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alright, so this is going to be my 1st btb thread and along the way could you guys give us a few pointers, it would be much appreciated. these are the details. I'm going to start the night after WM22 and go on from there.

New Years Revolution: january 7th (2007)
Royal Rumble: january 28th (2007)
No Way Out: february 18 (2007)
Wrestlemania 23: april 1st (2007)
Backlash: april 30th (2006)
Judgement Day: may 21st (2006)
Vengeance: june 25th (2006)
Great American Bash: july 23rd (2006)
Summerslam: august 27th (2006)
Unforgiven: september 17th (2006)
No Mercy: october 15th (2006)
Taboo Tuesday: october 31st (2006)
Survivor Series: november 26th (2006)
Armageddon: december 24th (2006)

so i'll just do this and start off it offf with raw for the next post.

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Monday Night Raw: April 3rd

The show starts off with the video package of Wrestlemania 22, then shows opening raw video package as the pyro starts going off.

Joey: Hello & welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw, live from Chicago, illinois. Just 24hrs removed from one of the greatest nights in wwe history, Wrestlemania 22!

King: It certainly was one of the greatest nights in wwe history but it was also great because the coach was fired last night, when he lost in that street fight against Eric Bischoff. HA HA HA!

*Time to play the game hits.*

Joey: its actually going to be quiet now, but not for long. Here comes the man that lost to John Cena in that awesome wwe championship match last night at Wrestlemania. I'm telling you he does not look happy.

King: Not at all, he came within a hair of wiining the title but cena held on and grabbed the biggest win of his young career. But geez it was a great match.

Joey: Sure was but i think we are going to hear some of the negatives of the match from HHH right now.

*he pauses for a second as the you suck chants begin*

HHH: I may suck but you guys sure as hell swallow!

*major heat*

HHH: Last night at wrestlemania, i was involved in one of the biggest wwe championship matches in wrestlemania history. So, what happens next you ask? I lose to a puff daddy wannabe and now in a year today, i have not held the wwe championship. no no no.... let me rephrase that. I havent held, My Championship! You see as far as im concerned, i deserve a rematch against cena and i want it right here tonight and...

*extreme hits as the fans go nuts!*

Paul Heyman: Cut the music, cut the music! Now triple h, i understand that you must be a little angry that you lost cena last night. But you see, what i dont know is this. why are you demanding title matches on my show without me approving of it?

HHH: Heyman, this is my show and as f...

Paul Heyman: Your show! HA HA HA! You make me laugh. You see the last time i checked i was the general manager of this show and as far as im here i make the rules and decisions not you! or anybody else for that matter. Now, as far as you are concerned you might be in for some luck tonight. Because, tonight in that ring, there is going to be a 20 man over the top battle royale match and the winner will face John Cena for the wwe championship next week on raw. So, what i suggest is that you get back in your locker room & start warming up for tonights mainevent.

HHH: Heyman thats a load of Bullcrap! I want my title match tonight!

Paul Heyman: Dont talk to me like that otherwise you'll find yourself in hot water.

HHH: Heyman, i suggest you shut the hell up before i stick my boot up your ass and my fist down your throat, you fat tub of lard.

Paul Heyman: Wrong decision. You want a match tonight i'll give you two. Because right now you are going to face the man that beat you a few months back at New Years Revolution, and considering he got screwed last night in his match against kane. i think he'll be more than happy to but his boot up your ass and his fist down your throat. Enjoy!
* Big shows theme hits as joey sends us to a commercial break*


We return to see show chopping away at hhh as he signals the crowd to be quiet as he lays a huge chop across his chest. HHH begs for show to stop and as show bends down to grab hhh, he pokes show in the eye. HHH starts to go to work with the rights in the corner and taunts the crowd. HHH irish whips show into the corner and goes for a clothesline and connects, hhh continues to do this two more times. He goes for the 4th clothesline but big show shoulder blocks him.
Big show puts hhh in a frontface lock and delivers a 10 second delayed vertical suplex show goes for the cover. 1 2... kick out.

HHH slides out from the ring but show leans over the top rope and grabs a handful of hhh's hair. But, he gets slingshotted into the rope as he falls to the ground. HHH hops onto show and starts punching him. He then starts to kick the left leg of the big show and stomps on it and now has his leg on the bottom rope. he launches himself to drop his elbow into the leg and does this two more times. HHH waits for show to get up and he then chop blocks him.

Show starts to crawl over to the turnbuckle closest to the titantron. hhh starts throwing punches and then starts to kick the leg. Show then pushes hhh away as he goes flying to the other side of the ring. hhh gets pissed and goes for a clothesline but show lifts up his right leg to deliver a big boot and hhh drops to the ground. As show recovers, he steps on hhh's chest and walks over him.

HHH gets up and show grabs hhh by the throat and choke tosses him to the other side of the ring. hhh starts screaming in pain as show goes for another chop. Show irish whips him and back body drops him as he starts to limp. HHH then kicks shows left leg and quickly starts to stomp onto it. hhh then gets an indian deathlock on the big show. Shows shoulders are on the mat 1 2... he shoots his shoulders off the canvas. Show is in the middle of the ring but then starts to crawl towards the ropes whilst dragging hhh with him. He grabs the ropes and yells at the ref to get hhh off of him. the ref utilizes the 5 count 1 2 3 4... hhh lets go before 5. HHH gets up to taunt the ref and the fans.
Show pulls himself up with the help of the ropes and hhh gets a chop to he chest by show and starts throwing lefts & rights and hhh falls to the ground. HHH gets up and out of desperation ddts show right on his head. ref utilizes 10 count. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7... hhh is 1st to his feet quickly followed by show.

Both men start throwing punches & show starts to get the advantage. starts going for punches and chops. He then irish whips hhh, but hhh reverses it, hhh misses a clothesline as show ducks, but then hhh lifts up his knee and connects it right to his face. Show gets up because of the momentum and hhh kicks show in the gut and goes for the pedigree, but show slingshots hhh into the corner. As hhh is lying there, he starts to undo the turnbuckle padding and rips off the padding. the ref sees what hhh is doing & interferes. But show goes for a clothesline and gets both hhh & the ref.

Show signals for the chokeslam, grabs hhh by the throat & connects. He goes for the cover but the ref is down. Show starts to slap the ref but as he does so hhh low blows show & hits the pedigree. But again, no referee. HHH then gives an evil smile & crawls out from the ring and looks underneath to grab the sledge hammer. He slides back into the ring and is about to hit show with it, until show grabs the sledge hammer. They start showing of their strength to see who will get the sledge hammer first. But hhh kicks him in the gut & hits him in the head with it.

HHH goes for the cover as the ref starts to count 1 2.... show puts his right leg on the bottom rope as the crowd goes nuts. hhh is infuriated & lifts up show and goes for the pedigree but then gets back body dropped. Kane then comes running down the rampway with a steel chair & before show grabs hhh for the chokeslam, show turns around and gets smacked in the head by kane with the steel chair as the ref calls for the DQ. Then kane & hhh start stomping away on show & hhh is about hit show withe sledge hammer. But, cena comes running down to make the save and goes straight for hhh & they both start brawling.

Kane then rips cena off of hhh and big boots him in the face as he is now signaling foir the chokeslam & he connects. Then hhh gets up and is about to hit the pedigree, until show gets up & hits kane in the head with the steel chair and kane goes flying out of the ring. HHH then very quickly drops cena and darts out of the ring.

*Extreme hits the arena*

Paul Heyman: Whoa whoa whoa hold on a minute, just hold on a minute! Now i'am damned if im going to let this end in a disqualification so you know what im going to do, im going to give you guys about an hour & a half rest. Because later on tonight the mainevent is not going to be the 20 man battle royale. It is going to be Kane and HHH Vs John Cena and Big show in a table elimination match!

*the crowd goes nuts as hhh looks scared, kane looks happy and both cena and show look pissed as we go to a commercial*


We come back with Joey and king telling us about what happened a moment ago and then showed the hhh and kane vs show & cena promo. We then go backstage to see cena and show triing to find hhh and kane. But then kane and hhh attack them from behind & then a massive brawl begins. We then see todd grisham standing by for an interview.

Todd: Well ladies and gentlemen, last night at wrestlemania 22 we saw one of the greatest ladder matches of all time, as now general manager paul heyman has now made the money in the bank ladder match an annual wrestlemania match. But here to talk about his money in the bank ladder match victory here is Y2J Chris Jericho! So cvhris how are you feeling after last nights historic victory?

Chris Jericho: How am i feeling tonight toddy you ask? Well i'll tell you how im feeling, im feeling like iam ontop of the world, like iam the king of the world! Because now for one full year i have guaranteed shot at the wwe championship. You see paul was saying earlier that only he made the title matches. Well he obviously forgot about my money in the bank victory last night, it states hear in the contract. Actually.., here i'll read it out to you now.

*Opens up the briefcase & pulls out the contract*

Chris: It says '' As the man who won the money in the bank ladder match, you have a guaranteed wwe title match for whenever you want and in whatever match you want. You do not need to let either your chairman or GENERAL MANAGER know when you may use this contract.'' There you go Daddio! But know that ive read you a bedtime story, iam off to face the man that i nearly destroyed last night. Carlito, after i threw him off of that ladder and he crashed into the spanish announcers table, he is supposed to have a really bad back tonight. Well after im done with him tonight it will be broken after i put him in the walls of jericho, plus im going to be in the 20 man battle royale match & iam going to have two guaranteed wwe championship matches. So i shall to talk to you later monkeybutt. Thanks for the interview!


* Break the walls hits the arena*

Joey: Well here comes the iatola of rock 'n' rola, mr money in the bank y2j chris jericho. Lets just show you why carlito has a bad back because of y2j.

King:Geez, you couldnt have given him a more suck up introduction. But yes last night carlito was about to win the match until jericho came along & pushed carlito off, and he fell so far he crashed through spanish announce table in one of the most insane things ive ever seen!

Joey: Reminds me of the old ecw days that does.

*Carlitos theme hits the arena*

King: As you can see, you see carlito walking down the ramp very gingerly .

Joey:Well who wouldnt be walking gingerly after such an insane crash he had last night. referee chad patton talking to carlito to see if he is actually alright to compete here tonight & carlito says yes hes fine. so here we go for the first time ever carlito and chris jericho will go one on one.

King: To say the least this should be a very charasmatic & very good match

Both men lock up in the middle of the ring, they both stand for a second but carlito breaks out of it and grabs his back because his bad back is starting flare up. Carlito and chris jericho lock up again and chris puts a head lock on carlito, carlito then pushes chris to the ropes and goes for an irish whip, but chris holds on and applies even more pressure. As an act of desperation carlito hip tosses jericho and rolls out of the ring to get his back better. Chris waits in the ring until carlito rolls back into the ring, jericho starts kicking carlitos back as he starts screaming. Chris picks him up and starts chopping him, he irish whips carlito and back body drops carlito & carlito is in some pain. Carlito starts wilding the crowd on, as they start cheering for him.

Carlito gets to his feet and blocks a jericho punch and starts to throw lefts of his own. But then Jericho knees him in the gut and back suplexs carlito hard and goes for the cover 1 2...kickout. chris kicks carlito in the back twice and now applies a surfboard on carlito. Carlito makes it to his feet after 40 seconds and starts punching chris in the ribs, runs to the ropes to get momentum but jericho dodges the clothesline and hits his sleeperhold take down. jericho goes for the cover 1 2... kickout. chris chops carlito three more times and goes for a suplex, but carlito reverses and makes it a vertical suplex of his own.

Carlito gets up and starts to stomp away at chris, he picks him up & irish whips him. He drop toe holds chris & as soon as chris gets on his knees carlito dropkicks him in the face carlito goes for the cover 1 2... kickout. Carlito forearms chris to the face, irish whips him & bends down getting ready to back body drop him but jerucho kicks him in the chest. Chris goes for a clothesline but carlito ducks, and carlito goes for a clothesline but chris ducks and both men end up double clotheslining each other as the ref starts the 10 count. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7... Chris is up first and picks up carlito.

Chris then goes for a german suplex but carlito reverses and turns it into belly to belly slam. chris gets up and carlito hits a reverse manhattan drop & bulldogs chris. 1 2... kickout. Carlito starts screaming at jericho to get up. Chris gets up but very quickly chris hits a running enziguiri. Chris crawls over to carlito and covers him. 1 2.... He shoots the shoulder up. jericho signals for his bulldog and nails it, then goes for the lionsault but carlito gets both knees up and chris's ribs dig into his knees hard. Carlito goes for the cover with his legs on the second rope. 1 2... kickout.

Carlito picks up chris and is about to hit his finisher the reverse neckbreaker, but jericho reverses it into the walls of jericho and 30 seconds later carlito taps out.

Lilian:Here is your winner by submission Chris Jericho!

Joey: That was an intense match wow.

King: Sure was but you cant help but feel that carlito was at a disadvantage with his bad back and all.

Joey:Yeah but he put up a great effort though but the victory goes to mr money in the bank chris jericho.

We go backstage to see a black limo pull up & comes out mr. mcmahon. As joey and king start questioning why he is here as we go to a commercial.


*no chance in hell hits the arena*

Joey:Well the boss is here but for what reason, he wasnt even supposed to be here tonight.

King: Well hes the boss he can show up whenever he wants but still it is a shock though.

Joey: I wonder what he has to say.

Vince:First of all i just want say thank you to each and every one of you for making wrestlemania 22 one of the biggest nights in wwe history. So, thank you chicago.

*thank you vince chants start*

Vince:The second reason why i have come out here is around this time for the past two years we have had the draft lottery, but you see i have thought about this alot and now iam about to make one of the biggest announcements in wrestling history. starting the night after smackdowns Judgement Day both the raw and smackdown brands will be joint once again to make a super brand!

*the fans are going insane! and are starting up thank you vince & vince is god chants*

Vince: Yes i know but please dont make it anymore obvious. So now all you loyal wwe fans will now see all your dream matches. This year will be one of the greatest years in wwe history. So ladies & gentlemen 2006 will be the year in wwe that everyone will never forget. thank you!

Joey: Wow, what a huge announcement vince has just made!

King:So the night after judgement day which is on raw, all the superstars in the wwe will all be joined again. Man i cant wait.


*Trishs music hits*

King: Oh yay, more good news trish in action.

Joey: Well in a few weeks time raw will be hosting wwe Backlash & well the winner of this divas match is going to face lita for the womens title at backlash.

King: Well speaking of backlash. Burger king presents wwe backlash coming to you live from the rupp arena in lexington, kentucky, wwe backlash can be seen live sunday april 30th and is exclusive to ppv.

*mickie james's theme hits the arena*

Joey: This should be a very intense match between trish & mickie james, former best friends now turned into intense rivals.

King: Not as intense as that fatal 4 way last night though

True, but this should be a great match

Both divas stare down at each other with alot of hate in their eyes. Both divas come face to face and start talking trash to one another, then eventually mickie james slaps trish across the face and trish turns around and tackles mickie and starts pounding her head against the mat and starts punching her. The ref eventually gets trish off of her, but trish breaks free & lou thesz presses mickie and goes at it again. The ref pulls trish off of mickie but now mickie lou thesz presses trish and starts going at it. The ref pulls mickie off, mickie goes for a clothesline but trish ducks and throws punches of her own & slaps mickie across the face, she then irish whips mickie & back body drops her. Trish then starts to chop mickie repeatedly and Knees her in the gut & hits a suplex.

Trish goes for the cover 1 2....kickout. trish picks up mickie but she reverses it into a her low spinning kick and then scoop slams her hard onto the mat.
She then climbs the turnbuckle getting ready for a double axe handle, as she goes for it trish dropkicks mickie in mid air. trish goes for the cover 1 2... kickout. Trish then is triing to go for a boston crab but mickie uses her leg strength and pushes her off. she gets up and delivers a belly to back german suplex pin 1 2.. kickout. mickie starts stomping a mudhole in trish hitstwo leg drops and goes for another cover 2.. kickout. trish wilds her way up by hitting mickie in the stomach she then kicks her in the gut and picks her up like a military press but drops her on her knee in the gut like a gutbuster. Now trish goes up onto the turnbuckle and is ready to hit a flying elbow but mickie rushes to her feet & delivers stratusfaction, she goes for the cover 1 2... kickout.

Mickie signals that she is going for her mickie go round(tornado ddt) she sets it up but trish reverses it as she is in mid air, trish turns it into a huge brainbuster. she goes for the cover 1 2..puts her left leg on the bottom rope. trish starts to get frustrated & is setting up her chick kick but victoria comes down to distract trish & whilst this is happening mickie gets brass knucks and hits her right in the face with them. Victoria gets off the mat and mickie hits the mickie go round 1 2 3!

Lilian: Here is your winner by pinfall Mickie James!

Joey:Damn it!, She won because of that witch victoria. Now at backlash it is going to be Lita defending her womens championship against Mickie James.

King: Well you win some & you lose some but thats not right. There is going to be some hell to pay for what victoria did.

Joey: Your damn right theres going to be some hell to pay, trish gets screwed out of the womens championship again!

We go into cenas locker room where show comes into give him a pep talk

Show: You ready for tonight man.

Cena: Yeah Man im fine are you alright after kane hitting you with that steel chair earlier on tonight. Man, you must be feeling it.

Show: Yeah dont worry about me im fine. But uumm....

Cena: What? Whats wrong?

Show: Well you see up next is the battle royale match & im going to be competing in it. So, if i win this thing we may be buddies tonight, but if you & me face off next week you & me will be bitter enemies you understand?

Cena:Yeah i understand. But hey tonight we got to focus & the worlds largest nose & the big pink barbie so we'll take it day by day. But other than that, good luck tonight.

They shake hands & walk out of the room, but behind the coach a masked man pops up from behind the coach as we go to a commercial break.


*Slam of the week is Orton defeating batista for the title at wrestlemania 22*

Lilian: The following contest is the no.1 contender 20 man over the top battle royale match, where the only way to be eliminated is to have both feet touch the floor & the last man standing & will be the no.1 contender for the wwe championship.

* it wasnt my fault hits the arena & as we are halfway through announcing all the competitors we will go to a break*


*Metalingus hits the arena followed by the big show & the match has started*
(im not going to all eliminations so i'll just go straight to the final four)

And Carlito has been eliminated! We are now down to the final four! Big Show, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin. Kurt & Show are going at it while jericho & benjamin are going at it & now with a suplex over the top rope chris jericho has been eliminated by shelton Benjamin!

Angle & Show are both teetering over the top rope & now benjamin pushes both of them over the top rope! Show is eliminated but angle just held on! Kurt grabs shelton & puts in a headlock on shelton, now shelton is about to go over the top rope & he's.... NO! Only one foot touched the ground, hes still in it. shelton & kurt are slugging it out on the ring apron and... shelton kicks angle in the gut & ddts him on the apron & shelton Benjamin has done it!

Joey: Oh my god what an upset! next week on raw it is going to be shelton benjamin versus John cena for the wwe championship!

King: I'd never thought i'd see shelton is going to be in the wwwe championship match against john cena next week on raw! Look at shelton, he is absoloutley extatic!

Joey: Pencil it down ladies & gentlemen, next week on raw John versus shelton benjamin for the wwe title. oh my god!


We come back and joey and king are showing us what happened moments ago, we then see shelton benjamin in the back celebrating, but then all of a sudden a masked man appears and starts to beat down shelton.He basically beats down shelton until they get into the carpark area, he then rams his head into the windshield of a car, he is bleeding badly & then the masked man throws shelton into the side of a car. The masked man hears the E.M.T.s coming so runs off & as they get their shelton is motionless as we got a break.


We come back to see shelton being put on a stretcher & being driven away in ambulance & they show footage of what just happened as we go back to ringside.

Lilian: The following contest is the tag team table elimination match! Where the first team to eliminate the other team by driving them through the table will win the match.

*the game hits the arena followed by slow chemical*

Cenas theme hits then shows*

Joey:Show and cena walking down the ramp and..... hey wait a minute!

The masked man runs down to the ring and attacks both cena and show with the help of hhh and kane. HHH grabs the sledge hammer & hits cena with it busting him wide open, followed by kane hitting show with a steel chair splitting him wide open aswell. Then kane picks up cena and chokeslams him through a table, followed by all three of the men suplexing big show through two tables. As they are all beating down show and cena, the masked man grabs a 2x4 plank and looks to hit show with it but instead hits hhh with it! Kane then tries to attack the masked man but ducks a punch and low blows him, then he ddts kane on the steel chair. He then signals a ref to come down to the ring. He then grabs a briefcase and signals he he has a money in the bank contract to use he covers cena 1 2 3!!!!

We have a new wwe champion but who is it? He takes off his mask to reviel its EDGE!!! But jericho is running down the aisle and smacks edge with his briefcase and covers edge 1 2 3!!!!! Jericho is the new wwe champion!!!!!
So as jericho leaves the ring show and cena have been laid out through tables, hhh is unconsciuos, kane is liing on the floor and edge is laid out aswell. So we leave chicago, illnois with a new wwe champion. The final image is of jericho holding up the wwe title.

So thats my first post in be the booker as i said before please give me some feedback and give me some pointers much apreciated. hope you liked it.

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Raw Preview

After one of the most insane raws ever what will be the fall out?

What will john cena have to say about his title? Will shelton benjamin be able to compete for the title & why edge attacked shelton?

Will chris jericho say anything about his victory over edge in the shortest title reign in wwe history? What will kane, big show and hhh have to say about this?

So, at backlash it will be Lita vs Mickie James for womens title, only because of victorias interference costing trish a shot at the title. Will trish get her revenge? Plus stay tuned to find out on more happenings for wwe backlash live sunday april 30th.

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Alright this will be the last time but im gonna try & have another attempt at be the booker, i will post the first one up tomorrow & will continue on from what i posted.

Good god wish me good luck & nobody saw what i posted for raw because my post screwed up so if you could give me a little help that would be gravy.

oh bugger now we have two unforgiven be the booker threads. By the way good job edgehead2000 aswell.
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