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kermack I acn see your a good businessman and I will trade the Heart Break Kid to Smackdown for the Undertaker. and for Hidenrich and torrie wilson I will give you maven and Jazz.

to Raw:
The Undertaker
Torrie Wilson

to SD:

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Kermack's SD has sent the following:
JBL and Orlando Jordan to Raw

Yankeesman77's Raw has sent the following:
Chris Benoit and Steven Richards to SD.

Deal is official.

Oh and Old Skool I would be more than willing to write Kermack's and my ppv for us. Unless Kermack says otherwise.

P.s I will be doing my first episode of Raw version 1.0 on the monday after Unforgiven which the date is 9/13

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excuse me newbie I wouldnt be talking like that to me. I have a partner who is committed to doing what he sasy instead of a punk ass little bitch like you yourself. If I remember correctly you only wrote one show. memo to self never to talk to newbies like shemale big girl anymore. bye bye transvestite. Oh and I plan on creating a big storyline for my Raw ppv. now move out of the way newbie the men have some business to take care of.

Oh and by the way bigboy2 if you wana some real writing go to btb matches thread and check out my latest match Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. HHH in a tripple threat latter match for the World Heavywweight title. then you might wana rethink what you said about me earlier ok bitch.

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rage can you please stop this nonsense and stop bigboy2 from talking to me. because its 2:30 in the morning and I am not in the mood for this bullshit between me and bigboy 2 so if you can just tell him to never talk to me again or else he gets band or suspended or anything to that matter. If you do thank you very much.

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September - 1st week - Raw Version 1 - Long Island, New York

World Heavy Weight Title
HHH - champion - heel
Undertaker - face
JBL - heel
AJ Styles - face

Intercontinental Title
Chris Jericoh - champion - face
Christian - heel
EDGE - face
Hidenrich - heel
Kane- heel
Randy Orton - face

Tag Titles
La Resistance - champions - heel
Rhyno & Tajiri - face
Evolution aka Flair and Batista - heel
America Most Wanted - face
William Regal and Eugene - face

Hardcore Title
Tyson Tomko - champion - heel
Rosey - face
Orlando Jordan - heel
Eugene - face
William Regal - face
Sonny Dean - heel

Womes Title

Trish Stratus - champion - heel
Victoria - face
Lita - face
Gail Kim - heel
Torrie Wilson - face
Molly Holly - heel
Raw's version 1.0 matches card

1. Hardocre Championchip title match - Tyson Tomko (H) vs. Rosey

2. Womens title match - Trish vs. Torrie Wilson

3. Tag Title match - La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri

4. Undertaker vs. JBL

5. World Heavy Weight title match - HHH vs. Randy Orton

Raw Music video - Shows HHH hholding the World Heavyweight Title above his head, Randy Orton holding his hands wrist to wrist above his head, JBL flings a 20 dollar bill at the screen and laughs it off all to a hard rock theme.

The camera shows the fans going wild with all of there signs.

JR: Welcome every one to Monday Night Raw next to me here is Jerry the King Lawler

King: Great to be here King and also last night we crowned a new champion his name is the Game, HHH.

JR: King you know the truth, If evolution didnt help the game Randy Orton would still be the World Heavyweight champion right now.

Eric Bischoff's Music

Eric walks down to the ring with a smug smile on his face.

Fans: Ass Hole, ass Hole, Ass Hole.

Eric entered the ring. His smug smile turned into a frown as he said without the mic to the fans to shut up. Eric grabbed the mic and said

Eric: I am not going to let you fans ruin my day. the Main point is that last night at Unforgiven we crowned a new World Heavyweight Champion.

a clip is shown on the titan tron showing HHH pedigreeing Randy Orton onto the chair knocking him out cold. as the ref started to stir HHH threw away the evidence and covered Randy for the win as the ref counted the 1....2....3.

Eric: So folks let me introduce to you our new World Heavyweight Champion the game HHH.

Evolutions music

Batista, Flair, and HHH walk down the stage stilin and profilin. Bischoff is claping as HHH makes his way to the ring. With Batista and Flair behind HHH, HHH enters the ring. He looks at his boss Eric Bischoff and cant stop smiling as he hugs Eric Bischoff. Batista gives the game the mic. But before HHH could talk ballons and confetti fell from the cieling of the arena and HHH looked up and saw the ballons falling into the ring.

King: this is Great JR a serimony fit for a king.

HHH: Now I have got to admit that Orton you did give up a good fight but in the end evolution just passed you by. You could of taken the easy way out and handed the title to me before Unforgiven even began. but you had to be ignorant and put up a fight to retain your title. But last night it all came to ahead as I beat you half to death to get what is rightfully Mine and that is my World Heavyweight Title. And another thing......

Vince's Music

Vince: welll me and the board of directors we watching your match last night HHH and noticed a very disturbing thing. That thing was that you couldnt beat Randy Orton last night without cheating yourway to victory. So here is what I am going to authorize. That tonight in that very ring, it will Be Randy Orton vs. HHH for the World Heavyweight title in a no disqualifictaion match. and if Batista and flair come down to the ring to help you in that match later tonight then they will be suspended indefintley without pay. HHH was livid with vinces decision for another match defending his newly won title the night after he won it at Unforgiven.

JR: what an announce ment King!

King: I cant believ it either. its just not fair.

JR: dont change the chnnel as well be right back.

commercials - aired a commercial for and one mix tape tour coming to MSG, Nassau Colliseum and Continental airleins arena. and aire a commercial for the new joe schmo three.

Backstage: HHH and Bischoff are talking inside Bischoff's office

Eric: I am sorry HHH but when Vince makes a decision I cant change it.

HHH: well you better dam try Erci or its your ass thats going to be pedigreed next. Got It!!!.

Eric; I got HHH, I got it.

a picture of the Hardcore title appears on the screen

Tyson Tomko's music

Tyson walks down to the ring without the services of Trish or Christian. Tyson yells at the crowd and tries to stare them down to make them of him. Tyson entered the ring and waited for his opponent Rosey to come out.

Roseys Music

Rosey appears in his s.h.i.t uniform and smiles at the crowd as he shakes the hands of the fans as he walks down to the ring. Rosey enters the ring and looks at Tyson and takes off his uniform.

Tyson hits Rosey in the back with a right hand as his back was turned. Tyson throws rosey to the turnbuckles. Tyson hits Rosey with a clothesline knocking Rosey down to the ground of the mat. Tyson looks at the crowd and then looks at Rosey. Tyson gets out of the ring and lifts the apron from the ring. Tyson pulls out a metal trash can lid, a steel chair and a fire extinguisher. Tyson throws the Fire Extinguisher, chair, and trash can lid into the ring. Rosey is slowly getting up from the impact of the clothesline. Tyson enters the ring and waits for Rosey to get up as he grabs the steel chair. Rosey is standing up on his feet. Tyson winds up and fires but Tyson misses Rosey with the chair and Rosey reverses and kicks Tyson in the midsection making Tyson drop the chair. Rosey picks up Tysons chair and hits tyson on the back with the chair. Rosey tries to get some reaction to the crowd and the crowd cheers as Rosey hi t Tyson in the back ounce again. Rosey is positioning Tyson for his finisher. Rosey runs towards the ropes and in the direction of Tyson But Tyson reverses it with a big boot to the head. Knocking Rosey out cold. Tyson lift Rosey up from the ground and Tyson grabs the chair. Tyson winds back and nails a groggy Rosey right between the eyes with the steeel chair falling like a big red wood. Tyson covers Rosey. The ref counts 1....2.....3 and Tyson Retains the title.

King: Thats 1 for 2 for Trishes team. If Trish could beat Torrie then it would be 2 for 2

JR: well see King it isnt going to be easy. Well never the less our next match is going to feature Our Womens Champion against Torrie Wilsons first ever title shot and her first ever match on Raw. Lets send it down to Lillian Garcia for the match.

a picture of the Womens Champion chip appears on the screen

Lillian: At a hight of 5'7 and from Boise, Idaho the challenger Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson's Music

Torrie walks down the isle with a bright smile on her face as she is making her first ever appearence on Raw competing for the title. Torrie enters the ring and waits for trish to come out.

Lillian: From Toronto, Ontario Canada. The Womens Champion. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus Music

Trish walks down to the ring with a smug look on her face as if Torrie is no match for Trish. Trish enters the ring and slaps Torrie right in the face.

The ref starts the match. Torrie moves back a little from the slapp to the face by Trish and runs towards trish and catapolts herself at trish knocking her down to the ground with Torrie ontop of Trish. Torri starts punching trish in the face. Trish is able to excape and rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Trish is upset with the refs officiating. Trish complains and heads by the spanish announce table. Torrie chases Trish around the outside of the ring. Trish gets back inside the ring and tries to chick kick Torrie in the head. and as Torrie enters the ring Trish raises her leg but misses and Torrie reverses it into a hard ddt. Torrie covers trish the ref counts 1.....2.... and when the ref was about to count the three trish puts her leg on the rope as the ref notices it and breaks the count. Torrie is outraged at the ref and she confronts him and as she is confronting the ref Christian comes down to the ring and Trish gets the intention of the ref. With Torries back turned Christian comes into the ring and does the unprettier to Torrie knocking her out. Trish gets back up and covers torrie up for the count. the ref counts the 1.....2....3. and Trish retains the title. As Christian smiles as Trish got the win. Christian bring Trish back to the backstage dressing room. at the top of the stage Christian and Trish Kiss. as Trish goes to the back.

King: now thats 2/3 one more and its a perfect night.

commercial break - aired Mcdonalds and Burger King back to back weird coinsidence on that part. also a trojan condom commercial.

Backstage: La resistance is talking to Rosey

Sylvain: the definition of An American - a fat, lazy, slob who cant get off his fat ass to support his kids.

Conway: Nice job on the Hardcore title match. You really beat Tyson down hard.

Then Conway and grenier talk in french and insult Rosey

Rosey: I take offense to that. you should watch what you say because it might harm you in the end.

Grenier: whatever fat ass.

Rosey: well see

a picture of the Tag titles appears on the screen.

Lillian: First the challengers

Rhyno and Tajiris music

Lillian: from Detroit, Michigan and Tokoyo, Japan the team of Rhyno and Tajiri.

Tajiri and Rhyno shake the hands of the fans and then enters the ring and do there warmups as they wait for la resistance.

Lillian: From Quebec, Canada. Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier. The tag champs La Resistance

La resistances music

Conway and Grenier come out to the stage waiving the French and quebec national flag. The Long Island crowd doest apreciate the affection to Quebec given by La resistance as they come otu to heavy boo's. Conway and Grenier place the flags next to the spanish announce team.

Grenier will start it off for La resistance against the capable Tajiri. The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Tajiri locks in a headlock on Grenier but Grenier pushes Tajiri towards the ropes and tajiri does a flipping hand spring arm catapult to Grenier knocking Grenier down. Grenier gets back up but Tajiri buzzsaws right through Grenier kicking and punching Grenier to the turnbuckle by tajiris partner Rhyno. Tajiri tags Rhyno in and Rhyno goes right to work body hitting the midsection of Grenier. Rhyno picks up Grenier but Grenier delivers a thumb to the eyes of Rhyno reminicent of Ric Flair back in the day. Grenier tags in his partner Conway and Conway punches Rhyno to the corner where Rhyno is being double teamed Tajiri tries to break it up but the ref stops him because he is not holding onto the ring string thus leaving Rhyno to being double teamed Conway si distracting the ref while grenier pulls Rhyno down to the ground of the mat and throws his leg acroos the ring post. Conway lifts up Rhyno and gives him an inverted atomic drop and some what of a super kick and Conway gives isi version off the french tickler as he dances while Rhyno is down on the ground. Conway tags in Genier. The ref tries to get Conway out of the ring while Grenier lifts Rhyno up. while the refs back is turned as in desperation Rhyno delivers a low blow to the groin of Grenier. Rosey appears on the stage and marches down to the ring. with Grenier and Rhyon down Rosey starts attacking Conway. With the refs attention to Rosey and Conway Rhyno stands up and is setting up for the gore. Grenier gets up slowly he turns around and recieves a gore. Rhyno tags in Tajiri where he does the buzzsaw kick to the head of Grenier knocking him out cold. With conway down and Grenier out Rhyno covers Grenier. the ref turns around and counts for the 1......2.......3.

JR: we have new tag champs King and there names are tajiri and Rhyno.

Rosey gets in the ring and grabs the american flag and he celebrates with Tajiri and Rhyno the new tag champion as they walk off the stage.

Backstage: JBL and Orlando are talking before JBL's match with the Undertaker

JBL: Since we are in my home state of New York and we are close to the greatest city in the World I am going to take you out to the best steak house in the entire city. I am so pumped about my match that I feel that nothing can harm me

Orlando: I am flattered sir, and I accecpt your invitation. But as we entered the arena tonight I recieved a threatning letter that was addressed for John Bradshaw Layfield. It quotes

"You turned your back on me and I still think about it every single dam day since I was fired. When I come back I am going to get even the only way you know how you red neck smelling piece of shit. I aint going to show up here tonight but beware what lies ahead of you. because the decisions you made will come back to haunt your white ass."

JBL: This doesnt sound so good Orlando, what should I do.

Orlando: well just go down to the ring finish our match with the Undertaker and act like it never happened

JBL: I like it. Infact I am going to destroy the deadman ounce and for all

King: who do you think wrote that Letter JR?

JR: I dont know but if I were JBL I would watch my back from here on in.

Lillian: at 6'6 and weighing at about 290 pounds, accompied by Orlando Jordan, From New York City, John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL's Music

JBL comes out to greet the fans. he is shaking hands with the fans of the WWE and kissing the foreheads of babies as he makes his way to the ring. Orlando Jordan aka the chief of staff tells JBL to get inside the ring and get ready for his match with the Undertaker. JBL agrees and as soon as he gets into the ring he asks for the mic.

JBL: As a great man ounce said It's Morning Again. lol. This tim with me on Raw the best show here in the WWE Business is about to pick Up. lol.

Lillian: At 6'10 and weighing at 328 pounds, from Houston, Texas, The dead Man, The Undertaker.

Underatker's Music

The lights go out in the arena and the first dong rings throughout the entire arena. The Undertakers Music video apperas on the Titan Tron. A bunch of men come out wearing these brown shroudes with Fire light torches. The men in the Shrouds line up around the stage. The Undertaker comes out. The crowd cheers fanatically for the Undertaker chanting Taker, Taker, Taker!!!!!. As the Undertaker walks through the men in the shroudes the torches go out as he walks past them. The Undertaker slowly approaches the steps. He grabs his long jacket and walks up to the top ring step and raises his arms. As he raises his arms the lights in the Arena go back on as The Undertaker is starring right into the eyes of JBL. JBL with no expreesion on his face looks ready to fight as the Undertaker enters the ring.

the ref tells the time keep to rign the bell and the match has begun. The Undretaker starred at JBL for say 10 secounds. After the 10 sceounds were up The Undertaker started throwing his fist full hands at the face of JBL sending JBL to the turnbuckles where the Undretaker continues to punch the living day lights out of JBL. Undertaker walks away from JBL for a moment then the Undertaker runs towards JBL and clothlines him but the Undertaker held onto JBL and throws him into the corner again and clothes lines him again. This time JBL cant stand up and falls flat on his face to the ground. The Undertaker holds his fist up high in the air showing respect for the people. JBL tries to fight back with a kick to the midsection but the Undertaker fights back and throws JBL to the rope where JBl is met with a size 20 boot to the face by the Undertaker. Undretaker is clenching his fist as he is feeling a chokeslam to JBL in the near future. Orlando gets the refs attention by standing on the apron. This catches the attention of the Undertaker. Undertaker grabbed the head of Orlando. Orlando is trying to stall the ref. JBL crouches behind the Undertaker and gives a blatant low blow to the groin of the undertaker. Making the Undrekaer fall to the ground riving in pain. JBL slowly getting up. JBL is positioning himself for what looks liek to be a clothesline from New York. JBL runs towards the Undertaker and connects on the clothesline from NY. JBL celebrating that he might beat the Undertaker Untill Farooq shows up on the titan tron. JBL is in shock as he cant believe it.

Farooq: Well I'll be dammed, a self maid millionaire all without me. I gues your wondering who wrote that letter you stupid son of a bitch!. You guessed it was me. and do you wana know why I wrote that letter? Its because everday since I've been fired I have seen you who used to be my best friend to who sold his sole just to make a quick buck. I am coming to hunt you down and take you down you dumb ass red neck. Have a nice day... oh and another thign turn around. Bye bye

Just then the Undertaker is right behind JBL and JBL turns around and the Undertaker delivers a Chokeslam to JBL. The ref counts the 1...2...3. Orlando tries to get JBL out of anymores harms way. As the Undertaker is leaving to get off the stage Kane comes out and attacks the Undertaker. Kane punches the Undertaker back down to the ring. kane throws the Undertaker into the ring and lifts the Underaker up and proceeds to give the undertaker a tombstone piledriver. as the Undertaker is layed out by Kane. Kane raises his arms and raises his arms and lights all the ring posts on fire as he laughs at the Undertaker as Kane gets off the stage.

commercials - and Espn 25 moment showing the Yankees come from behind back to back wins in the 2000 world series with game winnign shots from Scott Brocious and Tino Martinez.

Backstage: HHH is talking to Eric Bischoff.

Eric: I've got a great idea

HH: what is it?

Eric: to keep what he said a secret he wispered into the games ear to tell him what he had instore for Randy Orton.

HHH walks out of the room laughing as he heads to the ring.

backstage: Grisahm is talking to Randy Orton right before his match with the game.

Grisham: How do you feel about loosing the title after only having it for a month?

Orotn: well todd not to good but I know that lstnight I had that title won. and if Evolution cant help the game this time what can? what can?....

JR: well King it looks like it is time for are main event.

King: I know JR this match should be as good if not better than last nights match.

JR: why do you think that?

King: because that punk Orton is going to loose for the secound straight time to the game in less than 24 hours..

JR: Only one way to find out. Lets head our coverage down to Lillian Garcia.

a picture of the World Heavyweight Title appears on the screen

Lillian: at 6'4, weighing in at 245 pounds the legend killer, from ST. Louis, Missouri, Randy Orton

Randy Ortons Music

with a determinated look on his face, he poses in his legend killer pose at the foot of the stage. Randy shakes the hands of the fans and enters the ring as he is ready to face the game for the title.

Lillian: at 6'4, weighing in at 260 pounds from Greenwich, Conn., The Game, HHH.

HHH's Music

HHH walks down to the ring with a water bottle. HHH pours the water all over hsi face as he gets set for Orton. The Game enters the ring ans as soon as HHH gets into the ringThe ref checks HHH before the match to make shure he doesnt have any foreign object close to his body to use against orton.

The ref tells the timekeeper to start the match. HHH and Orton lock up in th middle of the ring. Randy gets the upper advantage and starts choppin away at HHH's mid section. Randy Delivers uppercuts, fists to the fce, kicks to the mid section, and shoulder blocks to the ribs of the game. Randy throws HHH to the out side of the ring. Randy gets out of the ring and throws HHH body to the steel steps of the ring. Randy pulls out a steel chair from underneath the ring. Randy is holding onto the chair and HHH runs into the crowd after orton missed hitting the game. Orton chases after the game. But when he finds the game HHH shoves a moving camera into the face of Randy. HHH lifts up orton and throws ortons back to the baricade of the hockey rink. HHH is carrying Orotn to the backstage. HHH tries to hit Ortons head against the brick wall but instead of Ortons head hitting the wall it was HHH's head hitting the brick walll. Orotn brings HHH to the backstage parking lot. Orton lifts HHH and positions himself to nail the RKO. Orton Jumps in the air and connects HHH head hitting the cement of the parking lot ground of the Nassau Colliseum. Orotn covers the game. the ref counst the 1.....2.... and HHH's arm raises before The match was over. Orton cant believe it and brings HHH back to the stage/ring area. Orotn kicks the game in the midsection again and tries to land the RKO but HHH reverses it and lands a pedigree on he stage. HHH covers Orton. the ref counst the 1....2.... and Orton raises his hand before the ref counts he magic 3. HHH brings Orton to the ring. with Orton knocked out HHH puts orton into the ring and grabs a jackhammer. HHH waits for Orton to get up. HHH runs towards Ortons direction and nails orton in the head with the jackhammer. HHH is starting to laugh as Orton is not moving. HHH garbs a steel chair from Underneat the ring. He places the chair right underneath Orton. HHH is signaling for the end of Orton. HHH picks up Orton and plants Orton right between his legs. HHH grabs the arms of Orton and jumps up in the air and lands down with Ortons head crashing down on the steel chair. The ref counts the cover by the game. the ref counts the
3. and the winner is HHH.

HHH grabs his title and looks and laughs at an Orton that is knocked out cold.

JR: does HHH have a soul

King: I am a triple HHH fan but we need the emts out here pronto.

The camera shows Orton lying in a pool of his own blood as the emts come out to help Orotn out of the arena.

The show ends with a shot of HHH holding up the title as he is flexing his muscles.

Show Ends.

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my next raw posting will be on Monday september 20 in Philadelphia, PA., also here is a perview for what to look for on next weeks raw.

HHH left Randy lying in a pool of his own blood. How will Randy Respond to HHH?. How will JBL deal wiht the threat of Farooq looming?. and how will the Undertaker deal with his brother Kane? One match is already in place though and that match will feature Chris Jericoh vs. Christian vs. EDGE in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental title. And Also Vince will deliver a special announcement that will affect the GM of Raw, the fans of the WWE, and the world. so stay tuned for the version 1.0

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dude do you think that I can pick up some tna guys that would really bring in some interesting storylines. if so here is what I would pick up america most wanted featuring cowboy james storm and wild cat chris haris to bolk up the tag team division and to drop mark henery and the Hurricane

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I didnt see anything in the hurricane and mark henery didnt really appeal to me as a wrestler. but after seeing the tna website I have seen some good tapes and bio and carrer stats of the AMW and decided to pick them up. here is a spoiler instead of regal and eugene fighting batista and flair at havoc it will now be the AMW. Oh and also the main event match for this weeks raw will be in a 6 man tag match Evolution vs. AJ Styles and Americas most wanted.

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September - 2nd week - Raw Version 1 - Philadelphia, PA.

World Heavyweight Title
HHH - champion - heel
Undertaker - face
AJ Styles - face
JBL - heel

Intercontinental Title
Chris Jericho - champion - face
Christian - heel
Randy Orton - face
Edge - face
Kane - heel
Hidenrich - heel

Tag Titles
Rhyno & Tajiri - champions - face
La resistance - heel
America Most Wanted - face
Evolution aka Flair and Batista - heel
Regal and Eugene - face

Hardcore Title
Tyson Tomko - champion - heel
Rosey - face
Orlando Jordan - heel
Eugene - face
Regal - face
Sonny Dean - heel

Womens Championchip
Trish Stratus - champion - heel
Torrie Wilson - face
Victoria - face
Lita - face
Molly Holly - heel
Gail Kim - heel
Raw's version 1.0 match card

1. Handicap match - Rosey vs. La resistance

2. Kane vs. local guy

3. Intercontinental title tornament match 1 Randy Orton vs. Christian

4. Evolution vs. AJ Styles and AMW.

Raw Music Video - shows HHH holding the World Heavyweight Title over his head, Randy Orton holding his hands wrist to wrist above his head, JBL flings a 20 dollar bill at the screen and laughs it off all to a hard rock theme.

JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. next to me here is my good friend Jerry the King Lawler.

King: Its great to be here JR and also last week we noticed a beating worthy of titanic proportions as HHH retained his world heavyweight title in no dq match against Randy Orton made by Vince. as HHH left Orton lying in a pool of his own blood. JR last week it was truly a night to remember, hopefully it will remain the same as last week JR.

JR: After Raw ended Randy was excorted to the ambulance where he was treated to some stitches to the head from HHH's sledge hammer shot.

Evolutions Music

HHH steadily walks down the stage with the title around his shoulder along side Batista and Flair behind him. HHH enters the ring. Flair and Batista are smiling to the crowd as the Game HHH grabs the mic from Lillian Garcia. HHH looks and smiles at hsi partners.

HHH: Do you know what the World Heavyweight Champion represents? It represents everything that you people here in Philadelphia arent.

Fans: Boo, you suck.

HHH: Do you people understand that this is my 9th time. 9th time being the World Heavyweight Champion. Hey dont get me wrong if you lost something so precious, so valueable, and so meaningful that you would do anything just to get it back too. Well after looseing the title, (back at Wrestlemania 20) I went on a murderious rampage just untill I got that title back around my waist. When Randy won the title at SummerSlam he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The next night on Raw I asked Randy to hand me the title. he said No. So he got exactly what he deserved an ass beating within an inch of his life. See people you dont mess with the Game. Over the years, ever since I had my title I have defended my title against Taker, Kane, Orton, The Rock, Stone cold Steve Austin, etc. etc. etc. you name it I have destroyed it and retained my title each and every time. I dont think that theres any person left for me to Destroy.

AJ Styles Music

AJ and the AMW are standing on the top of the stage.

Fans: AJ, AJ, AJ!!!!!!!!!

AJ: Hey HHH maybe you havent herd of me before because I was from TNA befroe I signed a contract today with Raw. Before I was with raw folks at TNA used to call me the Phenomenan. Well lets get straight to my points see we were in the back when we herd that you have beaten everyone. I find that hard to believe when you have never faced me or anyone from that matter who have been in TNA. Me and the boys were thinking that come Halloween Havoc that you would face me for that World Heavyweight title one on one. But we dont have to wait for Havoc we can face each other right here right now.

AJ drops the mic and signals AMW to come to the ring. AJ and the AMW enter the ring and start fighting with Evolution. Styles delivers some punches to the face of the game sending the game down to the ground of the mat. AJ kicks HHH out of the ring while Cowboy and wildcat of the AMW works Batista, they clothesline him to the outside of the ring Falir is surrounded by the AMW and Styles. Styles laughs at Flair and kicks Flair in the Midsection. Styles plants flair between his legs. Styles picks up flair, Styles jumps up in the air and lands the Styles clash knockign Flair out cold. HHH, Batista and Flair all retreat up to the top of the stage as the crowd is cheering AJ's name.

Fans: AJ, AJ, AJ !!!!!!!!!!!!

HHH: You will regret the day you ever crossed paths with me HHH. I will get my revenge.

Eric Bischoff starts running down the stage.

Eric: Since you guys cant lay your hands off each other. Here is what I am goign to do. Tonight here in Philly, in that very ring it will be in a 6 man tag match Evolution vs. Styles and the AMW.

HHH looks and gives an evil grin to Styles as the fans cheer Eric's decision. As Evolution is helped off the stage.

Batista: you guys are dead!

cut to commercial break - The commercial of the new air nicks coming in 2 weeks to a foot locker near you. A snickers and skittles commercial. and a commercial of the squirrel running infront of a car causing the car to crash basically a gieco commercial.

During the Commercial Break: La resistance was talking to the GM.

Grenier: Excuse me mr. Bischoff can I talk to you for a minute of your time.

Bischoff: Shure but make it quick.

Grenier:Since that fat tub of lard Rosey cost us the tag titles last week on Raw we were thinking if we could have a handicaped match against Rosey this week.

Bischoff: Lace up your boots you guys because your match is next.

Conway: right away mr. bischoff, thankyou very much lets go Grenier.

King: he deserves everything he gets. He shouldnt of been down to the ring in the first place during the tag title match.

JR: If you take a look to last weeks raw Rosey had just bout every right to interfer with La resistances match last week because no man should be insulted like the way he was lats week.

King: But JR do 2 wrongs make a right. No they do not.

JR: but you have every right to stand up for your self.

Lillian: At 6'5 and weighing in at 360 pounds from San Francisco, California. Rosey.

Rosey's Music

Rosey walks down the walkway in his S.H.I.T Uniform giving thumbs up to the crowd. The crowd didnt give much respect to Rosey not even acknoledge that Rosey was even out there giving him a dead response as Rosey was entering the ring. Rosey did some warm ups and waited for Conway and Grenier to come out to the ring.

Lillian: at a combined weight of 480 pounds now residing in Montreal, Quebec Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier. La Resistance

La Resistances Music

Conway and Grenier come out waiving the French and Quebec national flags and yelling at the booing fans for showing there nationalism to france. Grenier points to Rosey and says you are a deadman in french. As La resistance enters the ring. They take off there jackets and lay the flags down at the outside of the ring.

The match starts with Conway and Grenier on each side of Rosey. Rosey noticing the disadvantage starts punching Grenier the Conway then Grenier the Conway then Grenier again but this time Grenier falls down and Rosey punches Conway for the final time before he falls down. Grenier and Conway roll outside the ring to regain there composure and thought as Rosey tries to hype himself to the crowd. Grenier tells Conway something as the two break up and try to land there plan. Conway gets in the ring and taunts Rosey to come and get him. Conway gets outside of the ring as Rosey starts to chase him. Conway runs towards the direction of Grenier. Grenier and Conway sneak attack on Rosey. Grenier shoves Rosey inside the ring where they start kicking the hell out of Rosey. Then off the top of the stage we see Hidenrich running down to the ring as he joins in with La Resisantce in attacking Rosey. The ref calls for the bell in disqualification. Hidenrich plants Rosey right between his legs and lifts him up. Heyman gives Hidenrich the sign to drop Rosey. and Hidenrich drops rosey down for a massive powerbomb. To try and save Rosey out comes Rhyno and Tajiri as they chase everybody outside the ring except left inside the ring is Paul Heyman. As Pauls back is turned Rhyno is setting up for a gore. Tajiri turns Heyman around and Rhyno runs towards Heyman and deliveres a Gore to Heyman. Heyman felt like his insides were gettign torn out of his body as Rhyno gored him. Heyman is slowly getting up. Tajiri winds up and kicks the hell out of Heyman as Tajiri deliveres a hard buzzsaw kick to the head of Heyman knocking him out cold. Hidenrich grabs Heyman abd pulls him otu of the ring and carries a knocked out heyman to the backstage of the arena.

commercial break - shows Raw schedual of next events. and trojan condoms commercials

after the Commercial break we are shown clips of the brutal attack that Kane gave to the Undertaker. Chokeslamming him off the stage and onto a cable box full of eletrical wires

Lillian: at 7'0 and weighing in at 326 pounds, the "big red machine", Kane

Kane's Music

a row of fire shoots upwards onto the stage. Kane waits for the fire to come down when he drags his pregnant wife Lita to the stage with him for his match. Kane marches towards the ring with an evil grimace on his face as he looks to destroy this local guy from Philiadelphia. Kane yells at Lita to stay where she is told. Kane enters the ring and laughs at his opponent.

The ref tells the time keep to ring the bell and the match has begun.Kane walks towards his opponent but the local guy doges kane and punches Kane in the face. The local guy throws Kane towards the ropes but Kane reverses the move with a big boot to the face. Kane still laughing lifts the local guy up and throws him to the turnbuckle where Kane clotheslines the local guy to the point where he can barley move. Kane gets on the top rope of the turnbuckle. Kane waits for the local to get up on his feet. Kane jumps up in the air and does a flying clothesline to the local. Kane tightens his hand as he is setting up for a chokeslam. The local gets up Kane grabs the guys neck. With his cement like grip Kane lifts the guy up and crashes him down. Kane covers the local and the ref counts for the 1.... 2.....3. and Kane wins the fight unamiously. After the match Kane goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Kane gets inside the ring. Kane waits for the local to get up untill the lights go out. Kane is shocked by the lights.

Kane: he is not here, he is not here! I killed him. hes dead!.

up on the titantron is a picture of a Tombstone. The name of the tombstone reads Kane. born 1969 dead 2004. Halloween Havoc. All of a suden smog starts to rise up from the ramp. and a coffin appears on the top of the stage. The Undertakers face is shown on the titantron. he says

Undertaker: Kane, you cant kill what is already dead. So at Halloween Havoc it will be my turn to make you REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!.

Kane and Lita try to get out of the arena in one piece. Kane opens the casket to find noting in it but Kanes tombstone. Kane in anger destroys the casket and throws the shards of wood to the auidence.

JR: I wouldnt be Kane if I were you king

King: neither would I JR, niether would I.

Up on the titantron farooq tries to get JBL's attention.

Farooq: JBL I know you in the building.I got a little suprise for you. a sledgehammer appears in farooqs hands. Unless you to chicken to come out and face me like a man then maybe I will just ahve to wreck your car if you dont.

Farooq swings the sledge hammer towards the windshield of the car completley shattering the windshield. He damages the side doors, He tears the roof of the car. and when Farooq is totally done with JBL's car he leaves the arena.

commercial break - snickers commercial, a commercial of Johncenaforgovenor fantasy game appears on the screen describing that its free and unlike the wwe's version there is going to be a draft held to do the fantasy game.

after the commercial break JBL comes to the parking lot and finds his white limo a complete wreck. JBL is pissed as hell.


backstage guy: Farooq wrecked you car.

JBL: If its a fight he wants he'll get it but not toight come Halloween Havoc me vs. him one on one.

Eric Bischoff's face appears on the titan tron.

Bischoff: Some of you may not know this but I believe that a champion has to earn his title. So earlier today I stripped Y2J of the Intercontinental Title and held a tornament. It will be a 4 man tornament. Here are the matches round 1 it will be Christian vs. Randy Orton and Y2J vs. Edge will fight next week. The winners of thoes 2 matches will meet in 2 weeks to fight for the IC title. Lets start things off with a bang. Enjoy

Randy Orton's Music

Randy walks down the stage with his hands holding wrist to wrist above his hands. Randy enters the ring and climbs on the turnbuckle and does the Orton pose. he climbs down and waits for Christian to come out.

Christian's Music

Christian walks around the stage with Trish Stratus.

Fans: Trish is a Slut, Trish is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian ignores the coments by the crowd and lets trish enter the ring first. Christian climbs on the turnbuckle and slaps his chest and points to all of his peeps out in the crowd.

The ref tells the time keep to ring the bell and start match. The match has begun. Christian walks towards Orton and the two lock up in the middle of the squared circle.Orton gets the upper advantage and pushes Christian to the corner. Randy backs off Christian for the time being and delivers a hard uppercut to the face of Christian. Randy then throws christian to the ropes and hits Christian with a hard arm bar to the face of christian. Randy throws Chritian to the outside of the ring. Randy throws Christian to the baracade hurting Christians back. Randy lifts Christian up and tries to lay Christians stomach on the baracade But Christian reverses the move with a Thumb rake to the eyes of Christian. With Randies eyesight blured Christian throws Randy into the steel steps. Christian throws Randy into the ring. Christian throws randy to the turnbuckles.Christian then proceeds to chop the chest of Orton. Christian tries to throw Randy Orton to the other side of the turnbuckles but Randy reverses it into an RKO. With christian down Randy starts to get up to try and do another RKO. Trish gets up on the apron. She lures Randy to her direction when she pulls her top off and shows Randy her knockers and gives Randy a lucious seductious kiss. With Randies direction diverted to Trish and the refs back turned Christian gave Orton a low blow and gave Orton an Unprettier. The ref counted the 1.......2.......3. and Christian advances in the IC torny. Christian excapes to the top of the ramp where he gives Trish a big kiss right infront Of Randies face.

commercial break - shows a commercial of the Simon System of how fat slugish americans changed there life by working out to the Simon system. I called the # that they advertised but nothing happend or came up. and yet another candy commercial this time it was the peanutty, crunchity taste of a Butterfinger.

JR: we are back for our final segment of Raw. In our finall match we have the mother loads of all 6 man tag matches in which Evolution will face off against AJ Styles and AMW.

King: I cant wait for Evolution to wipe the floor with the best people from TNA. The war of WWE vs. TNA. Is about to begin

Lillian: At a combined weight of 813 pounds, Ric Flair, Batista, and HHH, Evolution.

Evolutions Music

HHH, Batista, and Flair all walk down the ramp in unison. They disrespect the crowd and spat water at the crowds face. Evolution enters the ring and Waits for team TNA to come out as HHH throws the water bottle into the stands.

Team TNA's Music

Fans: Styles... AMW...Styles...AMW...STYLES...AMW!!!!!!!!!!

as AJ, Cowboy and the Wildcat come out to a corus of cheers. from the ilidelph crowd. AJ weraing the Blue lightnignhead set with the blue trunks.

ALL 6 men are in the ring. The ref tells the time keep to ring the bell. AJ will start out for Team TNA and HHH will start out for team evolution. AJ locks up with the game and the game with no remorse just manhandels Styles and pushes him to the turnbuckles. HHH starts to deliver some old fashion ric flair chops to the chest of AJ cutting AJ in half and sending AJ down to the lower half of the turnbuckle. Where HHH starts to choke the life out of AJ Styles. HHH backs off of AJ for a few moments so AJ can get up and regain his breath. AJ again locks up with HHH but this time when HHH put AJ in a headlock AJ reversed it and moved to the back of HHH and lifted the game up for a german suplex. HHH gets right back up where AJ delivers some hard punches to the face of the game. AJ throws the game to the turnbuckle really hard. HHH's back clashed with the turnbuckle and caused HHH to loose his balance and make the game dizzy. Then AJ jumped to attack as he monkey flipped the game. AJ tags in cowboy. Cowboy kicks the game to the turnbuckles. Cowboy deliveres punch after punch to the face of the game. Cowboy tags in Wild Cat. Cowboy gives the game a back breaker but Cowboy is still holding onto HHH. Wild cat climbs up to the top rope. Wild jumps in mid air and crashes down with a leg drop to complete the death sentence ot the game HHH. Wildcat the legal man covers the game the ref counts. the 1.....2.... but as the ref was about to count the three Batista broke up the count with an arm drop to wild cat. Wildcat runstowards the game trying to get the game in another runnign manuver but the game reverses the move into a spinebuster. with both men down HHH tags in Flair. and wildcat tags in Styles styles comes in with a furious mean streak hiting the game and Flair with punches to the temple of the 2 men both knocking Flair and HHH down. Styles taunted in rage and got a good crowd reaction. Flair runs towards Styles But Styles put Flair in a nother backdrop. HHH runs towards Styles and Styles knocks the game out cold with a running insigury. But the legal man was batista after Flair was punched down by Stles. With 2 men down Styles forgot aboth the third and Batista delivered a massive spinbuster to the back of Styles. Batista sees Wildcat and lays wild cat out cold with a hard runnign clothesline. Cowboy jumps up on Batista but Batista catches him and proceeds to give a sit down powerbomb. Batista waits for Styles to get up. batista Kicks stlyes in the midsection and plants Styles between Batistas legs. Batista lifts Styles up but Styles reverses it into a ddt. with Both Men down. The ref begins to count Styles and Batista down. 1......2......3......4.....5......6..... Styles is up first and then comes Batista. Batista wisely tags in the game, HHH and its down to HHH and Styles. Styles and HHH trade punches on and off. Styles gets the upper punch and throws HHH to the ropes but HHH reverses it into a jumping leg lariat. HHH waits for Styles to get up. HHH sets up Styles. HHH kicks Styles in the midsection and planst Styles right between his legs. HHH grabs the arms of Styles and he jumps in the air and lands the pedigree right on Styles face and Styles is out cold. HHH covers Styles. The ref counts the 1........2........3. and Tema Evolution is the winner.

King: what a hard fought victory JR I knew Evolution was going to win.

JR: when your right King, your right.

The show ends with a battered and Bruised Evolution celebrating on the stage as Styles looks at Evolution and says.

Styles: This is over. Not by a long shot is it over.

and the show ends with AJ still out from HHH's pedigree

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