

Kane: I'll get you Jeff. I will kill you. You will burn to death. She will be mine.

After we see Jeff and Lita running away and getting a cab on the tron. Kane is left looking totally embarrassed in wedding porch thing. The reverend has also fleed.


The wedding stuff has been taken away and 'I am Back' plays and Eric Bischoff comes to the ring.

Eric: People I have came out here to announce the match for tongith but since the wedding was cut short I'm annoucning two matches. The first one that you will see soon is Test going up against my newly signed talent from last week. The second is Randy Orton in a non-title match going up against Batista. Now enjoy the rest of the show you lasy scottish bums.

Crowd boos

Bischoff leaves and backstage we see Chris Benoit talking with Mick Foley


Benoit: I can't believe Bischoff spent last week looking for a guy to fioght Test. Since when did he care about anyone else but HHH.
Foley: Never did care about anyone else. And even though I hate to admit it Orton is a good champ and is better without Evolution. Hell he's best champ in a while.
Benoit: You saying he's better than me.
Foley: Yeah. What you gonna do about it its true.
Benoit: I'll do this.

Benoit beats into Foley but Foley fights back. Other wrestlers come into to pull them apart.



'Test is the Best' plays throughout the arena as Test comes out to a lot of boos. He gets in the ring and stares at the gate.

Music plays and out comes........... Goldberg. He makes hsi way to the ring wiht fireworks coming out and the fists going up as he makes his way to the ring. test looks a bit scared but stays focused.

Test Vs Goldberg

Match: Fairly quick match wih Goldberg picking up the win after a minute or two when he gets Test down with a clothes line and then stalks for the spear and connects and pins. Goldberg looked on top of his game and Test never stood much of a chance.

After: Goldberg celebrated and then went backstage with a look of purpose on his face.


Bischoff comes into the locker room where Benoti and Foley are still being restrained.

Eric: Listen up you two I have more important things to do than to be told to come down here to sort this out. Now listen here. You guys need to settle thing so heres what I'm gonna do you guys are gonna settle your differences at Unforgiven with the winner going on to Halloween Havoc to face the World Heavyweight Championship. Now get out the arena right now. Or you'll both be sacked.

Both men have a grin on their faces as security come in and take them away.



Bischoff is seen walking back to his office when HHH comes out of nowhere and confronts him.

HHH: Bischoff I want a title shot at Unforgiven.
Eric: You can't get it I already gave it to someone else.

HHH grabs bischoff by his suit.

HHH: Then I want it a Halloween Havoc.
Eric: You can't HHH Its either gonna be Foley or Benoit.
HHH: Okay then I want that title.
Eric: I can't strip Orton I tried but the board of directors won't let me.
HHH: Well even though its a long way off I want it at Survivor Series.
Eric: Fine yuo'll get a chance for the belt at Survivor Series.
HHH: Good.

He drops Bischoff and walks away.

We are shown a video that says HBK will return at Unforgiven.


Randy Orton Vs Batista

Finish: Very good match with Orton looking pretty good after getting Batista down with a run in DDT after being tossed around like a rag doll. He is now managed to get slowly up and is stalking Batista. He runs. He leaps. Jumps. RKO!!!! Goldberg then runs down to the ring as Orton pins. He drags the ref out and K.Os him He gets in the ring . Orton finally gets up to complain to the ref. He sees Goldberg and gets speared. Goldberg leaves the ring as the ref calls it a No-Contest.

Winner-No Contest

After: Orton is lying in the ring lying flat on his stomach looking up at Goldberg. Goldberg gets a mic.

Berg: I'm coming after you Orton. You and that Belt. You can't escape me. I'll get you. You see Orton you have pissed me off while I've been back home so I called up bischoff got a contract and now I'm here cause when you beat the hell out of me last year you are still Unforgiven.

Orton looks dismayed as we go off air.

End of show.

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Unforgiven Card

Chris Benoit Vs Mick Foley
No.1 Contendors Match

Randy Orton Vs Goldberg
World Heavyweight Championship

Card is subject to Change

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What can I say, I didn't like it. The promos all seemed out of character, especially Lita. I thought the wedding was too long and that a couple of matches would have been better in it's place. I didn't like the formation of the Educators or the Benoit/Foley segment. I'm actually disappointed after reading your first Raw and Smackdown. Also again there were many spelling mistakes.


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I felt ym wedding bit was too long after. The Edgucators wa smeant to be fromed that way. Ots wasn't meant o be done well. I was meant to be al about Edge. I felt ti went bad but then again I had to have the wedding. Since I was stuck wiht the storyline since last week which I think was a mistake. I should have scrapped the wedding. I realised I did something wiht the Benoit Foley segment because I was suing it as a filler. Smackdown willl be better.

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Who will be WWE Champion?

Last week general Manger Theodor R Long vacated all titles. The U.S Title was decided nlat week now its time for the tag team.

After announing last week that there would an Over the Top Battle Royal Fatal Fourway for the WWE Championship. 8 men were givent eh oppurtunity to be in the match only 8 managed. Those men were Undertaker, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam. Tune in to see who will walk out WWE Champion.

Also last week Rico won the U.S Championship even if it was through "grabbing means" Now he is U.S Champion. What will Charlie Hass have to say about his former partner cheating. How will Rene Dupree feel after his ablls were crushed tune into find out.

Also it was announced the Theodor Long had a special announcemtn for tongiht. We jsut don't know what it is. Tune in at 8/7 on UPN for the most action packed Smackdown ever.
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