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Hi im new at doing this so if i need to improve give me some constructive criticism.

I have RAW and SD this is set before the current draft picks because im having my own draft picks.

my rosters are as follows
GM: Eric Bischoff

Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Christy Hemme
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Lillian Garcia
Muhhumad Hussan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Robert Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Kiebler
Sylvan gryenier
The hurricane
Steven Richards
Todd Grisham
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

Smack Down
GM: Theadore Long

Al Snow
Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
D-von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John Cena
Joey Mercury
Johny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Joy Giovanni
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan
Michael Cole
Michelle Mcool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Steve Romero
Torrie Wilson

My Show schedule is like this
Smack Down(thursday)
Smack down
Smack down

the ppv schedule is like this
January-Royal Rumble(Both)
Feburary-No way Out(Smack Down)
May-Judgement day(Smack Down)
June-Bad Blood(RAW)
October-No Mercy(Smack down)
November-Survivor series(Both)

My next PPV is bad blood whic will take place in 4 weeks meanwhile there will be four more RAW's and 5 more Smack down's

I hope you all have some constructive oppinions for my first RAW.

Ill have it up in a short time

Ok this is my first RAW


J.R: Hello everybody and what a wild night this is set to be as we have been told that Vince McMahon has a few shocking announcements to make tonight!

King: Oh yea J.R I am excited

Suddenly Vince McMahon’s music hits and he struts down to the ring with a microphone in hand.
Vince: I promised you people a surprise, I promised you people a shake up of both Smack down and RAW and by god you’re going to get it. So to get to the point here is my plan we are going to start fresh. I must now congratulate all the champions of both shows on winning their title at one time or another and now I ask them to say good-bye to their title because as of next week they will no longer be champions!

The crowd has a mixed reaction as some boo and some cheer

J.R: Oh my God what an announcement

Vince: For the past couple of years you people have laid witness to some drafts and most recently draft lotteries. Well I am once again holding one of those but this time it’s not just with wrestlers but with championships as well. Also I have lately been thinking that drafting only 5 or 6 superstars a year isn’t enough to really shake things up so this year for the next five weeks each GM will make to picks each show instead of one resulting in there being 10 superstars drafted at the ends. Also just like other years until the draft is over both the GM’s can make trades on their superstars and this year the championships can be traded also. There will 2 championship draft picks on each show for the next four weeks.
This will begin next week on RAW, plus I must say I like the current GM’s way of working that being said I would like to add another but there is only two shows so where will the new GM go. Well like I said I like the current GM’s but still one must and go, How will we determine who goes and who will stay as GM of their current show. Simple they are going to fight for it! So tonight Eric Bischoff will face Theodore Long with the loser getting their GM spot replaced by the new GM.
Ill see you all next week goodnight!

Add Break

The show comes back on with Eric sitting in his office hands clasped around his face.

Coach: Oh come on I can’t believe Vince is doing this, It-it-it-its crazy what is he thinking?

Eric: Look Vince has said it it’s final there’s nothing we can do

Coach: Wait how is Teddy getting here anyway he should be thousands of miles away from here!
Eric: No Vince just told me that he already invited Teddy here tonight he said it was for a surprise

Eric gets up

Eric: Now if you would please excuse me I have got a lot of things on my mind, including preparing for my match tonight.

The cameras go back onto the broadcast table

J.R: What a shocking couple of announcements earlier by Vince McMahon including that we will soon have a new GM in the WWE.

King: I know amazing news J.R I don’t know who it will be but one thing I am worried about is that this GM could take over the spot of MR Bischoff and that would be horrible!

1ST Match Shelton Benjamin VS Simon Dean

Shelton’s music hits a he comes running down to the ring looking frustrated at the fact that he will have to give up his I.C title.

Simon Deans Music hits and he comes walking down he has his usual bag of the Simon System products in his hand.

The match begins with the two performing strong grapples, Benjamin quickly pushes Simon Dean against the turnbuckle and then starts giving him hard right hand punches to the head. Shelton then irish whips him into the next corner at such a speed that it knocks Simon down. Shelton walks over to Simon and gives him a few hard stomps to the ribs before climbing up to the top turnbuckle and getting ready to jump off it. He does a huge leap into Simon’s stomach that takes the wind straight out of him. Shelton goes for the cover 1………….2…………..But Simon puts his foot on the ropes. Shelton picks him up off the ground and moves him to the center of the ring where Simon lifelessly wanders around in a daze. Shelton runs to the ropes and uses them to sling shot him self onto Simon’s head which snaps his neck back and makes him fall flat on the ground. Shelton goes for the cover 1…………2…………..But Simon Dean kicks out. Shelton gets Simon up and performs a stunning suplex which has Simon holding his lower back in pain. Shelton once again climbs up to the top turn buckle he goes for a giant leap but Simon moves out of the way and Shelton accidentally hits the referee before hitting the mat face first. With both the referee and Shelton knocked down Simon struggles back to his feet and reaches into his bag. He pulls out a weight lifting belt and then turns around only to be smacked in the face with a chair by Shelton. Shelton had quickly got up and seized the chair from under the ring. Shelton got Simon and himself up on the top turnbuckle and did a stunning T-bone suplex of the top. Shelton went once again for the cover just as the referee got up to count 1………..2………..3 “Ding ding ding”

Lillian Garcia: Here is you’re winner Shelton Benjamin

J.R: What an amazing match by an enraged Shelton Benjamin

King: That wasn’t fair J.R he hit him with a chair.

Add Break

When the show comes back on the cameras switch to a backstage locker room where a lot of RAW guys are gathered talking about the events that are soon to take place.
Suddenly Theodore Long walks in.

Theodore: Holla holla holla playas

Locker room: hey Teddy

Eric Bischoff and the Coach walk in

Eric: What the Hell is going on in here, Teddy until our match begins tonight I don’t want to see you anywhere near this arena and my superstars.

Chris Benoit walks up to Eric

Chris Benoit: Well Eric I am sure the reason me and the rest of the locker room aren’t too happy with you is the fact that last week you promised that tonight there would be a 15 man battle royal with the winner going on to face Batista for his heavyweight Championship.

Eric Bischoff has a shocked look on his face.

Eric: Everyone calm down I have thought about that and have decided that the winner of this battle royal gets to hold which ever one of the 2 championships that I will pick next week on RAW.

Theodore: You’re forgetting something playa what if I beat you tonight then you wont be GM anymore.

Locker room: Yea (In different tones of voice)

Eric: Look guys don’t worry ill sign a contract that says even if I am not GM any more that the decision will be final and the winner can still pick out of the two belts the new GM picks. Although its highly unlikely that will happen (Eric and the coach laugh)

Theodore: Don’t be too sure playa; don’t be too sure (a smile comes across Theodore’s face)

2ND match Gene Snitsky VS Steven Richards

Gene snitsky’s music hits and he walks down to the ring being booed by the fans.

Steven Richards comes down to the ring as his music blasts out and he walks to the ring to face Gene Snitsky.

The match starts with Gene going for a clothesline but Steven dodges and then goes behind Gene although Gene then launches a huge boot to Steven Richards’s face, which sends him falling backwards to the mat. Gene then picks Steven up above his head and goes for a snake eyes into the turnbuckle but Steven drops out of Snitsky’s hands and gives him a couple of quick right and left hands to his ribs. Snitsky crouches in pain and Steven runs back then starts forward at a run ramming Gene into the turnbuckle Gene stumbles around for a few seconds then falls to the canvas. Steven picks Gene up and irish whips him into the ropes which he plans for Snitsky to propel back on but Gene holds the ropes stopping himself from going back. Steven had already thought ahead and tried for a dropkick but instead fell to the canvas. Gene then picks up Steven and gives him a hard body slam. Steven writhes in pain Gene then goes up against the ropes and then runs at Steven in which he out stretches his foot and drops it on Stevens’s neck. He goes for the cover 1………..2……….But Steven kicks out. Gene picks up Steven and throws him against the ropes when he rebounds he gives him a powerful clothesline. He picks Steven up once again this time holding him up high. He then rams his lower back into the top turnbuckle several times. Gene then gives Steve a hard arm drag, which rattles the canvas. Gene gets Steve into a power bomb position and then lifts him above his head before slamming him down. Gene goes for the pin 1……….2……….3 “Ding ding ding”

J.R: The match is over and Gene Snitsky pulls off the win. Poor Steven Richards.

King: What a powerful and dominant man snitsky is!

Add break

The show comes back on with Maria standing face to face with the now former world heavyweight champion Batista. Batista’s face is read and he looks enraged.

Maria: How do you feel about the decisions of MR McMahon and the fact that you will no longer be world heavyweight champion?

Batista: How do I feel! Ill tell you how I feel, I feel angry and annoyed at Vince at Eric and at every damn wrestler in that locker room. I earned my championship against the 10-time champ triple H it wasn’t easy and now I find out someone from RAW or smack down will take my title that’s not fair! Then I find out that I am not even in that battle royal! So I am mad as hell and I am warning anyone in this arena. If you get in my way I will kick you’re ass and I will show no remorse and no Mercy.
This interviews over!

Batista storms off leaving Maria bewildered.

J.R: I think that Batista isn’t too happy about having his title taken away from him and I don’t think it will be a good idea to cross his path.

King: Well getting off that note its time for the 15 man battle Royal with the winner getting to choose to be the champ of one of the belts our GM will pick next week.

J.R: Yes weather that be Eric Bischoff or a new GM who it will be we don’t know.

3RD Match 15 man battle royal
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Muhhumad Hassan
Robert Conway
Shawn Michaels
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Reagal

Add Break (during entrances)

Order of elimination until last two
3.Val Venis
4.William Regal
5.Robert Conway
7.Tyson Tomko
9.Chris Masters
10.Chris Jericho
11.Muhhumad Hussan

Just after Kane turns around from eliminating Edge Shawn Michaels hits him with the Sweet chin music. Knocking him over the ropes almost sending him out but Kane holds the ropes so as not to fall. He hoists himself back over. Shawn gives him the irish whip into the ropes Kane rebounds and Shawn gives Kane the atomic drop. Shawn then attempts to toss Kane over the ropes but Kane reverses and instead tries to toss Shawn over but Shawn does a quick unexpected sweet chin music over the ropes once again. This time Kane goes hurtling to the ground ending the match. “Ding ding ding”
“Slam” Batista from out of nowhere hits Shawn in the back with a steel chair. He drags Shawn out side and near and walks him up the ramp he climbs down to the announcer’s table where he tosses J.R and the King to the ground.
He then gives Shawn a Batista bomb through the announcer’s table. Batista smiles and walks off leaving Shawn in a pool of his own blood.

Add break

After the break it switches to Eric and Coach

Eric: So Coach have you got the guys ready

Coach: Oh yea boss everything’s arranged you’re going to be sticking round for a while longer yet.

Eric: Oh yea

Eric walks out the door accompanied by Coach Vince has already been standing there and listening to Eric’s conversation.

Eric: Well hello MR McMahon

Vince: Well hello Eric I see you’re all ready

Eric: Uh-uh-uh yes and I hope Theodore is to

Vince: Oh it’s good you’re all ready because that obviously proves you’re somewhat good in the ring. Meaning you wouldn’t need any help

Eric: Um I guess

Vince: Oh so you agree, good because you’re match that is next has everyone barred from ringside until the match is over. See you in the ring.

4TH Match Eric Bischoff VS Theodore Long (Loser loses his GM spot, Everyone barred from the match except for participants)

Eric comes out to his theme music with an annoyed look on his face. He is wearing black Karate clothes with a black belt. He gets in the ring and does a couple of quick punches to the air.

Theodore Longs music blares out, He is wearing a blue shirt and some black track pants along with some normal sneakers.

The match begins with Eric giving Theodore a quick kick to the head it sends Theodore stumbling around. Eric gets Theodore and gives him a weak DDT. He covers Theodore Long 1……….2………But Theodore kicks out. Eric looks mad he starts choking Theodore as the ref starts a 5 count 1…..2……3…..4 luckily Eric breaks the choke. He stomps Theodore in the ribs as he rolls on the ground coughing. Eric starts to pick Theodore up but Theodore quickly jabs Eric in the face with a hard right hand. He kicks Eric in the shins then in the stomach. Theodore does a pathetic neck breaker to Eric then goes for the cover 1………2…….. But Eric puts his foot on the rope. Theodore starts to pick Eric up but Eric makes a fierce Karate kick to Theodore’s face knocking him out. Eric goes for the cover 1……..2…….3.”Ding ding ding”

J.R: My god. My god I can’t believe it Theodore Long is no longer GM of Smack down

King: But who is?

Vince McMahon’s music plays

King: Uh Oh

J.R: looks like were going to find out now!

Vince steps out with a microphone in hand

Vince: Theodore I am very sorry, congratulations Eric you win but now who will replace Theodore. Well all you fans know him well, The wrestlers will now him well, I know him very, very well and Eric believe it or not so do you! Because the new GM for Smack Down is Shane McMahon!!
Shane’s theme hits

J.R: Oh My god I can’t believe this it’s Vince’s son Shane McMahon

King: And this crowd is going crazy J.R I can’t believe this.

Shane: I am the new GM of Smack down! (Crowd cheers) and Eric prepare for a war a war in which you will lose. Eric you will learn I don’t back down from a fight and I certainly don’t back down from you. You sniveling little bastard, Guys tune into Smack Down because I am going to out do you in any way I possibly can so Eric lets just hope that you can make some good draft picks because if not you’re screwed.

Shane’s theme blares out as he leaves the stage

J.R: Oh My god I just can’t believe the new GM is Shane McMahon

King: And J.R that’s not exactly a good thing for us because if I know Shane he’s going to give our boss Eric Bischoff a run for his money!

J.R: What a wild night this has been and we expect the same next week as we have the first draft picks!

The copyright banner appears and RAW goes off air
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This week on Smackdown

This week on Smackdown we will se the new GM Shane McMaon plus JBL has just been signed to take on John Cena. All the SmackDown champs have had thier titles taken away how will they deal with this. What was supposed to be a tag team title match is now a normal match as now former tag team champs MNM take on the Basham brothers. Carlito's cabana's special guest is scheduled to be Shane McMahon himself to talk about how he is going to make RAW look horrible.

Tune in this Thursday to see what unfolds on this night sure to be full of surprises.

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[/b][/size]Smack Down

Smack down starts with blasts of pyro and thousands of screaming fans.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday night Smack Down what a momentous night we have set for you tonight.

Tazz: Oh yea Cole this is going to be an amazing night and one full of surprises.

Cole: It has been confirmed that titleholders on Smack Down have been stripped of their title and they will all be up for grabs in the draft lottery.

Tazz: I don’t know how the former champs will react to these decisions

Suddenly the sound of an apple being spat rings out across the arena and Carlito Caribbean cool’s music plays as he walks down to his Carlito’s cabana set.

Carlito: Hello everybody Carlito’s here and are we ready for yet another exciting edition of Carlito’s Cabana. Well then it looks like its time to introduce my guest for tonight. He is the new general manager for Smack Down and the son of Vince McMahon. I introduce to you Shane McMahon.

Shane’s music hits and Shane walks down to the ring looking prideful, He steps in the ring looking fully energized.

Carlito: Hello Shane and welcome to the Cabana

Shane: Its great to be here and its great to be on Smack Down

Carlito: Well Shane lets get down to business, how are you planning to make Smack Down better than RAW?

Shane: Well for one I am going to make way better matches and through the course of the next couple of months unveil a couple of awesome surprises that will improve the way that we look at Smack Down.

Carlito: How do you feel about the draft? And how are you going to take care of the obviously angry champions.

Shane: The former champions are at the top of my list to get a title shot with one of the titles I draw. So I am hoping they don’t mind the actions of my father too much.

Carlito: So am I in line for any title shots any time soon?

Shane: Um well Carlito based on how you perform in the next couple of months Ill see.
Carlito: Oh I see

Carlito starts chewing an apple

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t think that’s cool

Carlito spits the apple directly in Shane’s face

Shane becomes mad

Shane: You don’t think that’s cool Carlito what’s not cool is this, tonight it will be Carlito & Matt Morgan VS The Big Show & John Heidenrich. Is that cool enough for you Carlito?

Shane storms out of the ring as his music plays and an enraged Carlito is left standing in the ring.

1ST Match-Chavo Guerrero VS Charlie Haas

The match begins with Chavo putting Charlie in a headlock, Charlie tries to struggle out but Chavo keeps the pressure on hard. Charlie starts to try and get out by ramming his elbow into Chavo’s ribs. Chavo breaks the hold then goes for a clothesline to the back of Charlie’s head but Charlie moves out of the way and does a drop kick to the side of Chavo. The kick sends Chavo flying through the middle of the ropes and to the thin mats below. Charlie slides out of the ring and grabs Chavo by his head he then proceeds to ram his head into a steel post. The referee’s count goes up to 4 until Charlie slips Chavo in the ring. Charlie lays Chavo in the middle of the ring then climbs to the top of one of the turnbuckles. He goes for a leap but Chavo holds up his knees that connect with Charlie’s stomach leaving him rolling on the ground in pain. Chavo struggles to his feet then picks Charlie up. He gives Charlie a powerful arm drag then runs back and charges towards him with a baseball slide that sends Charlie to the edge of the ring. Chavo gives Charlie a few quick hard stomps to the ribs before picking him up and executing a suplex.
Chavo goes for the cover
But Charlie Kicks out. Chavo grabs Charlie and both of them go up to the top turnbuckle, Chavo gets ready to go for a suplex off the turnbuckle but Charlie counters by instead giving Chavo a suplex to the outside. Both of them hit the ground hard then lay outside lifeless.
The referee counts
Both of them get up and get back in the ring at the same time. Chavo runs at Charlie and gives him a quick kick to the stomach that is followed up by a DDT.
Chavo goes for the cover
But Charlie once again kicks out, Chavo runs against the ropes and then runs forward in which he executes a boot drop to Charlie’s face. Chavo picks Charlie up and irish whips him into one of the corners. Chavo starts ramming his shoulder into Charlie’s ribs against the turnbuckles. Chavo starts to irish whip Charlie into the opposite turnbuckle but Charlie reverses, Kicks him in the ribs and pulls off a DDT. Charlie mounts himself on Chavo’s stomach and then gives him several swift right hands. Charlie stands Chavo up in the middle of the ring then springboards himself off the ropes before giving Chavo a huge bulldog.
Charlie covers Chavo

Winner: Charlie Haas

Tazz: Wow what a way to kick off Smack Down

Cole: You said it absolutely amazing

ADD break

The show comes back on with John Cena sitting face to face with Shane in his office.

John: Ok Shane I am trying very hard to keep my composure, now tell me why did Vince you’re father take away my title.

Shane; Cena you’re just like all the other champions ok eventually you will be top of the list to be a champion but first we must see what titles I draw ok.

Cena gets close to Shane’s face and yells

John: No homey you don’t get it I am not like the others I deserve my title more than anything else. So you better hope to god that you draw that WWE championship and when you do it’s given to me.

The camera’s switch to the ring where Kurt Angle’s music hits and the fans chant “You Suck” out loud. Kurt walks to the ring with two Olympic gold medals around his neck.
He gets in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Kurt: Hahaha looks like Shane is our new GM Wow! That’s amazing right? Its great but it seems to me like that kid Shane has forgot about ol Kurt Angle by not putting me in a match tonight. So I guess that means I have to make my own unsanctioned match right.

Shane steps out onto the stage

Shane: No Kurt you don’t have a match tonight nor am I going to let you make your own. Because Kurt you should prepare for next week.

Kurt: Why is that?

Shane: Because next week it will be Kurt Angle VS The Big Show VS John Cena VS JBL VS The Undertaker VS Eddie Guerrero in a 6 man elimination cage match.

Kurt Angle stands there looking stunned.

Shane: the winner of this match gets to choose from whatever belt I draw throughout the draft to be theirs.

Kurt Angle: What that’s going to be brutal!

Shane: people still don’t seem to get it as long as I am in charge nothing is too great or too brutal.

Shane walks off leaving a stunned Kurt Angle in the ring.


2ND Match Hardcore Holly VS Mark Jindrak
The show resumes with Hardcore Holly and Mark Jindrak in the ring. The both start with a grapple but Hardcore gets out by forcing Mark’s head onto his knee. He then gives him a quick suplex and follows up by flinging him up against the ropes then giving him a hard clothesline. Hardcore gives Jindrak a hard neck breaker then starts stomping at his face Hardcore follows up by giving him an arm bar. Holly keeps applying pressure as Jindrak tries to withstand the pain. Suddenly Jindrak reaches the ropes and hoists himself up, Hardcore goes for the dropkick but Jindrak moves and grabs holly by the back of the head and then proceeds to ram his head into a turn buckle. He turns Holly around so Holly is propped up against the turnbuckle. Mark then proceeds to give Holly hard right hands he then climbs up the turnbuckle so his boots are level with Hardcore’s eyes. Mark then does a dropkick to Holly’s head then follows up by doing a flip in the air and landing on both feet. Hardcore falls to the ground with blood running down his face from a small cut above his eye.
Jindrak goes for the cover

Winner: Mark Jindrak


The show comes back on with the cameras focusing on the announce table where Michael Cole and Tazz are seated.

Cole: What an awesome night this has already been we’ve had some great announcements and I am very pleased with how Shane has been handling Smack Down so far.

Tazz: Well Cole tonight has been good but something I can’t wait for next week is that 6-man elimination cage match!

Cole: It will be amazing plus next week we have the Draft pick 2 superstars will come from RAW to Smack Down plus we will get two titles back.

Suddenly the sound of glass breaking echo’s out through the arena and Stone cold Steve Austin walks down the ramp.

Cole: What the Hell!
(The crowd roars)

Stone cold gets into the ring and walks round it with a smile on his face.

Stone Cold: Hello Smack Down! (Crowd cheers)

Stone cold: Stone Cold was sitting out the back drinking beer watching the show when suddenly I heard that boring SOB Michael Cole rambling on with a load of B.S!

Stone Cold: I would just like to congratulate Shane’O’mac he is doing a hell of a job.
Although Stone Cold hasn’t just come out here to talk about the good job Shane is doing. Shane I am here to make you a proposal and that is I have been sitting at home for waaaaaay too long. I need some action so I am willing to come back to Smack Down but first ol Stone Cold’s going to have to see if he can still pull off a good match. So I am challenging anyone in that locker room to a match I don’t care who it is get you’re ass out here so I can beat it.

Suddenly Orlando Jordan’ music hits and he steps out onto the top of the ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Stone Cold: Look its JBL’s ass kisser, Well I hop you’re ready for a fight because you’re going to get one.

Orlando: Whoa whoa whoa Stone Cold hold up I am not here to fight you. Instead I am here to say that you do not have a contract on Smack Down meaning you can not have a match with anyone here.

Stone Cold: Well I guess you’ve got me there sooooooo

Stone Cold drops the microphone and runs up to Orlando, Orlando tries to get away but Stone cold grabs the back of his neck and chucks him back on the steel ramp. Stone cold gets on top of Orlando and gives him fierce right hands. He grabs Orlando and chucks him in the ring, He gets him up and gives him an amazing Stunner. Stone Cold grabs the microphone off the ground.

Stone Cold: Looks like I just kicked you’re ass you little SOB now throw me a damn beer!

Two beers are tossed to Stone Cold and he goes to the top ropes smashing them together before guzzling them down. Orlando lays there in a bloody mess as Stone Cold walks up the ramp as thousands of fans scream his name.


3RD Match MNM VS The Basham Brothers

Doug Basham and Joey Mercury start out in the tag team match. Joey starts out by delivering a swift hard kick to Doug’s head. Doug holds his head in pain as Joey proceeds to chuck him across the ring. Doug starts getting up but Joey delivers a baseball slide to his side that knocks him out of the ring and onto the ground outside. Joey follows Doug outside and gives him a suplex on the outside. Danny attempts to attack Joey from behind but Johnny nitro grabs him and forces his face into a steel post. Joey pushes Doug back into the ring; Joey picks Doug up and gives him a neck breaker followed by a suplex. Joey gets up to the top rope and does a huge cross body onto Doug’s stomach Doug rolls around in pain. Joey tags Johnny Nitro and both of them climb up separate turnbuckles and they both do synchronized leaps aiming for Doug’s head. Doug rolls out of the way and both men ram their heads together. Suddenly Danny climbs back into the ring and both Doug and Danny climb up opposite turnbuckles just like MNM. Doug launches onto Johnny and Danny launches onto Joey Doug then goes for the pin on Johnny.

Match over Winners: The Basham brothers


4TH MATCH Rey Mysterio VS Booker T
The match starts with booker t beginning at a pace towards Mysterio but mysterio is to quick and does a stunning drop kick to Booker T’s face. Booker T drops to the ground as mysterio jumps up does a mid air flip and lands his feet on Bookers back. Booker writhes in pain. Mysterio climbs to the top turnbuckle and does a gigantic leap but Booker T quickly grabs Mysterio and executes a quick arm drag in which Mysterio lands on the top of his head. Booker gets Rey in a headlock to try and get him to tap out but Rey does a double back kick to Bookers stomach followed by a hard elbow. Booker falls back and Rey grabs Booker’s feet he then catapults him into a turnbuckle he then runs up Bookers body and gives him a kick to the face. Rey jumps off the turnbuckle and then does a fast irish whip into the opposite corner. Rey quickly runs after him and jumps onto his back. Booker desperately grabs Rey’s feet and launches his head onto the top turnbuckle. When Rey is leaning against the turnbuckles booker delivers a series of chops to Rey’s chest. He grabs Rey’s head and starts to strangle him with the ropes but quickly stops. He lays Rey’s arm around his head and Booker puts his arm around Rey’s neck he then delivers a hard suplex. Booker stands near the rope awaiting Rey to stand, Rey starts to stand up and booker slingshots himself from the ropes and then executing a scissors kick to Rey.
Booker t goes for a pin.
But Rey kicks out
Booker picks Rey up and delivers several open hand slaps to Rey’s head, which is then followed by a clothesline. Booker gives Rey a DDT and Booker then climbs to the top turnbuckle beckoning Mysterio to get up. Mysterio stumbles up and Booker does a sudden flying drop kick to Rey’s face.
Booker goes for the pin.

Match over
Winner: Booker T


5TH MATCH Big Show & john Heidenrich VS Carlito & Matt Morgan

When the show comes back Carlito’s music plays and Matt Morgan and Carlito step out and walk down the ramp.

Big shows music then blares out around the ring and the gigantic Big show steps out and walks down the ring.
The crowd are ready and anticipating John Heidenrich’s music but nothing happens and instead Big show is left by himself in the middle of the ring with Matt Morgan and Carlito.

Big Show is left annoyed by Heidenrichs failure to show up to the match and when the match finally starts this throws him off guard as Carlito launches an assault on Big show by tripping him up. Big show falls to the ground and then has his head pressed to the mat by Carlito standing on the back of it. Big show screams in pain as Carlito stomps on Big shows ribs several times. Carlito then picks Big show up and gives him kicks to the head before taking him over to a turnbuckle and slamming his head into it. Carlito starts to try and lift Big Show onto the top turnbuckle but h is too heavy and Big show delivers a tremendous chop to the bare back of Carlito. Carlito holds his back in pain as Big show holds Carlito and delivers another amazing chop to Carlito’s chest. Big show picks Carlito up and gives him a snake eyes onto the top turnbuckle. Big show then delivers a gigantic body slam, which he follows up by dropping his leg onto Carlito’s neck. Big show stands Carlito up and gives him a ring shaking suplex. Big show grabs Carlito by the throat and starts to choke slam him but quickly Matt Morgan comes in and punches Big Show in the back of the head. Big show lets Carlito out of his grasp and turns around only to be met in the face with a big kick by Matt Morgan. Big show falls backwards and Matt Morgan quickly picks big show up around his shoulders and delivers an amazing F-5. Matt Morgan goes back behind the ropes as Carlito goes for the pin.

Winners: Carlito & Matt Morgan


When the show comes back on JBL is sitting in Shane’s office face to face with Shane.

Shane: What are you doing here JBL you have a match scheduled next.

JBL speaks in an angry tone.

JBL: I am asking you the GM to rethink you’re decisions. I will not compete in a cage match with 5 other guys that I have to eliminate to get any chance at winning!

Shane: JBL its you’re choice if you want to be taken out of that cage match and have someone else take you’re place that’s fine by me.

JBL: you would like that wouldn’t you? You would like to see me fail and fall behind. Well I will compete next week and this week I am going to annihilate that piece of unworthy, non-champion material trash!

Suddenly John Cena comes out of nowhere with a lead pipe and cracks it on JBL’s skull. JBL falls to the ground John Cena then gets him in a headlock and beats him with the pipe using direct shots to the face. JBL groans in pain as blood dribbles down his face. John Cena gives him a few hard stomps to the ribs he then picks him up and chucks him against a brick wall. Cena knocks JBL down and starts to choke him with the pipe before getting his head and bouncing it off a desk. John gets JBL in the F-U position and then gives him the move through the desk.

A few minutes later the cameras switch back to the ring.

John Cena’s music plays and he runs to the ring with a microphone in hand. Veins are pulsing his neck and he screams instead of talks.

Cena: JBL you want to call me a piece of trash well look what I did to you!
Anyone who wants some can come out and get some!
I will kick you’re ass just like I did to JBL!

The crowd goes silent as none other than Batista’s music plays and Cena is left looking shocked and confused. John doesn’t see but in the meantime Batista had walked through the crowd with a steel chair in hand.

Batista smacks Cena in the back with the chair and then drives it into Cena’s lower back. Batista picks Cena up and gives him a Batista bomb,

Shane’s music plays and he steps out with dozens off security guys by his side.

Shane: Get that man and chuck him off my premises!

The security guards run to the ring but Batista runs at every one of them hitting many with his steel chair and then chucking them out of the ring. He also gives many of them Batista bombs.

Batista stands in the ring looking unscathed until Shane runs to the ring and gives him rapid kicks to the head. After a couple of seconds Batista is able to over power Shane and picks him up and throws him out of the ring and onto the steel ramp. Batista gets out of the ring and picks Shane up which he then flings into steel steps. Batista brings Shane over to the announcer’s table and gives him a Batista bomb straight through it. Shane has blood running down his face as Batista grabs a cord and microphone. He strangles Shane and makes blood ooze from his wounds. Batista brings the microphone close to his mouth.

Batista: Shane I have got a message for you and you’re father, you’re father took away my title and if I don’t get it back soon you will feel a lot more pain!

Batista lets go of Shane and then walks off back into the crowd.
Cole: Oh my god I can’t believe that Batista a Raw competitor has just infiltrated Smack Down and beat up our own GM.

Tazz: what the Hell was he thinking, I don’t see how losing you’re title could drive you to do something like this.

Cole: It is truly appalling but I guess that Shane did proclaim he wanted war so I guess both Batista and Eric Bischoff have made the first move.

Tazz: Well I guess we must move on and say that next week you must tune in because we will have a six-man elimination cage match!

Cole: And don’t forget the winner gets a contract for any title they want that ends up on Smack Down.

Tazz: well speaking of that next week we will have the first two draft picks for Smack Down.

Cole: It will be an amazing night so don’t miss it!

Copyright Banner appears end of Smack Down

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The show starts with pyro going off all around the ring with fans screaming and trying to get near the camera so to be seen on T.V.

J.R: Welcome to RAW were here live!

King: Tonight will be amazing we are going to have our first draft pick.

J.R: that will truly be amazing king but…………

Eric Bischoffs music suddenly plays and he steps out with a microphone in his hand.
He struts down to the ring where eight silver cases are laying on a table. He climbs in the ring and moves the microphone up to his mouth.

Eric Bischoff: Well I guess its time for this draft to get underway! But first I must just acknowledge Batista for that little surprise he left over on Smack Down last Thursday. I guess Shane never thought of the consequences of challenging me to a war. Well I guess I better get this draft underway so Vince has told me that I can open two of these cases which will each contain a title.

Eric begins to walk over and open one of the cases but suddenly Shawn Michael’s sexy boy theme blares out and Eric is left stunned in the middle of the ring. Shawn walks down to the ring and grabs the microphone out of Eric’s hand.

Shawn: Although you might like what Batista does I don’t because in case you don’t remember I won that Battle Royal last week and after the match Batista viciously assaulted me but I did win so I get to choose out of the two titles you choose this week.

Eric: Well Shawn that is true it’s all on contract so after I choose two titles you may choose one.

Eric walks over to a case that’s sitting on the far right side of the table, he picks it up and opens it. He gets the title out and views it closely.

Eric: I just drew the Cruiserweight title, so it looks like we will now have some cruiserweight action on RAW. Sadly Shawn you are not a Cruiserweight so you cannot choose this title.

Eric goes and gets the middle case he then slowly opens it and with a disappointed look on his face draws the Women’s title.

Eric: What the hell! I draw the cruiserweight title and women’s title what are my main eventers meant to strive for!

Shawn: You better have a good explanation for this Eric what am I meant to choose I am not a woman and not a cruiserweight!

Eric’s gets a wide grin on his face.

Eric: Well Shawn the contract I drew up said that you could chose one of the titles that I draw THIS week and no other so Shawn I guess that pretty much means that you cant chose a title and this contract has lost its validation. Too bad for you!

Shawn: Well Eric if that’s you’re final decision than

Shawn drops the microphone and begins a sweet chin music but Eric screams into the microphone.

Eric: I will fire you’re ass Shawn I will fire it for good..

Shawn stops with a sour look on his face

Suddenly Batista’s music plays and he runs down to the ring with a brick in his hand. He runs into the ring and breaks it onto the back of Shawn’s head. The brick breaks horribly and Shawn falls to the ground while Eric Bischoff has a smile on his face.

Eric: Ah Batista just the man I wanted to see good job on Smack Down good thinking.

Batista: Cut the crap Bischoff I still need to take out my rage and I want to do it tonight so what will you do about it bischoff.

Eric: I have already signed you up for a match Batista because tonight it will be Batista VS Chris Jericho.

Batista: Good just don’t expect Chris Jericho back here next week in one piece!

Batista walks off as Shawn is being helped out of the ring by the referees.

Eric: Stay tuned because later tonight the two drafted superstars will be announced!


1ST Match Kane VS Christian

The show comes back with Kane already in the ring.

Christian’s theme comes on and he walks down to the ring.

The match starts with Christian trying for an arm drag but Kane is too heavy and Kane instead picks Christian up and rams his lower back into the turnbuckle. Kane continues by continually giving him clotheslines against the turnbuckles. Christian falls to the ground while his head is still propped up by the lower turnbuckle. Kane then puts his foot on Christians face and applies pressure. He lets go and picks Christian up and gives him an atomic drop that leaves Christian mindlessly wandering around the ring. Kane picks Christian up above his head and then forces Christians stomach into his knee.
Kane goes for the cover
But Christian kicks out.
Kane continues his onslaught of attacks by giving Christian a body slam and then a leg drop to Christian’s chest. Kane gets Christian up once again and attempts a big boot but Christian holds Kane’s foot in mid air and uses it to lever himself and drop kick Kane into the stomach. Kane clenches his stomach but doesn’t fall down Christian then quickly climbs to one of the top turnbuckles and just as Kane walks over Christian jumps down and purposely misses to get behind Kane. He then pushes Kane into the turnbuckles then delivers a dropkick to Kane that jams him up against the turnbuckles. Christian follows up by grabbing Kane’s head and forcing the back of it into his knee. Christian then sets up for the unprettier and is able to execute it.
Christian goes for the cover.
But Kane kicks out
Christian holds his head in amazement and disbelief. Christian carefully starts to tie Kane’s hands up in the ropes and then wildly punches him in the face. Christian then starts to give Kane big boots to the face Christian runs back and then forward ramming into Kane’s stomach this unhooks Kane’s hands and sends him to the ground. Christian goes over to Kane and attempts to give him a DDT but Kane counters and delivers a spine buster to Christian. While Christian is on the ground Kane grabs him by the throat and the gives him a tremendous choke slam.
Kane goes for the cover.

Match over
Winner: Kane

Kane stands in the middle of the ring standing victorious Tyson Tomko runs into the ring and hits Kane in the back of the head. He then stomps on Kane’s ribs but suddenly Chris Benoit comes in and fights off Tyson with hard right hands and then launches him over the ropes.

Chris Benoit has a microphone in his hand.

Chris Benoit: Guys if you’re looking for a fight ill take you on! Tyson get you’re big fat head out of Christians ass because I want you in the ring next.


2ND MATCH Chris Benoit VS Tyson Tomko

The match starts with Benoit and Tyson Tomko getting in a hard lock up Tyson over powers Benoit and pushes him to the ground. He then drops his elbow to Benoit’s face. Benoit quickly gets up and gives Tomko a fierce clothesline Tomko goes down hard. Benoit picks Tyson up and gives him a kick to the ribs before executing a neck breaker. Benoit climbs to the top of a turnbuckle and does a flying elbow off it. Tyson moves out of the way and leaves Benoit sprawled on the mat. Tyson drops his knee into the side of Benoit’s head and then picks him up and goes for a power bomb but as Benoit is on Tyson’s shoulders he gives him rapid punches to the top of the head that forces Tomko to drop him down. Benoit quickly executes a snap suplex. Benoit looks at Tyson lying on the ground and then gets him in the sharp shooter. Tyson tries to fight the pain but can’t get to the ropes. He is about to tap when Kane walks in the ring and grabs Benoit by the throat. Kane hoist Benoit up and gives him an amazing choke slam.

Match over
Winner: Chris Benoit by DQ

Kane grabs a microphone

Kane: Chris I want to make it clear to you and everybody else is that I don’t need help!

Kane storms off up the ramp

J.R: What the hell was that about.

King: Well Kane has obviously made it clear he does not want or need help.


The camera’s go backstage and Triple H is in the locker room with Ric Flair

Ric: Tonight you face Shelton Benjamin and this guy is mad he has beaten you before and…

Triple H: Ric don’t you ever bring that up I am a ten time friggin champion why in the hell do you think that Shelton Benjamin is any threat to me?

Ric: No offence champ just saying he’s mad and a good wrestler so don’t underestimate him.

Triple H: I wont underestimate him because he is an overrated piece of trash!

The cameras switch back to the ring and Eric stands in the middle of it.

Eric: Well I guess its time to announce the first two draft picks!
So will the first draft pick please come out!

Michelle Mcool’s music starts playing and she walks down to the ring while waving to the crowd. She slides in the ring energetically and runs around the ring.

Eric: Well it looks like our first draft pick is Michelle Mcool!

Michelle: Thanks Eric Im glad to be here on RAW because finally I can get some wrestling action in and compete for the women’s championship! (Crowd roars)

Eric: Well speaking of the women’s title I have decided to make 3 woman’s matches spread over 3 shows. The winners of all three of these matches will then face in a three-way match for the Women’s championship! And Michelle it just so happens that you will be in the first match tonight!

Michelle: Thank you Eric but I must ask who my opponent is?

Eric: you’re first opponent will be hot from OVW Alexis Laree! And that match will be next!


3RD MATCH Michelle Mcool VS Alexis Laree

Michelle stands in the ring awaiting Alexis but instead Alexis comes in from behind and hits Michelle in the back of the head. Alexis picks Michelle up and gives her a quick suplex. While Michelle is on the ground Alexis holds her shoulders while performing large kicks to Michelle’s stomach. Alexis gets up and gives Michelle an arm drag that she modifies at the end into an armbar. Michelle looks like she is about to tap but instead she locks her free arm around Alexis’s head and then flips her over. Michelle runs back and then give Alexis a running baseball slide to her upper back.
Michelle goes for the cover.
But Alexis kicks out. Michelle tries for a DDT but Alexis counters and rolls the move into a pin.

Match over
Winner: Alexis Laree

J.R: My God what an impact by the newcomer Alexis Laree

King: yea J.R and too bad for Michelle on her debut match on raw.


The show comes back on with Eric standing in the ring once again with a microphone in hand.

Eric: It is now time for our second draft pick! So with out further ado please come out!

It takes a few seconds in which the fans are silent for the draftee to come out.
Suddenly Paul London’s music plays and he walks down the ramp. He gets into the ring and snatches the microphone out of Eric’s hand.

Paul: I am here on Raw and luckily I can now once again become the cruiserweight champion!

Eric: Welcome to RAW Paul and yes I agree you do deserve to have a chance at that cruiserweight title so next up it will be Paul London VS Tajiri in a ladders match for the cruiserweight title! (Crowd screams)

4TH MATCH Paul London VS Tajiri, Ladder match for the CW championship

Tajiri’s music plays and he runs down to the ring where Paul London is already waiting.

The match begins with them both getting in a grapple hold which Tajiri breaks free of and does a side kick to Paul’s head. Paul runs towards Tajiri but Tajiri does a quick drop kick to Paul’s face. Paul is sent stumbling back as Tajiri gets onto the top rope. Tajiri launches him self into a cross body that hits Paul in the chest. Tajiri places his legs on Paul’s shoulders and hooks his lower legs under his arms he then squeezes hard. After minutes of agony Tajiri breaks the hold and gives Paul a quick DDT. Tajiri climbs out the ring and grabs the steel steps he then walks to the side of the ring about to put them in but Paul does a baseball slide that kicks the steps back in Tajiri’s face. Paul who is still in the ring propels himself over the ropes and onto Tajiri with a cross body on the outside. Paul grabs Tajiri by the back and then runs into a steel post. Tajiri’s head hits it hard and makes his nose bleed. Paul goes over to where the ladder has been laid and picks it up. He then sets it up near Tajiri and climbs up it he is about to jump off but Tajiri sits up and rams his entire body into the ladder that sends the ladder and Paul onto the ground. Tajiri gets up and grabs the ladder he then walks over to Paul and as he is getting up Tajiri runs at Paul and hits him in the ribs. Paul grabs his ribs and falls to the ground as Tajiri delivers another ladder shot to the lower back of Paul London. Tajiri gets Paul up and irish whips him into a steel post he then gets Paul in a suplex position but instead of suplexing him he instead chucks him sideways so his ribs are forced into the steel post. Tajiri props Paul up against the barricade and then climbs up the steel post. Tajiri does a huge leap but Paul moves out of the way and Tajiri goes through the barricade at such a force that it breaks the barricade when Tajiri hits it leaving Tajiri sprawled on cement near the crowd. Paul staggers back up holding his back he then grabs the ladder and forces Tajiri’s head in between the two sides of it. Paul looks under the ring and pulls out another ladder he sets the ladder up and climbs slowly up it. He gets to the top and does a huge shooting star press off it and onto the other ladder that clenches on Tajiri’s head and makes Tajiri bleed badly. Paul lies on the ground with Tajiri holding his back in pain Paul slowly gets up once again and then gets Tajiri up. Paul slides Tajiri into the ring and pulls Tajiri up to the top turnbuckle with him. Paul gets Tajiri in position for a suplex he executes the suplex off the turnbuckle and outside the ring onto the steel ramp. Tajiri is knocked out and Paul shudders at the impact. Paul gets up after a long couple of minutes and is able to obtain the ladder and slide it into the ring. Paul sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring and climbs up it Paul slowly and carefully unbuckles the belt from the hook. He grabs the belt and with blood running down his face and chest holds it up above him while standing on top of the ladder.
Match over
Winner: Paul London


When the show comes back on highlights of the ladder match from a couple minutes ago comes on and it shows the picture of Paul London standing at the top of the ladder holding the cruiserweight championship.

J.R: What a truly brutal match that was and an amazing debut match on Raw for this very promising superstar Paul London.

King: unbelievable J.R

J.R: Well coming up next we are going to have Shelton Benjamin VS Triple H

Suddenly Muhammad Hassan’s music plays and he accompanied by Daiviri step out and into the ring. Muhammad holds a microphone to his lips and speaks.

Muhammad: I have tried to sway you people’s opinion on me but obviously it hasn’t worked. So I am going to challenge anyone in the back to a match right here right now!

Muhammad waits but no music plays he looks on enraged at this. Suddenly La resistances music plays and Sylvan Gryenier steps out alone. He stands at the top of the ramp pacing slowly around with a microphone in his hand.

Sylvan: Muhammad I feel you’re pain and I know what its like to have people being constantly prejudice to you.

Muhammad: Is that so Sylvan well…………….. I think you’re a damn lyer! You say you know what its like to be prejudiced. Well you don’t not like me I have had it a lot worse than you! And do you know why that is? It is because I am a better wrestler than you and that is what make these people mad the fact that I am the best and that their American wrestlers are crap just like you’re little buddy you hang around with.

Sylvan: Watch what you say Hassan because you never know what could be right behind you!

Robert Conway suddenly slides in the back of the ring behind Muhammad with a large spade in hand. Muhammad doesn’t see him coming and Robert bashes him on the head with it he then smacks Daiviri in the face with it.
La resistances music plays and both Robert and Sylvan walk off.

5TH Match Triple H VS Shelton Benjamin

Triple H’s music plays and he walks down with Ric Flair by his side. Triple H takes a sip of water and chucks away his bottle he then gets to the ropes and does his usual water spit.

Shelton’s music plays and he runs to the ring.

The match begins with Shelton and Triple H getting in a hard lock up in which Triple H pushes Benjamin back and into the turnbuckle. Triple H starts to give Shelton hard right hands. Shelton quickly gives Triple H a hard kick to the stomach and then gives triple h a quick snap suplex. Shelton projects him self from one rope to another and just as Triple H is getting up Shelton dives directly on to Triple H this takes Triple H down. Shelton climbs to the top turnbuckle and attempts to leap off it but Ric Flair grabs one of Shelton’s feet and this causes Shelton to fall off the turnbuckle. By this time Triple H had gotten up. Triple grabs Benjamin and gives him a DDT Triple H then picks up off the ground and kicks him in the stomach he then projects himself off the rope and then tries to ram his knee into the side of Shelton’s head but Shelton does a huge drop kick to Triple H’s head that sends him to the ground.
Shelton goes for the cover.
But Triple H quickly kicks out. Shelton gets Triple H off the ground and takes him over to a turnbuckle Shelton then tries to ram Triple H’s head into the turnbuckle but Triple H quickly gives Benjamin an elbow to his face. Triple H runs out and gives Benjamin a bull dog and then while Benjamin is on the ground Triple H launches a hard knee into the back of Shelton’s head. Triple H then gets Shelton’s head between his legs and his set for the pedigree but suddenly Shelton slides out from between Triple H’s legs and gives him a hard kick to the side of the head. Triple H stumbles around before Benjamin gives Triple H an arm drag over the ropes and onto the thin mats below. Shelton runs back onto one rope but as he does Ric Flair hooks his foot causing him to trip. Shelton gets mad and gets Ric by the hair and hoists him in the ring. Triple H suddenly runs into the ring with a sledgehammer while Benjamin is on the ground punching Ric. Triple H runs at Shelton but suddenly Shelton gets up and pushes Flair in the way. Flair gets smacked in the face with the sledgehammer. Triple H can’t believe what he has just done and kneels down to try and comfort Flair who is now bleeding intensely. While Triple H is doing this Shelton climbs to the top turnbuckle and then leaps of. His feet connect with the back of Triple H ‘s neck that slams his face against the mat.
Shelton goes for the cover.
Match Over
Winner: Shelton Benjamin.

As Shelton’s music is playing Ric Flair is put on a stretcher and helped out of the ring with Triple H anxiously stumbling around near his side.

King: What that was not fair J.R Shelton stole that win and Shelton was the reason Ric got hit.

J.R: Shelton simply capitalized on a situation and what’s wrong with that? And why in the hell did triple h have a sledgehammer anyway!

Add Break

The show comes back on with Shelton being interviewed by Maria.

Maria: So Shelton how do you feel about you’re match just then and the fact that you just beat Triple H.

Shelton: Well Maria…………………….

Maria screams as Triple H runs up behind Shelton and hits him hard in the ribs with a sledgehammer. While Shelton is on the ground Triple H slams the hammer into Benjamin’s face Triple H does this three more times before walking off. Triple H then walks up the corridor and knocks on Eric Bischoff’s office door.

Triple H: Open up Eric!

Eric: Come back later I have some business to take care of.

Triple H lets out a shout of rage and slams the sledgehammer into the door. Splinters fly everywhere and Triple H then tears off the rest off the mutilated door. Triple H walks into the office as Eric looks up in shock. Triple H grabs Eric by his neck and slams him up against a wall.

Triple H: Eric I am mad and I am not in the mood for games so I am demanding a match not asking! Next week I want Benjamin but not just like tonight. Ric will want some of him to so I want a two on one handicap match Ric and me VS Shelton Benjamin with no DQ and I don’t care what medical state Benjamin is in because I promise I will drag his sorry ass to that ring and me and Ric will beat it! Eric you make that much ASAP or I will do to you what I did to Benjamin.

Triple H doesn’t wait for Eric to respond he just drops Eric and storms out of Eric’s office and later out of the building.


6TH MATCH Batista VS Chris Jericho

Batista’s music play’s and he walks to the ring with a sick grin on his face.

Chris Jericho’s music plays and he slowly walks out looking worried about facing the huge Batista who had single handedly taken down several security guards, John Cena and Shane McMahon on Smack down.

The match begins with a grapple that doesn’t last long as Batista picks Chris up and then body slams him. Batista grabs Chris by the head and picks him off the ground but as he does Chris gives him several hard shots to the stomach that forces Batista to drop Chris. Chris attempts to give Batista a DDT but Batista counters and instead puts Chris over his shoulder. Batista walks Chris over to the top of the turnbuckle and both of them go to the top turnbuckle. Batista then gives Chris a huge suplex off the turnbuckle Batista picks Chris up above his head and then drops him on the ground hard. Batista starts to stomp on the head of Chris before picking him up and chucking him at the turnbuckles. Batista runs at Chris and forces his front section into the set of turnbuckles. Chris falls to the ground and Batista climbs to the second turnbuckle he then places his boot into Chris’s stomach and wraps Chris’s leg around his own he then applies as much pressure as he can. Batista leaves the hold for a few seconds then breaks it he then leaps off the turnbuckle but Chris moves. Batista walks over to Jericho and is about to pick him up but Chris quickly gets up and gives Batista a bulldog. Chris climbs up a nearby top turnbuckle and dives off it but Batista quickly sits up and grabs Chris in mid air he then forces Jericho’s shoulder into his knee. Chris falls to the ground clasping his shoulder Batista then gets Chris’s head in between his legs and hoist him up Batista executes an amazing Batistabomb. Batista picks up Jericho from the ground and then gives him an amazing clothesline. Batista goes to once again pick Jericho up but Jericho instead does two hard kicks to the side of Batista’s head. Chris Jericho quickly gets up, grabs Batista’s head and rams it into his knee. Batista stumbles around and then Chris gives Batista a dropkick face first into a set of turnbuckles. Batista falls back and then Chris runs to the ropes and executes a lion sault onto Batista’s stomach.
Chris goes for the cover.
But Batista kicks out. Chris then does a leg drop to Batista’s head he then Irish whips Batista against the ropes and when he springs back Chris jumps up does a mid air flip and hits Batista in the face with a hard shoulder. Chris sets Batista up for a suplex but has trouble lifting him Batista then lifts Chris over his shoulders and forces Chris’s chest onto his knee. Batista picks Jericho off the ground and then sets him up for a Batistabomb he hoists Jericho onto his shoulders but Jericho gives him wild punches to the head. Jericho then jumps off Batista’s shoulders Batista turns around and runs at Jericho but Jericho moves and Batista instead hits the referee with a clothesline. Batista gets mad and turns to Jericho. Batista doesn’t realize that Shawn had been standing there and when Batista turns around Shawn gives him a Sweet chin music this knocks Batista down and Shawn then goes outside and grabs a brick much like the one Batista had used earlier that night. Shawn slides back in the ring with the brick in hand and just as Batista gets up Shawn slams it in his face. Batista falls down backwards as blood drips down his face. Shawn slides out of the ring and runs back up the ramp as the referee and Chris stumble to their feet.
Chris goes for the cover.
Match Over
Winner: Chris Jericho

Batista lies in a bloody mess as he just slightly moves his head around to disorientated to get up. Suddenly the crowd roars as Shane McMahon runs through the crowd and climbs up the turnbuckle near Batista he then jumps off it and launches an elbow into Batista’s chest. Shane gets up and grabs a microphone.

Shane: Eric Im here you want me come get me!

Eric walks out to the top of the ring and speaks.

Eric: Shane get lost I did not come to Smack Down Batista did! So get out.

Shane: Eric don’t play me for a fool because you know very well that you ordered that attack.

Eric: Well Shane at least I have someone who wants to work for me unlike you. Where’s you’re back up Shane?

Shane: You know Eric you’re right so everyone this week watch Smack Down because I will make you’re Batista seem like a joke Eric!

Shane steps out of the ring and runs back through the crowd.

Eric: Now that that’s over I am going to make a match because at Bad Blood it will be Batista VS Shawn Michaels! (Crowd roars) Good night everybody!

Eric walks back behind curtain.

J.R: Oh my god Shawn and Batista at bad blood its official.

King: What the hell how dare Shane I hope Eric strikes him down like he deserves.

J.R: What a momentous night this has been and we hope you join us again next week

Copyright banner appears


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The show comes on with blasts of pyro and thousands of screaming fans.

Cole: Welcome to Smack Down I am Michael Cole and beside me is Tazz.

Tazz: Oh yea Cole can you feel the excitement tonight?

Cole: Oh yea this arena is packed because tonight we have our first two title and superstar picks.

Tazz: But that’s not all Cole because tonight we have the six-man elimination Cage match!

Cole: I can’t wait for that plus Shane our GM has promised a surprise that will make Batista look like a joke.

Suddenly the sound of an apple being spat goes across the arena as Carlito’s music plays and he walks down to the ring which has been set out for the Cabana.

Carlito: Hello everybody and welcome to Carlito’s cabana! Tonight Carlito is very privileged to be able to announce the first draft pick from RAW to Smack Down and have them as a guest on the Cabana. So would the first draft pick please come out.

The fans cheer as Eugene’s music plays and Eugene runs out with a smile on his face as he waves to the fans. He slides in the ring and gets a microphone while Carlito shakes his head in annoyance.

Carlito: What the? Oh god this is crap! You cant be the first draft pick you cant even be a wrestler.

Eugene: Eugene is wrestler and Eugene is on Smack Down!

Carlito: Sure right whatever lets just hope that our next Smack Down pick can speak clearly and might actually be a real addition to Smack Down.

Shane McMahon’s music suddenly hits and he stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Shane: Carlito before you announce our 2nd draft pick may I just say welcome to Smack down Eugene and that tonight you’re first match will be against Carlito.

Carlito has a disgusted look on his face as Shane walks off.

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t want to face Eugene why would Carlito want to face Eugene?
I guess the second draft pick must be announced so could the second draft pick come out!
Chris Jericho’s music plays and the crowd goes wild. Chris walks to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Carlito: Hello Chris Jericho welcome to Smack Down and welcome to the……….

Chris: Yea the Cabana right what ever. I don’t really give a damn about this assclown show because we all know that Chris Jericho’s highlight reel will now become the main show on Smack Down!

Carlito: Chris if you have got any sense you will shut up before I shut it for you!

Chris: Is that right Carlito well I don’t think you have the guts to take me on.

Shane McMahon once again walks out.

Shane: Carlito for what you have been saying and based on the amazing superstar Chris Jericho is. That match between you and Eugene is now a three way match with Chris Jericho VS Carlito VS Eugene!



One of a kind hits and RVD runs down the ramp slapping fans hands as he goes.

Booker T’s music hits and he walks to the ring.

The match starts with both men locking up Rob gets out of it by forcing his knee into Booker’s chest. Rob then gives Booker a DDT which he follows up by giving booker a leg drop to his upper back. Rob gets Booker up and Irish whips him into a turnbuckle, Rob climbs to the top turnbuckle level with Booker’s head he then gives him hard and furious right hands before giving him a spinning heel kick to the head. Booker falls to the ground and Rob goes to the top turnbuckle. Rob does a huge five star frog splash but Booker rolls out of the way and Rob hits the mat at an incredible impact. Booker gets up and awaits Rob to get up when he does booker launches himself off the ropes and attempts a scissors kick but Rob moves out of the way and gives Booker a hard drop kick to the face.
Rob goes for the cover.
But Booker kicks out. Rob picks Booker up and throws his head into a top turnbuckle he then attempts to do it again but booker gives him a back kick to the stomach. Booker runs at Rob and gives him a quick DDT.
Booker T goes for the cover.
But Rob kicks out. Booker gives Rob a few quick stomps to the head and then sets him up for a suplex. Booker executes the suplex perfectly and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Rob slowly gets up as Booker does a huge flying dropkick but just as booker is coming down Rob does a dropkick and hit hits Booker in the face. It knocks Booker down hard Rob then gets to the top turnbuckle and launches a five star frog splash onto Booker. Booker and rob roll around in pain Rob staggers up.
Rob goes for the cover.
Match Over
Winner: RVD.

The show comes back on with Shane in the ring standing beside 6 suitcases sitting on a table.

Shane: It is time for Smack Down to draw its first two titles what will they be!

Shane walks over to one case and picks it up he holds it up high above him and then unlatches it.

Shane: I have just drawn not one but two titles because I just drew the tag titles! (Crowd roars)

Shane sits the titles back down on the table and walks over to a new case. He picks it up and unlatches it as he opens the lid slowly a smile comes over his face.

Shane: I have an announcement to make! The six-man elimination cage match is now for the World Heavyweight title!

Shane holds up the big gold plated belt with pride as he sits it back down on the table.

Shane: Also tonight we will have the beginning of a tournament for the tag titles. The teams that will be in this tournament are The Bashams, MNM, The Dudley’s and Matt and Jeff Hardy! The crowd then goes into a huge uproar at the mention of these two names.

Shane: The first match of the tournament will begin next between the Hardy’s and MNM.


When the show comes back on MNM are already waiting in the ring.

Michael Cole: Well we will now see if Shane has really bought the Hardy boy’s back to the WWE.

2ND MATCH MNM VS The Hardy Boy’s

MNM wait in the ring for minutes as the crowd waits anxiously.

Abruptly the Hardy’s music play’s and the crowd go wild as Jeff and Matt appear at the top of the ramp. The walk down to the ring on opposite sides of the ramp slapping fans hands as they go.

The match starts with Jeff going up against Johny Nitro. Johny runs at Jeff attempting a clothesline but Jeff ducks and grabs Johnny’s arm and then trips him up forcing him to the ground. Jeff gets up and gives him a quick leg drop to the chest before picking him up and pushing him to the corner. Matt then holds Johnny as Jeff runs to the opposite corner where Joey is standing. Jeff launches a hard elbow to Joey knocking him off the side and onto the outside. Jeff then climbs up that turnbuckle and looks at Johnny who is still being held by Matt. Jeff launches of the turnbuckle and goes flying to the other side of the ring but Johnny quickly struggles out of Matt’s grip by giving him hard elbows to the head Johnny then runs out of the way as Jeff smacks face first on the top turnbuckle. Johnny takes advantage off this by giving him a powerful suplex. Johnny picks Jeff up and gives him a neck breaker he then climbs up a turnbuckle preparing to jump but Matt pushes him off. The referee is watching Matt and Johnny fight it out and meanwhile Joey gets in the ring with a chain and then starts choking Jeff after he has finished the choke he gives him hard right hands with the chain wrapped around his hand. The referee turns back around as Joey runs back out the ring. Johnny has enough time to recover and once again climbs the turnbuckle he then dives off it and lands two big boots in Jeff’s chest.
Johnny goes for the cover.
But Matt suddenly gets in the ring and stomps at Johnny to get him off Jeff. The referee tells Matt to get out and while he is distracted Joey comes in the ring and him and Johnny give Jeff the snapshot. When the referee turns back around Johnny tags Joey and Joey instantly goes to work on Jeff by mounting on top of him and giving him hard right hand shots. Joey gets Jeff up and sits him on top of a top turnbuckle he then tries giving him a DDT off the turnbuckle but Jeff counters by giving Joey a kick to the head. Joey falls off the turnbuckle and tries walking back up but Jeff does a huge jump off it that launches a boot into Joey’s face. It knocks Joey down and gives Jeff enough time to tag in matt. Matt quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and does a huge leap off it that hits Joey in the stomach. Matt gets Joey up and gives him an amazing twist of fate.
Matt goes for the cover.
Johnny tries to interfere but Jeff comes in and fights him off.
But Matt breaks the pin as suddenly Edges music comes over the sound system. Matt looks up from the pin in shock and in rage. Jeff also does but comes to his senses before Matt he then tries to get his brother up. Joey and Johnny get up and do a double clothesline to the back of Jeff’s head sending him out of the ring and onto the hard floor. Joey picks Matt up and gives him a kick to the stomach the few then follow it up by giving him the snapshot.
Joey goes for the cover.
Match over
Winner: MNM

Cole: What the hell that was totally unfair Matt was distracted and MNM took advantage!

Tazz: Well yea Cole but MNM did pick up the one because they took advantage of a situation and that’s what you’ve got to do.

Cole: I still don’t know what was up with Edges music being played I mean Edge is a RAW superstar and he has no place on Smack down.

Tazz: Well MNM will face either the Dudley’s or the Basham’s and that will be determined next week when the two face off.


When the show comes back the sound of glass breaking his heard through out the arena and fans scream as stone Cold Steve Austin walks down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Steve: Orlando Jordan I am calling you out right now you little son of a bitch for a match and if you know what’s good for ya you’ll accept!.

Orlando Jordan’s music play’s and he steps out to the top of the ramp.

Orlando: Steve I know you ******** are stupid but this is ridiculous I already went through this with you last week. You do not have a contract to wrestle Steve therefore no match!

Stone Cold reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.

Steve: Well Orlando may Stone cold present to you his new wrestling contract with the WWE so are you ready for that match or what?

Orlando: Well Stone Cold I think ill pass!

Orlando starts at a run off the stage and into the back with Stone Cold chasing after him. Orlando grabs a steel chair and hides behind a stack of boxes. Stone Cold runs past where Orlando is sitting and at that moment Orlando gets up and slaps Stone Cold in the back with the steel chair. He then runs off.

Cole: In my opinion Orlando Jordan is a coward.

Tazz: I hope that Stone Cold can get some kind of revenge on Orlando for such a shameful act.

3RD MATCH Chris Jericho VS Eugene VS Carlito

Eugene’s music plays and he comes running to the ring clapping his hands as he does.

Chris Jericho’s music play’s and he walks to the ring with a smile on his face.

Carlito’s music plays and he walks to the ring looking annoyed and disgusted.

The match starts Jericho and Carlito getting in a lockup while Eugene watches on Chris Jericho overpowers Carlito and chucks him against the turnbuckles. Jericho then signals at Eugene who comes over and gives Carlito a few quick punches to the face Eugene goes for a kick to Carlito’s stomach but Carlito moves and DDT’s Eugene Carlito gets up but is instantly knocked down by Chris Jericho. Chris picks Carlito up and kicks him in the stomach before bouncing of the ropes and coming back with a clothesline to Carlito, Carlito moves at the last second and Chris instead hits Eugene. Chris looks shocked at what he had done he then turns around only to be kicked hard in the stomach and then given a neck breaker by Carlito. Chris lies on the canvas as Carlito climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives off it but Eugene walks over to Chris and Carlito instead lands on Eugene. Eugene falls to the ground hard.
Carlito goes for the cover on Eugene.
But Chris gets up and stomps Carlito off Eugene. Chris chucks Carlito against the ropes and on rebound does a dropkick to his face. Chris Jericho drags Carlito to the center of the ring and locks in the walls of Jericho. Carlito writhes in pain as Chris keeps the lock in for minutes on end Carlito is about to tap but Eugene gets up and kicks Jericho in the face causing Jericho to break the hold. Chris looks shocked at Eugene but is caught off guard when Eugene gives him a hard arm drag. Carlito starts to stumble up but Eugene grabs his head and drives it onto his knee.
Eugene goes for the cover on Carlito.
Match Over
Winner: Eugene

Eugene’s music plays and he runs out of the ring leaving a shocked Carlito and Chris Jericho in the ring.

Tazz: Wow! What a debut match for Eugene.

Cole: A surprising win for Eugene and one Chris and Carlito wont forget for a long time.


Big show’s music sounds and he walks down to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Show: Last week I was involved in a tag team match. It was me and Heidenrich against Carlito and Matt Morgan. I lost that match but something I have been annoyed about all week was that my tag team partner for that match never showed up. So John I am asking you to come out to explain you’re actions.

Big Show looks up at the ramp as the crowd go silent. Big show waits but nothing happens.

Show: John you better have a good explanation for this or I will kick you’re ass!

Shane’s music plays and he instead stands at the top of the ramp.

Shane: Show I am sorry but John has not yet shown up here and I am to annoyed at his absence last week. I will follow this up but now show could you please leave the ring and prepare for the six-man elimination cage match.

Shane: Now onto business, Eric you want to know who my new defense against you will be well here he is!

Shane moves to the side ready for someone to walk out but nothing happens. Shane looks shocked. The crowd boo’s as Eric and Batista run through the crowd and up the ramp but Shane is unaware of this.

Batista slams Shane in the back of the head he then lifts him up ready for the Batista bomb.

Eric: That’s right do it! End this bastard…………..

Suddenly the sound of entrance music that fans had not heard in over a year plays it is the music of Brock Lesnar. Eric stands in shock and Batista lets go of Shane. A figure appears the figure is made out to be Brock Lesnar. Eric starts at a run but Shane kicks Eric in the head. Batista runs up to Brock but Brock kicks him hard in the head he then sets him up on his shoulders and gives him an F-5 on the steel ramp. Brock then sets his eyes on Eric. He licks his lips as he grabs Eric by the head and walks him over to the announcers table Brock puts Eric over his shoulders and F-5’s him through the table causing the table to break in an instant. Brock and Shane get back in the ring and Shane holds Brocks hand up high and holds a microphone in his other hand.

Shane: Jokes on you Eric! Because say hello to the newest member of Smack Down Brock Lesnar!

Brock’s music hits and the two walk out of the ring and back up the ramp.

Cole: What an impact! What an impact Brock is back and is on the side of Shane McMahon!

Tazz: It’s amazing a guy we though would never return is back and like you said what an impact! That will teach Eric and Batista to get off Smack Down and stay where they belong.


Cole: Well what a night it has been but what is next will be a match of epic proportions.

Tazz: It will be an elimination cage for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Cole: The competitors will be Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, John Cena, JBL and the Big Show. Only one will survive and be crowned World Heavyweight champion.

4TH MATCH JBL VS John Cena VS Big Show VS Eddie Guerrero VS Undertaker VS Kurt Angle, Elimination cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

JBL’s music hits and he struts down to the ring.

Big Show’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and enters the cage.

John Cena’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and enters the cage.

Eddie Guerrero’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and then enters the cage.

Undertaker’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and enters the cage.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he runs to the ring and then enters the cage.

The match starts with all men looking around at each other. Kurt Angle makes the first move by getting in a grapple with Cena and then giving him hard right hands. Big Show grabs both Eddie and JBL and then smashes their heads together before chucking them against the cage. Undertaker quickly runs up to where Cena and Angle are fighting it out and then gives Angle a huge boot to the back of his head. Undertaker and John Cena double team Angle by giving him hard right hands that force him against the turnbuckle. Meanwhile Big Show is on the other side of the cage forcing JBL’s face against the steel. Suddenly Eddie jumps onto the head of Big Show that forces his face into the cage. Big Show falls back and Eddie starts to give him hard punches to the head JBL then gets up and climbs halfway up the cage. JBL then dives off and launches an elbow into the back of Eddie’s head. Eddie is sprawled on the Big Show as The big show gets up and grabs Eddie by the throat he picks him up and gives him a stunning Choke slam.
Big Show goes for the cover on Eddie.
But Eddie kicks out. When Show gets up he is taken down by a dropkick to the back by Kurt Angle. Meanwhile JBL and the Undertaker get in a frenzy of punches followed up by Undertaker scraping JBL’s face against the steel cage. John Cena walks over to where Eddie Guerrero is lying and then gives him hard right hands to the face followed by a few quick stomps to the head. Mean while Kurt is giving Show compulsive German suplexes he then begins climbing the cage. John Cena is still beating on Eddie by now choking him with a piece of cloth John Cena then climbs the cage also. Undertaker goes to once again smack JBL’s face into the steel but this time JBL counters with an elbow to the face followed by a stunning clothesline. Meanwhile both Kurt and John reach the top of the cage and get locked up in a hard grapple. John is about to throw Kurt off but Kurt gives Cena a hard kick to the groin followed by an Angle slam off the top and back into the ring. Big show gets up and grabs Cena by the throat he then gives him a huge Choke slam. Eddie gets up and climbs a turnbuckle he then does a high flying frog splash off it and onto Cena. Undertaker grabs Cena and gives him a tremendous tombstone. Four of the guys hold Cena up while JBL propels himself off the ropes and gives Cena huge clothesline from Hell.
JBL goes for the pin on Cena.

John Cena is eliminated by JBL.

Eddie climbs the top turnbuckle and does a flying drop kick to Kurt Angle that forces him face first into the cage. JBL and Undertaker start to double team Big Show by giving him punch after punch trying to get him to fall down. Big show doesn’t fall but instead grabs JBL by the throat and chucks him against the side of the cage on the other side of the ring. Eddie had meanwhile being climbing up to the top of the cage he reaches the top and does a huge frog splash off it. Show sees him coming and grabs him by the throat he then gives him a humongous choke slam.
Big Show covers Eddie

Eddie Guerrero is eliminated by Big Show
Big show gets up and is unaware that Kurt had been stalking him. When Big show gets up Kurt delivers a huge Angle Slam to show. JBL Irish whips the undertaker into the ropes and on return JBL flips him over his back. Undertaker stumbles up and Kurt gives him an Angle slam he then abruptly gives JBL a clothesline and then wild stomps to the head. Kurt puts JBL in the ankle lock JBL writhes in pain trying to break free he breaks free by propelling Angle into the cage that knocks him down. JBL picks Angle up and chucks him into the cage headfirst. Big show continuously chucks Undertaker into the cage and then gives him a hard body slam. Big Show picks undertaker up and starts to drive his head into his knee but Undertaker counters by grabbing Show’s knee and hoisting it up causing him to tilt backwards. Undertaker drops an elbow into Show’s face and then does a huge leg drop onto Show’s head. Meanwhile JBL continues his onslaught of brutal throws against the cage, he goes to chuck him against it again but this time Kurt latches onto the cage and kicks JBL in the face Kurt climbs to the top and jumps off landing with both feet first on JBL’s head this knocks JBL out.
Kurt goes for the cover on JBL.

JBL is eliminated by Kurt Angle.

Undertaker now has Show up against the ropes giving him hard right hands and clotheslines. Show gets mad and rams his head into Undertaker’s head Show then show’s incredible strength by picking Undertaker up and body slamming him. Big show goes from rope to rope and then does a leg drop to Taker’s face. Big show picks Undertaker up by the throat and attempts a choke slam but undertaker does wild elbows to Show’s head. Show drops Undertaker but in an instant Kurt runs behind Undertaker and gives him the Angle slam.
Kurt goes for the pin on Undertaker

Undertaker is eliminated by Kurt Angle.

Kurt stands up and Big Show grabs him around the neck Kurt delivers a swift kick to the groin of Big show causing him to drop Kurt. Kurt does hard kicks to the back of Big show’s legs causing him to fall to the ground. Kurt starts climbing the cage but Big Show gets up and follows Kurt gets to the top and kicks at the top of Show’s head trying to stop him from climbing but show manages to stumble up. Show grabs Kurt and gives him a body slam on the hard steel he then bashes his head several times on the steel before giving him a choke slam. Big Show reaches into his tights and pulls out a steel chain Big Show ties the chain around Kurt’s neck he then lets Kurt hang over one side of the cage while he climbs to the other side of the cage. Big show pokes the chain through the holes in the wire and then pulls this cause Kurt to be forced back against the steel while choking him intensely. Big show wraps some of the chain around his fist and while still keeping the choke on he wanders around to Kurt and punches him hard with it. Suddenly John Heidenrich runs out with a steel chair in hand he slaps Big show in the back with it causing Big Show to drop Kurt to the ring below. Heidenrich then slams the chair around Big Shows head again before giving him a kick to the stomach. Heidenrich gets Show in a suplex position and amazingly is able to lift him. Heidenrich does the suplex off the top of the cage and onto the ring below. As Big show hits it the turnbuckles fall inwards and the ropes collapse the canvas of the ring then tears creating a huge hole. A bloody Kurt Angle staggers to his feet and puts one arm around Big Show.
Kurt goes for the cover.
Match over
Winner & new WWE World Heavyweight champion: Kurt Angle

As Kurt Angle struggles to his feet and holds the title in his hands with blood running down his face Heidenrich walks back up the ramp and out of the arena.

Copyright banner Appears

END OF Smack Down
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