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This is what I think would happen if WWE ever went against TNA in a PPV:

1- Cruiserweight/X-Division battle royal: Team TNA(Austin Aries, Kenny King, Low Ki, Manik, Homicide, and The Great Sanada) def. Team WWE(Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, and R-Truth) with Austin Aries and Kenny King left for their team.
2- Tornado Tag-Team match: The Wolves def. Mizdow with the Force of Nature on Damien Sandow.
3- Inferno Match: Kane def. Abyss and sets him on fire lol.
4- Diva/Knockout elimination tag match: Team WWE(Natayla, Naomi, Layla, Summer Rae, and Aj Lee) def. Team TNA(Havok, Madison Rayne, Britany, Rebel, and Taryn Terrell) with Natayla left as the last remaining diva.
5- Singles Match: CM Punk(return) and Aj Styles(return) is stopped when they reveal they are in alliance and vow to overtake all of wrestling. They are put in the main event with a special stipulation (See Match 10).
6- Fatal 4 way match: The Hardy Boys def. Team 3D, Goldust/Stardust, and the Usos when Jeff swanton bombs Stardust.
7- Submission Match: Dolph Ziggler def. Samoa Joe with the sleeper hold
8- Tag Team bra and panies match: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (The Beautiful People) def. Brie and Nikki (The Bella Twins) when Angelina hits Nikki with the Botox Injection.
9- 6 man tag match: The Wyatt family(reunited) def. The Menagerie when Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Crazy Steve.
10- Tornado Tag Ladder Match: CM Punk and Aj Styles def. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Roode with both titles on the line (if Styles and Punk won then they were champions. If they lost, then they could never wrestle in either company again).
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