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11/23 - SURVIVOR SERIES - Scottrade Center - St. Louis, MO
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3/29 - WRESTLEMANIA - Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, CA
5/17 - PAYBACK - Royal Farm Arena - Baltimore, MD
8/23 - SUMMERSLAM - Izod Center - East Rutherford, NJ

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RAW - Monday, October 13, 2014 - Philips Arena - Atlanta, GA

"No Chance In Hell hits"​

- VKM comes out and heads straight for the ring.

VKM: It's been a lil' a while since I've been here, live on MNR... it's good to see you all, here in Wichita, Kansas! ... I came out here tonight to let you all know that I'm stepping down as CEO of the WWE and will no longer be making any decisions within the WWE. The new CEO of the company will not be made known to the public, but be rest assured, the company is in good hands. WWE Universe, I love you and goodbye.

- Vince steps out of the ring and goes around ringside and shakes people's hands and give hugs. He also says goodbye to the announce team. Vince heads up the ramp and is in tears as he waves goodbye from the top of the ramp.

- We see Vince backstage with the superstars, divas and crew and everyone is giving Vince a send-off. Vince has the longest exchange with Cena, before getting in his limo and heading off into the sunset.

- We go back to the ring.

"HHH's music hits"​

- HHH and Stephanie come out to the ring.

HHH: You know what, today must be the greatest day in the history of the WWE... maybe even sports entertainment history! The old relic, VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON is finally...gone! Steph, you and I both know we couldn't wait until this day arrived. I mean, I got so tired of your dad's, out-of-touch and completely ridiculous ideas! And everyone here tonight and at home, have been tired of the garbage this company has been shoving down their throats for years now. Am I right? So tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I, personally want to apologize for the garbage you've had to endure for the last ten years and promise you... I ABSOLUTELY PROMISE YOU... you're going to get what you've been asking for.

STEPH: I couldn't agree with you anymore babe. I mean, I love my dad, but good grief! How many years did our ratings have to suffer, before the old man realized maybe...maybe he didn't "have it anymore"... but I digress. He's going home now to be grand pop and a husband, where he should be and we're going to be here, with complete control over the WWE and getting those ratings up!

Cena's music hits​

- Cena heads for the ring.

Cena: WOW! Talk about stabbing a man in his back! Do you two hear yourselves? Forget business! What about family?!? You two should be ashamed of yourselves... without Vince McMahon, the WWE wouldn't be the empire it is today and none of us would be living the great lives we live today... well... maybe not anyone not named McMahon or Helmsley...

HHH: Yeah.. yeah.. Cena.. surprise, surprise really. Of course you would come out here and huff and puff and play the good guy role and try to kiss up the fans and to Vince and the suits, but in case you didn't get the memo... Vince is gone! Adios, vamoose, ciao! So why don't you just save all of your hoopla that EVERYONE is so tired of hearing and just SHUT THE HELL UP!

Cena: You want me to shut the hell up?

HHH: Yeah Cena I do! And not only do I, everyone here tonight wants you to SHUT THE HELL UP! As a matter of fact, I'll let you hear it. If you guys here in Wichita, Kansas want John Cena to SHUT THE HELL UP, why don't you let him know it right now.

- The crowd starts yelling, "SHUT THE HELL UP"!

HHH: You hear that Cena? That's how they really feel about you and how they've felt about you for a long time. But you and I both know that... isn't that right Cena?

Cena: You know HHH... what you're doing isn't going to work. I've faced all kinds of adversity since I've been apart of this business. And every time I fall, I've gotten right back up and came back even stronger! So if you think what you're trying to do right now is going to knock John Cena down, bring it!

- HHH laughs and shakes his head.

HHH: And there it is again Cena, the same ole "Never give up, never back down" tired ass speech you always give us. Well, for the first time in a long time for you, you're not going to have the companies "blessings"... in other words Cena, you're on your own now. Starting tonight, it really is Cena versus the odds... and I'm going to give everyone what they want. So all of you here tonight, who do you want to see Cena face tonight? Anyone at all, you guys decide!

- The crowd chants for Lesnar, The Rock, Stone Cold...

HHH: As much as I've love to give you guys one of those matches here tonight and watch Cena get his ass kicked! I'm afraid none of those guys are here tonight. But, I'll give you guys a constellation prize... if there's anyone in the back that wants to come out here and make a name for yourself against John Cena.. now is your opportunity or if there's anyone in the back that's always had a bone with John Cena and just want to kick his ass... why don't you come on down to the ring right now!

- Cena looks out into the crowd and then up the ramp, waiting... moments go by...

"CM Punk's theme hits"​

- Cena looks like he's seen a ghost. HHH and Steph smirk. Punk makes his way down to the ring.

PUNK: HHH, Stephanie, "John Boy", it's been awhile. Ha.. I know, I'm the last guy you expected to ring the bell, but here I am. And you know HHH, I've been listening to you run your mouth out here tonight and to be honest, I agree with every word you said. I think even the Energizer Bunny is tired of John Cena by now! But don't get it twisted Hunter, I'm not out here to side with The Authority and I couldn't give a rats ass about you Cena. I'm came back for one reason and one reason only... to main event WrestleMania. Now, I did have to do a deal with the devil himself to get that opportunity and so I'm out here fulfilling my end of the deal. Ya see, Vince being as "out-of-touch" as he was, certainly wasn't a completely senile old man, as he saw this coming tonight, once he retired and he called me up and begged me to be a thorn in the foot of the Authority and after I was ensured I'd have my main event match, along with a huge payday... I agreed. Oh and I almost forgot...

- Punk then flicks off HHH. HHH is livid.

PUNK: That was from the old CEO...

- Punk then rams the mic into HHH's gut and as HHH is kneeling over, he lifts HHH onto his shoulders and delivers a GTS! HHH is out cold. Steph attends to HHH, as Punk turns his attention to Cena. They have a brief stare down, before Punk leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. Punk says, oh and HHH, that was from the new CEO...

"Shane McMahon's music hits"​

- Shane comes out to the stage and shakes Punk's hand. Punk heads to the back, as Shane just stares down at the ring and smirks. Steph looks like she's seen ghost and Cena looks lost in the middle.

Match 1: Ziggler/Swagger def. Orton/Rollins

- Ziggler pinned Rollins after hitting him the Zig-Zag. Orton argued with Rollins and caused him to be distracted. After the match, Orton stood over a laid-out Rollins and Swagger caught him from behind and delivered a Swagger Bomb on him.

Match 2: Miz def. Sheamus

- Miz gets the roll-up pin as he pulled Sheamus' tights. Sandow sacrificed himself and caught a Brogue Kick off the ring apron, while he was imitating Miz.

- We see a replay of last weeks Wyatt promo

Match 3: Gold and Stardust def. The Uso's

- Cody nailed his finisher on one of the Uso's and got the pin.

- Rusev and Lane come out and talk about what happened last week between Henry and Show. They call them out for being cowards who had to jump Rusev. They make a challenge to Big Show at HIAC, in a submission match. They talk more crap about Americans. Big Show comes out. After some back and forth words.. Show tries to knock Rusev out, but Rusev counters with a kick to Show's throat. Show is down.

Match 4: Paige/Alicia def. AJ/Layla

- Layla attacked AJ and allowed Alicia to sneak in her finisher on her. AJ is laid-out, while Paige mocks her, with her title.

Match 5: Cena def. Kane

- After the match, HHH and The Authority entered the ring. HHH says, don't think you're off the hook Cena. He says, I'm in a really bad mood after what Punk did to me tonight and I need to make an example out of someone... Cena readies himself to fight... HHH then turns his attention to Kane, who Orton just helped up and locks his arms behind his back. HHH then begins beating the crap out of Kane, until he falls to his knees. HHH exits the ring and Orton takes over. HHH stares Cena down from outside the ring. Orton nails a DDT on Kane from the rope. Kane is nearly unconscious. HHH re-enters the ring with his famous sledge hammer. HHH looks over at Cena, who is keeping his distance. HHH then turns his attention back to Kane. HHH looks at the sledge hammer, turns it upside down and then rams into the back of Kane's skull. HHH looks over at Cena again and then back to Kane. HHH delivers another blow to Kane's head. HHH gazes at Cena, before he and Orton leave the ring. HHH yells at Cena that this isn't over and that his time is coming, as they retreat up the ring. Cena looks over at Kane, whose motionless. The trainers come down to check on Kane, as RAW ends.

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**********BREAKING NEWS**********

- WWE Smackdown is cancelled indefinitely. We apologize to the Smackdown fans. We hope you continue to watch WWE RAW and other programming we provide. Thanks.

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RAW - Monday, October 20, 2014 - Intrust Bank Arena - Wichita, KS​


We see Vince McMahon come down to the ring and say his goodbye's to the WWE Universe and the superstars and divas in the back before riding away in his limo. We then see HHH and Stephanie come out to the ring and unload what appeared to be years and years of frustration towards Vince. And after the C.O.O and C.B.O finished sticking their knives in the back of their father-in-law and dad, John Cena came out with something to say. Cena gave his disproval for the actions of HHH and Stephanie in front of the entire WWE Universe, at the cost of his own rebuking by HHH. HHH laid into Cena about how his antics are well past played out and how he no longer has the company backing. HHH tried to belittle Cena even more by suggesting WWE legends as Cena's opponent for the night, when a shock just as big as those names happened--the return of CM Punk.

CM Punk came out and basically let HHH, Stephanie and Cena know that he came back to main event WrestleMania and has been appointed the man to make life difficult for The Authority. Punk made his message loud and clear when he gave HHH the two bird salute, followed by a GTS. He left the ring and informed everyone that those messages were from the former CEO and new CEO--Shane McMahon--shocking everyone.

Later in the main event, after Cena defeated Kane... HHH sought to let out his frustrations from Punk, Vince and Shane from earlier on the night on Cena, but instead lashed out on Kane! He and Orton beat Kane down to a pulp and HHH put his lights out with a sledgehammer shot to the back of the head and an extra one just to send a message to Cena. Cena was left looking lost for the second time in the night...
- The Authority are in the ring.

HHH: What you just saw is what happens when you play the game! There are consequences for everything you do in this life and unfortunately... Kane became a statistic to represent a consequence for when I get crossed! All Kane had to do last week was beat John Cena and make him pay for disrespecting me and he failed. And as a result, he instantly became expendable to The Authority and well ... business is business... Now... on to more important individuals in my crosshairs... Shane McMahon... ha... the prodigal son returns I guess. I mean, I think I'm the most surprised by Shane's sudden arrival. I mean he ran away from the business so fast, you'd think he was some IWC'r who got pissed because Cena wins again! No, but seriously, Shane... look pal, I understand you and your old man have some father-son issues and you feel like he's never really thought much of you and have always saw me as the son he never had and the one he wanted to inherit his kingdom. And perhaps you see right now as the perfect opportunity to slide in and "make daddy proud"... OK ... I get that. But Shane, let me make one thing perfectly clear to you and anyone else who make have a misunderstanding on the subject... this is MY company and I run this show! You may have the official title of CEO, but man that truly runs this show is standing in this ring right now! You better believe it pal! So how about you just sit up there in your comfy chair in Hartford, Connecticut, while I continue business... as.. usu--

- Shane McMahon appears on the titantron.

SHANE: Hey Hunter, sis, Randy and Mr. MITB, how's it going? Good I hope, after all, we are here live on MNR in Wichita, Kansas! Ya' know Hunter, I hate to cut off your little speech there, but I just couldn't wait to make an announcement of my own. And you know, I could take the low rode and answer you on your comments about my family issues, but as the CEO of the company, it's my responsibility to be the bigger man. After all... what I own in this company is my true birth right... I didn't have to marry the bosses daughter to get where I'm at. No offense sis... but enough about all of that. What I wanted to address you with is the future of the company. And to be honest Hunter, you've done a great job in making new stars in the WWE, with Seth Rollins standing right there as a prime example. Mr. MITB himself--your guy! And then last week we see the return of CM Punk, "Mr. Pipe Bomb" himself, who apparently, my dad has brought back as "his guy"... to rise against The Authority--which was a great idea, I might add. But you know, I've got my own vision for the WWE. And I found it in a man, who somewhat reminds me of myself when I competed in the WWE. A man whose willing to do anything and everything to get his point across. A man that was a thorn in The Authorities side before CM Punk. A man that The Authority has been making life very difficult for. A man I had the pleasure of getting to know, away from all the chaos on RAW last week, a man that plans on sending your guy Hunter, straight to hell... DEAN-AMBROSE!

"Dean Ambrose's music hits"​

- Ambrose come out to the stage.

AMBROSE: Hey Shane, I really appreciate that introduction there. But to be quite honest, The Authority needs no re-introduction to yours truly! Ya see Shane, as you've already mentioned... The Authority has been trying their hardest to get rid of me once and for all, but every time they step on me... I get right back up and say that tickled! And I come raging back like a man possessed that I am, all so that I can get my hands on that scrawny little neck of Seth Rollins down there and snap it like a freakin' twig! And you know, in a sick and twisted way, I've enjoyed "mommy and daddy" Stephanie and HHH keeping the cookie jar away from me... the cookie jar being their little golden boy, Seth Rollins, safe from being snatched and eaten! Because ya see "mom and dad", every time you slap my hand and tell me I can't have the cookies, it's just makes me salivate and even hungrier for those damn cookies! But little Dean isn't upset "mom and dad" no... I've been enjoying the cat and mouse game so far. In fact, I've even drawn a picture of what it will look like when I finally get my hands on the cookie jar and take the lid off.

- Ambrose pulls a drawing out of his pocket.

AMBROSE: Let's see here... this stick figure right here is me. And he's eating cookies. But not just any cookies, he's eating ginger bread men. But not just ANY ginger bread men, he's eating ginger bread men that look like Seth Rollins! And crumbs are flying all over the place... but not just ANY crumbs... Seth Rollin's blood crumbs, Seth Rollin's teeth crumbs, Seth Rollin's hair crumbs, Seth Rollin's flesh crumbs... gee I'm a sloppy eater... but that's OK because stick figure Dean had a awesome snack! But the real Dean Ambrose is very, very hungry right now and I don't have an appetite for ginger bread men... oh no... I have a taste for getting my hands on Seth Rollins, this Sunday at HIAC and maniacally dissecting his body shred by shred until the only thing left of in the ring is a MITB briefcase surrounded by blood and ginger bread crumbs!!! Haaaaaaaaaaa!

ROLLINS: Ambrose, you... you're OUTTA YOUR FRIGGIN' MIND! And if it was up to me, you wouldn't be competing in any wrestling matches... you'd be in a mental hospital, wrapped up in the tightest straight-jacket around and drugged up on the heaviest psychotic meds around--YOU LUNATIC!!! But you know, that's for later... this Sunday at HIAC, it's going to be me and you, caged in the most sadistic structure in this companies history. A structure that's the some men have only experienced once in their careers, but a structure that's changed the lives of everyone whose been inside it. Dean... you may be insane and may actually be missing enough brains cells to enjoy something as ruthless as the HIAC structure, but let me make something very, very clear to you... I didn't get this far from being a nutcase... I'm the smartest man in this company and this Sunday at HIAC, I'll finally put you down like the rabid dog you are and end your misery with a career ending curb stomp! And Dean... from there your entire life will be "Blacked Out"!

HHH: Dean, Shane...I see now why you two have become allies. You're both third place, unwanted little boys, starving for attention, with the need to prove you're better than the other two. I mean let's face it guys, there's levels in life, not everyone can be the man... there's gotta be someone to carry the mans bags. Shane, like I've already told ya, you stay up there all comfy in Connecticut--out of my business and let me continue to run my show and Dean Ambrose, well, you're right in the fact that we failed to eliminate you, as a risk for this company and unfortunately, you're currently still heading to HIAC to compete in a match against Seth Rollins, but the really unfortunate thing is... Seth Rollins is going to beat you to within an inch of your very life Dean, he's going to make you wish you actually were a patient in a mental institution, instead of in the WWE, he's going to make you wish there was no such thing as hell, come this Sunday. But Dean, I'm a fair guy... you'll have the same opportunity at Rollins this Sunday--IF--you can make it to this Sunday. As you'll be going one-one-one against a man on a mission of his own--Randy Orton!

- Orton and Rollins stare up at Ambrose, while HHH stares up at Shane in the titantron.

SHANE: Hey Dean, I know you don't need any extra motivation, but in regards to Randy Orton tonight and Seth Rollins this Sunday--givem' hell!

- We get a close up of Dean looking crazy and intense and an angle from the back of Dean, where we see the Authority, before we go to commercial.
- Orton approaches HHH in his office backstage.

ORTON: Hey Hunter, I know you've got a lot going on right now with Shane and Dean and Punk, but I just wanted to say this Sunday, I'm going to continue the roll I'm on right now and eliminate the lingering John Cena problem in HIAC's co-main event, so that we can all move on to bigger issues and once I--

HHH: Hey Randy uh, about you and Cena co-main eventing HIAC this Sunday... plans have changed. Ya see, this Rollins/Ambrose thing has just been building and building and is just waiting to explode and with Seth being Mr. MITB, it's just better business to have him highlight and main event HIAC in his own match against Ambrose. You understand right? Oh, buy hey... Rollin's came to me looking out for you and he suggested that your match against Cena be a #1 contenders match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Good looking out right?

ORTON: ...Seth came to you and suggested this himself?

HHH: He did.

ORTON: Wow... uh... I guess I should be finding Seth Rollins and... and thanking him personally.

- Orton leaves HHH's office.

MATCH 1: Sandow def. Sheamus (Winner chooses the US championship match type at HIAC)

- Miz was on commentary during the match. In the end, Sandow dodged a Brogued Kick and countered with his own finisher and got the pin-fall victory over Sheamus. After the match, Miz was ecstatic over at the announce table and got in the ring. Miz brought Sandow a mic and asked him what type of match, he was going to choose for him this Sunday. Miz told him to pick something good for him. Sandow said a 2-on-1 handicap match. Miz shook his head yes and dropped the mic. He headed out of the ring first and Sandow followed. Miz put his shades on and backed up the ramp and so did Sandow. Miz did the "face thing" and so did Sandow.

- Orton approaches Rollins backstage.

ORTON: Hey Seth I heard you put in a good word for me with HHH and got me a #1 contenders match at HIAC... why did you do that?

ROLLINS: What do you mean? We're both members of The Authority, we're a team, I'm just looking out for a teammate bro.

ORTON: First of all, we're not teammates and second of all, I don't need you to do anything for me. I've been looking out for myself for many years, way before anyone knew who Seth Rollins was, so why don't you just back off and stay out of my business.

ROLLINS: Woah, look... chill out Randy. I was just doing a kind gesture for someone I thought was my friend. But don't worry, I'll stay out of your way.

ORTON: We're not friends and you do that.

MATCH 2: Rusev def. R-Truth

- Rusev nearly snapped R-Truth in half, after making him tap to The Accolade. Rusev and Lana waited for the Russian flag to drop, but it didn't, rather the US flag did. Big Show then popped on the monitor and started chanting USA and then the crowd joined in. Rusev and Lana got pissed. Rusev looked out into the crowd and headed in that direction. Rusev approached a US soldier and starred him down. The soldier kept screaming USA in Rusev's face until Rusev had enough and kicked his head off. Rusev and Lana backed got out of dodge quickly as the crowd was all looking towards the laid out soldier.

- We see a Wyatt family promo, with this one being a little longer and focusing a little more on Bray.

- Gold/Stardust cut a weird promo about stars, glitter, gold, the titles and how The Uso's new name should be "Dim and Dimmer".

MATCH 3: The Uso's def. Slator Gator.

- Jey got the pin on O'Neil, after the Alley-Us. After the match, The Uso's cut a promo about how not only do they shine brighter than Goldust and Stardust, but that at HIAC, they're going to prove they're the best brother-brother tag-team in the WWE, when they win their titles back.

- Backstage, Cena is walking backstage, when Rollins comes up from behind him and nails him in the back of the head with the MITB briefcase. Rollins then puts Cena's head on the briefcase and steps back to give him a curb stomp, when his attention is caught by something else. Rollins stops in his tracks, as the camera reveals CM Punk starring back at Rollins.

PUNK: Hey there Mr. MITB, watcha' doing?

- Rollins beams over at Punk, before cautiously retrieving his briefcase. Rollins smirks and looks CM Punk up and down, before walking away.

PUNK: It was good seeing you again too...

- Punk just stares off in Rollins' direction.

MATCH 4: Ziggler def. Swagger

- In the end, Ziggler got the pin on Swagger after hitting the Zig-Zag. But right after the pin count, Cesaro rushed in the ring and attacked Ziggler. Cesaro lifted Ziggler up and tried to get him in the Equilizer, but Ziggler countered and attempted a chin kick to Cesaro, but dodged it and nailed Ziggler with a European Uppercut, leaving Ziggler laid out in the ring.

MAIN EVENT: Orton (no contest) Ambrose

- Near the end of the match, Orton is stalking Ambrose and looking to finish him off. When Rollins walks past the ring, in Randy's sight. Orton gets a little distracted and keeps his eyes on Rollins and Ambrose. Ambrose gets up woozy, but Orton hesitates to strike as Rollins grabs on to a rope, allowing Ambrose to fend off an obvious RKO and countered with his very own finisher. Ambrose made the cover, but Rollins broke it up with a chair shot to Ambrose. Rollins continued with a few more shots and watch Ambrose attempt to crawl up his pants to get up. Rollins just stood there and laughed and he was prepared to ram Ambrose in the face with the top of the chair, when John Cena ran down the ring, pulled the chair out of Rollins' grabs, causing him to spin around and unto the shoulders of John Cena, but he escapes the F5, leading to Orton catching Cena off guard with an RKO. As Orton broods over Cena, Rollins has the chair again and he nails Orton in the back with the chair. Rollins continues to beat Orton down with chairs shots, until Orton is limp. Rollins stands above Orton shaking his head arrogantly at him, when Ambrose gets back to his feet and gingerly stands behind Rollins, as he holds his side. Rollins feels someone breathing on his neck and he tries to make quick getaway, but Ambrose grabs him and nails him with his newfound finisher. Cena, Orton and Rollins are all laid out. Ambrose is the only man standing tall as RAW goes off the air.

--- HELL IN A CELL ---

Sunday, October 26, 2014 - American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX

Hell In A Cell
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match
John Cena vs Randy Orton

Big Show vs. Rusev

Diva's Championship
AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige

United States Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Mizdow

Tag Team Championship
The Uso's vs. Goldust & Stardust (c)

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Antonio Cesaro

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I really like the inclusion of Shane O'Mac, it offers up a great angle of the family feud, (which they should totally do in actuality). Weird to think Dean would be working with Shane, but it would totally garner a huge pop. CM Punks inclusion into the story, I'm not a big fan of, simply because I dislike CM Punk as a wrestler, but understand it'd do wonders for ratings. Having Lesnar interfere at the Cena / Orton, injuring Orton would help solidify potential face turn, and offer up a monkey wrench, with the DQ victory of Cena not really offering much in who would be #1 Contender, possibly a Triple Threat at Survivor Series, or a three way dance to go with the gimmick. Reinstating the hardcore championship would be pretty cool, and help out Ambrose. Maybe even bringing back some tag teams to help rejuvenate the division, Dudleyz, Super Crazy and Tajiri, Tommy Dreamer and Sandman.

Hey, liked it, write soon

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I really like the inclusion of Shane O'Mac, it offers up a great angle of the family feud, (which they should totally do in actuality). Weird to think Dean would be working with Shane, but it would totally garner a huge pop. CM Punks inclusion into the story, I'm not a big fan of, simply because I dislike CM Punk as a wrestler, but understand it'd do wonders for ratings. Having Lesnar interfere at the Cena / Orton, injuring Orton would help solidify potential face turn, and offer up a monkey wrench, with the DQ victory of Cena not really offering much in who would be #1 Contender, possibly a Triple Threat at Survivor Series, or a three way dance to go with the gimmick. Reinstating the hardcore championship would be pretty cool, and help out Ambrose. Maybe even bringing back some tag teams to help rejuvenate the division, Dudleyz, Super Crazy and Tajiri, Tommy Dreamer and Sandman.

Hey, liked it, write soon
Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback! Well received! I've been really busy lately and forgot I had a show due--today actually. I will try my best to get HIAC up this week and entertain you all.

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WWE Hell In A Cell
Sunday October 26, 2014
American Airlines Arena
Dallas, Texas

--- The Kick-off show ---

Intercontinental Championship (2 out of 3 Falls)
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Antonio Cesaro

In a match where Ziggler gave it his all, it just wasn't enough as Cesaro countered the Zig-Zag, by using only his leverage to keep Ziggler suspended in the air and then swung him around with his on neck, setting Ziggler up for the Neutralizer. Cesaro wins 2-1 over Ziggler. Cesaro celebrates up the ramp, doing his fist pump taunt, as he backs up the ramp.

Winner: Cesaro​

--- The Main Show ---

*The Opening Match*

Big Show vs. Rusev

In the final part of the match, Henry comes down the ramp to cheer Show on, as Big Show has Rusev against the ring and laying some hard smacks across his chest. After Show quiets the crowd, he gives Rusev the last big chest smack, before Rusev falls to the ground in pain. Show then lifts Rusev up and slides him back in the ring. Show turns back to acknowledge Henry and Henry shows his support by cheering Show on. Show then slides back in the ring and lifts Rusev up, preparing for a chokeslam, but Rusev counters with a kick to Show's gut, causing him to lose grip. Rusev then hit the ropes and came back with a high kick to Show's lowered face. Show hits the mat, on his back and Rusev proceeds to the apron, as Henry is threatening to enter. Rusev gets in Henry's face and pretends to back away and then lays a hard right onto Henry. Henry dropped down, holding his face and had to hold back his retaliation. Rusev then turned his attention back to Show. Rusev applied The Accolade to Show who is still down. Rusev applies the lock tight and Show passes out. The ref calls for the bell, as Rusev still won't break his grip. Henry charged the ring and Rusev quickly broke the hold, as Henry went to save his friend. However, Rusev had other plans, as he dropped Henry with a high kick, leaving both Henry and Show down and out. The Russian flag dropped as Rusev and Lana celebrated.

Winner: Rusev​

Match #2

Diva's Championship
AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige

In the end of the match, AJ tries to get Paige in the Widow's Peak, but Paige counters with a back breaker. Paige then picks AJ up and locks in the PTO. AJ taps and Paige hurries to retrieve the Diva's Championship and she screams like only she can and heads up the ramp.

Winner: Paige

Match #3​

Tag Team Championship
The Uso's vs. Goldust & Stardust (c)

At the end of the match, Jimmy and Stardust are going at in the ring, as the legal men. Jimmy hits Stardust with a full nelson slam and lays him out. Jimmy goes for the cover, but Goldust breaks it up. Goldust goes to attack Jimmy, but Jey comes in and goes at Goldust. Jey tosses Goldust out of the ring and the refs tries to get Jey to leave the ring. Meanwhile, Stardust is back up and tries to pick Jimmy up, but Jimmy rolls Stardust up in a small package. The ref goes for the count, but Goldust pulls the ref outside the ring. Goldust and Jey enter and Jey goes after Goldust, but Goldust blows gold glitter in his face, causing him to roll out of the ring. Jimmy then catches Goldust off guard and nails him with a super kick. Stardust then spins Jimmy around and nails him with Dark Matter. Stardust makes the cover, as the ref slides back in the ring for the 3 count. Goldust and Stardust celebrate, as Jimmy exits the ring to check on Jey.

Winner: Goldust & Stardust

Match #4​

United States Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Miz & Mizdow

At the end of the match, Sheamus and Mizdow are going at it in the ring. Sheamus nails Mizdow with White Noise and turns his attention to Miz, who enters the ring. Miz is hesitant about approaching Sheamus and decides to exit the ring. Sheamus then goes to cover Mizdow, but he kicks out after 2. Sheamus then backs into the corner and starts gearing up for the Brogue Kick. Mizdow is starting to get up slowly, unaware of what awaits him. Sheamus charges and nearly connects with Mizdow, but Mizdow's instinct kicks in and he ducks the kick. Mizdow spins Sheamus and nails him with a DDT. Mizdow then gets up and hits Sheamus with an Elbow of Disdain. Mizdow then makes the cover. 1...2...3!! Mizdow pins Sheamus and is the new United States Champion. The ref hands Mizdow the title, who is smiling like a Cheshire cat. Miz runs in and snatches the title from Mizdow and starts saying he won and he's the United States Champion. Mizdow then starts mocking Miz and celebrating with an invisible title. Miz then heads for the exit and Mizdow follows, but then Mizdow grabs Miz and nails him with a Skull Crushing Finale!!! Miz is laid out. Sandow then grabs the United States Championship and puts it on his shoulders. Sandow then looks down at a flattened Miz and wipes his feet, as if kicking dirt onto Miz, before leaving the ring. And halfway up the ramp, Mizdow looks back down and says, "You're Welcome".

Winner: Damien Sandow​

Match #5​

WWE World heavyweight championship #1 contenders match

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Near the end, both Cena and Orton are both on their backs and gassed. Both men try to get to their feet, but can't. Orton has just super-plexed Cena through three lined up tables! .... And now Paul Heyman is on his way down to the ring with a ref. They get to the ring and the ref takes the lock off the cage door. Heyman opens the door and looks up the ramp...

"Brock Lesnar's theme hits"​

Heyman is all smiles as Brock heads down the ramp, taking his time. As Lesnar reaches the cage door, he hands his title to Heyman, who says to him, "He's all yours". Lesnar enters the cage and then the ring. He stands in the corner, with a menacing glare over at the wreckage of Cena and Orton. Brock then makes his way over to them and stands over them, looking at both men, back and forth. Lesnar then grabs Orton and puts him on his shoulders, F5! Lesnar flexes as Orton is out! Cena then begins to come to and get to his feet. Cena notices Brock and gets an adrenaline rush and charges Brock, but Brock just levels Cena with a nasty clothesline! Lesnar then makes no haste to put Cena on his shoulders and F5 him as well! Both Cena and Orton are out, as Lesnar just stands tall in the center of the ring. The ref ring the bell. Heyman enters the ring and is all smiles, as he congratulates Brock. Heyman hands Lensar the title and lifts his arm up in victory.

Winner: No contest​


Hell In A Cell Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Near the end, Rollins and Ambrose are at the top of the cage. Ambrose is choking Rollins out with a kendo stick. Rollins is near passing out, so he elbows Ambrose in the balls to break the hold. Ambrose falls over in pain, as Rollins tries to catch his breath. Rollins then gains his composure and looks to deliver the Curb Stomp on Ambrose, but then looks over to the edge of the cage and his demeanor changes. Rollins grabs Ambrose by the hair and drags him near the edge. Rollins looks down at Ambrose and gets ready to toss him over, but Ambrose counters with a Dirty Deeds attempt, but Rollins flips out of it and lunges Ambrose over the cage! Ambrose crashes down through the Spanish announce table and he's toast! Rollins peers down smiling at the sight below, before scaling down the cage. As Rollins is coming down he sees Ziggler standing on a table below him. Rollins pauses and then tries to head back up the cage, but Ziggler high tails after him and catches him and nails him with a Zig-Zag through the table set up below. Ambrose is out, Rollins is out and Ziggler is backing away, with his eyes on Rollins the whole time. Medics come out from the back and load Ambrose and Rollins onto stretchers. Both men are motionless, as they are rolled away.

Winner: No contest​

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RAW - Monday, October 27, 2014 - AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX


- Seth Rollins is in the ring with Mercury and Noble.

Rollins: All day today, I've been contemplating why does a man choose to make the choices he does. What causes him to choose one thing over another? Now I don't want to go too deep tonight for you uneducated San Antonians... so I'll just get straight to the point... Dolph Ziggler, why don't you bring your badly, bleached blonde ass out here and explain to me, why you made the dumbest career move ever last night at Hell In A Cell, by getting involved in my match and costing me the pleasure of putting the final nail in the coffin of my Dean Ambrose problem!

- Moments pass.

ROLLINS: C'mon out Ziggler! Don't tell me you're afraid of confronting me face to face, what are you only good with attacking me from behind! Huh? The Authority's not out here... it's just you and me. Now bring your as-...

"Dolph Ziggler's theme hits"​

- Ziggler makes his way down to the ring.

ZIGGLER: You look pretty good on a crutch Mr. Money In The Bank! But then again, you should be used to it since that's all you've used since you've been in the WWE!

ROLLINS: What you see as a crutch, I see as opportunities, so don't complain to me about being a smart business man Dolph, but what you can do is explain to me why the hell you decided to Zig-Zag me through a table last night!

ZIGGLER: Well, let's see Rollins, like you I'd been doing a lot of thinking lately... One, about my Intercontinental championship defense being on the pre-show of the pay-per-view, as if I'm not the best on the whole damn show! Two, I'd lost my Intercontinental championship to Cesaro--who I must say, despite our issues, he put on a hell of a performance last night. And three...

- Ziggler gets in Rollins' face.

ZIGGLER: ...you curb stomped me a couple of weeks ago and I decided it was time to return the favor! But even more than that Rollins, and this is for you too HHH and The Authority... I've been busting my ass night in and night out, every show, every event and the most I've got to show for it is what? A short world title reign? Whereas, Rollins here can turn his back on his friends, his brothers and align himself with a bunch of snakes! And the next thing you know, he's got a WWE World title shot and all the protection you can get around here!

"HHH's music hits"​

- HHH and Stephanie come down to the ring.

HHH: Seth, I know you asked for us to let you take care of this on your own, but I think it's best If you allowed The Authority to handle this from here... Dolph, we've heard everything you've said so far and despite the fact that you're airing out your grievances in front of the entire world, I'm not that put off by it. In fact, it's inspired me to make you an offer tonight. An offer that could change your entire career, hell, your legacy Dolph Ziggler. See in a couple of weeks, we'll be having the Survivor Series pay-per-view and as always, there's going to be a traditional match of 5-on-5. Now as you also know Dolph, the WWE is missing a #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship and it's WWE World heavyweight champion and have been for quite some time now and that's just not good for business. Ya see, we need a WWE World heavyweight champion that's going show up week after week and put on the best damn show possible, because well... that's what's good for business. Now I know you and Seth have some unsettled business between each other right now, so what I want to do Dolph, is offer you a match tonight against Seth Rollins and not only will this match allow you two to work out your personal issues, but the winner will be named the captain of Team Authority at Survivor Series, where the winning team will have the opportunity to compete for the #1 contender spot for the WWE World heavyweight championship!

- HHH gets up close to Dolph.

HHH: How's that sound Dolph? You can change your entire career with just a victory over Rollins tonight, how's that sound?

ZIGGLER: How's that sound? How's that sound?! The only thing better would be if the bell for that match would ring right now, so that I could beat the crap out of that traitor over there, pin him, win the right to lead Team Authority at Survivor Series and have the chance to compete for the #1 contender-ship for the WWE World Heavyweight championship... but instead, I'd rather just beat the hell out of that traitor over there and then tell The Authority to KISS-MY-ASS!!!

- HHH looks at Ziggler and shakes his head.

STEPHANIE: You know it's unfortunate Dolph, that you don't have the brains and reason to be a good business man and that's one of the main differences between you and a lot of the guys in the back, when it comes to Seth Rollins. Because he's a man that never lets opportunity pass him by and always strikes at the right time.

"Batista's music hits"​

- Batista comes out and heads straight for the ring.

HHH: Well Dave, you weren't expected here tonight, or back again to be honest...why are you here?...

BATISTA: Well Hunter, a few weeks ago, I was away doing my thing and I got a call from someone within the WWE with a proposition. A proposition that I just couldn't say no to. And it involved me fighting on his team at Survivor Series and kicking the ass of Team Authority! And to be honest, that sounded all fine and well.. until just a few moments ago before I came out here, when I heard you say the winning team at Survivor Series would earn the right to compete for the #1 contender-ship of the WWE World heavyweight championship... well...

- Batista looks into the camera.

BATISTA: ...sorry Shane, but you didn't offer that incentive... so I'm going to have to pass on your offer. Now Hunter, I see you have an offer up for the leader of Team Authority at Survivor Series and being the business man that I am, I had to come out here and grab this opportunity for myself. So I accept Hunter. I'll fight Seth Rollins tonight, beat his ass and become the leader of Team Authority at Survivor Series.

HHH: Haha, woah there Big Dave. Although, I'm still in awe that you're here tonight, it actually does work out in our favor, considering the circumstances. So here's my offer for you Big Dave... you want to be back on top right? You want the title, the money and the spotlight. Well, it can be all yours... all you have to do is beat Dolph Ziggler tonight! You can handle that, right?

- Batista walks over to Dolph.

BATISTA: Beat Dolph Ziggler tonight huh? The guy that had his first match on RAW against me. The bleach blonde show-off. Ha! Yeah, I think I'll put him down with a Batista Bomb, the same way I did then.

- Batista turns his back to Ziggler and attempts to shake HHH's hand.

ZIGGLER: You stooges aren't the only ones who knows a good opportunity when he sees one.

- Ziggler drops the mic. and nails Batista with a Zig-Zag, before quickly exiting the ring. The Authority stare on at Ziggler, as he makes his way up the ramp.


- Backstage we see the new Intercontinental champion, Cesaro with Renee.

RENEE: Cesaro, last night at Hell In A Cell, you became the new Intercontinental champion, when you defeated Dolph Ziggler in a 2 out of 3 falls match. What's next for the new Intercontinental champion?

CESARO: Renee, the only thing I'm going to do is to continue doing what I did to become the Intercontinental champion in the first place and that's be the best wrestler in the WWE, hands down and show all of my opponents that I'm better than they'll ever be...

- Lana and Rusev appear.

LANA: Cesaro, I would like to congratulate you, on behalf of Putin and Russia on becoming the new Intercontinental champion. Although we may represent two different countries and haven't always seen eye-to-eye, Rusev and yourself both represent proud and great European nations and as fellow Europeans, we should be united on all fronts, from world powers and in the WWE. So Cesaro, I'd like to extend an offer to you right now as your representative. Together, we'll dominate dominate the WWE and crush the American influence in this company. What do you say Cesaro?

- Cesaro gets up close to Lana.

CESARO: How do the Americans say it ... you had me at hello.

- Lana and Cesaro laugh sarcastically. Cesaro then goes over to Rusev and says something in Russian to him, before extending his hand. Rusev extends his and they shake. Lana, Cesaro and Rusev then walk away.

Match #1​

Slator Gator w/Hornswoggle vs. Los Matadores

In a rather quick match, Slator Gator put Los Matadores in a very impressive manner. O'Neil hit his finisher on Diego and got the pin fall. After the match, Slator Gator got on mic. They said they're done with Mexican (I know they're really Puerto Rican) bull fighters and midget bulls. We're Slator Gator baby and our time is right now! They both look down at Hornswoggle who has no idea what's going on. Slator grabs Hornswoggle by the head and holds him in place. O'Neil backs up and as Slator throws Hornswoggle towards him, O'Neil delivers a boot to his dome. O'Neil then throws Hornswoggle over the ropes and outside the ring. And we're done with baby alligators! They taunt the crowd afterwards.

Winner: Slator Gator

- Backstage HHH is in his office with Orton.

ORTON: What the hell happened last night? Brock Lesnar is allowed to enter the cage and interrupt my match by giving me an F5! Huh? I want an explanation--I DEMAND an explanation!

HHH: Randy, Lesnar F5'd Cena too, to be fair... So why don't you settle down and...

ORTON: Settle down?! Settle down?!?! I'm not settling down for anyone until I get an explanation of what happened last night...and as for your pet, Seth Rollins, I'm willing to let what he did to me last week slide, but you better make sure he never crosses me like that again...

- Cena walks in the door.

HHH: Cena, I was just saying how Brock Lesnar F5'd you last night. How's it going?

CENA: Look Hunter, Randy... I don't know what the hell happened last night and Orton I'm sure you're wondering the same thing... and to be honest--I don't care, all I'm here about is what this means for the #1 contender-ship for the WWE World heavyweight championship?

ORTON: Excuse me Cena, but I'm a little busy here dealing with my own problems, so why don't you step aside?

CENA: Randy...we didn't get to settle our differences last night, so if you wanna go now, make a move son.

ORTON: Although, I'm done with you and your tired act Cena, after I get my hands on Brock Lesnar, I'll make sure to circle back around and kick yours again!

HHH: OK enough. Look, I don't know whose responsible for allowing Lesnar in your match last night and believe me, I'm already on the case. But in the mean time, here's what going to happen. Randy, I want to talk to you about Survivor Series. Cena, you've got the night off. Cya next week.

CENA: Really?

HHH: Yeah...really. Have a great night.

- Cena looks at HHH and Orton a little bothered, before leaving the room. In the hallway, Cena began making his way to the locker room, when he got approached...

CENA: How can I help you fellas?

WOODS: John Cena, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Xavier Woods and you know these two men already, but let me just remind you and everyone else whose forgotten about them, who they are. Kofi Kingston and Big E. But who we are isn't nearly as important as what we are, however the answers to those questions will have to wait. But what I will tell you Cena is that what's about to happen to you isn't personal, it's just business.

- Big E and Kofi begin attacking Cena. Cena fights back, but Woods jumps in and it becomes too much. Kofi and Woods throw Cena into Big E, who lays him out with a massive clothesline. The three men stand over Cena. Woods drops down and places a business card on Cena's chest.

WOODS: We've got your number, here's ours... call us when you want some answers.

- The trio walk off leaving Cena laid out.

Match #2

Adam Rose vs. R-Truth

- Near the end of a quality match, Rose hits R-Truth with Party Foul and covers him for the win. After the match, Rose helps R-Truth to his feet and extends his hand to Truth. Truth shakes it and Rose tries to do Truth's dance moves. Truth gets into it and has Rose step aside, while he shows him how it's really done. Afterwards, Rose's party bus gets in the ring and they all start dancing to Rose's music. When all of a sudden the lights go out... and after a few moments they come back on and everyone is laid out, except Rose. And we see Bray Wyatt on the monitor. He tells Rose that the lie he's been trying to live is coming to an end and that he sees right through him. He says Rose used to be a familiar spirit spirit to him and that's it's time to come back. He says this is the only time he'll ask. Wyatt vanishes and leaves Rose with a disturbed look.

Winner: Adam Rose​


- Sandow is in the ring.

SANDOW: I know the unwashed masses and uneducated here are all wondering why I did what I did to Miz last night. And I know you all appreciate it, but make no mistake about it... I didn't do it for you ingrates! Not that snot nosed brat in the front row right here, not that overweight WOW player over in section 2 and definitely not this...this...whatever that thing in vomit tie-die is behind Michael Cole. I didn't do it for any you! But I will tell you who I did it for... for just... $9.99... you can subscribe to the WWE Network and watch me tell all in an exclusive interview. You're welcome!

- Mark Henry's music hits and he heads down to the ring. Miz's music hits next and he heads for the announce table.

Match #3

Damien Sandow vs. Mark Henry

- During the match, Miz talks about how Mizdow was just burnt out from all his double work and that he simply blew a lid. He says, he forgives Mizdow and that it's water under the bridge now. And he's out here tonight to support his stunt double.

- Near the end of the match, Henry has Sandow in a claw and Damien is in pain. Miz then gets up and gets on the ring apron. Henry breaks the hold and goes over to have some words with Miz. Sandow then catches Henry off-guard and rolls him up, using the ropes for the pin. Afterwards, Sandow takes a bow and exits the ring. Miz claps for Sandow. As Sandow makes his way up the ramp, Miz follows from a distance, as if everything is OK between the two...

Winner: Damian Sandow​

- Backstage Big Show is with Renee.

RENEE: Big Show, last night at Hell In A Cell, you came up short in defeating Rusev and restoring some American pride, as you sought out to do. How are you feeling about that?

- Big Show looks disappointed and stalls...

DALLAS: I think I can answer that Renee. Right now, the big is feeling pretty freaking lousy. Am I right Big Show? I mean, you did promise the American people a victory over Rusev and you failed. Why geez Big Show, just think about all of the people who were counting on you to win last night. Our military veterans and active duty soldiers, all of the children, including those watching from hospital beds, the single mothers and hard working fathers, who just wanted a little bit of joy for themselves and their families and you blew it Big Show, big time! So all-in-all Renee, Big Show feels like a big, giant, tu-

- Big Show decks Bo Dallas with a major right hook and leaves him flattened on the floor, before walking away. Renee just looks down at Bo Dallas and walks away as well.

- Paige is in the ring with all of the divas, minus AJ.

PAIGE: Last night began the beginning of the end for AJ. Because not only did she lose her diva's championship, but she lost the only thing that make her valuable to the WWE. And now that that's gone, she's now irrelevant. And I'm not the only one who feels this way, all of the woman you see here behind me feel the same way. We all have been slighted by AJ at one point or another and we're all just sick of it. So AJ, you said you don't have any friends, well... not only is that true, but you also don't have a place in the woman's locker room or in the WWE. So why don't you do us all a favor and come our here and retire.

- All of the divas await AJ.

"AJ's music hits"​

- AJ comes out and heads for the ring.

AJ: WOW, look what we have here, a combination of horrible reality TV people, talentless hacks and models posing as wrestlers.

- AJ gets in Paige's face and the two are surrounded by the other divas.

AJ: And then there's you Paige... the wicked bitch of the England!

- Paige slaps AJ and AJ strikes back, but all of the divas gang up on AJ. A few moments go by... then CM Punk runs down the ramp and enters the ring. Punk has to pull AJ out from under the pack and ends up taking some blows as well. AJ appears to be pretty beat down, as Punk is livid as he carries her up the ramp.

PAIGE: It's not over AJ, your husband can't even save you from what's coming!

- The divas look on as Punk carries AJ away.

- Backstage, Punk takes AJ to his room and tells her to wait there and that he'll be right back. Punk then heads for The Authority's locker room. Punk literally tries to tear the door off the hinges to get the door open. Kane let's Punk in. Punk bursts through!

PUNK: Did you see what the hell just happened to my wife?!? What the hell! I demand for the appropriate actions be taken against the female wrestlers on this show!!

HHH: Punk--

STEPHANIE: I got this one honey. Look Punk, we're already aware of what just happened to AJ out there and it's very unfortunate. But you and everyone here knows, AJ isn't the easiest person to get along with... she's got that in common with her husband... now I know you love your wife and would do anything for her and want to keep her safe, but in this business, unless you're fortunate enough to have real friends in the back, it's going to be really hard to survive out there. And with AJ separating herself from the rest of the divas, it's going to be a really tough road ahead for her. But, I can make sure she gets the protection she needs, if something is done for me...for The Authority. If you agree to fight for Team Authority at Survivor Series and help us win, I'll guarantee AJ won't have to deal with any more problems like she did just now. All you have have to do is agree.

- Punk just looks at Stephanie and HHH and spits on the floor before leaving. Punk walks back to his room and finds AJ has been attacked again and has her shirt ripped. And chair is laying on her back. Punk tries to wake her up, but she's unconscious. Punk yells for the help. After a few moments trainers come in and assist AJ. Punk is distraught.


- We get a vignette of a creepy eyes talking about putting the pieces back together and coming for someone...

Match #4​

The Great Khali vs. Tyson Kidd w/Natalya

- Near the end of the match, Khali is about to apply the Anaconda Grip, when Kidd ducks and rolls out of the ring. Kidd goes for a reprieve near Natalya, when Khali exits the ring. Khali goes to grab Kidd, but Kidd counters and swings Khali towards Natalya. Khali ends up having to grab Natalya to stop. Khali turns his attention back to Kidd, whose on the ring apron and goes air, knocking Khali backwards over the steel steps. Khali is counted out and Kidd celebrates his win. Natalya gets in the ring and Kidd has her raise his hand.

Winner: Tyson Kidd​

- Backstage we see The Authority and Batista out in front, heading for the ring. We also see Ziggler in a split screen view heading for the ring as well.


Main Event​

Dolph Ziggler vs. Batista

Near the end of the match, Ziggler is on Batista's back, trying to wear him down with a sleeper hold. The Authority is watching from ring side. They're cheering Batista on and heckling Ziggler. Batista runs backwards and slams Dolph into the turnbuckle, breaking the hold. Batista stops to catch his breath. He then turns to Dolph and charges, spearing him into the corner some more. Dolph falls, face first to the mat. Batista grabs Dolph and brings him to center of the ring. Batista gets Dolph in place for a Batista Bomb and he looks over at The Authority. They're yelling at Batista to finish him. Batista lifts Dolph high, but Dolph catches Batista and counters with a massive DDT! Batista and Dolph are both out! The Authority look concerned. Dolph begins to slowly get to his feet and then waits in the corner for Batista, as he's gearing up a super kick... HHH looks at his guys and nods his head. The stooges go and yank the referee out of the ring. Rollins and his men enter the ring. Mercury and Noble attack Dolph, but Dolph fights them off. Rollins then nails Ziggler with his briefcase. Dolph is out cold. Batista then gets to his feet and sees Dolph laid out. Batista yells for them to send him over as he plans on spearing Ziggler. Rollins and his men lift Dolph's carcase and throws him towards Batista who catches him for a spear! HHH orders the referee back in the ring. Batista goes for the cover and the referee counts. 1...2...3! It's over.

Winner: Batista​

- HHH and Stephanie enter the ring. HHH gets down near Ziggler.

HHH: Ya see Dolph, this is what happens when you make poor life choices. You end up on your back and hopefully still breathing. And in your case--just barely.

- HHH stands up.

HHH: What you people see here is The Authority standing tall and proud. And it will be the same scene after Survivor Series, when we're victorious over... I guess Team Dolph...ha! And by the looks of it, he's a one man team. Hell, if it's going to be this easy, we might not even show up...that seems like the only hope he's got right now...

"Bad News Barrett theme hits"​

- BNB comes out to the stage.

BNB: I'm afraid I have some bad news! You see Authority, not only is Dolph Ziggler not alone in wanting to kick your ass at Survivor Series, but he's also not going to be alone at Survivor Series! Yeah, that's right Bad News Barrett is back and that's not all. I met up with an old running mate of mine who also wants to get his hands on The Authority at Survivor Series... more bad news...

"Ryback theme hits"​

- Ryback comes out along side BNB and they head for the ring. HHH and Stephanie quickly leave the ring. Rollins and his stooges go after BNB and Ryback as they enter the ring. Ryback quickly takes out Mercury with a massive meat hook clothesline. Noble goes for BNB, but BNB nails Noble with a side slam. Ryback and BNB both toss Batista from the ring and now Rollins is left alone with BNB and Ryback. They stare him down and Rollins realizes he's outnumbered and looks back at Orton who hasn't budged. HHH/Stephanie are looking at Orton and trying to get him to help Rollins. Orton looks at Rollins, smirks and walks towards the ramp. Rollins is yelling for Orton's attention. Meanwhile Rollins turns and finds himself not only looking at BNB and Ryback, but Ziggler is looking at him eye-to-eye. Rollins tries to escape, but can't. Ziggler nails him with a Zig-Zag! HHH then pulls Rollins from the ring, as Ziggler, BNB and Ryback look on. HHH helps Rollins to the back, as The Authority walk away in defeat.
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