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WWE vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling

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This is a seris of events that happen in Japan.

WWE Roster In Japan

WWE Champion: John Cena World Champion: Batista
US Champion : Chris Benoit Intercontinetal Champion: Ric Flair
WWE Tag Team Champions: Legion Of Doom World Tag Team Chapions: Lance Cade and Murdoch
Cruiserwight Champion: Nunzio
Kurt Angle
Triple H
Eddie Guererro
Rey Mysterio
Hulk Hogan

NJPW Roster In Japan
IWGP Heavyweight Singles champion: Nagata
Shinsuke Nakamura
HEAT: Tantaka Minoru
Justin Liger
Tiger Mask IV
Blue Wolf
Lyto Machida
Antonio Inoki
Bob Sapp
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First Show

TEAM Smackdown Eddie Guererro Rey Mysterio Nunzio Batista vs. TEAM MMA Of NJPW: Takayama Bob Sapp Lyto Machida Shinsuke Nakamura
It was a big time Match with Team Smachdown holding Lyto Machida in there conor ost of the match till he got Rey Mysterio in a quick key lock tap out. Eddie Guererro eliminated Lyto Machida after the three men beat on him at the same time. The next big battle was Takayama and Batista who went toe to toe in a vicious brawl till Batista hit him down with a huge clothesline and then a power bob for the three. The next man elminatied was Eddie Guererro from Bob Sapp. Then it was Shinsuki Nakamura from the forer shooter Nunzio with the 123. Then Bob Sapp again eliminated anouther Smackdown wrestler in Nunzio. It was Bob Sapp and Batista it looked as if Bob Sapp was going to win with the Japanies crowd behind him when out of no were Batista hit a spin buster for the 123. After the match Bob Sapp got up right away and was furious and challenge Batista for the World Title at the next WWE vs. NJPW show. Batista exepted.

Justin Liger and Tiger Mask IV vs. LOD
This match was fast a furious becase of the high flying offensive of Justin Liger and Tiger Maks IV who won the atch and earned a Tag Team Title shot. After te match they all shook hands.

The LOD said that they will challenge any Team in NJPW on the thrid show including a rematch from Justin Liger and Tiger ask IV.

Yoshi vs. Chris Benoit
This was an back and fowerd match with the powerhouse Yoshi getting so close to victory only to have Chris Benoit counter to a cross face making Yoshi tap out. After the atch there was almost a confrontation though insted there was a hand shake.

At the end of the show Hulk Hogan came out and said that it is an honor to be back in Japan. He said his greatest memory here was knocking out the legend Antonio Inoki. This brought out the legend Antonio Inoki who told Hulk Hogan that he respects Hulk Hogan and he thinks he is a great superstar though he thinks that he is the best superstar ever and he thinks that he should prove it on the thrid night of the event. This brought out Ric Flair who told Inoki and Hulk Hogan that there ain't a main event with out Ric Flair involved. This made Inoki say for there to be a match that will go down in history as the biggest match ever Ric Flair Hulk Hogan and Inoki.

Special Match
Chris Benoit vs. Justin Liger
It started out with them oth going hold for hold until Justin Liger started with his high flying offense. It was back and forth till Benoit was on the advantage taking control of the match when Justin Liger hit a roll up on Chris Benoit. The two men shook hands Justin Liger.
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