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Ok guys, this is gonna be my 1st try at this...im only gonna do the IC Championship Match with Shelton Benjamin and Carlito at the Vengence PPV then if i get good responses i MIGHT do a booking thread...here we go.

WWE and Raw Present
June 26, 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada

We get the intro video hyping Batista-HHH III in a Hell In A Cell.

Pyro goes off as we are LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada!

We are joined by Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

JR:Good evening everybody, and welcome to Vengence, im Jim Ross along side Jerry "The King" Lawler and King, tonight is gonna be historic, by far!

King:Your right about that JR! Batista and HHH III, only this time it's in that thing way up there! (points to the cell)

JR:Thats right King, Hell In A Cell tonight!

:SPIT: "I spit in the face of people who dont want to be cool!"

Carlito music play as he comes out wearing his newly won IC Championship.

Lillian Garcia:Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is scheudled for one fall and it is for the Intercontinental Championship! Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California Weighing 235 Pounds, the NEW Intercontinetal Champion, Carlito!

JR:Folks, lets take you back to last Monday on Raw and see how Carlito stole his way to the Intercontinential championship!

King:Stole??? Carlito won that match fair and sqaure!

JR:Ok King, whatever you say. Anyways lets take you back to Raw!

:Clips are shown from Raw when Carlito rolls up Shelton Benjamin in a Victory Roll and holds on to the ropes for the 1-2-3 as he ends Benjamins 9 month title reign:

JR:King i dont know how you can call that fair, but bet your bottom dollar that Shelton will be ready as ever tonight!


Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring with his usual tights on and enters the ring.

LG:And his opponet from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Weighing 245 Pounds, Shelton Benjamin!

Start of the Match:
They start out a with collar and elbow tieup and Shelton gains the advantage and sends Carlito into the ropes and flips him over with a hiptoss and Carlito pops back up and Shelton hits him this time with a slam, and goes for the cover 1-2-kickout by Carlito at the count of 2. Benjamin then picks Carlito up and sends him to the ropes again and goes for a dropkick but Carlito holds on to the ropes and Shelton falls on his back. Carlito then picks up Shelton and throws him into the buckle and is nailing him with leg shots to the gut as he is just pounding away on the former IC champ.

Then in the middle of the match up Shelton goes up for a missile dropkick but Carlito moves out of the way and Shelton lands on the bad part of the head that he hurt on Raw. Carlito then picks up Shelton and goes for a brainbuster but Shelton backs out of it and turns Carlito around and tries for the t-bone suplex but Carlito catches him with elbows to the bad temple as shelton lets go of the hold and falls down immtediatly

Carlito stands there in shock as Benjamin is down and out, apprantley from all the head shots. Carlito then pics Benjamin up and hits the brainbuster as he covers Shelton





KICKOUT! the crowd goes ballistic as Shelton does not give up and Carlito is livid! Carlito then picks up Shelton and sends him to the ropes but Shelton meets him with a flying forearm! both men are down! crowd is chanting "SHELTON!, SHELTON!, SHELTON!" both men get up at the same time as Benjamin is met with some right hands by the champ but Shelton fights back with rights of his own and gains the advantage as he sends Carlito into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Carlito kicks Shelton in the face and goes for a DDT but Shelton backs out of it goes behind Carlito and hits him with a german suplex! Shelton then picks up Carlito and goes for another one but Carlito blocks and goes behind Shelton and goes for a backwards suplex but Shelton flips over and kicks Carlito in the gut and hits the T-Bone Suplex! He hooks the leg!






Winner and NEW Intercontenetial Champion in 13:47
Shelton Benjamin



Matt Jacobs
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