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Well unfortunantly I lost about 28 pages of my former BTB One of a Kind, which by the way was my first one ever. Very sad to see it go but life goes on and so does King of Pain V.1. So I have elected to start an new Be the Booker with fresh new ideas and I am really excited! It is going to be great and well here are the rosters. Oh and by the way, just like when I started One of a Kind, I will be starting in the month of January so well this time here are the rosters and PPV schedule

Raw General Manager: Eric Bischoff

WWE Champion: John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair
Women's Champion: Trish Stratus
World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Big Show
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
John Cena
Johnny Parisi
Kerwin White
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Matt Hardy
Matt Striker
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

Tag Teams:

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
The Heart Throbs
The Hurricane and Rosey
Eugene and Tajiri
Val Venis and Viscera

Commentating Team: Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and Jonathan Coachman
Interviewers: Maria and Todd Grisham
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

Smackdown General Manager: Theodore Long and Palmer Cannon (Network Prodcuer)

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista
United States Champion: Chris Benoit
Cruiserweight Champion: Nunzio
WWE Tag Team Champions: Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich

Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Chris Benoit
Christy Hemme
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Ken Kennedy
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Road Warrior Animal
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
Theodore Long
William Regal

Tag Teams:

Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich
Full Blooded Italians
MNM w/ Melina
The Cabinet
The Mexicools
William Regal and Paul Burchill

Commentating Team: Michael Cole and Tazz
Interviewers: Josh Matthews and Steve Romero
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimmel

WWE Pay Per View Schedule

The Royal Rumble Sun. January 29, 2006 Los Angeles, CA
No Way Out Sun. February 19, 2006 Las Vegas, NV
WrestleMania XXII Sun. April 2, 2006 Dallas, TX
Backlash Sun April 30, 2006 Raleigh, NC
Judgment Day Sun. May 21, 2006 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Clash of the Champions Sun June 18, 2006 St Louis, MO
Vengeance Sun July 16, 2006 Orlando, FL
Great American Bash Sun July 30, 2006 Baltimore, MD
SummerSlam Sun August 13, 2006 Chicago, IL
Unforgiven Sun September 17, 2006 Pittsburgh, PA
No Mercy Sun October 1, 2006 Milwaukee, WI
Taboo Tuesday Tues. October 23, 2006 Indianapolis, IN
Survivor Series Sun November 19, 2006 Phoenix, AZ
Rebellion Sun. December 17, 2006 Manchester, England
Armageddon Sun December 31, 2006 Oklahoma City, OK

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Raw Preview for Monday January 2, 2006

Tonight, the road to the Royal Rumble will begin whenever we determine the #1 Contender as Edge will be taking on Shawn Michaels in an #1 Contender's match with the winner facing the WWE Champion, John Cena, at the Royal Rumble. Who can pull off the upset and become the new #1 Contender?

Also, Ric Flair will be in action tonight as he defends his Intercontinental Championship against none other than Kerwin White. White has been pumped for this opprotunity for an while and White claims that the title will be his come tonight so Flair better be careful or we could witness an new champion

And finally, the return of Triple H will take place tonight and we have been told that he will attempt to earn an spot in the Royal Rumble The Game is getting ready for the Royal Rumble and he plans on going on to WrestleMania and winning the WWE Championship back, can he do it? Tune into Monday Night Raw to find out all of this and more

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Quick Announcement concerning my upcoming weekend. Tomorrow I will be out of school due to Hurricane Rita coming towards us. However, if I am not on the cp for an while, you know now where I am. Either we are evacuating or we are at home without power, so please keep us in your mind for the whole state of Louisiana! And concering my other thread, One of a Kind. If I can find an partner for that, I might continue doing it, somebody that I know of and can type great BTB shows, and you want to do SD! pm me with an sample SD show of your's! Ok and thanks for all of the help in the past and in the future

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Well, I hope that you and your family stay safe as Hurricane Rita is now Catagory 5. I do not have school tomorrow, but it is for a cool reason, Mass of the Holy Spirit. I will remain patient and I am interested to see that the Royal Rumble is your first PPV

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Good start, keeping the WWE rosters is always a good thing so when you look back in a few months you know that you outsmarted the WWE creative team, lol. Raw preview sounds like your setting up a top quality show. I'm pulling for Edge in the number one contenders match and please let him take the title from Cena, really he's just getting boring to watch and read at that.

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Monday January 2, 2006
Portland, Oregon

*Across the Nation hits and then we fade out to the announcers*

J.R- Welcome to the first Raw of the new year and I am Jim Ross and alongside me is The Coach and the King.

Coach- Thanks J.R, I can handle this. Well tonight is an big night, Triple H makes his return, Edge vs Shawn Michaels for the #1 Contendership

King- And you are so right Coach, it's going to be an explosive night plus Eric Bischoff has an announcement concering the Royal Rumble

J.R.- And with the Royal Rumble only four weeks away, things are certain to start heating up as the road to WrestleMania will begin really soon

*I'm Back hits and Bischoff comes down to boos*

Bischoff- Why the hell do you want to boo me, your general manager? Come on! Well let's get down to buisness, tonight there is going to be three Royal Rumble Qualifying matches, first off Triple H will be in one later tonight and that is going to be against the Hurricane plus two more huge matches. But as you know right now, at the Royal Rumble, John Cena will defend against either Edge or Shawn Michaels. And Cena, I am positive that you will lose this title because I am on an all out war to make sure that you do ind.....

*My Time is Now hits*

Cena- Look Eric, what have I done to you? Seriously, what have I done to you Eric? Ever since I came to Raw last summer, you've been all over me for my title but yet you still haven't taken it yet have you. And oh yeah, Portland Chain Gang, representin, The Champ is Here!!!!

Bischoff- Cena, you can play all the mind games you want and quite frankly I am getting tired of all of them but tonight, you have an duty. Tonight, your duty is that you will be competing against this man.....

*Masterpiece hits and Masters comes down flexing*

Bischoff- But wait Cena, no that's definently not all because tonight, it's going to be an good old fashioned Handicap Match and his partner is none other than.....

*It Wasn't My Fault hits and Snitsky and Masters then join up on the stage*

Bischoff- So Good luck Cena and you will certainly need it tonight because against Snitsky and Masters, you don't stand an damn chance.

Cena- Well I've got an couple of words for your bitches Eric, if you want some.....Come Get Some!!!

*Snitsky and Masters then charge the ring and Cena takes down Masters with an tackle but Snitsky takes advantage and gets Cena down. Masters then picks up Cena and Snitsky then runs at Cena and nails an Big Boot. Masters then picks up Cena and goes for the Masterlock but before Masters can get it in, Cena counters and then hurls Masters to the outside. Snitsky charges at Cena also and this time, Cena ducks and Snitsky goes flying out of the ring and the crowd is going wild for Cena*


Match #1
*Intercontinental Championship-
Ric Flair (c) vs Kerwin White

Match Finish- Pretty decent match that Flair draws out of White. Towards the end after being chopped continuosly. Flair sends White into the corner and White comes back and Flair takes down White with another chop. Flair then runs off the ropes and he nails an chopblock onto White. Flair then gives an WOOOOO! and then he goes over to White and grabs his legs and then Flair has the Figure Four Leg Lock locked in on White. White is in trouble and he can't get anywhere so he taps quickly

Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair via submission

*We then head to the back where we see Edge standing by with Maria*

Maria- And right now I am standing by with Edge, Edge tonight you face Michaels Shawn, are you going to win

Edge- First off you piece of shit, it's Shawn Michaels and secondly of course I am going to win. Tonight is my destiny, tonight I fulfill what I have waited for for an long time!

Maria- Edge, if you win, will you win at the Royal Rumble?

Edge- What kind of questions are these, Maria? You are so stupid, just forget it, and to your stupid question, yes I will win

Maria- And one more thing Edge, are you friends with John Cena?

*Edge walks off pissed with all of these stupid questions*

J.R.- And with the state Edge is in right now, Shawn Michaels better be careful tonight because he could get beat badly

Coach- Yeah J.R. but did you hear those retarted questions that Maria gave Edge, I mean what kind of dunce does those?

King- That's right Coach but don't forget also tonight, we've got Gene Snitsky and Chris Masters taking on John Cena in an Handicap Match

J.R.- King, what form or fashion is this match at all an fair match for the WWE Champion, John Cena? In what way King?

Coach- J.R, it really doesn't matter if it's fair. The point is that Cena has crossed the boss and tonight he will pay

King- And hopefully he does because Cena has had that belt too long and he is going to lose it real soon hopefully


*Cool hits and we see Carlito come down to the ring for Carlito's Cabana*

Carlito- Welcome to the Cabana! My guest tonight on the Cabana is making his long awaited return, he has been out of action for an while and tonight, he comes back on the Cabana! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Rob Van Dam!!!

*One of a Kind hits and the crowd goes wild*

Carlito- Welcome back Rob and it is surely great to see you here back on Raw. So Rob, how has it been with that broken leg of your's?

Rob Van Dam: Carlito, it feels great to be back in action and I am excited as I am sure everybody else is for me to be back! And you see, I talked to Eric Bischoff and since I am back, he has given me an Royal Rumble spot already.

Carlito- Oh yeah that's nice but Bischoff, where is my Royal Rumble spot? Ah well, Carlito will win it very soon, you will see Rob! But Rob, you see I as the whole crowd is excited to see you back and definently on Raw, and we know you will make an impact!

Rob Van Dam: That's right Carlito because I am Rob....Van.....Da.....

*Carlito then attacks RVD from behind in jealousy and he starts to stomp away at RVD. Carlito then picks up RVD and he nails an Swinging Neckbreaker and then Carlito goes over to the bucket and grabs an apple and then bites into it. Carlito then starts to chew it up and then he opens his mouth and then spits the apple into the face of RVD. RVD is rolling around the ring trying to get the apple off of his face and then RVD gets back up and Carlito spits it in his face once again, Carlito then leaves as the crowd boos him frantically*

J.R.- And what was the purpose of Carlito attacking Rob Van Dam from behind, is it because Carlito is jealous?

Coach- Jealous of what J.R, because RVD is so desperate that he has to beg our GM, Eric Bischoff just to get an Royal Rumble spot

King- Well I know something, I have always liked Carlito but he did indeed take it to far that time, there was absolutely no reason for that attack

J.R.- And finally somebody agrees but when we come back, we've got an Royal Rumble Qualifying Match between Triple H and The Hurricane

Coach- You have got to be kidding me J.R, there is no way that Triple H is going to lose this match, no way in hell

King- Well anything can happen but I serously doubt it too Coach but we will see when we come back from the break


Match #2
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Triple H vs The Hurricane

Match Finish- Pretty much an squash match the whole time through out the match. Triple H then runs off the ropes and nails an High knee to the head of Hurricane. Triple H then goes to the middle of the ring and waits for an minute. He then gets up and kicks Hurricane in the gut and then Triple H nails the Pedigree onto The Hurricane and with the cover, One....Two.....Three

Winner and advances to Royal Rumble: Triple H

*We then head to the back where we see Eric Bischof standing by with Snitsky and Masters*

Bischoff- Look guys, tonight you go out there and get the job done and you two will get yourselfs an Royal Rumble spot that easily

Snitsky- That would be great Eric and oh yeah don't forget if I harm Cena in anyway, It Wasn't My Fault!

Masters- Yeah that's right Gene, it will never be your fault because it will be mine. Cena is going to learn what it feels like to be wrapped up in the Master Lock tonight!

Bischoff- That's the spirit guys and good luck tonight and remember, Royal Rumble spots are what you need so don't forget

Snitsky- Oh trust me Eric, we will never forget about our Royal Rumble spots and by the way, we will see you tonight

Masters- Eric don't forget what our plan is later tonight, you be there and we will make sure it does indeed happen


J.R.- And we know now we have two men in the Royal Rumble for Raw, and they are Triple H and Rob Van Dam

Coach- Triple H earned his way into the Royal Rumble but all Rob Van Dam did was suck up to the General Manager for an spot

King- Yeah that is true and after tonight, we will be seeing Gene Snitsky and Chris Masters in those groups for the Royal Rumble

J.R.- Well that's what you two think but I have an feeling that Cena is going to go out ther fighting tonight for some revenge

Coach- What revenege J.R? Snitsky and Masters have yet to do anything to Cena and when they do, it won't be their faults!

King- True Coach and we will see that later tonight with also Edge vs Shawn Michaels for the #1 Contendership

*We then head to the back where we see Todd Grisham standing by with the WWE Champion, John Cena*

Todd Grisham: John, later tonight, you will be in action as you face Snitsky and Chris Masters in an Handicap Match, your thoughts?

John Cena: Todd, ever since I came to Raw, Eric Bischoff has been running the odds agaisnt me and tonight that comes to an end, tonight I will go out there and beat the living hell out of Snitsky and Masters then go onto the Royal Rumble and whip some ass against either Edge or Shawn Michaels!

Todd Grisham: John, do you have an preference on who you would rather face come The Royal Rumble between Edge and Shawn Michaels?

John Cena: Really it doesn't matter to me Todd because either way I am going to walk into the Staples Center the WWE Champion and when the night ends, it will be the same result

Todd Grisham: And one more thing John, do you consider either one of those men to be an threat come the Royal Rumble?

John Cena: I look at it this way Todd, it doesn't matter who I face because as I already said, it will just be me walking out of the Staples Center, still WWE Champion


J.R.- And John Cena is confident heading into the Royal Rumble no matter who is opponent will be, either Edge or Shawn Michaels

Coach- He better be worried because he has two in ring competitors that could blow the roof off at the Staples Center in the main event

King- And as Coach just said, if Cena isn't careful he could be in for an wakeup call come the Royal Rumble because this is going to be an great night

J.R- Guys don't worry because Cena is indeed confident that he can beat either of these men and I certainly believe him

Coach- Well J.R, you better believe this, that if Cena goes into the Royal Rumble and has this attitude, his world will come crashing down

King- That's all true but coming up right now, we've got Lance Cade in action as he will be taking on Val Venis

Match #3
Lance Cade w/Trevor Murdoch vs Val Venis w/ Viscera

Match Finish- Pretty much an filler match and just to get those all of those men on the card tonight, Cade takes Val Venis down with an armdrag and then Cade waits for Venis to get up. Venis then gets up and Cade nails an DDT but instead of going for the cover, Cade climbs to the top rope. Viscera tries to get involved but Murdoch takes Viscera down with an Clothesline and then Cade leaps and he connects with an Diving Elbow off the top rope! And Cade with the cover, One....Two....Three

Winner: Lance Cade

J.R.- And did you see that, Murdoch had to cheat just to help his tag team partner pick up an win here tonight

Coach- I'm sorry J.R, but I didn't see anything, actually I did, I saw Lance Cade picking up the win over Val Venis

King- Good one Coach and J.R, Murdoch did not cheat, he simply helped Cade get the win like other partners would do

J.R- Would you two shut up? It's clear that if it wouldn't have been for Trevor Murdoch, we would have seen Val Venis win

Coach- Perhaps it was J.R, but we didn't see anything and something we will see is Snitsky and Masters beating Cena tonight

King- And then Snitsky and Masters will have found themselves spots in the Royal Rumble in four weeks which is going to be great


*Medal hits and Kurt Angle comes down to the ring*

Angle- John Cena, you better be lucky that you don't have the opproutunity to face me at the Royal Rumble because if you did, I would beat your ass and become the new WWE Champion. But I do have an opporotunity to be in the Royal Rumble courtesy of our GM, Eric Bischoff. First off thanks Eric and trust me, I will not let you down! So everybody that is in the Royal Rumble, you better recognize who is in it now, because it is I...the only Oly...

*Live for the Moment hits and Matt Hardy comes down to the ring*

Hardy: Sorry Kurt but if you haven't heard yet, I have an Royal Rumble Qualifying Match and oh yeah by the way it's against......you! You see Eric Bischoff said that if I beat you, I can get an spot too!

Match #4
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match:
Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish- An great uptempo match with some excellent moves. The match ends whenever Angle takes Hardy down with an Suplex and then Angle then pulls the straps down. Angle then gets back up and he starts to stomp and Hardy gets up. Angle goes for an Angle Slam but Hardy counters it into an Twist of Fate... and Hardy crawls over to Angle and makes an quick cover, One....Two....Three

Winner and Advancing to the Royal Rumble: Matt Hardy

J.R- Matt Hardy has done it, he has qualified for the Royal Rumble along with Triple H, Rob Van Dam, and Kurt Angle

Coach- But the point is J.R, despite Angle losing, he still has an spot in the Royal Rumble and he is definently going to win

King- With four of our 15 Superstars already announced for the Royal Rumble, this means great news for all of the WWE

J.R- And hopefully we will be seeing an Raw Superstar win the Royal Rumble this year as Batista did last year for Raw

Coach- Batista winning was an fluke but this year's it all Kurt Angle. Angle is pumped and he's going to go in there with the right attitude

King- Well we will see about that but coming up next, Edge will be taking on Shawn Michaels with the #1 Contendership on the line


*Interview w/Shawn Michaels*

Todd Grisham- Shawn, coming up next, you will be in action against Edge and the winner goes to the Royal Rumble to face John Cena

Shawn Michaels- That's right Todd and I am pumped, Edge, you are making an mistake underestimating the Heart Break Kid but you will learn tonight

Todd Grisham: Shawn you have been on an roll recently and do you look to continue this tonight against Edge also?

Shawn Michaels: Todd, ever since about Unforgiven of last year, I have beaten them all, it doesn't matter who it is I have beaten them

Todd Grisham: And one more thing Shawn, you have yet to beat John Cena or even face him, if you do, do you think you can beat him

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels can beat anybody, anytime, anywhere, I'm the Heart Break Kid and you better not mess with me

*We then head down to ringside for the match*

Match #5
#1 Contender's Match
Edge vs Shawn Michaels

Match Finish- An great match overall between the two superstars. Edge takes down Michaels with an Edgecator and Edge goes to the corner. Edge runs at Michaels for an Spear but Michaels ducks and Edge comes back but Michaels then kicks Edge in the gut and delivers an DDT. Michaels then climbs to the top rope and then he jumps and connects with the Diving Elbow as the crowd goes wild. Michaels then goes over to the corner and starts to stomp, Edge then slowly gets to his feet and Michaels is still stomping, Edge then gets up and Michaels charges at Edge and knocks him out with the Sweet Chin Music, and Michaels makes the cover, One.....Two.....Three

Winner and #1 Contender: Shawn Michaels

J.R- Shawn Michaels has done it! Michaels pulled of an win and he will now meet John Cena at the Royal Rumble!

Coach- You have got to be kidding me, Edge had this match won. There is no way Shawn Michaels should have won this match.

King- Well he did Coach and now we have an classic matchup coming at the Royal Rumble between Cena and Michaels

J.R- I still can't believe it, Michaels ran against the odds and now he has been rewarded as the #1 Contender

Coach- But he might not be facing John Cena because coming up after the break, John Cena will be taking on Snitsky and Chris Masters

King- Cena definently has the odds against him and Cena better be careful because if he isn't, there will be an price to pay


Match #6
Handicap Match
John Cena vs Snitsky and Chris Masters w/ Eric Bischoff

Match Finish- An actually decent match between all of these men. Towards the end, Bischoff trips up Cena and then Cena turns around into an Big Boot from Snitsky. Snitsky then makes the tag to Masters and Masters comes in. But Cena starts to fight back and then Cena takes Masters down with an Throwback. Snitsky then comes in and charges at Cena but Cena ducks and then propels Snitsky out of the ring. Cena then runs and bounces off the ropes and Cena then nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena is feeling it, he then picks up Masters and goes for the F-U but out of nowhere, Michaels runs into the ring and then Michaels nails an Sweet Chin Music onto Cena. Masters then gets an rollup on Cena and Masters has it, One....Two....Three

Winners: Snitsky and Chris Masters

*Michaels then grabs an mic*

Shawn Michaels: John Cena, did you think we were going to be buddies heading into the Royal Rumble? Come on Cena, wake up and realize something, I have never and I will never be your so called friend. Because I am not worried about you, no I am worried about that WWE Championship. What you have degraded it to is not even funny and at the Royal Rumble, you can shine the belt up and then wipe it off because that title is coming home with Shawn Michaels!

Eric Bischoff: And John, at the Royal Rumble, you will not stand an chance because you see I am going to be in Shawn Michaels's corner and if you try to find an way out of the match, there will be no way because I will stop you from doing so.

Shawn Michaels: John, you've got 27 days with the WWE Championship left, so go home, cherish the memories that you have left with it and then bring it into the Staples Center, Sunday January 29, 2006 in Los Angeles, California and then get your ass whipped by Shawn Michaels. Then the whole crowd will recognize greatness in the WWE Championship again

J.R- Shawn Michaels has done the unthinkable, he has turned his back on this crowd tonight and also his fans

Coach- Shawn Michaels, you are my hero. HBK came out of nowhere and then nails the Sweet Chin Music, you are looking at the next WWE Champion

King- I never thought I would see the day Shawn Michaels turned on his fans but he did indeed and Cena will make Michaels have an price to pay

J.R- And Shawn Michaels, you will learn that the mistake you just did Shawn, you will learn that it will come back and haunt you

Coach- Ah shut up J.R, and look in the ring because you are looking at greatness as Shawn said, you are looking at the next WWE Champion

King- Well either way, John Cena will be defending his WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels come the Royal Rumble and good night everybody

Quick Results:
*Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair def Kerwin White via submission
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Triple H def The Hurricane
Lance Cade def Val Venis
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Matt Hardy def Kurt Angle
#1 Contender's Match: Shawn Michaels def Edge
Handicap Match: Snitsky and Chris Masters def John Cena

Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 29, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center

The Royal Rumble Match

Raw Superstars: Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Snitsky, and Masters, and 9 Spots Left

Smackdown Superstars: TBA

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Shawn Michaels w/Eric Bischoff

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Raw Review:

Good opening promo by Eric Bischoff, it was entertaining and well written. Some good matches set up as well. Nice interuption by John Cena, not quite keen on a handicap match, but i'm guessing its to soften Cena up a bit. Nice little brawl at the end of the promo, which Cena came out on top.

Ric Flair vs Kerwin White:
Good win for Ric Flair going over a good opponent. This will be interesting to see how long Ric Flair holds the Intercontinental Title, and whether he may even take it into Wrestlemania 22.

Great Edge and Maria promo very in character. I liked the questions set out by Maria, what would have sealed it IMO, would have been if Maria refered to Edge as "The Edge."

Carlito Cabana was good and well written, nice return of Rob Van Dam, and having Carlito attack RVD set up and continued their feud well.

Triple H vs The Hurricane:
You can always hope for a huge upset, but an expected win for HHH over Hurricane.

Good backstage promo with Snitsky and Masters setting up the Main Event well.

Good John Cena promo backstage, seemed pumped up for his match, and his match at Royal Rumble, very well written and in character as well.

Lance Cade vs Val Venis:
A possible feud between Cade/Murdoch vs Venis/Viscera? Decent filler match, and a good win for Lance Cade.

Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle:
Wow, a shocker there, Hardy going over Angle, i have a feeling though this could be the first in a series of matches.

Great HBK promo on Edge, look forward to his match.

Shawn Michaels vs Edge:
Excellent finish to the match, that was well written. A great win for HBK going to face John Cena at Royal Rumble will be good.

Main Event:
Good match, and a very good finish, with HBK turning heel and taking Cena out, very nice. Great promo cut by HBK at the end.

Overall excellent Raw, really well written, and a great way to kick off your new thread, well done.

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Hey man a nice looking RAW. I don't have tiem for a full review but I will point out parts I read etc.

Royal Rumble Qualifiers; My mouth dropped to see Hardy beat Edge and advance to the Rumble. I like the idea of Masters and Triple H being in the Rumble but I am not crazy on Snitsky. I am glad however that Rob Van Dam has got in the rumble. I hope he can maybe win it but I think it's highly unlikley.

The Shawn V Cena feud seems to be popular and I have this feud going in my thread as well. This feud can pick up alot of steam and can be a very powerful feud if you use this in the right way. I'm not sure if I like the whole Eric Bischoff teaming up on Cena because I know HBK can hold his own feud with Cena without Bischoff's help.

I am glad Ric Flair is the Intercontinental Champion.....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But I hope you don't keep him champion until Wrestlemania. If it were me I would have him loose the title on RAW and have a rematch at the Rumble which he would loose. I like Ric and all but he shouldn't be Intercontinental Champion. he is better suited for a feud and the IC title should be just part for his reseume anyway.

Some of the promo's you wrote were excellent and I am liking your rosters and what you have done with the characters. If you can put on a show like this every week your feuds will be excellent.

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Hey KOPV1 good luck. All three of my BTB's got deleted so I'm completely free. I fyou want someone to write Smackdown I'm here, though I think someone else said they want to though.
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