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X-Division championship-WWECruiserweight titles to unite the 2 titles-Elimnation

HBK vs his cousin Michael Shane from NWA vs Representing ECW-Spike Dudley vs Kidman representing WCW

Kidman defeated by Spike,Spike defeated by Michael Shane, HBK defeats Michael
Shane Winner: HBK

Score: WWE:1 the rest: o
Intercontinental/ECW TV title/WCW Title unification match

Y2J vs RVD vs Sabu vs Booker T

Y2J pinned by RVD, BT pinned by Sabu, RVD and Sabu fight to a No Contest so RVD has the IC title and Sabu has the TV title

Score: WWE: 2 NWA:1 ECW:O WCW:0

Tag Title unification match

AMW vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz rep. ECW vs DDP and Sting

Hardyz pinned by AMW,Dudleyz pinned by AMW AMW pinned by DDP and Sting

Winners: DDP and Sting

Score WWE:2 ECW:0 NWA:1 WCW:1

Best Hardcore Wrestler Match
Mick Foley rep.WWE vs The Sandman rep ECW vs Bam Bam Bigelow rep. WCW vs Terry Funk rep NWA

Sandman pins everyone
Winner: Sandman

Score: WWE:2 ECW:1 NWA: 1 WCW:1

Best Diva Match: Dawn Marie rep ECW vs Torrie rep WWE vs Miss Hancock rep WCW vs Desire rep NWA

Winner: Dawn Marie

Score: WWE:2 ECW:2 NWA: 1 WCW:1

Battle of the Giants

Kevin Nash rep WCW vs Big Show rep WWE vs Abyss rep NWA vs Mike Awesome rep ECW

Winner: Kevin Nash

Score: WWE:2 NWA:1 WCW:2 ECW:2

WWE Championship/Raw Heavyweight Tilte/NWA Heavyweight Tile/ ECW Heavyweight Title UNIFICATION MATCH

JBL vs HHH vs Jeff Jarertt vs the last ECW heavyweight champion RHYNO

Winner by a huge surprise: Rhyno

Score: WWE:2 ECW:3 NWA:1 WCW: 2

Most Crappiest Wrestler Match

Gene Snitzky vs Doug Basham vs David Young vs David Flair

Winner: David Young

Score WWE:2 ECW:3 NWA:2 WCW2

Survivor Match WWE vs ECW vs WCW vs NWA

Each Elimination Counts as a point

Team WWE: EDGE,Randy Orton ,Kane,and The Undertaker vs Team ECW: Justin Credible, Lance Sorm, Nova, and Tommy Dreamer vs Team NWA: Raven, Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown,and AJ Styles vs Team WCW: Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Sting, and DDP

Edge picks off Nova early w/ a spear

Score WWE:3 NWA:2 ECW:3 WCW 2

Justin Credibles next w/ Leg drop from Hogan

Score:WWE:3 NWA:2 ECW:3 WCW:3

then Orton goes for a RKO on Dreamer SMACK! Dreamer reverses into a Dreamer DDT for the Pin

Score: WWE:3 ECW: 4 NWA:2 WCW:3

WWE amazingly picks everyone else off 1 by one

Sole Survivors:WWE!!!

The End
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