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Hey everyone its me its me its the B-E-R-D and i am of course brining you the first WWE Upspring in quite some time. I was planning on having this show posted on Tuesday but my Uncle and cousin have moved in and I have had no time to think of the show with a little 5 yr old running around. But none the less here it is. As I promised Roddy Piper will make a semi-huge anncoment tonight.

Video package showing us the confrontation between Roddy Piper and Kurt Angle which resulted in the Cage Match(with roof wraped in barbed wire so no one can get in.)

We see the Rock on the phone with someone jabroni from Hollywood.

Rock: No no no you listen to The Rock you take your Free Willy 4 shine that up real nice and shove it up your ass.

-Rock hangs up and grabs his guitar-

Rock: Well right here tonight on Upspring
When that bell goes DING DING DING
Rock will face Kevin Nash
Oh how the hell did The Rock get into this Bash?

Just then Hulk Hogan enters

Hogan: How dare you Rock calling me on my cell phone and telling me that my son was kidnapped!

Rock: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA.....WHOA......WHOA. Simple The Rock just wanted some t.v time thats all and becausse you know he loved Pipers Pit when he was growing up he just thought "Aw hell I midas well go on the show".

Hogan: Well I had something very important to get off my chest

Rock: Whoa let the Rock remind you something.......YOU AIN'T NOTHING!!! Your Hulk Nobody, Hollywood Nothing, The Immortal Nothing, 24' Nothing.

Hulk Hogan: Well let me tell you something brother! I am a somebody....and if wasn't for me paving the way for wrestlers to go make movies and if it wasn't for me paving the way for wrestling then it would be you who was nothing! you would be Rocky Mainothing, The Noting, The Peoples Nobody, The jabroni beating, pie eating, smackdown laying, NOBODY!!!!

Just then Piper walks in and says that he just got a message from someone telling Hogan to call home immeditatly

Hogan rushes out the door and gets toppled by Sid Justice, then Piper and the Rock beat up Hogan

Music(Headstrong by Trapt)(The Bad Blood theme)

JR: Oh my god that was sick!
King: Well JR one can't grieve forever lets go on with what will happen tonight on Upspring
Tazz: Thats right Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar in a roofed cage.
JR: And of course the winner of that match will take on the Undertaker next week.
Tazz: Well what a rocketbuster mathc this one will be The Rock vs Kevin Nash
JR: Well now lets take it down to ringside for our opening contest.

Match 1.
Dudleyville Tag Team Table Innvatational(2 teams start, one person fom a team put through table they are out, new team enters, last team standing wins, unknown # of teams)
Tag Title match

3MW© vs The Hardy Boyz

Jamal and Matt battle up on the stage and Jeff and Rosey down at ringside, Jeff runs the rail but gets caught by Rosey and slammed on the barracade. Jamal whips Matt into the steel stage and then drops an elbow right on his heart. Rosey walks up the stage to help out Jamal when out of nowhere Jeff hits Rosey in the back sending him off the stage. Jamal clotheslines Jeff who proceeds to roll all the way down the stage. Matt dropkicks Jamal off the stage through 2 tables.

The Hardy Boyz vs La Resistance

Depree attacks Jeff who is already down and Grenier slams Matt on the steel stage. Depree clubs Jeff over to the timekeepers table and suplexes him through it.

La resistance vs Team Angle

Haas comes from under the ring and clips Greniers knee causing him to topple over onto the floor. Benjamin attacks Depree and throughs him into the crowd then kicks Grenier who is still down on the floor. Haas attacks Depree who is getting upand locks in the Hass Of Pain and makes him tap(that don't matter) Benjamin sets up a table and attemps to powerbomb Grenier but can't lift him up. Haas runs over and elbows Grenier in the back of the head and then Tam Angle toss him through the table.

Team Angle vs TeamCanada(Storm & Jericho)

Storm locks up with Haas and tosses Haas out of the ring to the hard floor below. Benjamin and Jericho are brawling on the floor and they do not see Depree setting a table up in the crowd. Benjamin delivers a hard superkick to the chin of Jericho and then Depree back body drops Benjamin through the table.

TeamCanda(Storm&Jericho) vs TeamCanada(Test&Edge)

They play Rock Paper Scissors and Test and Christian lose so they just leave.

Storm & Jericho vs The Dudley Boyz

Bubba runs to the ring and chases Storm out of the building onto the streets and downtown somewhere in a taxi-cab. Jericho and D-Von battle inside the ring and D-Von gets the upper hand and slams him down hard on the canvas and then yells GET UP PUNK, Jericho gets up and D-Von does the twisting elbow. D-Von sets up a table on the inside and gives Jericho a flapjackthrough it for the win.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

After D-Von gets the titles. Through the arena we all hear the famous words


Dudley Boyz vs The New Age Outlaws

Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn atatck D-Von and beat the hell out of him and then trow him through a atble.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages WWE Upspring and Rowdy Roddy Piper are proud to present its new WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLLLLLLLLD. The Road Dogg Jesse James, The Bad Ass Billy Gunn, THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!!!

Gunn: And of course if you ain't down with that....we got 2 words for ya

Crowd: SUCK IT


We come back and see the footage of the outlaws return.

EMTS are checking on Hogan

We see Piper and Sid celebrating.

We now cut to Terri interveiwing the New Age Outlaws

Terri: Well Billy, Road Dogg it is great to see you o back together in the WWE.

Dogg: It is great to be here Lillian....err sorry I meant Terri.

Billy: We are back for one reaso nand one reason only and that is to kick ass and take names.


Match 2.
Sean O'Haire vs Doug Basham(jobber who has been on Velocity....and on Smackdown with his brother Danny)

Basham and o'Haire tie up but O'Haire throws him down and then kicks him in the guts a couple of times. O'haire throws him out of the ring and poses for the people. Basham comes in from behind and rolls up O'Haire for the 2 count but O'Haire kicks out and punches Basham. O'haire then suplexs Basham onto the ropes and then kicks him in the face. O'Haire sets Basham up and nails the Devils Addvocate(The move he uses but Vince hasn't thought of a name yet so I did for him) O'haire covers 1-2-3.

Winner: Sean O'haire

Piper, sid and the Legion Of Doom are on there way to the ring. Pipers Pit is next!


Piper: Please help me welcome my guest this week Hulk Hogan

-Real American plays-

Piper: Mr.Hogan how is it going?

Hogan: Shut your mouth....Sid what the hell is problem? Atacking me for no reason what did I ever do to you?

Sid gets into the ring

Sid: What Hulk don't you remember what you did? Think back to 1992. I had my chance to become WWE Champion. I threw you out of the ring and then you in a jealous fit of rage pulled me out of the ring. And then at WrestleMania 8 you had to get the help of the Ultimate Warrior to beat me, so you see Hulk i have a score to settle with you and I'm going to settle it right here next week.

Piper: whoa whoa whoa clear the pool....Why on cabl t.v when you can do it at WWE Upsprings first PPV in 3 weeks. And just for you to the name of that PPV will be entitled "Revenge" so be sure to tune in and watch as Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice battle it out in the remtach of the decade and a year.


(that was Pipers semi-huge anncoment)

Match 3.
L.O.D vs Nova and Kris Kross(local indy wrestlers whose carear is in a dead end slump)

Hawk clotheslines Kris Kross and then tags Animal in who had just finished pumpling Nova and then they excute the Doomsday Device 1-2-3.

Winners: L.O.D

We cut to the back and see The Rock getting ready for his confrontation with Kevin Nash for later this evening.

We see Christian on his way to the ring to face Jeff Hardy.


Match 4
Christian vs Jeff Hardy

Piper comes out

Piper: Well since i havent been having to much fun here tonight this next match is going to be Loser Leaves Town.

Jeff Hardy looks at Piper in shock and Christian attacks him from behind with a chair then tosses the chair out of the ring. Christian then tries for an Un-prettier but Hardy blocks it. Then Test runs in and clubs Christian in the neck trying to get Hardy DQed but it doesn't work. Matt Hardy runs in and gives Test a Twist Of Fate and then gives one to Jeff and tells Christian to cover him. Christian does and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Christian

Shannon Moore and Crash appear and beat up Jeff Hardy and drag him to the back.


We come back and Matt Hardy hops into his car and Moore and Crash throw Jeff into a wall. Matt backs the car up into his head then Moore and Crash jump in and they drive away.

EMTs and Police arive at the scene in seconds and help Jeff Hardy saying he is losing to much blood.

Piper shows up and he says oh well not under contract anymore I can't get sued.

We see the Rock on his way to the ring


Match 5.
The Rock vs Deisel

Rock is standing outside and won't get into the ring because Deisel is threating to injure him. Deisel backs up and tells the Rock to get in but the "People's Champ" refuses to get in. Just Hulk Hogan comes to the rign and throws the rock into the ring and Deisel pumples the rock. Hogan cheers on Deisel but then Sid rushes the ring and hits Hogan with a chair and then hits Deisel causing a Dq. All 4 men battle it out until Piper sends out the L.O.D to attack Deisel and Hogan. But then out of no where Goldberg hits the ring and clears it out.

Piper: Whoa whoa whoa....You 3 think you are so though eh? Well next week lets have an 8 man tag with my 4 guys against you 3 and a partner of your chose.

All 3 men: Your on


We come back and as the Cage is being lowered we see the Tale of the Tape

Main Event
Cage Match(roof and barbed wire on roof)(win by pin or escape)
WWE Championship
Kurt Angle© vs Brock Lesnar

Lesnar does his twity shoulder thing and scares Kurt who tries to get out but realizes he can't. Brock yells i am goin to kill you and then clotheslines Kurt. Brock F-5's Kurt into the side of the cage. Brock then throws Kurt into the top of the cage cutting Kurts back all to shit. Brock then rakes Kurts face all over the cgae and cuts a 4 inch long gash on Kurts head. Kurt gives Lesnar a lowblow and then rakes his face on the cage cutting him open. They are both tipsy because of excessive blood lose. Brock and Kurt run into each other and they both topple down hard to the ground. Brock gives Angle the F-5 then just falls down to the ground and can't get back up. Kurt gets back up and pins Lesnar for the 1-2-3. and the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle

JR: Holy what a slobberknocker.
King: Well we are outta time see you all next week.

End Show

Hope you all like it.

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It was good. Kool name for O'Haire's finisher. The last match felt rushed and the match type was a little off- A barb wire roof cage, WWE wouldnt allow it, and Matt running a car into Jeff's head, not even WWE would go that far.
Grade- C+
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