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King: Welcome to tonight's show in Washington, DC we got 3 great matches for you tonight.

JR.: Yes we do we have for the USA Championship we have John Cena vs Christian.

King: For the IC. Belt we got Muhammad Hassan vs Shelton Benjamin.

JR: And finally for the Main Event HHH vs A mystery opponent here tonight.

Howard Finkel: Introducing first the USA Champion John Cena!

John Cena - walks out and grabs a mic -

John : Chill Chill Chill you know what Christian thinks he is fancy but ............

Christian - music comes on and he walks out with Tyson beside him -

Christian - punches at John Cena -

Bell rings.

Christian - throws John Cena into the corner and starts kicking him in the head -

Christian - picks John Cena up and throws him into the rope chopping John Cena when he comes back -

Christian - picks John Cena up and throws him again onto the rope -

John Cena - does a diving elbow to Christian who is trying to do another chop -

John Cena - picks Christian up and punches him -

Christian - punches twice -

John Cena - lands 5 punches on Christian then does the You Can't See Me taunt then punches him right in the face with a right fist knocking Christian down backwards -

John Cena - waits to do an FU to Christian -

Tyson - Grabs Cena's leg making him fall right flat on his face -

Christian - gets up and goes to the corner doing his Peeps taunt -

Christian - jumps down and grabs Cena and gives him a suplex then pins him.

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

John Cena - kicks out -

Christian - complains to the ref -

Tyson - comes into the ring picking up Cena -

John Cena - kicks Tyson in the stomach then keeps punching him intel he gets to the ropes then clotheslines him over the ropes -

Christian - kicks John Cena when John Cena turns around and sets him up for a Unprettier -

John Cena - pushes Christian forward and kicks him in the stomach then does a You Can't See Me taunt -

John Cena - gives Christian the FU and pins him.

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

Ref : 3

Bell rings.

John Cena - walks out of the ring high fiving the audience -

JR: That was an amazing match.

King : Yes it was JR but what I am realy waiting for is Triple H in action.

JR: Well its time for the next match

Howard Finkel: Introducing first the challenger Muhammad Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan: Walks out with Daviri and Muhammad says well well well we are in Washington D.C. you know that its only 1 day away intel Backlash but lets talk a second about how much I hate Washington D.C.

Shelton Benjamin- runs down to the ring

Edge - before Shelton Benjamin gets to the ring Edge comes out from under the ring and spears him

Edge - runs away into the crowd.

Muhammad - grabs a chair and smacks the referee out then runs out to Shelton Benjamin and attacks him with it.

Daviri - starts to yell in a foreign language at Shelton Benjamin

Muhammad - throws Benjamin into the ring as the referee gets up

Bell Rings

Muhammad - pins Shelton Benjamin

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

Shelton Benjamin - kicks out

Muhammad - picks up the referee and powerslams him

Shelton Benjamin- superkicks Muhammad then climbs the top rope and does a moonsault

Edge - comes back and waits in a side where Shelton Benjamin can't see him

Shelton Benjamin - waits for a pin count as the crowd counts up to 7

Shelton Benjamin - turns around

Edge - goes runs toward Shelton Benjamin

Edge - spears Shelton Benjamin

Muhammad - pins Benjamin

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

Shelton Benjamin - kicks out

Muhammad - elbow drop the referee then goes and grabs the ring bell

Shelton Benjamin - crawls to his feet

Muhammad - runs towards him with the ring bell

Sehelton Benjamin - trips Muhammad who then hits his own head with ring bell

Shelton Benjamin - pins him

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

Edge - pulls the referee out of the ring and attacks him and brings him backstage

Arena - gets dark

Titontron - turns read and in white letters says "Most

Arena - turns to normal

New Ref - comes out

Muhammad - hits Benjamin with a chair

Ref - calls for a DQ

Edge : Shelton I just got out of Bishoff's office and he said at Backlash it will be me vs you in a Street Fight for the Intercontinental Title.


Muhammad : Mr.Bishoff I demand a rematch against Shelton Benjamin.

Eric Bishoff : you might get one after a couple of weeks.

Muhammad : well can I have a match at Backlash

Eric Bishoff : sure you can you see a superstar is returning to wrestling after years that was in my WCW company and he wants a good opponent to wrestle and since you never been pinned or tapped out yet it seems reasonable plus he is a former Intercontinental Champion. Plus if you somehow get dq'd again you will never get a shot at the Intercontinetal title intel next year.

King : here we go folks time for the main event but remember at Backlash we got some of the most amazing matches yet Muhammad Husan vs The Returning Former Intercontinental Champion.

J. R. : Who could it be? We also got Edge vs Shelton Benjamin in a Street Fight for the Intercontinental Champion.

King : We got USA Championship match just announced between John Cena and Christian.

J.R. :Tag Team Championship between Hurricane & Rosey vs MNM

King : now we just got to wait to here what the main event will be after this match.

Arena - goes black and Triple H's music and video come on then he comes out with Ric Flair.

Howard Finkel: the following match is a non-title match introducing first the WWE Champion Triple H and Ric Flair

Triple H - Goes to the ropes and spits his water.

Voice : Ha ha ha oh my this is what wrestling came to a guy spiting water all over himself.

Arena - gets back to normal and the music with the movie goes off

Triple H : Get your #ss out here right now

Arena - becomes dark again then a white light comes on with a black light then the nWo music comes on and on the screen the letters nWo comes up on the street and under it say new world order

Triple H : Who ever you are don't come out here I despise you nWo guys.

Arena - starts making growling noise then the white light turns red and the nWo turns red

music - the wolf pack is back just to get the scraps I said the the wolf pack is back and they're goin to kick your #ss

Howard Finkel : now please welcome back the on the Red and Black master of the baseball bat Sting

Sting - walks down the ramp with his baseball bat then gives it to the ref and put his hands around his mouth and the fans say Woooooooooo!

Triple H - Comes from behind and trips Sting.

Arena - turns normal and the match bell rings.

HHH - Kick Sting in the nuts and laughs

Ref: you cannot do that.

HHH - picks up Sting ands sets him up for a pedigree.

HHH - Does the pedigree

HHH - grabs the mic -

HHH : I warned you not to come down here now its over because 2 colors I don't let mix in the Game are Red and Black.

HHH - pins Sting

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

Sting - kicks out

HHH - starts yelling at the ref

Sting - low blows Triple H grabs his tights and the ropes

Ref : 1

Ref : 2

Ref : 3

Sting - grabs the baseball bat and walks away then Vince McMahon's music comes on

Vince - comes out with a microphone Triple H at Backlash you will defend your Title against Sting in a Buried Alive Match
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