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Ok dude....This show has potential to be exellent. You started out great with 6 big draft picks for both shows and you had some great matches there. EX: Jericho vs. Angle but you need to add somethings. SImpley you need longer matches. You have to write them out, not just say the results. Also makes promos a little longer. Finally you need some color, bold, iatics etc.....It was hard to read. With a little work this will be a great show. Just try to improve and check out some of the other hreads in this section for help. Overall you off to a good start.......

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Yeah, the booking is really good but you need to work on the set out and length of your shows. Also some of the promo's include out of character wrestlers and are way too short. Jericho vs. Angle was a good idea but you should have written the main event out in full or atleast summarized it. That could have been a good PPV quality match! I know some bookers will disagree but I like the lines between each segment, it makes it easier to read and more organised. I might try to do something like that in my BTB fed. Anyways keep it up and take advice as useful information not put downs!

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Your match length is fine, all you need to do is write Full matches for Pay Per Views, if you want a great idea on how to do a show check out Wolfbeast's Being the Booker, just work on using Bolds, Italics, and Underlines and you could do great

Now onto the show

Great first Picks, hope Jericho gets a great push on Smackdown, and Angle on Raw, like how your doing Shelton-Hardy and HBK-Angle 2, this thread has so much potential, just work on your promos make them longer and such and you will do fine

Also remember to reply to other peoples shows, so they'll reply back, theyre are some great threads around here and I encourage you to read them

Show rating: 7.5/10

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Not bad, not bad at all. Promos could use some work. Try to make them longer and more in character to add realism to the shows. I like what you are doing with the draft lottery and it looks pretty even. Sorry for the short reply, but once your next show is up and it isnt a draft lottery, I will give you a long one. As for now, 7.5/10

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Before i write my wrestling storyline i shall write the full roster after the draft along with the PPV's to come


Batista - World Champion
Brock Lesnar
Chris Masters
Chris Nowinski
Eric Bischoff - GM
Gene Snitsky
Jeff Hardy
Jerry “the King” Lawler - announcer
Jim Ross - announcer
Jonathon Coachman - part time announcer/ interviewer
Josh Matthews - part time announcer/ interviewer
Joy Giovanni
Kevin Nash
Khosrow Daivari
Kurt Angle
Lilian Garcia - Ring Announcer
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Muhammed Hussan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Rosey - World tag Team Champion
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjemin - Intercontential Champion
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane - World Tag Team Champion
The Rock
Triple H
Trish Stratus - Womans Champion
Tisan Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal


Al Snow
Big Show
Bill DeMott
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Hass
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Christy Hemme
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Garrison Cade
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury - WWE Tag Team Champion
John Cena - WWE Champion
Johnny Nitro - WWE Tag Team Champion
Kenzo Suzuki
Lauren Jones
Luther Reigns
Matt Morgan
Mark Jindak
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan - U.S Champion
Paul London - Cruiserweight Champion
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rochelle Loewen
Scott Steiner
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Steve Romero - Ring Announcer
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson
The Undertaker

Pay Per Views

Backlash - April 2005 - RAW

Judgement Day - May 2005 - SMACKDOWN

Vengeance - June 2005 - RAW

Great American Bash - July 2005 - SMACKDOWN

Summer Slam - August 2005 - BOTH BRANDS

Unforgiven - September 2005 - RAW

No Mercy - October 2005 - SMACKDOWN

Survivor Series - November 2005 - BOTH BRANDS

New Years Revolution - January 2006 - RAW

Royal Rumble - January 2006 - BOTH BRANDS

No Way Out - February 2006 - SMACKDOWN

Wrestlemania - March 2006 - BOTH BRANDS

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I've decided to forward my year by a long time so i can get to Wrestlemania Quicker so i'm gonna say the Champions and restart my booker at the Royal Rumble and the Rosters are stated above and the champions below:

RAW Champions

World Champion - Batista (2time)
Intercontential Champion - RVD
World tag Team Champions - Muhammed Hussan & Christian
Womens Champion - Molly Holly


WWE Champion - John Cena (2 time champion)
U.S. Champion - Scott Steiner
WWE Tag Team Champions - MNM
Cruiserweight Champion - Chavo Guerrero


Promo shown for the Royal Rumble (not as weird as the 2005 Rumble lol)

JR: Welcome everyone to the Royal Rumble live in Washington DC, where tonight the road to Wrestlemania begins, we have from the Raw side of things tonight Batista vs Triple H for the World title in a Street Fight, the Tag Team titles Hussan and Christian defend the title against Eugene & William Regal.

King: These matches will be amazing and also you didn't mention that 15 of Raw's superstars will be entered in the Rumble and check
this out Vince promised us alot of suprizes tonight.

JR: And i can't wait to see those well anyway lets go to our Smackdown colleges Michael Cole & Tazz

Cole: Thank you JR alot of great matches over at the Raw end but Smackdown can top that.

Tazz: Of course we can Cole, other then our 15 Smackdown superstars entering the rumble but the WWE Championship is on the line, John Cena faces off against Chris Benoit.

Cole: A Changed man, Chris Benoit has done some terrible things recently espicially injuring his ex best friend Chris Jericho but other then that the Cruiserweight Championship is on the line as Chavo defends the title against the high flyer Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty and Akio in a Fatal 4 Way. Which is under way.

Music hits and Chavo, London, Scotty & Akio enter

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero v Paul London v Scotty 2 Hotty v Akio

Match starts off with Chavo staying outside not wanting to enter the match, Akio was being double teamed by Scotty and London and double cotheslined to the outside where Chavo picked up the pieces and threw Akio into the steps, Paul London and Scotty then did some high flying hurracarana's and alot of turnbuckle moves until Scotty was hit with a spinebuster, Chavo ran in and threw London to the outside and pinned Scotty but he kicked out at 2, Chavo then tried to make it to the outside but got blocked off by Akio then got surrounded by London, Akio & Scotty who hit some right hands then alot of double team moves, Akio then went for the pin broken up my Scotty & London, Chavo then bounced back and took control of the match, London then hit this finisher on Akio only to be broken up by Scotty who hit a DDT on London, Chavo then set Scotty up for the Gory Bomb but Scotty counted to a roll up and got the 3 count. Crowd went crazy as Chavo stood in the ring full of rage while Scotty jumped into the crowd and celebrated with the fans.

Winner & new Cruiserweight Champion Scotty 2 Hotty


Todd Grisham was standing with John Cena

Todd: John what do you have to say to your upcomin oppenant Chris Benoit after the assault you suffered last week in his hands.

Cena: Well Todd, only a coward would attack a man from behind and tonight i will show Benoit how badlyu someone can be treated...

Randy Orton enters

Orton: and you'll lose just like everyone else except me, Cena your gonna be like most people who face Benoit and you'll tap out but unlike most people i win my matches and don't let myself get beat down, a mean loom at you a thug on such an easy show, i could be champion in less then a week, but on Raw there is actually a challenge.

Cena: hey hey hey hey, what the hell do you think your doin Randy, i mean you come in acting all big and tough in a Champions interview.

Orton: Well atleast i got a future in the WWE.

Cena: You know what
you taking absolute whack
you some kind of legend killer
a self promclaimed #1 Wa***r
I'm the future
Your taking outta your ass
because the champ is here
now go suck on some brass

At that Cena left, Randy stood there muttering i'm the future


World Tag Team Championship
Muhammed Hussan & Christian v Euegene & William Regal

Started off with Eugene clearing the ring after the tried to attack both Regal and Eugene from behind, Regal and Christian started off with, Christian then distracted the ref while Muhammed nailed Regal with a chair shot, Eugene then tried to come in but the ref stopped him and in tht time Tomko & Diavari got involved, Regal looked done for when Muhammed covered him but Eugene broke up the count, after much torture Regal somehow made it to Eugene who broke out into one of his anger fits and destroyed not only Muhammed & Christian but Tomko and Diavari, after controlling the match single handlingly he nailed the Rock Bottom no Christian and had the cover but the ref was distracted with Diavari and Muhammed took advantage, Eugene tagged in Regal who later fell victum to the complete shot and Muhammed covered him for the win.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions Muhammed Hussan & Christian


WWE Championship
John Cena v Chris Benoit

John Cena & Benoit started with a stare down before Benoit cheap shot him and stomped a mudhole in him in the corner, the crowd started chanting Benoit sucks and he got pissed off, Cena then fought back and hit 4 suplex's and then went for the F-U but Benoit countered to hit 6 German Suplex's, Benoit then took full control for a long while, he then tried to hit a German Suplex off the top rope but Cena countered to land on him, Cena then got up and hit some punches a spinebuster and the five knuckle shuffle, he then out of no where found himself locked in the crippler crossface he somehow managered to make it to the ropes he then went for a clothesline but nailed the ref, he was out cold, Cena then put Benoit in the crossface and he tapped out, he went to revive the ref but no luck so he nailed the F-U, the ref started to get up but Randy Orton came in and nailed the RKO and quickly left and Benoit crawled for the cover and got the 3 count and became the first superstar have been World Heavyweight and WWE Champion.

Winner and new WWE Champion Chris Benoit


JR: Could you believe that our own Randy Orton getting involved in a match that has nothing to do with him, you know that John Cena will not let this go lightly.

King: I think we have more to worry about like the World Championship tonight.

JR: I'm not sure but like you said the World Championship is up for grabs next and these 2 giants will collide for the 6th Time since Wrestlemania and we'll show you how this all got together.

Promo of Triple H vs Batista shown

Batista the champion and Triple H enter

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista v Triple H in a street fight

Batista started off taking control of the match with the usual punches and kicks, he then clotheslined Triple H to the outside, Triple H was then thrown to the steel steps and the turnbuckle post, Batista then went for a chair but Triple H hit a low blow and both superstars were down for a while on the outside. Triple H then got to his feet before Batista and slammed his head on the steel steps 5 times, he then got a steal chair Batista was now busted open. Triple H threw him in the ring and went for a pin but could only get a 3 count. Triple H then nailed a spinebuster for the 2 count, he then went to the outside to retrieve some weapons and he threw a dustbin, table and chair into the ring, and got out his sledgehammer but left it next to the steel Steps. He then hit Batista over the head with a chair and then was about to set him up for the pedigree but Batista countered into a spinebuster through the tabel, but lay there for a long time til both superstars managered to get to their feet and exchanged right hands. Batista then nailed a clothesline and knocked Triple H off his feet and the smacked Triple H in the head with the chair. Batista then out of no where nailed Triple H with his spinebuster and was about to set him up for the Batista Bomb, BROCK LESNAR nailed him from behind with the sledgehammer in the back of the head, he then picked up Batista and hit the F-5 he then left the ring, Batista was out cold, Triple H got up but didn't realise that Brock attack Batista and then nailed the pedigree for his 11th World title.

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion Triple H


Batista was shown running backstage yelling for Brock Lesnar


JR: O my god, Tazz i can't believe Brock Lesnar returned, i mean i completely forgot he was drafted from Smackdown to Raw in April, he did say he would return on his won terms.

Tazz: Well i'm abit pissed off at your Raw superstar Randy Orton for interfering with the WWE title match

JR: I can't wait to see where that disagreement ends up but anyway next the road to Wrestlemania begins now with the Royal Rumble match, 30 superstars enter and only one will come out with a Title shot for Wrestlemania 22.


Royal Rumble Match

Sheton Benjemin & Charlie Haas Start

Booker T enters

Garrison Cade enters

Jeff Hardy enters

Garrison Cade eliminated by Jeff Hardy

Hardcore Holly enters

Hardcore Holly eliminated by Booker T

Shelton Benjemin eliminated by Charlie Haas

Scott Steiner enters

Charlie Haas eliminated by Scott Steiner

Randy Orton enters

Mark Jindrak enters

Matt Morgan enters

Matt Morgan, Mark Jindrak & Scott Steiner eliminated by Randy Orton

Gene Snitsky enters

Snitsky, Orton, Booker and Jeff are left, Orton is the only one standing but out of no where John Cena enters and nails the F-U, Jeff then eliminates Orton

Randy Orton eliminated by Jeff Hardy

Viscera enters

Jeff Hardy eliminated by Viscera

Heidenreih enters

Rob Van Dam enters

Gene Snitsky eliminated by Heidenreih

Edge enters

Viscera eliminated by Heidenreih, Edge, Booker T & Rob Van Dam

Shawn Michaels enters

Booker T eliminated by Shawn Michaels

Heidenreich eliminated by Edge

JBL enters

Carlito enters

Carlito eliminated by Shawn Michaels

Billy Kidman enters

Billy Kidman eliminated by JBL

Kurt Angle enters

Big Show enters

Matt Hardy enters

Matt Hardy eliminated by Big Show

Rob Van Dam by Big Show

Undertaker enters

The Rock enters
the rock returns to the WWE

Big Show eliminated by The Rock, Shawn Michaels & Undertaker

Rey Mysterio enters

Kane enters

Eddie Guerrero enters

Rey Mysterio eliminated by Kane

Kane eliminated by Undertaker

JBL eliminated by The Rock

Goldberg enters

Ric Flair enters

Ric Flair eliminated by Shawn Michaels

Edge eliminated by The Rock

Goldberg eliminated by Undertaker

Eddie Guerrero eliminated by Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar enters

Brock Lesnar eliminated Shawn Michaels

Undertaker was thrown to the ropes by Lesnar but Goldberg held on to his feet, Undertaker was distracted and Brock Lesnar took advantage

Undertaker eliminated by Brock Lesnar

Goldberg speared Undertaker threw the barracade after the elimination

Kurt Angle eliminated by The Rock

Last 2 superstars left, The Rock got nailed with the F-5, Lesnar was about to eliminate him when Batista ran to the ring and nailed Lesnar with a chair shot to the back and one to the head, Lesnar busted open got hit with the Batista Bomb, Batista left and The Rock nailed the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow and then threw Lesnar out

Brock Lesnar eliminated by The Rock


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That wa a really good show.I liked how you changed a couple of title holders around nad i think that i can see a John Cena s Chri Benoit Vs Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. I think that Paul London is a good crusierweight champ not scotty 2 hotty. I liked the promos but use colour on the announcers

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Promo of Rock winning the Royal Rumble is shown

Raw opens

JR: Welcome everybody to monday night raw and king what i night we had last night, Triple H is our new World Champion and Brock Lesnar has returned but major news is the Rock has won his 2nd Royal Rumble and is heading into the main event at Wrestlemania.

King: I can only say the most entertaining man on television has returned and i can't wait to see him back on RawRock's music hit

JR: Well you may see him back sooner then expected, ladies and gentleman the people's champ, and the 2006 Royal Rumble winner THE ROCK!!!

Rock takes the mic

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to San Deigo, and finally the Rock has come back to the WWE.

Fans go wild

Rock: Last night, last night the Rock he did what he had to do, the Rock made his impact returing to the WWE by winning the Royal Rumble and the Rock's shot fort the World Heavyweight title after nearly 4 years

Triple H's music hits

HHH: Welcome back Rock, welcome back

Rock: I'm sorry but the Rock, the Rock is unsure of who you are so tell the Rock just who in the blue hell you are.

HHH: You know who i am, i am

Rock: It doesn't matter what your name is, you think the Rock gives a monkey's nutsack who you are, all the Rock needs to know is whose ass is gonna get kicked in the main event at Wrestlemania

Fans go wild

Benoit appears on the titontron

Benoit: Hey Rock over here, hey, who the hell you think you are, you think winning the rumble makes your special i don't think so, espicially if your gonna waste it on Triple H who i easily beat at Wrestlemania 20 which Rock i seem to remember you lost. No come back i thought so, i've gone through so many wrestlers to get where i am today and i didn't even need the "fans" help, but you rely on the fans considering their the only reason you make it in th WWE, unlike me the WWE Champion.

Rock: You think the Rock cares what you think Chris Benoit , no no no, you got it all wrong, The Rock is gonna

Brock Lesnar's music hits

Benoit on the titontron disappears

Brock: Thats right Benoit run away you coward, look you i don't care who you are, you cheated in that rumble the only reason you won was because of Batista making himself known after what i did to him

Batista's music hits

Lesnar runs away through the crowd

Batista: Brock you made your bed and now your gonna lie in it, i'm gonna rip you to shreads as soon as i get my hands on you.

Eric Bischoff's music hits

Eric: Please Batista i would like to keep my newest superstars alive but this outcome has given me an idea, tonight it will be The Rock & Batista facing Triple & Brock Lesnar.

Gotta go please read when finished see ya
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