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Hi everyone; I'm new to this site, and this is my first time posting. I thought I would just offer some of my ideas for this forum. Because of school and other things, I probably won't have time to update quickly or consistently. This is my first time writing wrestling matches, so if they seem a bit short or too simple, I'm sorry about that. I would love to get any kind of feedback; I'd appreciate it. I hope to post Smackdown within the week. Thanks.

WWE RAW: April 20, 2004; One Week after Backlash
The opening graphics for WWE are shown before fading to black and silence.

[The Union Underground theme music suddenly blares, breaking the silence and accompanying the introduction to the show. A huge display of pyrotechnics is our first view of this edition of Raw; the camera pans quickly across a loud and crazy crowd.]

Jim Ross: From the Staples Center in Los Angles, we welcome you to a very loud and very live edition of Monday Night Raw! I am Jim Ross, along with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Lawler: JR, this is so exciting; we’re here in the future location of the granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania! I can’t believe it!

[The camera comes to a stop to focus on Ross and Lawler. The graphic featuring their names appears.]

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, as it was announced nearly a month and a half ago at Wrestlemania XX, Los Angeles, the very heart of Hollywood, will host Wrestlemania 21. And we are very blessed to be broadcasting Raw from this great venue.

King: I was just here yesterday; you wouldn’t believe your Oklahoma eyes JR, celebrities, fancy cars, big houses. All fit for a king!

JR: Speaking of kings, in just under two months we will see the return of The King of the Ring, presented by both Raw and Smackdown! Later tonight, Mr. McMahon will make a major announcement regarding which Raw superstars will participate in this tournament.

King: That’s great but let’s focus on what’s going on tonight! Tajiri will get a chance to take revenge for what Garrison Cade did to him at Backlash [A graphic with Tajiri and Garrison Cade w/Coach is shown].

JR: Cade cost Tajiri the match against the Coach with that vicious kick in the face; tonight’s match is sure to be one full of heated emotions.

King: But let’s look at the facts here: Tajiri may be the Japanese Buzzsaw but Garrison Cade is huge compared to him; and as much as I hate the Coach, having him on the sideline is gonna make it tough for Tajiri to mount any kind of offense.

JR: Also tonight Trish Stratus, Lita, and Molly Holly will compete in a triple threat match for a #1 contender’s spot for the Women’s Title next week on Raw. And in a match requested specifically by Eric Bishoff, Randy Orton will defend his Intercontinental Title against Edge.

King: You’re forgetting the most important thing; wherever Trish goes, Christian follows. Whoo-hoo! Puppies!

JR: How can you still like that harlot for betraying Jericho like that?

King: She’s hot.

Match #1: Tajiri vs. Garrison Cade

[Garrison Cade’s music plays, and Coach steps out first, with microphone in hand.]

Coach: It is my pleasure to introduce the newest sensation, and the future of this business, Garrison Cade!

[Cade walks out and enters the ring, with Coach pacing outside.]

[Tajiri’s music plays, and he walks out with a grimacing stare. His fists are clenched, and as he walks, everyone can tell he is ready to fight hard.]

Before the bell rings, Tajiri attacks first, striking Cade hard with right chest chops and stiff kicks to his legs. Cade lurches back into the turnbuckle in pain, absorbing Tajiri’s wild kicks. He grabs Tajiri by the neck and throws him backfirst into the turnbuckle. This time Cade is on the offensive, responding with his own right hands, eventually punching Tajiri down onto the mat. Picking him up by his hair, Cade whips Tajiri to the ropes and power slams him hard. Cade taunts the audience for a moment, and gestures towards Coach, who is voicing his approval…..

Cade continues to dominate, suplexing and body-slamming Tajiri around the ring. At one point, Coach climbs to the ropes and distracts the referee, allowing Cade to choke out Tajiri. But as Cade runs toward Tajiri for a clothesline, Tajiri sidesteps and throws Cade out of the ring using his own momentum. Cade tries shaking off the fall; he’s woozy for a few moments. As a concerned Coach examines him, Tajiri ascends to the top turnbuckle and flies in the air, landing bellyfirst onto Cade and Coach…..

Cade Irish whips Tajiri to the ropes, who does his trademark front flip and reverse elbow. Cade leans back onto the ropes, covering his face in pain. Tajiri positions him into the Tarantula and is now facing the outside. As the referee calls out the seconds, Coach runs over to Tajiri with a chair, but with the Tarantula still on, Tajiri sprays him directly in the face with the green mist. Coach immediately covers his face, screaming like a girl. He runs frantically around, looking for water. [Lawler laughs hysterically.] Tajiri releases the hold on Cade and hits him hard with the signature kick. He goes for the cover: 1..2..3!

Lillian Garcia: And the winner of this match, Tajiri!

[Tajiri walks back slowly, staring at the unconscious Cade with a satisfied smile. On the Titantron, a stained Coach glares fiercely at Tajiri.]

JR: Tajiri picks up the big victory and gets his revenge for the loss at Backlash.

King: Did you see that JR; Tajiri and that mist of his all over Coach’s face?

JR: I think everyone saw that King.

[Backstage, Stacy Kiebler and Miss Jackie are talking at a refreshments table (coffee, sandwiches, etc.)]

Jackie: Look, I’m sorry about blowing up the way I did at Wrestlemania. I was just frustrated because of our loss. I hope we can still be friends.

Stacy: Oh, totally; a big part of all this was my fault too. It was silly for me to angry over a stupid match. I’m just glad we’re not fighting anymore.

Jackie: Me too. [They hug.]

[Val Venis enters with a big smile. He stares at the pair.]

Val: Hellooo, ladies. I can’t help but notice you two gorgeous women standing over here, hugging, touching…

[Jackie and Stacy simply roll their eyes.]

Val: I know you two are still sad because Playboy didn’t invite you for pictorials, and I can understand. I’ve had my share of rejection; not much, but I know what it feels like. But I’m here to make you an ab-so-lutely sweet offer. Out of all the Divas in the WWE, I’m asking you first to star exclusively in my newest film, appropriately titled, “Blowing Up Mount Venis.” [He chuckles.] Why settle for some pictures in a magazine when you can become movie stars, virtually overnight?

[Lita and Victoria step in and look angry.]

Victoria: What the hell is going on? Are you harassing them?

[Val looks surprised at first and backs off, but then starts staring again.]

Val: Ladiesss, please…I don’t want any trouble. I’m just making a proposition to these two.

Stacy: Yeah, for some sleazy porno.

Val: Porno? I prefer to call it adult erotic entertainment [chuckles].

Lita [disgusted]: Shut up! Get out of here, sicko!

Val: Hey, no one tells the Big Valbowski where to go or what –

[Before he can finish speaking, Lita slaps him and the other women throw Val into the food on the table.]

Victoria: You like pie, Val? Here’s some pie! [Victoria smashes a cream pie on top of his head.]

[The women walk away together laughing.]

King: Oh my gosh, all that pie and cream on Val Venis; what a mess! But look on the bright side, at least he got abused by beautiful women!

JR [sighing]: Well, there’s a silver lining to every gray cloud, I suppose. Before the next match, this portion of Raw is brought to you by YJ Stinger. Feel the sting.

King: And by Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale, in theaters everyone now.

Match 2: Lita vs. Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly
• Winner receives a #1 contender’s spot for the Women’s Championship against Victoria the next week on Raw.

[Molly Holly’s music plays; she comes out with a brunette wig on. The anger and determination in her eyes is very noticeable.]

JR: Molly Holly has a huge opportunity to get another shot at that Women’s Title. Ever since her loss at Wrestlemania, she has been an absolutely fierce competitor in the Women’s Division. I believe she is obsessed with regaining that title from Victoria.

King: I won’t disagree with you that JR. I’d be angry too if my hair had all been shaved away like Molly’s.

JR: You barely have any hair left.

King: Hey!

[Lita’s music plays as she walks out, head-banging and jumping around.]

JR: Lita, having already faced Victoria at Backlash in a failed attempt for the Women’s Title, has another chance to get closer to the gold tonight.

[Trish’s music plays and she walks out; she glares at the other two competitors.]

King: Let’s not forget the real star of this match!

The bell rings and the three women stare each other down. After a few moments, Trish and Molly suddenly push Lita down and begin kicking and stomping her. Lita tries to fight back but is overwhelmed by the two-on-one effort. They both whip her to the ropes and strike with a double clothesline, but Lita ducks and takes them both down with a running double clothesline. She picks up Molly and suplexes her on top of Trish…

Trish clothesline Lita out of the ring and faces Molly. The two lock up, with Molly getting Trish into a headlock before Irish whipping her into the ropes. Molly bends down, but Trish kicks her square in the face. Molly reels back against the ropes, hitting the ref down. Trish chops her hard, then whips her towards the ropes, where Lita is beginning to stand up again. Lita bends the top rope down, causing Molly to flip over onto the canvas matting outside…

Lita and Trish are trading shots, punching each other hard, with neither person backing down. Trish eventually gets the upper hand, knocking Lita into the turnbuckle. Trish gets to the other corner and runs towards Lita. Lita moves away, then turns around the stunned Trish and plants a DDT on her. While Trish lies motionless, Lita tries to climb the turnbuckle, but is slow going up. The punches endured earlier have caught up to her and she’s feeling a lot of pain. Just as she gets to the top, Trish also gets up and slowly does a front flip and handstand, grabbing Lita’s head/neck with her ankles and flipping back into the modified hurricanrana...

Trish covers Lita as the referee is able to count. Suddenly Christian appears and runs down the ramp quickly! Molly slides back in to break the count, but Christian pulls her away and puts an Unprettier on her onto the matting. The referee counts: 1..2..3!

Lillian Garcia: And the winner of the match, Trish Stratus!

Christian and Trish smile at each other, as they celebrate in the ring. They make out passionately before heading back up the ramp, leaving Lita and Molly knocked out cold.

JR: Oh my God; what a sadistic couple! Christian had no right to interfere in that match; Molly could be seriously injured! It’s sickening how much pleasure they get from destroying competitors like this.

[Backstage, Shelton Benjamin has just arrived in the building; he’s carrying his gear backstage. As he walks, various wrestlers congratulate him on his victory over Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels approaches.]

HBK: Good job Shelton, keep it up. You’re on your way.

Shelton: Thanks a lot.

[Chris Benoit appears, his championship belt shining.]

Benoit: I want to congratulate you Shelton.

Shelton: Thanks.

Benoit: No, no, not just for the win. What you did at Backlash goes way beyond just a simple victory. I’ve known Ric Flair for a long time. Twenty, thirty years from now, they’ll still talk about the Nature Boy and what he did for this business; that’s how legendary this man is. And there’s something he’s always said, “To be the man, you got to beat the man.” You did just that. And sometime soon, I expect you to come after this title, and when you do, we’ll make history.

[Benoit walks away, but before Shelton can head to his dressing room, Ric Flair appears. They stand face to face and silent for a few moments. The tension is thick, but Flair walks away quietly.]

[In Bishoff’s office, Johnny Nitro is watching the current events as they unfold. Eric Bishoff walks in smiling and cheerful.]

Nitro: Why do you look so happy, Mr. Bishoff?

Bishoff: Why shouldn’t I be? I feel better than I have in a long, long time. On Saturday, as I was preparing this Monday’s Raw, I got a call from Mr. McMahon, who gave me some very, very good news. A few days ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s contract expired and my life has just become so much more…better. No more ‘Sheriff’ Austin to defy my authority, no more ‘Stone Cold’ to stun innocent wrestlers, no more Steve Austin to ride that stupid ATV, [Austin appears slowly behind Bishoff, Nitro is speechless.] chugging his ‘Steveweisers’ and ruining my vision of Raw.

Nitro: Um, Mr. Bishoff?

Bishoff: What?

Austin [loudly]: WHAT?!

Bishoff [turns around]: No, no, no, NO! This is impossible! You’re not supposed to be here. Mr. McMahon himself told me that you no longer work for WWE. You don’t belong here!

Austin: You talked to Vince on Saturday?

Bishoff: Yes.

Austin: Did you talk to him on Sunday?


Austin: Ah, hell Eric, you let a whole day pass by before confirming something? You ever hear of the 11th hour? I worked something out with the Board of Regents. And you call yourself a GM. Steve Austin [opening a can of beer] is here to stay and as long as I’m here and breathing, I will continue to enforce the law, I will continue to open up cans of whup-ass, and I will continue to make your life and this little bastard’s life an absolute living hell!

[Austin takes a sip from the can.]

Austin: This is warm. [He pours the beer on Bishoff’s head, then leaves for a second, before coming back in.] Oh yeah, I almost forgot…and that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so! [He walks away, singing the following] Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, I’m BACK!...

[Bishoff stands still, beer dripping off his face. He is fuming mad.]

King: Just when you think Bishoff has things under control, the Rattlesnake comes back and bites him in the ass!

JR: Absolutely; the Rattlesnake makes a big splash coming back to Raw after a few weeks of still waters. And this night is not over yet, ladies and gentlemen. We still have a momentous announcement from Mr. McMahon about King of the Ring later tonight. But coming up next, La Resistance defends their Tag Team Titles against the team of Hurricane and his Superhero in Training, Rosey.

Match 3: La Resistance vs. Hurricane and Rosey
• Tag Team Championship on the line

[Hurricane’s music plays and Hurricane and Rosey walk out, looking determined and ready to wrestle. La Resistance comes out next, their arrogance very apparent. Rob Conway carries and waves the French flag, while Grenier drags the American flag.]

Hurricane and Rosey both leave the ring and begin brawling with the Tag Team Champions. Rosey and Conway battle around the ring, while Hurricane and Grenier fight on the ramp. The bell has not yet rung. Grenier bodyslams Hurricane onto the ramp and runs to help Conway. Rosey fights off both men, knocking Conway out and directing Grenier hard into the ring post…

Conway is dominating the bout against Rosey, hitting stiff shots to the face and applying numerous submission holds to weaken the large man. La Resistance has worked hard to keep him away from the healthy Hurricane, who is itching to get a tag. Conway goes to the top and comes down an elbow drop, but Rosey moves away. Conway instantly holds his elbow in pain; Rosey has his chance and crawls towards Hurricane. Conway makes the tag, but Grenier is too late in stopping Rosey. Hurricane tags in the chops Grenier a few times, then connects with a standing dropkick. Hurricane hits a few suplexes and is ready to go for the Eye of the Hurricane when Conway comes back and blatantly hits him with the French flag. The referee immediately calls the DQ.

Lillian Garcia: And the winner via disqualification, The Hurricane and Rosey!

Conway continues the attack by also hitting Rosey with the French flag. Grenier joins in the beatdown, but out of nowhere from the back, Tommy Dreamer enters the ring and strikes both of them with his trademark kendo stick. Screaming, he picks up the fallen American flag and waves on top of the turnbuckle and leads the crowd in chants of “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

Fade to commercial/Vince McMahon’s announcement.

[Vince McMahon is sitting in front of a black screen, looking directly at the camera.]

Vince: As you already know, in two months Raw and Smackdown will bring the King of the Ring, a tournament that will decide who, among all the superstars here in the WWE, is the very best. Next week, through a random draw, RAW will choose the eight competitors that will enter the tournament. This year, the tournament will feature superstars from both brands and the winner will not only gain the adulation and the esteem of being the best wrestler, but something very precious to every WWE superstar. The winner of the King of the Ring will become the #1 contender for the World Championship at Summerslam. However, the winner will have the choice of being the #1 contender for the championship of either brand. To all the competitors, good luck. You’ll definitely need it. Thank you. [Fade to black.]

[Cut back to JR and the King.]

JR: Welcome back to Raw; if you’ve just joined us, Mr. McMahon has made a huge announcement about the King of the Ring. The winner of the tournament will have a choice of facing either the World Heavyweight Champion or the WWE Champion at Summerslam.

King: Do you what this means, JR? The winner of that tournament has so much power in his decision and will get to headline not one, but two huge WWE events!

[In his office, Bishoff is trying to dry himself off after the beer spill from Austin earlier. A knock is heard; Nitro answers it and in comes…Paul Heyman.]

Bishoff: Paul what the hell are you doing here? This is Raw; you are trespassing on my show and my property!

Heyman [showing his hands]: I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me to. I’m here to talk about a particular business…glitch.

Bishoff: Glitch?

Heyman: The other day, I was looking at the payroll for my Smackdown and I came across something intriguing. It seems that you have two more superstars on your roster than mine. So I looked through the bylaws and the policies regarding the brand split and it specifically states here on this page. “If at any time the rosters become unequal in their distribution, the GM of the lacking roster may choose, at his or her discretion, any number of athletes necessary to rebalance the rosters.”

Bishoff: No…

Heyman: All this means is that on the next installment of Paul Heyman’s Smackdown, I will welcome the newest Raw acquisition to our family. I just thought you’d like to know.

[Heyman leaves, with Bishoff silent and very, very angry.]

Match 4: Edge vs. Randy Orton
• Intercontinental Championship on the line

[Edge’s music plays; he walks out and enters the ring, pumped and ready to go. Evolution’s music plays now; Randy Orton walks out pretty slowly. He’s still sore and weak from his hellish match with Mick Foley at Backlash.]

Edge dominates early, taking advantage of Orton’s soreness with hard rights and clotheslines. Orton counters with a kick to the lower abdomen and tries a quick RKO, but Edge pushes him into the ropes and clotheslines him out of the ring. They continue to brawl outside, with Edge plastering Orton’s face on the announcer’s table, the security railing, etc…

After a brutal onslaught, Orton retakes control of the match, after he moves away from Edge’s first spear. Edge had missed and hurt his left shoulder on the ring post. Orton exploits this injury, first with punches, then shoulderbreakers. He then focuses on his fractured hand, slamming his cast against the turnbuckle. Orton tries a suplex, but Edge reverses and sends Orton outside the ring. Ric Flair and Batista both come out at this point; Flair distracts the ref, while Batista destroys Edge with a clothesline and a powerbomb. He rolls him into the ring; Orton covers: 1..2..2.5..Edge kicks out! Orton is shocked for a moment, but then gets up, gesturing for Edge to get up. Edge slowly rises but falls directly into a RKO. Orton covers again: 1..2..2.9..Edge kicks out again! Batista yells in frustration; Flair tugs at his tie furiously. Orton is even more surprised and seems out of ideas for moment. He gets up, ready for a final RKO to finish Edge off…

Edge gets up even more slowly now; he looks on the verge of total defeat. Orton aims for the finisher, but out of nowhere Edge lunges at Orton and nails him with a spear! Both go down hard onto the canvas. Edge has taken out Orton, but can’t find the strength to cover him with even an arm. The ref begins the count: 1..2..3..4..Edge slowly lifts his arm..5.Edge leans his body..6..7..8..9..Edge makes the cover: 1..2..Orton gets a leg on the rope! After a few moments both men begin standing up. Flair climbs the ropes and argues with the ref. As the distraction occurs, Batista tosses the Intercontinental Belt to Orton. Orton smacks Edge with the belt; Edge flies back against the ropes and bounces into a second RKO. He makes the cover: 1..2..3!

Lillian Garcia: And the winner of the match, and still Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton!

[Triple H now appears and joins the three members of Evolution as they stand over Edge; Orton rubs the title in his face.]

Orton: This is mine; you’ll never get this!!

Suddenly, HBK and Benoit run in, making Evolution flee the ring. The two opposing teams glare at each other. But as Evolution backs away slowly…

GLASS BREAKS! Austin’s music plays, and he rides his ATV, but this time with Shelton Benjamin sitting the back, holding a chair. The Evolution members scatter around the ring, as the ATV stops. Benjamin leaps off the ATV and starts chasing Orton and Flair with a chair. Benoit and HHH brawl inside the ring, while HBK fights off Batista outside. Meanwhile Austin remains in the ATV, enjoying the show and drinking beer.

HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Batista, but Orton and Flair have regrouped and are now double-teaming Benjamin. They roll him into the ring; HBK comes in to help but Orton nails him with a chair. He and Flair continue stomping on Benjamin. Suddenly Austin rolls in and punches Orton and begins stomping ‘mudholes’ him before Flair bends down and hits Austin in the knee. Stone Cold keels over but Benjamin regains his composure and brawls with Flair. Orton tries the RKO on Austin, but he pushes him away…right into Edge’s spear! After the spear, Edge collapses again in exhaustion. Batista comes back in and tries the clothesline, but Austin ducks just in time, turns Batista around and hits the Stunner! Benoit locks HHH into the Crossface, and Austin lays on his belly, taunting and insulting HHH.

JR: What an event; I’m sorry folks, but we are out of time! Which Raw superstar will move to Smackdown? Find out this Thursday, at 8/7c! And tune in to Raw next Monday night! See you next week!

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Yes they do suck. Hurricane is ok I guess but Rosey is an idiot. Good show, please update 10/10.

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Update: Smackdown Week 1

Hello again everyone. Many thanks for the feedback; I really appreciate your opinions and thoughts. Here is an update; it's the Smackdown following Monday's Raw. I'm trying to keep both shows at around the same length, although with time issues, etc. I may shorten the length in the future. Also, I'll post the PPV schedule and both rosters soon. As of right now, I'm hoping to update this every week or so. Thanks a lot!

WWE Smackdown: April 23, 2004; Three Weeks before Judgment Day

[The opening graphics flash across the screen for a few seconds before the WWE symbol fades in and out.]

[Smackdown’s theme music plays with soft beats at first, then going full strength with their rap/rock tones; the show logo slides across the screen and…pyrotechnics and fireworks explode in a wild, fiery pattern. They finish amidst a loud, frenzied crowd full of screaming fans. The camera does its usual close-up and wide pans of the audience; hundreds of signs can be seen.]

Michael Cole: We welcome you to Smackdown tonight from the SBC Center in San Antonio, Texas, a mere three weeks away from Judgment Day! I’m Michael Cole, and alongside me in his trademark orange suit and shades, is Tazz!

[The graphic with the announcers’ names appear briefly.]

Tazz: Cole, the crowd here is so loud, so energized; I am so pumped and ready to go!

Cole: For those of you who tuned into Raw just a few days ago, Paul Heyman made a surprise appearance and dropped a huge bombshell on Eric Bishoff. In order to balance out the number of superstars on each roster, our GM can choose any Raw superstar to join Smackdown.

Tazz: No doubt Cole, this’ll change the face of Smackdown for a very long time. You know, one superstar doesn’t sound like a big deal, but think about it. This isn’t like some random draft, where you pick a guy out of a machine. Heyman can hand pick whomever he wants, with the only exception being the Raw champions.

Cole: But as exciting as that announcement will be, it’s a while away. Later tonight, the Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von, will defend their WWE Tag Team Titles against the new team of Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire in what can only be described as a match that made the Dudleys famous, a table match!

[A graphic of both teams is shown, with images of wooden tables circling behind in the background.]

Tazz: There’s no doubt that the seasoned Dudleyz will give these guys a little experience, and a whole lot of pain. Sean O’Haire has a huge amount of potential; it’s great to see him back in action, and out of a certain someone’s shadow. And with Theodore Long as their manager, I can see this team really taking off in the future.

Cole: And in just a little while, Tazz and I will give you our predictions of whom Paul Heyman will choose from Raw to become Smackdown’s newest talent. Stay tuned; we’ll be back in just a few minutes!

[Cut to black for a Judgment Day commercial.]

[The screen is black at first; but slowly a deep blue light fills the space, encapsulating every inch of the screen. The light becomes brighter by the second; and before it reaches complete white – sudden darkness again.]

[After a few seconds, a narrator’s voice is heard.]

Narrator: In three weeks…

[A loud, single, and solemn gong blares out its single tone against the darkness.]

Narrator: …souls will cry. Smackdown and GNC present Judgment Day.

[Undertaker’s deep voice now rings out.]

Taker: Rest..in..peaceee.

[Cut back to Cole and Tazz, sitting in their chairs and obviously still very excited about the upcoming match.]

Tazz: You gotta admit, Cole, even though that was just a commercial, it’s creepy.

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Smackdown; we’re just in time to catch the beginning of this first bout.

Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
• The Cruiserweight Championship is on the line.

[“Who’s that jumping out the sky?!” Rey makes his usual entrance and walks down the ramp straightaway, with no acknowledgment of the crowd. He is ready for the gold to be around his waist again.]

[Chavo’s music plays and he walks towards the ring with an arrogant strut; he knows he’s the best, and he wants to makes sure everyone knows it. He mocks some of the fans, but before he gets into the ring, Rey runs and flips over the top rope to hit Chavo with a big splash. Chavo moves just out of the way and luckily Rey rolls and lands safely. Chavo quickly rolls into the ring, and the bell rings, starting the match.]

Chavo and Rey circle each other in the ring, their eyes focused and scanning the other. They’re trying to find and possibly exploit any openings, but both are so aware of their movements that it’s difficult to locate any vulnerable spot. After a few minutes, Rey lunges forward for the lock-up, but just before they connect, Chavo pulls back suddenly and casually climbs out of the ring, much to the crowd’s dismay…

Outside, Chavo calls for a microphone, while a confused (and a bit angry) Rey is yelling at Chavo to get back in. Someone hands Chavo a mic and he begins speaking.

Chavo: Don’t talk to me like that, you S.O.B.! No one talks to the champion in that tone of voice! As I was walking down that aisle, I was ready for this match and I was ready to retain my title belt. But right as that bell rang, I realized something. I am Chavo Guerrero; I am the Cruiserweight Champion. And as good as you are, Rey Rey, I refuse to participate in a match thrown together at the last minute by Paul Heyman. [He raises the belt.] If you want this, you’ll have the earn it!

Rey: I don’t give a flying crap, Chavo; you will not ruin my chance to get that belt again! If I’m correct, you’re three seconds away from getting counted out. Come back in here and face me like a man!

[Suddenly Kurt Angle’s music plays; he enters with a black shirt and khaki blazer and is holding a microphone.]

Angle: I’ll make this quick so the audience can actually a see a match before the show ends. Chavo, you have a point; you’re a champion and a damn good one. You deserve to defend that title against worthy contenders and as of right now, Mr. Mysterio, you are not one of them. [Rey is really angry at this point.]

Angle: So therefore, I have an idea, something I like to call…the Gauntlet. Rey, you will face an opponent, of my choice, every week for the next three weeks until Judgment Day. If you defeat all of them, you’ll have your shot at Chavo’s title. If not, not only will you miss your chance, you will not be allowed to challenge Chavo again until all the other cruiserweights in the division have gotten their chance. So without further ado, let me introduce you to your first opponent. [Angle walks away smiling; Chavo takes a seat next to Cole and Tazz at the announcer’s table.]

Cole: Angle is certifiably abusing his power as special enforcer, putting Rey through this Gauntlet.

Tazz: Absolutely, even if Rey survives these three matches, there might not be enough of him left for Chavo at Judgment Day.

Chavo: That’s fine by me, as long at this [points at the belt] stays with me.

[Billy Kidman’s music plays; he runs to the ring at Rey.]

Match 1 (revised): Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio
• Challenge 1 of 3 of the Cruiserweight Gauntlet
• A #1 contender’s spot for the Cruiserweight Championship at Judgment Day is on the line.

Kidman wastes no time in locking up with Rey. Superior in strength, Billy pushes Rey into the turnbuckle, where the ref orders the break. Just as he releases the hold, Kidman strikes with a few quick elbow shots to the side of Rey’s head. Kidman Irish whips Rey to the opposite corner; although Rey is dazed, he moves aside quickly, barely missing Kidman’s strong charge. He hits chest-first into the corner, and bounces backward into a dropkick by Rey…

Rey tries chopping Kidman in the corner, but Kidman blocks one of the hits and clothesline Rey hard onto the mat. Rey holds his chest in pain; Kidman picks him up and whips him to the ropes, but Rey hops onto the bottom rope and jumps backward onto Kidman. As expected, Kidman catches Rey by the back, but he then flips backwards, wraps his arm around Kidman’s neck in midair, and connects with a perfectly executed reverse DDT!...

Rey continues to frustrate Kidman with his quickness and agility. For a moment it seems like Rey is inches away from victory, but in a reversed Irish whip, Kidman catches the speeding Rey and plants a huge spine-buster! Suddenly the momentum turns back to Kidman’s favor. He stomps on Rey a few times and to make sure he stays still on the mat, he lifts him up and quickly puts him back down with a snap suplex. Here, he pauses for a moment and gestures towards the crowd…it’s time for the final act...

Kidman ascends the turnbuckle and when he reaches the top, stabilizes himself. He then leaps into the air for the Shooting Star Press but Rey rolls away quickly and lands bellyfirst onto the mat! Kidman curls up into a ball, clutching his stomach in pain. Rey makes the cover: 1..2..Kidman weakly kicks out. Rey goes outside and stands behind the ropes, waiting for Kidman to get up so he can finish him off with the hurricanrana. But without warning, Chavo leaves his seat and grabs Rey’s legs, trying to pry them off the ring. Rey struggles back and kicks Chavo away. With the free leg room, Rey bounces off the second rope and moonsaults backwards onto Chavo! Kidman, now recovered, sees both on the ground and runs between the ropes, hoping to hit Rey. But Rey moves out of the way, and Kidman’s head collides with Chavo’s waist, which still has the belt around it. With him out cold, Rey rolls Kidman back into the ring and makes the cover: 1..2..3!

Howard Finkel: And the winner of this match-up, Rey Mysterio!

[Rey poses for the fans on the top turnbuckle before leaving the ring. He sees Chavo, still knocked with the belt around him. Rey unhooks the title and stares at it; for a moment it seems like he’s going to steal it, but instead he lays it on Chavo’s chest and walks back up the ramp triumphantly.]

Tazz: What an great way to start off Smackdown, even though Chavo had the cojones to delay it like that. High flying moves, big shots, and a big win for Rey Mysterio. There’s no better way to get that adrenaline pumping and moving.

Cole: Speaking of adrenaline, we are now only a short while away from Paul Heyman’s momentous announcement. Who will be the newest addition to the Smackdown roster? We’ll find out soon enough!

[Backstage, a large group of wrestlers have gathered around a table with a big chalkboard behind it. The board has a grid featuring the names of the Raw stars, as well as different money figures next to their names. Nunzio, dressed up in a nice suit, is standing on top handling money and bets.]

Nunzio: Come on, everybody, we need decisions real quick; Heyman’s going to make his choice any minute now! [spots a certain champion] Yo Eddie, you want in on this?

[Eddie Guerrero appears into view, holding the World Title.]

Eddie: Orale, little Nunz! But no thanks, I’m not a gambling man anymore; I quit a long time ago, homes.

Nunzio: Don’t give me that, Champ. I got great odds to at least four Raw guys. Triple H is already up to 100-1 odds here. Come on, give me a bet; you can’t lose

Eddie: Na man, I’m done with betting and all that…wait, you said 100-1 odds, vato?

Nunzio [nodding]: And it might even go higher, Champ!

Eddie: Shoot, I’m in. [gives Nunzio a wad of money] Take care of my cash, homes.

[Cut to a locker room; Mark Jindrak is pacing back and forth. Theodore Long is standing next to him, a bit confused.]

Long: What’s wrong with you; why the jitters, playa?

Jindrak: It’s just…I’m really nervous about this match. I mean, I’m gonna take on the Dudley Boyz. These guys have won the tag titles in every major wrestling company. They’re legends; I didn’t realize I’d be facing them, and in a ladder match of all things.

Long: Playa, look at me. Look at me! Do you know what I see? I see a honed athlete, the pinnacle of physical perfection; there is no one that can match your ability, there is no one that has the absolute potential that you have. You think Coach’s little blond punk over at Raw has got anything on you? Hell na! You are the Reflection of Perfec-

Jindrak: I know what I am! I know I’m good; I know all of that. But you‘ll have to forgive me if I don’t feel so inclined to try to hurt the two guys who are the reasons why I even became a wrestler.

[Sean O’Haire appears from the side; he looks intently at Jindrak.]

O’Haire; Let me tell you something you already know. We are not in this business to make friends or to admire our ‘role models.’ I did that a year ago; I placed myself in the shadow of my role model, the guy I used to watch on TV as a little kid. In fact I attached myself so firmly to that shadow that when he left; I disappeared along with him for a long time. Now, I have a chance again establish my legacy, no, to establish our legacy as legends. Friends come and go; ‘role models’ live and die, but men like us, athletes like us, we carve our immortality into the history books. [O’Haire and Long begin to walk away; Jindrak, now serious, soon follows them.]

[Cut back to Cole and Tazz.]

Cole: Strong words by O’Haire to his new tag team partner.

Tazz: Strong is an understatement; I understand how young guys like Jindrak feel; facing a guy he’s admired for so long must be nerve-wracking. But bottom line, you’re in this to succeed and you need a tough skin to survive.

Cole: That tag team match will coming up next, but first an announcement by the chairman of WWE, Vince McMachon.

[Fade to black; Vince appears behind a desk, calm and well-dressed.]

Vince: Good evening; as I made clear on Raw, the King of the Ring will make its return in less than two months. The tournament will feature superstars from both brand and at the end of the night the winner will have the choice of challenging for either the Heavyweight Title or the WWE Title at Summerslam. The Raw competitors will be selected next Monday; Smackdown’s participants will be selected the Thursday after Judgment Day. As the weeks go by, the heat will no doubt be turned up. Good luck to all the superstars. Thank you.

[Back to Cole and Tazz.]

Cole: Welcome back to the program; this portion of Smackdown is brought to you by Snickers Crunch: Feel the Crunch.

Tazz: And by Sprite: Obey Your Thirst.

Match 2: Dudley Boyz vs. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire
• WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line in a Table Match.
• For safety reasons, victory is achieved when only one member of a team is sent through a table.

[Jindrak and O’Haire walk in as a hard rock song accompanies their entrance. Long follows closely behind.]

[Suddenly, several large sparks of pyro stream down the arena and cause firework explosions…”Get Up! Get Up!” The Dudley music plays loudly as Bubba and D-Von enter, posing and interacting with the crowd.]

Just as the Dudleys get in, O’Haire starts the match early, hitting a hard forehead on Bubba Ray; he falls back on the ropes. O’Haire pushes and whips Bubba to the other side and lunges, with a clothesline but misses. Bubba picks up speed and moves all his weight into a chest bump on O’Haire, which sends him flying back onto the mat. Bubba directs O’Haire to his corner and makes the tag to D-Von. Dudleys are clearly in control early in the match…

O’Haire is dazed and weakened, as D-Von holds a tight headlock around his neck. O’Haire is nowhere near his partner and can’t seem to find much movement. D-Von launches the woozy opponent to the turnbuckle and pounds him with a few right hands. D-Von lifts O’Haire up to the top and positions him for a big suplex. However, O’Haire begins fighting back and eventually pushes D-Von down to the center of the ring. O’Haire regains his composure and leaps, splashing D-Von with a huge impact! Both men are nearly out; O”Haire is trying to get the tag and D-Von is groaning in pain but reaching out to Bubba Ray. O’Haire gets to his partner first, tagging in Jindrak. But before he can stop D-Von, Bubba is tagged and the two begin brawling with Bubba winning with this trademark Dudley Punch. Jindrak is knocked to the outside, and now the Dudleys look at each other with an all too familiar look.

Bubba: D-Von, get the tables!

Bubba runs outside and runs interference on Jindrak, fighting him to make sure he doesn’t interrupt D-Von’s table setup. Every so often, Bubba stomps on O’Haire to keep him down, while he beats up Jindrak. A few minutes later, and D-Von has set a few tables around the ring, but the opposing team have regrouped and are double-teaming Bubba. They both grab his arm and whip him hard into the security barrier; Bubba falls in a slump…

D-Von runs to help, but is overwhelmed by the double team effort; O’Haire exposes the concrete on the floor and body slams D-Von on top of it. While both Dudleys are out, Jindrak moves a table in just the right position. O’Haire grabs Bubba and sets him up for the powerbomb. However, as he’s lifting Bubba, Spike Dudley charges in, armed with a chair! He nails O’Haire in the back and knocks out Jindrak with a chair shot to the head. D-Von is still hurt from the concrete slam, so Bubba lifts Jindrak while Spike waits on the other side for the thunderous 3-D on the table! The table instantly breaks in half, with clouds of sawdust puffing into the air in all directions.

Howard Finkel: The winners of the match, and still Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz!

Spike and Bubba concentrate on helping D-Von get up; behind them O’Haire is furious, and taking a chair, attacks the trio. He first smashes Spike, then Bubba and D-Von. O’Haire then grabs Bubba and powerbombs him through another table. At this point, Jindrak wakes up to find O’Haire beating down Spike, with the other Dudleys unconscious. Jindrak tries weakly to make him stop.

Jindrak (dizzy): Stop it, Sean! That’s enough, man!

O’Haire: No! They are the past; this is our time! Our time!

[Jindrak walks away slowly in frustration, as O’Haire lets loose, with Long cheering him on. Security and medical personnel flood the ring to attend to the Dudleys.]

Tazz: Oh my God; Cole, man, O’Haire has gone too far. I can only hope the Dudleys aren’t too badly hurt. We need doctors here now.

Cole (distraught): Let’s just go to break.

Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen; the Dudleys are being sent to the hospital as we speak and we send all of our hopes that they’ll be okay after a vicious attack by Sean O’Haire after the Dudleys secured the victory. But nonetheless the show goes on, and we are on the verge of Paul Heyman’s announcement. Tazz what are your predictions?

Tazz: There are a lot of potential candidates from Raw that would make a great addition to our brand, but when it comes down to it, there’s no one else I would choose than Triple H. [‘Tale of the Tape’ graphic is shown of HHH and his stats (height, weight, achievements, etc.)]. He has the in-ring skills, the charisma and the absolute presence of a true superstar. He’s been one of the biggest names in WWE for at least the last five years.

Cole: As much as HHH would contribute, I’d choose between Shawn Michaels and Edge. The Heartbreak Kid has proven that no injury can keep him down for good and has given the WWE more highlight matches than anyone in the past two years. Edge is a strong wrestler and has such a strong base of support that’s hard to beat.

[Paul Heyman’s music plays; he walks out with a confident stride. He seems made up on his decision.]

Heyman: Welcome to Paul Heyman’s Smackdown! I won’t waste time; it was a hard decision, but I am confident in what I have decided to do. Therefore, allow me to introduce the newest Smackdown acquisition…


[The familiar music plays, and among the cheers the ROCK makes his return, walking down the ramp; he enters and does his usual turnbuckle pose. He’s soaks in the huge cheers before heading to the center.]

[The fans continue to chant, “Rocky! Rocky!”]

Heyman: On behalf of all the –

[Rock interrupts Heyman, takes the mic, and sticks his hand out, signaling him to shut up. He raises the mic and …]

Rock: FI-nal-ly, the Rock has come back to Smack-Down!

[Fans go nuts again, cheering and chanting]

Rock: The Rock is back where he belongs. But before the Rock says anything else, before the Rock starts entertaining like only he can, before the Rock slaps the silly ass smile off that jambroni’s face [looking at Heyman], the Rock wants to say…thank you. Thank you for the support, thank you from the bottom of the Rock’s heart, for everything that you fans have done.

Rock: When the Rock was finishing his latest movie, he came across an epiphany. No matter what he does, no matter what he accomplishes, nothing, and the Rock means NOTHING, compares to the energy, to the experience, of entertaining…you. Because when Dwayne Johnson finally leaves God’s green earth, he wants to be remembered as a father first, an actor third, and whatever else fourth and so on. But in that second spot, right under being a father and a husband, I want to be remembered as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment of all time!

Rock: Now the Rock will admit Paul, you’re the reason the Rock is back where he belongs and for that…thank you.

Rock (leaning towards Heyman): But if you ever describe the Rock as an ‘acquisition’ again, the Rock will not hesitate to drag you by your fake ass ponytail all the way to Hollywood, smear your face in Jack Nicholson’s smelly ass cheeks, and drag you alllll the way back to San Antonio, smacking you Alamo style all over I-10, slapping the taste out of your mouth on Loop 410, and sticking this greasy wad of horse hair straight up your candy ass! If you smellllll la la la la lauuu...what the Rock – is – cookin!’

[Music plays again, with the trademark raised eyebrow. But as Rock is about to leave, someone runs in from the crowd.]

Cole: What the hell? That’s John Cena!

[Cena waits for a few seconds; Rock turns around and takes a kick to the gut. Cena lifts him up and plants him down with a huge F-U!]

[The crowd is shocked and responds with with cheers and boos. The crowd is mixed with Rocky and Cena chants. Cena walks out slowly with Heyman watching on in total shock. Rock, grimacing in pain, glares at Cena.]

[Backstage: The gambling group is a bit upset at the surprise return of the Rock, more for the loss of their money than anything else. Nunzio is laughing, collecting his winnings from the disappointed wrestlers. Kurt Angle suddenly enters.]

Angle: What is going on here? This is an illegal gambling ring, isn’t it?

Nunzio: No, no, this is just some harmless game…which involves money, actually, lots of money.

Angle: All right, this ends now! Nunzio, give everyone back their money.

Nunzio: No, come on Mr. Angle! [The wrestlers quickly grab their cash and dash.] Damn it.

Angle [seeing the remaining money wad]: Wait a minute, who does this belong to?

Nunzio: It’s Eddie’s; he asked me to keep it safe.

Angle: This is Eddie Guerrero’s; the man who is supposed to represent Smackdown as the champion? It’s bad enough that he lies, cheats and steals. Now he gambles? He’s ruining the reputation of this company; I need to straighten him out for good. [He walks away intently.]

[Back to Cole and Tazz]

Tazz: What the hell is Cena thinking, man? The Rock hasn’t done anything to him.

Cole: I’m just as confused; if you’ve just joined us, the Rock’s return to Smackdown was going well until a sneak attack by John Cena from the back. As to why, we still don’t know.

Match 3: Matt Hardy v. 1 vs. Booker T

[Hardy’s music and ‘website boots up.’ The messages: “Matt never dates women who smoke.” “Matt is the most eligible bachelor in all of WWE.”]

[Booker’s music plays; Booker T simply walks out with no jumping or enthusiasm.]

Tazz: Damn, he can at least pretend to be interested.

Cole: The feeling’s mutual.

Booker and Hardy lock up; Booker whips Hardy to the ropes and attempts a roundhouse kick. Matt ducks, hits the ropes again and soars through the air and connects with a flying forearm. Booker goes down and tries to shake off the hit. Matt lifts Booker T slightly and punches him with a few right hands before body slamming him. He then goes for the quick leg drop, but Booker T immediately gets up and hits Matt hard with a jump kick. Booker positions Matt on the turnbuckle, chopping and punching at least ten times. Matt’s chest turns beet red from the chops…

Booker kicks Matt in the abdomen and tries the scissors kick but Matt moves aside and tries the Twist of Fate. Booker breaks out of it and converts it into a Book End, which he connects. He makes the cover: 1..2..

[The lights suddenly go out. A blue light washes in. Gongs are heard. Booker gets up and looks a little worried. And then… the music plays. Undertaker slowly emerges from the darkness; after a few seconds he stays on the ramp and the music stops. He has a mic and raises it to his mouth.]

Taker:…Those who desecrate my home, those who insult the business I serve, will soon…rest..in..peace.

[Booker is scared at first, but then leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He runs over to the ramp and nails Taker on the head with it. Taker falls and Booker laughs in amusement. After a few seconds though, the Deadman rises and gets a firm grip on Booker’s throat. Booker pleads with him to release the hold, but Taker shakes his head and chokeslams first high in the air then down to the matting below. He stands over a still Booker, rolling back his eyes.

Result: No contest due to interference by the Deadman.

Cole: I think I’m speechless, ladies and gentlemen. Either way, we are out of time! What will happen with Booker T? Can Rey survive the Gauntlet? How will Angle deal with Eddie? And why did Cena attack the Rock? Find out next Thursday on Smackdown; for Tazz, I am Michael Cole see you next week!

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This is the best booking show ever dude. You are a role model to me.

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Update: PPV and Rosters

Thanks again everyone for the feedback; I really do appreciate it. Here are the current PPV calendar and rosters that I've designed so far. Please realize that they're not in their final form so the calendar and rosters may change at any time. Thanks!

PPV Calendar ["Big Five" plus two brand PPVs for Raw and SD]

May 2004 - Judgement Day (SD only)

June 2004 - King of the Ring

July 2004 -(Build for Summerslam)

August 2004 - Summerslam

September 2004 - {Build for Survivor Series}

October 2004 - Survivor Series

November 2004 - Vengeance {Raw only}

December 2004 - Armageddon {SD only)

January 2005 - Royal Rumble 2005

February 2005 - {Build for WMXXI}

March 2005 - Wrestlemania XXI

April 2005 - Backlash 2005 (Raw only)


General Manager: Eric Bishoff
Executive Assistant to GM: Johnny Nitro
Special Enforcer of the Law: Steve Austin
World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit
Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
Tag Team Champions: La Resistance (Conway & Grenier)
Women’s Champion: Victoria
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler (Jonathan Coachman)
Triple H
Ric Flair
Chris Jericho
Garrison Cade
Lance Storm
Gail Kim
Mick Foley
Molly Holly
Shawn Michaels
Steven Richards
Stacy Keibler
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
Tommy Dreamer
Trish Stratus
Val Venis
William Regal

General Manager: Paul Heyman
Executive Assistant to GM: Dawn Marie
Special Enforcer of the Law: Kurt Angle
WWE World Champion: Eddie Guerrero
United States Champion: John Cena
Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz (Bubba and D-Von)
Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz
The Rock
The Undertaker
Booker T
Rob Van Dam
Rey Mysterio
Big Show
Scotty 2 Hotty
Billy Kidman
Mark Jindrak
Torrie Wilson
Matt Hardy
Theodore Long
Jamie Noble
Spike Dudley
Orlando Jordan
Sean O’Haire
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Charlie Haas
Rene Dupree
Shannon Moore
Ultimo Dragon

Here's another update. This is the Raw five days after last week's Smackdown. I'm really glad that my schedule is allowing me to invest quite a bit of time in writing; hopefully it'll stay that way for a while. Like always, feedback and comments are always appreciated. Thanks!

WWE Raw: April 27, 2004; On the Road to the Ring

The usual opening graphics appear, quickly moving and flashing for a few seconds. They stop suddenly as the WWE logo fades in and out.

[The voice of the Union Underground breaks the silence and hard rock tones of Raw’s theme music fill the speakers, as the opening montage of superstars and clips introduces the audience to the show. We cut to a display of streaming fireworks, like the ones featured at the beginning of Wrestlemania XX. The pyro shoots down the cords and hits the opening, setting off colorful explosions, while the live crowd erupts with cheers and applause.]

[The camera moves frantically to cover as much space as possible; we zoom and pan across the fans and they respond with their cheers and poster displays.]

Jim Ross: To the millions of fans across the coast and around the world, welcome to Monday Night Raw! I am Jim Ross, along with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, welcoming you the beautiful Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. We are honored as usual to broadcast live to all of you here and at home!

[A graphic featuring the announcers’ names is shown briefly.]

Jerry Lawler: As I much as want to get into the thick of things tonight, I still can’t believe last week on Smackdown! Can you believe it; they got the Rock, the Rock!

JR: All the folks here at Raw are still reeling from the historic announcement by Paul Heyman, signing the Rock as the newest to the Smackdown roster; all of this after using a phrase in the bylaws to literally hand pick a Raw superstar to balance the numbers in each brand.

King: But it’s more than that, JR. We didn’t just lose any guy; we lost the most electrifying in sports entertainment and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it!

JR: It certainly was not a happy week for Eric Bischoff, having the wool pulled over his eyes twice, first with the surprise return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and now the loss of the Rock.

King: I feel Mr. Bischoff’s pain; what’s he going to do next? How he’s gonna deal with all of this?

JR: I have no idea, King; we’ll have to wait and see. But for tonight, we will see women’s action as the #1 contender, Trish Stratus, challenges Victoria for the Women’s Title [graphic featured both women is displayed].

King: I can’t wait for that match; the only thing better than Trish Stratus is Trish moving around that ring and getting all sweaty!

JR: Also tonight, Chris Jericho hosts another edition of the Highlight of the Night, and he will have the daunting task of conducting an interview with three of the biggest names in wrestling today, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. [A graphic with HBK, HHH, Benoit, and Jericho is shown, along with the ‘Highlight’ logo in the background.] Benoit proved at Backlash why he’s not a fluke, with a second victory over the Game and the Heartbreak Kid.

King: Do you really think Jericho can handle all those guys by himself; it’ll turn into the final encounter all over again!

JR: These three men have not confronted or spoken to each other since Backlash, but I’ll bet a hefty dollar that HBK and HHH will still be aiming hard for that title. And still tonight, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, has demanded a match against Shelton Benjamin, not only for his defeat at Backlash, but for the huge blow he struck against Evolution last Monday night.

King: That young punk has got a lot of nerve and a lot of balls to continue attacking Ric Flair and Evolution like that. I’m telling you JR, he’s going to pay the price for messing with the big dogs one time too many!

[Cut to backstage: Johnny Nitro enters Eric Bischoff’s office and finds the GM sitting at his desk completely still and quiet. His face is marred with an angry frown and his eyes stare off into space in an intense gaze. Nitro feels the tension and approaches carefully.]

Nitro: Um…hey Mr. Bischoff. I’m sorry I’m late to the show; traffic was really bad –

Bischoff [slowly speaking]: The day the Rock comes back to the WWE, no better yet, the day the Rock decides to come back to WWE as a full-time wrestler, Paul Heyman takes him away [closes his fist] just like that. Can you believe that? Can you believe the travesty that has occurred here? Do you understand how this makes me look?

Nitro: Am I supposed to answer that?

Bischoff: No! Because the answer is obvious; it makes me look bad! That bastard Paul Heyman has tarnished my reputation, and for that he, and everyone who stands against me, will pay with a big price.

[A random arena worker steps in.]

Worker: Mr. Bischoff, Austin just got here. [The distant sounds of Austin’s loud – and bad – singing can be heard in the background.]

Bischoff [begins walking out]: As if I don’t have enough stress already.

[Nitro steps in front of Bischoff and stops him.]

Nitro: Mr. Bischoff, why don’t you let me handle Austin? You have things to take of, and the last thing is you need is some beer-drinking ******* getting in your way, right?

[Bischoff sighs, then thinks for a few moments]

Bischoff:…Fine; keep him out of my sight. Do you understand?

Nitro: Yes sir, Mr. Bischoff, sir. I’ll take care of it.

[Nitro leaves and the camera follows him as he moves through the hallway, looking for Austin.]

[Cut back to the ring in front of JR and the King.]

King: Johnny Nitro is wandering off alone to stop Stone Cold from getting to Bischoff? What is he thinking?

JR: I’ve known Austin for a long time and I sure as hell know that he doesn’t take kindly to anyone sneaking around him.

Match 1: Rhyno vs. Val Venis

[Rhyno’s music plays; he walks down the ramp with an angry look. He seems focused and determined.]

JR: Rhyno is heading towards the ring for singles action against Val Venis. Don’t let his small stature fool you, ladies and gentlemen; this is a man of absolute strength and power.

King: You got that right, JR; I get stomach pains just looking at Rhyno gore his opponents.

[Val Venis’ music begins playing; he walks down the ramp confidently, with a huge smile planted across his face. Venis is wearing his trademark towel and ends up flirting with a few of the female fans before entering the ring. Rhyno steps to the outside.]

JR: Venis is stepping into the ring for singles action; he’s been harassing some of the Divas as of late to appear in his newest ‘adult’ film.

King: Can you blame him? If I were an adult film star recruiting new stars for my movies, I’d start looking with the Divas too.

[Before getting ready for the match, Venis grabs a microphone and addresses the audience.]

Venis: Hellooooo, ladies. I can’t help but notice all the fine looking women in this crowd tonight. [He gets some concentrated applause from women.] As you know, I’m still looking for one or two worthy ladies to star in my new film, “Blowing Up Mount Venis.” [He chuckles deeply.] However, I seem to be having a little trouble convincing some of the Divas to join me. So to all you ladies out there in the audience and out there at home, make some noise and show those Raw women what they’re missing by not taking an offer from the Big Valbowski!

[He does his trademark grinding dance, slowly taking off his towel and exposing his normal wrestling tights. Just after he removes the towel, Rhyno rushes in and fiercely tackles Val to the ground. The bell rings immediately afterward.]

While on the ground, Rhyno lets loose on Val with a flurry of left and right punches to the face. He shows even more aggression as he gets up and attacks Val with lots of stomps. Rhyno picks up Val and sets him up for a suplex; he lifts him into the air, but he drops him leg first onto the top rope instead. Val screams from the pain in his crotch, and continues to loud painful moans as Rhyno rocks the rope up and down, then left to right. Eventually, Rhyno knocks him back down to the mat. Val clutches his crotch tenderly; he can barely stand the pain…

Dominating for nearly the whole match, Rhyno Irish whips Val to the ropes and connects with a powerful clotheline; Val goes down hard on his back. Rhyno sets up in the corner and waits patiently for Val to get up again; he wants the Gore. Val gets on his feet, but is very groggy and weak; he turns around and sees Rhyno running at him. Val just barely steps away and stays on his feet. Rhyno, as fast as he is charging at Val, isn’t fast enough and misses his completely and runs into the center portion of the ringpost behind the turnbuckle. His shoulder smacks the ring post hard and Rhyno staggers backward in pain. Val turns him around and kicks him in the gut, then delivers a huge powerbomb…

While Rhyno lies on the mat, Val takes a few moments leaning on the turnbuckle to compose himself. He’s still trying to shake off the ferocious and seemingly unending attack that Rhyno delivered since the bell first rang. Eventually Val climbs the corner to the top and gestures towards the audience…it’s time for the Money Shot. Val leaps into the air and hits the big splash on Rhyno. He follows with the cover: 1..2..2.8..Rhyno gets a leg on the bottom rope! Val hits the mat in frustration and yells at the ref. In a moment of hot temper, Val pushes the ref hard, temporarily knocking him out. As Val heads to the turnbuckle for another Money Shot, Stacy Kiebler and Miss Jackie suddenly run into the ring, with mics in their hands. Val stops what he’s doing and shifts attention to the pair…

Stacy: You know, I’ve been thinking Val, maybe Jackie and I were a little quick to judge you. You weren’t trying to offend us or anything.

Jackie: Yeah, and now that we’ve thought about it, I think we might be having second thoughts.

Val smiles at the proposition, but with his guard down, Rhyno strikes back with furious shots to the face; the ladies flee the ring. Rhyno whips the stunned Val to the turnbuckle; Val hits it and bounces back and turns around just in time to get nailed with a running Gore! Rhyno makes the cover as the referee is coming back into consciousness: 1..2..3!

Lillian Garcia: And the winner of the match…Rhyno!

[Rhyno climbs the turnbuckle and poses in celebration; meanwhile, Stacy and Jackie head back into the ring and tease Val, who’s still curled up in pain. They laugh and point loudly before walking back up the ramp together.]

JR: With a little help from Stacy Kiebler and Miss Jackie, Rhyno gets the win over Val, but I’ll tell you King, I’ve never seen such bursts of just raw power from a single man before. Rhyno’s aggressiveness is absolutely impressive.

King: Yeah that’s great and all, but did you see how good Stacy and Jackie looked tonight? Now I know why Ric Flair says “Wooo!” all the time. It’s because of all the women he sees when he’s styling and profiling at all his parties!

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, still tonight we will see Victoria defend her Women’s Title against Trish Stratus! In addition, I have just received word that Eric Bischoff has met Ric Flair’s demands, so tonight Ric Flair will collide with Shelton Benjamin in an one-on-one match! Also tonight Jericho hosts his Highlight of the Night with special guests HHH, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit. But first Eric Bischoff will make his first set of random pick; the chosen superstars will compete as Raw representatives in the King of the Ring tournament. That coming up in just a few minutes!

[Backstage parking lot: A long, black limo appears into view; it heads into a spot and stops. A few moments of silence pass before the back door opens wide. Ric Flair comes out first, then Batista, Randy Orton, and Triple H. All the members of Evolution are dressed similarly in their black suits and sunglasses. However, Orton looks noticeably different as he’s the only member left from the stable holding a gold title on his shoulder. They begin walking to the locker room when they’re stopped by Austin.]

Batista [towering over Austin]: Move aside!

[Triple H puts a hand up, holding back Batista.]

HHH: What do you want, Steve?

Austin: I just wanted to congratulate Ric on getting the match he wants with Shelton Benjamin. And to also tell him that the rest of Evolution is banned from ringside. [HHH’s face turns serious.] AND that if any of you sons of bitches interfere with that match, you will be in direct violation of THIS S.O.B.’s [points to himself] law.

HHH [leans in closer to Austin’s face]: Let me give you a piece of advice Steve. Stop this crap or one of these days, you’re gonna bite off a lot more than you can chew.

[Evolution then quietly passes by Austin. A few moments later, Johnny Nitro shows up.]

Nitro: Hey Austin.

Austin: You done kissing Bischoff’s ass for tonight, kid?

Nitro: No, not yet – hey, listen to me! Mr. Bischoff asked me to tell you to stay out of his way tonight.

Austin: You’re going to stop me?

Nitro [preparing himself]: If I have to…I’ll take you down!

[Austin’s eyes get big; he leans towards Nitro with an angry, piercing look of rage…and then laughs, and does it very loudly. This continues on for a few seconds while Nitro gets frustrated.]

Austin [finally stops laughing]: You’re a funny kid, I’ll give you that. And because you made me laugh, I’ll leave Eric alone…but only for tonight.

[He begins to leave but then turns around and looks at Nitro’s cast on his arm.]

Austin: Is that a hard cast on you?

Nitro: Yeah.

Austin: Ah hell son, you hang around Bischoff all the time; use it. You’ll get a laugh out of it.

Nitro: What? I would never –

Austin: Sometimes, you only get one chance to do something great. In your case, you have until your arm heals to do something that most wrestlers only dream of doing…beating the boss’s ass.

[Austin walks away, leaving a slightly confused Nitro to ponder the words of a drunken *******.]

[Cut back to King and JR.]

King: Did Stone Cold just encourage Johnny Nitro to hit the GM with his cast?

JR: Yeah, did you expect anything less?

King: Nope!

[“I’m Back! And better than ever!” The music plays as Eric Bischoff emerges onto the stage; there a large lottery machine is set up, filled with the balls that contain the names of the Raw superstars. The machine is constantly spinning and mixing.]

Bischoff: And now without further ado, I will select the first four competitors that will represent Raw in the King of the Ring tournament. [Bischoff stops the machines, reaches in and pulls out a handful of four balls.] The first participant chosen is…Christian! The second entrant will be…Lance Storm! The third will be…Rob Conway of La Resistance! And the fourth man is…Shelton Benjamin! Ladies and gentlemen, these four are only the first set of Raw superstars to be picked for the tournament. Later tonight, we will reveal the last four. [Bischoff makes his exit.]

[Trish’s music plays; she comes out with Christian and kisses him deeply before heading down the ramp and into the ring. The fans chant ‘Slut’ loudly and she glares and yells at them in contempt. Christian waits out on the side.]

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re just joining us now, we are heading into a match for the Women’s Title between Trish Stratus and Victoria. This portion of Raw is brought to you by Verizon Wireless.

King: And by Van Helsing, the new hit feature film starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. Now playing in theaters everywhere.

Match 2: Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
• The Women’s Championship is on the line.

[Victoria’s music; she comes out proudly showing off her title belt. Although she’s mellowed out over the past few months, her newly found happiness has a noticeable edge of craziness.]

Trish begins the bout as the bell rings; she connects with the lock up and the ladies push back and forth a few times in a test of strength. Eventually, the stronger Victoria overwhelms Trish and pushes her into the turnbuckle. The ref begins the count to release the hold: 1..2..3..Victoria breaks away and as she walks forward again Trish sees the opening, steps to the side and kicks her viciously in the abdomen. Victoria lets out a painful groan and keels over onto her knees. Trish kicks her again a few times; she then climbs the second turnbuckle and comes down with a short elbow drop…

With Victoria up, Trish alternates between punches and chops, and then whips the Women’s Champion to the ropes. She misses the clothesline; Victoria runs quickly and connects with her own clothesline. Trish goes down and Victoria grabs her legs and holds them back. She then lifts Trish up and flips her into the air; Trish then drops face-first onto the mat. Christian gets up on the ropes in protest; Victoria sees this and smacks him down with a slap to the face! However, this moment of distraction allows Trish to recover and she immediately rolls up Victoria into the tight package: 1..2..Victoria kicks out!...

Trish and Victoria are now trading shots, but Trish eventually blocks her right hand and responds with a dropkick. Victoria falls back dazed onto the ropes, and bounces right into a body slam by Trish. Trish, smiling at her success, picks up Victoria and sets her up into an Unprettier position. She blows a kiss to Christian but before she can execute the move, Victoria breaks loose and trips Trish. Trish falls throat-first onto the second rope and lies on the mat, coughing and choking. Here, Christian climbs up again and argues with the ref; at the same time, Trish begins standing up again. But even with the larger numbers, Victoria makes due. She runs to Christian’s side of the ropes and accidentally knocks him off the ring onto the security barrier and follows up with a running clothesline on Trish. With victory in sight, Victoria drags her up and nails the Widow’s Peak! She makes the cover: 1...2...3!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, and still the Women’s Champion, Victoria!

[A happy Victoria grabs the belt and walks around to the fans in her celebration. Meanwhile, Christian comes into the ring to check on Trish, but as he’s helping her, the lights suddenly go out. The TitanTron then shows the Y2J video and …”Break the Walls Dooooownnn!” Jericho appears and walks onto the steel stage. He smirks at the couple in the ring.]

Jericho: Welcome to Raw – Is – Jericho!! You should feel lucky that I’m not going to mess with either of you tonight. But since I’ll be hosting the Highlight of the Night in a few minutes, I’ll need the CLB and the S-L-U-T to get the H-E-double hockey sticks out of here now!

[Christian points at Jericho and screams some non-audible obscenities while security members come down to escort Christian and Trish out of the ring.]

JR: Up next, the Highlight of the Night; stay tuned, we’ll be right back!

[Fade to black and cut to commercial.]

[A winding and moving road comes into view; a narrator breaks the silence.

Narrator: Most roads are paved with asphalt and gravel, but the Road to the Ring is made with something much different [quick clips of big bumps and wrestling moves flash across the screen].

HBK: Blood.

Mysterio: Sweat.

Eddie Guerrero: And tears.

Narrator: Raw, Smackdown and YJ Stinger present the King of the Ring, exclusively on pay-per-view.

[Cut back to the ring, where the ‘Highlight’ set and props are ready. Jericho waits patiently.]

[“It’s Time to Play the Game!” Green and purple spotlights illuminate HHH as he walks down the ramp. After the trademark entrance (water spitting, etc.) he enters the ring, and stares down Y2J before taking his seat.]

[“Sexy Boy” plays and Shawn Michaels comes out, doing his struts and dance moves/poses. He takes his seat as well.]

[Benoit’s rock music then plays and the crowd erupts as the Heavyweight Champion appears, with his belt firmly tied around his waist. He makes his straightforward entrance and takes his seat.]

Jericho: Now that I have all three of you here in the same place, I’m not sure what to say next. I had questions prepared, a couple of jokes ready like Benoit’s slight overbite or HHH’s Fabio-like blondish hair. [Benoit smiles at his rib; HHH’s eyes bug out.] But for the sake of time, and the sake of me not getting bored to death by HHH’s endless rants [fans cheer, HHH gets even angrier] I’ll ask each of you a question. But before we do that, let’s shift our attention to the exceedingly expensive Jeritron 5000 and go back in time to a few historic moments.

[Clips of HHH tapping out are shown from WMXX as well as HBK tapping out to the Sharpshooter at Backlash. The montage finishes with Benoit victorious in both bouts.]

Jericho: Benoit, I’ll begin with you. You as much as anyone else knows that beating these two guys twice at their very best is going to piss them off to no end. How are you going to respond to their demands for rematch after rematch?

Benoit: I’ll respond the same way I’ve responded to every challenge in my career. I’ll face it head on and pour 100% of myself into it. The only difference now is this belt and I will continue to defend against anyone who wants to take it. But I guarantee you this Jericho, I have worked too hard and endured too much to these past 18 years to let anyone take my belt anytime soon.

Jericho [nodding]: Ok…Now HHH, when you look at those clips and relive those fateful moments, how does it feel…to have you ASS handed to you not once, but twice by the Rabid Wolverine?

HHH: You son of a bitch! Who the hell do you think you are, Jericho, huh? I am your guest; I took time out of my life to do this interview, but instead you turn this into some kind open call on the Game. And Benoit, you may be the best technical wrestler of all time, but that belt belongs to me. I am the Game and I am this business! Sooner or later –

[Triple H is interrupted by a sudden Super Kick from HBK. HHH is laid out cold. HBK takes Jericho’s mic.]

HBK: You’re right Chris; he does get excruciating. I only have this to say; Benoit, I have all the respect for your skill and your ability in the ring. But when it comes down to it I, the Heartbreak Kid, am the very BEST that this business has to offer and I would do whatever it takes to wrap that title around my waist again, even if it takes a little…toothless aggression.

[He suddenly hits Benoit with Sweet Chin Music, to the sound of some boos in the crowd. Benoit and HHH are now laid out cold. HBK slowly leaves the ring.]

[Backstage: We see a split screen with Flair and Benjamin in their wrestling tights, warming up for the match.]

JR: Up next, Ric Flair takes on Benjamin in a Backlash rematch!

[Cut to commercial, then back to JR an King.]

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen. During the commercial break, Eric Bischoff and made his final four picks. Here’s what transpired.

[A clip is shown with Bischoff, selecting four more names from the lottery machine.]

Bischoff: The fifth Raw participant…the Hurricane! The sixth…Garrison Cade! The seventh…Tajiri! And the eight and final Raw superstar to compete for the King of the Ring…Chris Jericho!

[Benjamin’s music plays; he comes out ready to fight and compete.]

Match 3: Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair
• Backlash rematch

[The 2001 theme music plays; among the slow and loud drums, Ric Flair, dressed in sparkling silver robe, struts/walks down the ramp and enters the ring with poses. Flair and Benjamin meet in the center of the ring and stare each other down for a about a minute or so. The tension builds.]

Flair and Benjamin lock up, with Flair converting it into a headlock. He pushes Benjamin to the ropes and tries a clothesline but misses; Benjamin hits the ropes and strikes with a running dropkick. Flair goes down to the mat and Benjamin exploits this vulnerability, as he pounces on the Nature Boy, hitting him repeatedly with punches. Afterwards, he applies a half Boston Crab on Flair. He screams in pain, reaching for the bottom rope with all his strength. He grabs the rope firmly and Benjamin breaks the hold. As Flair struggles to get up, Benjamin taunts him…

When Flair reaches his knees, he shakes his head and pleads with Shelton not to hit him. But as soon as Benjamin gets close, Flair moves in the low blow and the quick eye poke while Benjamin is bent over. Flair takes control with a few hard chops to the chest [A ‘Whooo’ from the crowd accompanies each chop] before suplexing him. Flair goes up on the turnbuckle for the trademark elbow drop that never find its target. Benjamin gets up and hurls Flair to the ground. Flair clutches his hurt ribs…

Benjamin throws Flair to the turnbuckle and then goes wild, chopping and punching Flair with blinding speed, until the Nature Boy, so weakened by the pummeling, simply falls to the ground. Benjamin lifts him up and hits a belly to back suplex on the Nature Boy. However, he doesn’t let go and tries to string together a second one, but as he goes up, Flair blocks the suplex with his leg and subsequently mule kicks Benjamin hard. Flair goes to the ropes and tries a clothesline again, but Benjamin and jumps in the air for an enziguri. Both men are down now and the ref begins the count…

1..2..3..4..5..Benjamin gets up slowly and lifts up Flair for a suplex, but playing possum, Flair quickly grabs his leg and trips him. He tries the Figure Four, but Benjamin kicks him away to the ropes and grabs his torso and connects with two belly to back suplexes. Benjamin is about to make the cover, but Randy Orton runs down and distracts the ref. Benjamin is pissed and punches out Orton. As he turns around, Flair trips him again and applies the Figure Four leg lock. Benjamin screams in agony and tries desperately for the rope break. He inches closer to the rope, but at the last second , Flair drags both their bodies to the center of the ring. As the ref checks on Benjamin, Flair gets added leverage from Orton as he pulls on his arms. Meanwhile the TitanTron shows a backstage image.

[Backstage: The TitanTron shows Austin walking quickly through a hallway with a chair to get rid of Orton from the match. But out of nowhere, Batista intercepts him and slams him into a wall. Caught off guard, Austin loses the chair and gets punches by Batista. Austin responds and the two brawl violently for a few seconds…however, Batista easily overpowers the Rattlesnake and in a burst of anger, picks him up and hurls him headfirst through a nearby window!]

Back in the ring, Flair continues the hold, but Benjamin is leaning to the right, trying to reverse the lock. And just as it seems like he can get it reversed, Flair pushes back and puts more pressure on the lock. Benjamin tries again to get to the rope, but Flair will not relent and as each second goes by, the more agonizing it becomes. Eventually Benjamin, no longer able to take the pain, taps out! The bell rings, but Flair won’t let go; he finally releases it after the ref threatens to disqualify him.

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match…Ric Flair!

[Batista, fresh from his attack, comes out and joins Flair and Orton. They lift the Nature Boy onto their shoulders and celebrate amongst boos and jeers.]

[Meanwhile, backstage: A beaming Eric Bischoff walks in to the hallway and surveys the damage; the broken window, the dents in the wall, etc. but he holds the back the medical personnel behind him for a few minutes. He walks alone into the room where Austin was thrown. We see the Rattlesnake sitting against a wall nearly unconscious, his head having been busted open by the broken glass. Bischoff kneels down and faces Austin. With the little strength he has, Austin scowls furiously at Bischoff.]

Bischoff: I know you can hear me Steve. Because of what happened last week, I did what I had to do to regain control and as cruel as it is, it seems to be the best way to communicate with you. As much as you may deny it, Raw is my property and everyone under the Raw contract, including you, belongs to me. I know you’re the enforcer of the law, but no matter how strong you are, no matter how tough you are, and no matter ass you can kick, you are still just one man. Let this be a final lesson for you Steve. Here at Raw, I hold the cards and you are one of them to be controlled. And as long as you work with me, not against, we’ll get along just fine. [to the EMT’s] All right everyone, get him in the ambulance.

[He walks away, leaving Austin breathing heavily and deeply, with revenge and payback on his mind.]

[Cut to voiceovers from King and JR.]

King: I don’t even how to respond to what we’ve just seen.

JR: Bischoff will have hell to pay!…Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time; please tune in next week. Until then, for the King I’m Jim Ross; see you next week on Monday Night Raw!

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Update: Smackdown Week 2 (first half)

Hi everyone; this is the first half of the next Smackdown; I'll post the second half right after this. The second RAW was accidentally placed in the post with the PPV schedule and rosters. It'll there if you're looking for it. Any comments or feedback you have will be appreciated. Thanks!

WWE Smackdown: April 30, 2004; Two Weeks before Judgment Day

The usual opening graphics flash across the screen with pyros and explosions in the background. It suddenly cuts to black before the large WWE logo fades in an out.

[Blackness slowly shifts into the black and white images of the Smackdown stars, as the beats of the theme song speed up. Eventually they enter full speed and power, with the rap/rock lyrics and tones accompanying the introduction. In addition to the usual clips of wrestling moves and stars is the inclusion of the Rock’s return from last week and John Cena’s surprise F-U on him. The large Smackdown logo slides across the screen as the camera shifts to the stadium entrance, where pyrotechnics and fireworks explode in a huge colorful display.]

Michael Cole: To all the fans in the glorious Astrodome in Houston, and all you fans watching the comfort of your homes, welcome to another edition of Smackdown! I am Michael Cole, alongside Tazz. We are two weeks away from what will be an explosive Judgment Day, but the main story tonight is a follow-up to what happened last week on a historic Smackdown!

[The camera cuts to Cole and Tazz; a graphic with their names appears.]

Tazz: You got that right Cole; last week the Rock made a huge return to the WWE but his welcome was cut short by a vicious attack from John Cena!

Cole: Tonight, it has been confirmed: the Rock and Cena are both here at Smackdown as we speak. How will the People’s Champion respond to the message sent by the Doctor of Thuganomics?

Tazz: No doubt the Rock will seek vengeance for what John Cena did to him last week; there’s no what telling what kind of damage will be done when these two egos collide.

Cole: As we inch closer to Judgment Day, we’ll be receiving more information as to what matches will be signed and approved by Paul Heyman. Perhaps the biggest question on everyone’s mind; who will face Eddie Guerrero for the WWE championship?

Tazz: The last few weeks have been pretty bare for the champ competition-wise; as solid as the talent is in all of WWE, Eddie probably sets the biggest standard we’ve seen in a long time with his in-ring ability and star power. It’s easy to see why he’s the champion.

[“Who’s that jumping out the sky?!” Rey Mysterio leaps high into the air and walks down the ramp energetically, interacting with fans outside the ring before going in and getting ready.]

Cole: And that man, Rey Mysterio, will be a huge presence in Judgment Day, but only if he can beat the Gauntlet imposed on him by Special Enforcer Kurt Angle.

Tazz: Rey has to defeat three opponents in three weeks to even have a shot at Chavo at Judgment Day. I have a lot of respect for Mysterio’s amazing ability, Cole, but I’m not sure if he can beat this, especially with a guy like Angle selecting the opponents at his convenience.
Cole: Chavo may be the champion, but what kind of egomaniac is he to start deciding that a talented wrestler like Rey Mysterio isn’t ‘worthy’ enough for a title shot? Rey has worked hard to get where he is today.

[Chavo’s music plays; he appears with the Cruiserweight Title on his shoulder; he holds a mic while standing on the stage.]

Chavo [sarcastically]: Congratulations on your first victory, Rey, but I have a feeling you won’t make it much longer. Mr. Angle has given me the privilege tonight to introduce and announce your second opponent. Rey, get ready for…

[Big Show’s music blares loudly as the huge, heavy monster walks down the ramp, his eyes locked on to the much smaller Rey. Chavo grabs a folding chair and sits on the stage.]

Cole: What the…? It’s the Big Show!

Tazz: This can’t be happening; Big Show was suspended over two weeks ago for endangering Torrie Wilson’s life!

Cole: He shouldn’t even be here tonight; how could Paul Heyman allow this madman to return so soon, without any kind of treatment or help? Oh my gosh, look at the anger in his eyes!

Tazz: This does not look good for Rey, I can tell you that!

Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs. The Big Show
• Challenge 2 of 3 of the Cruiserweight Gauntlet
• The #1 contender’s spot for the Cruiserweight Championship at Judgment Day is on the line.

Big Show begins the match by lunging at Rey with a forearm; Rey ducks, hit the ropes for speed and leaps at Show with a flying dropkick. Show just barely staggers backward, but is mainly unfazed. Rey tries the direct approach, hitting Show with right hands and chops but it proves to be useless. Show swats him away like a rag doll, sending Rey hard to the mat. He then lifts Rey up to the turnbuckle and lays his huge hand in a big chop to the chest. The sound of the slap reverberates through the crowd, causing them to let out a “Woooo” in response. Show is clearly in control as he sets up Rey for the leg drop…

Show drops Rey to the center of the ring with body slam and runs [jogs] to the ropes, but just before connecting with the leg, Rey rolls out of the way in desperation. Show lets out a yell as his leg hits the hard mat. Rey gets up slowly and takes the advantage to hit Show with a low dropkick to the face, which lays out Show completely. With Show flat on the ground, Rey climbs the turnbuckle and positions himself for a moonsault. He flips high into the air and lands directly on Show; he makes the cover: 1..2..2.5..Show throws Rey off. Show gets up faster than expected; he enters a tantrum of frustration and anger. He lets out a scream and begins choking Rey against the turnbuckle, cutting off Rey’s breathing and air. Rey has pissed off the giant man…
The ref rushes over and counts: 1..2..3..Big Show loosens his grip, but with his hands still wrapped around Rey’s neck, picks him up and throws him over his shoulder and on to the mat. Rey is reeling in pain; his back and neck are throbbing. Show waits patiently for Rey to get up again, but is anxious to connect with the chokeslam. Rey finally stands up again but as Show tries to his hand around Rey again, the cruiserweight slides down and kicks Show’s knees hard. Show screams in pain as he loses balance from his shaking knees. Seeing another opening, Rey hits the knees again and punches Show’s chest towards the ropes. Show begins leaning on the ropes for support; he’s woozy from the newly energized onslaught from Rey. Rey runs to the opposite side and leaps at Show with the cross body block; the added weight plus the pain from his knees causes Show [and Rey] to flip backward over the ropes down to the matting outside…

Both men are dazed from the impact, Show more so since Rey was relative safe landing on him. Rey gets up, with Show following close behind; Rey grabs a chair and is about to hit Show when the ref shows up from behind and takes the weapon. Rey and the ref argue for a few moments as Show regains his composure. He attacks Rey viciously from behind with a clothesline and sets him up for a powerbomb. However, when he lifts him up, Rey struggles and starts punching Show’s face furiously to get the hold released. Show lets go in pain and Rey pushes the stunned Show into the ring post, knocking him out cold. At this point, the count for the outside has reach a tense 9, so Rey quickly rushes back into the ring. The ref then counts the 10 while Show is still outside!

Howard Finkel: The winner of the match by countout…Rey Mysterio!

[Chavo is shocked at the finish, and in a bit of frustration, grabs the chair and launches it down the ramp. Realizing his defeat, Big Show goes into a furious rage, grabs a chair and climbs the ring to get back in. But Rey, one step ahead, baseball slides into Show’s feet, causing him to land on his knees on the apron with his head stuck between the top and middle ropes. Rey goes to the edge of the ring and runs along the side towards Show. Just before reaching him, Rey jumps and swings his legs between the top two ropes and kicks Show in the face with the modified 619! Show flies back out to the bottom. ]

[Rey, back in the center of the ring, points at Chavo on the stage and gestures to him and the belt. Grabbing the mic, he quickly says,]

Rey: Two down, one to go. Keep that belt warm for me, Chavo! [He then drops the mic and celebrates with the crowd.]

Tazz: What an explosive match, Cole; Rey Rey showing his absolute resilience in the face of a huge monster like Big Show.

Cole: And we still have much more Smackdown to go, folks. We have confirmed that Paul Heyman has signed a new match for Judgment Day. Booker T, after being chokeslammed to hell by the Undertaker for disrespecting the Smackdown talent, will face the Deadman at Judgment Day. [A graphic with both competitors is shown.] But for tonight, the Undertaker will compete in his first official match since Wrestlemania XX, as he faces Matt Hardy in singles action!

[Cut to the backstage to Heyman’s office: The camera starts with a close-up of Paul Heyman’s face; he looks very serious, as the camera pulls to reveal Dawn Marie standing close to him and finally John Cena in front of him. Heyman looks up at Cena and glares at him for a bit before speaking.]

Heyman: I want to make this very clear; in Paul Heyman’s Smackdown, I am in control. I, Paul Heyman, make the important decisions about what goes on here. The talent, this show, all of it, belongs to me. Last week, you tarnished, you damaged, no, you embarrassed my vision for this program. You ruined the Rock’s return and you ruined my time to represent Smackdown to the fullest of my ability.

Dawn: But Paul, the Rock insulted you and –

Heyman: I would have taken care of that myself, in my own way!! [He looks back at Cena.] But you decided to do things your way; you decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore the welfare of the brand, and for what? Hmmm? Did you do it to satisfy your own ego? Did it make you feel better that for one moment, someone else had that spotlight? What was it, John? Let me know your reasoning before I issue my punishment. [He leans closer.] I’m waiting.

[Instead of saying anything, Cena leans towards Heyman and does the ‘You can’t see me’ hand wave slowly and purposefully.]

[A split second later, Dawn screams, as the camera moves to the side. The Rock runs in and ambushes Cena from behind, punching him repeatedly and throwing him across the desk into the wall. He stomps him several times and begins to head out, but before he reaches the doorway, he walks back and looks at Heyman. Out of nowhere, Rock slaps Heyman hard, sending him flying onto the couch. The Rock leaves the office a mess, with Dawn Marie frightened but unscathed.]

[Cut to commercial]

[The dark screen eventually fills with blue light, shining brighter until an explosion goes off…]

[Clips of the Undertaker flash quickly across the screen.]

Narrator: In two weeks, Smackdown and GNC present Judgment Day, where souls will cry and…

Taker: …rest…in…peaceeeee.

[Cut back to Cole and Tazz]

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown! If you’ve just joined us, the Rock sent a message to John Cena in a big way for what he did to him last week.

Tazz: Those fans of Cena may not like the Rock’s ambush, but all’s fair in war. The Rock was just returning the favor.
Cole: Coming up very soon, the Undertaker will take on Matt Hardy. Also the tag team of Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak will face the Basham Brothers.

Tazz: I still can’t erase that image from last week; after their table match, O’Haire couldn’t take the defeat like a man and went nuts on the Dudleys, putting them in the hospital for what looks like a full week or so.

Cole: Jindrak was definitely uncomfortable with the brutality of his tag partner and just walked away from that carnage. It’ll be interesting to see if this team can still function effectively.

[Cut to backstage: Booker T is walking backstage, looking very anxious and on edge. Theodore Long appears behind him.]

Long: Hey, playa.

[Booker turns around quickly and looks frightened.]

Booker: Hey, what’cha doing sneaking up on a man like that?

Long: That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Look at yourself, Book, all tense and wired up over nothing. I know Taker made you scared; I’d be scared too if a man stood up two seconds after I hit him with a chair. But remember where you came from; you came from the streets, playa. You fought guys twice your size all the time and this was before you got all them muscles and strength. Sometimes you won sometimes you lost, but every time you were fearless. You didn’t care how scary they looked or how big they were; you took them on regardless.

Long: Where’s that fire now, playa? Don’t tell me that Deadman punk took it away? I still see it Book, in your eyes. I still see it; all you need to do is bring it out again. Let it out, Book; let out that fire and once you do, nothing will stop you, not even the Undertaker.

[Long walks away, leaving Booker to think about what he said.]

[Cut back to the ring: Matt’s music plays and his website ‘boots up.’ His messages this week: “Matt exercises vigorously three times a week.” “Matt is NOT on the Atkin’s diet.”]

Match 2: Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy v. 1

[The lights go out and blue light and smoke floods the stage and ramp; the gongs play and the music starts. Undertaker emerges from the smoke and begins his slow walk to the ring. After he reaches the steps, he raises his hands, causing the lights to return to full illumination.]

The bell rings, and Matt runs at Undertaker with quick right hands and chops; he hopes to capitalize early to gain control of the match. Undertaker absorbs the first few hits to the face, but responds with a strong punch to Matt’s chin. Matt staggers back against the ropes; Taker whips Matt to the ropes and connects with the arm hook takedown. With Matt lying on the apron, Taker applies a choke hold for a few seconds, and then converts it into a sleeperhold. Matt flails like a madman to loosen the hold and succeeds; he breaks out and leaps out of the ring for a break. Taker quickly moves to the outside to get Matt, but he instead kicks him in the crotch. Taker keels over in pain and Matt socks him in the face…

Matt continues the offensive by smashing Taker’s face into the Spanish announce table several times. Matt then whips Taker towards the ring post but he reverses it and sends Matt flying into the ring post and against the security barrier. Taker rolls Matt back into the ring. He whips him into the turnbuckle and then pummels Matt with a flurry of fast trademark punches to the face and torso. Taker twists his arm and goes to the top rope for Old School. He walks the top rope and descends, hitting Matt’s arm hard. Matt falls to the ground in pain. Taker lifts him up and tries the chokeslam, but Matt desperately kicks Taker again in the crotch. While he’s bent over, Matt executes the Twist of Fate and follows with a leg drop! He makes the cover: 1..2..Taker pushes him away and sits up! Matt is shocked, but also tired and so he bolts from the ring and starts walking up the ramp…

Still walking up the ramp, Matt has decided not to deal with the match anymore; before he can go backstage, Booker T appears and stands in front of him. Booker shakes his head in disagreement and sucker punches Matt in the face; he then pushes back to the ring and rolls him in. After Matt gets back in, Undrertaker runs and jumps in the air for the flying clothesline. He then gets a grip on Matt’s neck and hits the big chokeslam. Taker signals for the tombstone piledriver, much to the delight of the fans; he picks up Matt and connects. Folding his arms, he makes the cover with rolled eyes: 1..2..3!

Howard Finkel: The winner of this match…The Undertaker!

[Undertaker just barely gets up, when Booker speaks from the mic.]

Booker: Yo, Deadman. I know we have to face each other at Judgment Day, so why don’t make this bland Smackdown pay-per-view a little more interesting? The Undertaker versus the 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time WCW champion in a Chicago-style street fight! Now can you dig that, SUCKA?

Taker [He grabs a mic]:…I accept.

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Update: Smackdown Week 2 (second half)

Here's the second half of Smackdown.

[Booker nods in agreement as the two stare at each other.]

Cole: What an explosive development here at the end of this match; Booker T and Undertaker will now face each other, man to deadman, at Judgment Day in a street fight! Can you believe it, Tazz?

Tazz: I was stunned at first, but it’s starting to make sense now. It seems like Teddy Long’s pep talk has unlocked that passion and fearlessness in Booker T again.

Cole: This portion of Smackdown is brought to you by Gatorade.

Tazz: And by Snickers Cruncher: Feel the Crunch!

Cole: In just over two weeks Judgment Day, presented exclusively by Smackdown and GNC, will be brought to you at the Superdome in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana! There…

Cole: Rey Mysterio will take on Chavo Guerrero Jr. for the Cruiserweight Title, but only if Rey can successfully complete the Gauntlet, which looks likely as of right now. If he completes it, he gets the title shot; if not, he won’t have another opportunity until all the cruiserweights have gotten their chance.

Tazz: The Dudley Boyz have demanded another match with Jindrak and O’Haire; that comes as a surprise to no one. What will the Dudleys do to take their revenge on these two guys? It may be too brutal to even think about it!

Cole: And in what may become one of the most memorable events ever in WWE history, John Cena and the Rock will face each other in a “Battle of the Microphones.” Paul Heyman has made it clear that this will be the official opening for Judgment Day; what an opening that’ll be!

Tazz: Speaking of John Cena, he’ll defend his United States Title against Rene Dupree!

Cole: Cena and Dupree have not had any love for each other these past few weeks; this should be an electric bout. And just revealed moments ago, Booker T and the Undertaker will collide in a Chicago Street Fight! Booker, ungrateful for his trade to Smackdown, has angered the Undertaker, a man loyal to the SD brand.

Tazz: That only leaves the main event for the WWE Championship; we already know one of the competitors, Eddie Guerrero. But who will face him, or rather, who’s good enough to challenge him for that title?

[Backstage: Matt Hardy is furious at his recent losses; he punches the wall and knocks over decoration and things on the table. Shannon Moore is there, trying to control him.]

Moore: Matt, come on, calm down!

Hardy: I can’t calm down; I can’t allow this to continue! I’m tired to these losses; I’m tired of being screwed over by the drama of other’s people’s problems. It ends tonight; from this moment on, Matt Hardy v.1 no longer exists; a new whole era of Mattitude begins tonight. It’s time for an upgrade!

[Backstage: Eddie Guerrero enters Kurt Angle’s office. Angle looks very serious, while Eddie is keeping a happy mood.]

Eddie: Orale, Kurt! How are you, homes? Hey, little Nunz told me that you have my uh…money for my groceries. I’d appreciate it if you handed it back.

Kurt [slaps the money wad into his hand]: Here you go, Eddie, but I know for damn sure you weren’t using to buy food. It’s bad enough that you lied and cheated and stole your way to that Championship title; it’s certainly bad enough that you screwed me out of winning that title at Wrestlemania XX, but it’s another thing to add gambling to your list of vices.

Eddie: Kurt, man, little Nunz had 100-1 odds on HHH; what did you expect me to do?

Kurt: It doesn’t matter what – wait 100-1 odds? No, no, what you did was wrong; in fact everything you’ve done to become champion is despicable. That title is far too precious for you to continue spoiling its image. So therefore, with Paul Heyman’s direct approval, at Judgment Day, you’re going to learn what it means to really compete in a match when you defend that WWE Title against “Mr. Thursday Night”, Rob Van Dam AND the Big Show in a Triple Threat Match!

[Eddie is speechless, as Angle smiles sadistically.]

[Cut back to the ring; the Bashams’ music plays as the two brothers walk out.]

Cole: What an announcement by Kurt Angle; Eddie now has to face double the threat from two dangerous men!

Tazz: This is an example of just abusive Angle is with his power, punishing Eddie Guerrero for his so-called vices. Eddie will definitely need to step it up if he’s going to survive Judgment Day.

Cole: Still tonight, John Cena will speak openly about his attack on the Rock last week, although I’m sure he didn’t expect that surprise ambush earlier in the program.

[Hard rock music plays, which introduces the team of Jindrak and O’Haire, with Teddy Long following behind them. Jindrak looks uncomfortable; he’s not sure if O’Haire can keep control.]

Match 3: Basham Brothers vs. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire

The bell rings; Jindrak and Danny Basham lock up in the center of the ring; they shift their advantage back and forth, but Jindrak overpowers Danny and pushes him hard into the turnbuckle. He strikes him with left and right punches and sets him up for the suplex off the top. However, near the top Danny pushes Jindrak down to the mat and goes up for the elbow drop. O’Haire runs along the ring and shakes the rope, causing Danny to land sitting down on the top rope. He moans in pain and falls to the mat. The recovered Jindrak tags O’Haire in and he stomps on Danny before picking him up for the running powerslam…

O’Haire drags Danny to his corner and he and Jindrak double-team Danny while the ref is distracted with Doug, who wants desperately to get in. O’Haire whips Danny to the ropes, tags Jindrak and they go for the double clothesline, but Danny ducks and jumps right for Doug’s hand. Doug enters and punches out Jindrak and O’Haire; he then does the arm drag takedown on both. He’s fired up and whips O’Haire right into Jindrak, who collide and fall straight down to the mat. As O’Haire falls back on the ropes, Danny pulls down the top one, causing him to flip to the outside. As Danny and O’Haire fight outside, the legal men fight inside. Doug hits the fisherman’s suplex: 1..2..Jindrak kicks out just in time. Doug goes up and comes down with an elbow drop. However, Jindrak rolls out of the way; Doug crashes to the ground and holds his elbow tenderly. Jindrak lifts Doug into the backbreaker and keeps it on for the submission hold. He bends Doug’s back on his knee, causing a huge amount of agony for the Basham…

Meanwhile, on the outside, O’Haire has re-taken control [with some help from Teddy Long] and slams Danny into the security barrier; he then whips him viciously into the steel steps. Danny collides with them, and then flips over them in a heap. With Danny weakened and almost unconscious, O’Haire pulls the monitors from the Spanish announce table, grabs Danny and sets him up for the powerbomb. He gives a few crazy looks to the crowd and then lifts Danny and power bombs him through the table! The crowd erupts in chants of “Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!”…

In the ring, Jindrak releases the hold and executes a running powerslam on Doug, further weakening the back. He makes the cover: 1..2..2.7..Doug kicks out! Frustrated, he moves in for the kill; he lifts Doug and performs two backbreakers, then leaves him in the center. O’Haire gets back in and holds Doug’s legs down for good measure. Jindrak climbs the turnbuckles and comes down with a huge body splash! He makes another cover: 1..2..3!

Howard Finkel: The winner of this match…Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire!

[Long holds up both mens’ arms as they hug and celebrate on the turnbuckles.]

[Cut to backstage: John Cena is shown in the locker room, warming up with a mic in his hand; he has some ice on his neck because of the earlier attack by the Rock.]

[Cena’s music plays; he comes out to a mixed crowd, with some boos and a majority of cheers for the Doctor of Thuganomics. He’s wearing a New Orleans Saints football jersey, and is slightly rubbing his sore neck.]

Cena: Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo!! Let me hear you make some noise!

[The mixed crowd erupts.]

Cena: I know all of y’all are wondering why I did what I did. Basically, the Rock walks in with his eyebrows and his lines about jambronis and thinks he’s the master of the mic? Is the Doctor of Thuganomics supposed to take serious a guy who’s trying to create his own stupid ass ebonics? I’m so fast in my rhymes and schemes, no matter how hard you try, you still can’t see me! You’re a strong guy, dawg, I’ll give you that, but even they call you the Rock, but as far as I’m concerned you can just suck – my – [raises his mic]

Cena Fans: COCK!

If Ya Smellll!!

[The Rock walks out quickly, with the mixed crowd also cheering and booing him. He walks in and poses as usual, then looks at Cena with a disgusted face.]

Rock: FI – nal – ly, the Rock has come BACK to Hous-ton! The Rock has only a few things to say to you, and here’s one of them: do you like those muscles you have? I bet the ladies love those hard muscles. [Cena kind of nods.] John Cena is ripped, John Cena is built!

Rock: But tell the Rock, Johnny, when you first saw the him last week on Smackdown, did you notice the Rock’s…package? Because the Rock knows that the MILLIONS –

Crowd: And millions!

Rock: Of the Rock’s fans noticed it! Paul Heyman noticed it; the guys at the Spanish announce table noticed it; Tazz and Michael Cole noticed it; hell even Howard Finkel noticed it! And when the Rock thinks about that, he really misses Lillian Garcia! So are those muscles really for strength and power, Johnny, or are they…compensating?

Rock: You can be honest with the Rock, Johnny, when you saw the Rock and his substantial package; did you get a little…….strudel envy?

[Cena becomes infuriated and punches the Rock hard; they begin brawling. Rock goes for the clothesline, but Cena ducks and clothesline Rock out of the ring. They continue brawling and eventually fight amongst the crowd, which is divided between both men in their support.]

Cole: This has blown up into a fierce brawl by both men!

Tazz: Cena and Rock may be masters of the mic, but once that line between talk and fight is crossed, it’s shattered!

Cole: We’ve lost the feed to the men, but the cameras are trying as we speak to follow the action.

[The TitanTron regains an image; the brawl spills into the arena entrance, where the tickets are checked in. Cena pushes Rock into a ticket machine, smashing the panes of glass. The Rock screams in pain, but fights back with some hard rights, and whips Cena through a door into hospitality room for the wrestlers. There are tables of food and drinks, and several SD superstars {Orlando Jordan, Funaki, Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi, Rico, and Charlie Haas) are in there, relaxing. They scatter as Rock hurls Cena along a table, smashing cans of beer and soda on Cena. He then grabs a pie.]

Rock: Do you like pie, Johnny?!

[Cena moves out of the way and the pie hits the wall; he punches Rock and slams his head onto the table. He then picks him up and plants him with a F-U on the table, smashing it into pieces! This is the second consecutive F-U by Cena on the Rock. Cena runs off, leaving Rock unconscious on a pile of broken wood and ruined food. Cena runs out of the arena into the parking lot and speeds away in his car.]
Cole: The Rock has been destroyed!

Tazz: Cena’s running like a scalded dog; he didn’t even bother to grab his gear!

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time! For Tazz, I’m Michael Cole; see you next week!

[Cut to black; the WWE logo fades in and out.]

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Thanks for the feedback Dr Thuganomics, and for the offer, but I can't make it to the tournament. I use up a lot of time just updating this thread with new shows. Also with finals coming up soon, I need to focus on that first. Besides I don't think I'm quite ready for a booking competition yet. But thanks anyway! Good luck with the BTB Tournament, I'm sure it'll be awesome!

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Update: Current Storylines and Developments

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post some current storylines developing so far in my WWE. Please let me know any feedback on the quality of the storylines, etc. I would also like to get suggestions on which superstars you think should get more/less exposure, a push, etc. In the future, I'm hoping to use some TNA talent like AJ Styles. However, I'm not familiar with that company, so if anyone could provide some info on the wrestlers' gimmicks, fighting sytles, etc., I would really appreciate it. I hope to post the third Raw and Smackdown sometime next week or sooner. Thanks a lot!

WWE Version 1.5: Current Storylines and Developments

• Val Venis continues to look for a female co-star within the Divas to work with him on his newest adult film, “Blowing Up Mount Venis.” However, his search has been anything but successful, with Stacy and Miss Jackie embarrassing him twice, and with Lita and Victoria damaging his ego. What will he do next?

• Rhyno’s win over the Big Valbowski is a solid start to a refocused superstar, who’s hoping to make huge waves in the mid/undercard before aiming to take Orton’s Intercontinental Title. His raw power and strength makes him a strong contender to dominate the playing field.

• Raw begins the first round of the King of the Ring tournament this Monday; the eight superstars have been chosen, but only one will advance to the finals in June to face the lone Smackdown survivor.

• Despite his defeat and beatdown by Evolution a few weeks ago, Edge still hungers for the Intercontinental Title and sees Orton squarely in his crosshairs. Can he Edgeucate Randy and become the first Intercontinental Champion in four months?

• There is no loss of heat between the young Shelton Benjamin and legendary veteran Ric Flair. Though faster and stronger in his ability, Shelton still faces an uphill battle of numbers, in the form of Evolution. Can the young grappler hold his own again the group, or will he become a victim of Evolution?

• Tajiri’s rage has been reignited ever since the interference of Garrison Cade in his match with Coach at Backlash. Did his revenge bout with Cade the Monday after settle his anger, or has the Japanese Buzzsaw just gotten started?

• Chris Benoit must stay vigilant in his reign as Heavyweight Champion as two other world-class contenders, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, continue to breathe down his neck, their desire for gold even more obsessive and consuming. Can the Crippler maintain his intensity with these two men looking to dismantle him?

• Although it may have smoldered in the past week, the fury between Y2J and Christian still exists, as the pain of Trish’s betrayal still runs deep in Jericho. Can these two men ever reconcile their differences, or will their violence continue week after week?

• Last Monday, Batista destroyed Steve Austin and his attempts to enforce the law, all in a move approved by GM Eric Bischoff. Bischoff, feeling helpless the past few weeks about the loss of Rock and the return of Stone Cold as law enforcer, used the attack as a brutal sign for Austin to stay out of the way and to realize that Austin is only one man against an authority too powerful to rebel against. How will Austin respond; can he alone take on Bischoff and his enormous power?

• The young team of Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak continues their path towards success, first with a bout against the Dudleys, then a win against the Basham Brothers. However, O’Haire’s excessive brutality against the Dudleys made Jindrak uncomfortable. Can these two continue to work together as an effective team, or will the excess of one member drive the other away?

• Speaking of the Dudleys, they have demanded a match with Jindrak and O’Haire at Judgment Day after the violence dished out by the young team. What will the Dudleys do to respond? And even with a few weeks time to recover, will they be healthy enough to compete on a high level?

• Rey Mysterio faces a daunting task in his fight to reclaim the Cruiserweight Title in the form of Kurt Angle’s Gauntlet, but has survived the first two opponents. Even the massive Big Show lost to the hands of Rey Rey. Now, only the final trial remains between him and Chavo Guerrero. Can Mysterio break through this last challenge, or will he have to wait his turn until all others have challenged the champion?

• With his gambling ring shut down, Nunzio is more than just a little frustrated. What will he do to make extra cash, or better what will he do to those who continue to stand in the way of him making money his way?

• Booker T’s open disdain for Smackdown has not only angered the Smackdown locker room, but has sparked the rage of the Deadman himself. Although feeling the initial fear of facing the Undertaker, a realization of his roots has reenergized Booker, even to the point of challenging Taker to a Chicago Street Fight. What kind of brutality will we see when these two collide? Does Booker have the willpower to match up with the almost superhuman power of the Undertaker?

• Finally, the Rock has come back to Smackdown, but his homecoming has been met with the harsh rhymes and F-U’s of John Cena. The two have already physically collided three times, with Cena besting the People’s Champion two of three times. At Judgment Day, the two will face off in a “Battle of the Microphones.” Whose words will reign supreme? And in the very end, can we truly expect them to keep the conflict down to just words?

• After weeks of disappointment and a lack of aggression, Matt Hardy has shed his old version and has instead devoted himself to an upgrade of sorts. He has promised a new age of Mattitude. What will Hardy do to open this new beginning and to what lengths will he go to ensure that Mattitude reigns supreme in Smackdown?

• Although Kurt Angle’s role in Smackdown has shifted from wrestler to special enforcer, the tension between him and WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero is still as thick as ever. Furious over Eddie’s lying, stealing, cheating, and now, gambling, Angle has forced Latino Heat into a daunting Triple Threat match at Judgment Day against RVD and Big Show. Will Angle’s abuse of power destroy Eddie’s chances for success, or will the Champion find the ability to overcome this obstacle?

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Update: Raw Week 3 (first half)

Hi everyone; this is the third Raw. I hope to update this with Smackdown witihin the next several days. As always please send your opinions, comments, and feedback on the shows. Thanks!

WWE Raw: May 3, 2004; On the Road to the Ring

[The usual pre-show graphics are shown in a quick and flashy display. A sudden stop in the music turns the screen black and the WWE logo fades in and out.]

[From the darkness, the Union Underground screams their opening lyrics before a blast of rock music begins the theme music for Raw. The introduction plays with quick montages of Raw superstars, along with clips of big bumps and finishing moves. We cut to the Raw stage, where pyrotechnic explosions erupt in the arena, followed by the cheers of the fans. The camera does its usual far pan out and close-ups of the fans and the fireworks.]

Jim Ross: We are officially on the Road to the Ring as we welcome you to a very special Monday Night Raw here in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX! I am Jim Ross, along with Jerry “The King” Lawler!

[The camera cuts to JR and the King; the graphic with their names is displayed.]

Jerry Lawler: As great as it is to be here, I just can’t that image from last week out of my head. I mean, Batista almost ended Steve Austin’s ability to even move!

JR: As you saw last week Stone Cold was brutally attacked by Evolution member Batista, who hurled the Rattlesnake through a pane of glass. Even as we speak, we do not have specific details as to Austin’s condition, but we do that he was luckily not severely injured from the attack.

King: Stone Cold doesn’t just let things like this slide, but what can he do? He’s not just facing one man; he’s up against Evolution AND Eric Bishoff!

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we also have plenty of developments here tonight. The Raw competitors for the King of the Ring have been selected and on Sunday afternoon behind closed doors, these superstars were randomly bracketed. Tonight, in Raw’s first round, Rob Conway of La Resistance and Canada’s own Lance Storm will compete in a qualifying match! The winner will move on to the semifinals of the tournament!

King: And don’t forget, our general manager, Eric Bischoff, will make a huge announcement about the main event for King of the Ring!

JR: Also tonight –

[“It’s Time to Play the Game!” JR is interrupted by the hard, metal sounds of HHH’s theme music. With the lights dark and green spotlights flashing about, Hunter forgoes the normal entrance and simply walks in, dressed in a T-shirt and workout pants. He looks extremely angry as he enters the ring, with microphone in hand.]

HHH: Cut the music! Turn on these damn lights and everyone shut the hell up! [The crowd responds with boos.] Before I even begin to say what needs to be said, I want that foul-mouthed sonnavabitch Jericho to get his ass out here now!

[The lights suddenly go out again, and the Titantron displays the Y2J countdown: 3..2..1...Jericho’s music plays, and the King of Bling Bling makes his trademark silhouette entrance. He turns around and stays on the stage, glaring at the very furious HHH.]

Jericho: To all the Jericholics in the stands, welcome to Raw – is – Jericho!! You called me, Hunter?

HHH: Last week, I made the time to appear on your pathetic excuse for an interview segment and all you did was insult me like garbage. You –

Jericho: Whoa, Whoa, Hunter, didn’t Shawn Michaels kick the taste out of your silver spoon fed mouth hole? You’re angry at Y2J for making a few jokes?

HHH: I will take care of Michaels my way; as for you, I’m going to teach you why no one messes with the Game! I want a match with you tonight right here in Dallas!

Jericho: You sanctimonious son of a bitch, if you want go to battle with the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, you got it! But instead of later tonight, why don’t we just go at it right now?! [Jericho begins running down the ramp, with HHH waiting for him.]

[However, before Jericho can reach the ring, the other Evolution members appear and ambush him; Jericho tries to fight back, but the numbers are too large as they stomp him down on the ramp. Triple H joins the fight, beating Y2J senseless as Batista holds him. HHH grabs a mic and looks at Jericho inches away.]

HHH: You don’t make the rules for the Game! You show up when I’m ready for you! [He throws Jericho to the ramp and Evolution leaves him there, bloody and bruised.]

[Cut to backstage: Chris Benoit has just arrived to the arena, but he is focused on what he’s doing. He stops in front of Shawn Michael’s dressing room door and walks in. He heads straight for HBK, who’s warming up. They lock face to face.]

HBK: Get out of my face, Benoit.

Benoit: Why, so you have enough room to Superkick me in the face again? [He gets furious.] I want you to give me one damn good reason why I shouldn’t smash your face against that steel locker door for what you did last week!

HBK: Let me give a little bit of advice Benoit, because I know you’re new to this kind of thing. When you’re the champ, you’re no longer a regular wrestler, working, clawing his way to success. Once you reach the top like you have, you become a target for every one of those other guys who are trying to get where you are. It’s not a glamorous job, but that’s the price you pay for being the best. Everyone, your enemies, your friends, are gunning for you and if you don’t watch your back, that title can slip away at any time. Sooner or later, you’ll realize just how far I and everyone else in this business will go to get that gold on your shoulder.

[HBK walks away, leaving Benoit silent.]

[Cut back to JR and King.]

JR: What an intense confrontation between HBK and the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit as we prepare for the first qualifying match in the King of the Ring tournament.

King: Shawn Michaels has a point, JR; Benoit needs to watch his back very carefully, him having that title is like having a giant bulls-eye painted all over his body!

[La Resistance’s music plays, as Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier enter waving their French flags. Conway moves into the ring, while Grenier is standing ringside.]

Match 1: Rob Conway vs. Lance Storm
• Match 1 of 8 in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament
• Winner proceeds to the tournament’s semifinals

[Lance Storm’s music plays; he enters very seriously, but is holding a large Canadian flag in sharp contrast to La Resistance’s French symbols.]

The bell rings and the two superstars lock up in the center of the ring. Conway converts into a headlock on Storm and tries to whip him to the ropes. However, the Canadian pushes out and twists around to Conway’s back and lifts him into the quick belly to back suplex. Conway is fast on his feet, but clutches his back in pain. He did not expect such a strong offense from Storm. They lock up again, but Conway’s strength overpowers Storm and whips Lance to the ropes. Conway bends down for the sunset flip, but Storm grabs his neck and hits a snap suplex! Conway stays down on the mat this time, screaming in pain. Storm stomps on the French sympathizer a few times and heads for his legs…

Storm applies a half Boston Crab, hoping to continue weakening his lower back. Conway flails insanely, hoping to get the ref’s attention and as the ref attends to him, Grenier runs around to Storm’s side, climbs the apron and punches him hard in the face. Storm releases the hold and lies on the mat, holding his face. Conway hobbles to Storm and drags him to the turnbuckle; he hits a few shoulderblocks and climbs the turnbuckle, where he lays punch after punch on the Canadian. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…Here, Storm pushes Conway down. Storm lifts him up and Irish whips him to the ropes; Conway ducks the clothesline but can’t escape Storm standing dropkick. Conway goes down hard, but because of the earlier punches, Storm is still woozy and can’t make the cover…

As Storm tries to compose himself, Grenier once again interferes, distracting the ref away from the action. Conway sneaks from behind and rolls Storm into the tight package, holding back the tights. The ref counts: 1..2..2.5..Storm kicks out! He quickly grabs Conway’s legs and flips forward for the pin: 1..2..Conway kicks out and both men stand up, facing each other again. Instead of going for the lock up, Conway sweeps suddenly under Storm and trips his leg. Conway holds Storm’s right ankle and rolls to the outside; he drags the leg to the ring post and then slams the knee into it! Storm screams as he lies motionless on the mat. Conway smiles in delight at his accomplishment…

Conway continues to weaken Storm’s knee with stomps, kicks and elbow drops. He then locks his legs into the Texas Cloverleaf. Storm shakes his head; he’s not willing to surrender yet. Amongst his screams, the Canadian reaches desperately for the ropes, but Conway drags him away whenever he gets close. After a few moments, Storm tries hard to twist and reverse the hold. He tucks inside such that he reverses the hold and is facing Conway. Storm lays on a few punches and Conway staggers back, surprised at Storm’s resilience. He tries a few right hands, but Storm blocks them and responds with his own chops. With victory in sight, Storm whips Conway to the ropes, but seeing the opportunity, the Frenchman ‘accidentally’ bumps into the ref…

With the ref and Conway down, Grenier climbs in and dropkicks Storm to the mat. He lifts him up and sets him up for the powerbomb. But before he can execute, Tommy Dreamer comes in from the crowd and smashes his kendo stick across Grenier’s chest. The Frenchman falls out of the ring with Dreamer following close behind, and Storm grabs the wobbly Conway and connects with a Fisherman’s Suplex! The ref barely recovers and counts: 1…2…3!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of this match…Lance Storm!

Storm is on his knees, speechless as Tommy Dreamer comes back in to congratulate him. Storm eventually gets up with a smile on his face and waves the Canadian flag. Dreamer brings out the American flag and waves it alongside Storm.

JR: And Canada’s Lance Storm will proceed to the semifinals in the tournament and is now one step closer to becoming King of the Ring! Ladies and gentlemen, don’t go away, we still have lots more to go on Raw!

[Cut to commercial and black]

[From black, a large and ornate throne slowly fades into view, its gold and silver carvings fancy in their extravagance and design. A narrator’s voice suddenly booms.]

Narrator: For sixteen superstars, only one will emerge as the ultimate victor…and will receive a chance at true glory.

Narrator: Raw, Smackdown, and GNC present the King of the Ring, exclusively on pay-per-view!

[Cut to backstage; Val Venis is talking with Gail Kim.]

Val: So you see Gail, you have a chance to star with me in a full length feature film. Don’t tell me that doesn’t interest you at least a little bit?

Gail [thinking]: Actually, I am interested.

Val [chuckles]: Excellent; shall we get star –

Gail: Hold on, how big is the budget for this movie?

Val: The budget is small, just barely enough for cameras and bad lighting, but the story is hard as a rock; besides this is a film that won’t require very many sets or props.

Gail: Really? Can I see a script?

Val: A script? Look Gail, are you interested or not? I have a lot more Divas I can offer this position to, so don’t waste my time!

Gail: If you’re going to use that tone of voice, then I’m not! [She storms away.]

Val: Damn it!

[Cut to JR and the King.]

King: His movies have catapulted the careers of a lot of actresses. I can’t believe how stingy these Divas are at Val Venis!

JR: Can you blame them?

[I’m Back! And better than ever!” A smiling Eric Bischoff walks down the ramp to the sound of boos. He enters the ring.]

Bischoff: Let me express my gratitude at all you fans for being here and supporting Raw. But I’m not happy just because of you, I’m ecstatic because last week, once and for all, I destroyed, no, I de-fanged the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold Steve Austin is longer a thorn in my side. [He pauses for a moment.] You hear that? Nothing! No glass breaking, no ATV riding, no Stunning, no beer bashing! Austin has been domesticated; he works not against me, but in fear of me and that’s the way it’s going to be from now on.

Bischoff: Now on to more pertinent business, but before I get to my announcement I want to see two men, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

[The TitanTron turns on, with a split-screen showing both HBK and Benoit in different backstage locations.]

Bischoff: You know, I’ve been looking at this whole situation ever since Benoit won the title at Wrestlemania. I followed the path you two have taken since then, culminating in a brutal triple threat match at Backlash. But even then, HBK, you can’t seem to get that belt out of your head, can you? [Michaels shakes his head.] So I’ve done some thinking and I’ve made a crucial decision. At the King of the Ring, Chris Benoit will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, in a best of three falls match!

Bischoff: But Shawn, listen to me well. If you choose to accept this match, you pay whatever consequences come from it. If you win, fine, you become the champion. But if you lose, you will no longer be a World Title contender for six full months.

HBK: Eric, I don’t even need to think about it. At King of the Ring, the Heartbreak Kid will once again become the World Heavyweight Champion! Watch your back, Benoit.

Benoit: Get ready, Shawn; your next and final chance at this belt is coming up soon.

JR: Eric Bischoff has just announced the main event for King of the Ring and what an event it will be! Benoit will face HBK in what may be Shawn Michaels’ final World Title bout for quite a while.

King: But did you hear correctly, JR? A two out of three falls match! This will test both men to the limits!

JR: Details on what the three falls entail will follow on next week's Raw. But for now, in a bout approved by our GM, Tajiri will take on both the Coach and Garrison Cade in a handicap match!

[Cade’s music plays; he and Coach appear together, happy and confident in their strength in numbers.]

[Tajiri’s music plays but the Japanese Buzzsaw enters cautiously as he looks at the disadvantage he has to endure. He stops at the bottom of the ring; Cade and Coach are anxiously waiting for him.]

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Update: Raw Week 3 (second half)

Here's the second half of Raw.

Match 2: Tajiri vs. Garrision Cade and Jonathan Coachman
• This is a 2 on 1 handicap match.

Tajiri quickly slides into the ring, but before Cade and Coach can pounce, he kicks Coach hard, sending him back in pain, and blocks Cade’s punch and responds with several shin kicks. Tajiri then focuses on Coach with chops and kicks and whips him to the ropes, and connects with a running dropkick. With Coach leaning on the turnbuckle for support, Cade attacks from behind and hits a DDT on Tajiri. Cade proceeds to choke Tajiri: 1..2..3..he releases the choke and drags him up. He whips him to the ropes and tries a clothesline, but Tajiri ducks, gains more speed and leaps into the air for a cross bodyblock. However, Cade simply catches the smaller man and plunges him down for several backbreakers before throwing him down to the mat. Coach recovers and both men begin stomping on Tajiri, further weakening him…

Cade holds Tajiri’s arms as Coach viciously punches him with sneaky closed fists. He’s about to hit him again, but Tajiri suddenly sprays Coach with the green mist; Coach quickly hits the mat, screaming in pain. Tajiri mule kicks Cade a la Ric Flair, and hits a few elbows to the side of the face. Cade falls back against the ropes, and Tajiri takes his vulnerability to flip over and lock Cade into the Tarantula! The ref counts 1…2…3…Tajiri lets go, but the damage has been done. Cade is keeled over on the ground; Coach is still trying to recover from the mist. Tajiri stomps Coach out of the ring and stalks Cade, circling around him for an opportunity to strike. Cade gets up to his knees, and Tajiri swings his leg for the finishing kick…

Cade ducks and with the opening, low blows Tajiri hard! Tajiri goes down but Cade doesn’t let him stay down for long; he drags him up and Irish whips him to the ropes and hits a devastating clothesline, which sends Tajiri flipping backward as he lands on the mat. Cade makes the cover: 1..2..Tajiri kicks out! A little frustrated, Cade covers again: 1..2..Tajiri kicks out again! Cade whips again for another clothesline, but Tajiri flips forward, bounces off the ropes, and elbows Cade. He falls back and Tajiri connects with a huge kick. Before he makes the cover, he dropkicks the recovered Coach back outside and then hits the standing moonsault on Cade for good measure: 1..2..3!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of this match…Tajiri!

[Tajiri celebrates for a few moments but Coach, frustrated and angry, ambushes him and tries choking him out. Out of nowhere, Rhyno enters the ring and Gores the hell out of him! He then sees Cade starting to get up and then Gores him as well! Rhyno climbs out of the ring as he and Tajiri leave together, leaving Cade and Coach lying motionless.]

JR: The Japanese Buzzsaw overcoming the odds to defeat both Garrison Cade and the Coach! Ladies and gentlemen, don’t go away, still tonight, Chris Jericho will go on one-on-one with a very angry Triple H! HHH demanded his match after getting his ego damaged by Y2J last week in the Highlight of the Night.

King: This portion of Raw has been brought to you by McDonald’s: I’m Loving It!

JR: And by Subway: Eat Fresh.

[Evolution’s music suddenly plays; Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton appear in their suits with smiles on their faces. They walk down the ramp and enter the ring. Flair grabs a mic.]

Flair: Shelton Benjamin, last week you went man to man with me and you learned a lesson from the best in the business, the Nature Boy! Let that sore leg of yours be a sign to you, boy; you may be stronger than me, you may be faster than me, but you ain’t better than me, not by a long shot! Take a few more years to get some experience, then we’ll talk. Wooooo! [He hands the mic to Batista.]

Batista: Speaking of lessons and learning; Austin, I really hope you got the message last week through that thick ******* skull of yours. You’re tough, but the bottom line is [he laughs] you’re too damn old, and you’re too damn busted to matter anymore. Take my advice and get out of here with some dignity. Because if you don’t, you’ll become just another victim of Evolution! [He and the others laugh and hit high-fives.]
[Without warning, the TitanTron turns on, showing an image of the parking lot. A huge beer truck appears, driven by none other than Shelton Benjamin! As he drives the truck, a loud, rough voice can be heard off-screen…]

Voice: A little more to the left, son!

[The back of a familiar bald head enters into view as the beer truck backs close to Evolution’s limo. The head turns around.]

Austin: Did you Evolution sons of bitches think you could get rid of Stone Cold that easily? Oh hell no! As far as I’m concerned, it’s just getting started. And there’s no better way to get things started than with a little vehicular damage!

[Shelton stops the truck and Austin pulls the large hose from the back. He breaks the sunroof window on the limo with the hose’s metal nozzle and aims. Austin then turns on the valve to full strength and begins filling the limo with beer!]

[Soon, the limo is completely full, but the added pressure breaks the other windows; beer is now spilling out in huge quantities. Austin hands the hose to Shelton and lies on the ground, allowing the beer from the limo to pour down into this mouth. He begins ‘swimming’ in the beer.]

[Austin gets up and heads over to another car, which belongs to Bischoff. He grabs a sledgehammer and breaks the driver side window. He turns on the car and uses the sledge to hold down the gas pedal. The car roars in place, as the parking brake holds back the power exerted from the pedal.]

Austin: Eric, you’re right; I am just one man and you have a lot of authority to do whatever you want. But let this be a message to you on how much damage one man can make!

[Austin releases the parking brake and watches as the speeding car heads off and smashes the wall with a devastating crash! Austin flips off the camera.]

Austin: And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!

[The TitanTron switches to an image of Bischoff looking shocked and angry at what he’s just seen, while Evolution is going nuts in the ring. Suddenly, Edge appears and spears Randy Orton to the mat, brawling with him! Batista and Ric Flair come in to help and start pummeling Edge, but then…]

[Glass breaks! Austin’s music plays loudly as he and Shelton Benjamin run down to the ring! Shelton tackles Flair and begins brawling with him; Batista and Orton whip Edge to the ropes, but Edge hits a double clothesline on them! Shelton and Flair take their fight outside, as Edge chops Orton on the turnbuckle. In the center of the ring, Batista gets up; Austin tries the Stunner, but he pushes him to the ropes and lifts him for a bodyslam. Austin wiggles out of the hold and launches hard rights to the big man; they trade shots for a bit but Batista slams the Rattlesnake into the corner and hits some shoulderblocks. Austin staggers forward and Batista tries the clothesline but Austin ducks and connects with a Stunner! Austin leans on the ropes, clutching his stomach as Batista flies to the mat. The huge brawl sends Evolution retreating to the back as Austin, Benjamin, and Edge look on.]

King: Oh my gosh! What a response from Stone Cold; Batista is gonna find himself eating his words if he’s not careful!

JR: Coming up, Triple H and Chris Jericho in singles action!

[Cut to backstage: We see a split screen of HHH and Jericho warming up in their respective dressing rooms.]

[Cut to the stage: “It’s Time to Play the Game!” HHH’s music blares as the Game walks to the ring; he does his trademark entrance poses, etc.]

Match 3: Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

[The lights go out, as the Y2J countdown begins: 3…2…1…the music plays and Jericho emerges in his entrance.]

Before Jericho can even walk down the ramp, HHH leaps out of the ring and charges at him. The two begin brawling, trading hard shots. Triple H begins overpowering Jericho but as he swings for another punch, Y2J ducks and flips him off. HHH tries again, but Jericho ducks again and picks him up for a bodyslam. Triple H goes down hard on the steel ramp and moans in pain. Jericho drags HHH to the ring and rolls him in. The bell rings, officially beginning the match. HHH slowly gets up, holding his back. Y2J kicks and chops him several times against the ropes and whips him into a sleeperhold. HHH quickly breaks free and connects with a big clothesline. While Jericho is down, HHH smiles in amusement; he kneels down and pulls on his hair, yelling some obscenities at him before slamming his head against the mat…

HHH runs to the ropes and comes down with the knee drop on Jericho; Y2J keels in pain. HHH drags him up into the Irish Whip and executes the high knee lift, but Y2J ducks and responds with a flying forearm! Y2J grabs HHH’s legs and begins moving into the Walls of Jericho, but HHH desperately resists, keeping Y2J from applying the hold. Y2J lifts up HHH, but is hit in the stomach with a few quick punches. HHH chops him into the turnbuckle and lets loose with a barrage of right hands and chops. But only a few seconds later, Y2J gets charged up and throws HHH into the turnbuckle and hits his own flurry of punches. HHH staggers forwards and falls flat on the mat…

Jericho lifts HHH to the top of the turnbuckle for the suplex, but HHH fights back, struggling not to absorb another bump. He pushes Y2J off the top; Jericho lands hard on the mat. HHH positions himself and jumps high into a body splash…but misses! Jericho rolls away as HHH curls up in pain. Seeing the chance, Y2J jumps on the second rope and hits the Lionsault right onto Triple H! He makes the cover: 1…2…HHH kicks out! Jericho is surprised at the kick-out but quickly composes himself and locks the Game into the Walls. HHH screams and shakes his head furiously. He reaches for the bottom rope but for a few seconds, it’s too far away. Jericho puts more pressure on HHH’s neck and back, screaming for Hunter to surrender…

After what seems like minutes, HHH finally grabs the bottom rope and Y2J is forced to let go. He lifts up HHH and whips him to the ropes; he bends down but HHH kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the Pedigree. However, Jericho reverses the move and flips HHH over. Suddenly, Christian and Trish Stratus run out from the stage! Trish climbs the apron and distracts the ref, causing Jericho to divert his attention. Christian runs in from behind, and tries the Unprettier, but Y2J sweeps his legs and locks the Walls on him! Christian taps like crazy and is screaming, but this gives HHH enough time to grab a chair. HHH runs back in; Y2J releases the hold. HHH swings the chair, but Jericho ducks and jumps for the standing enziguri! HHH falls, with his head crashing down on the chair; he’s out cold. Y2J pushes Trish off the apron and makes the cover on the Game: 1…2…3!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of this match…Chris Jericho!

[Christian and Trish walk back as they yell at the victorious Y2J. Jericho smiles at them as he waves at them. He then stares down at the unconscious HHH before leaving the ring.]

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time! Will Edge get another shot at Orton’s title? How will Bischoff respond to a rejuvenated Rattlesnake? Can HHH break this losing slump? How much more chaotic can it get between Shelton Benjamin and the Nature Boy? Tune in next week as we continue the Road to the Ring! For the King, I’m Jim Ross; see you next week!

[Cut to black as the WWE logo fades in and out.]

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Update: Current Judgment Day Card

This is the current match listing for the Smackdown-only PPV, Judgment Day. It'll be the first PPV I write for my WWE Version 1.5. The matches are listed in the order that they'll appear. Please provide feedback and any suggestions for future events, shows, PPV's, storylines, etc. Thanks!

Judgment Day: May 9, 2004; Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana

[Note: Matt Hardy will compete in the PPV; his match will officially be booked in the last SD before JD.]

Opening Segment:
"Battle of the Microphones"
John Cena vs. The Rock
Hosted by Tazz
• After weeks of verbal and physical sparring, the People’s Champion and the Doctor of Thuganomics will collide in an official battle of insults, rhymes, and trash talking. Whose style will remain supreme: the Rock’s dramatic rants, or Cena’s freestyle rhymes?

WWE Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz [c] vs. Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire w/Theodore Long
• The Dudleys are looking for blood as they place their titles on the line against the new, young team of Jindrak and O’Haire. Largely fueled by O’Haire’s brutality and Teddy Long’s encouragement, the Dudleys were nearly decimated. Will the Dudleys taste sweet revenge, or will these rising superstars bury these veterans?

WWE United States Championship
John Cena [c] vs. Rene Dupree
• The Frenchman is hoping to achieve a moment of ultimate irony in winning the U.S. title, but he faces a tough, strong, and proud champion in John Cena.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship [to be confirmed later]
Chavo Guerrero Jr. [c] vs. Rey Mysterio
• Although Rey has been able to survive the first two opponents in Kurt Angle’s Gauntlet, he must still face one last obstacle on Smackdown before securing his shot at Chavo’s title. Will Rey make it, or will the Gauntlet overwhelm the high-flying superstar?

Chicago [Bourbon] Street Fight
Booker T vs. The Undertaker
• Booker’s distaste of Smackdown has ignited the anger of the Deadman, a superstar loyal to the brand. They will face off in what can only be considered a brutal battle with few rules. Can Booker’s toughness and tenacity defeat Taker’s raw power, or will the Deadman put another soul to rest in New Orleans?

WWE World Championship
Eddie Guerrero [c] vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show
• Kurt Angle’s abuse of power and jealousy reach new heights as he forces Latino Heat to battle a double threat in Big Show and ‘Mr. Thursday Night.’ Can Eddie overcome these odds and what will Angle do next if Eddie manages the victory?

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Update: Smackdown! Week 3 (first half)

Hi again, everyone. Here's the final Smackdown before Judgment Day. I apologize for the lateness of this entry; I've been distracted by lots of stuff. As always please rate the show and send any comments. They're always appreciated. I'll post the show in two parts. Thanks!

WWE Smackdown: May 14, 2004; Three Days before Judgment Day

[The usual opening graphics are shown before the WWE logo fades in and out.]

[A quiet tone of music breaks the silence, as black and white montages of the SD superstars are shown slowly. Suddenly, the sharp beats of the rock/rap theme music plays loudly. The camera cuts quickly between superstar poses and show clips, while the lyrics to “My Life” blare out in the background. At the end of the music, the large SD logo slides smoothly across the screen.]

[We cut to the large SD stage, as pyrotechnic displays explode in a fiery and colorful pattern. The smoke and sparks die down and we hear the screams and cheers of the crowd as Smackdown gets underway. The camera pans between close-ups of fans and long view of the crowd.]

Michael Cole: We are a mere 72 hours away from what is sure to be an explosive and riveting Judgment Day! I am Michael Cole, along with Tazz, as we welcome you to Smackdown from the sold out New Orleans Arena here in Louisiana! Tazz, I can’t describe to you the excitement I’m feeling about Judgment Day.

Tazz: I know how you feel, Cole; it’s only three days away, but I just can’t wait. If it were up to me, we’d have it right now, but we got to be patient.

Cole: Later tonight, we will run down every match scheduled for this event; make sure if you have not ordered this pay-per-view you still have time. Call your local cable company and get Judgment Day now before it’s too late!

Tazz: This is the last stop, the last time we’ll see these superstars before Judgment Day. I’ll tell ya, so much drama, so much tension has been building up to this moment. It’s incredible!

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, the Rock is here tonight! How will he respond to the absolute disrespect John Cena has shown him?

Tazz: And speaking of Cena, he’s doing double duty on Judgment Day, with the contest against Rock and the match against Dupree for the U.S. Title. The Doctor of Thuganomics has a lot on his plate!

Cole: Even with so little time left until the PPV, one match has still not been confirmed, due to the abuses by Kurt Angle. Rey Mysterio has one more match in the Gauntlet before earning a spot at Chavo’s Cruiserweight Title. Can he pass this final obstacle to the gold?

Tazz: A few weeks ago, I might have given it some thought, but seeing the resilience of Rey, I’m convinced; he’s getting that shot, Cole. He’s hungry for that strap.

Cole: Tonight, we will see a small preview of what will happen at Judgment Day; the champ, Eddie Guerrero, takes on Rob Van Dam in a non-title match.

Tazz: It’s probably another ploy by Angle to soften Eddie up for the wolves on Sunday.

[Cut to backstage: We see Eddie Guerrero walking to his locker room; he’s holding the belt. Behind him, a reporter runs up to him.]

Interviewer: Eddie, if I could speak to you; do you feel a little worried about Kurt Angle putting you in a match against both RVD and Big Show at Judgment Day?

Eddie: Orale! Do you think I’m worried about a triple threat match, homes? Do you think I’m worried about Kurt Angle abusing his power just because he’s jealous that a liar and a cheater and a stealer and a gambler has the belt? My life has been full of people who have tried to screw me over, who tried to keep me down. But right now, at this moment, after so many struggles, I’m at the top of the mountain and it feels good, vato! And while I’m here, there’s no way anybody is going to take me away from this [points to the belt], not without a fight from Latino Heat! [He walks away.]

[Cut to the SD stage]

[Shannon Moore’s music plays as the young superstar makes his way out to the ring. He looks pumped and ready to go.]

[Charlie Haas’ music plays; he walks to the ring, ready to fight.]

Match 1: Charlie Haas vs. Shannon Moore

The bell rings as the two lock up. They push back and forth for a few moments, each man trying to overpower the other. Haas releases the lock up and grabs Moore’s torso behind him for the suplex. But Shannon reverses the grip and lifts him into the belly to back suplex. Haas lands with a crash; he holds his back in pain. Shannon hits a few right hands on the downed Haas, and then Irish whips him to the ropes. Moore tries the standing dropkick, but Haas holds on to the ropes, causing Moore to miss and land on his hip. Haas furiously stomps on the younger man and drags him to the lower rope, which he lifts to choke Moore. The ref begins the count: 1…2…3…4…Haas releases the choke and lifts him up…

Haas is on the offensive now, as he whips Shannon into the turnbuckle hard. Shannon hits the corner hard chest-first, and bounces backward into Haas’ full nelson slam. Charlie stops for a few moments and shakes his head with an amused smile. Apparently Haas doesn’t think much of his opponent. As he pulls him up again by his hair, Moore hits a headbutt into Haas’ solar plexus. Haas keels over in pain; Shannon takes this moment and wraps his arm around Haas’s neck. He then charges forward and leaps into the air for the bulldog! Moore makes the cover: 1…2…Haas kicks out! Shannon lifts Haas and whips him, but Haas reverses the move and hits a hip toss, sending Moore flying onto the mat. Before he goes any further, Haas holds his stomach, as he tries to work through the pain. He lifts him up and locks Moore into the abdominal stretch…

Moore grimaces in pain, as Haas cranks his arm further back. The ref continues to ask Moore if he gives up; Moore continues to shake his head. He won’t give up, not yet. Haas is angry; he screams for Shannon to give the ‘I quit’ signal. In his frustration, he releases the hold and he picks him up for the powerslam. However, as Shannon is over his shoulders, Moore wiggles out and connects the backwards roll-up pin on Haas: 1…2…2.5…Haas kicks out again! Shannon barely has time to tend to his weakened arm, when Haas lifts him into the shoulderbreaker! Haas goes in for the kill…

Suddenly, Matt Hardy emerges from the stage, holding a chair. He slides into the ring and bashes Haas with the chair, sending him flying out of the ring! The referee immediately calls for the bell.

Howard Finkel: And the winner of this match, by disqualification, Charlie Haas!

Matt bends down to check on Moore. Shannon can be seen thanking Matt, but just before he gets up, Hardy hits him with the chair too! Shannon is out cold, but Matt, smiling sadistically, lifts him and hits the Twist of Fate right on to the chair! He grabs a mic.

Matt: Last week, I told you and I told the world that I would begin a new era of Mattitude. And tonight, just now, I have done just that. Nothing personal, Shannon, but you’re an example of an obsolete time, and I can’t have that. You were a friend to me before, but it’s time for me to move on. Now, you’re the first victim of Matt Hardy, Version 2!

[Matt glares at the unconscious Moore before slowly walking away.]

Tazz: Cole, how could Matt Hardy do that to his pal, Moore; they’ve been friends for years!

Cole: Matt Hardy breaking every bond with his former friend Shannon Moore, in a vicious attack!

[Backstage: Josh Matthews is with Rene Dupree for an interview. They’re in front of the standard SD backdrop set.]

Josh Matthews: Rene, you have an opportunity in just three days to win the United States Championship, your first ever singles title. How do you feel and what will you do to defeat John Cena?

Dupree: How do I feel? How do I feel? Mr. Matthews, I feel supremely confident and I’ll tell you why. [He grabs his mic and pushes Josh away.] I’ve received so many claims about my cowardice, about my weakness, simply because I choose to live a civilized French lifestyle. But there is something about me, and about all Frenchmen, that you Americans fail to understand time and time again. When the right time appears, we offer no mercy and we fight with the very ferocity of hell itself! And John Cena, when your Judgment Day comes, all your brass knuckles and all your pathetic little raps won’t save you from your own personal hell! In three days, a Frenchman becomes this country’s champion!

[He walks away, throwing the mic at Matthews.]

[Cut back to Cole and Tazz.]

Tazz: Well, I’ll give him credit; he is incredibly confident.

Cole: I won’t disagree with that Coming up, Rey Mysterio takes on the final obstacle in his quest for the Crusieweight Championship!

[Cut to commercial]

[Blackness pervades throughout the screen; suddenly a narrator’s voice booms.]

Narrator: What does jealousy do to the soul? [A black and white image of Kurt Angle is shown.]

Narrator: It corrupts. [A clip of Angle is shown from last week, announcing that Eddie will face Big Show and RVD at the PPV.]

Narrator: For two men, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. [Clips of RVD and Show are shown, doing their trademark moves.]

Narrator: And for the champion, it is his judgment day. [All blue image of Eddie is shown, as clips of his struggles for the belt are shown.]

Narrator: Smackdown and GNC present Judgment Day, exclusively on pay-per-view, May 16!

[Cut back to the SD stage.]

[“Who’s that jumping out the sky?!” Rey leaps into the air for his entrance; he runs toward the ring, giving high fives to the crowd before going into the ring.]

[Angle’s Olympic music plays, as he and Chavo Guerrero appear from the back.]

Angle: Before we get started with this, I want to congratulate you Rey. You exceeded my expectations; frankly, I didn’t expect you to even have a chance against Show. But I want you to know this; you have not completed this Gauntlet yet. Chavo and I took this last week to brainstorm exactly what kind of match would be appropriate for this final trial and I think we’ve come up with something suitable. So…right now, Rey Mysterio, you are now in a lumberjack match against…!

[Japanese music plays, as the Ultimo Dragon appears in sight! He enters the ring and does his normal pre-match poses. Immediately after he arrives, the lumberjacks come out; the group is made up of a variety of wrestlers: Orlando Jordan, the Bashams, etc. Chavo once again sits on a chair on the stage.]

Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon
• Match 3 of 3 of the Cruiserweight Gauntlet
• The #1 contender’s spot for the Cruiserweight Title at JD is on the line.

The two superstars circle each other in the ring and lock up; Dragon locks Rey into a headlock but Rey pushes Dragon to the ropes and leaps into the air for a dropkick. Dragon flies back against the ropes. Rey gets up and the men stare each other down; they circle again. Rey goes for the lock up, but Dragon fakes and sneaks behind for a suplex, but Rey blocks and grabs Dragon’s leg and pulls it forward, tripping him. Rey goes for the quick pin: 1…2…Dragon kicks out and stands up quickly! Both men again pause to study the other man. Suddenly, Rey lunges forward and punches twice, but Dragon responds with a few hard kicks…

Rey and Dragon trade shots for a moment, before Dragon lands a stiff uppercut on Rey. Rey falls back against the turnbuckle. Dragon grabs his arm and whips him into the opposite corner; Dragon runs at him, but Rey jumps out of the way, and Dragon charges shoulder-first into the ring post! Dragon moans in pain as Rey hits a few more shots. Rey lifts him to the rope, with both men’s’ backs facing the ring. Rey grabs on and tries to hit the belly to back suplex, but Dragon resists, hitting Rey with elbows. Rey lets go, but stays on the turnbuckle, dazed. Dragon then composes himself, and locks Rey into the headlock position. With his feet on the top, Dragon pushes off and flips backward. Both men fall from the top, with Dragon hitting the huge, top-rope reverse DDT! Rey is easily knocked out, but Dragon is also reeling from the effects of such a big bump. He’s slowly edging towards Rey…

Dragon inches closer and finally gets an arm across Rey’s chest. The ref makes the count: 1…2…2.9…Dragon is dragged away by one of the lumberjacks, Rene Dupree! The Frenchman drags Dragon out of the ring and begins landing fierce punches on him. Dragon tries fighting back, but the lumberjack heels mob him. The babyfaces respond accordingly, and the two groups launch a huge brawl ringside. Slowly, Rey gets up and seeing the mob, whips himself on the ropes, runs, and leaps over the other side with a high cross body block! Rey lands on top of the lumberjacks and sends a huge group of them down. The other lumberjacks continue to brawl, but then…

“Wordlife!” John Cena runs in from the stage and heads directly for Dupree and tackles him hard to the ground! The two men fight amongst the mob as Rey recovers and rolls a weakened Dragon back into the ring. At this point, Chavo leaves his chair and begins running towards Rey. Rey stands on the apron outside the ropes and prepares for the West Coast Pop. Chavo reaches the ring and grabs Rey’s leg, but before he can pull Rey down…

“If ya smeellll!” The Rock charges in and pulls Chavo away before punching him silly; he then begins pummeling the lumberjacks as he heads for Cena. Rey, now unimpeded, jumps on the ropes and connects with the Pop! He makes the cover: 1…2…3!

Howard Finkel: The winner of this match, and the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship, Rey Mysterio!

[Instead of celebrating, Rey takes a quick breather and leaves the ring, as the giant brawl continues outside. He smiles at Chavo, who’s still lying on the ground.]

Cole: What a victory for Rey! What began as a singles match has turned into a huge fight for all lumberjacks involved, and then some! But the main story here, Rey has overcome all the obstacles and gets a much deserved shot at the title!

Tazz: What a match, Cole! [At this point, the brawl has died down, Cena and Rock have taken their fight through the crowd.] I don’t think I can say much more than that!

Cole: Still tonight, the main event; Eddie Guerrero faces a man whom he has considered an ally in the past, Rob Van Dam, in a non-title match.

Tazz: It’s a battle of the frog splashes, coming up soon! Stay tuned.
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