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It is all starting post Wrestlemania 34 after Vince created the XFL,he said that his last day on the charge is going to be Wrestlemania and he announces the main event of Wrestlemania is Triple H VS Shane McMahon with the winner takeover the company.

I'm not going to include NXT in this as it is like Triple H is not anymore the leader there,he gets Regal to be on the head of the show
I will start with Wrestlemania 34 card:
Pre Show
Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal(Winner get a shot at either IC or US Championship)
1-Winner: Elias

2-The Final Of The Cruiserweight Division Tournament
Hideo Itami vs Rey Mysterio
Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion:Rey Mysterio

3-Matt Hardy VS Bray Wyatt
Winner:Bray Wyatt with a surprise help from The Bludgeon Brothers

RAW Tag Team Championship
1-The Bar(c) VS The Club VS Titus Worldwide VS The Revival
Winner and new RAW Tag Team Champions:The Revival

US Championship
2-Bobby Roode(C) vs Randy Orton
Winner:Bobby Roode
Orton after the match destroyed Roode and put him into 2 brutal RKO's(one of them from the top rope)

IC Championship
3-The Miz VS Finn Balor
Winner and new IC Champion:Finn Balor

No Holds Barred Match
4-Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn
Winner:Kevin Owens
Zayn going in ambulance to the hospital after the match

RAW Women's Championship

5-Alexa Biss(c) VS Nia Jax
Winner and new RAW Women's champion:Nia Jax

If Kurt loses,he is no longer the general manager
If Braun loses,he is drafted to Smackdown

6-Kurt Angle VS Braun Strowman
Winner:Braun Strowman

Smackdown Women's Championship
7-Charlotte(c) VS Asuka
Winner and new Smackdown Women's Champion:Asuka

The Winner become the #1 Contender for the Universal Championship at Payback
8-Seth Rollins VS Samoa Joe
Winner: Seth Rollins

WWE Championship
9-AJ Styles(c) VS Shinsuke Nakamura
Winner and new WWE Champion:Shinsuke Nakamura

If Stephanie losses,she is no longer the commissioner of RAW
10-Ronda Rousey VS Stephanie McMahon
Winner:Ronda Rousey

After so many challenges that Cena made,The Undertaker finally accepted the challenge but he didn't show untill the match and surprisingly he returned as the American Badass
11-John Cena VS The Undertaker
Winner:The Undertaker

Universal Championship Extreme Rules Match
12-Brock Lesnar(c) VS Roman Reigns
Winner and new Universal Champion:Roman Reigns after Heyman screwed Lesnar with and hit him with 3 chair shots
Heyman celebrated the victory with Roman after the match

Winner takeover the company
13-Shane McMahon VS Triple H
Winner and New WWE Chairman:Triple H

RAW tomorrow night will address the following

The Company leadership under Triple H and new General Manager?
The Revival,Nia Jax,and Finn Balor addressing their victories at Wrestlemania
What is Next For John Cena?
Will Paul Heyman explain what happened at Wrestlemania?
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